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Need to vent PVP thread 2018
I have a 57 sniper I last played a couple years ago, so decided to recreate a new sniper just to reacquaint myself with the abilities and to mess through the early class quests for fun. After doing H..
Time cards
Two days ago I purchased a 60 days time card from a local store, even got a discount because I'm their client since they opened, in 2008. My question is : after the 60 days expire, can I buy another t..
I am wondering how to start a group, choose your fp in vet, ops or master mode and have random people join? i see some old threads on this, but nothing about starting your own grouphttp://www.swtor.c..
Veteran pvper advice to newbies
These are things that really trigger me in matches this past week when solo queuing as a healer. Take them as you will. 1) Stop pushing healers into their own back-line. The amount of times a jug ha..
I need info about PT Tank
I'm new with Tank so.. 5.0 dulfy guide seems far and half information is a bit useless there. I wanted to know some real exact numbers about howmuch shield/defense/crit/acc to get because I really do..
Dark Designs +4 Heroic Seems Impossible. *Devs Please Help!*
After over two hours of asking on the fleet for help with Dark Designs and not finding any I decided to try and solo it. I got all the way to Maki’voro have gotten him down to half health three..
One-Time Error Don't Care, and Don't Fix?
Tell me if I'm prejudiced because it's 10+ attempts already since 10:20 AM in my time zone and now it's 19:44 PM all I got are expired One-Time Password which I received in about 1 or 2 hour after the..
Best way to grind CXP as a fresh 70 mostly-solo player?
Hello everyone! So, I hit level cap a short while ago and I was wondering if there was a way to grind CXP efficiently as a solo player, in this current patch. I googled and I see a lot of info for ol..
What level should you be in when starting SoR prelude
I was in the fleet when i saw the SoR prelude droid when i took it i had to complete the Assault on Tython flashpoint,i got wrecked and couldn’t even kill one level was 55 but i still..
Prelude to Revan problem
I am leveling up a new toon and I just recently started the Prelude to Revan series of missions. However I am unable to access the flashpoints in story mode. I have repeatedly cleared the missions, ..
How do you play against PT tanks in SR?
Occasionally I venture into the plains of tankdom with my jugg, but I am having a hard time surviving against pt tanks with all the aoe going on. Especially if they happen to be grouped with en eng. s..
Mapping functions to the mouse
I am not exactly a new player. I have actually been around since the last few open beta But seem to have a continuous problem that I haven't found a solution for yet: I am using a five button mouse. ..
Flashpoints, Heroics, Warzones are no more fun
Flashpoints, Warzones, Heroics are no more fun, they have become useless cause of constant nerfing of characters and you do not dare enter Master mode cause you character is slaughtered as soon as yo..
Veteran tatoine starfighter
Hello, quick question, im a relatively fresh 70 with just 2 piece of 230 gear other gear is 210/220, i tried to solo starfighter veteran taotine but at the last solar flare part of the boss, he just b..
new to operations
i just finished the original story line and am now moving on to the hutt cartel content but before i finish makeb i want to know about the correct equipment and mastery lvl needed to sucessfully compl..
If I transfer a character to a different sever will I lose anything?
So recently I got a token to a free character transfer and I was wonder should I transfer one of my characters to another sever? Will I lose anything doing so. I played on the Starforge sever where m..
Series of strange backfills yesterday
Guys I know its incredible, but I played just for fun on my 1200 jug yesterday. And im 100% sure that one famous wintrader used some new bug for farming elo. Lets call him Fyala (name changed). So Fy..
Help me with decision
Hello again, I still dont know which one I should focus more, Jugg or Assassin(I have both), but still I want to focus on one. I want do both PvP and PvE, I know both are viable for this, one is more..
why does lokath have no battlemasters in imp/rep base to kill for conquest?
I dont understand why lokath has all this cool pvp stuff but all i see is carebear pve stuff going on? (yes there is a pvp instance and thats what im talking about) It would be so cool to put a jedi/..
<Paramount Gaming> Izax Sales
Hello, <Paramount Gaming> is accepting more buyers for 8m and 16m Izax Veteran Mode Achievements. We are offering:<Par Thee> <Strike Team: Defeating Izax (*-Person Veteran> <Sup..
Help with Disiplines
When you choose a discipline, say, Jedi Sentinel and you choose the combat discipline, when you go to your class trainer do you just learn combat skills or can you learn the other discipline skills as..
CZ-198 is supposed to be level 55, but it's level 70.
CZ-198. I get the quest from the droid, go to starship, get sent to CZ-198 to do Titans of Industry. I follow the green mission icon and it leads me to Weekly Veteran Flashpoint dispenser. I take the ..
help with camera rotation
Hello everyone A question as I do to move the camera without using the mouse, because I currently move it by pressing the left click and then moving the mouse, I want to do with the buttons on the ke..
What means "to carry"
Hi, what does it mean to you when somebody says he carried the team? What sort of things did he do? Can you make a list, maybe give some examples if it's not clear? Maybe it's highest dps? Maybe a ..
<Failure> & <It's Lit> Selling IZAX 8m & 16m Veteran Mode in 5.8
<Failure> & <It's Lit> are now offering sale runs for IZAX Veteran mode on 8m and 16m difficulty for a limited time before patch 5.9 (expected to be May 1st). We have an extremely expe..
Websites and Resources for Returning Players
Any Icy-Veins or WoWhead equivalents for SWTOR that are reasonably up to date? I played this game when it first came out, but haven't done much except log on and look around since then. I understand ..
About Alliance supply crate
I wonder if I can get the Remnant dreadguard trooper set from an Alliance supply crate without playing with a commando? Can I still get the set if I'm playing with any other class or the only way is t..
The 10 Solo Kill Achievements
Have any of you gotten these? If so, how? I'd like knock out all the PVP achievements but I have yet to even come close to those ones. I think the most solo kills I've ever gotten in a match were 6, ..
Warlord Kephess Rendering Problem
I'm having a bit of a delay with Warlord Kephess (final boss of EC) rendering for me. I suspect a lot of it has to do with my computer, however I was wondering if there was anything I could do to get..
<Seven Stuck> Selling IZAX Veteran Mode 5.8
Server: Tulak Hord Special rewards from boss that will only be available during 5.8 patch. Unique tittle for your character, special legacy rewards, which will come with patch 5.9. What you get:<..
Flashpoint, when every one leaves, and you want to get new people...
Well 2 times today people leave because they cant handle the, so standing at the last boss, and your the only one, you no longer caan queue, i get the message hovering over the CANNOT QUEUE gree..
Expertise might be returning
From this thread: / sage improvement coming, whether utilities or buffing the class (in addition to multiple classes utilities changing) pvp ..
<Disciples of Babylon> Selling IZAX Veteran Mode 5.8
Limited time offer. Special rewards from boss that will only be obtainable during 5.8 patch. Unique tittle for your character, special legacy rewards, which will come with patch 5.9 What you get:..
SWTOR Centrals interview
So I watched SWTOR Centrals interview video with Eric and Charles. One thing that stuck out in my mind was them talking about locking out people in PvP matches that bail on them. Personally all fine a..
The “Swtor-sum” for succes in game (or failure) Do the math and decide:
Hello, So I started to pick up my SWTOR-account and was happily surprised about the game itself and some changes it went through. Although I can’t say the same about the community. And when I s..
My Character Backstory
Hey everyone. I have just started a Sith Inquistor playthrough and wanted some ideas for the backstory of my character. She is a female Twi'Lek, and I would like her to have a sense of honour (aka n..
A Saturday ruined due to a tank botter [DM]
So we have a tank wintrading with himself using a tank-bot today. I mean really. How low and self-entitled can you possibly get? Way to ruin the queue for everyone - and no I don't want to queue tank ..
Dear BioWare: Breaking Tanks =/= Fixing Skanks
From a summary of the upcoming class changes: Quote: First, “skank tanks” are greatly overperforming in PvP. This is a player who is using a Tank Discipline but equippi..
What a difference a day makes
So gonna start out saying I've only been doing warzones a grand total of 2 days, I'll admit to having very little clue what is actually happening, hell I have a hard time actually tracking buffs and d..
Fee for collections
So normal day, I unlocked a set of armor on my main and a lighsaber, I made a jedi cause i wanted to use it with them but if I want to use it i have to pay a fee, I know how it works and im not here f..
What will I keep when my one month subscription runs out?
Originally I was a F2P player for a few years and never thought to spend any money on a subscription. As I was leveling my characters in F2P I found the game fun but very restrictive like when it came..
The Ruthless Aggressor utility has been changed so that activating Obfuscate temporar
The Ruthless Aggressor utility has been changed so that activating Obfuscate temporarily yields a 75% increase in damage reduction for Force and tech attacks instead of a 75% chance to resist all Forc..
No Defensive Buffs for AP is a JOKE
It really never ceases to amaze me how out of touch the devs can be with this game. PT's ranged counter part, mercs, having better face tank dcds makes absolutely no sense. I keep getting fooled int..
Suggestion: Bring back removed content aka NiM EV & KP
Maybe this idea is kind of memey, but I've talked it over with quite a few of my fellow NiM raiders and each of them has agreed that given the content release cycle for this game, the last thing we ne..
Well, here we are, and time has come
Dear SWTOR PvP community, The time has come to me to take a break. I do not expect anyone to care, however I have to say that after 3 years, time has come to reconsider and take a serious break from..
Skanking you say?
Got a question : why does my PVE-only PT have to be nerfed so you can win in PVP? Why can't you just learn to play your classes and stop asking for nerfs? You, PVP-ers, are ruining this game! You wan..
Question regarding CXP bonus stacking and Daily Activity Bonus
Hey guys, I just want to know if the Daily Activity Bonus which is changing every day is 20% or 25%? Multiple sources online like Dulfy are stating 20% but today (with Heroic Missions being the daily ..
Let players know you are a healer at the start of WZs
It kind of sucks having to find out you have 4 or 5 healers on your team while you are fighting at mid. Anything more than 2 healers in a WZ is overkill. Personally, I just use my AOE heal on the tea..
Rotation (not class) guide anywhere?
Heyas! I have been playing for about 3 weeks (PvE so far) and I have to say I am really enjoying the game. Already got one character to 70 (Trooper, Gunnery) and had a blast with him. I am now workin..
if you want to pvp effectively you need to be rich ? wait what....
looking at dev post for new augment 240 cost 2x mats as the previous 236 meaning with current price of augment in satele shan server cost around 3.5m meaning in order to fully augmented one toons arou..
Which expansions do I buy first, and where can I purchase them?
Hey there! Returning player here! I only have up to Rise of the Hutt Cartel, but I would like to buy the expansions and level past 55. The problem is it's not exactly clear which I need to purchase,..
<The Last Battalion> Selling Izax Veteran Mode in 5.8
The run will include the achievements: <Defeating Izax (16-Person Veteran)> <Strike Team: Defeating Izax (16-Person Veteran)> (limited time achievement) <Super Dodgeclaw> <Par ..
Sent Watchman rotation PVP
Hello friends, a question do you have a rotation guide for the jedi sentinel watchman for PVP? I would appreciate it if you would share it with me. as for the gear how much power and alacrity sugges..
The Ultimate Guide of Guides for New/Returning SWTOR Players in 2018!
Hello dear new and returning players! Welcome, or welcome back to the game! I have compiled as many guides as I could find about the game in to one ultimate resource list for 2018. :wea_03:Table of C..
Escrow Account
Here's the thing, I have 89 million credits in escrow. But after they were transferred to escrow I got a subscription. Now I cannot use the cartel coins because it's prohibited from subscribers.. and ..
There are a lot of glitches especially in huttball! One enemy running with ball in front of u, climbing the ramp (Quesh or the pit) and they disapear , only to appear 20 m away! Also happened in Alder..
Returning player since release.
I've come back after a long long break and I'm torn between two classes. The powertech or the sniper. I know in silled hands both of these classes can faceroll pretty much anything. But my question ..
Meme post from meme player. How to farm solo rating!
Hi guys! You can hate me, you can envy me, but now I want to teach everyone how to get top places on leaderboard! Im going to say all rules and real examples, but all names will be changed. I will sa..
Performance difference between 208s and max gears
I just been focusing on getting my alts to 70, as usual I found myself having the most fun on my healers especially my sorc. I always enjoyed merc/sorc and sage/mando healers best, all the way back s..
Lock saving, should it stay or go?
Lock saving, the art of leaving a group before the final boss of an operation to do it on another toon that has not done any of the other bosses that came before. Why am I bringing this up? Because ..
LFG run Izax
I am on the Satele Shan server, with a 248 toon on imp or pub side I can run with. I'm in a small guild of about 4 members so running ops is difficult for me to do within the guild. Despite that I usu..
New Players Free Stuff
Hello I play on the Starforge server and I am a bit of a packrat. I have so much stuff from the cartel markets that I bought with in-game credits over the past few years and am offering some free stu..
PSA: Last chance to get Nico & Shae
... well, at least till next time ;) Only a few more hours as I type this: Quote: These iconic Companions will join your team, if you have..
Best server for pvp : SS or SF
Hi, I usually play on Darth Malgus server but since 3 weeks there's no BG during the night like there was after the merge. I'd like to play between 21h and 24h (hours of Miami). I'm going to transfer ..
Do you just find people for Iokath OPS
I'm a returning playing with a DPS Jedi guardian and after going as far as i can i have gotten very curious in trying the OPS to at the very least defeat Tyth but happy to learn more of it as i have o..
Best time for granked?
Decided to try to play some granked matches a few nights ago. So we tried to get a team together during prime time. We got stuck at three after trying pretty hard of almost an hour of recruiting. Then..
Credits when changing to Preferred
Hello everyone! So, quick question: I know about the f2p/preferred credit cap. I'm a suscriber right now but I might be leaving my account as Preferred at some point in the future. Thing is, I have ..
Why do people constantly zigzag around you in PvP?
I don't mean moving around a little bit for better targeting, LoS, etc, I mean people who constantly and endless jump, zigzag, double back left and right and try to dance circles around you while they..
Fastest way to tier-4?
So ive returned to this game, be it casual. I haven't played since season 1. Just spent the last 4-5 days doing warzones to 70. So much has changed. have a few questions for anyone who can quickly h..
PvP gear : No thx!
It's perfect like it is right now! Why am i talking about this? Well it was brought up in the SWTOR Central stream that you were thinking about bringing it back. (Musco & Keith) This was my ans..
How Important is Crafting?
I've been playing this game for a while now and I know its kinda sad to ask, but how important is crafting when it comes to PvE and Operations?Here's my Refer a Friend Link if you want to get free stu..
Collecting Armor pieces of a lower level
For cosmetic reasons, I was looking to get a chest piece ( that is a lower level then my current character (currently Lvl 60, but this piece appea..
Gods from the Machines confusion
So I have yet to do any of these fights for the Gods from the Machines operation but the way they made it left me some questions. 1. The fact that they did it one at a time made me wonder if this is..
Unequal groups in PvP
Dear Bioware developers, can you please tell us what the secret of your success is, how you almost always manage to create such unequal groups in PvP? And please don't tell me they sign up in group..
5.9 class changes
So from watching the stream heard some info of course regarding skank tanking and something about sorcs getting some love for dps? I really hope DPS VG/PT can get some love over sorcs considering so..
Dear Eric and Co: Just a couple of minutes ago you visited SWTORCentral in a Twitch Livestream to talk about upcoming changes. Although it was spammed multiple times, you never answered questions ab..
About merc arsenal
I need to know howmuch alacrity is required when full gear GEMINI for best optimisation. What the % or the rating is needed and also I need to know if I have to get 110% accuracy and over 40% crit or ..
{Heroic 4} The Shroud's Last Stand | Macrobinocular Missions
Any chance this mission can be reconfigured for solo play? The missions leading up to this mission take hours without maxed out quality of life improvements on quick travels and speeder speed. No one ..
When pvp was beautiful!!!
This was a while back but just found the screenie on my laptop, me and a buddy being competitive against each other solo q'd on opposite sides, didn't end up with a crapfight etc, we just chatted and ..
GG Star Forge mids - great attitudes and fun games tonight!
After so much sadness over the conquest changes, I needed some spirit lifting today and found it in PVP! I was surprised, no double XP, no problem for Star Forgers during prime time hours - mids wa..
Jugg Tank health question
I play DPS Juggs. So I’m not as familiar with the tank spec, hence my question. Is there a buff, passive, utility or even group buff they can receive that can boost their health from about 1250..
Cartel Marked - Weapon design, are the damage as..
Hey. I bought me a [GEMINI MK-4 Quick Savant Sniper Rifle] on the GTN for 1.3 mil credits, i were not aware that you could not transmogrify weapons, so i am now wondering what are the idea then behin..
HM Tyth Aggro Question
Sometimes Tyth will switch aggro, and the reasons are inexplicable to me. He will switch aggro 10-15 seconds after the Ignore debuff has worn off on everyone, and he will switch even though he has no..
Field Respec... Will it save my layout..
If i buy the Legacy respec, and i switch spec, and then later want to go back, will it then still remember how i had all my skills? I do not want to sit and have to spend 20 mins putting every thing ..
Groups forming for Izax on Satele Shan
I am happily in a guild but i know some groups run occasionally and need extra players and i've been dying to do Izax because I enjoy the op so much. Anyone guilds doing the op that needs an extra dps..
fix the salty players on swtor.
There seems to be a great deal amount of players that queue for flash points and they are just in a super bad mood. They have no patience and are quick to call other people names. I thought of an idea..
A tank that won't guard?
I ran into this tank in ranked yesterday, and he said he wouldn't guard, as he "would take took much damage and die too fast." At first glance it sounded preposterous, but the more I thought about it,..
HP Pool inflation
now the HP pool of our pvp character around 131000 meaning that 6 digits , with new augment and level cap increase sooner or later it will goto 6 digits each damage highest now maybe 40k mean 5 digi..
Does no one tank or heal in lowbie pvp warzones?
I've been trying to figure out what class and role I want to play since coming back to TOR, and I noticed that in every WZ, I'm lucky to have one healer on the team. Wondering if my winrate would go u..
Is Imp healer stacking the norm on SS?
I’ve just come moved back to SS and most matches has 2-3 imp healers and a tank. People criticise reps for doing this on the forums. But I’m seeing the Imps doing it more. What’s th..
Differences between lightsabers
Hello! So, I'm talking about aesthetic differences. I've seen adaptive lightsabers being sold in stores for a few hundred credits, and other lightsabers being sold on the GTN or trade chat, also adap..
PVP aresenal merc rotation and tracer lock stacks
I know that I could post this in the Merc forum, but I might get better responses over here. Strictly speaking pvp. Here's my opener for arsenal merc: Priming shot>blazing bolts>tracer missile&..
Do any other tanks prefer to run cheap Fortitude augs for PvP?
Yeah, they're dirt cheap which is the main reason I'm running them right now, because I don't want to sink a fortune into gear that may be obsolete soon, but also because Advanced Fortitude 45 Augs ha..
All they have to do to rebalance Skank Tanks... change Guard and taunts so that only Tank specs can access it. No Plasmatechs or Tactics Vanguards with Guard, no Vigilance or Focus JK's with Guard. Tie the skill to a Discipline so that ONLY s..
pls dont nerf Izax... pls
As it stands in 5.8; Izax is my favourtie fight in the game - great f*****n job! Unsure whether there is actually a plan to nerf it, but I think it would be a massive shame. I can understand why th..
“This Mood Log Might Cure Your Gamer Rage”
I came across this little article and the title peaked my interest because we’ve all been in matches where someone had raged or had a bad gaming session ourselves and wondered if we should keep ..
Nightmare fury crystal
Is it worth it, I regularly clear hm with a dedicated group as dps, but I don’t have too many hours a week to game. So they don’t bring me on nim often cos if my time constraints (4-6 hrs..
Izax 8m HC Kill-Video and Video-Guide
Hey there, so we just downed the boss and as always released every information on the german forums. Because noone shares information on the english forum I post my guide in english as well. It is a..
Izax VM's POV vid and written guide
Hello guys, this is Axomm Gm of <Aeon> on Satele Shan and today I'm linking you guys the guide to VM Izax and a video of our kill to help other groups be able to complete the encounter and claim..
Prum's Saturday Open (3/31/18 on SS @2:00pm EST)
1v1 Dueling Tourni announcement. Where: Satele Shann When: Saturday March 31, 2018 @2:00pm EST Operative's have their own bracket. Double elimination bracket. 8 spots for each bracket for a to..
stop designing new war-zones and start giving us robust pvp changes
PVP is stale. no one cares that there are new maps coming. you need to rethink your approach to appeasing the pvp community. 1. give us better ways to reward the majority not a niche ranked minority..
set bonus changes
I'm wearing a partial Eternal Commander set. When I change out the armor enhancement, it removes that piece from my set and replaces it with the ultimate exArch piece causing me to lose partial set ..
Are there classes you simply can not play, or some you have grown to love?
I started out as a commando back in the day and switched to jugg later on. These day I mostly play Mara, Dps Jugg (lol) a bit of operative and some sorc healing on the side. But for the life of me I ..
Participation in this Forum section dead
Honesty, I’m not even sure why they bother to keep the pvp and general section seperate anymore. There are maybe 3-4 regular daily posters and 5-10 weekly posters. Remember when you had to r..
What do tanks do before Level 70 in PVP?
I'm assuming that skank tanking doesn't happen until your gear is at least 242 so that bolster isn't assigning you the classic PVE tank stats and ignoring the stats in your gear. Just be a lower end ..
flash point with giant rancor that knocks you out of the fight when it jumps
I have been trying to find this flashpoint i got to do it once and the team never made it passed the giant rancor it relies on a lot of strategy as you have to be close when he jumps or you go knock o..
GSF Tutorial- No window pops up.
I'm trying to do the GSF tutorial, and it just keeps freezing me in place and telling me to close the tutorial window and hit spacebar to continue. Would be nice if a window actually popped up so I c..
New conquest, pvp conquest points on wins only
By having conquest points on pvp wins only, I believe you will see the drop out rate increase. What is the point in finishing if you get nothing. This will be worse if it isn't close. I think there wi..
Izax Story Mode Progression Thread
P R O G B O Y Z 1. <Sea Bear Regime>, Satele Shan, Empire, Rules: Provide a screenshot of achievement Provide Guild/group, server, factio..
Dealing Negative Damage in a Warzone.
Has anyone else seen their damage fly-text showing negative numbers when in pvp? I was attacking a PT on my Shadow and was getting several fly-text markers of between -500 and -3000 white damage bei..
How to fix Tank stats and make them worthwhile in PvP.
Two very simple changes. 1: Make Defense work against Force/Tech, aka Yellowdamage, not just White. 2: Make Shield work against Crits and not get completely bypassed by Autocrits. Do these two si..
if you have to choose " new" reskin warzone , what would that be?
before anyone bashing me with no and ask for new pvp maps, at this point any new reskin is fine by me , like yavin ruins i kinda like this warzone as it is more action paced maps compare to civil war..
Weapon tuning in collections.
This is probably a dumb question, sorry if it is. But where do I find weapon tuning's in collections? Id like to unlock the lighting tuning I bought legacy wide but ''tuning'' and ''lightning'' come u..
Gearing for PvP (Bolster)
Hey, I've returned to the game after about 2 years and got back to PVP. After a while I've started reading about best gear for my class (Lethality operative). I'm now at level 28 and I've updated all..
Scyva Shortcut (Hidden Room/Mini Boss)
For any group that haven't found the Mini Boss that unlocks the shortcut to Scyva, below is a video showing the path. This allows you to take the Tram right up to Scyva's boss room in case of a wipe. ..
Returning Player - cant start game
HI, im a returning player, or trying to return and have not played for a good few years. I have loaded the game but when I try to log in it says server not available. I dont see any options to change..
Star Fortress unlock
Not sure if this is the proper place for this thread, but i saw no other. I have been running story mode Star Fortress for a while. I have completed everything that the various guides say. I have aske..
Helping "Noobish" Players
Out of curiosity what do you do if you encounter a player either on the opposing team or your own, who doesn't seem to have a basic understanding of how to play their class? What got me wondering tha..
Question about endgame credits.
Brand new to the game, but I just noticed the adaptive armor system. There's a certain look I want to level my first toon with, but there's an item on the GLN I'd need to finish the look. (Reaver Head..
How can I transfer armor that I bought in the cartel market? (Screenshot attached)
Hey, I tried to do some research, but I really don't get it. I don't even get if it's possible or not. So let's talk about this one (but I have 2 other armors that I have just purchased from the car..
Can’t train for speeders
I played the ftp version until the lvl 50 cap and never did any speeder training. Now I’m a subscriber and can’t get it anywhere. It’s not showing up in my abilities as already purch..
No option to do Foundry solo
I'm level 70 and want to do Foundry solo mode to get the HK part but the quest NPC outside doesn't offer solo (veteran and master only) and Foundry doesn't appear in my solo activities tab. I'm tried ..
How do I buy in the GTN.
I am returning after several years away from SWTOR and have forgotten lots. But i have read lots of info on selling in the GTN but can find nothing on buying. I have tried entering lots of info a..
need better incentive for open world pvp and more open world pvp in general
Why is it such a rare thing for open world pvp to occur? We dont need anymore warzones or instanced pvp. You should just get rid of ranked most of the time you cant que for it anyways and put the rank..
Lowbie lvl 40 stealth premade trolling for at least 6 weeks
This is a vent of frustration because I know there isn’t anything I can do or probably Bioware would do. They aren’t technically breaking any rules. I just want to share how horrible these..
Swtor needs life support and the devs are worried about skanking
EA you only have 1 forum left wanna take a guess which one it is? Is the goal to have zero forums left? IDK this game is dying cant even merge servers anymore /sigh maybe hire WOW s team idk its s..
Stop pretending Bioware
The same guy has been hacking for about a month in WZs on DM. He grabs the Huttball before the game starts and ccs people in the enemy spawn from below the ground. He caps mid on Civil War/Yavin/Novar..
I forgot.
Returning player. I forgot how to interpret the stats on the left side of the character screen. When you pan over them you get a detailed breakdown of each stat. However without a point of reference i..
What do you when you come up against a better team.
This is the question, not wether your team sucks or not. Let’s assume they don’t and are farely compentent. What do you do when you come up against a better team of higher skilled player..
Reasons why Swtor is going to end
This is a well-known topic but most of us don’t talk about it or just decided to ignore it. Some of us are playing since the beginning, and we know well the difference between the start and toda..
Correct order to do quests for returning players?
Hello everyone, I have had tons going on since I first got this game when it released. I have tried many times to come back for more than a weekend or two and just never had time to. One of my co-work..
Changing Storylines
On the char choice page, it shows i have completed the story for my sentinel. I have Fallen Empire and Eternal Throne story chapters available. If i start one of those, will I pretty much start over..
How should I gear up.
Hey im pretty new to the game ive played here and there every now and then but I just subbed to the game so now im lvl 70 and was wondering how i should go about gearing up and how to do it lol thats ..
Shutting off one time password requirement
Does anyone know how to do this? I'm getting kind of tired of SWTOR not recognizing the same computer I've been using since I started playing and requiring a one time password that takes awhile to arr..
Forget 4 healer premades, look out stealth premades
Latest tactics I’m seeing is if you can’t win with 3-4 healers, then why not run double stealth premades in the queue. LoL. Try playing objective pvp when you can’t see them all ma..
Are there any PVP centric guilds on Star Forge?
I came back after a long break, found they merged my old server the Ebon Hawk into Star Forge. I decided to create new lowbie characters just to start from the ground up again to get used to class ..
Lost Security key and password on another there anything i can do?
I made a 2nd account last time I was preferred to act as bank alts, which are now of course redundant thanks to the legacy bank. Trouble is I cant remember the password and dont have the security key,..
Receiving unfair punishments.
Hello, No offense, but being punished for warning someone i reported him for "calling out" is UNFAIR. Do you hate me for being a WOMAN? For being an Eastern European? I see the "infractions" and " ..
Mandalorian Raiders - First boss fight is impossible
Did you guys do something weird with the latest patch? Each boss has 800000 health, hits like a mack truck, and can't seem to activate the kolto stations. Never had a problem with that battle ever b..
5.0 destroyed Swtor
I'm sorry but PVP is terrible now. The class imbalance is disgusting. I've been playing since launch and all I can say is you killed it... whoever decided merc/mando needed two shields with such l..
Customer service and achievements :(
Dear mr. bioware, what is wrong with the customer service? a few days ago i submitted a ticket concerning the mind your step achievement in trial and error master mode. even that i am german i wro..
Izax Veteran Progression Rankings
I am creating this thread to track clearance of the Izax encounter in veteran mode. Seeing at the 5.8 'master tuning' iteration of Izax is likely the most challenging content we have received and will..
Friendly Reminder on Legacy Names...
Not sure how far Back on pages or if there is even anything in the New Player section about Legacy Names, but sharing a little experience from a player that's been on since the start and before the st..
Fixes to Backfilling: Thank you but now teach a lesson.
First off I'd like to stress thank you! Thank you for addressing a pertinent issue as it developed relatively quickly. However the fixes to backfilling where not the type of reaction needed. Backfil..
Sprint Button toggles off
Hey, I have the following problem. The Sprint Button randomly toggles off during fights (it looks random to me anyway), so that I have to manually toggle it back on. It happens regularly and on diffe..
Yet another "help me pick what to play thread"
Lol, very sorry to make one of these, people are probably sick of seeing them. I am a returning player who last played during the beginning of hutt cartel expac. As far as I'm aware, several new abil..
Huttball - What hack was this?
Playing classic huttball and an assassin on the other team grabs the ball, runs towards our goal and drops into the pit. He then runs right across the pit and boom, he's back up on top and coasts in..
A question of speed...
I have unlocked speeder pilot V, and yet, whether I'm on my tauntaun, harvester, or snowcat, others around me seem to zoom by, as if I were in slow motion. I'm not on walk, and I have sprinting enable..
Species unlock
I guess I'm not understanding. When you are F2P there are only a few species that are playable. I became a subscriber, I thought more species would unlock but nope. I have read questions on here sayin..
"...and Cloak of Pain can be used while stunned."
Are there any exceptions to this utility? It used to work as described, but yesterday I had several occurrences of not being able to use it while being stunned. It happened in several different matche..
Question about the Share The Love promo
I'm just wondering, if i bought a sub and then right after buying it I did the SWTORSHARETHELOVE promo, would i still get the extra free month or whatever? Or does it only work if I do the code first ..
Thank you for the exercise! I normally quit matches like these, but i figured I might as well use this as a survival exercise for ranked :D (Just for clarification, I am madness on this toon, no..
Queues Need To Be Cross Faction Exclusively
The WZ's are ridiculously one sided and in order to not punish those of us who want to play a certain flavor, you need to stop assuming all IMPs and PUBs should only Queue with each other. It's toxic ..
Stealthers spawn camping
I've experienced this a couple times recently where when I'm leaving spawn in a warzone I immediately get stunned and killed by a group of 3-4 stealthers in a matter of seconds. I respawn and the sa..
Minimum gear for OPs these days ?
Hello, according to the saying that "in the land of blind ones, the one-eyed one is king" I've been elected by my guild (a rather small one) to look after Operations. I did a lot of OPs until Oricon..
Species Unlock Questions
So I recently subbed for 60 days to become a preffered player and some species were unlocked, So Will they be unlocked permanently or will they be locked again when the sub ends? And if it will be loc..
Co-op dialogue
Hey all I have a question for y'all. My friend and I just started 2 Jedi's. Both Jedi Knights, bu I am a Jedi Guardian and my friend a Jedi Sentinal. We used to have 2 Sith inquisitors where I was t..
Did your romance companions react to you an Lana/Theron in SoR?
Im just getting to the part where you reunite with your romance option in KOTTE (Torian for the BH) and you can choose to end or continue the romance but I cant remember if they react to you hooking u..
Nothing starwars about this game
The only resemblance to Star Wars in this game are the Robes & Light-sabers (That don't work properly)....Parrying blaster bolts is 1 of the first things Jedi learn and was in the Original Versio..
SHARE YOUR LOVE rewards are still not recieved
It said rewards would be given on march 1-2 and now its the 3rd and still nothing, getting worried, I hadn't played for 3 years and that promotion made me want to give it another shot, which I am glad..
Launcher error message?
Game was fine yesterday, today I get a 'This application has encountered an error. Please try this patch again' Can anyone let me know what this means and if there is a fix? EDIT: NVM it sorted itse..
Returning after a long time.
Hi. I just downloaded swtor and paid 15 bucks so I can post here. I stopped playing when they closed the gav daragon server. Can I get my old toons back? I spent alot of time levelling them and mon..
Assault on Tython unplayable due Cutscene Freezing
So I'v been trying to get threw Assault on Tython for the past three hours now, but whenever I get to the end cutscene of Lana in the Jedi Council Holocom, the game freezes. How do I get past this? :..
Archived achievements
Hello everyone! I would like to ask why there's no way to get the archived achievements!? I will never be able to have 100% in operations and this make me mad!!! Is it possible to re-have it? Even jus..
What is this symbol?
The semi-circle semi triangle with a '+' in the middle underneath my character name. I see this symbol (in both red and green) rarely, only in pvp matches, and then only on the server formerly known ..
PVP balance out of control
First of all please sorry for my bad english. We all love SWTOR and the game have many good aspects specially in PVE. But when it come to PVP the things are dramatically. A game have the potenti..
Scyva VM guide
Hey guys, Having been for a long time consumer of operation bosses guides, I have decided to finally contribute a bit since I have seen no complete VM Scyva guides. I did my best to give as much info..
Finding mentors for PvP/Multiplayer Flashpoints
I'm a mostly PvE solo player, and relatively new to the game (I mean, I completed a few class stories, got a few levels 70, but haven't done much else). I'd like to get practice in PvP and the more mu..
New player here is their no dungeons in this game unless your level 70? I hit level 17 and registered for a flash point. I believe they're the dungeons in this game and the only option was Veteran I'm..
Karagga's Palace HM Hat Drop
So our guild is doing KP HM for the hats and we had 2 drop on the rancor and the droid. We've been told many times that the final boss is a garunteed hat drop, but when we killed him, we got no hat. I..
Need help Deciding Who to Play
So I am planning on starting a new run and I need to decide between a Mercenary and Power Tech. I really don't know anything about either so any help would be appreciated. I am more of a fan of DPS ..
Will help any new player just starting out
If anyone needs help or is just starting out, I am on all the time currently I am on the Star Forge server characters name is Devious Wreck. I just formed a guild as well to which I would like to make..
Sniper/GS pvp rotations - all specs
I’ve decided to pvp a bit with sniper. Regs for now and hopefully ranked eventually. I’ve played MM the most but am also familiar with both Eng and Vir. 1) What is your preferred spec a..
Remove materials from PVP altogether what a terrible idea.
I understand implementing such a idea might sound good because it entices players to play PvP but it doesn’t it actually just turned PvP into RP farming. Maybe just make the mats buyable with c..
"A new warzone"
Quote: Originally Posted by KeithKanneg (Post 9540049) Beyond April – Discussion Topic! As we look back to 2017 and now beyond the conclusion of the traitor st..
What are must utilities for sorc healers? [ranked]
For reference: Right now I am using: Empty Body, Sith Defiance Suppression, Dark Resilience Emersion, Shapeless Spirit and Surging Speed Forc..
[Heroic 4] All the Pieces glitched out please help :(
**EDIT: NVM I FIXED THIS PLZ DELETE THIS THREAD** Hi, I was playing "[Heroic 4] All the Pieces" when it glitched out when I was up against the blue laser shooting thing because my internet stopped ..
Shadow Of Revan - Final Fight Reset (SPOILERS)
So let me just start off by saying that I like to record my game. You know, the more cinematic cutscenes, roleplay a character etc. But I just got to the end where (SPOILERS) You finally fight Revan..
How to get Legacy Unlock for Bounty Tracker Legacy Armour
I just finished my second Bounty Contract Week. I got enough contracts for the Bounty Tracker Legacy Armour and purchased the full set. This is my first Legacy Armour set, I have plenty of CC Armour..
MeatShield is looking for more pvp players. Imp side Star Forge
MeatShield is currently seeking adults ages 18 an up that are interested in pvp. We're a casual guild so we don't mind your gear/skill/level. All adults are welcome. Loners or people who want to gr..
A few questions from the old player.
Hello friends! I started playing from the start and played for several months (about 6) and then finished for different reasons. Now I decided to try to return and I had a number of questions: 1) J..
Returning player, companions lost MOST clothing. Where can I find some?
I read about the 4.0 changes. But most of my characters did NOT receive the email with their clothing. I have one character with ZERO clothing for all of the companions. I have tried many vendors, the..
Gods from Machine Ops,place somewhere in it portal Like in Temple of Sacrifice Ops.
Hello. Convienience suggestion For Gods From Machine Operation. Simple suggestion in operation temple of sacrifice i found usefull that portal that let us jump near progress we already crossed,so Fo..
JeeZee's Asana Diss Track - "Gold On My Chain (Asana is S***)" Featuring pictures of the caramel hacking legend, JeeZee himself! As the wise man JeeZee once said, "1st u need clean ur a** with caramel shampo..
Maras are not op and here is why...
I've been here since the alpha-beta stage of the game so you should definitely listen to me (or else). Firstly muraders are the only class in the game w/o self-healing so there's that. Secondly, the..
Crit/Critical Cap/Diminishing Returns
Hey Y`all, nobody seems to know the answer for this or they avoid giving a definitive answer, but just wondering, in the current patch 5.6 is there an amount of critical rating/percentage (for decept..
Phalanx Squad v2.0 Operations guides
Hello all, Back in 4.0, Bahadori (Hayete) began a project to write comprehensive guides for HM/NiM operations geared towards helping people attempting to clear content for the first time. You can see..
Hostility towards new players
Hello, Sorry but i don't understand why are newbies so hated and told to shut up in every single topic they open. No, you cannot ask about companion gifts or stronghold bugs. No, you cannot talk abo..
Why do you waste your time posting suggestions and critique here?
I understand the need to ask questions about current mechanics, but why the constant stream of suggestions for things that needs to be fixed? When has it ever led to any type of rational discussion or..
Alderaan Achievements for Organa/Rist/Killiks/Flutterplumes
This is where you find High/Strong ORGANA mobs - NW of Castle Panteer in Glarus Valley. (The achievement Devastating House Organa) As Empire go to Panteer Hideout furthest E..
Hacker Free to do as they please ?
I have reported a person using hacks during gameplay and it cleary not been taken seriously, i have screen shots etc.. and yet today im pvping and i im the wait zone before the match and there's a Rep..
WPVP upcoming events on StarForge server!
World PVP SF discord server setting up for events starting in April. There will be a vote for which planets and date/time. Feel free to join the slaughter! Let us know which faction you'll fight for i..
Mercs and Maras in ranked.
Let's talk mercs and maras in a general sense in ranked. As a brief introduction I do not want this to become a "nerf merc" or "nerf mara" or a QQ fest about how they are OP, but instead understanding..
RD-13B (pub)
So ive been looking any kind of drop that has the same model as this helmet, ive looked on the gtn for all the other same models but can't find any one, anybody know if they exist anymore? https://tor..
March 3rd Open World PvP on Iokath (star forge)
Once again MeatShield and Hellbent are co hosting open world PvP. The event will take place on Saturday March 3rd. We will start forming groups around 530 pm est. And the fighting will commence at 6pm..
Let's talk about Marauders in PVP
So, let's talk. Marauders get some pretty nice utilities, things like Subjugation, Undying, Blood Ward, and Ruthless Aggressor. Coupled with the very high damage and good DCDs that the Marauder inhere..
Thread about GV/PT DCDs
We need to have a serious talk about DCDs for VG and PT. While this class is a "tank" class... it has the weakest DCDs of any class as a DPS. Its "sister spec" a ranged class Mando/Merc, has arguably..
Penalize People that Insta-Leave when One Bad Thing Happens
- Get in match - Enemy gets two out of three nodes - 1 to 3 people on your team instantly leave - All new people that join insta-leave seeing it's an abandoned match - Rinse and Repeat until you f..
Any PvP guilds on Darth Malgus Republic?
Hi all, I am looking for a PvP guild to join and play some mainly premades,, as I am fed up with the random pvp queue. My main is jedi shadow with 240-242 equip and growing. PM if your guild is ..
Character Transfer Locked?
Trying to transfer my only character on a server to Satele Shan... says my status is locked. I checked all the requirements and Im literally all okay to transfer my character. No guild, I have one fre..
The Foundry flashpoint republic side
I don't see it in group finder, so assume I have to do something to unlock it. I've found a few guides on the internet, but non goes in detail of how to unlock this mission and where to pick up the pr..
Companions and contacts problem
So I recently starterd playing KOTFE and since chapter 9 i can't fast travel to dr oggurobb or any other allience leader. It doesn't show them as it used to in the Companions and contacts tab. Oh!An..
Advice to new "Buff-jerking" players
Hello. The game itself is already rich for its great content, and I can't stand players who just want to buff up immediately. What are you people doing? You're only lucky that in the game, you get to ..
New player- best and fastest way to level
Hey all Im a returning player from launch. What is the fastest way to level a new toon? I've heard of xp boosts and double XP days. Currently I'm sitting around 14 after 3 hours played. I feel like ..
Dev's can we plz make Rapid Scan an Instant Cast..
the ability can easily be interrupted, and 1.3 sec is not fast enough to cast while in combat, plz make it an instant cast.. ..
Skank tanks aren’t the problem you’re looking for…
So with all the uproar and wringing of hands about skank tanks, I finally felt the need to put in my $0.02. I first started PvP’ing with the Dark vs. Light event (since it was a requirement to ..
My wife is playing with me, and I would like some advice
We are taking some characters through their stories for her, and she is enjoying it. We played WoW and Camelot together for years, so she is not a total noob to MMOs. After we get some toons up, I wo..
Anyone down for Star Forge HM/NiM Progression?
Hey all, So my guild's progression group just disbanded due to inconsistent attendance. I was wondering if there were other peeps on Star Forge who are interested in forming a HM/NiM progression grou..
Deleting duplicate stronghold
I want to delete one of my post-merge duplicate strongholds. I just am tired of always having to tab to second page to go to the one I use the most (Nar Shaddaa). And don't plan to decorate so many ..
New to healing. Need help with understanding the flashpoints system.
So I have never healed in any game ever. I wanted to it in this game with an operative. Is there a good place to practice healing? Solo flashpoints felt too easy. But I just tried the veteran flashpoi..
Keith : Reps switching to Imps because of slow pops.
This is from a Star Forge perspective: When we had the server mergers the pvp pops were faster again on rep side, so people went back to playing what ever side they wanted to play. But once again r..
what will bioware do to nerf skanktank?
as we all know that bioware is on the way to nerf skanktank ( tank is dps armoring and other mods and enhancement dps) how will they do it exactly ? is the nerf on damage or other because some abili..
Kotfe - Chapter IX - Alliance Specialists important?
Hello, I am playing KotfE for the first time. I reached chapter IX and now I am at the Alliance Base on Odessen. There are 4 specialists and I can turn in my locked crates and get Reputation in retu..
Help for better performance in PVP
Hello boys, One query I have a sentinel with gear 248 and augmentes 236, critical: 42%, alacrity 15.5%, accuracy 100% and the rest in power, I like to play PVP, it's more, it's what I do the most, s..
Galactic Command new player guide
So, I've been running into a few level 70 players who are new to galactic command, just the other day, a player was complaining about lack of actual gear drops.Because of this, I have decided to creat..
New overhead decoration
I've just managed to repair my PC after the system drive died and while I was staring at "Missing Operating System" there seems to have been an update. Unfortunately although my backups preserved the..
Perma Ban Phòbòs Please
Just saying.. over the last 2 weekends at least 14 of the 20 games i have played have had Phòbòs or phobosop or any one of his alts trolling and queing ranked to throw/leave.. i have won..
Crafting advice for returning player
Old beta/founder player returning after many years. As I recall I only played about two or three months after launch. We knew in beta the game was horrible -- all the $ spent on voice acting and no ga..
Is it time for class balance to be pve/pvp specific?
Would it make balancing easier to manage if pve and pvp had a different class balance for each mode? This would probably be an expansion on its own to be honest, but it would create less complex bal..
What do you want from a tank in ranked pvp?
Ok, I am writing this because of a not so nice person complaining about tanks in solo ranked. He felt the need to tell me that tank gear isn't viable in ranked. I could use my 248 tank gear for my s..
Can't enter security questions
I'm trying to set up a security key so I can buy from the Security Key Vendors in the game, but before I can do that I guess I have to set up security answers and questions for my account first. For s..
SWTORSHARETHELOVE issue (Code already used)
I Used the code before subbing, because I thought I was supposed to use it before subbing. Now that I subbed Im pretty sure it didnt work and I tried to re-enter the code and it says that its already ..
Two patients in pvp. And you can not do anything?
I think this is known to most players on Satel Shan server. In pvp come two. One (Phobos) simply stands and takes damage, or hides, and the second runs around in circles and spam - Phobos is god, phob..
Working as Intended? Civil War, Invisible Capper Bug
This marauder appears to be capping without the usual, visible white beam over their head. I've been gone for 2-3 months; is this a known bug? I used my intro and outro bc i worked hard on it. Sorry ..
Sarcastic droid
Hello, During a flashpoint we had to destroy a droid, it kept calling us something like "meat sack" . What's it's story, anyway? And what is a "psycholocutor specialty" ? During the same mission th..
Trying to use old Jugg set bonus for PvP, armorings are 168/180, what bolsters best?
The old jugg set bonus is really good (+10% damage 5 seconds after every leap, +8% heal every intercede), what bolsters best with that, matching the mod/enh (so 168/180), going as good as you can get ..
PvP Quality of Life Updates if We're Being Honest...
Hey all, With the Devs throwing around possible quality of life updates for PvP, I've compiled a list of suggested updates that would accurately reflect the current state of the game. Check them out ..
Skanking MM Hammer Station
So lately, on Star Forge, there's been something of an epidemic in the MM group finder with skanks queuing for Hammer Station only. Now, this isn't actually a problem in the FP. Enemy damage output i..
Make Every Match Give a Positive Rating Increase No Matter What *DETAILS INSIDE*
Since people can just queue and get mats now in solo ranked. It doesn't seem right to punish 3 other people because this one person just wants his mats. So instead of -13 for a loss, make it a +1 or ..
Hacking - video proof
Take a look at this: Clearly a hack.
Enjoy skanking... while you can
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco (Post 9540231) Yup! 5.9 actually has some Utility changes for various classes and some changes planned to address "skank tanks" ..
Some quick tips on assassin tanking?
Could anyone point me to an reasonably updated guide, or perhaps scribble down a few tidbits on basic sin tanking? Some questions:1) Do sins go for shield and absorb stats, or health like juggernauts?..
With season 9 possibly ending at the end of summer...
Do you think Bioware will increase the requirements to attain tier 1 status to 1800 or even possibly 1850 just like they did from season 7 to 8? I personally don't want to see this. What do you guys t..
I finished Karagga's Palace awhile ago and was wondering; if it's ok to skip everything up to the Revan exp? I'm really wanting to do the Shadow of Revan exp but I obviously still have alot of content..
EU: 1v1 Tournament 3rd March - URC 13!
1v1 Tournament 3rd March- Darth Malgus (EU) 7pm GMT It's time for the URC to return! Depending on the number of signups we have the tournament could go a few ways in terms of format. I'm guessing ..
Keeping Launcher Open
Is there a way to make the launcher stay open instead of closing itself every time I start the game? It's annoying having to relaunch the launcher, log in, then wait for it to check that it's up to da..
holo bug
i tried everything to fic\x it and apparently the support team is the only to pass the imp agent darth mission and this bug needs to be fixed permanently because i deleted and created three guys so fa..
By request from players.. plz dev's Nerf Mara's dps by 40%
Been talking to a lot of player and we can all agree that Mara's dps is broken.. leave the survivability but plz nerf the dps or fix it plz.. tone it down. This will leave the Mara with 60% which is m..
This is why you don't call left and right. seriously, just remember right of minimap is east, left of minimap is west. and east and west do not change according to the side of wz/defending or attacking. left and right d..
Do people even play Operations?
Hello, It has been a long time since I have played the game, I have returned to experience the new storyline, and was quite disappointed in rewards for finishing them. After finishing the storylin..
Spending unassembled components on gear - strategies
Since the gear at Tier 1 is only 230 rated and most or all of my pieces on my toons are already 230 rated, is it better to focus on upgrading one piece of gear at a time? For example, get the Tier 1 ..
Please put restriction gear on master mode flashpoints
Please limit gear level like you did on umbrara on the rest. Can tell you how many times I've landed on Blooh Hunt MM with a rating 120 without augments. Some master mode needs 236, 242... Otherwise ..
Returning end game tier-2 items for components?
Hello guys, I have an extra tier-2 unassambled weapon in my inventory, is there a way to return/sell it and get unassambled components for that? I checked the little droid vendor at supplies section ..
Fix matchmaking
Let me start by saying that I'm a founder. I've been with the game on and off since it launched. I mainly pvp and have countless hours played in regs. Bioware - you REALLY need to address the absol..
Veteran mode for Forged Alliances
Hey there, I didn't really know where to put this, so I put it in the Flashpoint section, but I'm having a bit of a problem. I just finished Makeb on my latest smuggler and wanted to jump into the Fo..
Bolster needs to be fixed
fix bolster in pvp. people in 220 gear shouldn't be out dpsing people with full bis 248 gear. people are starting to exploit it,especially in ranked . just had a friend come back in 220 gear. we are b..
Tip for Jedi Knight solo PvE
A friend clued me into this a long time ago, and I thought it might be helpful for newer JK Guardian (and Warrior Jugg) players: Heroic Utility "Preparation" (Seething Hatred for Juggs) "When you ex..
Vanguard PVP Skank Tank - Finally seen the light
Lvled a tactics vanguard to 70 mostly via PVP. Switched to tank spec but kept my dps gear and mods and omg it was the best. Most of the squishiness is gone. IMO the tank spec makes your 10m attacks mu..
Question about Character Transfer and Legacy
If i transfer a Char to another Server on wich i already have Characters with a lower lvl Legacy, will my transferred Char keep the higher lvl Legacy Name and Unlocks or will he be added to the low lv..
Quick Unusual Question for Devs
Hey! So, of course, everyone wants to know the obvious ones i.e. Will this season ever end and What are the tiers. But I'm simply wondering why do M1 4X and Pierce not gain experience from ranked warz..
Chiss traitor
Could you please remove chiss traitor from group finder, please? That is the most hated fp ever created. No one likes it. Not because it is hard, it is just annnoying with its fights, boring boss batt..
Grand Chance Cubes
I got one of these in a command crate, yay! Now, to open or sell is my question. Thoughts? I tried searching to see if they have updated the contents, but didn't come up with anything. So, can any..
I hope it is not what iam thinking
Today my friend helped me to notice that there are icons in arena panel for both tr and sr , and he said that the colors of these icons change with our rating. For example if your solo ranked rating i..
Getting kicked from after....
I qued up for EV GF and got a instant pop for match in progress. Before I could even enter I was removed. This has happened to me 3x today, so I said to hell with it and pm'd the person that kicked me..
Consequences of punishing quinn
(possible spoilers ahead) Hi, i know if i force vette to kill that guy who caused death of her mother, she won't talk to me anymore, does quinn has same thing if i choose to force choke and throw him..
Which character should romance Lana beniko?
Hi, i am currently creating characters of each class for my legacy family, i want to romance Lana in one of them (i don't wanna overlap), so i am wondering which one is best for it... I am not asking..
Activities Window bonus question
Quick questions on the activities window: Every day there is a bonus activity (examples: “Planetary Missions” or “Starfighter”) that gives more CXP. 1) Are these random (I&rs..
PvP Tanking for Dummies (5.7)
PvP Tanking for Dummies Hey guys, Hottie here @SS. I decided to pick up tanking recently and am lucky enough to know some accomplished solo and team ranked tanks who I could turn to for advice. I rea..
Tactics for 2nd boss of Copero HM
Hello everyone, We were having a bit of difficulty and not being sure what's the proper way of dealing with the situation myself, I hope someone here will be able to enlighten me. Problem is the sub..
where to sell things?
Hi, i am level 70 and currently farming heroics to make money, while doing them i get many purple, green gear. I don't know what to do with them.. Is there any specific vendor i can sell them to? i kn..
Aos Brasileiros, Br's e Portugueses.
E aee galera que já joga, e que está começando a jogar, meu nick no jogo é Munm e sou do império no server Star Forge, estamos recrutando a galera para jogarmos todo..
Heroic Reset Question?
Hi there, I'm not exactly new but it's been awhile since I last played. I was going to farm some heroics for cash using my characters, but it seems once you do a daily heroic its locked out for all ..
help me pick a class
here the thing i lost my hand yrs ago so buttons are a little of a problem 8 on the mouse and a few on a game pad now i love force user but i will play anything im into pvp so if you guys help me find..
The Old Monkey
Hello I don't know if you if you new monkeys will get this that play swtor but what i have said from the start of the game when I first saw it is coming true. Since I like to be funny at all times. I..
Which healer? :D
Hellloooo! I am returning to the game after about 657 years and i was going to get a few suggestions as who is in the best spot as far as healing right now. I really like to play a sorc but the operat..
Is HS bugged or something?
HI. Last evening i did Hammer Station EIGHT times in a row, even if i have all flashpoints checked. Why is this happening? Why every time i que i get the same fp over and over? Am i doing something wr..
Open pvp
*I am from the german forums, so please excuse my sloppy english. :cool: Hi folks. Back in the days i always enjoyed beeing flagged for PVP in the Open World. But the DEVS in all thier wisdom disabl..
WTB Wings of the Architect and Crest of the Dread Master
LF guilds on Darth Malgus and Star Forge servers(prefer Rep and Imp side). Wanna buy Wings of the Architect and Crest of the Dread Master. Its not a single purchase. If someone selling NIM runs for it..
Accidentally Deleted my Char, can BioWare/EA Help?
So recently I was selling & shifting things to my legacy storage bank to send from one character to another and I accidentally deleted a character of mine. I had clicked Delete instead of play, an..
brought subscription but in game is still unactivated and says free to play
purchased my subscription 4 days ago. website says im activated. but in game still say free to play. rebooted my client and computer multiple times. contacted EA because SWTOR support says this "..
Why I'm done - bye all and good luck!
Having played SWTOR since launch mainly to enjoy PvP it's time to leave. Played so long I can remember at the beginning everyone laughed when you brought a merc to pvp!:) I've played regularly on mo..
Conquest and Group Ranked
A good idea for boosting the Granked population could be making it , provide a significant amount of conquest points . This would make a lot more people try Granked and would keep them participating..
New Players: Get Rocket Boost!!
Okay, I've written this umpteen times in response to other posts, so why not make it a thread that at least I can point to in the future. Here goes: IMO, and many others, Rocket Boost is the single ..
What does changing the color of your focus slot do?
Hello Ladies and Gents, I was just wondering if I put a Black-Purple crystal on my "Eternal Commander MK-4 Quick Savant Focus", would I see a change in anything while in combat. Thanks in advance. Ha..
Melee is easier than ranged dps. 3maras+tank=3 shooters+tank? lol
I apologize in advance for the quality of the translation, I use Google translator. I think that in the game there are huge problems with the very concept of combat, the player versus the player. I o..
Returning player looking for guild
Hello I'm looking for a very active guild that is involved in conquest. Returning player blowing the dust off my 2011 preordered collectors edition, thanks! (I have Sith and Jedi toons) I'm on the sh..
A counter to sniper?
I primarily roll with a dps jugg in ranked (:rolleyes: yes I know), and snipers are the bane of my existence. What class is currently the best counter for a decent sniper? Another sniper? Sin? Mara? ..
A strange thing happend on the way to mat farming...
I started to look at the leaderboards. Dang it! Now I get mad at match throwers. :D I have to say though, group ranked was much more fun than solo. Even when we apparently won a bit too much and .. many problems...
Hey there people, So I was wondering if you guys had the same issue as I am having right now... I got everything set up for me to play: logged in, waited for the game to update, all that jazz. Now I..
Is there a way to see all a list of all companions and how to get them
I ask this because i found out today that the star fortress quest grants a companion after you get done with it on veteran and that is an option quest really you can find it on Odessa but its not some..
Legit cheats caught on the Harbinger
So I decided to level a bit in midbies on the Harbinger (Satele Shan for the newbies), where, lo and behold, didn't take more than a few games to run into those dreaded hackers. I may not only have wi..
Orange Light Saber
I'm new here, only played a week now. Im level 42 and after searching the forums, i'm still confused as to how to get an upgradable orange lightsaber. I have one, a Master LS, that is upgradable, bu..
Companion Threat Generation?
I've been away from the game for a couple years, and just returned. I used to play tanks a lot, but as there have been changes, I decided to go the easier route of DPS with a healer companion. Howeve..
Things you can do with a 3-player group plus companion
Say you have a group of 3 decently geared (240ish) players plus a 50 inf. companion - which content can you do that isn’t normally advertised as being for only 3 players? I assume all flashpoin..
Remove Blood Hunt from Rotation
Just what the title says, this is a plea to remove Blood Hunt from the pool of random instances. I don't know about you guys but just about anytime it randomly comes up as a daily mission everyone im..
Friendly advice to Maras
By request Quote: Originally Posted by krosswong (Post 9530785) Someone start a "Friendly advice to maras, pop predation at the start of pvp matches" thread. ..
Simple Solutions
The most prevalent complaints/concerns regarding swtor pvp over the years seem to be among the following: premades vs pugs, ranked participation, win traders, trolls throwing matches, hackers, faction..
Kotfe Companions alert quest!
Hello! So im playing Swtor pretty much only for the story mode. And now i am on Kotfe story and i just talked with Theron and now i have a flashing light and a lot of alerts from all kinds of companio..
Seek players for bonus bosses in mmFPs
many players avoiding some bonus bosses like a plague so im asking here to find ppl for the specific bonus bosses that i need to finish Rishi, Umbara, Chiss FPs in master mode Im DPS in Malgus serv..
Do games not end if BOTH teams are short handed?
Just a random observation/question. We had a full game of huttball the other day, in lowbies. Started out 3v3 and at the end was still only 4v4. It went the full time. No one scored, because every..
Cantina Concerns
So iv'e made my way around the various cantina's in the game... you could say i'm a cantina connoisseur of sorts. Iv'e noticed a few things. A lot of the items in the various cantinas, don't seem to b..
Class story or planetory arc first on each planet?
Hi, i have a habit of completing both story arc and class quest on each planet before moving to new one, my question is when i arrive in a planet which should i finish first? class quest or arc? which..
Please fix cleanse, it’s broken
Either make it like a 4 Second cooldown again or make it prioritize cleansing mez and stun effects over stupid accuracy debuffs. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to cleanse my ta..
A Suggestion
I have played SWtor since it relased on and off and brought all xpacs before before free to play so when I make a new character I have to spend a while getting all the items form the mail box . I beli..
Get rid of mats in ranked
This is causing ranked to no longer feel like ranked, but more like reg arena matches where 1 team is actually playing to win and the other is throwing. Queuing for solo isn't even fun anymore because..
Add Toborro, rebalanced-Monolith (and Xeno/Eyeless when available) to Finder
Few ever do these anymore without finder option and associated finder rewards. These bosses are wasting yet combined, they basically make up for another operation... Wasting content at your own reques..
Haven't played since 2011/2012. Returning
Hey all returning after some long years, starting f2p but may sub again after this week if I can get hooked back into it. I left and went back to WoW and ffxiv launch but after going on a SW binge and..
Depths of Manaan - Certified Organic achievement solo.
I just completed the Certified Organic achievement, which awards the All Natural legacy title and as I did the last few barrels, I made a recording of how I did this. I hope this helps anyone looking ..
KEITH Please respond.... RIN
Why does GF MM or any mode show tank Role in Need with all flashpoints checked (23/23) and yet when I join as tank or any other role it still says role in need: tank? What is going on there? If the ro..
Can I go back and do the planets quests AFTER I complete my class storyline?
I have a silly question. I just finished the prologue on my smuggler on Coruscant. I now have my ship. and am being directed to head to two other planets. I avoided doing the planet missions with th..
Rampant cheating in huttball
I'm seeing people suddenly flick from one position to another. Like just now: a player just suddenly moved from the corner of the top ramp to the middle of the middle bottom ramp. No way is that a gli..
My adavanced voilet war hero’s lightsabre crystal is gone.
I’m not happy about this as I opened the grand lightsabre crystal chest(from the cartel market, which is 150cc) and I got the advanced violet war hero’s lightsabre crystal and as soon as I..
<Toxic> Dueling Tournament
<Toxic> Will be hosting a dueling tournament Next Saturday on the Satele Shan server. It will be Class vs Class. 150 k entry fee. Top 8 Will be getting 1 mil and free entry to our next one! Bett..
Old Player returning to the game after 6+ years of relative absence.
Hello, I am Auron Starglider, and I've been a member of the community since before the game launched. However, due to real life circumstances (and a lack of interest), I had stopped playing the game. ..
Referals that don't work?
I gave someone my referral link. They were a new subscriber and got the crate of freebies and 7 days, but on my end it says I've made no referrals, and more importantly, I get no CCs from the transact..
Any pro stealth players care to write a guide to Ninja
I’m terrible at writing guides and I’m certainly no pro stealth player. I was wondering if we might have anyone here who could write a guide on the art of being an objective ninja. You don..
Searching for a guild
I hit 70 a week ago and want to run ops, I think it would be easier to get into groups if I join a guild. I can't seem to find a guild recruitment thread or forum here, can someone please tell me whe..
How to get MK2 heroic gear?!
Hello! new player here! So im lvl 70 and i am about to finish the shadows of reaven so i have progressed pretty far in the game. But now i would really like to get the old Heroic gear set from Hoth ..
Is there an option to block all incoming chat?
I'm a solo player, and that's not just here. I don't play video games in order to socialize. I purposely stay away from all group play so that my aberrant solo ways don't infringe upon multi-playe..
Best server for PVP?
I came back because of the server merges after leaving roughly 5 years ago. I've subbed for 2 months and I'm on star forge right now which isn't bad, but I based off being back 3 weeks I sense its sta..
Starparse Help?
Hi, Born again new player and new to parsing. I'm using Starparse and it's functioning as expected but the in-game overlay disappeared when I clicked the X button. Of course, this is expected but n..
About time we get a skipping group finder?
I hate asking to skip and find people who don’t skip lurking and it’s not because I don’t want to see the scene the 8th million it’s because of you want to see the scene and pe..
Exploit being used in the Tatooine canyon, or just plain hacking?
Can these guys get banned or something, if there's a bug in the map on Tatooine Canyon, people are abusing it in ranked matches. They sit up on th..
Fastest way to get darkside points?
I i just started playing swtor for tghe first time ive played it a little unde a month now and i created a twilek sorcerer yester day. I want it to have white skin and i was just wondering what the f..
Congratulation on creating most frustrating PvP experience I have ever seen
Just so on what I am basing this statement: Brawlhalla - World top 200 , BLC - ex G29, World of Warcraft - Gladiator and Hero of The Horde (top 0.5%), Battlerite - Champion league (top EU 200), Battle..
Suggestion: Publish W:L stats for premades in unranked
Request based on this thread: There is no reason not to want to see that statistic, this is just required information to make more educated conclu..
Sage/Sorc Healer Squishiness
I've been leveling a sage/sorc healer in WZs. Overall it was pretty fun, but around level 30 I went from squishy to paper thin. Even when focusing entirely on saving my skin, i.e. stunning, self-heali..
Hit Level 70 in a Week now i have no clue what to do
im literally doing nothing in boredom because I don't know what to do I know people say to do flashpoints or even operations i feel like id be a detriment to the team in an story op you hit endgame an..
248 gear help!
Hello,this maybe extremely stupid question, but i am trying to get endgame gear (i heard 248 gear is highest, right?). problem is i have no idea which one has 248 gear. Every armor i look in GTN has ..
Problem with race unlock
So, I had bought Cathar from GTN and used but it wasn't unlocked when I wanted to create a new toon, even though it said "unlock was successful". Then I logged off and in again but this time it was in..
The Plaguehorn, can I solo it?
I don't know where else this would belong, but apparently the Plaguehorn is a powerfull opponent so I this section was the most likely candidate. So I was wondering if I could solo it to farm for the..
What titles does each class get at the end of rise of the hutt cartel
The imperial agent gets the title commander this happens before kotfe Lana and the agent even discuss she comments she knows you already had the title commander before the alliance. I'm curious what t..
pvp rewards return to normal?
So with this weekly rewards are back to only one box. This will make pvp less desirable so less people will play. Thus queue times increase. Since less people will be playing. Well I mean I will be pl..
Scyva SM Guide
This is a guide for Scyva, the fourth boss of the Valley of the Machine Gods/{[WEEKLY] Gods from the Machine} Operation. Listed below is the Mechanics for Scyva. Group Configuration: 1 Tank, 5 DPS (O..
Error accessing new chapters?
Hi, I'm a returning player (subscriber), and I'm having problems with the chapters. I've updated the game to the most recent version after the patch (I normally come back every time there's a new ch..
All the Buffs or not??
Returning player, and have another question. Is it needed these days to have all 4 class buffs unlocked? I don't pvp and currently don't do Ops just pve etc till I work out what class I do want to m..
Eternity Vault Operation at 70
So i've hit lvl 70 and just got done with my class story and the Ilium quest line; apparently I now have to do the Eternity Vault operation. Now that i'm the max level of 70 is it possible for me to..
unable to access dailies from activities window > solo
Wasn't sure where to post this. Was wondering if anyone else experiencing this. I had missions for Yavin for the dailies; I completed that today and when I went into activity thing > solo to go o..
Cartel Transfers
I started playing before FTP, but have played intermittently since and am kind of clueless about the cartel market. I recently got my wife to play and got her a subscription. I wanted to buy her the ..
Yavin map bug
So I was taking relics from a sorc healer on my shadow. Chased him round got him to 5% then he ran round back of a pillar and vanished into the earth but I could see him casting I tried my knock back ..
Suche guten tank guide
Hi leute, habe erst wieder angefangen und suche einen guten jedi hüter tank guide. Damit ich schnell wieder anschluss finde. Suche guide der rota, stats usw beinhaltet. Wäre super bald w..
New pvp bolster exploit with 5.7?
OK since last patch a couple of player tagged with 225 gear have out-standing performances in ranked. Sad thing is that those players i've faced are allready high rated and imho dont need such "push"..
End game pvp very frustrating
Hi, so this game lvl 70 is immensely frustrating. The gear difference is too high between someone who is fully geared and someone with lesser gear. Literally you cannot kill them if they are afk, th..
I'm can I help?
Before we even get started, I realize how horribly sideways this thread can go. I'm hopeful it'll stay at least marginally productive, but if not, I apologize in advance... Recently returned player, ..
Nahut for Knuckleheads
Hey there everyone, I noticed earlier, both in-game and around the subreddit and forums, that a lot of the more casual players here still have got NO idea what the heck is going on during the Nahut fi..
Pvp pops slower?
Is it just me or have the pvp pops slowed down since they reduced Yavin pop? It just seems like there is a bigger wait, especially in the prime time fringes. I tried to play on my Shadow and it didn&..
Issue with Patching
Last night after the servers came online (Update 5.7), everything downloaded fine and I played no problem, even after my PC crashed. Everything downloaded and installed with no errors, game worked smo..
New Player Referral Explanation
To any new players wondering what a Referral link is here is an explanation: If you click on someones referral link and you are a sub or a preferred player, you get +7 days of sub time, an inventory ..
Shadow tank build question
So, I have a shadow tank with full 248 gear and new augs built to "optimal stats" per Bant's guide found on the forums. That puts me at around 130K HP and all the stats set to what the guide says. ..
Are there solo missions after the class missions or for level 70 ?
I just came back after three years and am really enjoying the game. I have subscribed for 90 days. I am very casual and due to receiving chemo treatments I cannot really commit to grouping much. I h..
What was the original intent to the Tatooine pvp area.
I have been gone from the game for a few years and got back into it a couple months back. I started a new character and the pvp start mission tells you to go checkout the Tatooine PVP area. I went a..
PvP Changes in Patch Warzones •The Yavin Ruins Warzone will no longer pop at a higher frequency than other Warzones. •The following changes are being made to the Solo PvP Ranke..
Is the storyline a max level requirement?
Hey, I was just wondering if I can access all the high level content without doing the story-line. I'm not using the character level boost, but for now I find it most entertaining doing FP's. Thank..
sith or jedi?
so recently came back to SWTOR after not having played since 2012, alot have changed from what i can see so i wanted to hear about the different sides. i used to always play sith and thought about do..
My right to SUCK in PVP without any complains.
Pvp on swtor is AIDS! As a very casual and inexperienced PVPer, but one who enjoys it on other games i feel that swtor pvp is totally messed up, but it has nothing to do with content, but the players..
Fury Marauder Guidance (Need help)
So I played a long time ago (Before Rise of the Hutt Cartel) and I loved my Mara for PvP. However since returning recently, I find I'm struggling to even do any sort of adequate damage. I'm only Gear ..
Imps on Star Forge - Please play pub side we need the help
I spend all day playing vanguard and win one match. Always top dps for my team despite being in 230 gear and being a glass cannon with no heals. Most pubs average 400k dps per match and are blissfully..
Starting class story with max level
ok, this maybe a little bit weird question.. Can i skip entire class story and level up on my own, then come back with max level and good gear and start class story? (i know there is no good reason t..
State of merc/commando's
So! I've come back to the game after a while away, wanted to ask what state mercs are in in terms of pvp. When I left they were pretty damned powerful but I cans ee there's been some nerfs since the..
How to make Jugg DPS viable in PVP ?
I main a fury marauder on darth malgus and after reading the 2 nerf mara troll threads, I decided to give Jugg dps a try, mainly the rage spec which is almost like fury. Not having predation and forc..
It is time for BIOWARE to balance PVP with real purpose
CREATE Class specific pvp Melle v Melle only Range v Range only Create a solo unranked Queue no groups allowed. Create Group unranked queue no solo allowed Duel Warzones Ranked stays the same or ..
joining a friend in solo story mode
hi, is it possible to join a friend in his solo story mode of the 2 new flashpoints? We want to play together but cant figure out how to do it. When i enter the "door" to the flashpoint after ..
Would flagging off of faction mobs revive OWPVP?
Much like SWG had. Target a Pub or Sith that results in pvp flags. Attach pvp exclusive rewards and missions as carrots. And maybe we can see some random and immersive pvp again? Oh right...I forg..
Cross Faction Maps - are we actually getting "more fair" games?
So, yes, I know that in theory cross-faction maps are supposed to even out the faction imbalance that supposedly exists. And in theory that should make for more even games. And now we have two cros..
Reach of Brontes - Why are so many people still dying to these?
I honestly think I have never died due to the Reach of Brontes. However, in just about every single run of DF I do, at least one person dies to these. It's not always newbs either, it's people that ..
SoR keeps sending me to Veteran Fp
So, as always when I level a toon, I use SoR at 53 to level faster. It now seems to be putting me into the Veteran Flashpoint instead of the story. I abandon it twice, but still puts me back into the ..
A little annoying thing in Team Ranked on Darth malgus
Well I recorded this yesterday in Team Ranked, a guild called Force choke me daddy on Darth Malgus were doing some ****ed up ****. So we started the game they had 2 Opers and a Sin and said their hea..
PVP Latency issues
Anybody else getting lag issues when they are in warzone on Satele Shan? It has reared its head as a problem for over the last few days to the point where I am getting short screen freezes and even k..
Mod-able Items
So I have bought some pistols from the cartel market. Been using them fine for ages, including yesterday. I log in this morning to find that my off-hand is no longer an offhand and I cannot use it. ..
I want to help my lower level friend rank up and I'm level 70
I was wondering if I could help my friend do his story missions if we are the same class and I have already completed my story. We tried to figure it out last night but no luck. He was in an area that..
Deciding class to play base on persuasion skill
Hi I've played SI until chapter 3 and very much enjoy the force lightning persuasion. My query is this, what persuasion skill to the other class have. Surprisingly I cant find much on the net. (mayb..
Disengaging from combat training dummy
I just happened to notice the combat training dummies on my way to the Mandalorian Enclave in Kaas City, and since I hadn't played with them before, I stopped to goof around for a couple of minutes. ..
New Player Guide - updated!
Folks, I just updated my "all you wanted to know about SWTOR but were afraid to ask" site, go & read & be merry. Address: Comments always welcome - hope this helps! If..
Make solo ranked cross-faction
I think it’s time to add a cross faction queue for solo ranked. There would only be benefits if this was implemented. It would fix issues of players queue syncing one side to get an advantage an..
Iokath and Toth
I was running dailies on Iokath to gain some fast CXP, somehow I managed to pick up a mission that seems can not for whatever reason be abandoned. The title of the mission escapes me now, I got so pi..
Reasonable changes to arenas/warzones in 2018 we pray for.
One more Warzone: (Surprise us), Also sad that we will likely never see a new Huttball due to the negative reaction to Queshball. :mad: The hype was real " ..
You should be allowed to change spec in unranked
Its soo frustrating when I join an unranked pvp match, there are no healers and I cannot just respec to healer to help our full pug against a premade. I understand why this is so for ranked pvp but wh..
Mind Haze, Tranquilizer, etc ... also operatives.
These "sap" abilities all need to immediately fill the opponents resolve bar OR have a cool down. It is absolutely absurd the amount of times any stealth can stall multiple people with this tactic. S..
Veteran Flashpoints Bolster Too Low, Bosses Hp Too High
Veteran Flashpoints are mainly used by lowbies to level up to 70; the xp it gives during and the time it takes is generally faster than everything else. The CXP you gain from doing these is so little ..
Vanguard Tactics Rotation
Anyone have any advice or thread links? I searched the boards and didn't find anything pvp 5.0 or later. Threads are mostly PvE or warnings not to PvP with the class haha. Need a better rotation becau..
Penalty for leavers!
The Red Eclipse (repside) had more wz pops than The Prog before the merge, so we were inclined to check it out for more pvp.. but I couldn't stand it because as soon as a pylon was taken by enemy team..
The Esseles MM
So, I'm in a very small guild, we're talking 5 active players here. Until recently we stuck to the lower level stuff, casually running fps and so forth. Now we're trying to learn and gain experience w..
Calls to arm droid won't talk with me
I'm trying to start the Calls to arms questline with the Boarding party and Foundry flashpoints. The problem is that the driod that should give me quest won't talk with me it only says systems=nominal..
Eternal Championship at 70
There has to be something I'm doing wrong. Granted I'm a relatively inexperienced player but still. After some effort I managed to not get insta killed by the 5th boss, which allowed me to take him do..
Confused returning player
Forgive me if this topic is posted elsewhere, but I cannot find anything to do with my questions. I am on a sub account so have access to all content. But my question is, what's the 'natural' progres..
Legacy on a New Server
I started playing this game when it was released back then in 2011. I started on one of the german servers and affter the two server merges that happened I'm now on Tulak Hord, I build my characters -..
Sage-Viable PvP DPS Option?
Hey guys, just a question for those more experienced with the Consular class than myself. I have a level 70 Sage that I don't use very much anymore. I've used her for heals in the past but never muc..
New Flashpoint - Nahut 4M SM
So, I know some people are complaining that Nahut encounter is too difficult in SM, so I got a few friends together and decided to contest these complaints before BW actually believe them (wouldn't be..
Original companion quest approval, after KotFE/KotET (Trooper spoilers)
Hey guys, I'm getting to the point I can start KotFE/KotET on my Trooper, which I'm looking forward too since I get 5 of my 6 companions back. What I'm wondering though, is will I still get conversat..
Why Is Higher Level Bracket Pvp Just A Tedious Chore?
First off i just want to say the level 10? - 40 bracket pvp was awesome fun. You fought someone and they actually started taking damage and you actually started taking damage and before long you both ..
Ever wonder what happens in those 8k+ DPS games?
Look no further. JK, but not really. This isn't the typical healer stack up number farm that you'd usually expect. Regardless hope you enjoy. :)Fury marauder 7,933DPS..
Republic and Imperial playing together on the same planet?
I understand that rep and imp players progress their class storylines in parallel on the same planets, except for a few. I am a republic player and never saw an Imperial player during my storyline pr..
PVP Pet Hates:
We all have them so feel free to add yours. I will get the ball rolling: Players who spend the entire warzone wandering around being cool in stealth doing almost nothing to help their team.:rolleyes..
Is Seh-run's quest Creeping Hunger bugged or removed?
This quest is apparently one of the requirements to get credit for all of the species on Korriban. It gets the Abissian species, for the 3rd and final one. I ran an Inquisitor through a week ago and ..
Trying to cap all three right away in Alderaan/Yavin warzones?
I've noticed this a lot more since Yavin came on the scene - seems like every game, one or two (or even more) players will head to the snow/relic (I think) nodes right away at the start of the warzone..
Blame Yavin for so many stealths
I cannot get over how many stealth gank squads are now in regs. Obviously it’s a great tactic in Yavin because of their speed and it is easy to guard with 2 and the rest can be mobile. They also..
Guys how to do missions for Conquestses? I watch list exemple "Random Flashpoint" or "5 Veterean and3 Master FP" so how to do this for Conquests? Because I did FP and nothing, I did all 5 FP and 3 M..
Picking a a Main Class
I understand that the difficulty of this game has decreased significantly and that most classes can complete the story even under suboptimal condition. The reason I'm asking if for the other content,..
Stealth in Arena
Is it a "working as intended" situation for stealthers to be able to sit in stealth all match in any type of arena? WoW has a great mechanic where; if there is no combat for "x" amount of time a buf..
remove ability to pass battle mods to people in stealth.
everytime im in odessen everyone who picks up a worthless battle mod ends up dumping it on the nearest person, If it happens to be you and you are a stealth class you are screwed until you pass it on ..
Can we get KDY fixed?
I'm tired of trying to go for my daily bonus, queue up for all FPs, then I get KDY where I need to abandon the FP because I can't get past the ship. I've tried with spacebar and without, during the op..
Darth Revan
Greetings! I know that the game has the armor of Darth Revan: Sash, Chest Plate, Gloves, Mask, Robes. And where are his Boots? And two Lightsabers? I know that in this game there are many fans of Reva..
Uprising -SM Trial and Error - the healing stations are too far away from each other.
Hello. So Story mode Trial and Error Uprising its pretty hard, [like its on veteran mode] without healer and tank in group,very bad idea to try it,i quickly discovered im unable reach quickly healing..
Uncertain bug or infinite Looped flashpoint Kuat Drive Yards.
Hello. EDIT: It seems there is something worth noticing after all Im not sure if its real bugg,but "i ve heard" the Kuat Drive Yards is bugged ..
ol i went to guild flag ship from korraban to my ship but the holoterminal took longer than it should to start and it ends up looking at my toon staring at watcher 2 and nothing is happening is there ..
PvP Bug ?
Hey. A while ago i made a ticket because i thought i may have a pvp bug. It was happening account wide on all my characters even if they were geared or not. I wasn't sure because i have never been goo..
I have one interface issue with score on maps Yavin 4 and Odesen proving grounds.
Hello. I have interface issue with in progress score on pvp maps Yavin 4 and Odessen proving grounds. There is certain element that shows in progress score during fight,but my problem is i using min..
Shadow or Sentinel DPS?
I haven't played since 2015, and I'm looking to create a new Jedi character. The changes since 2.?/3.? are astounding, and there's so much information I have found through google that's simply outdat..
Can we get a new PvP companion?
(Disclaimer: when i say PvP companion i mean one like Major Pierce that levels up from running WZs) Major Pierce is cool and all but he's maxed out and I'm quite bored with him. I PvP mainly and run ..
Cannot Enter Warzone
Hello I am getting this annoying bug where 1 character on my account cannot enter warzones. I queue, I get the pop, I click the enter button, and nothing happens. Has this happened to anyone recently..
Ops - Valey Machine Gods - please slightly tune down Nahut Boss encounter difficulty.
Hello. Ops - Valey Machine Gods - please slightly tune down Nahut Boss encounter difficulty and patch up Ground holes. Well simple reason for this request,this boss is kinda "overkill" and i guess d..
Leave murader alone buff other melee classes
Range classes have so many defenses and heal to fulls that as a melee u will die before u even get through one of them u can’t be competative when u can get stunned so many times that u are dead..
Repeat missions
Hi all i'm running a jedi knight and just completed the mission to get my lightsaber but in the height of battle i managed to lose my lightsaber. So my question is there anyway i can rerun the mission..
Alderaan Juran Mountains Map Completion Not Registering
So I've read a few things already and ppl said to go to the very bottom of the map, it was hidden due to the "Help" icon hovering over it where there would be a Republic mission. So I did and that par..
Creating a Legacy Name
I have an old SWToR account which I recently reactivated. I already had Legacy names for the account so didn't have to worry about that process. However, I invited a friend who has never played befor..
How to get higher armor tiers
Hello im newish to the game i beat the game and got level 70 and got all the first tier armor before i stopped playing i have gotten back on and not sure how to get better tier armor so if anyone know..
H2 Star Fortress by Oneself
What's the best way to do a Heroic 2 Star Fortress by yourself? My jk, con, and sith warrior all have 246 level equipment and my companion with the highest influence is Lana Beniko at 50 but once I ge..
Choosing which pvp map to get.
I'm not a harcore pvper but I hope they let you decide what matches you want kinda like FPs. For rxample the odessan map to me is the worst. So does any one else wannachoose what you can/can't get int..
PVP Matches Not counting towards Daily/Weekly progress?
Heyo, so over the past week or so I’ve been noticing that some of my pvp matches (Ranked or Unranked) don’t seem to be properly counting towards my daily and/or weekly pvp mission progress..
Let’s Nerf thread
So, it seems people want just about every class nerfed now. It started with Sorc healers, Mercs, Snipers and then Mara’s. Now I’m seeing people suggesting nerfs on other classes too ԅ..
What’s with people RPing in Hypergates
I’ve got nothing against RP players normally, but lately in Hypergates they seem to feel the need to stop and have little meetings and RP all over the map or at the respawn. I just had one wher..
Cannot Update Email
I no longer have access to the email address I used back in 2012 to first make this account. Yesterday, the game insisted that I enter my "One Time Password" over again, rendering me incapable of log..
shroud of ruin
I am having serious trouble with this quest I have jumped onto the third pillar but I cannot jump to the fourth piller I hav e spent around 2hours tonight trying to dso it or am I trying to get the wr..
How can i permanently remove my credit cards from swtor?
So i've just bought something from the cartel market and after i removed my credit card from that site,but i noticed that on the purchase in game i could see my credit card still where so i wondered i..
Can't Mail Op Gear?
Fell into a lovely guild and FINALLY got an Op done. Started with Oricon. Only took us 4 times to kill Brontes. Now I have to find people to finish the rest of the ops. Of all the goodies I got, I go..
Sorc healing- Ranked
Hey Everyone. Name is Jim, play on the Darth Malgus Server. I am fully geared and augmented. I've recently starting doing team ranked again, after not playing it since pre-season and s1. I'm not terr..
refferale link how to install
hi guys any one now how to install a refferal link i have a you tube account and some videos abaut star wars but i dont find how to installe a refferal link there any one now how to do thise ps i ..
How to get more than 4 people in a group?
Hi there, I'm trying to recruit people on fleet for an 8man sm ops run. But, when the group gets to 4 people; it says "group is full", i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong, is there a setting I need to ..
1 vs 1 Tournament (27th January) Darth Malgus
1v1 Tournament - 27th January 2018 - Darth Malgus Server It's still going to be first come first served (with plenty of space for standby players) Players will be filtered into brackets and we will ..
Umbara Glitch?
Yeah still haven't run this one properly. I go slow as heck with this, but it may just be my laptop. But I think there's a massive bug. Got halfway through the train but there's the two turrents that..
Not Gonna Fix the Queue System.. Eliminate The leaderboard
ticket I wrote back in 12/04/2017 Me: "Hey guys, you have to fix the queue system on rank..its not working as intended..always always always queue with the same team..its not working as intended" ..
Question about expired sub.
Hello! I had a sub in 2015 and and a free lvl 60 char which I deleted when I started playing again. I thought that I would keep the max lvl I could achieve for new chars when preffered player. (?) ..
SM Op Mode
My mara is Lv. 70 with full set of T1 gear. I can easily buy the two relics I need to complete it with my tokens. My cxp rank is low around 54 I think. Could I participate in an SM OP? I just start..
Ranked On Shan Server
I know I"m good gear wise, full set of T1 armor and relics now. Lv. 70. Valor is 23 or so, so it won't be long until I can jump into ranked pvp finally. But to be honest, with how dang toxic rank..
Gunslinger - Sharpshooter, trouble making it through KOTFE (no spoilers)
I recently just got back into the game to play KOTFE. I have two toons, a level 60 scoundral and a level 70 gunslinger. My scoundrel has no problem blazing through the mobs in the story and she&rsquo..
Returning player: Question About Knights of the Fallen Empire
Last time I actually played the game was Shadow of Revan. I've done some research and found out things that are recommended to be finished before starting Fallen Empire content such as companion missi..
New mechanics
This is my first MMO and I started playing nearly 1 month ago, so I still dont understand alot of fundamental things. I have a few questions as I have recently hit lvl 50 and when I play flashpoints i..
Which crew skills should i choose as a Jedi Sentinel?
Hey! I have just started playing the game and was wondering if anyone had any tips on which Crew Skills to choose? I am a Jedi Sentinel. And please use mye referal link! i could use some cartel coin..
Problem mit Gefährten
Hallo :) Ich habe seit kurzem das Problem, dass ich keine Zuneigungspunkte mehr für meinen Gefährten in Gesprächen bekomme. Da mir dies sehr wichtig ist, stört das mich schon in G..
Cheating Jedi players on Star Forged. (Video evidence enclosed).
I have left a video from my twitch stream of some players cheating in a group ranked arena on Star Forge. Please someone help me find where I can this information to get these players investigated acc..
Quick Conquest Question
Are some of the things...glitched? I ran GF on my dps sage for the Con points for my new guild to help out a bit. One of the FP's was Mando Raiders. Great. I checked that box and the one for complete..
Where Can I Find Info on NPC Drops?
I remember finding such a website in the past, but I'm now returning after a one year haitus and I don't remember the site. I got a lightsaber from Ajunta Pall's tomb from an NPC by looking at the NP..
Unlock Race says I require Sith Pureblood, but...
Ok so, I have a character at level 60, I check legacy because I want to make a Sith Pureblood Jedi and I can't seem to unlock it. It recognizes I'm at the require level however, it also says "Sith Spe..
Traitor among the Chiss
Ran into a issue running this FP. I killed the threshold beast instead of feeding it now I can't continue because it never updated the find a way passed the threshold beast. Got the Overkill achievem..
Speed hacking
/Thread and plz do not tell me is Predation. It happens on Assasins.. I post this thread so dev's can see is out there and in full force.. Shame on you dev's for letting this go for so long....
Must Rename?!
So decided to come back and try the game again, haven't played since the first year. Apparently I have to change my character names (which match my characters in every game I've played in the last 17..
Star Fortress Group
Hey all Firstly, I do apologise if this is in the wrong section. Also, I play on the Darth Malgus server. Secondly, I am having a difficult time getting groups together to finish star fortresses. I..
Game suddenly started freezing while loading character selection screen
I got a new laptop and installed SWtOR on it, it loaded fine for a few weeks though it occasionally randomly closes the game (no freeze or error message, just suddenly closes it). Today I was playing ..
How are Tanks Faring in PvP?
Coming from WoW, tanks are pretty much trash in PvP because the one thing they brought to the table was excellent survivablitiy, but they nerfed that a while back and it's now nearly pointless to play..
I barely see any Advanced Prototype PvP players or videos, so here is my video :p
If you guys dont know me, I play AP PT and I wish more people played it. Here is my newest video, enjoy! " wait....Underpoweredtech? I dont think thats been used before."https://www.youtub..
Nerf Powertechs! :mad:..
World PVP ?
Hello guys and sorry for my poor english. When i was playing that game 5 or 6 years ago, there is a special world for only world pvp and daily questing on this planet. And alliance wars (sith vs repub..
Operative the new wave????
Operative is the new wave. If yall are debating whether or not to make an operative here is a video show casing it in duels and ranked, i think it is very good in the right hands yall should make emm...
Acid mechanic needs to do one.
The fact that 1 guy can still win over 4 due to stealth and positioning is pretty much not realistic. But nevermind that, specially when it drags on and on until the acid and still you're going to lo..
The Story of PvP - What, why, and in the future?
The Story of PvP. Primary goal: discuss debate and make suggestions how to fix PvP in the long run. PvP in swtor is very different from other games we might think as similar. So in a Galaxy far away..
Which one for a lone wolf?
Hello! I’ve just returned to the Game. My main goal is to level up a character for PvP. I would play a Guardian / Juggernaut or Sentinel / Marauder. I’m not asking which one is better ..
Kick the Huttball in Cartel Market
classified as Kick Ball, not Kick the Huttball, in search terms, and says it can be used to violate rule in warzone, and must be used in a warzone, which isn't true. I am sorry I used it, not in a war..
Korriban Incursion Problem
Finally got to play the Shadow of Revan expansion but when I was doing the flashpoint (about where you fight Lord Renning) my computer disconnected. but when i went back to the flashpoint it skipped a..
Returning Player, Class Questions.
Hey guys, I played the game when it first came out. Got to level 50, then decided that I had some other priorities, since then I've lost my account. Now here I am, with free time and a more stable wor..
No mission for Chiss
I just finished the umbara storyline, had the conversation with Lana where I sent a broadcast to Theron, but now I have no ongoing quest and cannot seem to start the storyline. I can do the flashpoint..
Order of the story if your trying to play without using a charater token.
Ive seen people ask this on other websites figured Id post it. forged alliances is a prelude to shadow of Revan and is where you first meet some very important characters Shadow of Revan Rise of th..
The story of PvP - What it is and why, what happened along the way, what to do?
The Story of PvP. Primary goal: discuss debate and make suggestions how to fix PvP in the long run. PvP in swtor is very different from other games we might think as similar. So in a Galaxy far away..
How do I buy the expansion packs?
So, I'm an old fart returning to SWTOR, and I wanted to make sure that I got all the expansions/DLC's... So I checked at My SWTOR / My Games... And it says I only got Star Wars™: The Old Republi..
Healer imbalance
So, I was wodnering. When will the devs implement something to balance out the retardedness of games of +3 healers vs 0 healer teams? Please, add something to the game to balance the teams or add an ..
Message for développer! PLZ READ IT!!!
Playing ur game since 6 year Sorry for my bad English but I have to speak u English becuz I think have a omerta about Rava and Mara profession in ur FORUM, u have to nerf it immediately! About 45% o..
Guardian or Sentinel?
Hey guys, going to roll a Jedi Knight class and I am pretty exclusive to PvP.. I've seen a lot on both of the options and that mainly Guardians are only good in PvP because of skanking. But haven't se..
Returning Player with many characters
So I have a lvl 67 JK character that's just starting KotET with all the force users class stories finished. I want to complete the other class stories, but would it be better to focus on the 67, fini..
Best way to farm credit? (heroics? weekly? daily? operations?)
hi guys,i just wantend to know wich are the best way to make credits in the shortest time possible. my objective is to do 1.000.000 in like and hour or less,what should i do? any help is apprecieted..
Whining they want Hutt Ball, then death match.
Same people whining in Yavin and saying they would prefer to play Hutt Ball than any more Yavin. Then they get a Hutt Ball and they don’t try. You can death match in Yavin, why complain you wa..
Kuat AKA Enjoy funky lockout time.
Seriously. The bug that u still cant play the f'n flashpoint in 4 out of 5 times - you guys still dont see any need in fixing that? Hint: If we start the FP and go on the shuttle: we're beeing port..
so you think you're good at pvp? think again.
I'm an original preorder, I ordered the game 9 days after the press release in aug 2010. Since then ive pretty much been playing the same character. My character has 208 days of /played time, yet st..
Dear Karagga Tanks
The story mode fire puddle timers are as follows: 20 seconds 1 minute 1:30 2:00 2:45 3:15 3:50 4:25 You now have no reason to move the boss. So, please, stop moving the boss. Sincerely, An..
Returning Player after many, many, many years - please help, your my only hope
Ok, here's the situation. I signed up for a subscription, and I understand I now have access to all content. I have a level 50 character with all this alien stuff in my inventory, about 10 million i..
Basically, every warzone I enter Jugs/Guardian's are tops in damage dealt while having the least amount of deaths. I have also noted whether they are being pocket healed or not and sometimes they are,..
How to travel to planet you don't have a mission on and can't get a mission for
Hi! my character is doing the HK-51 missions and must get to Taris to retrieve a part. Problem is, he left Taris long ago in the storyline and I can't find a way to get him back. On other planets I..
Bring Back Master Mode Eternity Vault and Karagga's Palace
people are boycotting the new operation Gods From the Machine for the simple reason that it has been a year and we still do not have the full operation and on top of that it is a Flashpoint on SM. ca..
Manka cat Codex
Hi, does anybody knows where to find Manka cat codex entry on Tython? I was playing Consular and I am unable to start Pilgrim Medicine quest. I was looking on other sites for ideas too but it didnt he..
Bolster between gear tiers; explained
Myself and with the help of have created a spreadsheet of bolster statistics between gears 208; 230; 236; 242; 248. This is to clarify what is happening to your stats between the gear tiers..
Is 242 Bolster too low?
After reading through Hotties and Rambol’s link to how Bolster currently works and what the current gear is being scaled up to, I want to discuss the current Bolster lvl. (These are the links t..
Question about Cartel weapons.
Just wonder when you start out as level 1 and purchase a weapon from the Cartel Market, is there away to upgrade that weapon to keep it strong enough to carry until you reach the max level or is it be..
Flashpont Daily Reward Bug
Hey guys, I am having quite a problem lately. After finishing FP via group finder, I am not getting my daily reward. I have all FPs toggled, but it doesnt work. :( Tried relog and restart.. nothing. ..
Which DPS class for PvP?
Hello! What do you think which DPS class / spec should I choose for PvP. I know muck depends on the skill... but I'm still curious. I like to play Marauder / Sentinel, Assassin / Shadow, Guardian /..
removing the q times of team ranked
especially after the server merge are many teams qd,mat farmers are also always around so can we have a remove of the q times? high elo peopel are sitting generally 30mins in q for getting +2 (while a..
2 Free mount and extras!!
Just copy these into Redeem Code under your profile, and follow the link for the other free stuff. Enjoy SWCELEBRATION17= Free pet NYCantina16= One free mount SWCantina17= Second free mount Use ..
Returning player with open world pvp question
Hello all (even those who will now flame me) coming back after a couple years. Tons of great improvements and I'm having fun again. One thing that doesn't seem to exist so far is open world encounte..
Item mods in Eternal Throne?
Apologies in advance if this is already covered somewhere, have been looking and can't find an answer. Recently returned to game after having been preferred status a while back and decided to go with..
Questions About Sorc Dps:
Hi Everyone. My main toon is a Merc, and had recently lv a Sorc Madness dps, Under gear, no augments. My main objective is to become good at it before I start gearing and working with stats. So..
Flashpoint keeps glitching out not allowing me to group for specific flashpoint.
Every single time I try to queue for a flash point for a quest, the game keeps removing the option to group find for that specific flashpoint. Like for the boarding party flash point, The group finder..
Please remove bolster from ranked warzones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The whole purpose of RANKED WARZONES is for people with higher gear to go and do ranked warzones vs people of like gear. there is no reason to have bolster in the highest tier of pvp, that defeats the..
Lvl 60 or lvl 65?
Hello guys, I just started playing swtor again. I have in my possession one of the tokens that levels you up to lvl 60 or 65 for the respective dlcs. I was wondering if its better for me to make a lvl..
Referral link concern
Hey guys so Ive been seeing a lot of messages in the general chat about trading referral link for in game money. Seeing as I'm poor as hell, I got a person who gave me 3 mil in advance for clicking hi..
Old new player
Hello, I am really enjoying playing this game again, but as I am leveling, everything is about 10 levels below me. Is this normal now? It is kinda annoying as everything is really easy to kill and my..
Gemini Captain
I don't mind a challenge in battles, but trying to beat that damn captain is STUPID! Over powered, throws us across the room, disappears, its insane. I give up with it. I looked up how to beat it but ..
How about Guild Group option in Groupfinder?
I know you want us to try and group with people we do not know but when we are running ops to get conquest points and someone has to leave we would prefer to get someone from our guild to replace them..
Hackers, Expoliters, Cheaters, WHY?
Ok. I am trying to get the developers attention. Yavin 4 exploit/hack needs to be fixed and the people doing it needs to be dealt with. The two doing it were from the same guild. Guild name believ..
The Gear Grind
I'm a returning player. I mainly only pvp and do the occassional flashpoint. To the Devs - your end game gear progression system is the biggest convoluted mess I've ever seen. What in heck are ya'l..
Returning player, I need some help.
Not a first time player by any means but also not the most talented either. I wanna go with more of a shooter this time but I am not the best multitasker so I was hoping someone could recommend a clas..
Is everyone PVP’d out?
It’s Saturday US time, 6pm west coast, 9pm east coast and pvp isn’t popping on SF? Am I missing something here? Are people all PvP’d out or stopped queuing because they are sick o..
Returning player has a question
Do you have to buy expansions any more? It looks like all you have to do is pay for a monthly subscription and you have access to everything, but I just want to confirm. I haven't played since right a..
Possible (probable?) dumb Q re: fleet vendors
I'm finding it kinda frustrating that there doesn't seem to be all that many companion customization vendors, and they're kinda dispersed all willy-nilly-like, such that it's difficult to remember whe..
What is the best way to get free cartel coins?
I want to get the HK companion and I only need a little under 300 coins. I also had wanted the Kylo Ren lightsaber but seen that it was almost 40$ worth of cartel coins yet tons of people have it. I h..
Ein wenig überfordert als Anfänger
Hallo, Ich bin mehr oder wenig Anfänger in Swtor. Ich habe als Vorbesteller zu Release einige Zeit gespielt. Allerdings einen Sniper, bis die ersten raids durch waren. Jetzt habe ich wieder ang..
Characters exist but not showing in game
Hey guys, I am a returning player from Dec 2016. So i logged onto my account and noticed that when selecting a server, none of my old characters are there. Now I know that i still have them because I ..
Possibility of Solo Operations?
I prefer to play solo, but I feel like I am missing out on a lot of story because I cannot do the operations. I am wondering how likely we could see solo operations like on Yavin 4. How many out there..
leveled character token question
Hey guys quick question, the outlander character tokens and such, do they have an expiry date? Or do they last forever? I don't have a certain class in mind I would like to have in 60, but maybe in th..
Just came back.... Surprise
Hey guys so after some years I returned to the game, I used to play a lot and have several toons, after buying the subscription and so I noticed that most of my toons have been renamed to _[random nu..
Returning player - what rituals and sacrifices need to be performed to get gear now?
Hi, Returning after 1.5 year break. There is no pvp gear anymore and I have to sacrifice my 1st born son and pray to the RNG god now to gear? Can someone please explain *** this is all about? What ..
Beating vaylins spirit!
Can someone help me beat Vaylin's spirit?! IT IS IMPOSSIBLE! I've tried everything! I've fought her and used the healing and I STILL CANT BREAK HER PAST 50% health! What the hell! Who would make a gam..
Low-Slash DOES NOT break on damage.
when you are getting hit by multiple attackers, if an Assassin/Shadow uses Low-Slash on you, there's the whole animation of getting stunned, 1 sec after there's the whole animation of "recovering" fro..
Cartel Market Sales Policy?
I don't imagine EA/BW have a policy in place wherein if you purchase a CM item at regular price and then that item goes on sale a couple-few (within reason, such as seven) days later, they'll refund y..
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