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i would like to get my toon back?

this was my second waring and I lost my toon I want him back my toon name is thelanternI
4:48 pm, June 13, 2016


no cursor in menu

Anyone have any idea how to get the mouse cursor to work in this game?....Works in all the admin and account screens but not in the game....
6:57 am, July 4, 2016

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Bye Bye Lowbie PvP

8:24 am, October 26, 2016 Warzones •Warzone Commendation Grants are now Bind on Pickup. So this little doozy just ****** lowbie PvP! Why do it now, other than to level a new tune? I'm not, and higher level PvP is pr [..] View

Need more hotbar room?

8:24 am, October 26, 2016 I you ever find your self in a place where you ran out of hot bar room think it through. One easy way and the way I found best is to simply take out thinks you don't need. For example with your sprint [..] View

What's the new hack/bug in HB

8:24 am, October 26, 2016 What's the new hack or bug in Quesh Hutt ball that allows a sniper to camp in the green sludge all match without dying.. but anyone else who tries to go through or near the same trap dies, even if the [..] View

Different GTN types

8:24 am, October 26, 2016 Hai! I was read a topic recently about the gtns I wanna know more about their "types", or how much different the gtns. (Like Simple Republic GTN vs Nar Shadda gtn) How much about them? A [..] View

Can anyone tell me what does that mean?

8:24 pm, October 25, 2016 Hey folks! Alright, so after talking with the team about the feedback in this thread, we are going to make a change. Instead of requiring prior Season Ranked Tokens in 5.0, each of the cosmetic items [..] View

1v1 Tournament 12th Nov: URC #8 - Halloweenies out for Harambe!

8:24 pm, October 25, 2016 1v1 Tournament 12th November 7pm GMT We are back with a super spooky 1v1 tournament for us all to enjoy before the RNGfest of 5.0 arrives! URC 7 saw Operatives returned to the top of the pile and th [..] View

*** am I doing in the warzone?

8:24 pm, October 25, 2016 I started to play in warzone sometimes and I gotta say I'm a shame lol... They **** me before I could blink, characters who are like ten levels under me. I have never ****** anyone and totally useless [..] View

The New KOTET subscription rewards

8:24 pm, October 25, 2016 Hey there, I have been playing SWTOR for just over 2 years now I think, so I'm not quite sure if this post is in the right forum section but I couldn't find a better one. I have played a lot but mostl [..] View

What mods, enhancements and armor for Sentinel

8:24 pm, October 25, 2016 I just started a Jedi Sentinel and have an adaptive armor set from the cartel market but need to know what types of mods, armoring and enhancements to put in my armor? Does anybody have recommendation [..] View

"Legacy" Unlocks?!

8:24 pm, October 25, 2016 So, I just purchased the legacy unlocks for the Togruta and the Mirialan species so that I could actually create characters of that species in any of the classes, I've "claimed" them from th [..] View

Vehicles tab missing on new character

8:24 pm, October 25, 2016 I recently started a Jedi Knight alt and bought the perk that allows the use of speeders at level 1. I'm now level 10 and still the vehicles tab isn't showing in the abilities window so I can actually [..] View

Republic Empire differences in Kotfe

8:24 am, October 25, 2016 Hello all, I have completed the Knights of the Fallen Empire story as a Republic Smuggler, and have started the prelude as a Sith Inquisitor. Will the stories be different for each faction, or will t [..] View

Past Packs

8:24 am, October 25, 2016 I just became a subscriber of SWTOR and I saw the Armor of Mandalore the Ultimate and I went to get. But it says that I had to buy a pack. I can't find the pack anywhere. When will it become available [..] View

Pvp comms credit conversion

8:24 am, October 25, 2016 Ok just so I'm clear. 1. No more pvp gear 2. No more pvp comms 3. Comms converted to credits 4. Non set bonus gear can be crafted outside of the new gear system How can they set a conversion rat [..] View

5.0 Ugh

8:24 am, October 25, 2016 Posted this in general discussion, hoping to get some sort of dev response, but I'm not hopeful lol.... I'll preface this by saying I love swtor. The pvp in this game is visually appealing and has aw [..] View

Why do people tank Lord Modo in the corner?

8:24 am, October 25, 2016 Nobody puts baby in a corner. No, but seriously, I don't know if the mechs are different in HM, but in tactical, I've seen this a few times where people act like it's this assumed tactic to tank Lord [..] View

pvp to pve conversion

8:24 am, October 25, 2016 I guess one key 5.0 conversion question is will my top of the line 208 pvp gear convert to top of the line pve gear or will the pvpers be below the pvers in war zones at the start? Effectively will a [..] View

Purchased level 60 token with Cartel coins... Why can't I use it?

8:24 am, October 25, 2016 Been playing a couple months now. I deleted my first level 60 as I wanted to "earn the scars" as it were. But now I wanted to create another character and go right to 60... I purchased th [..] View

Not right status on account.

8:24 am, October 25, 2016 So i just subscribed and i am getting back into this game. When i log in it says i am preferred status instead of subscriber i have logged out and back in like 7-8 times still no change and it been li [..] View

Starting a static group with some friends - couple of questions

8:24 pm, October 24, 2016 I'm planning on running a static levelling group with a few friends but there's a couple of quibbles I wasn't sure about. What is the normal group size limit? 4? 5? 6? 8? Are there any penalties/adv [..] View

advise for a survival class

8:24 pm, October 24, 2016 Hi, I'm beginning the game and I'm looking for a survical class (PVE/PVP). The goal isn't having the most OP but a class not too complex to play and with a very good survivability. Guardian/Juggern [..] View

No weapons :(

8:24 pm, October 24, 2016 So I had no idea that offhand barrels were such a plague. I hit 65 with my BH and immediately dropped 300 crystals on a pair of offhands so I could strip the internals out of them and use them in my [..] View

STORY LINE where to begin

8:24 pm, October 24, 2016 i have rise of the hutt cartel ,shadow of revan up to 65 im consular class ,i wish to know where to begin chap 4 historyline (that is the one that rise of the hutt cartel brings me) i only have the [..] View

Killing blows in conquest and achievements

8:24 am, October 24, 2016 Does anyone know how exactly the killing blows work in "Warzones: Destroy the Enemy" for conquest, and the achievements under "Kills" (e.g "Huttball Hall of Famer")? They [..] View


8:24 am, October 24, 2016 So I've recently joined the ranks of SWTOR players :cool: and I've been working through the game over the last week, I created a character on the Progenitor server (Zeceeco, Jedi Knight, at your servi [..] View

Heroic 2 SF alone

8:24 am, October 24, 2016 Is it possible to do the heroic 2 star fortress' by yourself in kotfe? I was told to get my companion with the highest influence (Koth) as a jk sentinel and I could do it but I can't get past the part [..] View

Heroic Missions and missing chests on low levels?

8:24 am, October 24, 2016 Hello My friend and I started playing several days ago, he started out with subscription and I subbed few days later. First we started with chars in Korriban and did few of the heroic missions there. [..] View

Dark VS Light Event - SO CONFUSED

8:24 am, October 24, 2016 I'm returning to the game thanks to the awesome trailer for the upcoming expansion, and now I see that there's a really fun Diablo Seasons-esque event going on for amazing looking rewards. I have abso [..] View

Removed payment method - still shows up when purchasing Cartel Coins

8:24 pm, October 23, 2016 Hello all, I appear to be having an issue with a payment method (card) that I've removed from my account, as I no longer wish to use this with the game. Last night I tried to purchase some coins thro [..] View

WoW girl turned SWTOR player

8:24 pm, October 23, 2016 Hey guys, I'm a WoW girl but I just started playing this a few days ago. I am having an AMAZING time so far. Looking for any advice y'all experienced players have :D. So far my favorite thing about th [..] View

Asking for some advice about "Operations"

8:24 pm, October 23, 2016 HI ALL YEEEEEEEEE :) I have some questions about Operations. -How hard they are? Can I be usefull with a Powertech-Advanced Prototype (65lv) with item rating equip 190 (Yes, I need to upgrade, and t [..] View

Eternal Championship

8:24 pm, October 23, 2016 Does anyone on Progenitor want to team up for the Eternal Championship? I'm struggling to get far solo as a healer, and literally no-one on general wants to group, ever. I'm trying to get to rank 5 fo [..] View

A video about some duel :>

8:24 pm, October 23, 2016 A video about some duel. To be honest,not all duels were difficult to attend live. What was really difficult for me,some light dominance.Where it was difficult or equal to I fight, tagged "Equa [..] View

Balmorra mission called Data Corruption (spoilers)

8:24 pm, October 23, 2016 Hello all, I was checking my missions today on this planet and noticed I don't have the mission called Data Corruption. This mission is given by Major Tyrus and I'm sure I've completed this in the pa [..] View

pvp vengeance jugger gear questions for 5.0

8:24 am, October 23, 2016 Hi guys, was absent for 2,5 years shortly before the lvl 65 upgrade. I am now on lvl 65 and would like to gear up my pvp vengeance jugger. Before the 4.0 I had the highest gear with mk-9 boosts. A [..] View

Heroic moment temporary ability bar has vanished

8:24 am, October 23, 2016 This seems a really simple problem. I've been playing since launch, and recently started making alts to do DVL. So I just reused my normal UI for each new alt. Except when I go to hit Heroic momen [..] View

Detach quickbar 5 & 6?

8:24 am, October 23, 2016 Hi, I know how to put abilities on quickbar 5 & 6 and how to access them by paging the bars but can I also detach them from the main quick bar? I would like to have them seperated like the re [..] View

Which server to play on?

8:24 am, October 23, 2016 Hey guys, Me and some friends are resubbing. We all really like to PvP so we were wondering where to go for the fastest pops/best ranked competition. We all got auto-transferred to Shadowlands, but I [..] View

Ranked PVP on Harbinger

8:24 am, October 23, 2016 When is most active time? I'm trying to get guildies together to play but we're all different world time zones so it would be great having a rough time to work around. I've played PVP on Harbinger fo [..] View

Returning after several years absence - queries

8:24 am, October 23, 2016 Hi All, I've decided to give SWTOR a run through after several years absence (circa 4 years!). Some queries-What happened to biochem and reusable stims/medpacks? My purples are now once-only. With o [..] View

Paid subsription not recognised.

8:24 pm, October 22, 2016 Hi, I'm after some help/advice please. I have subscribed to SWTOR for 60 days and paid using paypal. When I log on I am not getting recognized as a subscriber, the game still thinks I am a free game [..] View

Buying cartel coins with mobile?

8:24 pm, October 22, 2016 Hi guys! haven't played for a couple of years so i consider myself new again lol. But ye before i could buy more cartel coins with my phone. Is this future gone or something? Can't find it as a paymen [..] View

WZ passes removed from CM

8:24 pm, October 22, 2016 Sure, I started this thread in General, but it will probably decay into another sub entitlement thread there, and I figure there may be some more informed opinions here. So, does this mean prefs are [..] View

council of old players

8:24 pm, October 22, 2016 old ranked players talk about coming back to swtor . Most argue they are against it because of lack of new blood in pvp lack of competition and the game catering to casual pve . they seem very jaded [..] View

Progression Question

8:24 pm, October 22, 2016 So maybe Eric can chime in and give us some clarity on this issue, but what is the future progression plan for SWTOR. Is progression officially dead in SWTOR? With the system of gearing coming down to [..] View

Karamelka 4.7 Marauder and Sniper Montage <--- Support.

8:24 am, October 22, 2016 I have never in my life seen a video like this have more Dislikes then Likes (as of the time posting this). That is asinine. The guy spent a long time recording with Fraps to gather this footage. It i [..] View

Dread seed quests and other undefeatables!

8:24 am, October 22, 2016 Ok short and too the point! Two dreadseed quests. Hero(4) Dark Destiny. take a group. Jump from transport to transport. really? and get a group through that!? Good Luck! I cannot do it. And the groups [..] View

Level brackets in 5.0

8:24 am, October 22, 2016 Right now the level brackets for pvp are (as we all know) lvl 10 - 40, lvl 41 - 64 and lvl 65. How will that change in 5.0? And since expertise will be omitted, will I - somehow - be able to pvp wit [..] View

Gree Event advice

8:24 pm, October 21, 2016 If you can do the gree event it is worth doing. This event is the only way to get offhand legacy item each mission you do will give reputation once you reach the reputation that you need then you can [..] View

Anyone else having problems with the "One time password" ?

8:24 pm, October 21, 2016 I bought a subscription yesterday and everything was fine but today i wanted to log into the game and it told me enter the one time password that i am supposed to receive by email like always, but i h [..] View

Command XP

8:24 pm, October 21, 2016 Eric, You posted in the developer thread that champion level mobs will give cxp. If a group goes into to dp and kills the dread monster on the first boss until last phase and use the /stuck and rins [..] View

Automatic Dropout with 4DPS Flashpoints(sm)

8:24 pm, October 21, 2016 When I see these flash points with 4 random DPS I just drop. They have generally been so bad its not worth time. I hate to have to do it but it is usually very bad unless someone drops and a companion [..] View

HILFE! Meine Hexerin, Teilt kaum Schaden aus!

8:24 am, October 21, 2016 Erstmal ein Danke, an alle die mir Helfen wollen und können. Ich habe bei letzen Patch, Update den Anschluss verloren. Das meine Sith Blitz-Hexerin lvl65 , den niedrigsten Schaden austeilt [..] View

Introduce minimum range for ranged dps

8:24 am, October 21, 2016 If melee have to deal with running all over trying to chase down ranged while being rooted, slowed, knocked back, etc. then ranged should have a 'dead zone' of say, 5 meters. You want to attack, get f [..] View

Why can't we just get an answer?

8:24 am, October 21, 2016 I don't understand why they don't just come out & say why they aren't creating a new operation for the expansion. Even the slightest bit of information would be great as to why we don't have o [..] View

PvP Gear Changes: A Compromise

8:24 am, October 21, 2016 I doubt any devs will read this, but how about a compromise? The current proposed 5.0 RNG system rewards people have have the most time to play, dislike the expertise stat, and prevents Preferred an [..] View

What is there to do at endgame these days?

8:24 am, October 21, 2016 Just came back to the game recently, hit 65 and have enjoyed it so far. I was wondering if anyone could point out a guide to what there is to do at endgame? I finished the main story and am finishing [..] View


8:24 am, October 21, 2016 Just wondering why is this still around? Aside from the battlemaster bag, and valor grind that drove me away 4 years ago, objective/point defense warzones being dominated by healer + tank with guard [..] View

Make PVP just like GSF

8:24 pm, October 20, 2016 Obviously it is possible to include an area in the command system WITHOUT changing it. GSF probably retains its own currency and the Command System itself does not provide any Starfighter updates. Mak [..] View

Xeno assistance

8:24 pm, October 20, 2016 So SM is simple enough, HM however I am missing something, or maybe its me as a tank, I am a shadow tank, I am in 216/220 mix full set with about 84k health (all mod 220B). When the thermal comes on [..] View

New chara, emergency fleet pass?

8:24 pm, October 20, 2016 So as a sub, I should have the Emergency Fleet Pass, so far as I know. I had it with my first character, but recently I realised I'd put her in the wrong class, so I deleted that character and started [..] View

How much can I play with my character from level 1?

8:24 pm, October 20, 2016 I know the title might sound silly but I was not sure how to ask it haha. So I am pretty new in this world, finished kotfe, but that is all. I have a character now, I am playing from level 1 with a s [..] View

I refuse to PVE so I can PVP......

8:24 am, October 20, 2016 Sorry BW/EA, I am afraid that if this new gearing system goes live, I will leave the game. Here is the standard (for real) been playing since launch comment. I have been playing since launch, I rea [..] View

Best Burst Spec Jugg or Mara?

8:24 am, October 20, 2016 Hello people of the internet! I have come back after a long hiatus (played on Vanillia Release) and I'm just wondering which sub-class and spec of the sith warrior brings the best Burst Damage consis [..] View

All the gearing complaints

8:24 am, October 20, 2016 Understandably, there have been many threads about the new gearing changes coming with 5.0. I can see why. RNG for something such as gearing is horrible and doesn't really have an excuse going for it. [..] View

Leveling faster in game.

8:24 am, October 20, 2016 Hello all I'm here to be of some help to new players who would like to level up faster. A good way to level up faster is complete your story missions on the starter planet you created your character [..] View

Just got a subscription just have a question.

8:24 am, October 20, 2016 So with the subscription does that mean I get everything? Like how Elderscrolls Online does it where if you are subscribed you get all the DLC/Expansions as long as you stay subscribed or do I also ha [..] View

Don't be scared of PvP

8:24 am, October 20, 2016 First off, if its not your thing, I get it. But as a suggestion to newer players who want to level quickly, que warzones. You will be eligible at level 10. You can que from wherever you are, mission t [..] View

were not the only ones suffering

8:24 pm, October 19, 2016 http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=897643 If i understand correctly this will affect raiders big time... so group content is ****** off.... i do not get the whole sharing of pvp pve gear [..] View

DvL Need group to finish HM Flashpoints Imp/Rep (Harbinger)

8:24 pm, October 19, 2016 Looking for a team or guild that could assist me in getting the final of the DvL event done. I'm on Harbinger (either Imp or Rep side) most weekdays between 6pm to 10pm and weekends 6am-10am, 3pm to [..] View

Problem with keybinds

8:24 pm, October 19, 2016 Hello, I'm new to SWTOR, started just yesterday. Right now I have enough amount of skills to be needed in additional skill panels, so I wanted to use key modificators like Ctrl, Shift and Alt with my [..] View

STI's 12 Hour Charity Event

8:24 pm, October 19, 2016 Hey everyone! Sick Twisted Individuals would like to take a moment out of the PVP forums’ regularly scheduled rioting to let anyone who is interested in this sort of thing know that we& [..] View

Pure DPS matches 5.0

8:24 am, October 19, 2016 In the gearing threads started by Eric, someone pointed out that if you play an advanced class that has more than one function, then it could take twice as long to gear. ie, if you play an advanced cl [..] View

Gearing alts in 5.0 for pvp

8:24 am, October 19, 2016 Right now we can just transfer wz comms between characters if we have a new character in need of 65 pvp gear. I have 10 characters in full 208 pvp gear, but most of my wz comms come from 3 characters [..] View

Total stats gained from getting all datacrons in the galaxy?

8:24 am, October 19, 2016 Title. How much mastery/endurance/presence do getting all of them equate to? I really only have to get one of the two fleet's datacrons, and the other will be unavailable for pickup from any characte [..] View

5.0 gear theory crafting

8:24 am, October 19, 2016 title says it all let make some wild predictions are ideas for 5.0.. mainly is the gear..people saying command level 100 give you the best gear from the rng **** bags..with this only mara's and snipe [..] View

Billing method

8:24 am, October 19, 2016 Hello! I had my credit card expired a year ago, so when I've re-subscribed couple a days ago, I had to enter a new number and what not. But previously I had to delete my old card. So right now my pay [..] View

Returning to the game after a long break

8:24 am, October 19, 2016 So Ive returned to the game after about a 4 year holiday from it- I played it from launch for around a year and then due to work constraints i stopped subscribing. I decided to give it another go thi [..] View

The new system is still going to require us to have two sets of gear, BioWare.

8:24 pm, October 18, 2016 Gearing for PVP is not the same as gearing for PVE. For example, accuracy is considered to be a very useful stat to invest in, for operations. In PVP, accuracy is universally considered one of the mos [..] View

My thoughts on 5.0 PvP changes

8:24 pm, October 18, 2016 Ok boys let's talk about some new 5.0 changes to PvP that were confirmed yesterday. Here is the list of things you should know: -Expertise stat is now removed from the game. We believe it will be tie [..] View

"Forced" ranked "arena" play for gear

8:24 pm, October 18, 2016 If I read the threads and posts by Eric correctly, you will only get high lvl gear faster by doing high lvl operations and ranked Pvp. This means that any pvp only players who dispise arena will be f [..] View

The devil is in the details folks

8:24 pm, October 18, 2016 It may be that this Galactic Command thing will be a disaster. But we just don't know. The key issue for us to my mind is how fast Cxp is earned in regular warzones, as that affects when a person ca [..] View

Expertise serves an important purpose....

8:24 pm, October 18, 2016 Expertise DOES serve an important purpose in this game. A full set of expertise gear is seen by PvEers as simply a barrier to PvP, but that's not the important effect it has on gameplay. First, cons [..] View

I have a crazy idea

8:24 pm, October 18, 2016 I have one very "out there suggestion and probably extremely controversial".. It won't be the first time lol Why not just make all end game pvp ranked, wether it's arena or objective pvp. B [..] View

They're bringing back flash point armor!!!

8:24 pm, October 18, 2016 Eric Musco just said THIS: "You will still get gear from all of the normal sources pre-70. Flashpoint bosses, Mission drops, etc. The only exception is that you can no longer get gear for Commen [..] View

5.0 Gear Reasoning

8:24 pm, October 18, 2016 Advantages 1) > 190 PvE players will now not be a problem coming into PvP 2) PvE/PvP end game content now will be mostly accessible at will by any endgame player Disadvantages 1) RNG & [..] View

Ranked 1v1 stealth/none stealth arena confirmed. Cross servers are in.

8:24 pm, October 18, 2016 Solo Rank is now considered Skirmish. Rank 1v1 to use URC rules. There will be only one PvP server, free transfers. Ranked rewards to be far cooler. PvP server to have world PvP zone/world that has a [..] View

5.0 Pvp gearing sounding alot like gambling packs.

8:24 pm, October 18, 2016 I hope my 500k warzone coms win me a few decent stats when they convert to new currency.Command crates or lock boxes whatever there implimenting.Either way it sounds like a Mega Grind fest were Vetera [..] View

Subscriber Level 60 token,

8:24 am, October 18, 2016 Hey! So I was wondering.. Do u still get the lvl 60 token for subscribing? alot of people i know told me when they subscribed they got one. I subscribed earler and never got one... can any1 help? or h [..] View

Will our WZ coms still be needed to obtain gear in 5.0?

8:24 am, October 18, 2016 Will Galactic Command being the only way to obtain our gear for pvp? Will our coms be obsolete? OR Will we still obtain gear for pvp the same way we always have? I'm hoping this "end-game g [..] View

5.x Gear Progression via Galactic Command Crates

8:24 am, October 18, 2016 Hell yeah! I thought you couldn't really eff up gear progression more than in the 4.x era. Well, you can. By having gear progression completely untied from the hardest content in the game. But have it [..] View

Another cross server statement

8:24 am, October 18, 2016 I know that cross server is not being looked at because of flooding players coming back to the game, but on a-lot of servers, ranked does not pop at all. Also pve content does not pop. I think cross [..] View

The Whole System is Rigged

8:24 am, October 18, 2016 The whole system is rigged against PvPers. It is a vast conspiracy trying to make all PvPers quit the game. The community team is in on it, the developers are in on it, and I think even solo mode play [..] View

When do I start Shadow of Revan?

8:24 am, October 18, 2016 Bioware has us on double xp, so my Sith Warrior is at lvl 62 and I'm about to start Belvaris (Darth Baras just betrayed me). The option appeared to start it in mid 30s though, but was told you have to [..] View

Cannot download the damn game!

8:24 am, October 18, 2016 I uninstalled the program a while ago to make room on my laptop but now I want to install it again and it doesn't work. Every time I try the set up pops up and says something like please wait while th [..] View

Ilum - imperial specialist troopers

8:24 am, October 18, 2016 Hello, I'm a total noob to MMO's and this game in particular. I've been playing through the story line and have arrived on Ilum. I'm having major problems surviving these Imperial Specialists. [..] View

How to hide chat?

8:24 pm, October 17, 2016 Hello, Can somebody tell me how to hide the chat? I just created a new character and I don't know why the chat doesn't disappear the same as with the other character. Look, this is what happens with [..] View

Returning Player, ship combat?

8:24 pm, October 17, 2016 So, I played in the original game when there was the rails ship combat. Now I see they have a new PVP ship combat? Are either of these needed for the story? Are either of these useful? Advantages/d [..] View

Old Veteran Returned

8:24 pm, October 17, 2016 It's been quite a few years now, but I decided to give SWTOR another try. Since its been awhile, I've already started reading up with the assistance of the mounds of information available. However, I [..] View

Tanks in PVP

8:24 pm, October 17, 2016 What are the benefits of tanking in PVP? I understand how to tank in PVE and like to think I'm fairly decent in FPs and Ops, but I don't get how they work in PVP where other players can just ignore t [..] View

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