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i would like to get my toon back?

this was my second waring and I lost my toon I want him back my toon name is thelanternI
4:48 pm, June 13, 2016


no cursor in menu

Anyone have any idea how to get the mouse cursor to work in this game?....Works in all the admin and account screens but not in the game....
6:57 am, July 4, 2016

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Depths of Manaan HM 2-manned

8:24 am, August 28, 2016 Hello everyone, I know it's not an insane feat we pulled off and there are lots of you that could do this, but still, there are lots of complaints about how hard Manaan HM is. So we gave it a test. A [..] View

No addons, mods etc?

8:24 am, August 28, 2016 A few of my friends talked me into getting this game. Played up to level 42. Without addons mmo's ****. Can we At Least get a damage meter? Its no fun playing a dps class and never be able to see [..] View

Flashpoint blood hunt

8:24 pm, August 27, 2016 Looking for people to help with flashpoint blood hunt. i can't make it for solo and hard option it only works on tactical option so i need help with complting it becuse it's imposible to do this alone View

Does a Jugg have a 0% chance of winning against an Operative in a duel???

8:24 pm, August 27, 2016 Its come to my attention that the Jugg is never able to win against an Operative in a duel the Operative has Healing, Stealth, Melee, Range and Defense its crazy i have both classes and win all the ti [..] View

proving grounds - can you get the mod you want?

8:24 pm, August 27, 2016 Does anyone know (or think they know ;) ) if you can somehow time running across the mod-stands in proving grounds and get the one you want? Or is it like the airvents in HB, where I've convinced mys [..] View

DvL question

8:24 am, August 27, 2016 I played a Sith Inquisitor (until lvl 52) and everything was fine with her, but now that I played a Jedi Sentinel and reached level 32 and have not received anything: is it normal? both are on the sam [..] View

PVP the way you want to.

8:24 pm, August 26, 2016 First off, creating a title for this. (I couldn't think of the right way to describe it!) There are so many things that frustrate me about pvp. Sorc premades, 4 healers on one team, multiple tank he [..] View

Balanced PVP server?

8:24 pm, August 26, 2016 Hi all, I'm curious if there is a server that is not completely dominated by one side. Been playing on RE, switched to Harb, but see the same picture everywhere - one side totally steamrolls the othe [..] View

HK quest not working

8:24 pm, August 26, 2016 i apologize if this is in the wrong place but since this is a heroic quest and heroic is in the title....... so i'm on the theoretika and i'm trying to get the second security badge to open the locke [..] View

Problem chapiter iv (kotfe)

8:24 pm, August 26, 2016 Hello all, I track this topic because I have a big problem, I'm in Chapter IV of kotfe and when to confront ke rancor swamp the problem is that it does not spawn! I like to know if there would be a wa [..] View

How do i get an OPS team?

8:24 pm, August 26, 2016 Hey I'm kinda new at OPS I have a guild and everything I need in it but we have a question how do we do OPS exactly like you can have 4 people in a group but for OPS you need like 16? or something lik [..] View

What content can lock out class story?

8:24 am, August 26, 2016 I couldn't find relevant information so I have to ask the following. Is there any content (besides KotFE) that will lock out class story? I'm leveling few new characters and most of them will reach [..] View

OPs = OP

8:24 pm, August 24, 2016 People are under the impression that ops are op. I have lvl'd 3+ operatives by pure pvp. Had to go back and grab ship. The same goes with every class in the game. I am familiar with each warzone and c [..] View

Why have I lost my stats?

8:24 pm, August 24, 2016 I grinded all my 204 gear. then the 208. took those mods and added them to the gear id like to wear, not much of which matches. I like my look. everything is augmented and I wake up to my stats being [..] View

Launcher is doing things, but I don't know if they are normal things.

8:24 pm, August 24, 2016 Each day that I turn on the launcher it installs anywhere from 10 to 15%. This usually takes about 15 to 20 minutes. Is this a normal thing or a not normal thing. I do not get the repair option under [..] View

HM Xeno "Gree Ops Boss"

8:24 am, August 24, 2016 I am writing as today started the 'Relics of the Gree" Apparently you can't do 16 man HM then do SM.... several people in the group observed the boss being dead and another boss up but no panel t [..] View

LF OPs group

8:24 am, August 24, 2016 I've only been playing for about 2 weeks now, and am wanting to start doing ops, I am fully geared with 208/216, all augmented. My server is JC, and name is SWTopher, I am more then willing to learn a [..] View

Class UP'ness Poll

8:24 am, August 24, 2016 As is common with pvp forums there are hundreds of "buff this" or "X class is up" or "X ability is up" threads. Let's take a poll of a class's up'ness: As is common wit [..] View

Which files should I copy to my new computer?

8:24 am, August 24, 2016 I want to copy my settings/layout of my characters from an old computer to a new computer. I realize I'll have to re-install the game and all that, but what can I copy so that once I reinstall the ga [..] View

Subbed for 180 days - Sub not working in game. - Didn't know where to ask for help -

8:24 am, August 24, 2016 It been a few hours since I have purchased the 180 day sub, when I go in game it says i'm a free to play player but if I look at my account or I go to EA it says my purchase has gone through. I looke [..] View

SWTOR Took money from my bank but I never got my cartel coins I paid for

8:24 am, August 24, 2016 I purchased 5500 cartel coins off the SWTOR website and they took the money out the bank but never added the coins to my account. I paid for a service and they did not supply the goods named in the co [..] View

SOLVED: Corellia Labor Valley

8:24 pm, August 23, 2016 Looking for some help. Trying to get my Exploration achievements on Corellia, but I can't access Eastern Labor Valley. All entrances to that area are sealed and I can't find any other ways in. An [..] View

crystals tip

8:24 pm, August 23, 2016 So most of us got a bunch of crystals when we opened our DvL packs or you got a good deal on the GTN, but its not wise to use your cartel coin on crystals unlocks. So if you have a legacy weapon you c [..] View

Nightmare Ops

8:24 pm, August 23, 2016 so as of now do not get armor and weapon Kell Dragon and Dread Forged, would like to offer to addto the NIghtmare Ops special items. Which would fall with bosses Nightmare ops and changed for the Kell [..] View

LvD flashpoints- Champion Level - Can you co-op flashpoints with a single friend?

8:24 pm, August 23, 2016 Sorry for the noobish question, but I don't quite know how DvL works.For the portion of "Flashpoint Expert" of the Champion Level of the Dark Vs Light Event it states: "Complete the fo [..] View

How do you start a Flashpoint in Solo mode?

8:24 am, August 23, 2016 So I'm trying to complete some Flashpoints in Solo mode but I have no idea how you start them in Solo mode. The Esseles gave you the option but starting Hammer Station doesn't seem to give me the opti [..] View

Class OP'ness Poll

8:24 am, August 23, 2016 As is common with pvp forums there are hundreds of "nerf this" or "X class is op" or "X ability is op" threads. Let's take a poll of a class's op'ness: Ground rules: [..] View

Abilities that can be a pain to use.

8:24 am, August 23, 2016 Ever in a warzone and you wait on the bridge and time the most percect knockback or force push and somehow they end up going the exact opposite direction you pushed them and you end up becoming the pr [..] View

[SPOILER]The emperor final fight Please Need Help

8:24 pm, August 22, 2016 So i been trying for like 1 Hour and a half now and i cant seem to beat him on my jedi guardian. i keep getting ****** by the stupid *********** move called force blast witch is dealing 34000 damage a [..] View

Op Classes pls nerf

8:24 pm, August 22, 2016 Lightning sorc hits so hard you cant do anything how is such a spec hitting harder than a powertech and its way to mobile it just got to many buffs cant even interrupt them when they use polarity shif [..] View

Dark vs Light Armor Repeats

8:24 pm, August 22, 2016 Last night I got the last of the easy Dark vs. Light packs (Eternal), and Legendary's going to take awhile, so that's five times I've had the chance to open these packs and I keep getting the same arm [..] View

Hatred/Kinetic Tanking questions.

8:24 pm, August 22, 2016 In PVP, I heal on my OP/Scoundrel, but I’ve decided to switch out to a Sin/Shadow tanking for a change of pace and had a few questions regarding the class/spec. I’ve read through K [..] View

The emperor final fight Please Need Help

8:24 am, August 22, 2016 So i been trying for like 1 Hour and a half now and i cant seem to beat him on my jedi guardian. i keep getting ****** by the stupid *********** move called force blast witch is dealing 34000 damage a [..] View

*** man...

8:24 am, August 22, 2016 So does anyone else think Quesh ball doesn't make any sense...? Mostly due to the fact that I can't jump to players about to score the ball, but I can get PULLED and trapped in acid when I'm about to [..] View

Broken Dark vs Light Flashpoint Achievements

8:24 pm, August 21, 2016 I just wanted to get some clarification, i saw in the patch notes for GU 4.7a that they applied a fix so that Players who completed The Dark vs. Light: Flashpoint Master Achievement prior to Game Upd [..] View

Descent Into The Dark Fortress is an ops? ***?

8:24 pm, August 21, 2016 So I was doing the questline on Oricon only to find out the final mission is an ops? *** Bioware? whose bright idea was it to make the final mission a *********** ops? whats worse is that you cant que [..] View

are low level sages op or am I just pro

8:24 pm, August 21, 2016 I pvp'd for the first time as part of the LvD event. I thought I would be rolled all over the place since I have never pvp'd in swtor before. It took a few months in wow before I could hold my own in [..] View

How do i find my referral link

8:24 am, August 21, 2016 I want to refer a friend but i cant and yes im a sub if i go to the swtor page click my acc and then refer a freind it says an unkwon error has occured and i cant find my link my sub is ending soon so [..] View

Star Forts Problem and Suggestions

8:24 am, August 21, 2016 You guys are wondering why I put Star Forts here. It's self explanatory as it is because they are considered both heroic and flashpoints. They are by far, in my opinion, the most poorly put together f [..] View

It just came to me why I had left this game!

8:24 am, August 21, 2016 It just came to me why I had left this game! It was the healer/prot master race metas at PvP. But nothing has changed. An average healer/tank duo is worth 6+ average DPS and can win an objective based [..] View

PVP Flash Points

8:24 am, August 21, 2016 For Instance Black Talon not only could you have the bosses but the pub group in the first part be PVPers instead of NPCs. You would only be allowed to respawn a certain amount of times say 4 then the [..] View

How exactly does a ***** Tank work?

8:24 am, August 21, 2016 I keep hearing the term in Warzones, and I want to be a Tank that can actually contribute something in Warzones, so I'd like to know how being a ***** Tank works. Does it require a specific utility bu [..] View

[fr] besoin d'aide l'ombre de revan

8:24 pm, August 20, 2016 Bien le bonjour, Je rencontre une difficulté assez ennuient ces dernières heures, je me suis abonné et j'ai obtenu toutes les extentions j'ai fini Rise of Hutt Carte [..] View

Nerf Kyramla Gemas’rugam in Blood Hunt Hard Mode

8:24 am, August 20, 2016 You know something is wrong with a hard mode flashpoint when all of your group members including yourself are in 220+ gear and fully augmented, and you cant get passed the big furball. Done it many ti [..] View

Chapter 15 Help Please

8:24 am, August 20, 2016 Hi all, For the last two weeks I've been trying to get past the SkyTrooper Ambush at the beginning of Chapter 15- Gemini Deception. I keep getting ****** and can't find a way to beat the big droid a [..] View

Last boss in Hammer Station

8:24 am, August 20, 2016 I am trying to solo Hammer Station FP and I do fine up to the last mob (Battlelord K).. I am running a 65 Gunslinger with a companion at level 21 affection. My gear is the 208 rating stuff you purch [..] View

Champion Level Flash-point broken Achievement (DvL Event)

8:24 pm, August 19, 2016 I mean seriously, guys, what's up with this? I've tried running this FP on several different DvL characters (two level 65, and one level 55) (I am ready to receive the eternal champion achievement) bu [..] View

Cross-server Mega PvP community

8:24 pm, August 19, 2016 So I've been seeing for a while now, no matter what the server, there's always very few good and active PvP guilds.. as the title suggests, I'd like to change that by implementing a cross-server PvP g [..] View

Alternative Weapons

8:24 pm, August 19, 2016 If your class changes weapons after specializing can you still use the original? For example, can my Commando still use blaster rifles? I'm doing the Combat Medic path and the assault cannon just do [..] View

Idea: Operation maker

8:24 pm, August 19, 2016 I came up with an idea i know that no one would listen or even notice this and it is probably beyond difficult to program but i still find this brilliant we have strongholds already have done half the [..] View

"My Guild Needs Me" Excuse.

8:24 pm, August 19, 2016 Please... just stop using this blatant lie, we all know it's just a secret plot, or façade, to just leave the group hoping to absolve yourself of guilt or to sneak away from one. Anyone wit [..] View

Lack of pvp content

8:24 am, August 19, 2016 There should be more pvp content , new maps with same objectives or other objectives or something like raid based modes idk and alot more. this lack of pvp content makes some people want to quit subsc [..] View

Let's talk about how to improve Harb Pub pvp

8:24 am, August 19, 2016 So instead of me complaining about how atrocious the pubs has become over the year in pvp, let talk about how to try to improve them. i think we need to start at listening to directions and not run a [..] View

Umm random NPCs in stronghold?

8:24 am, August 19, 2016 So I've been decking out my stronghold recently and noticed that occasionally like 5 random NPCs will just be chillin in my house. There was one time where several bounty hunters were just having a me [..] View

bound items?

8:24 pm, August 18, 2016 What to do with bound gear you don't use anymore? I have several 208 and 216 bound items that I don't use anymore due to getting higher rating gear. What do people typically do with this type of gea [..] View

Any way to turn off auto-holster / sheathing of weapon after each fight?

8:24 am, August 18, 2016 I want the game to stop holstering my weapon / sheathing my weapon after every single fight.. it looks distracting when I'm running from fight to fight every 4 or 5 seconds and my character keeps putt [..] View

Trying to become a brand new player, but......

8:24 am, August 18, 2016 In the first 2 tries of playing, yesterday and today. I was really hopeful that I had found another great game other than Star Trek Online to play. However the fact that there is no visible cursor/poi [..] View

Are you on a dead server?

8:24 am, August 18, 2016 Hey guys use my referral link to get one free character transfer, one free character rename, and a preferred bundle pack also 7 days of subscription for unlimited gameplay. http://www.swtor.com/r/dQDm [..] View

datacrons and their location

8:24 pm, August 17, 2016 Hey guys, i am not a new player, however going to approach datacron question seriously for the first time! :) I was thinking about running through datacrons, but wanted to find out if their locati [..] View

Is there an Event schedule / Calendar

8:24 pm, August 17, 2016 Sorry, not sure where to post/ask this. Is there a place to look and see when events happen ahead of time? I have a quest regarding a Gree event, but no idea when I can continue it. I also saw too [..] View

camera setting

8:24 am, August 17, 2016 Anyone know how to zoom the camera out. Tried the rolling key on the mouse(dont know what to call it) to zoom out but its still just too close for me. Help a returning subscriber out: http://www.swt [..] View

Cant join warzones

8:24 am, August 17, 2016 I just started an lvl 60 character and I finished the story missions but when I que for war zones I can wait for an hour and there still doesn't happen anything. Does somebody know if there is anythin [..] View

Titles & Legacy Surnames

8:24 am, August 17, 2016 I'm a subscriber and i've been playing for around 4 months and i still haven't found out how to activate titles or how to turn off legacy surnames, if anyone knows how, please help. thank you very muc [..] View

What is the VS?

8:24 am, August 17, 2016 Hello I am a returning player and was wondering after I made a new character what the large VS icon is next to the characters side is. I have my old characters but they do not have that VS next to it [..] View

Sorcs 3 CC escapes.

8:24 am, August 17, 2016 Everyone already knows the pain of seeing the army of sorcs in warzones, and the dread of barrier activating. The problem I have with CC vs sorcs is I try to use it at the right time to **** people, t [..] View

Large stacks of companion gifts on GTN?

8:24 am, August 17, 2016 On Ebon Hawk server there is the same few people (maybe even alts of same person) who couple times a week put up several stacks of 100 of each type of companion gifts. (both blue and purple rank 5) I [..] View

Leveling companions

8:24 pm, August 16, 2016 Hi, I am playing a Sith Warrior and I keep my favourite Shock Collar wearing companion close at hand. For the most part she was keeping up with me level wise but after we hit level 20, I started le [..] View

How do Kingpin Bounties work in 2016?

8:24 pm, August 16, 2016 I thought these were some kind of special, harder, bounty. But as far as I can tell, they are just another way to buy a reputation token, and not even a super token at that. Has something changed or [..] View

Coratanni hm 2nd phase

8:24 pm, August 16, 2016 Hey fellow raiders, my group is working on Coratanni hm and I am looking for tips to help us get through the 2nd phase. 1st phase we clear easily and we've gotten Ruugar within 4% of pushing on our b [..] View

F2P: KOTFE removes companions; can't get them back

8:24 pm, August 16, 2016 A F2P-friend used his free lvl 60 char and started playing the KOTFE chapter I. I am a subscriber. The plan was that we do 2-man stuff together, like HM FPs and so on. HM FPs do require 2 companions [..] View

Can't finish chapter 15 - Gemini's deception

8:24 pm, August 15, 2016 Hi! I seem to have made a bad choice when sending off the pods. I thought it would be a good idea to send the republicans last to win the others as allies (which, of course, resulted in them not bein [..] View

Stacking the same class

8:24 pm, August 15, 2016 In a normal PvP universe where classes complement each other and make each other shine, to stack the same advanced class would be rather disadvantageous. Not in this game. In regs 8x8 I keep seeing mo [..] View

Bounty Hunter Stat Priority

8:24 am, August 15, 2016 Hi I am wondering what the stat priority is for my Arsenal merc. All the forums I keep stumbling across say Aim but I dont see that stat on any items. Is that from an older version of the game? Right [..] View

lesser known oddities about PvP

8:24 am, August 15, 2016 All you other people probably knew these, but I saw them just recently... Did you know that when you enter a PvP match, you are "Entering a Story Area"? I thought that was a bit weird. Di [..] View

Juggernaut with nobinds > ANY PREMADE > HEALERS > HATERS > 97% JUGGERNAUTS

8:24 am, August 15, 2016 At evening all was ok. even better. What happens now.... :( comon it is my mind... my **** mind HERE------------>https://youtu.be/YK3P4UEVfaI omg why it so sad , Here #2 -------------------- [..] View

Chat is rigged with people paid to be Hillary supporters.

8:24 am, August 15, 2016 I speak undeniable truth and I get squelched, they sit there and shout hate about Trump for hours and nothing happens? You guys just lost more than one player because I will show everyone what you guy [..] View

Chat is rigged, Milo v2.

8:24 am, August 15, 2016 I speak undeniable truth and I get squelched, they sit there and shout hate about Trump for hours and nothing happens? You guys just lost more than one player because I will show everyone what you guy [..] View

4v5 in a 4v4 match

8:24 am, August 15, 2016 So I queued for PVP WZ, and then suddenly saw that enemy team list just has a sorc symbol and a number 4 inplace of name. and then suddenly discovered there are 5 imps vs 4 of us in 4v4 match. http:// [..] View

Not exactly new but...

8:24 pm, August 14, 2016 Yeah I've kind of been a loyal follower of SWTOR ever since it's announcement. Been a subscriber from the moment I had a steady income. Just never really been on these forums. To avoid a long story, I [..] View


8:24 am, August 14, 2016 I was wondering if I delete my original character that i've had for a few years now, would I lose everything ive collected through the cash shop packs? I have alot of rare mounts and other things tha [..] View

who will future server Jung Ma?

8:24 am, August 14, 2016 Hello Guys! I open this post, because is very, very hard to find people to do something. Example: operation, fp (hm), wz, starfighter, etc! What thing bioware about this... Some guys is free or he [..] View

Blood Hunt Jos & Valk fight.

8:24 am, August 14, 2016 Can something be done about this fight in tactical mode? Currently, the fight itself is fine except for one small thing; the location of the kolto stations. They're at the edge of the platform. Valk h [..] View

NO 7 Season Rewards. Go tournament all get Ur cc . MAcro Tryhards.

8:24 am, August 14, 2016 Eazeeware not only ****** ToFN. This *developers* which did nothing for pvp on this game since 2013 year it dead. And Their friends sended mail to them i seen it. Hey we are **** at rankeds please Br [..] View

chapter 16 arcann boss battle glitch?

8:24 am, August 14, 2016 i really need helps on this boss fight because ive done everything and i mean EVERYTHING on this boss fight. the first couple times i tried it i lost but that was because i really didn't know what to [..] View

Stats, Looking for Basic Info

8:24 pm, August 13, 2016 Hi, I've been searching the forums and googling, and I can't find a simple description of what each stat does. I found this thread: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=847112 It tells me [..] View

Gear no longer matters in swtor?

8:24 pm, August 13, 2016 (Before i begin, please note that I'm not talking about NiM operations) Me and my friends decided to speed run HM flashpoints for that “new” event, I was a healer. We used group f [..] View

What do you guys think about the removal of flashpoint exclusive loot?

8:24 pm, August 13, 2016 Are you missing the Foundry/Hammer station etc exclusive sets? If you do, how would you like to see them re-introduced? Personally I think deleting them was the biggest letdown of 4.0 for me. It was t [..] View

Bug/technical issue

8:24 pm, August 13, 2016 ok first there should be a forum for technical support and bugs because i find other players so much more helpful then support.... and the support page is just a robot...but anyhow Since the last up [..] View

So how does the tier thing work in rewards?

8:24 am, August 13, 2016 If you hit certain level you still have to spend tokens to buy stuff, or is it simply granted? Fro example weapon lock-box is simply buy-able for 20k, or does your rating at the end have to be at a c [..] View

how long

8:24 am, August 13, 2016 How long does reorganizing data take it feels like its been months............................................ .................................................. .................................... [..] View

Nightmare Power Guild is Recruiting!

8:24 am, August 13, 2016 Hello All VAULT HUNTERSNightmare Power on Jedi Covenant is recruiting for...you guessed it. Nightmare! We are currently in need of: Besides a $H^T ton of Vault Hunters (you can never have too many o [..] View

Gathering Alliance: How to end "Little Boss"?

8:24 am, August 13, 2016 I have more or less finished the Little Boss task, talked to Blizz on Hoth and collected all he needed to get him up to level 10. To end it, I go back to Hylo Visz - or I am trying to. When I want to [..] View

Removed GTN item missing?

8:24 pm, August 12, 2016 Hey guys, so I'm sure this is a super nooby question but I'm very inexperienced in selling in the GTN, I was trying to sell an item and realized I had set it to the wrong sale length, so I tried to re [..] View

The Red Eclipse server help for beginners

8:24 pm, August 12, 2016 Hey dear SWTOR members! If you are new to the game ,feel free to contact me and ask me about anything. All my characters are on Red Eclipse. My main is sith warrior Varoliran. Right now I'm on m [..] View

Wow! So 6+ months of season 7 it seems. No end till KOTET.

8:24 am, August 12, 2016 Season started April 2nd and it won't end until the release of KOTET in the fall. More news about KOTET in September so guessing an October release if we are lucky. Tier rewards stronghold deco's, tie [..] View

disappointing live stream.

8:24 am, August 12, 2016 I just watch the season 7 portion of today's live stream. they spent like 2 minutes? telling us things that we already knew. Didn't show any items, then they followed by a cartel market give away to h [..] View

Disappointing PvP Rewards!

8:24 am, August 12, 2016 So the title is pretty explanatory. SWTOR Devs please pretend that you actually care for once and that you do in fact listen to your players. Change/Add new rewards in S7 ranked. The PvP portion o [..] View

Question on Shadow of Revan

8:24 am, August 12, 2016 So! I really wish to play Shadow of Revan, and yes I did purchase the expansion because on my game list it says "Purchased". But anyway; I need to know what chapter I am able to play it at. [..] View

Disappearing Mission

8:24 am, August 12, 2016 I'm not really a new player but I'm new to this issue. I've been playing for a while on my Juggernaut and during a mission on Belsavis I got pulled into a flashpoint by my friend. After we completed t [..] View

how many ops per day?

8:24 am, August 12, 2016 Can you only do 1 ops per day or only one ops in group finder? And can you only do the op that advertised in group finder or do other ops have quest givers like flash points. I ask because I did kp [..] View

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