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Discovered Missions: Only Get Run Once
We've had this debate on voice comms a few times - do missions you get as drops only get used once OR are they just on really long cool downs. The.....
WZ Matches still not counting in for Daily PVP Mission
Warzone Matches still not counting in for Daily PVP Mission. Yesterday i did 2/3 , cool , today i wake up have some time left before work so i go.....
Imperial Space Missions Table
Here I will give all the space ship missions and what each one gives for credits, commendations and experience. This chart is for anyone @ level.....
Having Problems W/ smuggler Illusions mission on Taris
I went into the story area a few days ago, but had a game crash in the middle of playing it. Now i cant re-enter the story area and complete the.....
Problem mit der Mission "Kampf um die Faust"
Liebes Entwickerteam, die Tr von Bereich "Atrium" zu "Railgun-Zugang" kann nicht geffnet werden. Die Tr leuchtet blau, mann kann sie auch.....
One-time mission success rate
I bought some 340 skill treasure hunting missions from the GTN the other day and I have had the "Low Tide Recovery" mission fail twice in a row now......
Bugged Out Gray Mission // Not addressing Concerns
Good morning, Please fix this ASAP!!! I've got 19 bugged missions in my log...I cant play the damn game.. You people knew of this bug in.....
Mission Complete
So i have 2 characters who cant click the accept button on Mission Complete's and this is getting annoying, when will a patch be deployed to fix.....
Can't Get Level 50 PvP Mission
I'm level 50 but the pvp daily called "march them down" does not appear on the pvp quest terminal. This is the daily to win 3 warzone matches. Did.....
Crew missions poping up and closing other open windows!!!!!
When will we see this feature be fixed? We need an option to have the incoming missions NOT close windows by going auto pending instead of closing.....
Republic Diplomacy mission... helps the Empire? Tiny, completely insignificant complaint I know. Hell, I don't know how I noticed it, I never read those things,.....
Space Mission help
Im trying to learn how to do space missions and having a problem with turrets. Ive been doing the same mission repeatedly (Jambiin escort Imp side).....
No mission awards for Jaesa?
My level 37 Sith Juggernaut has had Jaesa as companion for a while now and I've noticed that there never are any awards suitable for her when.....
Missionen werden auf der Weltkarte nicht angezeigt
Hallo, meine Missionen werden nicht mehr auf der Weltkarte angezeigt. Weiss gar nicht mehr wo ich hin muss. Wer hat einen Rat? Gre..
Can't see my mission items?
I'm doing the Taris bonus series quests, and I have to deploy a reconnaissance probe, which should be in my mission items window. But, when I open.....
Bug, Critical: Client can crash to desktop when entering a warzone from space mission
Bug, Critical: Client can crash to desktop when entering a warzone from space mission Reproducability: 3/5 Version: SWtor 1. Login with.....
Space Mission Chiss
There is a Bug in this mission. Tested it for over a week now every day once: BONUS: You have to kill 4 of those heavy Fighters, when u kill.....
My sponsorship-mission
My class quest on hutta has been completed but will not leave my mission log. I have mako as a crew member but she is registered as a guest in the.....
Space missions cap? only 5 xp
Hi i did like 200 missions and in the middle of my level i started getting only 5 exp per run (2 levels before hitting the next level mission on the.....
Need Permission maybe? for speeder racing
I was talking with a friend and how in the films there was pod racing. and then afterwards a couple of games podracing related. And then in KOTOR1.....
Tantooine Mission Question
Hello there, I'm running into an odd problem on Tantooine. Every potential mission starting position that I visit tells me I need to complete.....
Cant abandon missions
I have several missions that are grey from previous planets, i have no desire or need to do them, and they're cramping up my mission log. I am.....
Mission Javelin
Bei der Mission ''Javelin'' vom Jedi Botschafter sehe ich immer wenn ich die Konsolen anklicke mein Gefhrten nurnoch in Unterwsche?! Ich denke mal.....
Missions underway deleted when zoning into to dormund kuss storyline area
i had 5 crew out on missions for treasure hunting, 3 of which were 340 grade one time use missions from the GTN which i paid a total of 60k for. .....
Missions not available
I am level 31 Jedi Counselor on Tattooine. I noticed on this planet that many missions are not available and say "not available until more missions.....
you must complete more missions......
I keep getting the "you must complete more missions" when I right click on characters with the yellow triangles. I tried fairly hard to do as many.....
What mission to get a purple Beam Generator?
How do I get a high level Beam Generator? Which mission is it? I can't believe I can't find this item. :mad:..
Deleted Mission 'First Strike', can't get it again?
Hi there, upon the release of 1.2; I was able to delete all these quests I wasn't able to before, one of these was the Ilum starter quest, "First.....
Space Mission Results in Crash to Desktop
Every day The first thing I do is all space missions available. I run my monitor at 1440x900 but I run the game at 1024x768 for better performance......
Sith inquisitor "The Fallen Dreadnought" Mission will not update.
I have finished the majority of the mission the quest updated to "go to your ships airlock" however it did not update to "Speak to Talos Dellik".....
Mission bugged
A New Order: Speak to Admiral Shai, I have reset this mission twice now, everytime I kill him he despawns & I cannot complete the mission as the next.....
Accidental Abandon Story Mission
Hello everyone I need help with a problem I accidently abandon the Story Mission The Challenge of War and I can't find a way to get it back someone.....
Abandon Mission Option Bugged
Anytime I abandon a mission, it wont allow me to go pick it up from the mission npc. I've confirmed it twice both on Quesh and on Hoth for which I.....
Social points from space missions
I don't know if anybody else noticed but I haven't seen this anywhere, so I figured I'd go ahead and post it.. I've been botting space missions for.....
Mission Results
Does anybody know what affects the mission results, other than affection and the companion's crew skill bonuses? What I'm trying to gather is the.....
Mission "ungerechte Justikare" (Rep Coruscant)
Hallo lieber Support, ich habe dazu ein Ticket erstellt, mit dem Hinweis dass ich nicht hren mlchte dass das Problem sonstwohin weitergeleitet.....
Crew on missions
Since yesterday i've been having this problem. When i send my companion (let's say Vector) on a slicing-mission it says in the Crew Management-window.....
Daily Space Missions
This is going to sound silly, but I have learned it''s always better to ask questions just in case I am wrong. Do I get the daily space missions.....
Why is the Weekly PvP mission the same reward as the Daily?
I mean, title says it all. In the past, the weekly has been much more than the daily reward was, and with good cause. It's around 3x the work for a.....
List of Mission Rewards
Does anyone know where there is a *comprehensive list of mission rewards*? Or at least what *_missions yield gear_* for your character/companion?..
Feedback - Daily missions are absurd!
What is the deal with the planetary daily missions? Does anybody actually enjoy doing them over and over, every single day (most of which yield only.....
Mission: A return Home: Speak to the concil(Shadow)
I dont know if this is a bug or not but when i try to speak to the concil, when i click on the door and the conversation begins all i see is a bubble.....
Mission: The Defector. Won't progress.
I'm a Jedi Sentinel in game. I've got to a point in the mission The Defector where I've got to speak to the Jedi Council. I go to Tython click.....
holocaust jedi knight mission
plz fix this Quest why do we have to be telported out of it if die one time to krannus? fix it and then need to kill all the mobs again..
Disovery Missions.....bye bye!?!?!?!
Ok, first off...I love this game BW - and while I appreciate the help you've provided on ticket # 5750390.....I'm a little confused! First off -.....
Not getting credit for group missions...
If you have a specific heroic mission in your mission log that someone invites you in their group to do (meaning they have it too), do you have to.....
Hi, man kann ja bers GH Handwerksmissionen kaufen.So nun hatte ich mir ein paar gekauft und ca. 100k credits ausgegeben. Frher war es ja mal.....
Can't send companions on ANY mission!?
Hello Customer Service, I just wanted to first say Thank You for deleting my original problem ticket I created without resolving the issue. It was.....
Reporting: All Space Missions are Broken
I just tried to do all my space mission dailies(Available at level 15-20) BH alt at level 18, and all of them are broken/bugged, after the loading.....
Ninja nerf of loot from missions?
Heroic 2 man on Belsavis A Lesson Learned drops less than half what it used too since 1.3. The Champs in there drop greens 90% of the time now down.....
problem with bounty hunter mission
At the end of the thousand pardons class quest I chose the option to let skadge kill the guy at the end now I'm not able to enter the instance to.....
Mission drop Columi Gear
Hey. wich Flashpoints drops the columi parts? And wich pieces do you get in the flashpionts (hard mode)..
HM EC error [Server Admin] Permission to enter.......
So while in EC HM our 8 man group wiped and we get this error while trying to enter the instance. "[Server Admin]: Permission to enter on.....
Game crashing to desktop when traveling to "The Shadow Fist" mission
My game consistently crashes when I attempt to travel to the ship location for "The Shadow Fist" Trooper class mission. I'll select the location, the.....
Hacken Mission verschollen
Hallo, hatte heute gemeldet: habe ber Hacken eine 340er Mission gefunden und gerade benutezn wollen. Die Animation lief, aber kein Text kam und.....
crafting mission balance needed
i am having issues with specific missions being available on different characters. my trooper vanguard is an armormech with scaveging and underworld.....
Trouble selecting conversation choices during mission convos.
Some background: I've had a level 50 for some time, and I've been enjoying endgame PvP, even if I lose against premades a lot as a PUG. Recently.....
Lost a Mission doscovery rank6
Hello. I had 2 Missions Doscovery: Underworld trading (340) . The icons was exactly the same also. I use the first one and I discover the mission.....
Class Mission CTD
Every time i try to fly to The Carida class mission my game CTD is this a known bug or what? .....
Bug: Mission Skills
Game Update 1.2 (04/12/2012) includes the following entry under the 'Mission Skills' heading: "Players can now send multiple companion characters.....
Reset chain of missions.
Hello! Few days ago I started my class missions on Nar Shaadda, but forgot to speak with one person in story area during first mission. I have just.....
class mission
I cannot get any futher with my Class mission on my troooper The class mission Inconspicuous Valor was bugged , but allowed me to continue however.....
Using Group Finder Bug - All FP Missions Given
A group of my guildies, 4 of us, used the Group Finder to do our daily FP HM for Black Hole Commendations. When we selected Go to Queue, we were.....
World Event: Missing Mission
First of all, I'd like to say that I have enjoyed this event, even if it was not perfect. I'm sure I speak for many in my guild as well. I also.....
Invisible Mission Giver
I don't know if this is the place to post this but I just wanted to let you know that Cy Krolo (the mission giver) on Hutta is invisible. I'm able to.....
Can not get the mission again?
Today black-and-orange sphere bonus mission was to abandon accidental. Can not get the mission again?..
class mission hand-in stops mid dialogue
my class mission is bugged and won't advance. i'm playing a sniper. i get to the 1st dialogue choice, choose a response, the voice over reads it.....
Help with Heroic Mission: Recruitment
Currently, my group and I are on mission for the Heroic 2+ Recruitment on Nar Shaddaa. We completed everything required by the mission. However, when.....
Mission reward not accessible + why I've lost my fath in SWTOR
Hi Customer Service, Firstly, if a mod deletes this post again please note that I will am sending the same message in a game ticket as well as.....
Space Mission Keybinds
I have seen a couple of old posts referring to this exact same bug but I have not seen it acknowledged as such. The bug itself is that remapping.....
PvP Que by WZ and new Daily/Weekly missions
I know it has been said many times that the que system needs a revamp as many people would like to choose he WZ they enter. Personally I like the.....
Mission Tracking on world map
I have several missions tracked on Taris but none of them show up on my world map. Some of the speeder points are green and mousing over them gives a.....
Question on Hammer Station Mission
When I finished the Hammer Station Mission a list of items popped up in my General Chat. I am wondering, did this pop up from completing the mission.....
Stuck on agent mission
My Agent cant get into the drill room on the Economics Scales mission. I aquire the uniform but it wount let me into the drill room. am I missing.....
Mission markers on map
Some how I have lost the ability to see where my mission locations are on the global map. How do I turn that back on? I dont have a clue where to.....
Missionsbugg ?
In der Mission Am Fuss des Kolosses, habe ich erst alle 3 Relikte eingesammelt sowohl alle 4 Computer zerstrt... Allerdings beim ffnen der Tr.....
Mannett and Ambush Missions
The Mannett and Ambush Missions are not completing properly. I've managed a work around for Mannett by performing a fix with the launcher and.....
Sith Inquisitor Story Mission Problem
I have submitted a Ticket in game but so far have gotten no response. The Sith Inquisitor Story Mission "Conflagration" is not working. I go to the.....
Characers unable to receive pvp daily mission.
I have, over the last week, finished and tried to receive the daily pvp mission. I am unable to receive, even after finishing the daily pvp mission.....
Resetting bonus missions on quests that cannot be abandoned?
Character: Tsaithe Class: Commando Server: Begeren Colony I tried abandoning the "Objective A-77" quest because I thought only I was bugged.....
Which space missions require space comm upgrades?
I've tried to do Polith Minefield about 40 times now and just can't kill the carrier at the end. All level 5 purple upgrades, power converter with.....
Absturz des Client bei der Storymission "Fade of the Jedi"
Zur Info: Beim Auswhlen des nchsten Flugziels "the opressor", mit der Quest "fade of the jedi", auf der Galaxy Map strzt der komplette Client.....
[Name], you do not have permission to access this page.
For anyone getting the following: [Name], you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: Your user.....
Space mission glitching
After the patch When I try to do a Space mission the Video is no longer smooth. I kinda freezes for half a second, very annoying...
Flashpoint Mission Terminals
I'm talking about the 6 terminals on the Dropship level of Vaiken Spacedock where you talk to Darth Malgus. Is there any way BW can remove the need.....
Kan die wchentliche Mission fr denova nicht annehmen
Kann die neu Wchentliche fr denova nicht mehr annehem da diese beim terminal nicht angezeigt wird und wenn jemand diese mit mir teilen mchte.....
Powertech class mission bugged - Reckoning
I'm to return to the Great Assembly. I am there but nothing happens. There are jedi inside the temple. I get to the spot marked on the map and i.....
heroic missions cooldown suggestion
hello it would be nice to sse cooldown for heroic missions been reduced to 18 or 12 hours so that player can more easely find party members cause.....
Keine Missionen mehr annehmbar ... ?
Hallo, ein Kollege von mir hat das Problem, dass er keine Missionen mehr annehmen kann, also nicht nur die Weekly auf Corellia (die bei meinen Chars.....
Stuck at the Trooper Mission Tavus ship can't unstuck!!
Hello, I'm at the trooper storyline in tavus' ship and I'm stuck at space. I cannot unstuck my character tried everything!! I issued a ticket.....
HC missions
Is it me, or are they a testement of how this game is failing. It is so hard to find groups for these, especialy those from the bonus missions. Some.....
Space Mission sound since 1.4 patch
Since patching to 1.4, many sounds during space missions are messed up. Blasters sound the same whether the power conversion module is set to.....
tgliche gruppenfinder mission
hallo bei mir ist die tgliche schwarzloch marken mission im gruppen finder nicht zurck gesetzt worden und ich kann die tgliche fp hc auch nicht.....
Ops Missions
I'm sorry to be asking this, but I can't find an answer anywhere, and I may be misremembering this... About 6 months ago I was doing Ops on a.....
350 Crafting missions bug fixed...Okay, what about Abundant missions?
So the 350 crafting missions are no longer bugged. You get the right amount of grade six supplies from them. That's good. However, I still do not.....
Chapter 1 End Trooper Class mission map bug
I don't know if others have experienced this issue but I was watching my wife play her Trooper last night and during the mission, she got to the.....
Klassenmission verschwunden
Hey leute als ich eine aktion in der sith krieger story auf voss nicht ausfhren konnte verliess ich die instanz und wollte die mission zurcksetzten.....
MIssionen sind Verbugt
Liebe Mitarbeiter von bioware und Community Freunde Es tut mir leid das Ich es Erwhnen muss aber seit den letzten wartungs arbeiten am .....
Operation Talon - Trooper Mission BROKEN
As no CSR has yet responded to my ticket from yesterday I have decided to try to escalate this issue. To put it simply, the assault droids failed to.....
During a mission recently, I looted a "Mission" that had been dropped. I clicked the icon in my possessions, and was told I had acquired a new.....
Mission Bug
Planet: Alderaan Mission: Multiple Fronts * Recover Probe Droid Memory Cores: 4/5 Issue: Unable to collect the 5th Memory Core. Have killed Probe.....
Black Hole Area Missions Bugged
Both the Republic (Criminal Crackdown) & Imperial (Asset Liquidation) quests in the Black Hole section are bugged. Your character "discovers" the.....
Daily missions not reseting.
Hello, it's 4:38 p.m. (GMT+1) and my daily missions haven't reseted yet. I use to do all daily missions with a friend, at the same time, and he is.....
missions sur une planete
Bonjour, comment savoir si j'ai fait toutes les missions sur une planete et ou (ou comment) localiser celles qui restes sur le codex il y al.....
Republic Balmorra Bonus Mission
Hunting the Mandalorians- Scan and apply repair kits to fix the broken sensors. No icon comes up on the side to allow you to fix the broken.....
Class mission stuck after completion
It has been like that since thursday from when the server 'The Red Eclipse' was messed up. The fix you implemented that same day did not fix my.....
Missions lost forever?
I accidently abandoned the main storyline mission on Hoth (The Killing Blow, Empire side), and now I cannot seem to regain it. Not being able to go.....
Mission Reset
This can pretty much be a general question, but someone familiar with the quest could probably help as well. *Can/will support grant you quests.....
HK mission bug?
ok, so did all of the HK missions over a 2 day period. my mission log showed the "companion mission" the whole time with the list of parts collected.....
HK Mission Disappeared from Mission Log
I just spent the last few days, and many hours, working on completing the HK questline. I managed to get all of the pieces except for the one on.....
Bonus Missions???
I am wondering just how many people do the planet bonus missions as they are doing the story line? If you do why and which planet (without spoiling.....
You only offer support for class story missions?
Hello, I got an e-mail response to an in-game ticket that I submitted, which I believe is related to the quest line on Theoretika (I can't be sure.....
Space mission questions
What is the trick to space missions and wha are they good for? I am finding it extremely hard to beat space missions are they even worth my time?..
Alderaan Bonus Mission bugged
Tonight I just finished, I think, the Alderaan bonus missions. I had the interaction with the one Organa dude and when it sent me to go back to the.....
Daily for Space Missions?
Is there daily for space missions, if so where is the daily at? Thanks..
Corellia Mission Problems
I was deleting some space missions from my quest log to make room for side missions and I must have accidentally deleted the mission "Making.....
Mission stuck on Alderaan - Customer Support Deleted my Ticket Text
Hi, I have the mission "Alderaan Bonus Series". The mission text says "Return to Jeren Organa". The contact appears on my map. When I go to Jeren.....
Bug Report: Class missions unable to be completed.
I was just doing some class missions with my friend in my group. One was on Tatooine where I go seek out Tteek Tlek (If I recall correctly) and we.....
Space mission leveling
I recently returned to swtor and rekindled my enjoyment of the space missions. Is this a viable leveling method? Or should one stick more to.....
After beating new space missions...
I am still a bit confused. I have beat all the new ones minus the minefield one cuz I ran out of time. Each first completion gave me fleet comms and.....
Reporting Daily Mission Bugs
Alright, so what is the best method of reporting mission bugs, such as being locked out of an instance you need to be inside for a mission, or having.....
Space Missions - what are they good for?
I've several lvl characters my highest is 40, but played only 3 space missions and left it at that. I leveled up too fast already to spend some.....
unable to Accept New Space Missions Daily Operations
I did the solo one Operation Thanium Disruption but couldnt accept Operation Clean Sweep. Now I can't do either of them, at all. (There are only 2.....
Space missions not resetting
Hello, Reporting that the space missions are not resetting as intended. The only one that is resetting is the weekly, the others that should be.....
Jedi Knight companion mission problem..
I've been levelling a Jedi Knight and have only received one companion mission that involves me going down to a planet in order to complete it. The.....
Belohnungen Raummissionen Storymode OP's Ticketbearbeitungszeiten usw.
Hallo, momentan ist die grte Herausforderung ob man berhaupt seine Belohnung bekommt oder die Quests bekommt. Bei Ticketantwortzeiten von 17.....
What are the restrictions at 50 if I don't finish the story missions?
I'm rolling a new sorcerer, for the look, despite that I already have one so I have no interest of playing through all the planets again. I've also.....
Belsavis Dailies: Abandoned bonus starter mission
Greetings all! So, without realising that I actually needed the bonus mission for Belsavis to kick-start the dailies, I abandoned it in my mission.....
Heroic Space mission, other bugs, and their response to them.
Patch 1.6 came out on the 11th if I'm not mistaken. By the 14th they were not only aware of certain bugs that completely broke the new space.....
Space Mission Sound - broken since 1.4
So, we've had HOW MANY patches (both major and minor) since 1.4, and sound in space missions is still broken. I'm no programmer, but I wouldn't.....
Not getting quests to do the 1.6 space missions.
As the tittle said, last week i didnt get a single new quest, or just me or everyone have the same problem?..
"You are not eligible for this mission"
OK for 2 weeks now I have done in game tickets that get closed with no detailed response. Again today, on the heroic space missions " Operation.....
Heroic Space Missions Always The Same?
Okay, Has anybody else noticed the New Heroic Space missions Keep Repeating the same 3 over and over again? :mad: I believe the names are Baron.....
Crash on Mission - Flashpoint: The Esseles
I have posted this as an in game ticket on The Harbinger server, but I wanted to make sure this got posted here as well because this is a pretty.....
Problem mit der HK-51 Mission
Hallo, ich habe vor einer Woche damit angefangen die Missionen fr HK-51 zu machen. Ich bin zur Section X und habe dort vom Droiden die Mission.....
No In Game Ticket response 9 days after submission
So the title pretty much covers it. I have had no response on a ticket submitted 9 days ago. My guild mate has a longer non response. What is.....
whats with the new space missions?
I finally got all the new grade 7 space ship parts and went to try some of the new space missions. I managed to complete the 3 top tier OLD space.....
Space missions and extreme lag spikes.
I'm the only one in space on Progenitor, and I'm getting up to 200000ms lag spikes while doing space missions. It's virtually unplayable, and.....
Legacy Transport to Capital World not advancing progress for missions
Today I used the legacy transport to go to Dromund Kaas thinking that it would have advanced in my quest which said to travel to Dromund Kaas. It.....
Credit Nerf on Heroic Space Mission
Why was there a 90% reduction in the rewards for Heroic Space Missions. I paid real money to get the ship upgrades to be able to do these missions.....
cant turn in Ilum Under Siege Mission
Cant turn in Ilum Under Siege mission: I`ve had the option to speak to Supreme Commander Rans but every attempt at talking to him results in a 2.....
Diplomacy bug - only giving Companion Gift missions!
Greetings! After I hit tier 3 in diplomacy (rank 3 stuff) I havent been able to get any other missions than Companion Gift missions. It simply.....
companion mission
looks like i have managed to abadom mako`s story mission! And it looks like i can`t get i started again. i have 5000+ in affection. tanks for help :D..
Skill tree omission
I can only have one full skill tree. That is sad, will I be able to ever finish the other two trees. :( I get to about lvl 30 on alderon and my.....
Space Mission Daily Bugged?
I havent been able to get the space mission daily for the last 2 days. The ones im talking about are the new dailies from the recent patch, they're.....
Cannot complete HK Mission
So I've done the HK mission 7 times out of 8 50s, finally decided to get the last 50 his HK... do all the steps and the last one is the FE SM HK part.....
Bugged class mission.
After putting in several tickets about the issue there still has been no attempt to contact or resolve the issue of the bugged marauder quest line on.....
Heroic Space Missions still bugged after 1/23 patch
I am an avid fan of the space missions. Since Tuesday's patch the heroic space missions seemed to be functioning correctly. However, today I have.....
Can't See Space Missions
My merc can't see space missions on the galaxy map. I tried restarting the game and restarting my comp with no success. I can however, see space.....
Lost In-progress Mission and Can't Retake
The in-game help request and ticket submission is not working, so I'm posting here. My Sith Marauder Maak on The Ebon Hawk server was on the mission.....
Unsubscribed account without permission
You unsubscribed my partners account - WITHOUT his permission. He has been trying to get in contact with you to fix this, but it's basically.....
Agent mission "The New Truth" bugged unable to complete.
My newly created agent cannot complete the mission "The New Truth" I defeated the enemies, the mission says "Download the holo recordings" I click.....
Easiest heroic space missions, and lowest grade equipment to complete them
This is a pretty much a bragging thread. If you want to complain how hard the heroic space missions are, do it elsewhere. What's the lowest grade.....
Can't complete Gree world event mission
Hello, I'm allot annoyed by this as I've already submitted a ticket (8097316) in game and was closed by MO-TO without resolution. The mission.....
Gree missions - reputation reset
Deleted this post about an issue with my reputation resetting because I was too stupid to realise that my rep went from "None" to "Outsider" :o..
HK-51 Mission dissappeared
:mad: After logging back in yesterday I noticed that the mission "Assertion Repairs Required" and all the mission items have dissappeared from my.....
Problem accepting "New Approaches" mission
I have completed hoth and voss (along with bonus series for voss). when i click on the mission box, which is lighted up, the mission comes up, but i.....
Another mission gets stuck
Mission is The Null Cannon you get to the end and damn convo crap again. This time none of the responses work. It freezes game. You can hit escape to.....
Defeating Commissioner Carter
Despite being level 50 (2 levels above enemy) am having trouble with this as my health always gives out just before his. I have tried various stim.....
Heroic Space Missions in 2.0
What will they drop? Still just BH comms? It would seem that doing those missions would be a lot less valuable unless they upgrade the rewards to.....
Space mission Question...
Okay I'm not a new player, I was here for the beta, but I figure if I dont know what this is the some new folks might not either. Recently on some.....
Additional mission tracked error
Even when you aren't actively tracking additional missions, the message remains at the bottom of your mission tracker...
Sith Warrior Mission: Declaration of War - Use your ship's holocom
Character Name: Rhaegaar Server: Ebon Hawk Date Bug was encountered: March 3, 2013 I already submitted a ticked days ago about this but have yet.....
Class mission freeze still stuck
HI im bigboi82 i posted earlier and i am currently using my sith marauder litheas and everytime i go to my ships holoterminal to activate it for the.....
Sith Warrior class mission/ship holoterminal bug - Spoilers!!!
I'm on the Mission Declaration of War and just finished with the Quesh part. I talked to Servants 1 and 2 on Quesh, they sent me to my ship and the.....
Heroic missions question.
Ok. I'm a lvl 18 Jedi sentinel & i keep getting killed trying to do the heroic missions solo even when I'm a couple of levels higher. Are all these.....
Cant pick up swtor Area combat specimen mission?
Hi cant get this mission nor can anyone share it with me! I have not had it during this event. Please Help!..
Can't use scavenging 340 missions
I can no longer use scavenging 340 missions on my scavenging toon. When I right click on it, it says, "You already know that schematic." It's the.....
Companion Story Missions not trriggering in chapter 2
Playing as an Agent I have recently completed chapter 1 of my class story and Kaliyo's affection level currently stands at 8551, and so I had.....
how to find help for heroic missions
hi, how does it work? i am level 7 trying to do a heroic+2 mission alone and keep dying. what is the best way to find someone help me? i tired to.....
Class mission fail
I am a sith jugg, i just finsihed planet voss and it tells me to go to the transponder vessel. When i am in my ship and hit the vessel from the star.....
Gefhrten-Mission gelscht oder verschwunden
Kleine Frage Hatte gestern ne Gefhrten-Mission fr Mako auf Nar Shada. Msste so Level 30 gewesen sein. Heute ist die Mission verschwunden......
cannot complete storyline mission
Hi I have done all the stages of "guru in the dunes" and am at the bit where i have to use my holoterminal on my ship. Unfortunately nothing.....
Space Mission Issue
Level 7 Space Cannon's have a massive power shortage since the new patch,27/03/13..
Justice trooper mission bug
So I (my trooper) was doing the mission on the Justice (after you complete Alderaan) however, after being defeated by Wraith in the engineering bay,.....
Mission Stuck 2 weeks now
My agent mission has been stuck now for 2 weeks. I've put in tickets. I have to click on the holoterm on the ship and it loads the convo but it never.....
Bugged Missions to end Chapter 2
HI Double XP is Great I level really quickly! However on both the Trooper and now the Smuggler I've been stopped in my tracks by not being able.....
Only Being Awarded 7XP for Mission Completion - Balmorra
Hi - I have logged a service ticket for this but no feedback in 24 hours :mad: I was wondering if anybody else has had this problem? I have been.....
Sith Inquisitor Klassenmission Buggy (Heilung der Fule)
Hallo, ich hatte am 01.04. ein Ticket erffnet (8512645), da die Klassenmission "Heilung der Fule" nicht funktioniert. Hier hatte ich nach.....
A word about PVP daily/weekly missions
Any word about why characters can't pick daily/weekly PVP missions beyond New to the warzones? Is a bug or a new mechanic, not a single one of my.....
NOT getting daily PvP missions....
Fourth day in a row i've not gotten missions at the terminal. I've sent a ticket and gotten a generic response from our crack "customer service".....
Unable to obtain [Weekly] Galactic Conflicts mission (level 55)
I completed the [WEEKLY] Galactic Conflicts mission (for level 55 players) last Tuesday after patch, yet this week it was not available to me. I did.....
Klassenmission 3 und 4 zur gleichen Zeit
Ich konnte gestern die Klassenmission 4 auf meinem Schiff annehmen, obwohl ich noch nicht mit Kapitel 3 fertig bin. Somit landete ich auf Makep und.....
Thank you Bioware for the seeker droid/binocular missions
Most Fun Ive had in ages. The peoples that designed this quest line gets a big thumbs up from me:)..
Stuttering sound leaving instance/mission
Me myself and others are noticing that the sounds stutters when leaving a mission / instance etc. Believe that its introduced after the last patch,.....
Heroic missions: Really stupid question
I have a really stupid question about heroic missions: How do I get people to do them with me? So far I've just been trying ask people on the chat.....
Seeker Droid mission bugged?
I am trying to do the Seeker Droid quest line and am on the part where I have to deploy it on Voss. For some reason my seeker droid is glitching out.....
Weltraummissionen - Belohnungen
Hallo allerseits, ich wei nicht, ob nur ich das Problem habe, bzw. oder ob ich eine Patchnote berlesen habe, aber ich bekomme beim Abschluss.....
Only Armormech (440) recipes from crew missions. Bug?
Why am I only ever getting Armormech recipes from my crew skill missions? Every Underworld Trading crew mission I run (currently have UT at lvl 430.....
Space Mission/PVP Queue Crash
Frequently, just seconds after accepting a warzone queue from space combat, my game crashes to desktop. This has happened dozens of times, and in no.....
Using mission item kills right mouse-button
This is an old problem... (Jan 2013) (Dec 2012).....
Bug Report: Makeb Mission Spoils Class Mission Ending
I was leveling my Jedi Knight today and hit level 47. I had not gone to Corellia yet and my Chapter 3 Class Mission is definitely not yet finished......
Esseles MIssion Glithes STILL Not Fixed????
I was one of the original TOR players at launch. Went away from the game for about a year and a half. Came back just last week and did the Esseles.....
Heroic missions are obsolete
Because of 2.0's unified planetary commendations, I don't see heroic missions being worth the time or effort anymore. With a single type of planetary commendation, I can use commendations from solo mi..
Seeker Droid Mission Bug
I know you'll probably say no for no reason, but I need my Dreadseed armor switched out for Star Forager. There was never any real explanation as to how to choose between the two after defeating Lord ..
Crash to Desktop on Imp Agent Mission "Blackmail"
Hello, I am getting a crash to desktop at the very end of the mission "Blackmail" for the Imperial Agent. Minor Spoiler warning... this is the final mission of Act 1. After I complete all..
Seeker droid mission reward
I just completed the last seeker droid mission on my juggernaut and I chose the dark side ending. Someone else in the group picked lightside and won... so then when I went to turn it in I was given t..
Mission Discovery [BUG]
Good Evening, I'm having an issue across multiple characters regarding certain Mission Discovery's. At this time, I'll have no companions deployed, and am try to learn a new mission. I'm getting ..
Heroic Space combat missions
Where and what level do you have to be able to pickup heroic Space Combat missions?..
Remove the update text on space missions possible??
I'd like to know what setting, if there is any, to uncheck/toggle off so that the yellow text that updates every freakin time I shoot down another starship, or atleast reduce the text size to about ha..
Same Class Can't Help with Story Missions.
Me and my friend both wanted to play Sith Warrior classes I'm a tank and he's DPS, but we've run into a problem. When we get to story areas we can't help each other. Even if one of us completes it the..
[BUG] Slicing Mission returned BLANK Mission Token
I got one back from a mission. It's BLANK pretty much. Was "Mission Discovery: Investigation" with notes saying "Requires Advanced Investigation" and then also says "Use: Gran..
Low XP on missions, why?
Following the story as a Sith Warrior, I arrived at Alderaan and when I see the reward after doing the class missions it marks that the experience are of +7, and I started to check the other and is al..
I can't finish my class story mission (consular)
I'm currently playing a level 49 consular, and I have been trying to complete the "Shattering" story mission aboard the Javelin. I keep reaching a point completing an objective, where I am pro..
Klassenmission Aurora immer noch verbugt?
Whrend der Klassenmission im Maschinendeck auf der Aurora sollte ich die drei Konsolen bedienen, ging nicht, einfach nicht anwhlbar. Gegner nicht mehr lootbar, Sanittsdroide stellte auf stur. Ticket g..
Big problem with GSI mission terminals.
Hello.for several days I have a problem that I have never had,i can't pick up any reputation quests from GSI missions terminal.This happens on every planet where this terminal is.Notice on the red col..
enemies and companions are bugged during certain class missions
I am experiencing a problem where my companions will fly into the ceilings of certain dungeons during class missions and be unavailable during fights. When this happens the enemies during these same d..
Anarchy class mission on Belsavis
Heya everyone, Just thought I'd post my results of completing this mission as a "guide" to help others in the future. This is a difficult mission and seemingly wayyyyy overpowered for the l..
smuggler/gunslinger mission help
I think I may have missed a step in my characters progression. I left Ord Mantel for Coruscant, following the story, I get to Coruscant pick up a few general missions, completed them but I have nothin..
No getting rewards from Heroic Gree Event Mission
I finished my weekly rep with the Gree faction. I've been doing the daily missions and have yet to receive an additional set of rewards (specifically the gree faction items, ie, Ancient Gree Artifact)..
Mission items and quest
Ello Ok i am getting this alot. Don't know if its a bug or not and don't know if anyone else is getting it? But here we go, I get this on quest where you have to go and pick items (Yes class q..
no text for missions
I logged in earlier today and noticed that my mission log had no lines of text at all in it. I could see the circles for tracking quests but no quest names or descriptions. I logged out and back in ..
Unable to Summon or See Treek even though I did the Mercinary Mission to aquire her.
I did the Mercenary mission to acquire Treek. At the end of the conversation with the Droid, the mission Froze. I logged out/closed the game. Restarted the Game. Logged back into my character. It..
BH Class Mission: The Mandalorian Killer is Bugged/Preventing Story Progression
I submitted an in-game ticket for this as well, but the Bounty Hunter class mission "The Mandalorian Killer" is bugged preventing story progression. Specifically, the engineering level of the ..
Character and NPC wont talk during missions!!
Yes, To who it may concern. I am having a problem when i am running any type of mission. My character and all NPC mouths do not move nor is there and sound. I only see text. I do however here all o..
Rough Draft submissions and vote thread
Here are the following three questions as I see the community's requests thus far. Please do not take offence, but our rep is on holidays or something. I've seen him express his opinions, and he is go..
Corellia Planet Stroyline missions vanished
Ok I don't normally do this but Bioware doest seem to care about this. My Trooper was running on Corellia and doing the planetary storyline. I had just rescued the Selonian prisoners and logged out f..
priority mission terminal broken????
clicked all spots on it and nothing, zip, zilch, nada. Can't go anywhere on it...
The changes in PvP Daily/Weekly missions
They are testing it on PTS Quote: PvP missions have been updated such that no longer require Warzone wins, and missions advance by two points for a Warzone win. New requir..
HK Mission Gelscht -.-
moin, ich habe ausversehen die hk mission gelscht. bekomme die mission in sektion x nun nicht wieder. kann man da irgendwas machen?..
Missing door/mission triggers.
Door/mission trigger to enter compound for Smugglers Lost Son mission is covered in a glowing field that doesn't allow me to enter. Have had same issue on my Bounty Hunter with the door/mission trigge..
death spiral and the end of belsavis mission in the jedi knight story
are both fail if killed which is annoying the death spiral is talk to commander rayful. and the end one is krannus. i was able to get help from guild members to do it. though they were level 50+ which..
Titans of Industry mission doesn't contunue
I accepted the mission by two characters. One finished that successfully, another been stuck on task "Travel to the CZ-198 Facility Terminal". Abandoned, reseted, relog nothing helped. Now sta..
Finite amount of rares in gathering missions?
Ever since a few weeks ago I no longer get any purple items from treasure hunting and slicing missions. For level 9 missions, treasure hunting it's rainbow gems, slicing bio-mech interface chips...100..
Weekly PVP Mission Level 50-54
Hi folks. I have an issue on my three characters in this level range, where, once I have completed the weekly PVP mission, it is no longer available for me to accept, the following Tuesday on reset..
GSI-Daylimissionen, nur 2-3 anstelle von 5?
Hallo zusammen, seit zwei Tagen bekomme ich mit einem meiner Chars (Irwin) nur 2-3 tgliche GSI-Missionen pro Terminal angeboten, normalerweise sollten es ja 5 (4 normale +1 Helden) pro Terminal sei..
Lack of PVP Mission Terminals
So, after reading the Dev's response to the request for the cargo hold in the Cartel Bizarre area (which was great) located here: I thought I'..
Weekly TFB/SV missions
I think it would be better if full operation run was required before you get the weekly reward. So tired of people suddenly "have to go" and "busy" the moment they get their weekly. So..
Kingpin missions dont stay unlocked
Yesterday i have unlocked 2 kingpin missions on 2 different characters.Done them normally. Today, after i complete a henchman mission i cant find the kingpin ones anywhere. The mission log cant be cli..
mission skills
Hi peeps, Im fairly new at this game, and loving it. Now, I was just thinking; At the moment im gona do a 'get lots of credits' phase, before I think, if I ever do, a craft skill (cause I know I..
Cartel Bounty Hunter Kingpin Mission
I bought 2 kingpin missions and open the items to get the quest, Except I didn't get a quest just the email and it fails to show up on the terminals. And all the kingpin missions I did last night didn..
Recovery Plan mission BUGGED
Mission: Recovery Plan Planet: Balmorra Faction: Republic Character: Sakrial Server: Harbringer I have tried several times to post a ticket regarding this mission ingame but it keeps asking me ..
issue with Jedi Consular mission, Chapter 3, "Chaos and Harmony"
Me and my partner both play SWTOR, and he's having trouble completing the very last part of this mission, so he's asked me to post this asking for help. His character starts the final conversation wit..
Space mission achievements reverted from 100% to 97%
Due to a recent patch my 100% in space got reverted back to 97% and "Saleucami fleet action mastery" now tells me to "Eliminate Fighters" even though I already had it. Same for "..
Missin Kingpin Missions!
I have 8 characters on Begeren Colony. There are 4 Imperial and 4 republic . The first month of the Bounty contract event i could do kingpin misisons with my warrior and my bounty hunter. When the ev..
Titans of Industry mission doesn't continue
I can't get past the 'Travel to CZ-198 Facility Terminal" part of the Titans of Industry quest. Tried everything suggested in this thread but without success:
Missing Kingpin Missions
I have unlocked all Kingpin missions on various characters, but some no longer have them available. 2 definitely on the Republic side. I have no missions in my log at all from the event on each char..
Taspan Ambush Empire Space Mission BUGGED
The mission was working fine before the patch. When you are escorting the other ship it flies throw a solid wall that kills you. There use to be a channel that you could follow it threw. The day b..
Space Missions suddenly harder?
I have been cranking the space missions with grade 7 ship parts fro some time now. I am about 2k rep away from hyperspace legend. After the last patch though I feel like the missions are harder to co..
What happened to my HK-51 Mission Line and Collected Parts?
Last week, I started the HK-51 Companion Mission Series and did them all except the last one, The Foundry, which I've been preparing to do all week (by upgrading my gear). I collected ALL the HK-51 p..
Space Mission issues - Bomber increased health
Anyone else noticing that the bombers in the elite space missions have had their health and/or shields significantly increased?..
space missions
not sure if anyone even does these anymore try to run at least 1 of these per day with at least 1 character, sometimes more, am about 5k'ish away from legendary anyway, did not do one wed, and t..
Still nothing to fix the space mission bugs?
And by that I don't mean the glitch that has a wall appear in a mission, but the fact that we are doing near no damage...I might be wrong but I don't recall anything from you guys saying you are looki..
Bug: Mission discovery: "Scavanging" - 450
After the last patch I'm no longer able to use mission discovery: "Scavanging" - 450. When clicking the item I get a red message stating:"You already know that schematic". (Also su..
Mission did not update
Earlier today I was doing a mission on Alderaan called "Hive Mined" and the associated bonus mission "Demoralize and Demolish". Stage 3 of the bonus mission required me to defeat Mast..
Character Conversation Stuck in a Loop - Belsavis Jedi Knight Class Mission
In Death Spiral, Talk To Commander Rayfel, enter the story mission and defeat the Imperial Fanatics, go to talk to Commander Rayfel. Once done, the mission advances to defeat Rayfel and cultists at w..
abandoned mission
So I accidentally abandoned the Friends of the Republic quest which is started in a group instance on taris (empire) and I am unable to regain. Is there anyway to get the mission back or what?..
Restart missions
To all I want to restart a few missions is there anyway that can happen..
Dread Palace mission reward: Arkanian Relic of Reactive Warding
Non-tanks get can pick between a Relic that adds 95 to their primary stat or 225 critical rating. Tanks effectively can "pick" a relic that gives them a damageshield for 740 points for 6 sec..
Seeker Droid Mission in PVP areas
Ok, i know you're trying to up the challenge by putting Seeker Droid Missions in PVP areas and Outlaw's Den and the like, but really? I see if some of the Macro challenges you get attacked by a random..
Treek Contract - "Ineligible for Mission" with a level 16 toon.
Like the subject says. I have Treek in my collections and on the majority of my characters. Went to add her to my Trooper, who is 16, and received the message that I was "Ineligible for this m..
Did not recieve Nar shaddaa kingpin mission after trading in 5 contracts.
I traded in 5 bounty contracts for the nar shaddaa kingpin mission and I did not receive the credit for it. The mission is nowhere to be found in my mission log. Does anyone else have this issue?..
Asteroids in space missions
What did you guys do to the asteroids in space missions? Glancing blows that used to take just half my shield now destroy my ship almost instantly. Thanium disruption just went from pretty hard to N..
Level 50 space missions
Any tips or tricks for level 50 space missions they are beating me down maybe missing something. Everything grade 7 but proton torps...
GSI Mission problems, Terminals won't work.
I have found a few threads on this but no solutions on them. A friend and I have been trying to do the GSI Daily missions however, she can not accept them. She is 55, she had finished them before, b..
Adv. UT missions buggy since Makeb launch, only ever yielding _gloves_ schematics !!!
This bug has been around for long enough. And I believe it has to be very simple to verify. I've posted about in various venues, and it was seen by Bioware employees, such as /r/reddit, but every ..
cant open map ...and cant get to open the mission reward interface
hi ... my problem is that I cant open the map nor the preferences ... also i cant get the rewards from the missions it says i have 7 rewards to claim but it doesnt open them!!!! plz help me!!!!!..
Bounty Hunter mission
Hey got a problem with the Bounty hunter mission (speak to Ariavos), cus when i go to Ord Mantell and to the mission spot, he is not there... anyone got any idea, what is wrong? thx..
Lost reticle in space mission
My wife has just had an issue pop up since yesterday where she does not have a reticle during the space missions. the cursor maintains as a pointer. this doesn't allow you to lock missles and makes fi..
The Flow of Goods (Jedi Consular), unable to finish mission
Was able to get to the point of being able to scan the smugglers involved, but all it says is: You found nothing. This repeats for all of the smugglers on the beds. Since the scanner does not pick up ..
Problems with end game missions
So I was looking at the mission rewards preview, love that feature, and I've noticed a few errors with the quest rewards with a few missions and I was wondering if anyone else has had them. Ilum Un..
Can't interact with mission items or environment
Doing a favor for a friend: One of my buddies is currently having a problem with being able to interact with required mission items. We were in the middle of a mission and then he wasn't able to r..
Stuck at Imp Operative chapter 1 final mission.
I made it to the Light/Dark choice about whether or not to activate the eradicators, then used my emergency fleet pass to leave the zone. When I returned to the Artus system the door from the hanger t..
Heroic Space Missions
PLEASE ... PLEASE ... make them either easier and doable ... or make normal mode versions of them. They are friggin impossible...
How to run swtor without administrative permissions?
I want to run swtor without administrative privileges, how do I achieve this on windows 7 x64 fully updated..
Unable to do my story mission
Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong thread but the problem I am currently having with my smuggler is that I cannot talk to Syreena once all of the thugs and Bracco appear, the text bubble pretty ..
Freeze during " Dark Council " Mission
My game has run smoothly all the way through, then it decides to act up here.. It just freezes up, music still runs but image and screen freeze.. I can't wrap my head around this.. Can anyone offer so..
I cant travel to class mission destination.
I was trying to reset one of my imperial agent class missions coz i didnt like the outcome so i left Artus System (class space traveling thing) and now i cant reset my mission or go back to finish it...
HK Mission - Getting an Escort to Dromand Kaas.
I have my new Inquisitor (Imperial Character) at Level 5 and wanted to know how hard it would be to get another player or players to escort me to Dromand Kaas - Dark Temple for the HK Motivator Part? ..
Missions not showing on World Map
On Taris and Hoth, some missions are not visible on World map. I've tried literally everything. Defaulted settings at least 5 times, messed with all the options for the map, left the planet and come b..
Level 10...and used fleet pass. Not sure how to get back to the main class mission
As soon as I expanded my quick bars around level 10...i decided that i didnt want to wait for my skill tree process. So i went ahead and proceeded on to using my fleet pass. I got my advance classes a..
Requesting some help, or guidance in what to do... Accidentally dropped HK-51 mission
I had spent an entire night getting parts for my HK-51, and I learned that I would have to get the last two parts doing flashpoints. I went to Illum to at least build *up* to the point where I could ..
Speak with Darth Zhorrid mission bugged?
Anybody else having issues with using there holoterminal on their ship on the agent story. After speaking to her on Korriban I can't use the holoterminal on my ship. The cinematic just stays stuck on ..
Trouble finding groups to do group mission
Had tried to use the group finder and wait for 30 minutes and even used general forum in-game, and still no one responded in those mission. At this rate, I may have to do those solo. Great........:mad..
F2P weekly Warzone/Flashpoint/Space Mission limit not resetting
Hello there, I've spoken to a F2Per on my server, The Progenitor, who has the issue that their weekly limit on threadname mentioned content has not reset for 2 weeks now. If I'm not mistaken they s..
Please Fix Star Fighter Daily & Weekly Mission Exploit
I am writing this to request the help of the Dev's in solving an issue that is becoming a real problem in Star Fighter. In every other area of SWTOR you gain a reward for completing some action i..
Imperial Agent "Darth Zhorrid Arrives" Mission
Sent an in-game ticket yesterday and didn't get a response. Basically; I run through Darth Zhorrid Arrives with my agent, at the end I'm told to go to my ship and activate the holoterminal. After c..
Commendations lost and i cant get missions on illum, oricon and similars
First, yesterday i did some missions and get about 150 basic com, i was going to fleet to buy something but i cant because i did a flashpoint and when i finished it i left the game, today i only have ..
Sugestion about Space missions - Grade 7 or higher equipment
Hello, As it is, personaly I have problems with the space missions grade 7 or higher equiped, last space missions available that give reputation. It is very very hard, I understand that they are fo..
Missionsgegenstand per Post
Hallo! Mit meiner Agentin habe ich per Post einen Missionsgegenstand geschickt bekommen mit dem Verweis des Swtor Teams das es da wohl irgendwelche Probleme gab. Jetzt ist es aber so das ich 1. den..
Old Space Mission Achievement Broken
Hey I know that with the new star fighter that the old space missions are kind of a forgotten thing now but I would like to bring up a known bug again that has been around for quite some time now. The..
Heroic Space Mission Weekly Missions?
I completed Cha Raaba a few days ago, and according to a few sites, Sunday is supposed to have Cha Raaba as a weekly mission. I can't seem to locate where to pickup the weeklies for space missions an..
Repeatable Story Missions
Is it possible to repeat story missions? There a few bosses I would like to fight again...
I have been trying to figure out how to get started with the bounty hunting missions.
I have been trying to figure out how to get started with the bounty hunting missions. can anyone tell me how to get started with them. I don't have any tokens so i can't get any missions. And now that..
Game Halting Mission Bug: Cannot Progress Story Due to Holoterminal
Hello there, My character (Sohnmer, on Ebon Hawke), has encountered a severe bug. He currently has two class quests that need completion in his log (Jedi on Ice - Chapter 2 quest with a companion a..
Mission Log Limit Increase
I recently returned to the game and noticed that there are a lot more Daily and Weekly quests about. The problem is, we are still limited to only carrying 25 at a time. This is rather absurd. With ..
Issue with The Bounty Brokers Association-mission, can't see or speak to BH-7X
I'm having issues with the mission named in the headline. When I arrive in the Cartel Bazaar I can see a triangle on the minimap, but the BH-7X is nowhere to be found (see screenshot: https://dl.dropb..
Story Mission Problems
I don't want to be another of those that complain all the time. But I am kinda upset about not being able to advance my story line mission. I have seen others had a problem with this and I do not know..
Coruscant Heroic Mission Advice Request
Hi, Having finished the main story missions I am left with only the Heroic missions left to play on Coruscant. What I would like advice on is what the suggested level for each of the missions is..
Mission Jam
Ok, :mad: I am on what I think is the last mission of Ord Mantell, and I cannot board the shuttle for the designated destination. It tells me "You cannot use this at this time" or some such..
Stolen Secrets class mission Bug
I have completed all three objectives for the Stolen Secrets Class mission but after I select the dialog option the game is perpetually stuck with my character and the other looking at each other like..
sins can get back into the arena during intermission i actually remembered to take a screenshot ooooooo..
class mission not working
Im a trooper on class quest Climbing the ladder, in the chain i have to go to club Vertica. when i go inside the quest changes to use your personal holocom but it does not appear on the screen, i h..
[BUG] assassins can get back into the arena during intermission
my 1st thread was deleted don't know why i guess devs like to keep bugs in idk heres 3 screenshot of me being in the arena during intermission
No support for missions?
I abandoned a planetary storyline mission on Quesh, because I missed some dialogue, and wanted to go back and hear it again, this was apparently a bad idea since I was now locked out of re-acquiring i..
Can't join groups for Heroic Missions
I finally decided to try and join a group to do some of the Heroic missions that have been piling up in my journal, yet when I tried to accept an invite I got this ** is trying to invite you to the..
How to know what missions are Planet Story Line or side quest?
Hello! I want to play my character through the entire Class Story and something other players refer as Planet Story Line. But how do I know what missions that are part sof the Planet Story line and..
Bug in JK mission?
Hi,i was playing my guardian alt on balmmora he is 33 and i was doing the class mission where you have to hack in some relays to send away from sobrik the imperials,after all 3 comm relays get hacked ..
Wtb "keep more than 25 missions in your log authorization"
What the title says. I mean seriously. We have so many weeklies and dailies (no complaint there) that they actually fill up the log. E.g. the bike missions alone take up like 5 entries...
Padawan early missions - turn in your fellow trainees or else face dark side points?
Hello Hey I just felt motivated to post on this. I ran into the infamous 'lovers' (forget the whole quest name) quest, where you get docked really a lot of dark side points for keeping the two trai..
Character and NPC wont talk during missions
I am having a problem when i am running any type of mission. My character and all NPC mouths do not move nor is there any sound. I only see text. I do however here all other sound and i do here sound..
How do I Get access to GSI mission on Nar Shaddaa
How do I Get access to GSI mission on Nar Shaddaa why can't i get any GSI Mission on Nar Shaddaa ?..
NPC Mission Issue Patch 2.7
Either at the start middle or end of a mission, when you talk to an NPC I will randomly get a load screen [the one with the x-wing fighters and the whirling blue loader]. This did not happen prior to ..
ETA to pvp mission drop box being added to warzones?
The addition of the mission terminal in spawn points is a major improvement and I applaud BW for adding this feature. I'm just wondering when we can expect the drop box in there also. I know I saw a c..
Mission [VEHICLE] Aratech Nightscythe Bugged
Hello, One friend from my guild called Nembata'alfark is prefered played had defeated Today all bosses from Explosive Conflict have already the achievement but in the properly mission dont count the ..
How do I start the Republic Starfighter missions (not GSF) which give reputation ?
Hello, I'm not sure how to ask this so that everyone can understand what I mean ... Among the Reputation groups (listed in the Legacy window), there is one grou, called I think the Republic Hype..
Unable To Travel To Class Mission Location
I was trying to reset one of my imperial agent class missions as i didnt like the outcome so i left the "Artus System" (Class quest area) and now ive reset the mission as well as phase but are..
Side Missions giving 7 exp?
Hey guys Not really sure what section this belongs in.. I actually skipped pretty much all side missions so that I could catch up with my friends on the class missions, I am now level 21 and cur..
Abandoned mission and can not retrieve it.
I accidentally abandoned the mission "into the fire" when trying to reset it and cannot seem to pick it up again. It is the second part of the main corellia planet missions. Darth charnus who ..
alternatives to repeating same missions with new characters
Here's the thing, I find the thought of doing the exact same mission depressing. So when I make my second imperial or republic character, I had this idea that I would just do the class missions and a..
SPOILERS!!! Jedi Knight final mission
Spoiler Hi everyone, I've read about there being a puzzle to solve in the final Jedi Knight mission. Apparantely you should be able to find panels on the pillars. Yet for me, ther..
Corellia "Engineering Breakdown" Critical Mission Issue
Hello, I cannot pick up the quest "Engineering Breakdown" after abandoning it. It seems this issue has been present since 2012. Could someone in Customer Service notify QA? I know it's an o..
Imperial Agent mission NPC
I have tried to complete my Imperial agents quest on Korriban after talking to Darth Jadus's daughter but everytime i go to my ship and talk to the holoprojector, I can not talk to her..has anyone els..
Qyzen Fess Rebirth mission
I think I majorly screwed up the Qyzen Fess Rebirth mission, because I'm not seeing any more missions from Qyzen and I maxed out his affection. Could somebody in charge please reset it?..
Can't get the [WEEKLY] Galactic Conflicts mission (for level 55 players)
The Terminal don't show any of the level 55 FP missions on my main char, On 2 of my Alts if shows up as it should and just to skip some things. No I have not full quest log, yes I have done it be..
Game Bug for the mission [Darth Zhorrid arrives]
Everything in between for the mission worked just fine although each time I reset the mission the end result was always the same. when getting back onto the imperial x class ship for the operative the..
Bounty Hunter Mission Glitched
So I was doing the mission "The Mandalorian Killer" (The one after you revisit Nar Shadaa after Alderaan) and I got to the part where you have to target the chief guy with the rocket jump thin..
Doomsday Mission Bug
I'm a subscriber and recently purchased the Revan expansion pack coming out. I finished my main story on Corellia at lvl 48 and got the Doomsday mission. When in orbit around Dromund Kass, I went to u..
best pace with x12 mission xp?
so when i started playing again and getting my xp boost it was amazing and i was flying fast till like the end of Balmorra (im dark side) and i realized the hard way im way behind...i tried getting a..
Did my 12x Boost Skip a Few Class Missions?
So After I pre ordered SOR and re subbed I created a new Imp Sorcerer. I really am enjoying the boost but I cant help but feel like it did not hit on a few of my class missions which I have been playi..
Class mission locking up.
Trying to complete "Darth Zhorrid Arrives" with my Agent, Kuthorn. I met her on Korriban, killed her bodyguards, and finished speaking to her. Now it says to use the holoterminal on my ship. I..
Oricon Main mission lost?
So, I finally got past the beast on Oricon, and did a few more missions. I then got a mission from the Sergent to stop some ships - I may or may not accidentially have deleted it to make room for d..
Sorcerer stats for DPS in Ops an Heroics missions HELP!
What is the best stats for my Sorcerer my tree is lightning, I really need help I've been told that my equipment stats are all over the place.. I have 1.1million in the bank, my armor stats are aroun..
100k xp per class mission to 7xp
i have preordered the expansion and was enjoying my 12x xp all day long, then suddenly my xp per CLASS quest went from over 100k to 500 then down to 7xp per class mission.... i hope this gets fixe..
You are not elegible to enter at this time, Story Line Mission
Hello, I can't enter a story area because it tells me "You are not elegible to enter at this time" but to finish the mission "Defeat the possessed terrorist" I need to get inside. ..
Crafting Trainer Mission bug
Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. Just thought I'd let you know the starter mission you do when you first go to the fleet to go and speak to a crafting trainer is bugged. The map marke..
Sith Warrior at level 46 having trouble completing missions and leveling up
I can't complete First in Flight on Hoth, Clear the Carbon Gallery on Belsavis, Powerplay on Dromund Kaas and I don't know what to do to level up to 47 so I can complete those missions. Help please...
Ilum main line quests are a rattle snake pit. Head to Makeb. 1st mission gives 447K
or there abouts experience points. And it is easy. Keep in mind these numbers are for 12X earnings with the Revan preorder...
Doomsday Jedi Knight Mission broke and no in game help
I tried to get the droid components during this mission. My inventory was full so I emptied it. After making room for the droid components I no longer had access to the loot screen so could not get ..
character stuck on a mission
Need help character is stuck on a mission i just defeated darth angral it won't let me and it keeps telling me to go to tython to talk to the jedi counsel but when i try to talk to them it won't let m..
Major Class Mission Experience Boost
Hi Could anyone tell me if the "Major Class Mission Experience Boost" works with the 12x boost that is currently active? thank you...
Problem with loading NPC mission conversations
Hello, I've been playing Sith Sorcerer on Alderan and I have had trouble loading conversions with NPC which are required to advance in the game. In one case it just won't start, showing the 3 dots in..
Everytime i try to do my class mission, swtor freezes and then crashes.
i am trying to do te class mission "the dark council" when my character sits down on Thanatons desk, 2 seconds later the game freezes and then crashes. Any help would be nice...
I cant do my class mission.
Everytime i try to do my class mission swtor crashes at the same exact moment in the cutscene...
Freezing on mission "Distant early warning"
Hello, I'm on the jedi knight quest line and this mission "Distant early warning" keeps causing my game to freeze whenever I talk to doc. I have to literally restart my computer just to get..
Mission problem on Agent on Voss
I'm trying to finish the mission "The Prophecy of the Shining Man" I've destroyed the Shining man's ship n getthe message that I have a Holocommunicae to see. When I try to view the Holo my Ag..
Sith Inquisitor: game freezes everytime in mission The Duel on Corellia
hello so i was playing before and i believe im on the last part of my class mission on corellia the mission is called The Duel and when i enter the area im suppossed to talk to Darth Thanaton and when..
Bug (?) report on level500 gathering/mission
Artifact level 500 gathering/mission travels should return 4/5 pieces of artifact grade 10 crafting materials, yet regardless of type those only return 3 pieces with max affection characters +2 critic..
A request for new space missions
I know that SWTOR space missions have received a lot of complaints since the launch of SWTOR. However, I really enjoy them. They are something I can jump into the game and complete quickly, and I fi..
Group mission issue for Shadow of Revan.
I've posted about this and searched the patch notes and find nothing, so it has to be a bug. When 2 different classes do any of the main story missions, in the expansion Shadow of Revan, we cannot bot..
Problems W/ Mission Advancement Forged Alliances
I've completed both 1 and 2 and yet my mission log still says I have to complete 1? Both me and my guildie that completed. (We just finished part 2 tonight..) Now, besides my general "bugged" about ..
Treasure Hunting Bugged, Midlithe Crystals not dropping in Rich Missions
Treasure Hunting, Rare Midlithe Crystals are not dropping in Rich Missions. the only time they drop is in the one-time Crafting Missions dropped by Slicing. I haven't seen any drop since launch. ..
Story Mission bugged
So my problem is my story mission, Darth Zhorrid Arrives, gets stuck trying to use my holoterminal when i try to use it to talk to Watcher Two. I have tried everything to fix it. I left the ship and c..
Where do I get assigned the Life Day missions?
I admit that I'm pretty dense, but I have run around the galaxy looking for a NPC to get the Life Day missions from and I can't find them (playing as a Sith). I would like to throw snowballs. Please h..
Klassenmission : Auge um Auge - Lösung/Hilfe
Hey ich komm bei der Mission nicht weiter. Ich kann meinen Gefährten nicht wegschicken - egal wann ich die vorher wegschicke ist die sofort nach der Dialogsequenz wieder da. Und dann gehen nat..
Having trouble with a mission Flashpoint the Esseles
I can not beat this with just me and my companion. I need to start over and try to find another player to help. It will not let me abandon the mission and I am new to the game and confused on a lot ..
Trooper Class Mission...Justice ticket #15220906 advice?
Trooper class mission. Flew to Justice ship, killed bad guy, and ported to Coruscant to speak with Garza. I was supposed to talk to her on board the ship. My bad..... Now when trying to fly back to t..
Post all available crew missions
One of the biggest frustrations for me as a crafter is when I am trying to gather crafting materials off the crew missions. This is especially true on Archeology since it has not only power crystal a..
too weak to continue story mission
So I'm a level 10 Mercenary and I'm stuck on a mission called Family Cleansing(which is a lvl 14). It's because I'm too weak to beat Vereta. By the time she kills me I only lowered her health by a qua..
Nar Shadaa Planetary Mission bugged
So I completed the first step on the quest line: it was When Diplomacy Fails from Minister Plennid. I've handed in the quest to Ambassador Averdon. I got the next step: Armed and Dangerous. I was ne..
GAME BREAKING PROGRESSION BUGS: every class mission on imp agent broken......4th time
ok guys its time for a refund a lawsuit or a permanent fix for the imperial agent class, i have spent real money to buy cartel coins to outfit a character i cannot play due to the holoterminal turn in..
Guild name changed without permission, CS drones refuse to help
I am the guildmaster of a guild on the Harbinger. I took a few months away from the game and when my wife and I came back, we found that our guild name had been randomly changed to a completely ridicu..
Can't Start Makeb Missions
I have been playing through my Guardian character, and after completing the Ilum storyline I'm wanting to start RotHC and do the Makeb story missions, but the holoterminal on my ship doesn't indicate ..
Oricon Mission Pre Requisites.
I am a returning player. I have a toon that finished to Lvl 50 all the class quest. I bought the shadow of revan expansion. Did all of makeb. Now I cant take the oricon missions, and when i take t..
bug or glitch , stucked at class mission Heist of the Milennium
Hey, My Toon is Selina-Kyle in the harbinger sevice , when i finish the mission Modest Proposals in Nar Shaddaa, i accdiently exit the mission area, and the following missin Heist of the Milennium h..
I have not received a title from a mission completion
I have recently done the mission that involved the World razer and I chose the light side option which should of given me the title Master of the burning way instead it has not gave me it and the co..
Sith Inquisitor: The Duel mission Freezes
Every time i try to play the mission, it freezes a couple of seconds into the first cutscene. When this happens i can't exit the window and i'm stuck in the game until i logoff from my computer. Every..
Sith Inquisitor final mission crash
Hey, I've been looking around everywhere for a solution to this and I'm not coming up with anything. In the final phase of the Sith Inquisitor class storyline the game just keeps freezing and I have t..
Does anybody happen to have a toon with "The Ghosts of the Desert" mission?
I was an idiot and I abandoned it rather than resetting it: Now I can't get the mission anymore. Also filed a ticket and they said this: Quote..
Whats the respawn timer on this mission
Cant remember the name of it, but i believe its repeatable? In kaleth You go into a cave to shutdown a computer and a guy gives you some information before his critical errors shut him down. How long..
@Devs: More Daily Missions on Rishi would be nice
I really like Rishi, it's one of the planets I totally enjoy being on and I'm hearing a lot of other players do too. Unfortunately there's not much to do there once you've finished the story. There's..
How is Cartel Market armor/weapons better than that from looting/missions/whatever?
Yay. How? I'm a level 17 (sith warrier) and the armor from looting/missions/condeminions seems probably just as good as Cartel Market armor. I've gotten both and compared. It seems like alot of times ..
Permission denied despite have a sub
I have a sub. I have 81 days remaining. Yet when I try to look at things on this site, I get: JeramieCrowe, you do not have permission to access this page - Forum posting is limited to Subscribers..
Guild Flagship Key Permissions
I have been googling and searching the forums, but can not find this information. Is there a list of what a guild stronghold/flagship key gives at each level (ie, bronze key can use the mailbox but n..
Inquisitor Help | No mission tracker
So basically all of a sudden I had no green objectives for a story mission, it's the one on tatooine, where you're with that guy and you're trying to find the artifact, there we're no objective marker..
Class mission conversation freezes
My Trooper is stuck on Voss now. Mission: Into the Shadows The game freezes everytime I try to talk to the sith (after beating him). I set in a ticket but thought I might have better luck here. ..
Bluescreen bei Makrofernglasmissionen
hi zusammen, ich hab mir vor ner weile nen neuen pc zugelegt um swtor endlich mal mit gescheiter grafik und performance spielen zu können. läuft auch alles astrein, kein laggs usw. nur ein p..
Group Finder and Mission Briefings
I've been using Group Finder a lot lately to queue up for Flashpoints, but for some reason even after I've completed the mission, I don't get to see Darth Malgus' final debriefing. I'm a 'story first..
class mission is bugged
I am on the final part of the Dark Council mission for the Inquisitor, I am supposed to click on the intercom on Thanaton's desk to proceed, but every time I try, nothing happen other than my characte..
False Emperor Bonus Mission
Anyone Else have issues with this flashpoint? A buddy of mine and I were running the flashpoint, which we encountered an issue with the Combat State not updating. In addition we completed the bonus mi..
cannot finish class mission
the arrival of zhorrid, i was doing this mission on my imperial agent sniper, i had to use the holoterminal on my ship, but the cutscene freezes and i get no dialog or any way to advance it. please i ..
Shadow of Revan prelude part II A7-T1 Droid start mission glitch..
I'm trying to start Shadow of Revan prelude..part II... it clearly says '' Speak to A7-T1 Droid on the fleet...'', and I found him, stood right by him.. tried to start a convo.. nothing. This isn't t..
[H4] Jawa Trade (Empire) on Tatooine prerequisite mission?
I have a level 31 marauder and the quest giver, Lana Corrs, has no quest symbol over her head. She only has flavor responses when I click on her. I completed this quest before on my agent but that w..
Sexual remarks in the Powertech class missions.
I would like to know who thinks this is acceptable? Using the word 'cockold' I understand it is my choice to play that Character or not. My concern is the younger generation playing. The underage ..
Help: Game repatedly freezes during dialogue in sith inquisitor mission "The duel"
On June 26, I went to my friends house to play SW:TOR and brought my own laptop. A few minutes before I decided to go to my own home my friends WiFi crashed on me as I was entering dialogue in the sit..
Shadow Class Missions stop where ?
Hello all Only interested in PVP and I am about to finish Corellia - is that the end of the class missions ? or does Makeb and the Shadow of Revan count as class missions ? Can I flag Makeb and Shado..
Still bugged mission / achievement - Makeb
Hi dear people coding the game.. : / Well the expansion Rise of the Hutt Cartel is now quiet some time ago.. but still you havent managed to fix the bug to complete [STAGE 1] Inciting Incident. Good ..
Tatooine mission terminal
Well i think someone made a Thread about this a long time ago.Anyway i am from the progenitor and we hold small events in the outlaws den every week just for fun like 2v2 etc And it come to my mind i..
Suggestion for group missions
It would be really nice if you could use the group finder for missions that you have leveled out of due to the increased experience boost. It is really hard to complete those missions without a group..
"Monolithic" mission (Ziost story) on Harbinger is bugged.
people keep walking in on other people's instances and bugging the monolith. have tried relogging dropping quest blah blah blah... we're all unable to continue with the intro story to ziost because ..
CLASS MISSION: Darth Zhorrid Arrives still bugged
Can anyone help me with this? I can't talk to Watcher 2 on my ship's holoterminal, so I can't advance my class mission. I have two open tickets but from reading other posts...its going to be days ..
At what point do I stop gaining XP for missions (question about being overleveled)
Say I have a class story that is at level 31. At how high can I level before I lose the ability to gain XP from the quest? I am currently level 34 and I want to level up further (through warzones) but..
<Monolithic> mission on Ziost bugged?
When you advance to the point where the mission tells you to "Locate the failsafe Console", and you enter the Personal Phase area, the mission does not advance. The boss, the monolith, does not show u..
Installation of the driver and support components require administrative permission a
Hi, I've been getting this error when trying to get into the game on my old Windows XP machine. Installation of the driver and support components require administrative permission acknowledgment. Tr..
Not receiving commendation rewards for Class missions.
Hi All, I playing Sith Warrior story and in the last two class missions I receive/complete (The Padawan Exposed and the previous one) I don't see standard 12x commendations reward among other rewards..
Bugged Mission
I have been leveling up my Republic toon, and I get to the mission Operation Talon, find head of states, and it makes me do this one objective over and over. I get to the table talk to the hologram in..
Corellia, undergroung invasion mission, at the nutron emitters station, crashing
my computer keeps crashing on corellia, on the underground invasion mission, when I go to deactivate the neutron emitters at the neutron station, the storyline video starts makes it to the first set o..
Group Mission on IIlium
I've been playing for a while now and have gotten my trooper to Illium, level 55, all with out doing a group quest or heroics, and I don't care for PvP. I've only done a few "Area" quests. I don't k..
Makeb Mission: Hitting the Hutts crash
Level 52 Vanguard doing final objective "Return to Shalim" on Makeb mission "Hitting the Hutts". I am experiencing a crash where the screen either freezes up when a chat bubble appears by my character..
Completed missions disappearing?
I've had this happen twice now and I'm trying to figure out what the deal is. I complete a mission, I save it because I want to pop an XP boost and accept multiple mission rewards at the same time...
New Heroic Missions in new content
I have just heard through the grape vine so correct me if I am wrong, all planetary heroics you will be lowered to the level of the planet. ok this is fine if you are just helping a friend or guild m..
Mission donne 0 xp
Hello , I have a jedi knight lvl 40, currently on Belsavis , I got a class quest called death spiral ( identifying scientific ) Unfortunately I got from this quest, any quest reward is displayed eit..
Heroic Missions Changes
Well, after reading the new developer blog about Core World Changes (here), I'm concerned about the dialogs of the Heroic Missions in KoTFE. In this blog, Brian Audette explains that we can pick the q..
hk part mission holder question (spoilers)
given: my republic toon was the hk activation heroic mission and find most of the hk parts. my imp toon only has the burba scanner , does not have that heroic mission and will get the dark temple hk ..
Class Mission is gone????
I logged into swtor after 4.0 and my class mission is gone, some people said I should try and go back to whoever gave the last objective but the phase is locked out, im kinda just stuck here with nowh..
Heroic Mission Gear Source
Is there any way I can complete the heroic gear sets from Heroic (2+) missions? I think the sets look awesome and want them for the full sets, but I leveled too quickly and can't complete them. Why no..
Please add all of the tactical Falshpoints to the weekly mission.
I just noticed today that the list of Tactical FPs that count towards the weekly mission are not all of the ones that group finder will put you in. More simply, several of the FPs don't count towards..
Why no Solo mode for Battle of Ilum and False Emperor as part of class mission.
With all this time, and the advent of Solo mode in higher level class required FP's, why is there still no Solo mode for Battle of Ilum and False Emperor as part of class mission for Ilum Under Siege..
Question about Heroic 2+ Missions
I've been trying to google for an answer but haven't found one so might as well ask here. When you get those reward crates from doing heroic 2+ missions that contain loot, are the loot tables random ..
Supply Crates from Heroic Missions: Intended or Possible Bug?
I had a question about receiving the alliance supply crates from heroic missions. I understand that you can start heroics from the NPC for a particular star fortress to get supply crates. You can also..
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