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Call of Duty SWTOR
The most important point to understand is this: You are not going to please 100% of the population. SWTOR is an MMO. As an MMO, the object of.....
Level 50 Focus in Sub 50 pvp Video
SWTOR Lags when run with VM Ware
Hello, im using VM ware Workstation 9, and im having lag when running SWTOR, its a very weird lag, there is 10 seconds of smooth play, followed by 2.....
How to get to WZ ?
Hello all , i'm new to game , and can't rly figure out how to get to warzone , any help appreciate =]..
Server Connection Issues
Hey guys/gals just wondering if anyone was having an issue with server connection? My connection to the server has been getting cut off for like.....
Sniper Story Holo terminal Bug
In game ticket has been submitted, it's been 3 days At a certain point in the story you go to your holo terminal on your new ship to talk to Watcher 2. This is when it bugs: The cut scene activates ..
Dear Devs, I would greatly appreciate a reply to my request. I play a commando long time running now, I am fairly decent. I enjoy ranked, I like the 4 vs. 4 set up. But due to the lack of balance ..
Server lag to The Red Eclipse
I usually have somewhere in between 60 - 80 ms ping while playing on The Red Eclipse, but lately I've had in between 220 - 300+ ms ping. My server lag to the harbinger is somewhere around 180 ms ping...
Action "Choose Your Path" lightsaber crystals question
Hey, Have only just read this in the conclusion of the subscription. In this case, I just wanted to ask. If these 4 crystals are flat rate sent to all characters or lump sum made available as crysta..
i downloaded the game yesterday the launcher opened up and started to update since it was late i left my laptop on so it could update while i slept and its still up dating its been 13 hours and still..
Returning player looking for people to play with
Hey, i'm a returning player to SWTOR and i'm looking for someone (or Several) to start a new character on the Republic side , not planning to go hardcore and play 10 hours a day , just a character to..
Whats the better deal for a returning vet: Story Pack or Revan Expansion
Maybe it's the excitement of an improved game in the last 3 years or the rum but I can't figure out which is better for me.. the Story pack at 40% discount for $40 (with 2400 cartel coins and 60 day..
LF RP Guild pubside Bergen Colony
Looking for a Republic Guild with a master-padawan system in place. I am new to this server and would like to Role Play while leveling and doing pvp content. I am active , whisper Nipsey in game for a..
Crinn's guide to determining what classes people play
This is a list of rules I came up with based on my long experience with the PvP forums, the purpose of this is list is to help forumers determine what class other forumers play. Note that this list i..
march 21st 2015 Rishi game crash
So i just finished the prelude for the expansion and headed right into Rishi only to find out my game crashes everytime i load up my main. i tried deleting the bitraider folder and that did nothing. C..
Best Match Ever!
676 to 674, Ancient Hypergate. I didn't do terribly well (in my defense, I'm level 32 on this alt), but good God almighty... this one kept swinging back and forth, with the Imps taking over both pylo..
"this application has experienced an unexpected error. Please try patch again."
When I try to play SWTOR, the launcher will not initialize, it says there was an error and to try the patch again later. I have tried re-installing the launcher, deleting the patch folder and re-insta..
Most desired class in raid guilds?
Just came back after cpl years away was founder. Decided to start a brand new character to relearn everything. So my question is what is the most desired class to see looking for raid guild? One that..
I think we can declare Faction v Faction PvP dead on Tofn
To preface this, let me say I'm a subscriber since launch and have PvP'd since day one. I've been through the days when gear came in 'lucky bags', through the smashmonkey era and the unkillable scoupe..
Lunar Leisure Living
The Future Is Now!!! New Bioware position opened for SWTOR: Super Game Designer + Bonus Need a job? Looking to be part of the team, then this is the Job for you! 9-4:59 5 days a week (Surprise you ..
stupid questions
Hello, I would like to ask some very stupid questions (including some about the Terms of Service since I cannot get these answers through the customer service channels I first pursued). Yes, there is..
A Public Service Announcement regarding referral links...
Okay new people, here's the deal with referral links: You may use exactly one, once you use it you can never use one again. Yes, they give you a free 7-day sub, and some other negligible stuff I can'..
Invisible character
Hello there, two days ago, I had a big problem, after hitting play My character would simply don't want to log me in and block on the loading screen, anyway, That has been fixed however, since I fixed..
Accuracy as a Tactics VG
Do I need accuracy, or should I punt it? Right now ive got 86 and im at 92.19 (102.19 tech). Should I have included a few more accuracy pieces in my slots? I have 252 critical (3774 aim/174 cunning(cr..
Server list not popping
The game was running just fine until a few days ago the servers weren't popping up. I tried clearing my DNS cache, deleting and reinstalling and just restarting my computer and it still wont show any ..
Red Reaper
i was running it solo last night 2.times both times i think dart ikoral bugged on me. i'm 58 comnmando. did enough damage to get knockback and his choosen came out then i couldnt do any fdamage i run ..
The extreme lack of competence...
... displayed by the PvP dev team is astonishing! - Two advanced classes (PT, Assassin) are so irritatingly OP that together they populate 46% of the upper leaderboard rankings (i.e. the 16% highest ..
Wont play (maybe wrong res)
I'm trying to get on tor and when I do start it up it brings up the splash loading screen on the left side corner of my screen really small and never loads at all. I"M Thinking the resolution is too s..
Purchased the Revan expansion but acc won't update
My account won't update and say I own the expansion for some reason. I have the subscription updated as well as the cartel coins from the bundle... but no Shadow of Revan. It shows I still have the ..
Patching stuck at 99.98%
Decided to come back to game, made new subscription, re-linked electronic authenticator. Ran launcher, let the patch/es download and install. When I logged in the quick-play mode says 98.98% but doe..
SoR Prelude Issue
I upgraded to SoR roughly 2 weeks ago, however I just got around to starting the prelude to continue leveling up my Jugg. To make a long story short, everything was fine until I got to the Depths of M..
Prelude to Shadow Of Revan not working properly. please help!!
Ok so I started the prelude to Shadow Of Revan and did the solo mode flashpoint on Tython with no problem. however at the start of Korriban incursion the game only spawned 3/4 of the ground commanders..
Guardians with stealth?
Correct me if I'm wrong... I'm sure guardians don't have a stealth ability like Sents... I know my tank spec one doesn't So a group of us just saw a solo Guardian in Pylons, from a well known pvp gu..
Please adjust the way rating is calculated
Just going to say, but if a match is a 3v4, NO RATING should be awarded. if ANYONE DCs, rating should not be a factor. Seriously, I've had 6-7 matches in Solo Que this season where I lost due to someo..
Returning Player, Need Help.
Hi Everyone, I know there are several returned player posts but I thought Id throw mine in there as well. The last time I played SWTOR, Explosive Conflict had just came out. Our guild fell apart aft..
Quitters in WZ's
I am a recently returned player to SWTOR and I can say that I have enjoyed my time since I have been back alot. But the amount of people that play in a Warzone for just a few then quit is astounding,..
Game keeps crashing to desktop
I've run into a strange problem on one of my characters where the game crashes at the point to the desktop without an error message. I got a rapid transit on Alderaan and at the same point early in th..
Purchased Choose your path bundle
So I just purchased choose your path bundle were you recieve subscription game time, cartel coins + Both expansion packs. Not 100% convinced I have the expansions? How do i check? I didn't get an ema..
Sorc or Merc for rated Arena?
Hi Guys, started to play again for 1 week, i have two Healer Sorc and Merc. I can play both, but i m not sure wich is the better one to leveling up for rated Arena. Seems like Sorc is much more mobil..
When should I consider upgrading to Shadow of Revan?
Well, I'm level 54, but only at the beginning of Chapter 2 on Taris currently. At what point should I even consider getting the Shadow of Revan expansion. What I mean by that is, when will I be able..
PVP, flag stuck on problem
So, the problem is that PVP flaggin is stuck on my character. No matter if I stay in canteen or on fleet ( even for hours ) it keeps appearing. Sometimes it gets off, but when I leave safe zone - here..
I accidentally deleted my main character and I want him back. Someone told me I needed to post a message with the word Scooby and character details. Name: Almurseer Level: 49 Class: Inquisitor / Si..
Gearing procedure for PvP
Hello all, Finally after 2 years getting my Valor up and I'm at level 58 on my Sorc so I've been stockpiling comms and converting what I can to ranked comms as I am Valor rank 58 now. I've gone throu..
Character Screen Bugging Out.
Hi All. I've recently had an issue develop when i'll log into the game (all fine), but when my character screen has finished loading the game will minimize and i'll be unable to reopen the window (th..
Sell Me On the Marauder...please?
I've been doing PVP in this game for quite a long time, and before anybody tells me that I just suck; I suck more than I normally do with the marauder, so I´m not sure that's it. As always tho..
Guard and Guardian Leap Bug, please fix
Hello Bioware, there is an annoying bug where sometimes I try to guard someone or use Guardian Leap on them and it says can't target self. This has happened in Warzones a lot and can really be bad. ..
Would you moderate the dang game!
I'm tired of no moderators in the game. My ignore list is filled w/ gold spammers and you guys have YET to ban any of them and remove them from game! I'm tired of paying for a service where you don'..
Mosh - The "Legend"
We accept your tears - Actions Speak Louder Than Words. - Solvaxus-kun @ Iosnowore-kun
Name not appropriate?
I transferred a character I've had sense like 2012 and I've never had an issue with his name, Davron but now it's saying I need to rename him because costumer service deemed it inappropriate. Why is t..
Connection issues!!!
This is the ticket I put into CS: RE: Your Ticket# 16375893 I have been a player since beta.I'm getting sick of the disconnection / lag issues.I'm a PC technician by trade (30+years!!!) I've diagno..
Archon Hutt and that darned Droid he's in!
As a newer player I've managed to stumble my way though the game up to level 55. I am now at a most aggravating and frustrating quest, fighting Archon and the Isotope Droid he's in. Been in there 6 ..
Login issue...
... so early in the night I was out using my laptop, public networking etc... I was able to connect to SWTOR just fine. 4 hours later I get home, nothing. I get: This application has encountered ..
Would someone explain augments to me?
I am in the process of leveling a commando to do ops with my guild, and they said that you need augments. What are they, what do they do, and where can I get them? I have alts, but my commando is only..
What dps classes to take for raids
As title I'm looking for a class which is fairly easy to play, doesn't have much downtime due to certain mechanics in game. Atm I was running a shadow , serenity/infil depending on burst or sustain fi..
[BUG] Flashpoint "Blutjagt": Valk steckt fest/ Resetet sich ungefragt
Ich habe seit dem letzten Patch ein Problem mit den FP Blutjagt. Im Kampf gegen Valk und Jos prügel ich erst Jos auf 50%, dann kommt Valk, die haue ich kurz an und dann springt die zurück ..
Grafikfehler (durchsichtiger Boden)
Hallo zusammen, ich habe ein Problem mit der Darstellung im Spiel und zwar habe ich erhebliche Garfikfehler im Spiel! Auf Rishi kann ich mich kaum bewegen, weil der Boden und viele Objekte durchsich..
Leaderboards statistics for upper and lower rankings
Here's my newest leaderboards statistics for the slots "upper 16% rankings" and "lower 16% rankings"! For each AC I checked the percentage of toons in the overall leaderboards, as well as the percent..
[Grafikbug] Graue Rauchfässer
Der Bug ist schon 1-2 Jahre alt, wurde aber anscheinend noch nicht behoben. Wenn man graue Rauchfässer zerstört, bekommt der eigene Charakter den Effekt mit der Rauchwolke um den Kopf. Eig..
IPs BAN for Iran
ok,i came back from period of inactivity,and paid for early few dayz i could login without problem from my country but know launcher willnt allow me to conect with my countrys ip and its sa..
top 92 pvp rewards question
is this server based? class based? what? the top 92 of all adv 7classes? the top 92 guardians? the top 92 juggs and guardians? per server? im so confused at which top 92 they are talking about. Also..
Lags and disconnects on TRE
For the last couple of days the lags have become unbearable, my server lag is usually below 80ms but recently it jumps from 150 to 600 with occasional 30k spikes, and on top of that, the disconnects a..
Vengeance Juggernaut in Soresu form
Hello everyone, I would like the opinion of the community on the effectiveness of a Vengeance Juggernaut in Soresu form in PVP. Does anyone does that kind of thing? Does someone think it would be a go..
why can't I queue for flash points only having trouble on Republic characters
so I have many characters on the game mostly sith. I recently made a few characters on the Republic side. both well over the level to start flash points at level 10. I'm able to join tactical flashpoi..
Game doesnt start!
When i try to launch my game, it says "This application has encountered an unspecified error. Please try this patch again". I've tried uninstalling and re-installing the game and that has not worked. ..
I get that you can’t kick spammers off the servers, but could you at least give us an infinity amount of slots on our ignore list. I think I’ve maxed out 3 toons ignore list with spammers ..
Hammer station bugs?
For me, gameplay on Hammer Station is FINE. The levels say 15-21 but I've done it on my Shadow as a 23. I'm a 22 Commando, it seems like I can que for the FP, while enemies are level 15-17. I'm gettin..
One-time password and billing
Okay, two things SWTOR. First, this email password one time thing. This is the dumbest security feature I've heard of. Not only can I not remember which email I used to register for this game, but no..
my game close as soon as i log on
first on, sorry for my bad english now to the point, i log on in my game, the launcher is loaded as normal when i click in play he tries to open the game, all screen go black and then i'm back to my ..
Can the PVPers help explain to a nonPVPer what the point is to the following tactic..
I'm on PVE server on Oricon doing missions. i'm just starting up the 2nd mission in the storyline and I somehow get PVP flagged (honestly don't know how here it happen way too fast for me :o ). all..
Error code 1003/9000 and nothing works!!!
I have tried everything, Firewall has been checked and is good, flushed DNS, sent my info into CS, Deleted DiskCacheArena, etc. The worst part is looking online NO ONE has posted anything about how to..
Change those s4 rewards bw!!!
DONT GIVE THOSE REWARDS !!!!!!!!! change those rewards and give something better than it. or just give s3 rewards again...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ill never subscribe to this game if u give these rewards..
Foundry (Hard Mode) achievement bug
Earlier, I was soloing the Foundry in Hard Mode (at level 60), and was doing well. When I finished it, I noticed something strange about my achievements. After only 1 run, both show up as completed..
Better measure of skill for solo ranked
I think many would agree that solo ranked rating is not always an indication of player skill. A decent player can achieve a pretty good rating by simply timing their que when bad players are yoloing,..
Most powerful to least powerful
Just in generalized term, not spec but as a class I want everyone to list in order from most powerful to least powerful (in their opinion) (No need to explain why, just a list!) I'll go first 1. Sin..
Some constructive thoughts on pvp
Hi all, I pvp...a lot...everything I do in the game pretty much revolves around improving my ability to perform well in warzones. My main is a VG tank called Nothingman on The Harbinger (almost full..
I don't understand the ranked daily and weekly requirements.
I'm confused as what kind of behavior Bioware is trying to install on the player base by having these two quests based on winning instead of participation. Right now it just promotes people to leave ..
Green Missing Granny Spots
i have green spots that around the the republic fleet first floor, i cant go up the elevator to the next floor to contuine the green things say missing granny, i tried the repair cog and i couldnt cli..
"some of the most experienced PvP developers in the world"
Still rolling on the floor... Quote: We have an entire team dedicated to adding content and features to player vs. player. We have some of the most experienced PvP developers in th..
how to see your dots ?
i play lighting sorc and now i would like to go back to play madness (dot style) ok how to know that you dots is from you and not from other dotters so i dont apply it prematurely , i already do the..
Ranked gear issue
I have custom gear. I took out the mods and enhancements from that gear and went to but my ranked gear piece. The vendor took all of my gear minds, armoring, and enhancement as well as the piece of ge..
Shadow of Revan Expansion question
Hi, I just purchased the Shadow of Revan expansion from the Star Wars Store and got an Email confirm but I'll be darned if I can figure out how I go get this downloaded> I only have the Rise of the..
GPU issues
I am having FPS issues in combat in my game. While questing on planets I get great FPS(50+) but when I PVP my FPS will drop below 10. I noticed that while anywhere outside of pvp my gpu (nvidia 560m) ..
Character Stuck in Loading Screen... AGAIN!!!!!!
This has got to be the fourth or fifth *********** time I've had to deal with a character locked into an infinite loading screen over the course of the four years I've played this game. This time the ..
can't click "play" - solved
edit: nvm it worked don't know how but it's working :D so i moved the game to a new pc (the game was updated with the last patch) and tried to login but it doesn't work i can see the "play" button ..
Coratanni Hm - Res outside of instance bug
hey there, i posted same thing on fp, ops forums but maybe in here it can attract devs attention. Quote: I’m gonna jump right into what happened: Last night we were on Cora..
ravagers ops broken
myself and members of my guild ran the ravagers SM and got to the end and we beat the last boss and escaped to the little island except we got none of the loot from killing boss there, didn't get the ..
Started to lvl a Scoundrel... but which spec to use?
So I've leveled up 3 characters on the Imp side but never played the operative. Instead of playing Imp again I have gone to the Republic and started a scoundrel. Which spec would you recommend me to l..
Hellu Sir I have one problem if u can help me pls. The problem is about Cartel Market coins. I got sub 2 times now and i did not get my Cartel coins (CC) i appreciate all the help i get. Love. K..
Vibrant Blue Eyes - Why is mine gone?
So, When you guys released the new blue eyes, I was so stoked. I bought it and immediately applied them to 5 characters. Yesterday I logged in and noticed one of my characters now has brown eyes. I t..
New Warzone Maps
Is anyone else tired of cycling through the same Warzones? Same objectives. Last night, this was my Warzone sequence, hypergate, hypergate, hypergate, civil war x 4, then back to hypergate...after abo..
Ständig Einmal-Passwort
Hallo, jedesmal wenn ich mich hier im Forum anmelde, bekomme ich die Aufforderung, ein Einmal-Passwort einzugeben, das mir dann auch zugeschickt wird. Aber warum muss ich immer ein Einmal-Passwort ein..
New to P2P. Couple of questions.
First, I have 5 items in my inventory for being with SWTOR for so many years. Will that carry over to each new character, or just my trooper that I just started to play? Second, I have completed the ..
When are devs going to see we want to make use of all our comps from other classes
i've brought this up as suggestion as feedback and i've seen others take about or at least respond to it but when are the devs, ea, and bioware going to see or at least acknowledge that we the players..
Syncronized rwz quers ruined Tomb of Freedonn nadd server...
Hello there are people on the rep side (whom already have imperial characters) has ruined the TOFN server its the same names H'ouse (shadow) - Mârrat (shadow) - Plexus (operative) - shalalala (..
Patch 3.1.1 broke my launcher and nothing has helped
It first started off by the patch getting stuck. Then it tried to re-install the whole game and got stuck. Then i completely uninstalled the entire game and re-downloaded it. This worked for a coup..
Dream Patch Notes
Here's some patch notes that I wish I would see, though I know it would never happen. Class Balance: (Probably not perfect by any means, but it's something)Operative (Lethality) -Quickening now mak..
Why doesnt CS number work?
I live in Australia and have been having account payment issues with the site declining any payment method I try to use. After going through the support pages, I know I need to contact them direct v..
Commando/Merc Set bonus
Since the expansion neither the Commando or the Merc 4 piece "healing" set bonus works. Apparently it is possible to reset the Merc one by taking off enough gear to lose the set bonus then put it ba..
Low FPS in Warzones.
Okay so here are my computer specs - AMD Radeon HD 7900 x 2 // AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition (3.2 GHz) // 12GB DDR3 RAM // 64-bit Windows 7 Home Edition. I get 60 FPS+ without fail in Fleet, ..
Operations for Beginners
I would like to recruit people for a beginners operations group but I don't know if there would be any interest for such a thing. Here is what I wrote as a recruitment message: <Force Freaks> ..
Launcher. Unspecified error
Hello! So this problem isn't new to me, but I'm really tired of it. Sometimes it takes 3 up to any-possible-number tries to load the game. I tried to reinstall whole game 3 times and still this prob..
What will you be playing a year from now?
Will it still be this game, or do you already have something else scoped out? Are there any new MMOs coming out that we need to keep an eye on? I will probably have to check out Battlefront, but I dou..
Funny: Finish off marauders with saber strike as a sage!
Hee, hee! It's sooooo funny!! Marauders are currently such a huuuuuge failure in PvP that one can even finish them off with the most pathetic melee attack in the whole game: A sage's saber strike! F..
PvP Update? New Arena System with New PvP Class Reps!!!
Dear Eric Musco, There have been many suggestions made about exchanging the current ELO system for a new one. Trolling has plagued the spirit of Arenas and many players are ready for a new rat..
stronghold banners failing to fade.
The new Stronghold Area Banners are an annoyance. Many, many times they fail to fade. When they fail to fade, (you will sometimes not even see them but), they highjack mouse-clicks and mouse-over ti..
Low level character stuck in stronghold loading screen
Hi! I have a level 6 Jedi Knight who I cannot log into. Everytime I try the game crashes. She was in my stronghold and when selected the "return to space" option to attempt to leave, my game crashed. ..
PvP Jug/Immortal Guide/Build
Hi, I have been looking around for guides or builds for Immortals since the 3.0/3.1 patch release. For some reason I am having a heck of time trying to find one that explains everything. I started the..
Swtor won't launch...keep getting error message
Updated launcher after patch 3.1.1 and played without any problems, but when I tried to log in today it won't launch and I keep ending up with "This application has encountered an unspecified error.Pl..
Unable to retrieve patch data (208) AGAIN!
Tried downloading fixlauncher file. Same difference tried restarting the computer. Same difference Tried reinstalling the game. Same difference. Tried uninstalling and re-installing the game. SAME DIF..
Tanking help Juggernaut low level.
Hi all, Once again I turn to the community for some assistance here. First off, the odd. I have a level 19 at the time jugg, and had did the Group finder for Hammer Station, but wound up in some od..
Update 3.1.1 fail
I downloaded the update it reached 100% and that is where everything came down, I have been waiting more than 1 day to finish the freaking update it even says complete nad all that stuff but i can't c..
Purchase status *open*
Hi, As per the title, I just bought Shadow of Revan and have been seeing that same status since last night... No shadow of revan in my account yet... I got a purchase confirmation in my email as we..
How to pvp? (sorcerer)
Hey guys, I've never been really great at pvp, and never really interested in it because it seemed so daunting to get in so late in the game. However, as a relatively new player who just hit 50 with a..
$39.99 bundle questions...
If i buy the bundle with both expansions, 60 days game time and cc, is it one code? How does the game time work if i am already subbed? Can i split the pack up and give the time to my son? I already h..
Probleme seit dem letzten Patch
Hallo zusammen, seit dem letzten Patch sind bei mir einige Probleme aufgetreten. Zum einen blieb der Download bzw. die Installation bei 100 % stehen. Daraufhin hab ich versucht ein bisschen zu goog..
Game installed, stuck at 0% minimum download in progress
Hi Logged in today and the lancher did an update which seemed to last only a second, then it stopped on 100% update complete for over an hour and did not move. I closed the lancher and reopened it a..
Crash to Desktop shortly after hitting play
Hello, I can't play the game due to a crash to desktop shortly after I hit play on the launcher. I hit play, the main loading screen pops up, and about 2 seconds later, the application just closes. ..
4 Kicks in 5 Minuten Spielzeit
Da kommt man nach 2 Jahren wieder zurück, holt sich die 7 Tage Abo 4 Free um evtl wieder als Abospieler ins Spiel einzusteigen und was passiert? Dauernd fliegt man vom Server. Läuft folgend..
problem with agent story arc
After meeting darth zhorrid you go back to your holoterminal and your story arc for balmorra wont start it will show you your screen with your character and watcher 2 in third person not talking or do..
Question on class choice
So I'm going to level up with a friend, both of us playing Imperial Agents. This friend is young and inexpierenced, he lacks the speed that the Operative needs, so I said maybe Sniper. Your guy's opin..
Class balancing changes going in the wrong direction!
So in the most recent path they changed PTs and toned them back. But to the point they are no longer able to compete in ranked season 4. BH's as a whole have been struggling a lot. But when we see tha..
Not sure if this goes here, but UI FPS Issues.
Hello, I apologize for my ignorance, but I wasn't sure where to post this Thread. I bought Shadow of Revan about 2 weeks before release and because of Family Issues, I had to stop playing. I came back..
New Patch causing huge issues for MANY players who are paying but can't play FIX IT!
I am pissed off more than just a little bit. My husband and I were playing FTP to try the game back out after leaving for a few years. He has cancer and I surprised him by purchasing ALL of the past ..
Testimony on current PvP development (video)
I took the time to make this video statement for the development team. Discussion is welcome.
Our position is correct,, Rishi!
Hello there, I recently have a lot of graphics glitches with the rendering of the environment in Rishi. My computer is certainly fast enough, my nVidia GeForce GTX 660 renders as much frames as my sc..
is it just me or are sorc just super powered?
I have one at 60 now and with just a few pieces of basic gear... i can dmg spec and avg 1 mil per warzone in dmg or re-spec and heal for 1.2 mil avg and i suck at playing a wizard.... this is sad..
1 char. getting no credit for GF FP's
I have a 60 sage dps who, suddenly, is getting no credit for groupfinder flashpoints, neither the dailies on GF nor the conquest points. Haven't changed any settings that I know about. My other charac..
Am I taunting effectively?
Hi guys I am a new Guardian in pvp (still in lows) only level 22. I have a few questions - My protection goes up and down at a really big difference after each map. Some maps I only get like 20k prot..
Golden frames surrounding the skills aren't appearing
I'm wondering if this is a bug? We all know these golden frames which appear during a fight surrounding a skill (since 3.0). So I don't really need them, but sometimes they can be very helpful when ..
Huge fps dips in combat
Hi! Since 3.0 i have really bad problem with fps. I can run this game on 90-100 fps (ultra) but when i enter combat fps takes massive hit. 20-30 in warzones/operations. Its very annoying. Locking it..
Belsavis Combat Lag
Since the patch on Tuesday Belsavis has been a mess. Even though I am pinging 33ms combat lag is at about 1 sec. It is almost to a point, if I get into a heavy battle, I die cause I just cant get my ..
Ranked PVP suggestions
I have a few suggestions for ranked pvp. 1. Remove solo ranked during season. Reason being it sucks during season, it's all about luck of the draw. There is not to much skill involved in it. I think..
Extreme lag on Belsavis
This has been posted before. It only happens on Belsavis. Abilities take several seconds to activate, mobs teleport around, companions take 5 seconds to appear when dismounting. This needs to be fixe..
Question on Companion gear
Im a Lvl 21 Jedi Sent. I was wondering what would be the best companion for me now currently and later on as a get to a higher lvl? Ive been using Kira right now Also how often should i go out of my ..
E-Mail Validation required
Bioware, seriously? I recently came back to the game and decided to start playing with both of my boys and my wife. My wife and one of my sons have been a subscriber before so their E-Mail is already ..
Nerf CC or buff resolve
The amoung of Crowd control in pvp matches is over the top Stunlock is zero skill and you can't do a thing while being stunlocked. Bioware your idea with cleasing removing CC is not working as inten..
Noob 2 Noob or the PVP guide for newbies
I decided to write this just because I see that nothing has really changed since I have played my 1st PVP match in SWTOR some 2,5 years ago, so I thought that despite of many earlier guides, strategie..
Schatten einstellen nicht möglich
Hi, ich bin neu bei TOR und habe ein Problem. Ich kann TOR auf jeder beliebigen Einstellung ruckelfrei mit min. 60 FPS spielen. Ausser ich stelle die Schatten auf hoch. Dann komme ich am Jeditemp..
Hallo , ich brauche Hilfe Es kam unerwartet ein Patch vorgang. Ob wohl nichts angekündigt wurde das es einen Patch gibt und es sind 100& Prozent aber ich nicht spielen. Ich habe bis jetzt ..
Decided to come back to SWTOR, help me decide what to play
Hey folks, its been a while. I played back during the release and onwards for a few months with a lot of success as a jugg. While im not looking for FOTM classes is the Jugg still in a good spot???, ..
Networked Security Monitor won't unlock
I was decorating my stronghold and I right clicked on two separate Networked Security Monitor decorations to unlock them and it is not showing up as an available decoration, it does not list the addit..
After The Esseles Flashpoint...
...are there any missions on Coruscant that build off of it? After completing The Black Talon, on Dromund Kaas you get a mission to give an after-action report to a minor Sith Lord that rewards a que..
Bulo can do the Waddle and other musings (Plus Query)
I will start with musing: tanking Bulo (HM) one of our tanks that was far away taunted and Bulo instead of pointing at him, started to waddle over to him and went like 15 meters. I was to shocked to t..
Updated 3.1.2 PTS patch notes
TaitWatson Yesterday , 03:46 PM | #1 This is the last staff post in this thread. Combat Changes Jedi Consular Sage The damage dealt by Forcequake has been reduced. Forcequake now consumes..
New patch issues
Finish new patch down load main screen where would say play got wording that don't make sense. And when playing over some players and so on is white squares. same with some characters in my main scree..
I'm about to go crazy.
Okay, first off, Hi. Please excuse my madness.I got on this morning. Everything was fine for a few minutes.... then I kept getting disconnected every five-tenish minutes. It drove me crazy. I ha..
Patch 3.1.1 - Unable to retrieve patch data. Please check network connection.
I'm getting this message since thursday (patching day). I've already tried all the possible solutions the forums talk about, except reinstall the game. Here follows today log: Code: 2015-03-13 18..
Going to throw a positive post; good start on addressing FOTM nerfs
PT's lose their rocket spam and unload. Yes, I know "good PT's didn't use it unload" and whatever; but they needed toned down a bit and this was a good start; especially with the shoulder cannon. For..
A quick noobish question about Sniper's roll...
I have started to PvP with my long forgotten Sniper toon and now im having a question about sniper's roll - Covered_Escape/ Hightail_It. It seems that half the times i just cant roll out. The abilit..
Probleme seit Patch
Hallo liebe Community, habe ein Problem und hoffe das evtl jmd von euch mir weiterhelfen kann. Seit der neue Patch raus kam komme ich nicht mehr ins Spiel und zwar bleibe ich im Launcher einfach h&a..
Sound goes away
Since 3.1 or 3.1.a, I am having sound issues. I log in and sound is great. After 5-10 mins I start hearing low static that progressively gets louder then it just fades away to the point I have no sou..
Server lag to Jedi Covenant server
The past couple weeks about 1 -3 nights a week I get server lag that seems to be coming from hop 6 in the below tracert. This isn't showing the best data but I ran ping plotter for 30 minutes are so ..
worst patch ever???
Ok this new patch has been installing in the 90% area for over an hour now... download was fine but at 1% install every 30 minutes i will be waiting another 4 hours til it finishes!!! Is anyone else h..
Update Complete Installation stuck
hey there i had downloaded the new patch bout 4 hours ago and it downloaded the update no problem but the installation is stuck at 99.96% ive tried restarting everything ive flushed my dns , ive tri..
WTB Advanced Blue War Hero Crystal Schematic (+41 Expertise)
I am looking to purchase the schematic for the Advanced Blue War Hero Crystal which gives +41 Expertise. This schematic can only be obtained as a rare drop from the Grade 6 PvP crafting box at the Pv..
Are we EVER going to get ability to ID Heroic AHEAD OF TIME
My friends and I HATE having to go through a conversation only to discover AT THE END that it's a "Heroic" mission (which we don't like.) I'm sure the three of us aren't the only ones who want to avoi..
Starwars the old republic at it again
The brains behind the old republic need to stop with there constant altering of peoples layouts and rotations my character is a vanguard with the recent changes to him they have in effect made him in..
Suggestion/possible work-around for mids bracket (for 55-59s)
As has been discussed several times since the launch of 3.0, mids is a complete cluster F of imbalance when it comes to 30s going up against 55-59s, especially those who are still in Obroan/Brutalizer..
Server Lag Issues and
Greeting everybody. For last decades I have problems wirh server lag. It's about 200 ms and for me as a pvp player the game is absolutely unplayable. Here is my tracert file data Spoiler ..
Problem with Group Finder Daily reward
So this morning early afternoon I used group finder twice. I completed both Czerka Tactical Flashpoints. Now I received the rewards for completing them, but I did not receive the daily reward of 30 ba..
Error Code 1006
Hello everyone, I'd love some help here. I played the game yesterday no problem. When I logged in today I got error code 1006 saying my version of the game wasnt the same as the server or w/e. I can ..
Least complicated class?
Looking for a class that doesn't have as many procs/abilities it needs to focus on. I'm looking to just solo level and do unranked warzones. Don't care for other PvE content or ranked PVP. The stori..
Returning player questions...
Hi all, good to see a few faces here from 2 years ago. Anyways, I got the whole 7 day thing, and went ahead and resubbed, grabed the new Revan expansion, and a few of those cartel coins while I was ..
Account unlocks for resale?
Hello everyone! It may be stupid, but I'm having trouble buying an account wide inventory unlock. Whenever I check the cartel market, I can only find character unlocks, and whenever I choose to purcha..
My launcher won't patch
It just sits there at 0% and the circle next to the greyed-out Play button spins and spins but the progress bar doesn't move. What gives? (yes I have already attempted the workaround in the Launcher i..
Can't access subscription info
When I click on the subscription link to add game time I get a "General Error" with subtext saying "an error occured while trying to process your request." I've tried multiple browsers, I've even tr..
Coming Back, Long Break, Few questions
I have not played in quite some time. I am currently still kicking around in Battlemaster gear and seem rather gimped. I do not have any intention of getting SoR with the game in it's current state, ..
I cannot get my Cartel Coins
Help I cannot receive my cartel coins :mad: like I have been waiting since September and I haven`t got a single one the one I got was from completing something I should have 600 since September becaus..
Cancel Subscription Button
Hi, I can't find the "Cancel Subscription" option need a little help :/ I have no negativity towards the game, I simply do not have the time to play any longer. and... THERE IS NO CANCEL SUBSCRIPTI..
The Harm of Color Crystals in PVP
A word on Crystals and PVP Keep the following things in mind, the bolster system evens the playing field for lower level and keeps lower level armor viable at upper levels. When you have put your se..
biofail customer support
Quote: Greetings, Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to process your request as we do not offer the service you have requested. Currently ..
A little help
Hi guys! Just some advice really..I post this here cause i mainly enjoy pvp. I started playing swtor when it first came out. Really did enjoy it, hit 50 on an operative - 44 on a marauder - 47 on a s..
Cumulative list on how to improve ranked for season 5 and beyond.
Let's get together a thread that is full of constructive criticism, so that the devs may actually decide to implement some changes. Here's my short list of ideas:For ranked queues, add a minimum exper..
Time for Faction-less PvP
So, according to the devs, swtor will feature a unified story going forward, with some class-specific diversions, similar to the story in Shadow of Revan. To me, this means that at this point in the ..
I hate to have to use the "N" word but I think it is needed Sage/Sorcerer Healers are way to over powered and need a major Nerf. Post 3.0 they have become the new "Operative heal" type of class and I'..
Top 3 best classes and specs for Sith?
So i've been making so many new characters trying to find one i like. I need help picking one someone suggest me the best 3 Sith classes and specs for just domination dps and a good overall story as w..
Flashpoint Armor Bolster
Hi peeps. I had my fresh lvl 15 tank sin and wanted to grind 10-20 levels via flashpoints / warzones. I used the same way to lvl my dps toons and it worked great. And so I went KDY and got demolish..
Quinan's thoughts on the latest news Ok so I have just posted this and its been taken down straight away. Maybe because I had a slight swear word in the title lol Anyways what are your thoughts on this issu..
Cancelled my sub but still subscribed?
Yeah it said I had 0 days left on my sub and that I would be billed tomorrow(which is now today) so I cancelled my account yesterday. It says I'm still a subscriber and that my account will be renew..
Bioware and patch 3.1
Balance in rankeds
PLS DO SOMETHING ABOUT RANKED WZ BALANCE!!! Going 4times against 2 dot sorcs and 2 dot sins....Thats fakin OP! I make him bubble, but after several seconds I die on dots, sins got 5s immunity against ..
Shadow Infil spec advice?
I am an infiltration Shadow... Im getting mixed reviews and Im becoming overwhelmingly stressed. Players are telling me to only stack Power and Surge Enhancements, and mods. Stack Power AUGS only. ..
Texture Flickering
Hi Guys, I've had an in-game texture flicker for some time now and it's beginning to drive me up the wall. It appears to be quite common with no confirmed fixes anywhere from what I've read. :confus..
Island_Jedi's field manual to operations
Hello there guildy's, your friendly, neighborhood OP leader is here to help guide you down the path to serious raiding. Many gamers see HM content as a mark of a good gamer and want that badge of hono..
DF Slinger occasionally running into players I simply cannot kill
Today it was a healer. I was unloading with what I'm guessing is a somewhat basic rotation but basically I kick in my two cooldowns, fire off my two dots attacks, And then alternate between wounding s..
Sniper removed from the Season 2 group ranked leaderboards after transfer
Months ago, I had transferred my sniper to a different server, and after a few days there, instead of the leaderboards from S2 updating the name I had changed to, it just deleted me off of the leaderb..
Ping spikes
Been playing fine all day, join a Warzone and it all goes well until about halfway through when my ping jumps to 1700 randomly. Leave the warzone, drops to 700 and keeps bouncing back and fourth. No i..
Game is not starting! FIX IT!
Dear Bioware, with your decision to cancel todays patch I think you created some kind of a problem. My launcher is looking for patch data but is not able to retrieve it. The error message (I play th..
Hello, I'm an idot or....
Someone on support team is. Problem: After activation of subscription, game client was update. And I lost two my characters: Main-> Sith Sorcerer LVL 50, name: Syshurrif. Second was some Jedi. Cu..
Spiel lässt sich nicht Starten - Angebliche Patchdaten können nicht geladen werden
EDIT: ok ich lese gerade dass tatsächlich für heute ein patch geplant war.. also lassens ich die daten nicht herunterladen. --------------------------------------------------------------..
This Application has experienced an unspecified error.
Howdy! I hope this hasn't already been addressed. I just tried to login several times and I am getting this error at the launchpad "This application has experienced an unspecified error. Please try t..
Update on Win-Trading and Griefing in Season 4
Hey folks, As promised, we want to keep you informed on what we are doing about those win-traders and trolls in Ranked PvP. Here is what is happening right now:Win-traders – We have been review..
PC restarts while playing and loading SWTOR
Hello, I've played the game for 3 days without a problem with video option on ultra. From yesterday night, playing the same toon, I've started to have some PC restarts while playing: no error, no fr..
[BUG] Colors appear wrong when matching certain helmets to chest
So this bug has been annoying me for quite some time. It appears that when I match certain helmets (or helmets sharing a similar model) to my chest piece which has a black-black dye inserted into it, ..
Website interface for billing has flaw
I have run into a problem with the billing system and I am fairly sure it is simply a design fault I would like to bring people's attention to. I have been a continuous subscriber since launch, and i..
shoud i do or do not as vanguard tactic using tank gear as dps?
as per title said i have been leveling my vanguard tactics dps to level 59 from level 55 and soon ding 60 i know that now i use dps gear to do pvp but is it wise to use tank gear as dps especially..
[Bug] Unescapable spot leading ot quest
The bridge north of Skyfalls Camp, there is a spot on the bridge leading to the instanced area with Lieutenant Donavarr. It appears that at least part of that area becomes a spot in which you can't m..
Highest rated pvp is an operative from Jar'kai sword?
Who is this guy? there is only only 6 guys on this server with 100 to 400 wins. EVERYONE below them are 1500 rating with an average of 50 wins. Is this guy super mlg and carries all teh bads :rak_..
Disatisfied Customer
I have been playing since this game came out, have been a sub since i bought the game and has never once broken and rules when it comes to the game. I was banned last night from chat and harassed from..
It is very apparent there is a percentage of players using some form of speed
Of not only speed,no it does not mean they have to be zipping along at high speeds but just about 10 to 20% more faster than everyone else,then there is the most glaring if you pay attention is the GC..
The Newest MLG Montage is finally here!
From the creator of the MLG smash marauder and MLG deception sin videos, I hereby am pleased to announce the release of the newest addition to the series. The MLG sniper montage! Link: https://www.yo..
0-3 Ravager Runs today!!
Was 0-3 in trying to run Ravagers today. First group was 16man. Down firts boss easy then right as we got to 2nd boss 1 dps left. Filled that then was wiped,then 2 more DPS left....end of raid. The ..
Pls carry more casuals and hardcore PvE-rs.
Prime-time only 1 fleet 130 peoples, on rishi and yavin4 about 20 peoples. Solo ranked is dead mostly(the same guys, my friend list who qued at S2-3 empty everybody offline a long time), regs more and..
I quit a Warzone... and I loved it!
I had never quit a warzone before. I got into pvp due to conquest, and slowly learned all the tricks of the trade to get better. I play Pub, so I endured endless beatdowns and horrible matches of pu..
Unranked Deathmatches are as Pointless as a Twi'lek hair salon
Seriously, I just had a 3 healers, 1 DPS team vs a 4 DPS team match where BOTH SIDES WERE REPUBLIC. Is the game even trying to match teams up properly? I'd say of the last 10 or so deathmatches 7 neve..
Expertise and how it affects the game
So we have that exact pvp stat that affects how "good" you are in pvp and that stat alone determines the main outcome. Everything else: skill, class imbalances, team work is second. Why am I writtin..
Lag spikes on The Progenitor, now unable to login.
Was just raiding with my group when my MS spiked from it's usual 25-33 by 1k MS per sec all the way to 150k and then I DC'ed from the game. Restarted the game, then PC, turned my router off and on, et..
Random Latency spikes
The past few weeks my SWTOR has been acting up. I will be playing no problem then all of a sudden the latency meter will go down to one little red square or even sometimes show the disconnected symbol..
Healers in Solo Ranked
Im just coming back to the game, I havent played since a few months after release. Came back to give arenas a shot since thats all that I did in wow. I rolled a Sage healer and my friends are all dps...
Story help for new players
I decided to write a short summary for new players on Dark/Light versions of story. First things first: LIGHT/DARK doesn't matter gearwise! Just pick the choices that your character would say/do. Wh..
Support for brazilian players
Hello, I play swtor living in Brazil and was about to activate a Subscription by the prices advertised in the store ($ 67.00 blr) but in time to pay the price changes to $ 29.99 usd in direct conver..
Ørage - Péon Express II - pvp video [Battle Meditation Fr server]
Name: Kèn Class: Shien Juggernaut Server: Battle Meditation [Fr] Date: January 11th 2015 Hello, This third video has been made for entertainment with a showcase of skill on the RP PvE Fren..
What is going on with this patch?
I'm having the same problem as many others. I installed the game again after playing a long time ago, and it's all good completing the download and install within the launcher, but when I go in-game i..
Cannot start Rishi opening video in Shadow of Revan
Heres the issue: I sent my highest level character to Rishi for the beginning of the Rishi storyline. However when i landed on Rishi my character appeared on Rishi with the little conversation box hov..
Is the game already dead? Can it be saved?
Since the launch of this game, the quality of content has been dropping at a steady pace. The development team that created Starwars vanilla are largely gone. The epic feel of Jedi vs Sith with iconic..
What cartel equipment to buy - Jedi Sage.
Hey i just returned to swtor after some years off, and lvling a Jedi sage up. I was wondering what best cartel equipment to buy etc. Is it good to buy the gear that has slots in them for hilt etc? i..
Need help with group finder op's!
Excuse me if i sound noobish. I have recently returned from a big break, got my SoR DLC, leveled to 60. I had small experience with old operations mainly to my clan. Yesterday, seeing that i had an ..
Archeology 451+
So I just hit 450 in Archeology and went to the trainer. Before when I tried buying the upgrade to 451+ I got a message saying that I had too low skill. Now nothing happens at all. No message, nothing..
Old/New player looking for a group of people to play with
I'm not sure if this is the best fourm to post this in but I didn't see any that looked better. I've had the game for a while but never did much with it. I don't really find MMOs fun to play alone, so..
@Devs: More Daily Missions on Rishi would be nice
I really like Rishi, it's one of the planets I totally enjoy being on and I'm hearing a lot of other players do too. Unfortunately there's not much to do there once you've finished the story. There's..
Window-licking Terribads
Alright share your stories of the worst teams. No names please or the mods will delete this. Two stories, same match. VoidStar. I'm fighting a 3 vs 7 at one node at the beginning of the match. Lo..
PVP Gear Simplified Understanding
Disclaimer: 1) This information would not apply to open world PVP (only arenas) INFO (Q/A): 1) Can PVE gear be used for PVP: YES!! 2) Is older PVP gear any good: PVP gear or PVE gear at leve..
Can wait to see what the debs do about win trading ...
When I log on first thing I do is q ranked man I keep catching groups of players throwing games. I personally don't think the data will give them enough to do action but we will see it's getting so ba..
"Better than X-Server"
Hello BioWare, when you realize idea with X-Server PvP? It would make a lot of variety and fun to the game, because on a server where I play (tofn), playing on the rep side I wait 10 minutes and basic..
Cryyc had enough poop for now
I guess most people noticed that there is no Cryyc on the leaderboard in season 4 yet. There is a reason for that. I thought long about it if I want to continue playing this game and endure the pain ..
Probleme mit dem Abonnement
Hallo. Am 4.3.2015 habe ich mir 60 Tage Spielzeit auf der Website gekauft. Jedoch habe ich auch eine E-Mail erhalten in der unteranderem folgendes steht: "We are contacting you to confirm that your..
Will CTD be fixed in this patch 1.6?
Does anyone know if they will be fixing the CTD issue ?..
This is going to drive me insane...
Hello SWTOR. Recently I just got a new computer, and after two days of updating, finally got SWTOR on my computer. I get on my lvl 55 to play Rise of the Hutt Cartel and, well, my helmeted head is gon..
SWTOR hosted on network - multi clients?
I've got SWTOR hosted on my network because the three computers able to run it do not have the available disk space to run it. Two are 10 year old laptops and the third a desktop that is nearly as old..
What server to choose?
As a returning player i find that there is close to no one on european servers. I could be wrong, im playing the game for two days now trying to get used to it again. But the fact is that i cant find ..
Operative roll breaks huttball
Operatives are flying over the platforms. Basically once they get the ball to the high ramp its an automatic goal. Rolling once needs to put the ability on cooldown when carrying the ball. 5 meters i..
Working 3.2 boss fight strategies
I have been given the semi-official ok from the devs to release the boss strategies from the two flashpoints coming in 3.2. I can't say anything about the story, or release the class boss strategies ..
Can't login to specific character
Hi, the problem occurred while I was on my Nar Shaddaa stronghold with my juggernaut level 35, my connection died, when it came back I was unable to log in with that character, the other ones work fin..
New FOTM after Nerfs and Buffs
With the up coming Nerfs and Buffs... The FOTM will change again What do you guys think will happen to the current FOTM and who will be the new FOTM My guess is Juggs become the new FOTM PTs and Si..
Simple Request
Good Morning, I wasn't sure where to post this so I thought I'd post this here. I was very sad to see this morning that Ray Bradbury had died.....
odd to me
My sorc healer is a mix of BM and WH gear. However, I have noticed that in war zones my crit heal is about 4.8k however, in hard mode flaspoints I.....
More Questions
I have a few more questions as I find myself trying to be more competitive endgame. 1. Stat Priorities and PvP gear So I'm in the middle of finishing up my intitial exhumed PvP gear on my two lvl 60..
Sage/Sorc PvP Anomalies
Noticed two weird things this morning: 1. A sorc was able to get 3 medals just as the gates opened to Novarre Coast by dropping his health and then self-healing himself. That is, he got 3 medals jus..
Level glitch.
So im on hoth and finally hit 40 get about half way to 41 and have to go do some stuff. So i log out immediately and log back in after about 15 minutes to find my character is back at level 39?:mad:....
SWTOR Cheets and hacks
Dear Mr. SWTOR Programmer Topic: SWTORs PVP Hacking issue. I took more than a year off, coming back to tray the space PVP, BTW love it and the newest game add on. Loved it to. So to the program..
Referrer Link without Flash?
Hello, i dont got Flash installed by Macromedia, therefore i cant create a Referrer Link. AND im not willing to install Flash due to its persistent and weekly explored critical exploits. Please send ..
How to get the best clothes for pvp?
Hi guys!I must say: I do not know much English - I use Google translator. Also, poorly versed in the terminology of the game. I hope you will understand me. I want to play in PvP direction. so I thou..
Referal link issue
HI, I have referred a friend (actually my son), who has signed up with a brand new account but we keep getting a message about not being eligible and link to the conditions (which we seem to be well ..
Sometimes I can't see a full person in game
Sometimes I can't see them. Like I will see their head and feet but not their body. I also can't see the NPC Gotrut in Coruscant. And sometimes some people will be all pink. I've messed with graphics ..
Transferring/Saving Regular WZ Comms While Leveling To Another Character
Am currently leveling a commando, and am about to hit the regular WZ comm cap. I have a character on the Imperial side that I wanted to PvP with at 60, and thought I could use the comms from levelin..
Visual Errors post re-install
Hey, I've recently reinstalled TOR and i've discussed that post installation a lot of textures (trees, armour, hair, ground, environment etc.) are displaying as see through / pixelated. Note that thi..
Lilly vs Subzero Enjoy. btw Sub was in Brutalizer at the time this was filmed...
Silly question re: orange gear and Exhumed mods
Just came back a couple weeks ago and finally decided to take the plunge and start getting back into endgame PvP. Nothing but Obroan/Conq gear at the moment, but I did have a few WZ comms left over, ..
Recurring Subscription
So I have been subbed from Day One and don't plan on un-subbing anytime soon, but as I was going through my account details I saw the Subscription Details. It says that my current subscription is a 6 ..
It's getting amusing...
watching paranoid bioware mods delete these threads.
Just started to really Play. Discipline System free?
I see when I check out the feature of Shadow Revan to buy it says "Customize Characters with the New Discipline System" does that mean you have to purchase that pack for $19.99 or do all players get a..
Lag spikes when near players
I honestly have no clue whats wrong with this game, because when the beta came out and for a year after it came out, i used to be able play this game on my old computer with super low specs on ultra ..
Poor customer service
Recently a friend of mine had to reinstall the game due to some OS reinstall and when logging the game asks him one of the security questions he.....
Hey Musco/Watson/Anyone! FIX RELICS!
If anybody is actually looking at the PVP forums, FIX RELICS! This is only from the PVP perspective, but it's because of the system you have.... There is an ongoing issue at lowbie or mids with relic..
In need of a way to requisition lower level PVP Gear!
I want to start off by saying that what Bioware is doing with the PVP gear system is not fair to players who have not yet bought the latest expansion to the game. This is because without access to gea..
Trying to transfer all 8 characters to different server, will they stop me mid-way?
If I try to transfer say half my characters now, and maybe later on when I get more cartel coins, transfer the rest of the my characters, and if they say the servers are full, am I screwed? Can..
Video issues.
The problem, is when I quit out of game, the screen goes black for a second comes back up, then my task bar and icons are invisible. and i am forced to restart my PC. this is the only game that does ..
Mal/EncPk-OJ on updating game today 06-03-15
my anti-virus detected the Mal/EncPk-OJ threat and removed it, it came from swotor update according to the virus log. can CS elaborate on this? has there been a compromise? ****************** Sophos..
Error: The login service is currently unavailable.
Tried to login today and I keep getting this error, "The login service is currently unavailable. Details can be found on our Twitter account." Checked the Twitter account and theres nothing there ab..
Expertise, whats the point?
Ok , ill ask it, why not Expertise, what is the point of putting in a system that gives bonus damage to players, who have it .. ONLY against players who don't? Expertise, gives bonus dmg, and dama..
Treasure Chest farming / camping by Goldfarmer
Hi everyone, I'm really hoping that finally a human being at BioWare will read this post. I already reported a nasty Goldfarmer (using scripts / macros and other stuff) several times for farming trea..
current pvp state
click on it and be amazed i feel that this belongs here, click on this totally awesome link to see a thorough explanation :rak_03: enjoy. sorry if it's a repost. DON'T BAN ME MASTER BIOWARE PLZ :..
Battlemaster Force-Master gear has no set bonus?
I recently bought the Battlemaster Force-master gear to wear a while back. It requires 60 valor to wear and I have 56 right now. I just bought it so I could have it when I reach 60. But I noticed that..
Whats the respawn timer on this mission
Cant remember the name of it, but i believe its repeatable? In kaleth You go into a cave to shutdown a computer and a guy gives you some information before his critical errors shut him down. How long..
Big server hickups - Red Eclipse 1am+ CET
There is big server hickups for everybody on server since 1am central european time (12pm gmt). Basically latency go to red , sometimes you get dc'ed , sometimes you just resume. It started once per ..
NEW INFO on 3.1.1 MUST SEE!!!!! <------ Video showing upcoming stuff.:)..
Mistake When Resubbing
Hey! I just bought 60 days of game time via the $30 one-time option before realizing there was the $40 "Choose Your Path - Rejoin" option with extra perks. Did I just screw myself over, or would there..
Ranked PVP vs Unranked
I've made a post in the past regarding experiences I've ran into with Ranked PVP and wanted to hit on why I'm seeing more of the PVP community becoming more and more divided. Now mind you not all PVP ..
Juggernauts/Guardians Heal Buff in 3.1.2
They do now have 12 stacks of selfheal instead of 10 in 3.1.2 patch. Is this good and needed for Juggernaut/Guardian damage dealers or tanks? Why do you guys think BioWare made this change, were they..
Shadow of Revan : Prelude "Forge Alliance Part I"
I picked up shadows of Revan and a subscription yesterday hoping to enjoy the new storyline. I have finished Makeb and went to the fleet to talk to the droid. Looking at videos the droid is supposed t..
Bei der Verarbeitung Ihres Auftrags ist ein Fehler aufgetreten.
Hi Leute, Ich hab mir über Ebay eine 60 Tage Gamecard gekauft. Nun probier ich schon seit 2 Tagen diesen Code einzulösen. Es kommt aber immer wieder diese Fehlermeldung? "Bei der Verarb..
Patcher is going SO VERY SLOW!
As the title says, i'm trying to patch from about 7 months ago and the patcher is going ridiculously slow. Like .5% in 10 minutes or so. Anything i can do to speed this up? been patching for 2 days no..
EU::T3-M4 Unable to retrieve patch data...
EU::T3-M4 Unable to retrieve patch data. [..] (206) Hey, currently it is not possible to login. My connection is fine. Server are online, but i had to restart my computer. Since that error 206 is ..
Character nerf problems
All these complaints of this class is too powerful are getting on my nerves to be honest i dont mean to have a go at anyone but i feel i must point out something that to some of you guys that might be..
Error 9000 Since Last Update
Ever since the last update, SWTOR has been doing something to my internet connection. The modem is still connected, but my computer is not talking to it. This, of course, disconnects SWTOR. I have..
Moving grass and weather effects.
Hi all, been back for a month or so and i use to play on highest quality always. Just now i started noticing that i do not see any weather effects like snow on hoth, and also grass isnt moving from t..
PTS 3.1.2. Update: Mercenary PvP Buff!
Quote: Jedi KnightGuardian Focused Defense now grants 12 charges (up from 10) and lasts for 15 seconds (up from 10).Sith Warrior Juggernaut Enraged Defense now grants 12 charges (..
Error 9000...and tired of it.
After a whole two years of not playing SWTOR, I decided to come back when I saw the special 40% off deal going on until the end of March.I re-subscribed about 4 days ago and the game has been almost u..
Random crash to desktop, no error. SOLVED (for me at least))
so the last week i've had this super enoying problem where the game crashes to desktop randomly. i tried alot of tricks floating around forums and internet. simple solution: make sure your RAM is in ..
I changed my resolution and now cant get the game to work
I changed my resolution on accident to 1080x854 or whatever, and the game crashed. Now as I try and get back into the game it will not go any farther than the loading screen with the Star Wars the Old..
Does anybody happen to have a toon with "The Ghosts of the Desert" mission?
I was an idiot and I abandoned it rather than resetting it: Now I can't get the mission anymore. Also filed a ticket and they said this: Quote..
Error Code 4001 - No servers showing up.
So I installed the game on my new laptop, updated it and everything and then when I logged in the server list wouldn't populate. I've tried everything that I could find online about how to fix it and ..
You forgot to nerf Rifle Shot.
Operatives are supposed to be melee, and taking away their Orbital Strike was a step in the right direction. Now to coincide with that, you unfortunately left Rifle Shot, Snipe, Corrosive Grenade and ..
Just upgraded to Win10..not happy
What issues are there with AMD Radeon 6670 and Win10? After installing for several hours (backups and recovery) and looking around Win10 I decided to try Swtor, launcher opens, enter pass, get a splas..
Character transfer question.
I'm not really a new player but I don't know the answer to this. If I transfer a current toon to another server, doesn't it bring my Legacy with it? Like I'm level 40 Legacy won't that copy over to t..
Bug: The Republic doesn't have up-to-date currency <commedations>
One of my low-level characters <republic side Jedi Knight on Coruscant> was supposed to receive a basic commendation for clearing out the Galactic Market <one of the first quests on that wor..
SLI and CrossFire
Hello, I would like to know if someday (far probably?) dev will work to improve performance on multi GPU, because SWTOR hates... VERY much SLI or CrossFire, maybe it's time to improve some performan..
Best Marauder spec
Hello I'm making a new Marauder and have never played as one, I want to be effective in PVP and not get destroyed I've heard a mix of things about Marauder being very good in PVP or squishy, so I want..
Server connection Error 1005 on Harbinger
I'm getting this every time I login for the first couple of times now. I get booted to the server select screen. ALL of my toons are on Harbinger. I NEVER used to get this. I'm a PC tech of 30+ years..
Frage an die Vollblut-Fans zum Attentäter
Heyho, ich habe da mal ne Frage, die schon seit dem ersten Tag von SWTOR (Ja ich bin schon seit dem ersten Tag dabei ^^V) in meinem Kopf herum schwirrt: Wird es noch ne gravierende Veränderung ..
downloading issues.
My issue is with when 3.1a was patched I got a c5 error that i tried to fix and decided a fresh install would be the easiest fix even if it took some time. This was not the case as I grabbed the luanc..
EU -> NA shard transfer?
Yes I know this is not possible yet. But when paid character transfers first became available we were informed that getting this issue resolved would be a high priority. Well that was nearly 2 years..
Fehlerhafte Reisefunktion
Zum Gruße, seit dem heutigen Tage stellt sich bei meinem primären Charakter folgendes Problem ein: Reisen jedweder Form [Schnellreise, per Raumschiff oder zur Festung] enden im altbekannt..
Returning player - where to start?
So, as stated, I am returning to SWTOR after approx a 10 month break. When I left, DF/DP were the top end & the had just released the NiM for both. My guild had SM on farm for both and we were h..
3.1.2 changes
I know you are doing that changes for pve but that sin-shadow OPness is out of controll and you are not doing anything about it. You created a monster and not it is out of control i am *********** ti..
When is appropriate to start ranked?
Simple question, with what gear is it ok to start to play ranked, augments included? Would ranked be a bad idea with full purples augments, ranked main hand, and normal PvP of the rest? I know my rota..
Stuttering Movement Since Last Weekend...
Hey, just came back to SWTOR after six months. Played the Pub Revan story on my Shadow with no problem. It was fun! This last weekend, I noticed along with a number of OTHER players on RISHI while doi..
HM Torque, when to send repair droid?
Hi guys, just as the title say, what is your timing? We are stuck on him for last two weeks and as we are finnaly getting the hang of positioning and add killing stuff repair droids quite often wont ..
"An error has occurred while trying to process your request. Please, try again later"
Have tried multiple times on different devices with different payment methods to buy the Revan expansion but I keep getting this error: "An error has occurred while trying to process your request. Ple..
Annoying one time password required
Ok this started to be very annoying,in last 2 weeks iv been asked for one time password 13 times. And the best thing is support told me to call them on a phone.Im not gona call them its like 1euro pe..
Why can't people stop fighting and work together!
Why the hell do people who don't like listening and working with others in pvp do pvp then, pvp is about working together and listening to each other player's tactic's. I'm sorry if I'm being rude..
When do I start ranked? (Also, operative questions!)
Hi guys, Operative here (specifically). I'm looking for general advice, but of course, tips pertaining specifically to this class is always appreciated. As the title says, question 1, when does one s..
Login to Jung Ma and get red bar immediately
I logged into Jung Ma today to be met with an instant red bar upon getting to my character. I've submitted 3 different tickets across 2-3 weeks and have on each occasion received an automatic response..
Finally got my hacked account back.. Or not?
Hi! Strangely I can post here but I can't login. Could a GM look into my account and tell me what to do? Im the real holder of this account and I did proof it via phone. So: Should I just wait? Call..
New Warzone areas?
I have read multiple "rumors" about BIO creating new warzones/or maps for the game. Wondering if there is any truth to the fact? If so, when could we (customers) expect to see them implemented into th..
Makeb Mesa Arena
Quote: Originally Posted by TaitWatson (Post 7117839) Hey everyone! We understand that a number of you are having frame rate issues in the Makeb Mesa Arena. Please ..
Need Help With "Combat Proficiencies" Feature
Can anyone suggest where I can find detailed instructions on how to best use the Combat Proficiencies feature? It's a complete mystery to me. Even when I click on the options, buttons, and icons in ..
Tips for Healers Avoiding Globals in Ranked
Howdy folks! I am a Sage Heals on Shadowlands and I am still fairly new to the PvP scene. I began with and since been comfortably settling into unranked matches since returning from Christmas break a..
I think I have the wrong approach for swtor pvp.
So, weird title I know. Just want to ask the community a few questions about pvp, WZ and open world. So I have only played 2 classes, marauder and assassin. I like both of them for different reasons b..
No mobile security key set up
I got a new phone so I needed to move my security key. I first removed the old one my phone and account and that went just fine. Then I downloaded they security key app on my new phone just fine as we..
Mobiler Sicherheitstoken für 7 Tage Abonnenten-Zugang?
Hallo, ich habe heute im Rahmen von "Choose your path" das Angebot für Wiederkehrer genutzt und 7 Tage Spielzeit erhalten. Ich bin nun sozusagen Abonnent. Wieso kann ich die den mobilen Sicher..
Random CTD
From launch till now I am impressed on all the stability changes and graphic collision improvements with lighting/shadows. But currently I am still getting a few random crash to desktops. I try to be ..
Bin momentan in Österreich,beim Starten des Spiels kommt immer nur die Serverauswahl
Hallo! Bin gerade in Österreich und wenn ich das Spiel starte, dann kommt immer nur die Serverauswahl Seite! Also die Liste mit allen Servern wo man dann einen Auswählen kann. Allerdings so..
Can't relink mobile security key
I installed the mobile Security Key app on my tablet, but had to restore the tablet to factory specs due to a problem I was having with it. I got my apps restored, went and unlinked the security key ..
What's your Favorite Boss (and Least Favorite)
There's probable anther thread but it's probable not up to date and plus I'm to lazy to find it :p. As the title says, what is your favorite and/or least favorite. Also give a little reason why. It c..
Kann von Österreich aus auf keinen Server zugreifen!
Hallo! Bin momentan in Österreich und sobald ich das Spiel starte kommt immer nur die Serverauswahl Seite! Komme aber in keinen Server rein, es erscheint immer nur die Fehlermeldung mit dem Code..
Sniper suggestion ??? What do you think?
Cover should be taken off of GCD. It would make them more viable in every way imaginable. Their problem is kiting when it comes to pvp... Sure, they probably need another buff. Btw, sniper is the o..
VG/PT Tank and Battle Focus
So I've noticed recently a lot of my kinetic stuns are getting *resisted* by PT tanks. I've had a look into it and can see that there is a talent that increases defence chance by 35% when battle focus..
Discoim 5min Takt????
wie seit Ihr wieder warum fliege ich ständig raus aller 5min hab ich nen Disco??? Jetzt kann ich mich nicht man mehr einloggen???Fehler 208??? Man eh euch sollte man ....ach was rege ich mich a..
Klemmt mal wieder was oder wieso fliege ich heute dauernd raus ?
Da Spielt man seelenruhig vor sich hin auf einmal fliegt man alle paar Minuten aus dem Spiel und kommt auf den Serverauswahlschirm wo keine Server mehr angezeigt werden und man erst mal das Spiel ko..
IO on harbinger 30-59
First of all, it does suck being a lev 31 IO Merc on the Harbinger when it *seems" nearly every PUB team is 55 Plus. I played around 10-15 wz between yesterday and today, and most were either premade ..
Fix your story pack purchase !
An error has occurred while trying to process your request. Please, try again later. {0} that is the problem, many people can't buy the pack including me. Make it work before the end of March, that ..
Story Paket - Aktivierung der 60-Tage Karte beliebig?
Hallo, ich habe erfahren, dass es seit kurzem ein Story Paket gibt (bestehend aus Shadow of Revan, 2400 Münzen und 60 Tage Prepaid-Karte usw.). Meine Frage: Nach dem Kauf dieses Story-Paketes, ..
enough with the arenas allready!
i queue regs to do warzones and what do i get? arena after arena after arena after bloody arena. yeah i know there's been lots of these posts and they wont do anything about it but i felt i had to ve..
grass stutter
Hi, I am experiencing a lot of stuttering if I select anything other than 0 for grass quality. This has been reported before, such as here: T..
Returning Player: Quickbar is a mess
So, I am just now logging back on to a level 55 character for the first time since the expansion, and my quickbar is a disaster. For some reason, I am unable to drag and delete moves, or replace moves..
The Q sync guild of POT5
I got a warning when I mentioned the guild name but everyone on POT5 knows which guild I am talking about. They have been q sync'n since season 2 and Bioware has done nothing about it. They Q at off p..
I can see why complaints have been lodged.
Just hit 30 and boy was it murder! Didn't even get to land a single blow, and I had to ask for about four other mates to help me kill a lone Sage. I will have to agree with those of you who call for a..
ERROR code 1003 i give up sub cancelled your clients broken REFUND SHADOW OF REVAN
you see it above ill be asking you to process a refund for the shadow of revan expansion due to the fact the game is not accesible due to client malfunctions, what worked yesterday doesent work any lo..
Reinstalled, stuck on 99.98% download
Hello everyone! Forgive me if I posted this in the wrong place or if this issue has already been addressed, but there are a lot of forums and I couldn't find anything. I reinstalled the game today. ..
WAR!!! YOU DECLARED IT ON your customers its time we fought back
open message to EA/ BioWare you started this now its time for us to fight back, no more false advertising and scams its time to file some complaints all parties with grievance should GO TO : WW..
More Story Pack Problems
Count me in among the people reporting that they cannot purchase the new story pack. I was able to redeem the free 7 days without a problem but now I'm getting the $0/error {0} issue when I try to bu..
Cartel reputation armor not adding to collection
Hello. I recently bought the Dramatic Extrovert armor set from the Binary Star reputation vendor in the cartel bazaar. I bought all seven pieces, waited for the refund timer to expire, and then equi..
Launcher Won't Open Found Logs and it has errors. Solutions?
201502281639 INFO ---------------------------------------------------------- 201502281639 ERROR JSON.stringify resp: {"status":-1,"body":""} 201502281639 ERROR Ping status for 'preprodlaunchapp0..
Want to roll melee pvp
So I've decided I want to roll a melee PvP character because Sorcs and BH's are toi mai. Looking for a class which has decent dps and survivability. also, please suggest race to go along with it as ..
Choose your path promo
I havea friend who has used up my Refer a friend 7day sub link. He is looking to use the Choose your path promo now and when he was looking over the terms and FAQ he saw this "Players who have alrea..
To those complaining about the difficulty of the 3.0 operations
Suppose that you purchase a jigsaw puzzle and find that you are unable to complete it. Does the maker of the puzzle owe you an easier version of the puzzle? If so, why? If not, then reason by analo..
Bastion vs POT5
Which one's better and why? Go:rak_01:..
Resolution mismatch between game and native
My monitor's native resolution is 1600x900. When I log into the game, SWTOR appears to use 1400x1050 even though my resolution settings in game are 1600x900, and then scale up the image to fill the sc..
Your Personal Progression
I've seen many negative posts complaining about difficulty and claiming that "average" people are quitting over difficulty. This thread is not about that. Instead I would like to focus on the average ..
Companion affection: What does it get you, really?
I'm not talking about the romance angle (not dissing it either) and am not talking about the XP gain from finishing conversations, but what does raising affection actually get you? I have heard that i..
Guild Ship Bug
Ok so... we haven't lost our guild ship but its not there on the guild strongholds tab when we log in... If we re-log a couple of times it appears around 75% of the time... Entering a war-zone also ..
Event Id 129
So I get this almost every time I try to play recently. The launcher runs just fine. I hit play then it takes longer than usual to get to the.....
Returning player looking for tight-knit community (PoT5 ; Republic)
Hello all! I'm a returning SWTOR player from about a year ago, and I'm looking for a solid guild to call home. I'm a male in my early twenties, East Coast USA, and I play on Prophecy of the Five on t..
Suit FOE - Being Ignored?
Amazed the ranked season went ahead with this bug still in place.You do realise this gives commandos 100% DOT immunity from all abilities, while mercs are stuck with the intended 30% damage reduction,..
Be Wary of Character Rename Tokens and There is NO Ingame Customer Support
Hello eveyone if at all possible make sure you do not waste any of your hard earned money on Character Rename Tokens. I recently purchased one from the cartel market to rename one of my characters. ..
Stacking Crit for PvP
Joking with some friends last weekend about how I used to have a LOT of critical chance on my Bounty Hunter back in the day on SWG, I decided to re-create my crit stacking suit on my Powertech. For th..
Freezing Subscription
Hello, I would like to ask if there is possibility of freezing my subscription. The reason is simple. My computer died and I'm kind of broke now. I haven't been online(in-game) for 6 days now and it ..
Mara/Sent Alacrity (from Class)
So I've been looking at the numbers and I realize that in Ataru form, with Fury/Zen active you get a 30% alacrity boost - on top of the 3% from your discipline path - giving us a total of 33% alacrity..
Bioware, your are losing casual customers.
I play in 2 different servers, 2 different guilds, saw more than 5 players on each guild leave the game already. It's people that plays 2-3 days/week, and it's a lot of people. Reason 1: The game is..
142 ways to die - damage stats in Feb
Thought I'd post my record of what's been damaging my Scrapper the most in 3.0. I've taken all the damage I received in Feb 2015 up to the 26th (c.60million), and broken it down by each ability.https..
been away for a year and can't buy the New Story Pack
i've been away for a good year now, i just saw the the free 7 days subs for a former sub. I was always a subs, so i've got them, but now i can't buy the "New Story Pack". It keeps giving me an error. ..
Datacron auf Rishi
Hallo liebe Community, ich habe letzte Woche versucht das Datacron auf Rishi zu bekommen. Der erste Schritt ist die drei Elite-"Grophets" zu finden und zu besiegen und die drei "Daten-Pakete" zu sam..
Lost Alacrity?
Hello, Some time ago, my alacrity was at 7.45%. Yesterday, I noticed it was at 7.43%. I know alacrity rounds, so I didn't actually lose anything here - but I am just curious as to what may have cause..
Not able to claim class sign decoration...for over a year now!
This is just ridiculous, and I know many others are in the same boat as me. Because of a bug that doesn't grant achievements to characters from before they introduced achievements, we get screwed. I h..
The Story of a simple Commando Healer
I started off as a Healer looking to become the stuff of legend, fighting to compete in duels against DPS players, shooting for that top heals spot every match, and trying to make a name for myself. H..
Need Help formatting my UI for Healer toon
I turned my operative into a healer. Don't worry, I won't be entering any level 60 HMs with it. But I would at least want to the the weekly searching for allies quest and maybe the lvl 55 HM FPs for t..
Get The New Story Pack Offer is broken
Just tried to order this thing :( - Shadow of Revan Expansion - Rise of the Hutt Cartel Expansion - 60 days sub time - 2400 cartel coins Only after clicking buy now, the order total shows as $0.0..
Is acquire target's target bugged?
Haven't played a tank in awhile. Logged on to do the weekly. One of the ways I guard swap is off acquire target's target. It seems bugged. It's picking up targets next to the target it should be pic..
Change in minimum requirements?
So I have been playing SW:TOR since it came online in the winter of 2011. I love the game, but for whatever reason, this past week, the game will not load. I get an error message that says: "This pro..
Wife's subscription not updating.
I updated my wife's subscription for her a while ago, and it's still not showing up, even though I got the confirmation email. Her login name is lhuniellertxundi if that helps. It still shows as pref..
Guild Flagship Disappearing Our guild flagship won't show up at random times and no one in the guild can access it. Makes traveling to our common places like Yavin 4 and Ilu..
Forum Time Zone Issues
Is there a way to change what time zone you are in? This morning the forum timestamps were 1 hour behind me and now as I write this, they are 5.....
Best Program(s) for recording your ops?
What programs do you all use who record your runs? I was curious as I have never done it before and would like to but have no idea where to start. My question is there good ones that are low cost/free..
Here's the change they should have done for hatred
So obviously, the goal is that they wanted to limit the range they can spread dots. The answer was to change dot spreading to lacerate. This is still easier than what lethality operatives have to do t..
Soon-To-Be-60 Gear Question
Level 59 sorcerer here, on the Madness spec. So I'm in WZs exclusively to earn as many commendations as possible between levels 59 and 60. I anticipate that when I hit 60, I'll have roughly 2500 rank..
Anyone else getting tired of Bubble, Run, Full Heal?
Working as intended? These sorc/sages get to basically stay up the whole match while being able to dps equal to other classes that have to die and respawn. Is this because the devs were so lazy wi..
Very confused - Jugg Vengeance
I am mostly soloing at this point. What stats are important for me to use? I have built high STR but when I have gear that puts my armor up I switch to that instead. I checked out noxxic but I am stil..
Legacy Travel unlock not working on preferred account?
My subscribtion run out a week ago. I have all 3 Legacy Travel Perks unlocked. When I was subbed, my Quick Travel skill had a 15 minute cooldown(from base 30min) so no problem here, but the moment my ..
Looking for help setting up custom timers in star parse.
Basically all I want to know is how do I setup a timer similar to the built in one for sword squadron shields. Where combat starts and the ability triggers at say 30 seconds and then repeats every X ..
No Play bottom
I have a problem with the launcher of the game, after i submit my name and the security key code, on the second screen that comes i have notting but the exit button, no write in the center windows end..
New PTS Notes 312,my humble opinion.
By killing all range attacks on assasin shadow,and lowering Serenitys dps u just made sorcs infinatly stronger..Assasin and Shadow were only ones that kept endless parade of Fotms lightning spammers ..
Found answer - never mind
Found the answer I was looking for...
Shield Specialist vs Tactics for PvP?
I figured the people who PvP would be able to help me in the differences between the two specs. I like dealing damage from the sidelines for a little while before jumping right in, but I also like hav..
Few questions if you don't mind.
1} Can someone explain how to use the security key please? I tried once and then I could not log in so I had to remove it immediatly. 2} Are the CC's for subs given at a certain time every month ..
My Sorcerer DPS with 198 gear is so poor my Guild will not let me do Hard Modes
Pre 3.0 my DPS was top rated in Madness spec now it is so bad My guild will not even let me do HM content with them. Yes they are right my Sniper in 186 gear does better DPS then my sorcerer in 198 g..
Frequenty kicked out from server !! Error Code: 4001
every less then 30 min keep kicked out from server !! cant play any group quest !:mad: before every 1 hr or 90min now like every 30min disconnect from server some time seeing server list some time no..
Random Lag During Playtime
As of last week (around 2/16), I've been getting very strange lag in-game on any character I play. I play on Prophecy of the Five and I live in the Philadelphia area. Normally, I should ping 20-50ms t..
Harbinger raiding.
Hello, im a raider looking for a progression raiding environment on the harbinger server, i have gear for dps or heals and can do it on either pub or imp side. I'm looking for player of equal prog/ sk..
Walkers total raid hps
If you have a raid team and are passing walkers 8m hm, can ppl give me a feel of what the cumulative hps + shielding ps numbers required for a clear? For example I cleared with a team this week. Hea..
Trying to buy the new story pack offer but...
An error has occurred while trying to process your request. Please, try again later. {0} why is this happening?I am a returning player and i would really like to have this offer.My location is Greece..
Trooper Story Problems
Ok, so now I've beaten the story and I've been congratulated by the Supreme Chancellor. Now I want to do the Hutt Cartel and the Shadow of Revan which I've purchased. My mission terminal in my ship is..
Choose your Path Story Pack exclusive to nonsubscribers?
Main link: The aforementioned story pack appears to be exclusive to former subscribers and those that have never subscribed. Why on earth is this not available t..
Waiting a week on customer service in game!
I've been waiting practically a week for an answer to an in-game ticket.. getting a little impatient now :/ I've come back from a couple years away from the game to find that my character I used to p..
Infinite load time to scenes - please help
I just recently got back into the game. I'm doing a story mission as the trooper - mannett point - and when I talk to jex it just does the ... loading chat bubble. But the issue is, it doesn't ever co..
Mental Alacrity and Interrupts
So I have an ability clarification question. Mental Alacrity, on my sage, says that it grants alacrity and immunity to pushback and interrupts for 10 seconds. However, in warzones, I pop mental alac..
where in the world is the cancel subscription
They need to make this easier to find. Ive literally found everything my account has to offer except to cancel the account. One would assume it would be in the "subscription" window. Any help would b..
Jos and Vos HM - Strategies?
Hi all, After attempting to pug Blood Hunt HM and always failing at Gemla (in my opinion, this whole FP is not puggable), we finally put an all-guild team on voice chat to try to knock out this FP. ..
Every time I boot the game up It starts a the downloader at 91%
Every single time I exit the game and then start it back up the downloader will say it needs to download something and will start at 91% of something even if there is no new patch. I have to delete th..
Launcher Failing to Run the Game - HELP!
Please, I need help! I played normally by today's morning. Rushed Gree as well, without any DCD or any other issue. It NEVER EVER HAPPENED to me but just NOW I tried to log in and this is what happe..
Guide - 192 Companion Gear - Spirit of Cooperation (Video)
This video features a guide to getting the new 192 companion gear on Yavin 4. The quest is Spirit of Cooperation
If you want to encourgae open world pvp...
.. you need to have players enjoying open world pvp. So if you are rolling around in a group on Ilum and you see a 1v1 going on, please let them finish that 1v1 BEFORE being a hero and Jumping in an..
BW Solo Ranked Issues
So the past few days on my server(jedi covenant) there have been many issues in the solo ranked. As you guys know im top 5 atm for my class and doing my best to keep my rating up during the week(dont..
What's your setup for using your abilities?
So I have a gaming PC, full numeric number pad on it, nice keyboard, gaming mouse with a full numeric number pad on it as well, actually goes 1-12. Issue at hand is a level 60 character has at least..
Legacy Rename fail
A while back a bought the Legacy Rename unlock from the Cartel Market while it was on sale for 600 CC. I finally used it a few minutes ago typed in a "special" character for the first letter. My new l..
You need to fix bolster now
Make it so when the pve heros q in there pve gear, they get 2018 expertise. How hard is that? Ive made a suggestion already how to do it, but by not doing it you bw are making pvp no fun for the pve..
Feedback: Cross-Server Queues Would Revitalize PvP, Add More Stats and Soft Rankings
One opinion among many, however anyone who plays PvP should be doing so for the challenge. Unfortunately, servers create silos of players, restricting and limiting the overall PvP community and weake..
Weird Voidstar results (possibly glitch)
First round; defender Enemies successfully destroyed the first door, and open the bridge down, but our team managed to hold them on the 2nd stage until the time went 0.Second round; attacker Our tea..
Help me Help myself Class pick.
Okay I would like to say I'm sorry for this thread and know that they can be annoying, however I really really want to get into higher tier / end game pvping and could really use help from people that..
Cartel points problem
Hello, i got some problem with buying cartel points. I check i got money on my credit card (mastercard). I also try to pay via paypal. Still same response. An error occurred while processing your re..
Remove arena fail from random quere
As in title, tday got 4 arena fails 3 vs 4 , not mention evemy team got healer. Remove this fail and make a separate quere for arena, i dont want play arena fail with randoms and i dont want to play a..
Installation stuck at 0%
Hello, I've been looking for some help on an issue, At first my install for the new patch was going well but then stopped at 100% and wouldn't go any further, Now It wont even make it past 0%, any hel..
Developers think a little when you add someting to game
As a melee now i cant root or slow any ranged class and all can slow or root me with 3-4 different abilities. They cant attack whele running and most stupid thing they can attack when they are not fac..
Musco can we do anything about people intentionally leaving ranked matches?
On Jedi Covenant at least, pub side, there is one person who intentionally leaves matches. Everyone knows of who this person is as they constantly talk about having relations with our mothers, sister..
Really enjoy PvP! Play it with my friends all te time. But i need some help im having inconsistent games. I'll do really good one game but then next im getting destroyed and doing no ddamage what am i..
Incorrect conquest points being awarded
Don't know if anyone else is having this issue, but I'm receiving incorrect conquest points. My guild is currently invading Hoth and I have a 100% stronghold bonus. Just finished 2 warzones where the ..
Credits at 60
So I've recently got my marauder to 60 and now that I'm 60 ive just spent... 3.5M on him.. -.- stupid I know, well I just wanted to know your ideas on the best and most quickest way to make credits at..
PVP loss
Can something please be done about losing a pvp match when other team quits? Lowbie PvP teams tend to quit when getting stomped and it is counting for loss against the team that won. I have a SS but d..
Set reward tiers by class
Simple enough? Balance kinda came up short this season so this kinda evens the playing field. Played an over powered class? Hope you put up a decent number. Played a weaker class and only managed an a..
If ranked 4 v 4 didn't exsist...
Would the current 8 v 8 wzs represent the closest the game has even been to being balanced? I mean if they can get sents/maras viable in regs I'd almost say to hell with ranked 4 v 4. I'd rather group..
Which would be the better class for solo'ong heroic's and FP's
I am just wondering which of the 3 would be the best for solo'ing FP's and Heroic +2's or +4's. Assassin/Shadow, Jug/Guardian or Mara/Sent. I will be using Treek with any of them because I was told sh..
Need official response on how to remove Bitraider from computer/game
Hello, many posts tell us how to remove the Bitraider from our computers but I saw nothing from Bioware. I want this thing removed from my game, and I want to know from an official person how to remo..
Extreme FPS issues after game update 3.0
Ever since 3.0 ive had a horrible experience with this game. Before 3.0 i was able to play the game maxed out with around 40fps, and around 20-30 in highly populated areas and combat. (Not the best fr..
The leaderboards viewed from the top
Powertech, Vanguard, Powertech, Powertech, Shadow, Assassin, Powertech, Powertech, Vanguard, Assassin, Assassin, Shadow, Vanguard, Shadow, Vanguard, Powertech, Powertech, Vanguard, Shadow, Assassin, S..
i want to know
when we pvp in a wz imp vs imp it seem to be pretty even fight and when we me being imp vs pubs it seems the pubs over- whelmingly win. I know I'm.....
Gree event broken
Appearantly the state of the gree event was completely reset, mission reset, authorization removed. Bit problem though. The Authorization item is broken! So won't be able to go inside or pick up the..
Help to pick a class
Hello everyone! I posted this in the main class forum but have no replies as of yet. I'm looking for a nice rounded class to stick with as I keep deleting characters to start over as a differen..
Leaderboard and seasons are ruining ranked
Not kidding in the slightest. The leaderboards and the seasons are the single most harmful thing bioware has ever inflicted on ranked in this game. There are more teams willing to queue during presea..
Jung Ma PVE Alliances (Flashpoints and Operations)
Hello everyone, I am the Guild Master to Requiem of the Old Empire and I am seeking progression raiders to work with our Guild, both Imperial and Republic. I understand that Jung Ma is strictly label..
Can we at least have some basic, minimal balance, please?
I know that it ain't possible to balance PvP to 100%. But can we at least have some minimal balance, please? These VGs/PTs are ridiculous, what are they actually? Tanks? DPS? And hatred sins? Come on!..
What's with the Architect's Hypercrate discount?
I hope this is a glitch. Otherwise who the hell is Bioware trying to fool? This pack never cost 7200 cc originally. So saying you're giving us a 55% discount of 3240, when it was only 5400 last week i..
<Defender Program> on TeH Looking for a DPS
Heyo SWTOR, if you have a lvl 60 pub side Ranged DPS on The Ebon Hawk (preferably a GS, or mando), I'd love to hear from you. I see plenty of complaints on the forums that people aren't running enough..
Addon kaufen geht nicht
hallo, kann bei Shadow of Revan die bestellung nicht abschliessen. der jetzt bezahlen button kann ich nicht anklicken,habe die verkaufsbedingungen akzeptiert und egal paypal,kreditkarte gleiches ..
Every Match I Look At The Other Team What Do I See?
Sorc Sorc Sorc Sorc Sorc Sorc Sorc Sorc Sorc Sorc Sorc Sorc Sorc Sorc Sorc Sorc Sorc Sorc Sorc Sorc Sorc Sorc Sorc Sorc Sorc .....
Ranked sniper tips?
So, im getting a bit tired of being called 'A Bad' for playing a class i have played since 1.0. Sniper is a powerful class -when it works.- When it doesn't work, snipers get rolled faster than the m..
Play Button Grayed Out
I have not had a problem with the launcher until the latest patch. I kept getting stuck while updating. It now states -Installing 100%, Updating bar is full but the Play button is grayed out. I have l..
DCs in Ranked.
I'm sick of being disconnected during ranked matches and losing rating. More than that though, I'm sick of checking my internet connection to see that it's excellent, and that it was on the server's e..
Cartel Coin Mobile Payment Not Working
Hey, I'm having trouble buying the 450 CC pack using SMS. It pops up and says that it's not a supported method for the offer? Anyone else having this issue? Is it a bug or have they taken the SMS opti..
Fastest way to make credits for a low level character ?
What is the fastest way to make credits for low level character I need to know because I'm trying to buy a stronghold in one of the expensive models so all my characters can just use one stronghold I ..
New to SWTOR? Founder/Mentor here!
Subscribing has been the smartest thing I've done since I started. I strongly suggest anyone who enjoys MMO's to give SWTOR a try and subscribe for 60 days. I'm proud to be an active member and subs..
More Level Separations In PVP
I think there should be more level separations in PVP instead of the current levels 10-29; 30-49; 50-60; it should be: levels 10 to 19; 20 to 29; 30 to 39; 40 to 49; 50 to 59; and 60 (+, when the leve..
Low fps in both Ultra settings or very low settings.
Hey guyz. Sorry for posting this here. I have an odd problem on fps droppin low. I have a PC with this specs: SAPPHIRE RADEON R9 270x with OC boost Amd FX-9300 3.5GHz Black Edition 8GB RAM Win..
Why act like there is support?
Nearly EVERY ticket submitted seems to get a response that you can't do anything, very sorry. Most of the time, the answers provided don't even match the question asked. If aren't even going to read t..
Respeccing in WZ's
Hey guys, i know many where debating about respeccing in WZ's, but i think if you are allowed to only respecc utility points in WZ's preparation time, it is a good you can't respecc to heal..
MVPs on leaderboards
Why bother listing it? It's arbitrary who gets the votes if people vote at all. What I've noticed is most the time people will only vote if they win and if there are 2 or more people in the same guild..
cant start the game anymore
hello all :) i never had any trouble running this game but as today i cant ad all and now i get a error patch :confused: see pic so if any..
Launcher Not Downloading Content
Over the weekend, the launcher attempted to download the new patch. The launcher read "complete," but the "play" button was not active. After one hour of this I decided to restart the launcherand try ..
BIGGEST PVP hit ever?
Just curious if I have the record or close to the record for the biggest single PVP hit ever. 16,550 with my level 60 Scoundrel "Vanhelsing". I'm on the Prophecy of the Five server, full 168 PVP gear..
Sith Inquisitor final mission crash
Hey, I've been looking around everywhere for a solution to this and I'm not coming up with anything. In the final phase of the Sith Inquisitor class storyline the game just keeps freezing and I have t..
Vanish and Stealthers
Can someone please explain to me how an assassin or operative can go stealth when i have 3 dots on them. the whole point to the dots is so that they cant vanish I think that this mechanic is op and ..
ST-7 Command Walker not in Collection listing
Hello I purchased a ST-7 Command Walker off of the Galactic Market for 2 million credits. It shows the item as being listed as a cartel market item and has the cartel coin icon next to it. I went to ..
Launcher has so many issues. After I play the next day when I try to log on it fails.
So what happens when I sleep? Do the launcher gremlins attack my computer and break the launcher? I am really upset that i have to drive to my work to download the game client everyday even on my days..
My Play has Seriously Diminished
I'm a Founder. I've been here since the beginning. I've played all roles. I used to do Ops and FPs every day, to earn Ultimate Coms, to grow my characters. (Please no one try to convince me to play..
Kind of a odd question perhaps, but i'll try to be informative
Hello forum dwellers, Second time I visit these forums with a question. I've been playing 2 weeks again now since my return - I left not too long after reaching 50 shortly after the game's headstart..
5 vs 4 In a 4v4 PVP match ??? how is this fair? will it be fixed? I doubt it
Recently I was in several unranked 4v4 pvp matches where the other team had 5 players while we had only the 4. I was able to record one of these matches this see link below. the only response from bio..
Aufkommende Konflikte V wird nicht angezeigt
Hallo! Bei meinem Bruder ist folgendes Problem und zwar das am Missions-Terminal auf der Station/Flotte (beim Imperium) die "Aufkommenden Konflikte V" nicht angezeigt werden so wie bei mir. Wir sind ..
Performance and Conquest.
If you enjoy a CONQUEST system staying on your stronghold CRAFTING; If you enjoy playing Warzones with 15 - 20fps; If you enjoy playing 16m Operations with 10fps; If you enjoy slideshow oPvP, watch..
Tired of Error Code 9/Not being able to buy more Cartel Coin.
I get that they're trying to stop CC fraud but come on! The max limit for buying is the 35$ one and then I have to wait a day or three before I can attempt it again. This is beyond stupid and annoying..
Underlurker weirdness
Hi there, I just want to check in if anybody else is having a weird time with the Underlurker. My OP group tries to down him, but we are facing issues that make it very hard to properly do this fight..
Who are the best pvp guilds on Harbinger
So who are the best PVP guilds on Harbinger... By faction... By objective based pvp... By ranked I see so many that maybe good at one... But fail miserably at another... Especially if they aren't run..
swtor pvp in a nutshell
Stun root slow root stun 10 sec immunity stun root slow root stun 10 sec immunity stun root slow root stun 10 sec immunity stun root slow root stun 10 sec immunity stun root slow root stun 10 sec immu..
Maxing character affection is supposed to grant 1 minute off heroic moment cooldown
Not sure if this is a real bug so thought I would bring it up here first. I've been playing with character affection points. I had previously only had one character at max of 10,000, Mako, and frankly..
datacron question.
I'm fairly new to SWTOR and have a question about the datacrons and helping others. I've not collected any of the datacrons. I'm a lvl 51 now and am going to go back and get them. My question is, can ..
When Is It OK To Bail On A Warzone?
I've only recently started doing this, and I resisted the impulse for a long time. But lately I just find myself identifying a faceroll as it starts and leaving the Warzone. Should I feel guilty about..
Underlurker still bugged
Last night while running Temple of Sacrifice the "devastation" phase of under lurker showed both green and red making the cross look orange even though everyone was in the proper places. I am unsure w..
Accidently Deleted My Character
Hey, My main is a level 40 warrior and I accidently deleted him, I made an alt to check the begnining story of the bounty hunter, got him to level 6 logged out, clicked on him and...well you can gues..
PVP and SW Tor
Dear Admins, I hereby protest against those pvp players , they infect PVE Servers with their stupid and useless gameplay. PVP players are like people who own weapons ... useless and dangerous for the..
Tatooine Bonus Series: Three Strikes bug
I have successfully completed all of the mission objectives, but for some reason, I cannot report to the mission giver. Every time I try to do so, I get a red message that says "Not eligible for this ..
So I just started playing Ranked.....
Title says it all, and I play an Assault Specialist Commando, and I must Every single match is filled to the brim with either shadows, or juggernauts, or sorcerers, very rarely will you se..
Hatred Assassins
I keep hearing people saying that Assassins will be nerfed. Just wondering why and if this is true? I ask because I have notice that players of other classes who actually know how to play their class ..
Anyone ever PUG Operations?
I can never find a group for Operations. It's like I'm the only one looking to PUG. SM queue? forget it. I've waited 4 hours and never got a pop. No one is ever looking for groups in general chat ..
Skank tanking is still a problem in solo ranked
People can still switch stance put on tank gear or as a shadow for example could not switch gear but switch stance when someone gets low and you have a healer on your team. I don't get why bioware doe..
Companion side conversations bug?? Please help. [SPOILERS]
Okay, so a little background. This is my first character playthrough. It is a Bounty Hunter, and I JUST finished chapter/act 1. So I get celebrated as the great hunt winner, and then I see that Mako h..
Help a Sniper Scrub
So, been trying to get into ranked pvp with my sniper and am having a terrible time. Originally I went with marks, since i knew the shot rotation and understood how to play the class. Marks required t..
player intentionally throwing ranked warzones
character Jonmaddog stated that he was going to quit a ranked warzone match and ruin ratings for everyone. This happened at about 11:10PM 2-21-2015. Guildies state that this was happening all nig..
Trouble with HK and Treek legacy unlock
After googling and youtubing and not being able to figure it out, thought I'd ask here. I have unlocked HK and Treek, and would like to unlock them for all my alts. When I pull up my legacy global unl..
Graphics Freeze in game
After logging in to my character the screen freezes after about 30 secs or so. I can still hear sound such as my character running around so the game is still going but the screen is just frozen. I c..
Sith Inquisitor: The Duel mission Freezes
Every time i try to play the mission, it freezes a couple of seconds into the first cutscene. When this happens i can't exit the window and i'm stuck in the game until i logoff from my computer. Every..
Group finder broken ?
When doing the dalie tactical in the Group finder i am not reciveing the 30 basic comms for it. The "Weekley searching for allies" quest does not get completed when using the Group finder. I have ..
Depths of Manaan HM, Second Boss
Lately I have noticed that standing in the puddles does not give me a debuff that increases damage taken from lightning attacks, it seems to only pop up when the boss is casting flow/lightning storm. ..
Wither Obroan?
So, I got the Obroan set all squared away on my Consular not long before Revan dropped. I don't miss it since I've been upgrading to the new sets save for one thing; I loved how the two piece bonus w..
State of pvp on SW:ToR 3.0
Can a dev explain: Q sync. Broken Elo. pve stuff allowed on rannked. Troll allowed on ranked even when players report them. unbalanced classes when you have s4 up and running (cf 3.1.1 incoming) ..
the exit combat issue in PvP
one problem that we don't speak enough , especially for classes who can't auto heal is the combat exit mode. it's terrible to be obliged to hide and wait and wait and wait to be able to just regen ..
Inconsistent PVP lag
Okay, maybe one of you has some input on this one. I pvp with my level 29 Sentinel - virtually no lag at all. With my level 40 marauder - lag sandwich. With my level 60 Jedi consular - lag sandwich..
getting relics as you level?
Wondering if I'm doing something wrong here. Forever I've felt hampered because all the sub-max-level relics require minimum light/dark level 2? But I hardly do any story missions as I level, so I e..
Extract: error writing to file Setup.exe
Hi there, I tried to install TOR in my new pc, but I keep receiving this error when I run the downloaded file: Extract: error writing to file Setup.exe ANy idea of what that might be? I really have..
More complaining
To the EA underling who may or may not read this and move along without replying, I'm a life-long SW fan. Since my older brother sat me down at the age of 8 to watch Episode IV, I was hooked. I heard..
Admitted Bug with Strongholds!!
So I could not log in stayed at the splash screen and would not change even with the cog wheels turning. Come to find out via a supervisor since I would not listen to first level that because I have ..
Problems With High Ping, Looking For Help
Hi, i'm a player from Argentina and i've played this game since 1.7 with a pretty high ping (normally 200ms, 250ms, etc.). This has never been an issue really and managed to become very competent in P..
Blood Hunt/Battle of Rish HM 60 - Broken?
Okay, in a massive rage right now. Has anyone else been really frustrated with Battle of Rishi with specifically the bosses? The worst trouble I've had since these new HM 60s have come out has been ..
Cartel Coins (can't buy)
i've tried 2 different PayPal accounts 2 Different Bank Accounts AND also the boku payment type, every time i attempt to purchase Cartel Coins i get to the page where i accept T&C and the next par..
Is there an alternative to the security key app?
I need someone with power to answer this. What is the justification of having a security key option that only those with expensive smart style phones can take part of, and they get rewarded for it in-..
CH - Preise anpassen
Ich wollte mir heute einige Kartellmünzen kaufen und musste feststellen, dass man als Schweizer echt abgezockt wird. In Deutschland bezahlt man 17 Euro. Als Schweizer glatte 26.65 CHF. Als der E..
Stuck at 99.99%
I recently bought a subscription yesterday, i was not paying attention to the download meter while playing the game i was just like, "It will probably get done eventually" but then i get to level 10 a..
I have not received a title from a mission completion
I have recently done the mission that involved the World razer and I chose the light side option which should of given me the title Master of the burning way instead it has not gave me it and the co..
Leaderboards - even more interesting statistics.
Someone in my old statistics post made a point that the slicing of the leaderboards into top, mid and bottom rankings should follow a gaussean distribution. Here's a revised version (with actual numb..
Invalid Name
I recently tried to create a character named Shesh-Kuk but it said it was an invalid name. I logged in a different character and checked availability and no one else is using the name. And as far as I..
Since you can only really play 3 or 4 classes in ranked, why not make ques of only 4 vs. 4 of the same AC (4 Mercs vs. 4 Commandos)? Then ALL of the classes can get the true skill tested by playing a..
Login not possible
hello there, i can't login anymore as the launcher says: Name, Password or Security Key is incorrect i am using the hardware security key from the collectores edition. * tried on 2 different PCs. ..
Companions don't want to speak to me?
This may be a completely stupid question, but I'm up to chapter 2 on my imperial agent's story and I'm yet to have a single conversation with either of my companions. Kaliyo is at 2016 affection and V..
Possible target break bug/cheat/hack, and CD reset?
For the past 2 days, I've noticed a couple of strange things in PvP. I've been noticing nonstealth classes forcing me to break targeting. In particular I've noticed it with a couple of snipers and a..
Terrible but want to get better... I really do.
So I've been PVPing off and on for the last year or so and while I do enjoy the hectic pace of healing in PVP on my Operative I'm still not very good. I had read a lot about mechanics and the "Contend..
Games PvP populations?
Is there any data anywhere that shows the actual number of PvP players we have playing? Ya know, more than a game or two a week kinda folks.... Or maybe the percentage of the population that actuall..
How to stop getting one time password
Game keeps on telling me that the PC I am using can't be recognised. I am always using the same PC so what is the deal? I don't want to enter one time password everytime I log in the game or the websi..
HM Master Blaster
Is anyone noticing a change in the mines going out in this fight? Our group has been clearing this fight easily and now since 3.1 having major trouble with the mines going out.... People getting 2 st..
ranked pvp harbinger pub side
ok i have been pvping in ranked lately in imp side , i manage to gear both in pub and imp side. But i notice that i can say 9 out of 10 is imp vs imp only 1 out of 10 is pub vs imp so i wonder why t..
Need Help With My First Lvl 60!
Okay basically, I've finally managed to reach 59, I'll be 60 in a day, I've never endgame geared or anything before, I don't know what legacy gear is or anything, I've been running FA and SoR solo and..
Thoughts and suggestions on Mercenary and Commando dps in arenas
I started writing this post intending to cover more areas as well as giving some perspective from my own experiences in solo and group ranked (preseason), but this post got long enough as it is. If th..
One Account Works.....the Other Doesn't
I run and play TOR with no problems. However, on the same computer (albeit a different user) my sister cannot play the game with her account. She logs in, presses play, then gets the black screen of d..
Vorschläge zum spiel star wars
Hallo Swottor Team Erstmal möchte ich euch beglückwünschen was ihr schon geleistet habt. So habe da drei Vorschläge die das Spiel etwas verbessern könnten bzw erleichtern w&u..
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