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i would like to get my toon back?

this was my second waring and I lost my toon I want him back my toon name is thelanternI
4:48 pm, June 13, 2016


no cursor in menu

Anyone have any idea how to get the mouse cursor to work in this game?....Works in all the admin and account screens but not in the game....
6:57 am, July 4, 2016

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Can I start Kotet on my alts if they've not finished Kofte?

8:24 am, December 6, 2016 Ok, an odd question - but I played through Kofte on my main and half way on a couple of alts before losing interest - because, and lets face it, a lot of Kofte just isn't worth replaying when there's [..] View

Got "Chapter I" quest together with "Chapter X"

8:24 am, December 6, 2016 Hi! Just want to ask, is it normal that I`ve recived a "Chapter I" quest together with "Chapter X" of the KOTFE?? It happened just after I`ve finished my allience stuff and hit & [..] View

I want my million credits back Bioware!

8:24 am, December 6, 2016 So prior to 5.0 I converted all my warzone comms into Imperial & Republic Guardsmen. About 1,000,000 credits worth using Biowares credit to comms conversion ratio. Imagine my annoyance when [..] View

carnage mara - what am I missing?

8:24 am, December 6, 2016 Ok, really it's Combat Sentinal at this time, but no one knows what that is. :p I'm wondering if I'm missing something obvious, or just sucking at execution of what I know to do. I'm level 66 and my [..] View

New Player Race Question

8:24 am, December 6, 2016 Hey guys, just returned after playing for 3 months after initial launch. Alot has changed! Really confused about race selection, Legacy, and Cartel Coins.... Is there a way period to play a Twi'lek [..] View

New flashpoint difficulty level names

8:24 pm, December 5, 2016 So...Story Mode pre 5.0 and post 5.0 are the same. Pre 5.0 we had Tactical and Hard mode. Post 5.0 we have Veteran & Master modes Is it just me, or is the post 5.0 Veteran mode noticeably m [..] View

Alacrity & PVP

8:24 pm, December 5, 2016 How does everybody feel about Alacrity in PVP? I understand (correct me if I'm wrong) that it reduces the GCD and CD on abilites. Cool. Just not sure with the how PVP works where you have limited up [..] View

Game screen goes black as soon as the 'Star Wars' theme plays for kotet chapter 1

8:24 pm, December 5, 2016 Like the title I have no idea what's going on it goes black as soon as "in a galaxy far far away" disappears. And after the music ends there's the arrow from when I use my mouse disappears! [..] View

Companion Gifts - What Am I Missing?

8:24 pm, December 5, 2016 returning player, not been on more than maybe a few weekends since around the launch of Hutt Cartel. Finally finished my first Class Story and started a new toon during the wait for KOTET. Have now st [..] View

FP Difficulty Settings

8:24 pm, December 5, 2016 Can we change the difficulty settings for FPs now? I see on our avatar we can set 'Story Mode' or 'Veteran', but I think that only applies to tactical FPs? For 'regular' FPs, it seems each time I've [..] View

Deception Sin and Conceal Op open on a Merc

8:24 am, December 5, 2016 And he literally didn't lose any hp. None. I don't even... So my friend and I queue'd in together with our stealthies to do some lolyougotburstedbye. We found a Merc all alone running to a node in Od [..] View

RNG = Really Neutered Game

8:24 am, December 5, 2016 Rank 20, 0 pieces of set bonus gear. Even in 3.0 for the amount of PVP I've done so far I'd have earned enough to buy a few pieces of gear. I dunno, maybe I'll get influx of set bonus gear but prett [..] View

Loving Pacify and Zealous Judgement

8:24 am, December 5, 2016 Wow this is such a good combo. Just when someone thinks they have you, pop pacify and burn them while they try and work out why they can't **** you. It even works on other Sents and Maras who should k [..] View

BIO Please give us a real option to boot afks

8:24 am, December 5, 2016 CXP farmers are capping nodes and then standing next to it or hiding next to it and letting the other team cap. When you call them on it they just tell you to F off or lol or some other rubbish about [..] View

A question about replaying Kotet story

8:24 pm, December 4, 2016 *spoiler alert* Hello everyone! I completed the Kotet story on full darkside, I know I can replay the chapters, but is there a way to reset the whole story? For example if I ****** Senya in CH.1, an [..] View

Vaylin in the dark cave (chapter XII)

8:24 pm, December 4, 2016 I've got a sniper, and Vaylin keeps overpowering me, even with the help of the backpack! Last time I did it with a sith, and I don't remember it being this hard.. I've got all 208 gear, is there anyth [..] View

AFK Players

8:24 pm, December 4, 2016 The random letter name was likely a bot but it was very weird to run into one in lowbies in Odessen Proving Grounds (my personal favourite map). So I had a good battle mod and didn't want to lose it d [..] View

Sith Assassin Deception pvp 4vs 4 series

8:24 pm, December 4, 2016 Hello Everyone i'm recording pvp's of my sith assassin now just to share my skill in this class that i've been playing for like 4 years ( 5 years just too some brakes ). Here you go i hope its inspir [..] View

Level 55 then what?

8:24 pm, December 4, 2016 hi,so i just reach lvl 55 on this new account and finished my chapter 3.should i go to makeb and oricon or skip it and start shadow of revan? This two planets look facultative.also there is any reason [..] View

Mercenaries are extremely over-performing, and pvp is broken..

8:24 pm, December 4, 2016 Well, I want to start off by saying that I just came back to SWTOR after taking a 5 month break to play another MMORPG, Guild Wars 2. But I gotta say, SWTOR always has that special place in my heart a [..] View

Heroic's Command XP

8:24 pm, December 4, 2016 Definitely too little in comparison to other things. The claim was that players could play the way they wanted and still reap the benefits through galactic command. Some Heroics litterally take abou [..] View

I ****** an FP boss and all I got was a lousy 250 credits.

8:24 am, December 4, 2016 The title says it all - it's demeaning and a bit of a slap in the face to run flashpoints and see other people getting - ANYTHING - and all you get is somewhere in the range of 240+ or - credits. Its [..] View

5.0 Bolster INFO so far for t1 (DPS/HEALS)

8:24 am, December 4, 2016 All right boys and girls I been doing some PvP bolster testing I thought I post the information I got so far if anyone is interested. This is particularly important for healers and DPS since the gear [..] View

Half the cutscenes of KotFE and KotET crash my game

8:24 am, December 4, 2016 So yeah, half the cutscenes of KotFE and KotET freeze/crash my game unless I set the graphics to low but it looks so horrible. It's weird because the other half of the cutscenes seem fine with the hig [..] View

You ruined this game for probably the last time

8:24 am, December 4, 2016 You've screwed around for years not giving story, you don't fix anything or things we actually use. You now DARE to have the gall to just effing lose PvP totally and thereby force us like we're your [..] View

Stuck at Chapter V: From The Grave in Knights of the Fallen Empire

8:24 am, December 4, 2016 I can't defeat the Knights of Zakuul after beating the two bosses. Their shields remain up making them invincible.Preventing me from talking to Lana Beniko. I can't logout or quit game. I can't reset [..] View

Master Ranos Mission complete but can not summon or view in companion window

8:24 am, December 4, 2016 Hi I have finished the eternal tier of the dark vs light event and got my rewards. However completing the alliance alert for master Ranos she does show up in my companion window and I can not summon [..] View

Returning and wanted some info

8:24 am, December 4, 2016 Will try this question here guys. Was going to be returning into the game after having to have been away for a time, and so wanted some class info. I mainly do PvE stuff and focus on the whole DPS si [..] View

Stuck and frustrated

8:24 am, December 4, 2016 I'm a returning player playing on veteran because i find story mode way too easy. My main is a marauder, and even Veteran mode is mostly easy for me, with the exception of the all to frequent style o [..] View

Classes and speed boosts

8:24 am, December 4, 2016 With all the changes and utility speed boosts, has anyone done the math on each class as to how fast they can run when choosing all the speed boost utility options. Seems like speed wars this expansio [..] View

KotFE has "fallen" from my mission console

8:24 am, December 4, 2016 So i'm a level 65 Jedi Knight who has completed all questlines except Makeb, and still KotFE doesn't show up in my mission console on my ship. Multiple relogs and everything, still nothing. Anyone out [..] View

FP/Uprising/Ops/Heroics CXP Now Worthless, HM Ops not worth the time

8:24 pm, December 3, 2016 For losing a warzone, I receive 500 CXP. Takes anywhere from 5-15 minutes. From completing a SM operation, I receive maybe 700-800 CXP, 1k tops and it takes 45 minutes minimum. We used to be able to [..] View

HDD Space???

8:24 pm, December 3, 2016 I admit that I am very stupid... :rolleyes: I had bought back in December 2011 a lovely Corsair Force 3 120 GB SSD and now it's out of available space!!.... Two F*cks plus F*ck squared!! I just made [..] View

Help with Armor/Armormech

8:24 pm, December 3, 2016 Hello, I need help with armor, I maxed my Armormech still 600/600 and all I can make is Hadrium(Think I spelled it right) Armor sets Asylum and Onslaught with their rating being 220. I was hoping to [..] View

62 and can't start Fallen Empire?

8:24 pm, December 3, 2016 Hi. I started a new Jugg to get the story achievement during 2x xp run recently. I'm currently L62 playing Makeb and realized I could start Fallen Empire at l60. However, my mission terminal only cont [..] View

CXP why are raiders geting punished?

8:24 pm, December 3, 2016 I can't believe gold adds and raid bosses are worth the same. particularly in HM. Running ops used to give you a 1 out a 5 chance for set bonus gear. Now you may get 1 command create per op. which [..] View

CXP Reward from an Operation Run

8:24 am, December 3, 2016 Just did an Eternity Vault operation run (Story Mode) with my regular guild group, and we just gained 1690 CXP total from the entire run (including weekly quest turn in). Even though it is just EV, wh [..] View

Chapter III Not showing completed -

8:24 am, December 3, 2016 I ran this Chapter at least 3 times now.. and still not checking showing its completed.. ticket has been open and still pending.. also every-time I complete a chapter.. my character gets a automatic [..] View

offhand dmg modifiers

8:24 am, December 3, 2016 hello clever poeple as a level 14 marauder now, I have the option to use as my offhand a) a training saber level 18, which gets 100% modifier, resulting in offhand dmg 34-49, so my gore hits upwards [..] View

Arsenal Merc 5.0

8:24 am, December 3, 2016 My Arsenal Merc is my highest story toon. Only chapter 12, lol. So I decided to "only" take her through the story to get it over and done with, then I'll pvp only. So I have a few questions [..] View

Old player returning, very, very confused.

8:24 am, December 3, 2016 Hello all. I am back after a long absence (my last expansion played is Rise of the Hutt Cartel, so yeah...) and the biggest change I see is to crafting. My companions seem to have the number "10& [..] View

New Quesh ball bug or hacks

8:24 am, December 3, 2016 I've witnessed this in about 3 out of 10 Quesh balls. Certain operatives from certain guilds are able to melt into the floor on the defenders platform. Essentially making them untargetable, stunnable, [..] View

Shae Vizla set

8:24 pm, December 2, 2016 Hi, First of all I'm not sure if it's right place to post so correct me if I'm wrong. Without further ado, I'm returning player, just recently re-subbed before 5.0 patch, currently trying to gather [..] View

Nice Damage Now - Vigilance/Vengeance

8:24 pm, December 2, 2016 Decided to do a few WZ's after peddling the PVE new content. Happy to say that I did 3 WZ's and went like this. 4.1 Mil Damage 4.3 Mil Damage 4.6 Mil Damage Gonna have to get some video's going ag [..] View

5.0 Immortal Jugg?

8:24 pm, December 2, 2016 Is it even worth going tank jugg for pvp in 5.0? Leveling cxp gives me all def/absorb/shield gear which is still kind of pointless for pvp. If I go veng dps and just stack endurance augs seems it migh [..] View

I have a question about starting the expansions

8:24 pm, December 2, 2016 I just got subscriber yesterday so I'd be able to get the level 60 character token to be able to start the expansion that just came out yesterday. ( I know, I'm a noob. I've never gotten to level 60 o [..] View

Can't load my fisrt character in game and can't create a new one after 5.0 patch

8:24 pm, December 2, 2016 Hello Am new to this game and I bought the bundle of the ethernal throne on 27th november (60 days of subcription). The thing is that after the 5.0 patch was released (the 29th i think). I got a mes [..] View

Does anyone else miss the Form/Stance buff icons?

8:24 pm, December 2, 2016 Especially in PVP, it can be extremely difficult to tell what spec someone is now, since there's no easy to see buff. Now, you have to look over their procs and what abilities they're using, there's n [..] View

just returned

8:24 pm, December 2, 2016 So i just re subbed after playing for a year or so at launch. My question is about expansions. i as a subscriber still had to use a token to start the level 60 content. How many tokens do i have? [..] View


8:24 pm, December 2, 2016 BLVCKLIST Bonjours à tous et bienvenue sur notre post de recrutement. BLVCKLIST, c'est quoi ça? - Guilde expérimentée, 4 ans d'activité en PV [..] View

Uprising Veteran Mode - Locked from Requeue

8:24 pm, December 2, 2016 We got bored and decided to get the Uprisings on Veteran mode out of the way - we keep getting locked for a few minutes after completing each of them because we completed them too quickly and you don' [..] View

Scrapper / Concealment DPS

8:24 am, December 2, 2016 Anyone else notice their damage is severely lacking? I realize they are ultra mobile and hard to **** but I'm talking from a pure dps perspective. I've been struggling to pull over 3.5k in wz's whil [..] View

Two Questions

8:24 am, December 2, 2016 I have been playing for about a month. I had two questions and I'm hoping someone can help. 1) I want to do the Theron romance storyline. Can I do this with a new level 60 character or do I miss that [..] View

Tipps for how to deal with double sappers

8:24 am, December 2, 2016 I main a sentinel and thus play this class most of the time and I would like to ask the pvp community how to best deal with 2 stealthers. I have no issues with one. I stand far away enough from the n [..] View

No class/story mission

8:24 am, December 2, 2016 Hi. I created a new [boosted] Jedi Sentinel as I used to play back in the day and figured I can just go through all the story. I'm currently doing all the missions in Tython(?) and I've kind of ra [..] View

SWTOR Guides

8:24 pm, December 1, 2016 Hi guys is there like a guide that takes you through the journey step by step with advice on what to play what build etc I have seen a few but these seem to be aimed at advanced players and the builds [..] View

Extremely upset with new update

8:24 pm, December 1, 2016 I am extremely upset with this new update, my wife and I spent countless hours a day grinding pvp to earn our gear at something we were great at, i dont understand why bio ware is folding to the babie [..] View

What is this clown fiesta?

8:24 pm, December 1, 2016 Good players already left and 60-80% of the players are pve noobs:mad::mad::mad: Every single warzone is a horrible nightmare:confused: Im also "happy" with the new decor prices (200 credit/ [..] View

The "new content" is not new

8:24 pm, December 1, 2016 I played through all the uprisings and done ~5 DvL bosses. All of those bosses use the same mechanics that already are in the game, heck even the same sound for abilities. Few examples (not even con [..] View

sell my 208

8:24 pm, December 1, 2016 I always had 2 sets, one for PVE and other for PvP, lately pvp was more. My pvp gear was 208 top notch, however pve was 224, 220. So can I happily sell my 208, and put on 224 / 220? I won't need th [..] View

Twin Droids in Inferno Uprising

8:24 pm, December 1, 2016 So I am curious - did anyone managed to get past them in SM with a group of 4 DPS? So far I completed Inferno 3 times in 3 different PUG groups. It went like that: 1) After several wipes one of DPS [..] View

Wall of crazy

8:24 am, December 1, 2016 I think we now have evidence that Bioware does, indeed, sometimes implement things off the "wall of crazy". I don't know how else you would explain them adding a voidstar bomb to the middle [..] View

Command Rank 300 = 2050 Regular Warzones Completed

8:24 am, December 1, 2016 After my prievous raging posts I thought I better share something constructive with my fellow PvP community: To reach maximum Command Rank 300 you need 1.230000 CXP. You'll get approximatelly 500-60 [..] View

WZ-commendation-purchasable vendor weapons for PvE usage now have valour requirement?

8:24 am, December 1, 2016 I'm not sure if this section's the right one to post this in. I have some on characters who had accumulated WZ comms prior to 5.0 on one char, and had transferred said comms to other chars, so they c [..] View

Bolster - Do you even need to grind the new gear?

8:24 am, December 1, 2016 After seeing how much of a boost bolster is giving, it seems regardless of gear everyone is pretty much sitting around the same HP and stats. So is it even going to make much of a difference whether [..] View

Is it just me or is combat really strong right now.

8:24 am, December 1, 2016 I've played a few dozen matches the past couple says and I feel like I'm doing so much damage. I've been routinely getting above 4k dps and have gotten above 5k once (without aoe fluffing, just singl [..] View

Class Balance

8:24 am, December 1, 2016 So far, from what I've seen I'm pretty satisfied with the class balance. At first I was worried about mercs being OP, they don't seem to be too bad though. Ops are pretty annoying and super mobile. [..] View

Serious question about pvp and accuracy in 5.0

8:24 am, December 1, 2016 With the changes to pvp - the removal of expertise - I wanted to ask if acuracy is still useless in PvP. Since my old 224 gear had 110% acc should I remove it for pvp reasons? My guess is that nothi [..] View

Alt people, forget CXP

8:24 pm, November 30, 2016 Guys if you have heaps of Alts like me, just forget about doing CXP at lvl 70 and just lvl all your alts in mids. Just make sure there is no XP boosts on. There are still enough old lvl 65s in mids [..] View

The Game was fine before 5.0 *** BW???

8:24 pm, November 30, 2016 I'm so frustrated right now I can't believe it! For 5 years I've been having a blast in this game and I loved it for the PvP and the challanges that comes with it. Even two days ago on monday the 28th [..] View

5.0 Turning Casuals Into PvErs...Requires Soul Searching!!!

8:24 pm, November 30, 2016 Besides no gnomes or orcs, casual pvp progression was the main reason why I have been subbed especially in the past two years. After my first night of CL grinding, I soon realized that one can not ge [..] View

Do i have to buy the expansion or subscribe again ?

8:24 pm, November 30, 2016 hello I was subed 1 week ago and I almost finish knight of the fallen empire but today a new patch finally come and then I start to continue my mission after finish 1 chapter my lvl stuck at 65, I [..] View

Showing wrong alignment symbol?

8:24 pm, November 30, 2016 I hate to have to post again so soon, but this is bugging me waaaayy too much to just ignore it :mad: I have a light-sided Jedi Knight/Sentinel toon, but on his name tag it shows the dark-sided symbo [..] View

So, no AFKers or noobs seeking CXP in ranked yet?

8:24 pm, November 30, 2016 I wonder when these threads, or if even, will start to appear. Since ranked is easily accessible now and the best source of CXP I guess there will be a lot of people queing for it in order to get CXP [..] View

7 Day Referral Link Subscriptions will not get you access to new expansion

8:24 pm, November 30, 2016 I have seen a few people post here and social media to click on their referral link to get 7 days sub and access to the new KOTET expansion. This is not true, the only person who will benefit will be [..] View

What content is available for two player coop?

8:24 pm, November 30, 2016 Other than Heroics and story/class quests and side quests, what multiplayer content in the game can be completed by two players (and their companions)? I am playing the game with my daughter: We had n [..] View

Not New ... But, Help!

8:24 pm, November 30, 2016 Hi all, I'm not technically new, but I'm returning to the game after a long hiatus, so I'd might as well be. I did previously pre-order the original collector's edition, started off early, and played [..] View

Do PVE relics work in pvp now? Seeing there's no vendor anymore

8:24 am, November 30, 2016 The info on pve relics still says they won't work in pvp but I'm guessing it's not true anymore. Just logged in and am doing some PVE to get a feeling of what new abilities are like so havent field te [..] View

Horrid fps issues

8:24 am, November 30, 2016 Since I have installed this game since beta/Launch I have got the worst FPS rates like 2-15 FPS when engaged in combat on LOWEST graphic settings. Definitely not a new player, but I did just install n [..] View

Question about Companion.

8:24 am, November 30, 2016 I got a question, should I max Influence with Ashara before the end of chapter 3? I'm asking because I heard some things with dialogue (I think) won't appear anymore. I'm a female Sith Inquisitor and [..] View

How big is this Patch?! [Nov29 Update]

8:24 am, November 30, 2016 I've been downloading for hours and it's still givin' me 2.5GB on Main Asset 249. I believe it started on Main Asset 247 @ 500MB, but man this is taking forever. Cool to have Early Access when it tak [..] View

Ranked Valor Requirement 5.0

8:24 am, November 30, 2016 At first I was really happy about this change untill I heard that it's only lvl 25 valor req. BioWare Do you honestly believe that people with 25 valor are ready for ranked PvP? Legacy Valor 80+ wo [..] View

Removing expertise does not put PVErs on equal ground

8:24 am, November 30, 2016 It's funny watching these PVE guys in Warzones. What they don't understand is, Expertise didnt make a player good, or better. Some of these Sorcs i encounter never even pop Barrier. Lots of people do [..] View

Xp Boost Gone?

8:24 am, November 30, 2016 When I logged in today I noticed that the 200xp boost seemed to no longer be in affect. Did Bioware end the event early (there was still a fair bit of time when I checked yesterday) or I am simply ex [..] View

Help with finding armor

8:24 pm, November 29, 2016 I'm a little confused on how to find armor witch looks good not just from the main story line, I tried looking up for a bit of armor which I liked the look of (TT-16B Master Powertech (Imp) ) and i l [..] View

Outlander Gear?

8:24 pm, November 29, 2016 I was trying to get all of the Outlander Bulwark set for my Jedi Guardian main before the patch. After the patch, I can't seem to find a vendor that sells them. Is there another way to get them, or we [..] View

Never go full Ret**d

8:24 pm, November 29, 2016 And yet you little snowflakes improved yourselves and got the new title "APEX HEROIC DEV Ta*D" you didn't learn from champion lol bags and closing 60% of the servers you didn't learn after [..] View

PVP 5.0 dps

8:24 pm, November 29, 2016 Merc hit with a 46k super critical heat seeker. I'm currently running in a combat sent and getting in the 25ks from time to time. Looks like a pretty good dps boost overall but as expected mercs and M [..] View

Launcher being updated... please wait

8:24 pm, November 29, 2016 So I know this is apperently a common issue over the years but I tried everything and nothing worked. When I wanted to patch to 5.0, he just wouldn't start (error 311) and I tried fixing that by using [..] View

Character Boost for KOTET puts me on starting planets.

8:24 pm, November 29, 2016 Please help. When I use the Level 65 Boost to begin KOTET, I end up on the starting planets with no way to begin the KOTET storyline. How do I fix this? I subbed during the required time period for ea [..] View

So, is this gear-grind a debbie downer or what?

8:24 pm, November 29, 2016 I just recently got back and have been reading about the new update and it's quite demoralising to say the least. Do we know if the stat priority is going to stay the same (of course no expertise, bu [..] View

5.0 PVP Lowbie, Midbie Breakdown? Ranked Valor requirement level?

8:24 am, November 29, 2016 I did not see any word on the new breakdown of the PVP levels in the Patch notes or Dev livestreams (or missed it) Still level 10-40 for Lowbie? Midbie to level 69? Also, Ranked is now supposed to [..] View

Game is hard please nerf

8:24 am, November 29, 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1J0zhB2CbZs&t=120s Kappa View

Question about new stealth level changes for classes

8:24 am, November 29, 2016 So, assuming I read the notes correctly, all stealth classes get a higher stealth level by default now which will make them all but impossible to spot unless you have some active AOE or scan to drop t [..] View

Bounty Supply Company Reputation

8:24 am, November 29, 2016 Hey guys, so I was recently talking with my guild master about how he got his Volatile Trooper Set, and he told me it was through the Cartel Bazaar, so naturally I went and I checked it out. It's a ve [..] View

Returning player- Guardian or Sentinel

8:24 am, November 29, 2016 Hello everyone! I'm coming back to SWTOR and am seeking to play from the start (I'm a big story person)...i rolled myself a dps guardian and felt it was very clunky to play...i then rolled a defense [..] View

Are Warzone Queues not working?

8:24 pm, November 28, 2016 Hello. I'm an old player, just re-subscribed for the first time in about a year and a half to check out the new content. However, I've been trying to queue for Warzones on the POTF server for a few da [..] View

Reminder: Use them or lose them TODAY

8:24 pm, November 28, 2016 Get rid of those excess comms and crystals TODAY as they're gone tomorrow. I've reposted the conversions below, but remember - the cap is 2 million credits TOTAL per character, not just for warzone co [..] View

Changing Name Tip

8:24 pm, November 28, 2016 So staring on Nov 29 character transfer will be 90 cc, so if you would like to change your character name for only cost you 180 cc to do so. STEP 1. Transfer character you want to change name to a [..] View

Questions on Legacy and Romances

8:24 pm, November 28, 2016 Some things I've been curious about recently, since I plan to start playing some of the Imp classes relatively soon after only doing Rep so far Firstly, assuming I stay on the same server, does my Le [..] View

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