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Need to vent PVP thread 2018

8:24 pm, April 18, 2018 I have a 57 sniper I last played a couple years ago, so decided to recreate a new sniper just to reacquaint myself with the abilities and to mess through the early class quests for fun. After doing H [..] View

Veteran pvper advice to newbies

8:24 pm, April 16, 2018 These are things that really trigger me in matches this past week when solo queuing as a healer. Take them as you will. 1) Stop pushing healers into their own back-line. The amount of times a jug ha [..] View

8:24 pm, April 7, 2018 Hello, So I started to pick up my SWTOR-account and was happily surprised about the game itself and some changes it went through. Although I can’t say the same about the community. And when [..] View

What a difference a day makes

8:24 am, April 7, 2018 So gonna start out saying I've only been doing warzones a grand total of 2 days, I'll admit to having very little clue what is actually happening, hell I have a hard time actually tracking buffs and d [..] View

Meme post from meme player. How to farm solo rating!

8:24 pm, April 3, 2018 Hi guys! You can hate me, you can envy me, but now I want to teach everyone how to get top places on leaderboard! Im going to say all rules and real examples, but all names will be changed. I will sa [..] View

Unequal groups in PvP

8:24 pm, March 31, 2018 Dear Bioware developers, can you please tell us what the secret of your success is, how you almost always manage to create such unequal groups in PvP? And please don't tell me they sign up in group [..] View

Izax VM's POV vid and written guide

8:24 am, March 25, 2018 Hello guys, this is Axomm Gm of <Aeon> on Satele Shan and today I'm linking you guys the guide to VM Izax and a video of our **** to help other groups be able to complete the encounter a [..] View

Are there any PVP centric guilds on Star Forge?

8:24 pm, March 8, 2018 I came back after a long break, found they merged my old server the Ebon Hawk into Star Forge. I decided to create new lowbie characters just to start from the ground up again to get used to class [..] View

A few questions from the old player.

8:24 am, February 27, 2018 Hello friends! I started playing from the start and played for several months (about 6) and then finished for different reasons. Now I decided to try to return and I had a number of questions: 1) J [..] View

Mercs and Maras in ranked.

8:24 am, February 25, 2018 Let's talk mercs and maras in a general sense in ranked. As a brief introduction I do not want this to become a "nerf merc" or "nerf mara" or a QQ fest about how they are OP, but i [..] View

Keith : Reps switching to Imps because of slow pops.

8:24 pm, February 19, 2018 This is from a Star Forge perspective: When we had the server mergers the pvp pops were faster again on rep side, so people went back to playing what ever side they wanted to play. But once again r [..] View

Galactic Command new player guide

8:24 pm, February 19, 2018 So, I've been running into a few level 70 players who are new to galactic command, just the other day, a player was complaining about lack of actual gear drops.Because of this, I have decided to creat [..] View

Is it time for class balance to be pve/pvp specific?

8:24 pm, February 18, 2018 Would it make balancing easier to manage if pve and pvp had a different class balance for each mode? This would probably be an expansion on its own to be honest, but it would create less complex bal [..] View

holo bug

8:24 am, February 14, 2018 i tried everything to fic\x it and apparently the support team is the only to pass the imp agent darth mission and this bug needs to be fixed permanently because i deleted and created three guys so fa [..] View

Fix matchmaking

8:24 am, February 12, 2018 Let me start by saying that I'm a founder. I've been with the game on and off since it launched. I mainly pvp and have countless hours played in regs. Bioware - you REALLY need to address the absol [..] View

Chiss traitor

8:24 pm, February 10, 2018 Could you please remove chiss traitor from group finder, please? That is the most hated fp ever created. No one likes it. Not because it is hard, it is just annnoying with its fights, boring boss batt [..] View

KEITH Please respond.... RIN

8:24 am, January 29, 2018 Why does GF MM or any mode show tank Role in Need with all flashpoints checked (23/23) and yet when I join as tank or any other role it still says role in need: tank? What is going on there? If the ro [..] View

Fastest way to get darkside points?

8:24 pm, January 26, 2018 I i just started playing swtor for tghe first time ive played it a little unde a month now and i created a twilek sorcerer yester day. I want it to have white skin and i was just wondering what the f [..] View

Problem with race unlock

8:24 pm, January 25, 2018 So, I had bought Cathar from GTN and used but it wasn't unlocked when I wanted to create a new toon, even though it said "unlock was successful". Then I logged off and in again but this time [..] View

It is time for BIOWARE to balance PVP with real purpose

8:24 pm, January 21, 2018 CREATE Class specific pvp Melle v Melle only Range v Range only Create a solo unranked Queue no groups allowed. Create Group unranked queue no solo allowed Duel Warzones Ranked stays the same or [..] View

Reasonable changes to arenas/warzones in 2018 we pray for.

8:24 pm, January 19, 2018 One more Warzone: (Surprise us), Also sad that we will likely never see a new Huttball due to the negative reaction to Queshball. :mad:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wmUx10I18I The hype was real &q [..] View

Darth Revan

8:24 pm, January 16, 2018 Greetings! I know that the game has the armor of Darth Revan: Sash, Chest Plate, Gloves, Mask, Robes. And where are his Boots? And two Lightsabers? I know that in this game there are many fans of Reva [..] View

Shadow or Sentinel DPS?

8:24 am, January 16, 2018 I haven't played since 2015, and I'm looking to create a new Jedi character. The changes since 2.?/3.? are astounding, and there's so much information I have found through google that's simply outdat [..] View

Creating a Legacy Name

8:24 pm, January 14, 2018 I have an old SWToR account which I recently reactivated. I already had Legacy names for the account so didn't have to worry about that process. However, I invited a friend who has never played befor [..] View

Cheating Jedi players on Star Forged. (Video evidence enclosed).

8:24 am, January 10, 2018 I have left a video from my twitch stream of some players cheating in a group ranked arena on Star Forge. Please someone help me find where I can this information to get these players investigated acc [..] View

Star Fortress Group

8:24 pm, January 8, 2018 Hey all Firstly, I do apologise if this is in the wrong section. Also, I play on the Darth Malgus server. Secondly, I am having a difficult time getting groups together to finish star fortresses. I [..] View

Bolster between gear tiers; explained

8:24 am, January 3, 2018 Myself and with the help of rambol.net have created a spreadsheet of bolster statistics between gears 208; 230; 236; 242; 248. This is to clarify what is happening to your stats between the gear tiers [..] View

Players as solid objects in warzones

8:24 pm, December 26, 2017 Tried to search for this subject but couldn't find anything on it so opening the discussion. Anyone ever thought that it would be good for pvp if characters would be regarded as solid objects? Right [..] View

Returning after a long time, Dark vs Light

8:24 pm, December 18, 2017 Hi, I read a lot about the event and I have a problem: I create a new character but he does not participate in DvL, how can I participate? I'm a subscriber but still have to pay for a special patch [..] View

Creating characters as subscriber

8:24 am, December 9, 2017 I bought premium for 1 month and created character on eternal knights. I saw that eternal knights is continuation of fallen empire so i want to create another character on fallen, but i cant. I tried [..] View

Thank you Bioware! Group Ranked has revitalized the Ranked atmosphere.

8:24 am, December 3, 2017 Don't ask me what it is. I'm not a crafter. But to my understanding, a certain material to create the new augments can only be obtained through ranked.... and as of right now there is a bug with solo [..] View

Legacy armor for a new character?

8:24 pm, November 24, 2017 I do not understand how Legacy armor works. I have a level 70 main and I have a ton of legacy armor and level 230 mods. Do I create a set of legacy armor with 230 mods, put it in my Stronghold, and [..] View

Following the server mergers, can we please now have objective-based ranked?

8:24 am, November 19, 2017 I've long been a proponent of this. In the past it's seemed to have a lot of support and there's never really been much of an argument against it outside of some fairly weak excuses. One of the better [..] View

Can anyone please tell me is there a limit on how many level 65 character boosts ?

8:24 am, November 12, 2017 I recently paid MILLIONS of credits to get a level 65 character boost. When I click to use it it disappeared from my inventory. When I logged out to create my new 65, character boost available was @ 0 [..] View

Balancing & Scaling problems in NiM operations 8m/16m

8:24 pm, November 7, 2017 So, after several months of doing mostly all 16man stuff with our group, I decided to give a short feedback about the current state of scaling/balancing of the current NiM-bosses, with respect to the [..] View

Shadow of Revan from KOTFE/KOTET

8:24 pm, November 6, 2017 Does anyone know if it's possible to enter Shadow Of Revan from a KOTFE-created character? I'm a subscriber but I checked the mission terminal on my ship (Which is where all the threads said to look) [..] View

PSA: Security between SWTOR and EA/Origin account

8:24 am, October 30, 2017 A little heads-up on account security: If you haven't done already, go to https://account.swtor.com/user/security-key and set up a security key for your phone. What the app does is creating a seco [..] View

Introducing the Winter 2017-2018 FOTM Open - A Dueling Tournament Hosted By Razinon

8:24 pm, October 23, 2017 The Winter 2017-2018 FOTM Open Dueling TournamentPlease help determine the date of the event by voting for when you would like the tournament to take place here.Here's a link to the previous tournamen [..] View

Fixing SWTOR PvP (Queues and things)

8:24 pm, October 18, 2017 Currently there is a bit of a problem with the system as is. You have 4 man premades queing in full tier 4 gear being put in the same matchs as fresh 70s that either have very little practice, are out [..] View

Want to start at level 1 but can only create a 65?

8:24 pm, October 9, 2017 Last I played SWTOR was a few years ago and I recently renewed my subscription. I want to start again at level 1 to re-familiarize myself with the game and replay a lot of the content. I start up char [..] View

Setting a security key.

8:24 pm, October 8, 2017 Since some times the OTP takes several minutes to arrive to my e-mail, I was thinking on using the security key. But I want one question and need a bit of help if I get to it: 1- If I were to change [..] View

Sale Raids - Infinitas & Nox

8:24 am, September 27, 2017 Hello all! after several weeks of farming all mounts, titles and achievements for our newer Raid members, we decided, to offer those stuff to everyone who is interested - and who owns the required fi [..] View

Fix story uprising queues, please!

8:24 pm, September 24, 2017 some of the uprisings are close to impossible without tank/2D/healer group (unless you have a well geared group, but that should NOT be required in story in the first place), yet you still allow 4DPS, [..] View

A serious discussion about cross faction warzones

8:24 am, August 15, 2017 By now, we all have imp and pub toons. At least the overwhelming majority of pvpers do. At the very least, the "good" pvpers do - the folks who've been around the longest. Sure, there are a [..] View

Reduce drop rate of curent schematics in operation,addVarietyOf Different schematics.

8:24 am, August 13, 2017 Hello. Not sure if is proper way to do things,but lets get to the explaining ... So every boss on operation droping schematics,thats nice,but after few runs i ve got multiple same schematics,maybe i [..] View

Voidstar - Five (5) Healers in a Team

8:24 pm, August 4, 2017 If a healer is focused, he wil fall. Its true. But in what conditions? Your party must have experienced DPS focusing the healer. So, he will be forced to divide attention between the proper role and [..] View

Just installed OLD SWTOR - cannot login - what to do?

8:24 am, August 4, 2017 Hi all, I just installed my old CDs that I've never installed before, took over an hour to install and then I registered and redeemed my code... I also created my ID. BUT, I cannot login to the game, [..] View

Operation Guides | All Operations Explained & Fully Narrated For New Players

8:24 pm, August 3, 2017 Hello folks! My name is Sam (AKA SWTOR Central), I have set out on a huge goal, create an operation guide for EVERY operation in the game. We'll start out with Story Mode (With some of the key Vete [..] View

Crew Skill Leveling sugestions

8:24 am, August 2, 2017 I have spent most of the time I have played this game leveling crew skills to make armor, grenades stems, etc... from my experience I have made a list of suggestions. On top of my suggestion, I had [..] View

For all the new and returning players

8:24 pm, July 25, 2017 Well, This has been a very big change for me too. Last week I started up SWTOR after not having played for nearly a year. My oh my what a difference. Because I think that there are more returning (or [..] View

New player, unable to make up my mind

8:24 pm, July 5, 2017 How do you do, fellow kids? I'm new(ish, been playing for almost three weeks now) to SWTOR, and while I love the game itself story/acting-wise, I keep having the feeling that I actually get... worse [..] View

Planning on Returning

8:24 am, July 1, 2017 It has been a few years since I played (life seems to get complicated).. I played at launch for a year or better.. Came back in 2015 for a short stint .. But really want to make a concerted effort t [..] View

possibly returning, looking for a mentor, some questions

8:24 pm, June 27, 2017 Good Morning, I played this game , what feels like forever ago. Beta, launch etc.. I left just prior to free to play. Anyways, i clicked someone's referral link and decided to jump back in. Did the [..] View

Server Transfer and Legacy

8:24 am, June 24, 2017 So I read that your legacy would move/merge to a new server but mine did not. Is this normal? Does it just take a little while to happen or is this a ticket item I should submit? I started playing [..] View

Not a New Player, but I need help

8:24 am, June 23, 2017 My main character (Caylm Skyrimm, located on the Harbinger) was halfway through the 2nd chapter of KOTET, and he and Acina had just escaped the temple and were going back to Theron and Lana. As normal [..] View

Using PS4 Controller in SWTOR

8:24 pm, June 13, 2017 Hello everyone, I have created a guide for effectively using a PS4 controller for SWTOR. I have included a link to a google doc using Drive. It is not as effective as using a keyboard and mouse, but [..] View

5.3 class balance changes

8:24 pm, June 11, 2017 SWTOR took down my last post cuz my links were apparently offensive so now i needed to make this clickbait title so you would all click and read because i am very important. Dear mr musco pls dont ba [..] View

I need urgent character restoration

8:24 pm, June 2, 2017 Hello, I created 2 tickets about my character restoration 1.5 days ago, so far no response both, It's Can you please look after my problem through my tickets below: t.number: 31848112 t.number: 3 [..] View

Should i create a character with a level boost?

8:24 am, May 27, 2017 To play the expansions( eternal throne etc.) do i have to create a new character with level boost or does the expansion start when i finish the basic class story? And can i play the expansions with th [..] View

Another Returning Player Thread

8:24 pm, May 26, 2017 Hi all, I have returned to the game after a long time away. I played the game through beta and gave up on it about 1 year after release. That said I downloaded and re subbed and I am loving this gam [..] View

What utilities and gear/augments do I take for a ***** tank Jugg?

8:24 pm, May 25, 2017 I created a char token with a Jugg and plan on using it as a fake tank, so I have a couple of questions for those that do play it in PvP and solo ranked:What are the must-have utilities? Are there som [..] View

Season 9 improvements

8:24 am, May 25, 2017 I am not sure if season 9 is ever going to happen, but Bioware needs to change something: 1.) Announce start and end date of the season before it starts. 2.) Anounce tiers and required rating before [..] View

When subscription ends....

8:24 pm, May 24, 2017 As i understand it after Subscription ends, i revert back to essentially a 'Free to Play' member. Limiting the amount of money I can have and reducing me to only 2 playable characters. If I created 3 [..] View

I love swtor pvp

8:24 am, May 24, 2017 I know this is not a common type of thread, but I just wanted to let it be known. As a person who's played a lot of pvp mmo's, I like swtor the best by far. I've played rift, wow, wildstar, gw2, b [..] View

The new Meta I want in 6.0

8:24 am, May 22, 2017 Okai Bioware. Since you have gotten your fill of making each major update about creating the new "FOTM" here are some ideas of my own that I would like you to consider in making classes godl [..] View

active pvp

8:24 am, May 21, 2017 hello everyone, what server has a healthy dose of PVP wz's going on? currently on Ebon and it takes 10-15 minutes to get a match going and most of the time, it's closed due to not having enough play [..] View

Please fix transfer bug on leaderboards.

8:24 am, May 17, 2017 It has been going on for too long now. When you transfer a character it creates a duplicate on the leaderboards which will always stay there. A certain person from Mantle of The Force is literally in [..] View

5.X equals cash grab.

8:24 am, May 15, 2017 The entire reason swtor designed 5.0 this way. It wasn't to try something new for the players, it wasn't to give us new powers, pvp maps, or balance. They figure as long as they create havoc in the ga [..] View

Help me with Critical Rating vs Power

8:24 pm, May 12, 2017 I need help with stats because I am completely lost. I play a Hatred Assasin and started reading about what stats should I focus on and so on. I found Krea's guide to be very helpful for this spec. I [..] View

Looking For Watchman Sentinels @ The Begeren Colony.

8:24 pm, May 8, 2017 I'm looking for 3 other crazy players who love to play Sentinel. I want to create a pre-made out of 4 Watchman Sentinels. I have some group tactics in mind I think would work really well for a group c [..] View

New PVP Mode

8:24 pm, May 5, 2017 So, I have been doing a lot of level 70 pvp lately. I’ve noticed that a lot of matches are very one sided in terms of being able to win as one team often has 1-2 sorc healers and the other d [..] View

Access to Tyth Op with alts that haven't done any (4.0+) story.

8:24 am, April 21, 2017 Unless it's GF or your group has a summon, you can't get to the new op without doing the story. I know I'm not alone in not wanting to do KOTFE and KOTET on every single alt. Please create a way to ac [..] View

New Ideas for SWTOR's New Producer for PvP in 2017

8:24 pm, April 15, 2017 Hey everyone, If you haven't heard already, a couple of days ago Ben Irving, SWTOR Producer's that is known for his "RNG is exciting!" phrase, has stepped down from his role as Producer and [..] View

Playing Characters through different expansions

8:24 am, April 15, 2017 Hey all, I have been playing for over two months now, and I love the character story line concept, but was a bit disappointed that I needed to create a new character to play KOTET, and not too fond o [..] View

Which Class would you recommend?

8:24 pm, April 5, 2017 Hi All, So I recently returned after a 4 year break, I only really played at Launch, anyway..... I subscribed and created a level 65 Shadow Serenity, levelled to 70 by finishing KOTEF and now LVL13 [..] View

It's official. No class balance in 5.2

8:24 pm, April 2, 2017 Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco (Post 9269632) There are no Class balance changes currently planned for 5.2. I will keep you guys updated on when any Class chan [..] View

Yes, you can easily play SWTOR on Linux.

8:24 am, March 30, 2017 Hi guys, SWTOR 5+ runs perfectly fine on a Linux machine. Let me show you how you get SWTOR running on Linux in only a few minutes (not counting download times). Requirements: 1. An up-to-date Linu [..] View

Assassin/Shadow Lag Bug?

8:24 am, March 17, 2017 I get lag. Purely and simple because of where I play from. I accept that and have learned to adapt. But any excessive lag from any source stands out a lot more than it would for people playing with lo [..] View

Introducing The Spring 2017 FOTM Open - A Dueling Tournament Hosted By Razinon

8:24 am, March 14, 2017 The Spring 2017 FOTM Open Dueling TournamentThe FOTM Open was conceived in such a way as to eliminate all variables except for one: player skill. The setting, rules, and format were meticulously laid [..] View

My Installer Wont Work

8:24 am, March 9, 2017 I recently came back after a hiatus from SWTOR and tried to open it up again. It said there was a patch update and it wouldn't finish it was stuck at 100% and wouldn't let me continue. I was going to [..] View

Cannot customize companions on old characters

8:24 pm, March 3, 2017 So, I have been playing for a couple years on and off (and subscribed once before) and finally decided to subscribe (again) for 60 days. I have created new characters and I can customize my companions [..] View

Cartel Purchase

8:24 pm, February 22, 2017 Newb question here: I purchased an unlock for the Cathar race the other day. I just assumed I was done and I could create that race, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I still can't use the Cathar. [..] View

Eternal Champion Solo +

8:24 am, February 21, 2017 Dunno if im missing something. but everytime me and my husband try to join in together to this arena mission. its just creates two different instances instead of grouping us together. and yes i do ha [..] View

Boosted Character Romances

8:24 am, February 20, 2017 I created a boosted character using the token and decided to start the original story line instead of jumping to the Knights of the Fallen Empire. Can I still do romances this way or that will not wor [..] View

I'm Pretty Confused

8:24 am, February 19, 2017 I'm actually a returning player. I first played the game when it was initially released and came back to it at least one time after that but encountered technical issues. For whatever reason I picked [..] View

Q\A with cheater.

8:24 pm, February 16, 2017 Basically some people can go out of bounds on Arena ranked matches and not die from sudden ***** also known as acid. I had a golden opportunity to have a chat with a cheater. I asked him couple of que [..] View

Game Closes after hitting play

8:24 pm, February 4, 2017 Fresh install haven't played in a couple years. On launch game closes went into appdata -> client_settings.ini all settings are empty Tried renaming the file to create a new one on launch and [..] View

No one has a problem with healing?

8:24 pm, February 4, 2017 So I'm not long back to the game and haven't long reached level 70 pvp. Quite a bit different than it used to be. First question, what's with the healing? Now I've read a few threads about this and m [..] View

Understanding the Storyline: Old Republic Storyline 'History' video

8:24 am, February 4, 2017 For new players and old players alike, you should check out this Star Wars Old Republic history video a fellow player has posted on Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rh4SrRqhqlEWhy Watch? Biow [..] View

Class balance?

8:24 am, February 4, 2017 Are we going to sit here and pretend classes are balanced or we going to work on them at some point in the near future maybe this year? No talk about it on the live stream even though people asked abo [..] View

Reverse bolster instead of bolster

8:24 pm, January 28, 2017 Galactic command and current gearing system creates a massive diadvantage for people who play nearly strictly pvp. How about a system that nerfs mods beyond 240 down to 240 or maybe even 23x? I am c [..] View

3.3 and why it was patched in (Devs and Musco should read since they forgot)

8:24 pm, January 27, 2017 A big thanks to Aceite for finding the 3.3 patch notes!http://www.swtor.com/blog/pvp-econom...ame-update-3.3Below is what was written by SWTOR devs regarding 3.3 Quote: Community N [..] View

Lost my run ability

8:24 pm, January 27, 2017 I think it was after the 5.0 update when i created new characters i never got my run ability. I have it on the characters i made before the update. Anyone know why this happend? Or how i could fix it? View

PVE people Trashing Us for complaining about Bolster

8:24 am, January 25, 2017 So it seems we can't post or create threads in the general forum section to complain to Biowares that the change to Bolster isn't appreciated or that they seemed to have broken it in the process. Whe [..] View

It's very clear...

8:24 pm, January 24, 2017 To paraphrase Mace Windu "I sense a plot to destroy the player base." I've said it before and I'll say it again, the devs aren't stupid, so the questions are:Why do they continue to make su [..] View

Cross server and matchmaking is coming

8:24 pm, January 24, 2017 Alright, I figured it out. This is just the start of a grand plan, guys. It's a process. Step 1: Change the gearing so the best gears must be worked for, and they actually matter in PVP. Step 2: [..] View

Another boosted character question - mission replays

8:24 pm, January 23, 2017 Hello all, and thank you for your patience with me... I created a lvl 60 character a while ago, before I started subbing... Can I go back and replay the storyline missions with that character? I know [..] View

SWTOR: How to setup your UI (for any class!) by Appoduece

8:24 pm, January 22, 2017 Appoduece created this instructional on Youtube, maybe it can help some new players who want to see a fairly simple and effective way to set up their UI. Frankly I feel it deserves more exposure be [..] View

Torch's Flame bug 1/13/2017

8:24 am, January 14, 2017 I've fought these two Mandalorians five times now. Everytime, I get them down to about 40% and Joe Beroya punts one of my companions into the lava. I'm still standing and still fighting, but the two [..] View

Some basic questions that need short answers! ^^

8:24 pm, January 13, 2017 Hi there fellow Star Wars fans, I am a new player of this game and accordingly I have lots of questions in my head but I do not want to waste your time too much or bother you so I listed some of the [..] View


To Prevent gold spamming, Create a minimum credit requirement for mail!!!

Jan 19, 2015, 9:11 pm The gold spamming is getting worse over the past few months. Not just in general chat but I can't go 1 day with out getting 1 credit mail from spammers. Bioware, in an upcoming patch maybe you should[..] View

Create own guild bank for own player NOT GROUP.

Dec 18, 2014, 5:48 pm Is it possible to create my own guild bank for myself for the purpose of me storeing my own items and credits etc in their instead of lockers we have on the fleet or spaceships. that inclues instead o[..] View

Group finder created an all DPS group...

Dec 18, 2014, 5:22 pm And shockingly enough, we went through without a single death. It was the Esseles, or however it's spelled, so a level 14 group. But it was full DPS, with one person still a knight. Hadn't even sel[..] View

Failed to create character transfer Error?

Dec 18, 2014, 2:28 pm I am trying to transfer a character from a server I have already successfully transferred 4 others from but keep getting the Error "Failed to create...[..] View

Unfair PVP: Create Middle Tier

Dec 16, 2014, 3:45 am Once you hit level 30, you might as well not PvP until 50, as you get slaughtered by level 50-59 players. We need a mid-tier from level 30-45 so players that aren't geared out level 55's don't domina[..] View

Not able to create all species?

Dec 14, 2014, 1:07 pm So i subscribed(dooh :D since else how would i write on the forum:D) But i am not able to create all species, it says i can buy them, but under ...[..] View

pls create <Nerf> forums

Dec 14, 2014, 12:45 pm Dear moderator, do us a favor and create seperate forums for all the whine, so people who actually know how to play the game stay in the pvp...[..] View

Failed to create character transfer.

Dec 14, 2014, 12:43 pm I have been trying to transfer a Toon all day and keep getting "Failed to create character transfer." I have only been able to transfer one toon so...[..] View

Is anything going to be created that is Legendary?

Dec 14, 2014, 7:52 am I was looking through the GTN and sorting it by quality. I noticed there was a Legendary quality. Yet I haven't seen anything that is Legendary quality. Is this ever going to happen?[..] View

Warning - do *NOT* create bank alts

Dec 14, 2014, 3:06 am Ran across this today.. removed all the private information. From: Star Wars: The Old Republic Customer Service Date: 8...[..] View

Create Ranked FTP Characters

Dec 14, 2014, 1:01 am This is something I think would help revitalize ranked queue pops as well as improve overall quality of PvP. It would have to be marketed heavily to have a dramatic effect. The character should hav[..] View

Can't create new character, stuck on loading screen

Dec 14, 2014, 12:30 am :mad::mad::mad: Every time I click &#34;create new character&#34; and try to make one, it just gets stuck on the loading screen forever. Also made my computer crash 2 times. Very frustrating, don't[..] View

unable to create workspace oO

Dec 14, 2014, 12:17 am To whom this may concern- I was able to play and get one of my toons to 40 last night- Now I can't even play the game says error unable to create...[..] View

Cannot refer friend/create new account

Dec 13, 2014, 10:19 pm So I'm inviting my friend to play. But I cannot use the refer a friend as it says "There has been a disturbance in the force". If I manually try to...[..] View

User created PVP maps

Dec 13, 2014, 9:03 pm I would love to see what the community could do with such a tool.[..] View

Is a Huttball league really that hard to Create ?

Dec 13, 2014, 8:03 pm I got some more notes for the so called wall of Crazy ... If the league is built around commitment and dedication(read; get a team together queue and play as often u possibly can), we could have a [..] View

Unable to create an account

Dec 13, 2014, 7:56 pm Ok I wanted a second FTP account but when I go to <a href="https://account.swtor.com/play-free" target="_blank">https://account.swtor.com/play-free</a> and put my details in, the user name ALWAYS says[..] View

Cannot Create Customer Service Request In Game

Dec 13, 2014, 3:46 pm I have tried 3 times to submit a Customer Service Request in Game, and each time has failed. A couple of minutes after submitting the original request, the search window goes to a message that re[..] View

GTN doesn't show created sales in the search

Dec 13, 2014, 12:36 pm I have been creating might augment 28 sales on the GTN but when i go to search for them they don't show up. All my other sales can be seen other then the 12 might augments. I have tried restarting the[..] View

I'm having an issue trying to create my own character

Dec 13, 2014, 12:28 pm First time player here, but I'm trying to play and i can log in properly to the client but I keep getting sent to my boyfriend's character list, and I'm confused why because he has his own account. Do[..] View

Trying to create second account

Dec 13, 2014, 12:18 pm I'm trying to create a second subscription account, but A having troubles with refer a friend and B having issues with using the same email address. I have no intentions of phoning the USA from Aus[..] View

Bioware Deleting Threads (Created by long time players who feel screwed over)

Dec 13, 2014, 9:58 am That was the nail on the head, goodbye SWTOR, can't even express our views anymore. Has North Korea decided to buy out EA?[..] View

Did not get Banner on existing toons but I created a new one and got it.

Dec 13, 2014, 5:49 am CE owner subbed since day 1 and none of my existing toons recieved the banner, Icreated a new one and got everything from the CE stuff. tantaun,...[..] View

Cannot create a guild

Dec 13, 2014, 5:32 am I just tried to form a guild on The Shadowlands with some friends and it didn't work. Everyone was unguilded and above level 10, we were all in range around the registrar, and we tried several differ[..] View

the create character armor

Dec 13, 2014, 2:22 am Hey guys I was wondering if there is a heavy moddable armor just like the one in create character menu for jedi knights. this is the look I want...[..] View

cant create trial account

Dec 13, 2014, 12:38 am hello my friend trying to create a trial account but when he fills out all the fields and clicks on the create accont button he gets an error...[..] View

ticket created, how long for an answer ?

Dec 13, 2014, 12:08 am whats the average wait time for a ticket to be answered? To help with the query the ticket is about loot and im a sub, been waiting for a bit now...[..] View


Dec 12, 2014, 10:56 pm I have a PVP idea i would like to share. I am sure you are looking for some ideas of how to improve your game and help it stand out from other MMOs....[..] View

Problem with automatically joining multiple player created chat channel

Dec 12, 2014, 6:13 pm Problem with joining player created chat channels automatically. HI, I would like to know if it by design or if it is a bug, only one player...[..] View

Do you want to create history?

Dec 12, 2014, 5:00 pm Do you want to create history? Are you looking for new adventures? Do you like cookies? If you can answer yes to 2 of the above things ^^...[..] View

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