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Directive 7 Stealthy run 3 boxes and 2nd boss with out breaking a sweat

9:58 am, November 27, 2013 OK so in directive 7 there is the first boss you will need to run past and then restealth. Then knock over the tower on you way to the 2nd level you... View

[Republic] 250k+ Credits an Hour

7:44 am, November 17, 2013 This video isn't mine, I found it on youtube. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZ503DlGEEs View

200k/h++ as Jedi Consular

3:31 am, November 11, 2013 I guess this guide (maybe a bit of an exploit, too) is quite limited, but maybe it's still useful for some people. When doing the companion quest... View

Change loading screen

8:13 pm, November 1, 2013 How to change loadingscreen background Go to your installation path of *Star Wars: The old Republic* Then go to *Star Wars - The Old Republic*... View

Crewskills and Maximizing profits in preparation for 1.2

4:55 am, October 31, 2013 Hey guys. I've been looking for a forum to get some feed back on pieces of a credit guide I'm writing. I've written almost 20 pages so far. I... View

Stealth Run the False Emperor Hardmode

6:37 pm, October 30, 2013 I don't take credits from this. It's c/p from swtorstrategies (http://www.swtorstrategies.com) This takes around 4 mins per run for 2 chests! Very... View

Space botting made EASY!

12:22 am, October 24, 2013 So ive kept this Gem to myself for a while but now with 4 50's and over 20 mill stored ive decided to share. I tried alot of these types of programs... View

[Beta] Training Droid

9:36 pm, October 20, 2013 There are 5 24 hour beta slots left for our VIP content AI "Training Droid" What we need from you, the tester. 1. A basic understanding of... View

taris up to 4000 creds every 5 minutes

8:43 am, October 19, 2013 Image: http://i42.tinypic.com/2555cn4.jpg req. atleast lvl 32 tested on a sith the reason theres a requirement for lvl 32 is that theres a... View

SWTOR Alderaan Premade Warzone Gameplay

6:12 am, October 15, 2013 Hey guys this is a video of me running a pre-made on alderaan with some guild mates. I am a jedi shadow and currently running the kinetic combat... View

SWTOR Shadow PVP Dps Guide

5:45 am, October 15, 2013 Hey guys this is my first guide video I made for swtor and I hope you enjoy it. In this video I am going to go into detail on how to maximize you're... View

BP norma farming guide 200k+ an hour

5:02 pm, October 13, 2013 Just joined. Saw this on youtube and figured some of you might be interested in how you can make 35k in 10 minutes. Best part is, it's completely... View

Karagga's Palace boss guides

1:54 pm, October 11, 2013 Most guilds have probably cleared this in normal but for anyone who is struggling, not 50 yet or don't have the game then check these out. This is... View

Guide to Mercenary Healing

11:57 am, October 8, 2013 The Talent Setup(s) I have been trying to mix a few different talent setups, but this is the one I have found the best. (... View

Best swtor guides

12:51 pm, October 5, 2013 My friend has suggested to buy a swtor guy because, as he says, they are actually usefull. So i have found the most popular ones (listed here Star... View

[Guide] Slicing farm route 50k in less than 20min at level 25+ (Empire)

12:39 pm, October 5, 2013 You need to have slicing at 340+ and a speeder then go to Ilum. Stats from my last run with a level 25 non-stealth char: Time: 18mins Died 1-2... View

New Tatooine Daily Rakghoul Event Location and Details

7:09 am, October 5, 2013 Image: http://i89.photobucket.com/albums/k208/arabshowpony223/Screenshot_2012-04-15_12_24_09_547000.jpg Image:... View

Increased "Drop Rate" On Champion/Battlemaster Bags!

8:28 pm, October 4, 2013 While many of you probably figured this out already, if you open your Champion and Battlemaster bags in a group, your chances of getting the actual... View

New Breaking Bad Promo: A Just Desert

11:35 am, October 4, 2013 The one who knocks is coming. Breaking Bad Season 5 DVD will explode out of the gate like a hospital room door, and we're taking every ounce of news that comes out like a sweet, sweet fix of blue hea [..] View

SWTOR Daily Quest Guide Republic Side

6:16 am, October 4, 2013 _Level 50 Daily Missions_ All quests were completed using a Smuggler Scoundrel. This affects the rewards and the companion affection gains, and... View

Winning! Everything SWTOR. Levels, Armor, Commendations, Weapons & More

5:36 am, October 4, 2013 *MMOYeah dot com* If you want to BE the best, you've got to USE the best service! MMOYeah does complete custom work on your characters and all... View

Flashpoints: New Player's Guide

1:15 am, October 4, 2013 all credits for this guide goes to swtorstrategies (http://www.swtorstrategies.com/2012/02/swtor-flashpoints-new-players-guide.html) As a new... View

Boarding Party Chest Run

10:21 am, October 3, 2013 I wanted to say thanks for all the hard work everyone has put into the forums here. With all these credit guides i have made a ton of credits to... View

Way to get free Swtor Time

10:15 am, October 3, 2013 There is a really way to get free swtor time requires a little bit of work but but its pretty easy and then you can sell the cards for pins on here... View

Soa / Bonetrasher / Foreman Crusher / Heavy Fabricator nightmare mode videos.

6:14 am, October 3, 2013 This is my guilds kills on nightmare modes from sage pov. I hope someone will find those helpful, if you have any questions just ask here and I'll... View

Synthweaving Leveling and Credit Making Guide (in time for patch 1.2)

8:24 pm, October 2, 2013 Hey All, The Noobist has posted another video guide and I thought I'd share. This would definitely come in handy if the buffs to Synthweaving are... View

How to Send Bound Armorings and Mods to Alts

8:53 am, October 2, 2013 Subbed to this guy a while back on youtube. Every now and then he has something useful up there. Found this one interesting. Shows you how to send... View

Corellia credit farming number 2

4:10 am, October 2, 2013 I know there is already a guide for credit farming on corellia but if like my server the ones are already camped then try this one. Same deal 2-4k... View

wtb swtor credits on all servers

4:09 am, October 2, 2013 hello everyone, I'm here looking for swtor credits. Reasonable price and fast payment Please feel free to contact:... View

Corellia Credit farming v2 (100k+/hr)!

8:34 pm, October 1, 2013 From the creators of the original; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niL9Hv0WRz4 View

The big list of free SWTOR guides

11:11 am, October 1, 2013 Copy paste from swtorstrategies.com Pretty good "handbook" of gaming guides: *Raiding/Flashpoints Guides:* * The False Emperor... View

Sith Marauder - Which is the best PvP spec

6:08 am, October 1, 2013 Hey guys, Since beginning, I played my marauder as carnage, but I heard that rage and especially annihilaton should do massive dmg, so I tested... View

Hoth farming area - champions and chests

12:37 am, October 1, 2013 found this spot while questing on an alt with a friend. here is the first area, the champions respawn in 5 minutes and the chest in about 7.5... View

PvP / Valor Guide

11:24 pm, September 30, 2013 *Kompetenzwert & PvP Bonus* Der Kompetenzwert auf den PvP Items erhht bekanntlich den eigenen Schaden, die eigene Schadensreduktion und die... View

Jedi Shadow and Sith Assassin PVP Guide

10:52 pm, September 30, 2013 Hey guys this is a guide video I made for Jedi shadow and Sith assassin players. In this video I cover my talent and the rotation i use to maximize... View

Two Spawn Locations for Droid: Ancient Gree Defender and Destroyer

9:46 pm, September 30, 2013 You may not be aware that the droid that spawns near the pylon of the PvP area will also spawn in the southern section of the Western Ice Cliff. This... View

[Video] How to solo The End of Torvix [HC4] as a Powertech

7:53 pm, September 30, 2013 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTALsYfTGQQ View

Comprehensive list of SWTOR .ini tweaks!

7:08 pm, September 30, 2013 NOTE: These settings are not my own, this is a copy/paste. Tweak to your own liking. You will then need to save the file, right click it, and set to read-only, as the game will overwrite it when you r [..] View

[Guide] Fix for crash to desktop error in swtor.

3:37 pm, September 30, 2013 Now im not saying this is a fix for all crash bugs but this one fixed my problem. The crash i was getting was the swtor client closing with no... View

Biochem Leveling and Credit Making Guides

3:11 pm, September 30, 2013 Long time lurker 1st time poster. I was looking at SWTOR reddit this morning and saw a post about biochem leveling and credit making guides. ... View

Setting up swtor to run inside vmware

2:19 pm, September 30, 2013 Hello everyone, lately I have taken some time messing around with VMware, trying to get swtor to run inside it. The first time I got it to work there... View

[The End of Torvix] How to do the Pipes

1:08 pm, September 30, 2013 Here is a screenshot of the completed pipe puzzle. Hope this helps Image:... View

[GUIDE]SWTOR Security Key on PC

12:41 pm, September 30, 2013 Best and safest way to run Security Key App on your own PC is by using BlueStacks App from Run Android on Windows with BlueStacks :: Android on PC ::... View

just starting, guide me on what class is good for farming

8:29 am, September 30, 2013 just starting out whats the best class for farming gold(credits) or items thanks in advance View

Create Mouseover Macros in SWTOR!

3:37 am, September 30, 2013 *_HOW TO: Create Mouseover Macros in SWTOR!_* I use a G15 keyboard for this, but it can be done with AutoHotKey or other software macro tools that... View

SWTOR Armor, Leveling, Mounts, Weapons, Points & More!

3:04 am, September 30, 2013 *MMOYEAH.COM (http://www.mmoyeah.com)* If you want to BE the best, you've got to USE the best service! MMOYeah.com does complete custom work on... View

Corellia Chest Farm Run Version 3 --- 9 Chests Total

2:47 am, September 30, 2013 So after nearly 5 years of leeching I finally decided to really make a good contribution to MMOWNED! (yes kids that how this site used to be named... View

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