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2:04 pm, October 13, 2013

Community Q&A: May 4th

It's Friday and as usual the Community Q&A is here. Since questions about future content often don't receive the detailed answers expected by the community, BioWare decided to focus on questions about already implemented features.

Bioware quote Posted by: BioWare
DarthZaul: Other than the planned Hutt takeover of all GTNs (which will make them all neutral), do you have further plans to improve the economy? Below level 49 it is almost



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Community Q&A: June 1st

8:01 pm, January 18, 2014  Posted by: BioWare Lymain: You announced that Ranked Warzones are still on track for Game Update 1.3 in the May 25th Q&A. Is the plan still to implement this feature incrementally [..] View

Patch Notes 1.1.4 2/22/2012

3:04 pm, January 17, 2014  Posted by: Patch Notes 1.1.4 General - The key formerly bound to /bug can now be mapped to any action and no longer opens the /bug window. The command is no longer able to be bound to a [..] View

PTS Patch Notes 1.1.5

2:29 pm, January 17, 2014  Posted by: Bioware (PTS Patch Notes 1.1.5) General - Players can now use the command /roll or /random to generate a random number between 1 and 100. This command will also accept a range [..] View

Community Q&A: April 6th 2012 (Game Update 1.2 Special)

7:40 pm, January 12, 2014  Posted by: BioWare This weeks Q&A continues on from last week where we answered a number of questions about Game Update 1.2. We had so many questions we broke the Q&A int [..] View

Patch Notes 1.1.3 - 2/14/2012

7:27 am, January 11, 2014 And with this Tuesday's maintenance, came the next Patch, 1.1.3. We already know about the Warzones mission credit fix, let's see what kind of love Valentine's Day brought us, shall we?  Po [..] View

Ability delay to be changed (again) + upcoming PTS char transfer

8:19 am, January 10, 2014 After the cooldown animation change in the Patch 1.1.2, many players complained about this feature, flagging it as unappealing and annoying - some View

[Update] PTS Patch Notes 1.1.1

4:46 pm, January 7, 2014 BioWare just announced the Patch Notes for PTS and it seems we will soon be experiencing some more game improvements as well as bug fixes. Some classes will benefit from some fixes while Scoundrels an [..] View

Patch Notes 1.1.5d - 3/23/2012

3:26 am, December 29, 2013  Posted by: Patch Notes 1.1.5d - (3/23/2012) General - Implemented changes to improve overall server stability. PvP View

Patch Notes 1.1.0a

10:37 pm, December 24, 2013 BioWare's emergency maintenance scheduled for today was aiming to fix the major issues that appeared on Ilum after the implementation of Game Update 1.1. Considering the latest patch notes let's hope [..] View

Greg Zoeller about Patch 1.2 nerfs/buffs

10:49 pm, December 23, 2013 Most of you guys know that we've covered the whole Guild Summit livestream and most of the important info is posted. However, some of you guys pointed out that they announced some class nerfs and buff [..] View

May 9th Unscheduled Maintenance

6:07 am, December 22, 2013 As a result of the unforseen issues that appeared post patch 1.2.3 (more info here), BioWare will deploy a patch on May 9th:  Posted by: BioWare We will be deploying a patch and performin [..] View

Patch Notes 1.2.1 - 4/24/2012

3:36 am, December 19, 2013  Posted by: Patch Notes 1.2.1 Classes and Combat Jedi Knight Sentinel - Zen (with Ataru Form) now correctly reduces the global cooldown View

Patch Note 1.1.1a

2:45 pm, December 17, 2013 Today's minor maintenance resolved the freezing issue some users experienced after Patch 1.1.1  Posted by: Bioware (Patch Notes 2/2/2012) General - Made a configuration change to resolve [..] View

Community Q&A: June 22nd, 2012

10:12 pm, December 14, 2013  Posted by: Community Q&A: June 22nd, 2012 Pargon: I'm curious about the development cycle for something like an armor set. Could you elaborate on the process you guys go through w [..] View

Patch Notes 1.1.5c - 3/20/2012

2:41 pm, December 6, 2013 It seems that today's maintenance brought us a small patch note.  Posted by: Bioware (Patch Notes 1.1.5c) General- Made further adjustments to prevent incorrect access for Weekend Pass pl [..] View

Community Q&A: May 11th

7:35 pm, November 28, 2013 This week's Community Q&A continues to focus on questions about features and systems already present in-game. Also, the next Q&A, with an emphasis on Game Update 1.3, has been schedule [..] View

Game Update 1.2 PTS Patch Notes (3/22/2012 - Update)

5:44 pm, November 25, 2013  Posted by: Game Update 1.2 Patch Notes (3/22/2012) These notes detail changes made to the PTS server on 3/22/2012. These changes ONLY apply to the PTS server. Classes and Combat General View

Level 50 (110% speed) Speeders Compendium

3:59 pm, November 25, 2013 I know some of you saw some crazy looking speeders @Fleet or in your travels across the Galaxy. Most of you were wondering, how do I get that speeder? So, due to popular demand, I decided to create a [..] View

Patch Notes 1.1.2 - 2/7/2012

8:44 am, November 23, 2013 Today's maintenance brought us the latest patch, 1.1.2. This patch probably got a bunch of people happy due to the fixes/features it brings. Keep in mind that the PvP Champion and Battlemaster bag cha [..] View

Bioware starts rolling Dynamic Events

6:28 am, November 23, 2013 We strongly believe that along with the new 1.2 Update, Bioware also pushed their acclaimed Dynamic Events system. First of all, you'll notice a new addition to the Fleet - a News Terminal - where 2 c [..] View

Emergency Patch - 3/15/2012

2:56 am, November 23, 2013 It seems that the SWTOR servers will go down for about 2 hours today for an unplanned emergency maintenance. We'll keep you updated about the patch notes once the new patch is deployed live. &nb [..] View

New destinations available for European RP-PVP servers

3:16 pm, November 21, 2013 BioWare just announced new destination servers for the European RP-PvP servers Lord Calypho, Jen'jidai, Huntmaster, at which the first time there were available only character transfers to other PvP s [..] View

Emergency Patch - 3/23/2012

12:35 am, November 20, 2013 BioWare will deploy a patch during a four hour maintenance on Friday, March 23rd. We don't have any info about the patch itself at the moment, but we will post the details as soon as we have them. & [..] View

Fan made SWTOR Hope Trailer

7:24 am, November 17, 2013 You guys know that usually we don't post many SWTOR videos unless they are important or worth mentioning. Well, I think this one is worth mentioning since it's a fan made flic, after the Hope Trailer [..] View

Community Team Opinion Concerning Layoffs

2:48 pm, November 16, 2013 Today Joveth Gonzalez sent us a message on behalf of the entire Community Team regarding yesterday's layoffs and their consequences:  Posted by: Joveth Gonzalez Hi everyone, Ill start of [..] View

Community Q&A: May 25th - Game Update 1.3 Special

3:55 am, November 16, 2013 This weeks Community Q&A is a Special Edition regarding Game Update 1.3 where the developers try to bring some light regarding the new update. You will find here more detailed info regarding t [..] View

End-Game Itemization in Game Update 1.2

8:49 am, November 15, 2013 Since the Game Update 1.2 deployment news got everybody by surprise, alot of questions arised on the forums. We did try to bring some light to the upcoming patch by presenting some of the stuff from t [..] View

Patch Notes 1.1.0b

1:44 am, November 15, 2013 Today's list of Patch Notes is short but important since BioWare is striving to fix the ability delay and other performance issues and give us a smoother game experience. See the full list of patch no [..] View

Character Transfers scheduled for late April

4:12 pm, November 13, 2013 Probably one of the most expected "features" in SWTOR at this time, is the character transfer service. There are ALOT of complaints on the official forums stating that servers are quite low [..] View

Game Update 1.2 is almost here - Testers wanted

1:18 am, November 13, 2013 With Patch 1.1.5 coming out next week we are getting closer to Game Update 1.2. It seems that BioWare is keeping the promise they made to launch it in March as Game Update 1.2 will soon hit the Public [..] View

Patch Notes 1.1.5 - 3/6/2012

10:13 am, November 12, 2013  Posted by: BioWare (Patch Notes 1.1.5) General - Players can now use the command /roll or /random to generate a random number between 1 and 100. This command will also accept a range (ex [..] View

This week's scheduled maintenance is web-only

8:18 am, November 12, 2013 Bioware is giving us another "play pass" this week, the scheduled maintenance will only affect the official site. Enjoy your full game time!  Posted by: Bioware Hello everyone, [..] View

Patch Notes 1.1.5a - 3/13/2012

3:48 am, November 12, 2013  Posted by: Bioware (Live Patch Notes 1.1.5a) Companion Characters Bowdaar - Resolved an issue that could occasionally prevent Bowdaar from being granted as intended. Players have not [..] View

Archaeology Leveling Guide

5:48 pm, November 11, 2013 View

Patch Note 1.1.2a - 2/9/2012

1:52 am, November 8, 2013 And..here's the Ilum patch we're all been waiting for (again).  Posted by: Bioware (Patch Note 1.1.2a - 2/9/2012) PvP Ilum - Killing players on Ilum will now consistently View

Legacy 1 month free promotion expanded

8:40 am, November 3, 2013 With a swift elegant move, Bioware extended the 1 month free game-time to the accounts that had at least Legacy Level 6. Furthermore, if you don't have this Legacy level now, you still have time to wo [..] View

PTS Patch Notes 1.1.3

8:23 am, November 3, 2013 Patch 1.1.3 implemented on the public test server comes with a mixed series of changes and fixes. Once it hits the live servers, players will have a tough choice between being sad about changes like t [..] View

SWTOR Presentation at MCM Expo on May 26

7:22 pm, November 2, 2013 Gamespot UK announced that Star Wars: The Old Republic will be present at MCM Expo in London this weekend, among many other games of various genres. BioWare's presentation of SWTOR is scheduled for th [..] View

+10 All Stats Datacron [Republic & Empire]

5:18 pm, November 2, 2013 This guide is made in Imperial perspective, since I play Empire. But ALL the steps in this guide, aside from the Imperial Fleet, is exactly the same for the Republic. I cannot tell you how to get to t [..] View

Game Update 1.2 - PTS Patch Notes 4/6/2012

9:15 am, November 2, 2013  Posted by: Bioware (PTS Patch Notes) Classes and Combat Imperial Agent - Adrenaline Probe's sound effect no longer repeats itself. View

PTS Patch Notes 1.1.1

5:23 pm, November 1, 2013 BioWare just announced the Patch Notes for PTS and it seems we will soon be experiencing some more game improvements as well as bug fixes. Some classes will benefit from some fixes while Scoundrels an [..] View

Game Update 1.2 - PTS Patch Notes

9:31 am, October 31, 2013  Posted by: BioWare (PTS Patch Notes - Game Update 1.2) The patch notes published for the Public Test Server are not final and are subject to change. Currently, only English notes are avai [..] View

Customizable UI, New Warzones and more: Coming up in SWTOR

9:30 am, October 31, 2013 It seems that Bioware is constantly preparing a bunch of features to be added into SWTOR. Customizable UI, new warzones, legacy system bonuses, guild bank and...more. Reading the title you would expec [..] View

April 27th Unscheduled Maintenance

7:58 am, October 31, 2013  Posted by: Joveth Gonzalez We will be deploying a patch and performing an unscheduled maintenance this Friday, April 27th, 2012. Patch notes will be made available shortly after the serve [..] View

Patch Notes 1.3.4 - 7/24/2012

7:56 pm, October 30, 2013  Posted by: Patch Notes 1.3.4 - 7/24/2012 General - Players can now use vehicles on Coruscant in the large areas of the Black Sun, Old Galactic Market, The Works, and the Jedi Temple dist [..] View

Patch Notes 1.2.0c - 4/19/2012

3:32 pm, October 30, 2013  Posted by: Patch Notes 1.2.0c (4/19/2012) General - Corrected an audio issue that could cause a loud, perpetual "jet engine" sound that is most noticeable on the Republic and I [..] View

BioWare considers Ilum PvP issues solved

8:48 am, October 30, 2013 BioWare focused their efforts into solving the problems that emerged on Ilum after Game Update 1.1 causing a large number of players to gain significantly more Valor than originally intended while mak [..] View

Game Update 1.2 is not coming this Tuesday

4:41 am, October 30, 2013 An interesting rumor was "floating" around the internet that Game Update 1.2 will hit the live servers this Tuesday (the 10th). I didn't wanted to post it since we didn't had an official con [..] View

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