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i would like to get my toon back?

this was my second waring and I lost my toon I want him back my toon name is thelanternI
4:48 pm, June 13, 2016


no cursor in menu

Anyone have any idea how to get the mouse cursor to work in this game?....Works in all the admin and account screens but not in the game....
6:57 am, July 4, 2016

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Mod-able Items

8:24 pm, January 20, 2018 So I have bought some pistols from the cartel market. Been using them fine for ages, including yesterday. I log in this morning to find that my off-hand is no longer an offhand and I cannot use it. [..] View

I want to help my lower level friend rank up and I'm level 70

8:24 pm, January 20, 2018 I was wondering if I could help my friend do his story missions if we are the same class and I have already completed my story. We tried to figure it out last night but no luck. He was in an area that [..] View

Deciding class to play base on persuasion skill

8:24 pm, January 20, 2018 Hi I've played SI until chapter 3 and very much enjoy the force lightning persuasion. My query is this, what persuasion skill to the other class have. Surprisingly I cant find much on the net. (mayb [..] View

Disengaging from combat training dummy

8:24 am, January 20, 2018 I just happened to notice the combat training dummies on my way to the Mandalorian Enclave in Kaas City, and since I hadn't played with them before, I stopped to goof around for a couple of minutes. [..] View

New Player Guide - updated!

8:24 pm, January 19, 2018 Folks, I just updated my "all you wanted to know about SWTOR but were afraid to ask" site, go & read & be merry. Address: https://goo.gl/USgCj8 Comments always welcome - ho [..] View

Make solo ranked cross-faction

8:24 pm, January 19, 2018 I think it’s time to add a cross faction queue for solo ranked. There would only be benefits if this was implemented. It would fix issues of players queue syncing one side to get an advantag [..] View

Iokath and Toth

8:24 pm, January 19, 2018 I was running dailies on Iokath to gain some fast CXP, somehow I managed to pick up a mission that seems can not for whatever reason be abandoned. The title of the mission escapes me now, I got so pi [..] View

Reasonable changes to arenas/warzones in 2018 we pray for.

8:24 pm, January 19, 2018 One more Warzone: (Surprise us), Also sad that we will likely never see a new Huttball due to the negative reaction to Queshball. :mad:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wmUx10I18I The hype was real &q [..] View

You should be allowed to change spec in unranked

8:24 am, January 19, 2018 Its soo frustrating when I join an unranked pvp match, there are no healers and I cannot just respec to healer to help our full pug against a premade. I understand why this is so for ranked pvp but wh [..] View

Mind Haze, Tranquilizer, etc ... also operatives.

8:24 am, January 19, 2018 These "sap" abilities all need to immediately fill the opponents resolve bar OR have a cool down. It is absolutely absurd the amount of times any stealth can stall multiple people with this [..] View

Veteran Flashpoints Bolster Too Low, Bosses Hp Too High

8:24 am, January 19, 2018 Veteran Flashpoints are mainly used by lowbies to level up to 70; the xp it gives during and the time it takes is generally faster than everything else. The CXP you gain from doing these is so little [..] View

Vanguard Tactics Rotation

8:24 am, January 19, 2018 Anyone have any advice or thread links? I searched the boards and didn't find anything pvp 5.0 or later. Threads are mostly PvE or warnings not to PvP with the class haha. Need a better rotation becau [..] View

Penalty for leavers!

8:24 pm, January 18, 2018 The Red Eclipse (repside) had more wz pops than The Prog before the merge, so we were inclined to check it out for more pvp.. but I couldn't stand it because as soon as a pylon was taken by enemy team [..] View

The Esseles MM

8:24 pm, January 18, 2018 So, I'm in a very small guild, we're talking 5 active players here. Until recently we stuck to the lower level stuff, casually running fps and so forth. Now we're trying to learn and gain experience w [..] View

Calls to arm droid won't talk with me

8:24 pm, January 18, 2018 I'm trying to start the Calls to arms questline with the Boarding party and Foundry flashpoints. The problem is that the driod that should give me quest won't talk with me it only says systems=nominal [..] View

Eternal Championship at 70

8:24 am, January 18, 2018 There has to be something I'm doing wrong. Granted I'm a relatively inexperienced player but still. After some effort I managed to not get insta ****** by the 5th boss, which allowed me to take him do [..] View

Confused returning player

8:24 am, January 18, 2018 Forgive me if this topic is posted elsewhere, but I cannot find anything to do with my questions. I am on a sub account so have access to all content. But my question is, what's the 'natural' progres [..] View

Legacy on a New Server

8:24 am, January 18, 2018 I started playing this game when it was released back then in 2011. I started on one of the german servers and affter the two server merges that happened I'm now on Tulak Hord, I build my characters - [..] View

Sage-Viable PvP DPS Option?

8:24 am, January 18, 2018 Hey guys, just a question for those more experienced with the Consular class than myself. I have a level 70 Sage that I don't use very much anymore. I've used her for heals in the past but never muc [..] View

New Flashpoint - Nahut 4M SM

8:24 am, January 18, 2018 So, I know some people are complaining that Nahut encounter is too difficult in SM, so I got a few friends together and decided to contest these complaints before BW actually believe them (wouldn't be [..] View

Original companion quest approval, after KotFE/KotET (Trooper spoilers)

8:24 am, January 18, 2018 Hey guys, I'm getting to the point I can start KotFE/KotET on my Trooper, which I'm looking forward too since I get 5 of my 6 companions back. What I'm wondering though, is will I still get conversat [..] View

Why Is Higher Level Bracket Pvp Just A Tedious Chore?

8:24 pm, January 17, 2018 First off i just want to say the level 10? - 40 bracket pvp was awesome fun. You fought someone and they actually started taking damage and you actually started taking damage and before long you both [..] View

Ever wonder what happens in those 8k+ DPS games?

8:24 pm, January 17, 2018 Look no further. JK, but not really. This isn't the typical healer stack up number farm that you'd usually expect. Regardless hope you enjoy. :)Fury marauder 7,933DPS View

Republic and Imperial playing together on the same planet?

8:24 pm, January 17, 2018 I understand that rep and imp players progress their class storylines in parallel on the same planets, except for a few. I am a republic player and never saw an Imperial player during my storyline pr [..] View

PVP Pet Hates:

8:24 pm, January 17, 2018 We all have them so feel free to add yours. I will get the ball rolling: Players who spend the entire warzone wandering around being cool in stealth doing almost nothing to help their team.:rolleyes [..] View

Is Seh-run's quest Creeping Hunger bugged or removed?

8:24 pm, January 17, 2018 This quest is apparently one of the requirements to get credit for all of the species on Korriban. It gets the Abissian species, for the 3rd and final one. I ran an Inquisitor through a week ago and [..] View

Trying to cap all three right away in Alderaan/Yavin warzones?

8:24 pm, January 17, 2018 I've noticed this a lot more since Yavin came on the scene - seems like every game, one or two (or even more) players will head to the snow/relic (I think) nodes right away at the start of the warzone [..] View

Blame Yavin for so many stealths

8:24 am, January 17, 2018 I cannot get over how many stealth gank squads are now in regs. Obviously it’s a great tactic in Yavin because of their speed and it is easy to guard with 2 and the rest can be mobile. They [..] View


8:24 am, January 17, 2018 Guys how to do missions for Conquestses? I watch list exemple "Random Flashpoint" or "5 Veterean and3 Master FP" so how to do this for Conquests? Because I did FP and nothing, I [..] View

Picking a a Main Class

8:24 pm, January 16, 2018 I understand that the difficulty of this game has decreased significantly and that most classes can complete the story even under suboptimal condition. The reason I'm asking if for the other content, [..] View

Stealth in Arena

8:24 pm, January 16, 2018 Is it a "working as intended" situation for stealthers to be able to sit in stealth all match in any type of arena? WoW has a great mechanic where; if there is no combat for "x" [..] View

remove ability to pass battle mods to people in stealth.

8:24 pm, January 16, 2018 everytime im in odessen everyone who picks up a worthless battle mod ends up dumping it on the nearest person, If it happens to be you and you are a stealth class you are screwed until you pass it on [..] View

Can we get KDY fixed?

8:24 pm, January 16, 2018 I'm tired of trying to go for my daily bonus, queue up for all FPs, then I get KDY where I need to abandon the FP because I can't get past the ship. I've tried with spacebar and without, during the op [..] View

Darth Revan

8:24 pm, January 16, 2018 Greetings! I know that the game has the armor of Darth Revan: Sash, Chest Plate, Gloves, Mask, Robes. And where are his Boots? And two Lightsabers? I know that in this game there are many fans of Reva [..] View

Uprising -SM Trial and Error - the healing stations are too far away from each other.

8:24 am, January 16, 2018 Hello. So Story mode Trial and Error Uprising its pretty hard, [like its on veteran mode] without healer and tank in group,very bad idea to try it,i quickly discovered im unable reach quickly healing [..] View

Uncertain bug or infinite Looped flashpoint Kuat Drive Yards.

8:24 am, January 16, 2018 Hello. EDIT: It seems there is something worth noticing after all http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=941474 Im not sure if its real bugg,but "i ve heard" the Kuat Drive Yards [..] View


8:24 am, January 16, 2018 ol i went to guild flag ship from korraban to my ship but the holoterminal took longer than it should to start and it ends up looking at my toon staring at watcher 2 and nothing is happening is there [..] View

PvP Bug ?

8:24 am, January 16, 2018 Hey. A while ago i made a ticket because i thought i may have a pvp bug. It was happening account wide on all my characters even if they were geared or not. I wasn't sure because i have never been goo [..] View

I have one interface issue with score on maps Yavin 4 and Odesen proving grounds.

8:24 am, January 16, 2018 Hello. I have interface issue with in progress score on pvp maps Yavin 4 and Odessen proving grounds. There is certain element that shows in progress score during fight,but my problem is i using min [..] View

Shadow or Sentinel DPS?

8:24 am, January 16, 2018 I haven't played since 2015, and I'm looking to create a new Jedi character. The changes since 2.?/3.? are astounding, and there's so much information I have found through google that's simply outdat [..] View

Can we get a new PvP companion?

8:24 pm, January 15, 2018 (Disclaimer: when i say PvP companion i mean one like Major Pierce that levels up from running WZs) Major Pierce is cool and all but he's maxed out and I'm quite bored with him. I PvP mainly and run [..] View

Cannot Enter Warzone

8:24 pm, January 15, 2018 Hello I am getting this annoying bug where 1 character on my account cannot enter warzones. I queue, I get the pop, I click the enter button, and nothing happens. Has this happened to anyone recently [..] View

Ops - Valey Machine Gods - please slightly tune down Nahut Boss encounter difficulty.

8:24 pm, January 15, 2018 Hello. Ops - Valey Machine Gods - please slightly tune down Nahut Boss encounter difficulty and patch up Ground holes. Well simple reason for this request,this boss is kinda "overkill" and [..] View

Leave murader alone buff other melee classes

8:24 am, January 15, 2018 Range classes have so many defenses and heal to fulls that as a melee u will die before u even get through one of them u can’t be competative when u can get stunned so many times that u are [..] View

Repeat missions

8:24 am, January 15, 2018 Hi all i'm running a jedi knight and just completed the mission to get my lightsaber but in the height of battle i managed to lose my lightsaber. So my question is there anyway i can rerun the mission [..] View

Alderaan Juran Mountains Map Completion Not Registering

8:24 am, January 15, 2018 So I've read a few things already and ppl said to go to the very bottom of the map, it was hidden due to the "Help" icon hovering over it where there would be a Republic mission. So I did an [..] View

Creating a Legacy Name

8:24 pm, January 14, 2018 I have an old SWToR account which I recently reactivated. I already had Legacy names for the account so didn't have to worry about that process. However, I invited a friend who has never played befor [..] View

How to get higher armor tiers

8:24 am, January 14, 2018 Hello im newish to the game i beat the game and got level 70 and got all the first tier armor before i stopped playing i have gotten back on and not sure how to get better tier armor so if anyone know [..] View

H2 Star Fortress by Oneself

8:24 am, January 14, 2018 What's the best way to do a Heroic 2 Star Fortress by yourself? My jk, con, and sith warrior all have 246 level equipment and my companion with the highest influence is Lana Beniko at 50 but once I ge [..] View

Choosing which pvp map to get.

8:24 am, January 14, 2018 I'm not a harcore pvper but I hope they let you decide what matches you want kinda like FPs. For rxample the odessan map to me is the worst. So does any one else wannachoose what you can/can't get int [..] View

PVP Matches Not counting towards Daily/Weekly progress?

8:24 am, January 14, 2018 Heyo, so over the past week or so I’ve been noticing that some of my pvp matches (Ranked or Unranked) don’t seem to be properly counting towards my daily and/or weekly pvp mission [..] View

Let’s Nerf thread

8:24 am, January 14, 2018 So, it seems people want just about every class nerfed now. It started with Sorc healers, Mercs, Snipers and then Mara’s. Now I’m seeing people suggesting nerfs on other classes to [..] View

What’s with people RPing in Hypergates

8:24 pm, January 13, 2018 I’ve got nothing against RP players normally, but lately in Hypergates they seem to feel the need to stop and have little meetings and RP all over the map or at the respawn. I just had one [..] View

Cannot Update Email

8:24 pm, January 13, 2018 I no longer have access to the email address I used back in 2012 to first make this account. Yesterday, the game insisted that I enter my "One Time Password" over again, rendering me incapa [..] View

shroud of ruin

8:24 am, January 13, 2018 I am having serious trouble with this quest I have jumped onto the third pillar but I cannot jump to the fourth piller I hav e spent around 2hours tonight trying to dso it or am I trying to get the wr [..] View

How can i permanently remove my credit cards from swtor?

8:24 am, January 13, 2018 So i've just bought something from the cartel market and after i removed my credit card from that site,but i noticed that on the purchase in game i could see my credit card still where so i wondered i [..] View

Can't Mail Op Gear?

8:24 am, January 13, 2018 Fell into a lovely guild and FINALLY got an Op done. Started with Oricon. Only took us 4 times to **** Brontes. Now I have to find people to finish the rest of the ops. Of all the goodies I got, I go [..] View

Sorc healing- Ranked

8:24 am, January 13, 2018 Hey Everyone. Name is Jim, play on the Darth Malgus Server. I am fully geared and augmented. I've recently starting doing team ranked again, after not playing it since pre-season and s1. I'm not terr [..] View

refferale link how to install

8:24 am, January 13, 2018 hi guys any one now how to install a refferal link i have a you tube account and some videos abaut star wars but i dont find how to installe a refferal link there any one now how to do thise ps i [..] View

How to get more than 4 people in a group?

8:24 pm, January 12, 2018 Hi there, I'm trying to recruit people on fleet for an 8man sm ops run. But, when the group gets to 4 people; it says "group is full", i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong, is there a setting [..] View

1 vs 1 Tournament (27th January) Darth Malgus

8:24 pm, January 12, 2018 1v1 Tournament - 27th January 2018 - Darth Malgus Server It's still going to be first come first served (with plenty of space for standby players) Players will be filtered into brackets and we will [..] View

Umbara Glitch?

8:24 am, January 12, 2018 Yeah still haven't run this one properly. I go slow as heck with this, but it may just be my laptop. But I think there's a massive bug. Got halfway through the train but there's the two turrents that [..] View

Not Gonna Fix the Queue System.. Eliminate The leaderboard

8:24 am, January 12, 2018 ticket I wrote back in 12/04/2017 Me: "Hey guys, you have to fix the queue system on rank..its not working as intended..always always always queue with the same team..its not working as intende [..] View

Question about expired sub.

8:24 pm, January 11, 2018 Hello! I had a sub in 2015 and and a free lvl 60 char which I deleted when I started playing again. I thought that I would keep the max lvl I could achieve for new chars when preffered player. (?) [..] View

SM Op Mode

8:24 am, January 11, 2018 My mara is Lv. 70 with full set of T1 gear. I can easily buy the two relics I need to complete it with my tokens. My cxp rank is low around 54 I think. Could I participate in an SM OP? I just start [..] View

Ranked On Shan Server

8:24 am, January 11, 2018 I know I"m good gear wise, full set of T1 armor and relics now. Lv. 70. Valor is 23 or so, so it won't be long until I can jump into ranked pvp finally. But to be honest, with how dang toxic [..] View

Gunslinger - Sharpshooter, trouble making it through KOTFE (no spoilers)

8:24 am, January 11, 2018 I recently just got back into the game to play KOTFE. I have two toons, a level 60 scoundral and a level 70 gunslinger. My scoundrel has no problem blazing through the mobs in the story and she&r [..] View

Returning player: Question About Knights of the Fallen Empire

8:24 pm, January 10, 2018 Last time I actually played the game was Shadow of Revan. I've done some research and found out things that are recommended to be finished before starting Fallen Empire content such as companion missi [..] View

New mechanics

8:24 pm, January 10, 2018 This is my first MMO and I started playing nearly 1 month ago, so I still dont understand alot of fundamental things. I have a few questions as I have recently hit lvl 50 and when I play flashpoints i [..] View

Which crew skills should i choose as a Jedi Sentinel?

8:24 pm, January 10, 2018 Hey! I have just started playing the game and was wondering if anyone had any tips on which Crew Skills to choose? I am a Jedi Sentinel. And please use mye referal link! i could use some cartel coin [..] View

Problem mit Gefährten

8:24 am, January 10, 2018 Hallo :) Ich habe seit kurzem das Problem, dass ich keine Zuneigungspunkte mehr für meinen Gefährten in Gesprächen bekomme. Da mir dies sehr wichtig ist, stört das [..] View

Cheating Jedi players on Star Forged. (Video evidence enclosed).

8:24 am, January 10, 2018 I have left a video from my twitch stream of some players cheating in a group ranked arena on Star Forge. Please someone help me find where I can this information to get these players investigated acc [..] View

Quick Conquest Question

8:24 am, January 10, 2018 Are some of the things...glitched? I ran GF on my dps sage for the Con points for my new guild to help out a bit. One of the FP's was Mando Raiders. Great. I checked that box and the one for complete [..] View

Where Can I Find Info on NPC Drops?

8:24 pm, January 9, 2018 I remember finding such a website in the past, but I'm now returning after a one year haitus and I don't remember the site. I got a lightsaber from Ajunta Pall's tomb from an NPC by looking at the NP [..] View

Unlock Race says I require Sith Pureblood, but...

8:24 pm, January 9, 2018 Ok so, I have a character at level 60, I check legacy because I want to make a Sith Pureblood Jedi and I can't seem to unlock it. It recognizes I'm at the require level however, it also says "Sit [..] View

Traitor among the Chiss

8:24 am, January 9, 2018 Ran into a issue running this FP. I ****** the threshold beast instead of feeding it now I can't continue because it never updated the find a way passed the threshold beast. Got the Overkill achievem [..] View

Speed hacking

8:24 am, January 9, 2018 /Thread and plz do not tell me is Predation. It happens on Assasins.. I post this thread so dev's can see is out there and in full force.. Shame on you dev's for letting this go for so long.. View

Must Rename?!

8:24 pm, January 8, 2018 So decided to come back and try the game again, haven't played since the first year. Apparently I have to change my character names (which match my characters in every game I've played in the last 17 [..] View

Star Fortress Group

8:24 pm, January 8, 2018 Hey all Firstly, I do apologise if this is in the wrong section. Also, I play on the Darth Malgus server. Secondly, I am having a difficult time getting groups together to finish star fortresses. I [..] View

Game suddenly started freezing while loading character selection screen

8:24 am, January 8, 2018 I got a new laptop and installed SWtOR on it, it loaded fine for a few weeks though it occasionally randomly closes the game (no freeze or error message, just suddenly closes it). Today I was playing [..] View

How are Tanks Faring in PvP?

8:24 am, January 8, 2018 Coming from WoW, tanks are pretty much trash in PvP because the one thing they brought to the table was excellent survivablitiy, but they nerfed that a while back and it's now nearly pointless to play [..] View

I barely see any Advanced Prototype PvP players or videos, so here is my video :p

8:24 am, January 8, 2018 If you guys dont know me, I play AP PT and I wish more people played it. Here is my newest video, enjoy! "Overp....no wait....Underpoweredtech? I dont think thats been used before."https:// [..] View

Nerf Powertechs!

8:24 am, January 8, 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yd0fBXwDBmo :mad: View

World PVP ?

8:24 am, January 8, 2018 Hello guys and sorry for my poor english. When i was playing that game 5 or 6 years ago, there is a special world for only world pvp and daily questing on this planet. And alliance wars (sith vs repub [..] View

Operative the new wave????

8:24 pm, January 7, 2018 Operative is the new wave. If yall are debating whether or not to make an operative here is a video show casing it in duels and ranked, i think it is very good in the right hands yall should make emm. [..] View

Acid mechanic needs to do one.

8:24 pm, January 7, 2018 The fact that 1 guy can still win over 4 due to stealth and positioning is pretty much not realistic. But nevermind that, specially when it drags on and on until the acid and still you're going to lo [..] View

The Story of PvP - What, why, and in the future?

8:24 am, January 7, 2018 The Story of PvP. Primary goal: discuss debate and make suggestions how to fix PvP in the long run. PvP in swtor is very different from other games we might think as similar. So in a Galaxy far away [..] View

Which one for a lone wolf?

8:24 am, January 7, 2018 Hello! I’ve just returned to the Game. My main goal is to level up a character for PvP. I would play a Guardian / Juggernaut or Sentinel / Marauder. I’m not asking which one is [..] View

Kick the Huttball in Cartel Market

8:24 am, January 7, 2018 classified as Kick Ball, not Kick the Huttball, in search terms, and says it can be used to violate rule in warzone, and must be used in a warzone, which isn't true. I am sorry I used it, not in a war [..] View

Korriban Incursion Problem

8:24 am, January 7, 2018 Finally got to play the Shadow of Revan expansion but when I was doing the flashpoint (about where you fight Lord Renning) my computer disconnected. but when i went back to the flashpoint it skipped a [..] View

Returning Player, Class Questions.

8:24 am, January 7, 2018 Hey guys, I played the game when it first came out. Got to level 50, then decided that I had some other priorities, since then I've lost my account. Now here I am, with free time and a more stable wor [..] View

No mission for Chiss

8:24 am, January 7, 2018 I just finished the umbara storyline, had the conversation with Lana where I sent a broadcast to Theron, but now I have no ongoing quest and cannot seem to start the storyline. I can do the flashpoint [..] View

Order of the story if your trying to play without using a charater token.

8:24 pm, January 6, 2018 Ive seen people ask this on other websites figured Id post it. forged alliances is a prelude to shadow of Revan and is where you first meet some very important characters Shadow of Revan Rise of th [..] View

The story of PvP - What it is and why, what happened along the way, what to do?

8:24 pm, January 6, 2018 The Story of PvP. Primary goal: discuss debate and make suggestions how to fix PvP in the long run. PvP in swtor is very different from other games we might think as similar. So in a Galaxy far away [..] View

How do I buy the expansion packs?

8:24 am, January 6, 2018 So, I'm an old **** returning to SWTOR, and I wanted to make sure that I got all the expansions/DLC's... So I checked at My SWTOR / My Games... And it says I only got Star Wars™: The Old Rep [..] View

Healer imbalance

8:24 am, January 6, 2018 So, I was wodnering. When will the devs implement something to balance out the retardedness of games of +3 healers vs 0 healer teams? Please, add something to the game to balance the teams or add an [..] View

Message for développer! PLZ READ IT!!!

8:24 am, January 5, 2018 Playing ur game since 6 year Sorry for my bad English but I have to speak u English becuz I think have a omerta about Rava and Mara profession in ur FORUM, u have to nerf it immediately! About 45% o [..] View

Guardian or Sentinel?

8:24 pm, January 4, 2018 Hey guys, going to roll a Jedi Knight class and I am pretty exclusive to PvP.. I've seen a lot on both of the options and that mainly Guardians are only good in PvP because of skanking. But haven't se [..] View

Returning Player with many characters

8:24 pm, January 4, 2018 So I have a lvl 67 JK character that's just starting KotET with all the force users class stories finished. I want to complete the other class stories, but would it be better to focus on the 67, fini [..] View

Best way to farm credit? (heroics? weekly? daily? operations?)

8:24 am, January 4, 2018 hi guys,i just wantend to know wich are the best way to make credits in the shortest time possible. my objective is to do 1.000.000 in like and hour or less,what should i do? any help is apprecieted [..] View

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