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Rubberbanding change is kind of stupid. I hope it's a bug.
So, came back to SWToR after a while away to get credit for my subscription time (omnomnom freemium currency). Ran Athiss, because heck, why not? .....
Rubberbanding after punts
So Bioware, when are you going to fix people rubberbanding back to you after you punt them? Really tried of this happening in pvp...
Post your rubberbanding stories/videos
Maybe if we get enough posts bioware will actually address this issue. Also looking forward to seeing if anyone has a video of a warrior scoring in hutt ball while still at the bottom of the pit. ..
Rubberbanding...or not?
..I'm not sure what to call it. Everything looks/plays fine on my end but I started to notice my vehicle was falling behind the rest of my guild. They said it was because I kept stopping. My ping is 4..
Severe rubberbanding in PvP since the new patch(es)
The title says it all. Since the recent patch (or the one before) I've dusted off my old PvP garb and decided to return to active duty. But now its just an unplayable mess with people warping all ov..
Lag, rubber Banding, and frame rate crashes...EVERYWHERE.
So yeah I recently (2 months ago) resubbed and I was hopeful that I would try this new xpac and like it, I mean it looks promising. I was enjoying the game and had very little issues if any at all a..
The Harbinger rubber band lag
Seriously what do we have to do to fix The Harbinger server? I can't even PvP without rubber band lag. I can walk around the fleet just fine, Korriban, wherever, but the moment I enter a warzone, I ca..
PVP rubber banding.
Explain exactly how this works. I'm in a voidstar on my sniper, and I use dodge roll on sniper. In theory I can't not move. it's impossible thanks to the roll mechanic. My sniper "rolls" and rubberban..
Quesh Huttball and Rubber Banding
I was holding out hope that after the server merges the rubber banding and the random invisible enemy players in Quesh Huttball would be addressed however it was not. :( There have been a lot posts o..
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