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Reorganizing Data


Reorganizing Data

I was playing yesterday and logged out for a little while. When I came back and tried to log in, I saw some "Reorganizing Data", and after it was completed, I had to sit and wait for the game content to be downloaded again. I tried to log in today, and I again have been met with "Reorganizing Data". Everything was perfectly fine 2 days ago, and now all of this.

What is this "Reorganizing Data" all about, and why did I have to re download the game content when it was done? Why do I now have to sit through this same thing, the very next day?

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The Page Reorganizing Data was first posted on 9:18 am, September 30, 2013 in the category STAR WARS: The Old Republic Community it has been viewed 3887 times.


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Short Title: Reorganizing Data
Full Title: Reorganizing Data
Raw Date: 2013-09-30 09:18:02
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