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Body type 3/Datacron Issue
Corellia Datacron - Presence +4 Alderaan Datacron - Willpower +3 .....
Is it possible to get into the museum datacrons without doing the huge chain?
The museum has those great datacrons that i want for my lowbie. and im not sure if going through all the trouble to get lynhack to work is worth it.....
datacrons and wrong body size
So far i cant get to 2 datacrons due my characthers bodysize, first one is on alderan in pantheers castle wich is willpower+3 and the other is on.....
+10 All Stats Datacron [Empire Guide]
This is a guide for Empire only, as it takes place on the Imperial Fleet. There is a similar datacron for the Republic, of course, but I play Empire so I cannot enlighten you on this. I will try to h..
+10 All Stats Datacron [Republic & Empire]
This guide is made in Imperial perspective, since I play Empire. But ALL the steps in this guide, aside from the Imperial Fleet, is exactly the same for the Republic. I cannot tell you how to get to t..
+10 All Stats Datacron Guide [Republic & Empire]
This guide is made from Imperial perspective, since I play Empire. But ALL the steps in this guide, aside from the Imperial Fleet, are exactly the same for the Republic. I cannot tell you how to get t..
Datacron Nar Shadar und Tatooine!
Hi, folgendes problem mit verbuggten datacrons habe ich. auf nar shadar, einsammeln des decodierers im brennraum, ich kann das ding ein sammeln wenn.....
Alderaan Datacron
My character is too big to fit in the gap at Castle Panteer for the Willpower Datacron on Alderaan. Was just wondering if there was any other way to.....
Datacrons Guide: Locations and Info [Updated]
Datacrons are small cubes that are hidden in various hard to access places. Any player can interact with the Datacrons, it's not class/allegiance dependent, just a matter of finding them. Interactin..
Datacrons: Class Usage Chart
Due to popular demand, we decided to create yet another chart for you, this time with all the Datacrons, along with their codex entry and class usage (main stat). As you probably know, we also created..
Datacrons Organizer
I know some of you repeatedly asked for a more organized chart/guide for all the datacrons. Well, now thanks to our own Dawkinzz, we have a brand new chart (aka the Datacrons Organizer), with all the ..
willpower datacrons and warriors
Hey guys i just had a question about willpower for warriors. I obviously know u dont stat for it by any means but i heard it does give some benefit.....
Datacron Series
Hey guys GamersGlory ( Is starting a Datacron series Starting with Tatooine we will be getting.....
Codex Issue (hutta and datacron)
Iv notice in the codex that if you play a sith inquisitor no mater how many time you go on hutta it will never show in the codex, unfortunatly.....
Alderaan strength datacron help
So I am at the datacron location but I am unable to climb the latter. I have tried walking, running, jumping over and over until my space got stuck.....
Hoth Datacron 66 bugged?
I purchased the Hydro-thinner and melted the ice surrounding the Datacron, however after the ice melts and I click the Datacron nothing happens...
Datacrons BUGGED.
2nd datacron in a row. First presence +4 on corellia, could not click on it. Don't have it. Now first time on Tatooine, can't click or use the +3.....
Datacron problem Second datacron to do this. As you can see it is the datacron that requires you to ride a slow moving "kiosk" ie.....
Endurance datacron on Quesh bugged.
I tried getting the endurance datacron on Quesh. It's the one at Yuna Crosscut in which you have to enter a cave system and seal yourself inside a.....
str/wp/end/pre datacron hunt
On the Harbinger server at around 4-5pm pst(depending on when im on) tommorow Sept 1st im starting in an alphabetical order of the first 3-4 maybe.....
Datacron Level Cap
I went to Ord Mandel post level 25 to get the Datacrons there, but they were locked to me. What is the magic cap?..
Voss Datacrons
I am just starting to quest on Voss and I can not access any of the datacrons. Anyone else seeing this?..
Hey so I started playing when the game came out, always liked the game but was unable to renew my sub for financial reasons. I am finally back now.....
Datacron Question?
I've never noticed, but, does a datacron boost just my stat or does it effect companions as well? As a Jedi Aim is more important for my T7 than for.....
Can't get Voss endurance datacron even after quest
On one of my toons I successfully completed The Trials quest that's supposed to unlock the endurance datacron, but I still can't access the datacron......
About these datacrons
After hunting a few up I noticed they don't give stat bonuses, the first few did but then nothing. Does the +2 Aim or whatever to only happen once.....
Mit Char A gesammeltes Datacron nicht mit Char B sammelbar
Werter Support, vorab bemerkt, dieses Problem habe ich bereits zwei Mal per Ticket geschildert. Beim ersten Mal vor rund zwei Monaten bekam ich.....
Tatooinie Datacron the EASY way
I agree with everyone who posted about the +3 Aim Datacron on Tatooine is hard to get, but with the help of another player, I found out the easy way.....
[Datacrons] Do the non-main attribute ones help?
As a Jedi Sentinel, Would it be beneficial in any way gathering Aim, Cunning and Willpower datacrons? Would raising those attributes help at all or.....
Can not collect datacrons anymore
Wrote an ingame report but did not get an answer so I will try it here instead. I recently arrived to Ilum with my alternate character on The Red.....
+10 datacron
Hey. So this obviously isn't an urgent issue (considering all the other bugs in the game), but I was wondering if the +10 datacron will ever.....
Can't Access A Datacron
I went back to Tython because I wanted to complete a few quests that I skipped while I was leveling through it the first time around and I stumbled.....
Companions and Datacrons
Do the companions get any stat increase from the datacrons?..
Coruscant Justicar Territory Datacron hint
I had a lot of trouble doing the jumps onto pipes, and from pipe to pipe, until I figured this out: The 'sweet spot' for landing on the pipes.....
legacy datacron unlock 1000 cartel coins!
Bioware I would gladly pay this amount if its under the account unlock legacy not character. It would unlock all datacrons that you found but not.....
Datacrons help?
I currently have a jedi knight as my main character and is a force user. I know that the main stats i should increase are strength and endurance......
Corellia +4 aim datacron bug
I have done this datacron succesfully on 3 other characters, but whenever i position myself behind the explosive fuel i see on my screen landing near.....
Balmorra Datacron
Im in Okara Droid facility and there is Datacron, when I finally found a way how to get it wont activate. I'm Imp. and I'm first time in this place.....
Justicar Territory datacron
I can get to it, but once there I can't select it to access the +2 Cunning bonus... this a bug or am I missing something?..
Tatooine datacrons
Tatooine datacrons impossible to get because the balloon vanishes 5 feet from the boarding platform. You would think a year after release you guys.....
Datacrons are not available
Hello! I have a problems with datacrons. They started a bit more than half year ago, rigth after server merging. The problem is that I can not get.....
Looking for your first +10 Fleet Datacron?
_Covenant of the Phoenix and Empire of the Phoenix are hosting a Server-wide Force Fun Run and +10 Datacron Events on The Shadowlands Server!_ .....
Route to +10 datacron (end) is bugged.
So I was following Dulfy's video guide and when I jumped onto the platform that moves up and down I was teleported onto a cliff on the other side of.....
+10 endurance datacron problems
I have tried and tried to get this datcron i am running into problems because of my characters body type. i had this problem with 2 datacrons when.....
Makeb +10 endurance datacron bug
So I spent the time with my guildies getting going the distance in the jumping game and reached the +10 datacron. When I went to click it did.....
+10 Stam Datacron in Makeb bugged for me
I have an issue. I made my way to the +10 stam datacron in Makeb, which took about two hours. Upon my joy of making it to the datacron, I run over to.....
Datacrons Makeb nicht in Erfolge:Datacrons
Hallo, ich habe alle Datacrons gefunden, die es momentan gibt. Vor dem Patch waren es 67. Dann kamen zwei auf Makeb dazu, also 69. In der bersicht.....
Datacron Master
I have a Republic character that has all 69 of the datacrons, and still no title? Do I really have to create an Imp to be able to get it? I do not.....
7 datacron auf alderan
Hallo ich grsse euch . Ich hab alle d- cron zusammen einschlislich der von makeb aber statt den titel datacronmeister zu bekommen steht im kodex das auf alderan plzlich 7 statt 5 datacrons gibt auser..
datacron tracking
Is there a way to see which datacrons your character has? I know you can see from legacy screen but that is for all characters right not th current one?..
Datacron Jumping
I hate this aspect of the game so very much that it makes the rest of the game completely un-enjoyable. I leveled a Sith Inquisitor to 55, had a great time then made the worst mistake by playing an a..
Datacron Probleme
Hallo. Also, ich habe vor geraumer Zeit mit meinem Char Adivi auf dem Server Vanjervalis Chain die beiden Datacrons auf Makeb geholt. Nachdem ich beide hatte, ist mir aufgefallen, dass ich die Kode..
Kann Datacrons nicht aufnehmen
Hallo, ich habe gerade versucht, mit meinem Schmuggler die Datacrons mit den roten Matrixsplittern in Ilum und Orb Mantell aufzunehmen, aber ich konnte beide nicht "ansprechen". Ich hab..
Alderan Endurance Datacron
Alderan Endurance Datacron Can somebody check it out,because can't blow the rock and i have the detonator and i haven't used it yet..
Alderaan Endurance Datacron (Prophecy of the Five)
The Endurance Datacron is bugged on Alderaan. I have bought the item "Red Detonite Acuator" and planted it on the "Blast Pack" in the cave. The blast goes off, but the rock remains. Pl..
DATACRON: One character or all character in same legacy?
HI, As we all know getting datacron is a hassle sometimes and i would like to know if one character obtained a datacron does the stats bonus applies to all characters in the same legacy? (..
Voss Endurance Datacron
Hello: It seems that at some point I abandoned the quest 'The Trials' that you receive in the Shrine of Healing after clearing out the Gormak outside. This is the quest you need to complete to get..
Fleet datacron and Droid Reconnaissance questions
Hi all. I have multiple characters and I can't remember which ones have the datacron on the fleet and which don't. Is there a codex entry for it or other way to figure it out? Also, is there a way..
Problem: Flottendatacron Cormium Kristall
Ich bin level 55 und kann den Cormium Kristall nicht aufnehmen. Dort steht immer wieder " Du brauchst mehr Erfahrung, um dies zu benutzen"...
Minimum Requirements To Get Fleet Datacrons
If you google this topic you will find a wide range of answers. I've seen people swear they've gotten it under level 45 and some that have sworn they got it between level 45-49. I've seen others 50+..
Codex Entry For Makeb & Fleet Datacrons
Is this in the works? Is there any way to see if a specific character has gotten the Makeb & Fleet Datacrons?..
Should i spend my time on datacrons?
Kinda fresh 55, Should I spend my time on datacrons or should I grind credits to buy GTN modifications and or augments? what is the best value/time? (i have oricon gear now)..
Makeb Datacrons still do not appear in Codex.
As the title says. I thought that this patch was about it also. Any Bioware reply would be much appreciated...
Easy strength + endurance datacrons (empire)?
Sooner or later I am going to start farming datacrons. I am asking experienced players, which planet datacrons (empire side), regarding strength + endurance are the easiest to get, to get me starte..
+10 to all stats Datacron and the Juggernaut
Intercede up to the sorc. Run and loot datacron. Get popcorn and watch other people fall if they're pulled incorrectly...
Nach Umbenennung (Charname) sind Datacronerfolge nicht mehr sichtbar
Hab hierzu leider nichts gefunden (oder hab es bersehen). Also mir geht es darum: Nachdem ich meinen Char umbenannt habe, bekomme ich nicht mehr die geholten Datacrons in den Erfolgen angezeigt. Da st..
Sith Warrior and Datacron Question
So i found a few threads touching this but none that answered my exact question. Does a Sith warrior benefit from getting every single datacron? When I get a +3 Cunning datacron, is that really helpin..
Tatooine Balloon ride Tall char strength datacron problems
If this is in the wrong forum place sorry, not for sure where to post this. I had this problem before with the Tatooine datacron strength in beta and always think its me, but have tried so much with d..
Who Finds the Datacron First?
I'd recently begun collecting Datacrons, watching some of these videos it makes me wonder....who does it first? More than that, how? (Watching the Makeb Endurance is what prompted this)..
Datacrons: What do you think?
Are they worth it? I've been making a concerted effort to get to them. Some of them are absurdly easy. Just walk into a room and there it is on the floor. I found one on Ilum the other day and there i..
Jungma Alderaan +3 Endurance Datacron Bugged for 2 days now
I've been trying to get this datacron for 2 days now on several characters and every time I set off the detonator to blow up the rocks nothing happens. The rocks are still there and the detonator is s..
Rishi Datacrons Bug Wastes All Effort to Get Them - Needs to be Addressed
So, my friend and I just spent the past 2 days camping the rare space pig mobs on Rishi to get their (GRAY TRASH LOOT!) mission critical Data Packet items in order to start the Rishi datacron hunt. I..
SWTOR Rishi Datacron and Secret Achievements BUGGED still!
So as you may know I'm a farmer of achievements and of many other odd items in game. I spent the whole night getting all 3 achievements. I logged out and they were GONE, but I kept the titles. So I de..
RISHI Datacron Bug(?)
Is anyone else having this problem? I recently attempted to get the Rishi datacrons. After obtaining the data packets from the grophets, clicking the crystal skull and the deep sea pheromones, I made ..
Can you please reconsider about not granting the bugged achievements for the datacron
Hello, So I have Killed all 3 of the Grophets before the patch fixed the bugged achievements and I submitted a ticket so I can regain the achievement, unfortunately I learned they are not re-granting ..
+10 Rishi Datacron still broken acrossed 5 instances
This is unacceptable...I was sent IN GAME TICKET REPLIES from CS stating that this had been fixed with the patch. This is simply untrue. I have both buffs....the rock formation is still NOT click-able..
Rishi Datacrons
To start off I already sent an in game ticket for the bug, but wanted to bring it up here as well. I farmed the three data packets from the grophets, went to the cybernetic skulls, applied the three d..
datacron question.
I'm fairly new to SWTOR and have a question about the datacrons and helping others. I've not collected any of the datacrons. I'm a lvl 51 now and am going to go back and get them. My question is, can ..
Datacron auf Rishi
Hallo liebe Community, ich habe letzte Woche versucht das Datacron auf Rishi zu bekommen. Der erste Schritt ist die drei Elite-"Grophets" zu finden und zu besiegen und die drei "Daten-Pakete" zu sam..
Das leidige Rumgehüpfe - Datacrons
Beim ersten Mal mag es ja noch lustig sein Datacrons zu sammeln, beim 2ten Charakter noch nett aber bei 3,4,,5 ist es einfach nurnoch lästig. Könnt ihr nicht mal endlich nach so langer zeit ..
Location for +20 Datacron on Rishi (suggestion)
Hello! My friends and I at DWBI were just roaming around Rishi and felt like doing some pure PvE (Player vs Environment) and we stumbled upon this little place. We hope for this area t..
rishi datacron
I spent 6 hours killing grophets with a friend getting the rare spawn and everything then all the achieves apart from "x marks the spot" (the last one) I would submit a ticket but I am unable to at th..
Galactic Datacron Master Achievment bugged
I have now all codex entries for all Imperial Datacrons. I got the filler, Republic only for the 13 of them to complete a list from 1-93. Please help, The alderaan aim, str are a perfect example. A..
Rishi Datacron letzter Erfolg
Ich habe mit 2 Freunden das Rishi Datacron gemacht und den letzten Erfolg hat nur einer bekommen. Hab dann beim Support angerufen weil noch zu viele Tickets offen waren die ich aber aus techn. Gr&uu..
PvP and Datacrons
I really don't like PvE grinds, but if I want to max my characters, I need to get Datacrons. I wonder, though, how much of a difference do they really make? Will it be more than 100-200 damage on a 10..
Hi, since starting a Legacy I've been obsessed with collecting datacrons. I'm starting with the Korriban ones and they all seem to be in easy to find places. The only problem is they don't show up w..
Datacrons and legacy
I noticed that the datacrons I've found so far show up as unlocked in the Legacy window. Does that mean that all my current and future characters on that server benefit immediately from the stat bonu..
Is there a way to make Datacron glow more brightly?
Greetings! Recent re-subscriber, used to love hunting for Datacron. Sure, they were sometimes tough to find, but back around launch, I remember then glowing like the sun - the graphic make it pretty..
How Legacy datacrons work
Greetings. I'm a returning player(haven't played for a about a year) and I've heard that datacrons are now bound to Legacy. Is it true? If yes, is it for all players or just a legacy level perk? How a..
Datacron Statistic Addition not Working
Hi, I've been subscribing to the game for the last 2 months and while playing through I've naturally been getting the datacrons along the way for the stat boost. I didn't pay attention to the increas..
datacrons and their location
Hey guys, i am not a new player, however going to approach datacron question seriously for the first time! :) I was thinking about running through datacrons, but wanted to find out if their locati..
Datacron Benifits
I am a relatively new player but i have a couple of characters already. I am noticing that any datacrons are listed in my legacy window for all characters. Does that mean that all characters in my leg..
Total stats gained from getting all datacrons in the galaxy?
Title. How much mastery/endurance/presence do getting all of them equate to? I really only have to get one of the two fleet's datacrons, and the other will be unavailable for pickup from any characte..
fleet datacron
looking for help with the imp fleet datacron been trying to find a crew for a week on gen chat players have it or don't care in helping is there any chance of finding help on here? tried the you tube ..
Unable to interact with Datacrons on newly created character
A little background: I have 5 level 50 characters on Bergeron Colony. I had gained access to the Legacy system for those characters prior to quitting the game. I have recently returned but since so m..
How Important are Datacrons?
Apologies if this is the wrong section for this I'm a strictly PvE player (PvP scares me O.O) and I'm just wondering exactly how 'important' it is (in terms of the stat boost things they provide) to ..
Missing Master's Datacron
I had purchased 2 Master's datacron on a character that i ended up deleting. I did not claim them from the cartel market tab (they were in unclaimed items). Are those datacrons lost or can they be r..
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