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Warzone Medpack Schematic


Warzone Medpack Schematic

I just hit 400 biochem and i'm looking for the warzone medpac schematic. I found the warzone adrenal schematic on the pvp vendor, but i dont see the...

Category: STAR WARS: The Old Republic Community

The Page Warzone Medpack Schematic was first posted on 3:22 am, October 1, 2013 in the category STAR WARS: The Old Republic Community it has been viewed 2233 times.


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Views: 2233
Short Title: Warzone Medpack Schematic
Full Title: Warzone Medpack Schematic
Raw Date: 2013-10-01 03:22:31
Nice Date: 3:22 am, October 1, 2013
Rating: 0
Content Length: 151

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