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i would like to get my toon back?

this was my second waring and I lost my toon I want him back my toon name is thelanternI
4:48 pm, June 13, 2016


no cursor in menu

Anyone have any idea how to get the mouse cursor to work in this game?....Works in all the admin and account screens but not in the game....
6:57 am, July 4, 2016

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*SPOILERS* False Emperor Flashpoint

8:24 am, June 26, 2017 OK, so I am a new player to SWTOR, and I just did the False Emperor flashpoint, and there was the part where you had to fight HK-47... Someone, please, tell me that that wasn't actually him. :( Does [..] View

How to make “pure” tanks and mitigation stats viable in PVP

8:24 am, June 26, 2017 1. Make defense and shield/absorb work against ALL damage (kinetic, energy, internal, and elemental). Simply put, if your defense rating is at 30%, your shield rating is at 50%, and your absorption ra [..] View

Lightsaber Sith Mods

8:24 pm, June 25, 2017 So I am fairly advanced in the game but I want to know where I can find the augmentaion items to add to my lighstabers, I would also like to know where is it possible to buy lightsaber crystals and ho [..] View

How to get [That's Just Wrong] Achievement.

8:24 pm, June 25, 2017 Now I'm sorry if this is not where I should be posting this, since I googled this and can't find the answer. Now before anyone says I DO in fact have the Party Jawa as I've been a member early on (jus [..] View

Indicators of raid damage, heal and tanking in game

8:24 pm, June 25, 2017 Yesterday, i saw a SWTOR streamer with 3 indicators on his screen, one of the classification of the heals dealt by the raid, one for the damages and one for the damages taken. Ive came back to the ga [..] View

Does jumping have any effect on incoming damage in PVP?

8:24 am, June 25, 2017 I've seen some people jump repeatedly when they are being focused in ranked PVP. It's usually Assassins, but I've also seen some other classes do it. Does it actually help reduce accuracy of incomin [..] View

Will Operatives be the new FOTM

8:24 am, June 25, 2017 I'm seeing a heap of IMPs lvling up Operatives in mids. Does this mean they are going to be the new FOTM? If so, then the reps better start to lvl some smugglers fast because I'm seeing no smugglers, [..] View

Why are there no repercussions for kicking?

8:24 am, June 25, 2017 Why are there no repercussions for kicking someone from a FP? Twice now in the last 2 weeks I've been kicked from Black Talon MM on my 54 assassin. I was the one that purposefully only chose BT in th [..] View

Update guide page?

8:24 pm, June 24, 2017 I'm nto much of a number crunching MMO player and looking to get at some point in my first OP I'd like to have a btter grasp of whether I play my main well enough or if I'm doing very badly in regards [..] View

Returning PvP'r wondering what to do now....

8:24 pm, June 24, 2017 So after a hiatus of a few years, I returned to my PT of PvP glory to find.....not so much anymore...at all... I started gear grinding / Command rank grinding but I am getting the feel that even at t [..] View

Season 8 End; Pre Season to test Class Changes

8:24 pm, June 24, 2017 Hey, how about to end the 8. Season of Ranked PvP sooner, with 5.3 with the class changes, and make a pre-season from 5.3 until 5.4 to test out the new Clss Changes. Then begin Season 9 with 5.4. [..] View

FP loots.... :(

8:24 am, June 24, 2017 Hello, About "On How Player Feedback Works" I am writing to you because i think that the loot present in the FPs is not at the moment up to expectations. Players no longer play it, they p [..] View

I like so much Heroic Mission!

8:24 am, June 24, 2017 Hello, I write to you because thinking of the last expansion, Iokath (If so, i can call it), i consider all the daily inserts, programmed by you with an infinite time, completely useless. Once playe [..] View

the problem with balancing around dps/heals output

8:24 am, June 24, 2017 in a nutshell, it ignores the fact that some dcd's are much better than others. recently bioware described the methodology and thought process for how they plan to balance classes. in my opinion, th [..] View

Server Transfer and Legacy

8:24 am, June 24, 2017 So I read that your legacy would move/merge to a new server but mine did not. Is this normal? Does it just take a little while to happen or is this a ticket item I should submit? I started playing [..] View

agent roll in huttball end zones

8:24 am, June 24, 2017 since bioware doesn't allow jedi and troopers to jump into the end zone anymore since that has been disabled you should also disable any other movement effects on agents, and shadows and other classes [..] View

Struggling to beat Ancient Swamp Rancor in Chapter 4 of KotFE

8:24 am, June 24, 2017 So this is my first playthrough on KotFE after finishing my class story, Ilum, Makeb, Dread Masters and SoR and I am having a blast so far. Now I am doing Veteran difficulty for KotFE when I encounter [..] View

Tears Everywhere...did they let classes go too long without balance?

8:24 am, June 24, 2017 I can't help but ask myself if the devs let everyone play too long without balancing classes. Now so many players have committed to their class (God knows how ****** it would be to have to grind up a [..] View

As stated earlier, Im a bumbass. But.... I wonder about mods, enhancements and so on

8:24 pm, June 23, 2017 Im a returning player, havent played since 2014 I think. So to my question in general, are they really as important as they used to be? I get green gear and they beat my modable gear down the drain, [..] View

Opening Cartel Packs Depressed me

8:24 pm, June 23, 2017 Hey everybody i just wanted to share with you my experience spending $140 dollars worth of my hard working money on cartel packs and i am very very very disappointed with the end results smh. i just [..] View

Game crashing on chapter 2 of KOTFE

8:24 pm, June 23, 2017 Hi all, Am a new player (within the last month) and have levelled up a character to level 70. I've just started playing the Fallen Empire Expansion, completed chapter 1, but am having persistent iss [..] View

Adjusting In Game Mouse Sensitivity

8:24 pm, June 23, 2017 Returning player here with a question about in-game settings for mouse sensitivity. I currently have my in-game mouse sensitivity set to 0%. Even at 0% I feel the sensitivity is way off the charts f [..] View

are leaderboards down again?

8:24 pm, June 23, 2017 Hey guys, I haven't played ranked since may... now that weapons box is looming as a reward i came back to do some...had a good day, a lot of wins in yolo....2 hours wen't but data did not update on th [..] View

Not a New Player, but I need help

8:24 am, June 23, 2017 My main character (Caylm Skyrimm, located on the Harbinger) was halfway through the 2nd chapter of KOTET, and he and Acina had just escaped the temple and were going back to Theron and Lana. As normal [..] View

The reckoning is here boys

8:24 am, June 23, 2017 http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?p=9339690 "Corruption Increased the base Force cost of Dark Infusion from 45 to 50 and the amount of healing it does by 3.38% Reduced the amount o [..] View

Ranked solos... so fun on harb.

8:24 am, June 23, 2017 I strtd tonight at 1100 elo, 8 matchs later I got every one of the worst player in the queue. Players being globaled left an right, no actual knowledge of who to **** first, just endlessly regurgitate [..] View

Gear requirements for four-man content in 5.x

8:24 am, June 23, 2017 I have a tank and a healer each wearing mostly 228 crafted gear, but I don't care much for role-neutral group content. What level of gear would you recommend having before I jump into veteran uprisin [..] View

guilds and xp what should i expect?

8:24 pm, June 22, 2017 When it comes too guilds in swtor . find one that has 1 a guild ship,2 10% bonus,and please be patient with guild members, there is only so much time to devote .ask question, expect nothing ,and be a [..] View

With these class changes, can we....

8:24 pm, June 22, 2017 Have a pts to test these classes. I think getting the playerbase directly involved asap would be an efficient way to test these changes. I'll compare overwatch for the purpose of how they usually go a [..] View

How much grinding to overcome this gear disparity cancer?

8:24 am, June 22, 2017 I just came back after two years, finding my main (madness sorc) absolutely gutted, so I've switched over to juggernaught and am trying to get into the pvp but the gear disparity is outright MoP level [..] View

Coincidence or Dodgy?

8:24 am, June 22, 2017 Playing pvp on my Guardian. We are whipping the same imps (guilds) match after match and it's not even close. Then lag starts and none of us can move about or activate abilities properly. But the im [..] View

Blood Hunt free night life tokens, please help Eric, Keith.

8:24 pm, June 21, 2017 Please help me, can someone from bioware prove I am not lying, I did blood hunt story mode as part of SoR, I got 3 smugglers tokens, and 2 kingpin, I told people and they said its rubbish, I must have [..] View

Facing the Machines of War - how to get rid of it

8:24 am, June 21, 2017 I picked up the Operation Quest 'Facing the Machine's of War' by mistake ( I was running round doing dailies for the weekly conquest points & managed to get this quest, other wise I don't both [..] View

Delete solo ranked pls

8:24 am, June 21, 2017 Here we have a system in place that in thought is awesome, but does it deliver? No...(depends on what your perception of deliver is) Keep group ranked as the only ranked mode, and put solos into a se [..] View

Good Old Times!!

8:24 am, June 21, 2017 When I decided to come on back to SWTOR after (Roughly 4 years or so...) I went and dug around my old Videos and found these. Brought back some fun Memories. Some great players/guilds were kicking a [..] View

Deleting a character with a collection unlock?

8:24 am, June 21, 2017 Hi, I have an armor set unlocked in collections for a particular character I would like to delete. Will this make the armor set locked again in collections, and do I have to unlock it for all charact [..] View

Only solution to the gear grind making it unable for us to play alts competitively

8:24 pm, June 20, 2017 Raise the bolster to the highest tier of gear available. That way we will be able to play our alts right off the bat at a competitive level, while also keeping the gearing system A LITTLE relevant, as [..] View

Eure favorisierte Disziplin

8:24 pm, June 20, 2017 Seid gegrüßt, ich habe den Gelehrten nun für mich entdeckt und bin gerade dabei mir entsprechendes Equipment für den DMG Weg zusammen zu Farmen. Habe beide M& [..] View

Haven't played in a few years, need some suggestions

8:24 am, June 20, 2017 I'm so lost with all these changes! I played beta, bought the Collector's, played for about a year, and fell off the radar. Besides the occasional hop-in, I haven't really committed myself to playing. [..] View

Makeb Republic versus imperial

8:24 am, June 20, 2017 I was looking into getting the Makeb Assault , since it's the closest thing to basic imperial trooper equipment, I read somewhere that imperial vendor for it says champion standing with the Imperial [..] View

GTN is not working for me

8:24 pm, June 19, 2017 I'm new to the game so I may be doing something wrong I'm not entirely sure, but I bought a lightsaber off the gym 2 days ago and I gained about 20 levels so I thought it was time for a new one. At fi [..] View

Is it possible to Mod or Augment Implants and Earpiece?

8:24 pm, June 19, 2017 Returning player here wanting to get up to speed on the modification and augment processes. I know armor pieces come with several slots (armor, mod, enhancement, etc). 1. Do Implants or Earpieces c [..] View

Decent PVP European Server

8:24 am, June 18, 2017 Hi guys, I am playing on Tomb server and in two days I didn't manage to enter in a Warzone. I am thinking it may be because it s the server's fault (i am back to play after 3 years, so i don't really [..] View

I am VETERAN PLAYER 2013... PVP.... Top 1 every seaon

8:24 am, June 18, 2017 Okey so Ranked season 8 rewards is pretty nice. And i cant wait to see it LIVE. Also i hope Season 9 will be much shorter and without cheats and hax. Because comon... Learn how to really play as Sorc [..] View

keith kannag

8:24 pm, June 17, 2017 I don't know how to pm you or do that. BUT, the guy you were responding to about the tracer animations is the guy that has been throwing ranked matches all day every day for about 12 hrs. All because [..] View

Are class faction mirrors 100% balanced the same?

8:24 pm, June 17, 2017 Are the mirror classes on each faction doing the exact same abilities? same cast times? same damage? "ve read some stuff about some differences between spells that could make a pretty difference [..] View

I wish the Rackghoul plague event was PvP

8:24 pm, June 17, 2017 I'll start by saying that I hate this event. I've never actually gone through it, so all I know about it is the constant messages over the fleet loudspeaker, and that if someone explodes next to you [..] View

Class Balance Fix

8:24 pm, June 17, 2017 First of all I appreciate that you have started to do somethings for pvp, but it is really weird to see that merc gets nerf to its damage, not to defense... Many pvpers of swtor can notice that merc's [..] View

Where did Nar Shaddaa go?

8:24 pm, June 17, 2017 Sorry if I post this in the wrong thread, I have searched the net but cant find any answer to it. Im a returning player and have a lvl 55 and 40 character that dont have Nar Shaddaa on the starmap??? [..] View

Ranked mercenary strats.

8:24 pm, June 17, 2017 If you see a merc on the other team, stop going straight to "cc merc" If you can global him, no merc dps, no nets, no BB snares. How do you global a merc? first you open on him. merc uses c [..] View


8:24 am, June 17, 2017 Is there anyway of getting patches other than the launchers INSANELY slow download? I'm on a 100/50 Mb internet and it's taken me 2 hours just to get to 35%... that is insane! So I'm asking for a fa [..] View

If you dont fix this game the end of season 8 im out

8:24 am, June 17, 2017 Title says it all. Just about everyone I know has left the game already and ive stayed because I like starwars and have invested so much time to this game. But honeslty, ranked is just filled with mer [..] View

Mk-2 or Mk-3 Implants? Which one is better (both 230 rating)

8:24 am, June 17, 2017 Hi everyone, I'm having the following doubt: I have 2 implants with the same name, except that one is Mk-2 (blue) and the other Mk-3 (purple). The thing is, if i equip the purple one i loose 30 M [..] View

Players who intentionally throw games, any solutions?

8:24 am, June 17, 2017 I know you can't name or witch hunt another person/player but something has to be done to people who do this soon. On Harbinger there is a notorious player who's sole objective is to throw peoples ran [..] View

Merc Nerfs a Joke

8:24 pm, June 16, 2017 They don't even understand that dps is fine.. this is what happens when you balance using combat dummies and don't balance around defences too Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco [..] View

Can't log my character back into KotFE from character select screen

8:24 pm, June 16, 2017 I started playing KotFE earlier and completed chapter one, then about 1 minute after chapter 2 started I had to log out. About 2 hours later, the character I was playing in KotFE can’t log i [..] View

Will you stay or will you go?

8:24 am, June 16, 2017 As for me, I'll wait until 5.3 drops. I'm not sure why I'll wait that long, the things that frustrate me most aren't even balance issues. Today was my day off and i spent the better part of the day ju [..] View

***** of the Lightning Sorc

8:24 am, June 16, 2017 The title says it all... The methods described in the balance thread from Bio show that Lightning will always be one of those bottom feeder classes. The fact that they've even discounted putting it i [..] View

Veteran PvP Roll Call - Census

8:24 am, June 16, 2017 Hi Guys, I'm interested to know how many of us are still around. Over the last 18 months the veterans have flooded out of the game faster than usual and incredibly fast since 5.x So if you have play [..] View

Gear disparity is very annoying, but it can partly be circumvented

8:24 am, June 16, 2017 Let me preface by saying that I hate 5.0 and what it has done to the game in general and to PVP in particular. I would be thrilled if they re-introduced expertise and PVP gear along with the old warzo [..] View

Bioware not interested in fixing balancing problems

8:24 pm, June 15, 2017 Is Bioware ever gonna fix the balancing problems in this game or should we just stop playing some classes all together untill they decide to do their job. No wonder so many people have stopped subscri [..] View

Season 8 Failed

8:24 pm, June 15, 2017 Lets be real, from the hacks to the win trades to the late rewards to the balance issues, it failed. There could have been more participation if the rewards had come out as incentive at the BEGINNING [..] View

Reached level 70 bounty hunter and abandoned the last of my story (I think)?

8:24 pm, June 15, 2017 I'm classing myself as a new player because I'm still a complete noob even though I'm kinda familiar with the game so I hope no one objects to me posting this here. Basically I got to what I think wa [..] View

Have a quick question about changing specs for a character

8:24 am, June 15, 2017 nobody seems to know this question when i ask it. I've been wanting to change my spec from Jedi Sentinel Tank to the dps spec but when i go to my trainer there isnt an option when i click on him to wo [..] View

What is the optimal way to gear a tank for PVP?

8:24 am, June 15, 2017 What is the optimal way to gear a tank in PVP? Is it to max out on endurance (through 14x fortitude augments, etc), and then once endurance is maxed out make the rest of your gear DPS gear? Should all [..] View

Reported ranked throwers.

8:24 am, June 15, 2017 Phòbòs DPS sorc, does nothing an wait to die. Trenadrone healer sorc, leaves 30 seconds in an requeues. Harbinger server. Phobos ques all day long, tren began tonight. Ed [..] View

error code: C5 ???

8:24 am, June 15, 2017 Hello! I am not a new player - I admit - but I have a problem like the new one. Until yesterday I was super cool. I have 14 characters, mostly 70 lvl. I made a conquest in STAR guild and ended the [..] View

How to get gear for PVP?

8:24 am, June 15, 2017 I played the game since launch (pre-ordered) and only PvP'd. But then I took a break, and now I am back for the first time in a couple of years. So I just re-subbed for a month to try it and just rea [..] View

Would be nice if....

8:24 pm, June 14, 2017 Snipers could not Face tank everything while camping in 1 place with a burst that can take down like 60% of your HP in seconds..... seriously jumping on a sniper nowdays feels like im hitting a tank [..] View

New to Marauder PvP

8:24 pm, June 14, 2017 So I only returned to SWTOR recently and decided to level a marauder just so I could see the storyline but turns out I absolutely loved playing as a Carnage Marauder throughout my levelling process an [..] View

Operative Burst

8:24 pm, June 14, 2017 Hi! Saw this video and was wandering how he could do a 39k krit and burst that hard. Can someone explane me if this is normal or a bug?!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTD1A2MQElc View

Solution for trolls an hackers in ranked.

8:24 pm, June 14, 2017 Allow us to ignore ppl an not get queued with them. You may be thinking, but wont that slow down the already suffering queue time? I dont believe so, because smart players will realize if they block [..] View

Nimmy :3 i for u i will protect uas gardian angel dw they can hate ur popular

8:24 am, June 14, 2017 ALL LOVE U AND I HAPPY I AM HAPPY UR MADE ME MSOT HAPPY PERSON IN LIFE TY BABY I NEVER FORGET U :D http://imgur.com/a/6I5WC"]http://imgur.com/a/6I5WC[/URL]http://imgur.com/a/6I5WC vvhttp://imgur [..] View

Can't abandon chapter I previously completed

8:24 am, June 14, 2017 Alright, I started KotFE Chapter X on master mode, only to realize that Kaliyo is not high level enough to actually complete it. I exit the chapter, but I cannot get Kaliyo to run missions or craft. I [..] View

Weapon tuning

8:24 am, June 14, 2017 This is just a tip or reminder so this patch tuning item were added to our collection so if you have a tuning item just remove it from the weapon as soon as it is removed it will unlock in your collec [..] View

Next Rakghoul event

8:24 pm, June 13, 2017 Hello I am on the quest A Kindly old Monster and I need to get to the Rakghoul tunnels and also gather materials that I don't know how to get until he reaches influence rank 10. So when exactly is th [..] View

Vanity Sale!

8:24 pm, June 13, 2017 Hi to everyone, at first thank you for reading this Thread. On my Server(EU) we are Selling the Wings of the Architect for 250mil Credits.https://torf.mmo-fashion.com/wings-of-the-architect/ So if [..] View

Using PS4 Controller in SWTOR

8:24 pm, June 13, 2017 Hello everyone, I have created a guide for effectively using a PS4 controller for SWTOR. I have included a link to a google doc using Drive. It is not as effective as using a keyboard and mouse, but [..] View

Season 8 Rewards

8:24 pm, June 13, 2017 Hey folks, Here are the preliminary rewards for Season 8! Where mah day-early donuts, Keith?!?! :) First, the items that will be given to each individual based on which tier they place in based on t [..] View

Vaylin's Party, Chapter 6

8:24 pm, June 13, 2017 I'm not a new player, but I wasn't sure where else to post this. I'm stumped...I can't figure out how access nodes 3-6. I've approached the toons with arrow markers several times, but nothing has co [..] View

Replace the bolster system once and for all with diminishing returns

8:24 am, June 13, 2017 i don't normally make posts like this on the forum but i feel this really needs to be said and i HAVE to address this. i have been playing this game since vanilla day 1, and i mainly focus on pvp, a [..] View

Story first or expansions?

8:24 pm, June 12, 2017 Hi, I have a few questions: 1) Should I finish my class story first before starting the expansions? 2) What about Revan's expansion story and Ilum? Should I do it once I've reached the required leve [..] View

GTN Scams

8:24 pm, June 12, 2017 I may **** a few people off with this post. I've thought it odd lately when looking through the GTN. On my server there used to be a toon/person that would sell companion gifts relatively cheaply. By [..] View

Time for a break

8:24 am, June 12, 2017 It has simply been one of those weekends, and I need a break from this game. Between gear disparity and the constant premades, my cup is more than full. I truly, desperately wish they would make prope [..] View

Save the Mercs

8:24 am, June 12, 2017 ...no really. I’m a casual player these days and am lucky if I can get 10 hrs a week. I don’t have a single toon over tier II and really feel the gear gap. Having an easy clas [..] View

Is low level content dead?

8:24 am, June 12, 2017 Hello, I have first joined the game sometime in Hutt Cartel, then after some absence played Starfighter, but still didn't reach top level on neither of my characters. Basically, I enjoy the leveling [..] View

Abo mit Fake-it

8:24 pm, June 11, 2017 Hallo erst mal! Ich habe mir auf der Seite Fakeit Fake-Kreditkarten Nummern geholt um mir ein Abo zu kaufen, das problem ist ich möchte dieses kündigen da ich meinen SWTOR Account [..] View

5.3 class balance changes

8:24 pm, June 11, 2017 SWTOR took down my last post cuz my links were apparently offensive so now i needed to make this clickbait title so you would all click and read because i am very important. Dear mr musco pls dont ba [..] View

Selecting Warzones/Arenas?

8:24 pm, June 11, 2017 Long-time player, and on and off subscriber for the past couple of years. Some folks have brought up this topic before, but to beat the horse a little more, would it be such a bad thing if for non-ran [..] View

terrible "swtor retirement" post no1 cares about shoutout to caprica(NSFW)(40+)(***)

8:24 am, June 11, 2017 UNDERLINED THINGSI HAVE IMPORTANT YOUTUBE LINKS CLICK THEM PLS IT HELPS MY LOW SELF ESTEEM :csw_yoda: Ok listen here kids i know this post is like completely useless and literally no1 cares about it [..] View

what's the deal with these Master mode chapters ?

8:24 am, June 11, 2017 i played on Master mode and i get completely annihilated , owned like there's no tomorrow - i am not failing on tactics , i am interrupting everything and moving out of every aoe - i just die on aut [..] View

How do I get more Artificer Options?

8:24 pm, June 10, 2017 Hey guys, so I recently I decided to start doing the Artificer crew skill to get some more lightsaber crystals for my Consular. I've never done a crafting skill before, but all I have at the moment ar [..] View

unbalance pvp for random battlegrounds , np for rank

8:24 am, June 10, 2017 hello everyone i really like swtor pvp and battlegrounds but , my main issue is the guy working on the pvp fail to balance the match up .i have any complain for rank pvp battle , but random p [..] View

Underlurker enrage timer too quick for story mode?

8:24 am, June 10, 2017 So I have been in a group with 3 well geared dps and one undergeared dps although bolster can solve that issue. We try to **** adds for 3 rounds then burn the boss. But unfortunately we keep on hittin [..] View

4 Manning EV 8 man SM Video

8:24 am, June 10, 2017 https://youtu.be/dVNCnThKEN4 Time stamps to the individual boss fights are in the description. Yes, not super difficult but still something different to do instead of jumping around on fleet complai [..] View

Guild recruiting

8:24 am, June 10, 2017 "Disbalance" is recruiting. We're looking for active players. We are a new guild and Very focus on OPS SM/HM. We offer TS3,10% xp and rep, Bank, Stronghold, Flagship, Conquest, OPs, FPs, Her [..] View

The reason why I unsubbed.

8:24 am, June 10, 2017 You'd think. "Oh it's because of mercs 3 h2fs" Nope. "Well obviously plasma probe spam" Nope. "Net spam?" Nope "Oh, well you always seem to hate sorc heals...is [..] View

so i played on my merc

8:24 pm, June 9, 2017 So guys, I had a merc, leveled a long time ago, but wasn't played in a while. I normally main an Engi sniper.. I decided to get her to 70, and play some wz's. I have 210 gear on her. And dear god [..] View

Vanguard Tactics

8:24 pm, June 9, 2017 Vanguard Tactics need something added to them in your review of builds. They only have a shield for 25% damage reduction and adrenaline rush, with tier 4 , and people hitting 35k is to little to la [..] View

Is sorc that bad in PvP?

8:24 pm, June 9, 2017 Hi, currently playing sorc and I just love the class, but I see on the forum and in game that people complaining about sorcs sucking too much, I'm known to play a class/spec that is completely "b [..] View

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