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They actually managed to make jugg (Vengeance) defenses worse...

4:24 am, October 28, 2017 http://www.swtor.com/community/showt...01#edit9453701 Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco (Post 9453701) JuggernautPooled Hatred now applies its full damage bonus to [..] View

Buying a new computer

4:24 am, October 9, 2017 I'm going to buy a new computer and I'm thinking of the following: * Fractal Design Define R5 - Black Pearl. * ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-E GAMING - ATX / Z370. * EVGA Power Supply (PSU) SuperNOVA G3 750W [..] View

Dots vs Burst and the Misconception of PVP by Mr. Smells Great

4:24 am, August 2, 2017 Epeen is something alot of players deal with in this generation of MMOs or all games that matter. Too many miss guided information what is best for PvP or what works best has only confused players ab [..] View

New player, unable to make up my mind

4:24 pm, July 5, 2017 How do you do, fellow kids? I'm new(ish, been playing for almost three weeks now) to SWTOR, and while I love the game itself story/acting-wise, I keep having the feeling that I actually get... worse [..] View

Suggestions for next character? Got Veng Jugg to 70

4:24 pm, June 4, 2017 What do you think would be a nice change of pace for me for a next character? I played a Vengeance Juggernaut non stop over the past 2 months - went from 1-70 and finished KotFE but not LotET. Did Re [..] View

Ok call me a noob or what ever but i need help

4:24 pm, April 26, 2017 Its all about my jugg. First i need help on how to handle to be focused in solo ranked. My problem is that i run through all my deff coldowns and still they eat me in a few sec and all i get out is b [..] View

Immediate Vengeance Impossible to Complete: Missing Moff

3:24 pm, March 11, 2017 The mission "Immediate Vengeance is impossible to complete because the Moff it directs you to speak to on the Ziost Shadow is missing. <Moff Jiak>. This is the mission which is supp [..] View

About PvP in general...Bioware plz read it

3:24 am, February 16, 2017 Sup I'm new to the game like 7 days or so i leveled up a juggernaut mainly to focus on the pvp aspect of the game.The spec i picked up is vengeance.I have to mention i used to subscribe to WoW till la [..] View

PSA: The DvL XP suit is likely BiS DPS gear in 5.1

3:24 pm, January 26, 2017 There's another thread on this but I thought the title needed to be more accurate. People need to know this, at least until they fix it. With the current state of bolster, the DvL XP suit bolsters to [..] View

Nice Damage Now - Vigilance/Vengeance

3:24 pm, December 2, 2016 Decided to do a few WZ's after peddling the PVE new content. Happy to say that I did 3 WZ's and went like this. 4.1 Mil Damage 4.3 Mil Damage 4.6 Mil Damage Gonna have to get some video's going ag [..] View

Jugg & Guardian wreaking balls

3:24 am, November 8, 2016 I love my Juggs and Guardians, they are already wreaking balls and lots of fun. Even Eric says they are wreaking balls. But did they really need tweaking to make them tactical nuclear weapons? They we [..] View

Immortal Juggernaut Gearing question

3:24 pm, November 6, 2016 Hey guys... just started a few weeks ago and got myself a Juggernaut. When i first started PVP i went Vengeance. Got almost all Vindicator gear and now i changed to Immortal. Is it ok to play Immortal [..] View

pvp vengeance jugger gear questions for 5.0

4:24 am, October 23, 2016 Hi guys, was absent for 2,5 years shortly before the lvl 65 upgrade. I am now on lvl 65 and would like to gear up my pvp vengeance jugger. Before the 4.0 I had the highest gear with mk-9 boosts. A [..] View

Arsenal.... FOTM? What did I miss?

4:24 pm, August 10, 2016 I play on and off here and there because of work but last few days on Covenant it seems like 2/3+ people playing in WZ are Arsenal? Did I miss a FOTM swap. I've pretty always been a vengeance/vigi [..] View

HM styrack tips?

4:24 pm, July 29, 2016 Some of the members of our guild who are interested in forming into a program team did HM SnV to nite. All on our best geared tools. Setup was 2 jugg tanks, 2 arsenal merc dps, 1 vengeance jugg, m [..] View

[Relic of Devastating Vengeance]Conditions where it may be best in slot

4:24 am, April 25, 2016 So, this thread had me think about something, and I wanted some feedback from the experts in the field. Thanks to Bant's work we theorize that for dps and heal classes, Serendipitous Assault and Focu [..] View

immortal juggernaut dps rotation

4:24 pm, April 19, 2016 can anyone share their rotation , i have been playing rage and vengeance so far and i like vengeance more but i want to try play immortal jugg just for fun and maybe learn some tank animation and a [..] View

Advice on a pvp build

3:24 pm, January 31, 2016 I'm back playing swtor after 3 yrs and I want to use my free lvl 60 character on a pvp build. I already have a sith warrior jugger vengeance and a sorc lightning. I'm between sith assassin or operativ [..] View

Accuracy for PVP Overview

3:24 am, January 28, 2016 Hi all, Just wanted to post some information here about accuracy and pvp, since I see the question asked a lot. Four main types of damage (you can see what type of damage you're using by looking at [..] View

Vengeance PvP Gear Set For Immortal Tank.

3:24 am, January 22, 2016 So I've been working on a dps gear set for my Immortal jugg and I had originally planned to have 1 Exemplar relic of Serendipitous Assault, an Exemplar Initiative Device and 2 Exemplar initiative pack [..] View

Deception Assassin vs Combat Sentinel

3:24 am, January 14, 2016 Hi all! I got 2 fresh 65, and now need to choose which one to invest. I want to get a high burst melee class just for fun, to burn ppl down 100-0. I got a Jugg already, but i've choosen for him to be [..] View

Returning player (but I am very green) needs help / advice

3:24 pm, January 5, 2016 Hey all, So I had subbed back in 2013 and had my account going for probably a year and a half. In that time I managed to not play much and only had a Sith Vengeance Juggernaut at level 30. So with [..] View

Hacking guilds on Bergeren Colony have a look!

3:24 pm, January 2, 2016 Want to get a check from anyone outside of the guilds "Fights Well" and "Dead Eagles" on Bergeren Colony. This is level 65 PvP btw. I have augmented almost all of my ranked gear an [..] View

Gearing for any class and spec

3:24 am, December 31, 2015 Here is a guide to gear any class AND spec for PvP. I have went around to guides and players and compiled a list of the most effective gear set ups for your character. I still need to fill in the comm [..] View

Gearing my char and Atificie leveling problem.

3:24 pm, December 25, 2015 Hi. I want to apologize for my bad english =( I'am a noob in SWTOR and have a few questions. 1. About gearing my charecter. I now have a 57 level sith juggernaut vengeance with a blue Pummeler armo [..] View

Question: Are there ways for a Vengeance Juggernaut to beat a Madness Sorcerer 1v1?

3:24 pm, December 11, 2015 Question: Are there ways for a Vengeance Juggernaut to beat a Madness Sorcerer 1v1 in a non Warzone / Arena? For example in a duel. Phase walk is in place and the environment permits to use LOS easily [..] View

Andronikos Revel, Can't select him as a companion

3:24 pm, December 7, 2015 I am currently doing a Sith Inquisitor Quest: Vengeance and it say I need Andronikos Revel to advance, I check my followers menu, he is not there as in he is not even in the menu at all, I looked ever [..] View

marauder or juggernaut. I know its been asked before my situation might be different.

3:24 pm, December 2, 2015 First off my main is a level 65 deception assassin and its my solo character. But my brother started playing and he has a sorcerer (lightning but willing to spec healing). I have played both juggern [..] View

looking for Sith Warrior Venge spec min max tips

3:24 pm, December 1, 2015 So I am looking to min/max my vengeance juggernaut for pvp. any tips as to how to do it would be greatly appreciated. here some info on my toon:Juggernaut info edit by the way, my hp is normally 70 [..] View

Needs some tips for SF H2 - 3rd reactor room

3:24 pm, November 23, 2015 Hi, Looking for some legit advise getting through SF H2 solo (Hoth). Class is Jug in Ranked PvP DPS gear full augmented with Companion (Xalek) at rank 25. Trying to get achievement so not using the [..] View

Returning player, looking for some more specific info.

3:24 am, November 21, 2015 Ok, I started in beta, played a Immortal jug day 1. Made it to valor 65 before I quit to do other stuff. I have tried out vengeance, and rage. Full set bonus of 204, 1/2 way upgraded on 208. I can't [..] View

Gear Recommendation for PvP Madness (Gear Guide).

3:24 pm, November 2, 2015 Hey peeps, For a while i had been looking for some sort of guidance on how to gear my madness sorc for pvp but was unable to find anything. With AMR (Ask Mr Robot) no longer supporting SWTOR and many [..] View

Best in Slot Augments and Relics (For DPS)

4:24 pm, October 26, 2015 Ok guys, I did some math here to find out which augments are "Best in Slot" for BOTH maximum damage per second as well as maximum burst, even on auto crits. I hope this helps some of you wit [..] View

Need some help please.

4:24 pm, October 24, 2015 I am looking for some help in warzones. I am getting owned….badly. I understand part of this is skill and I am learning to be better. That being said I can barely do any damage as a Vengean [..] View

On the fence, needing advice on character choice

4:24 pm, October 6, 2015 Hey ! I'm on the fence about the character I want to use for PvP. I want to invest my time playing and learning to perfection one character only and I'm on the fence about choosing my juggernaut or p [..] View

And idea to help Commandos/Mercenarys in PVP.

4:24 pm, September 30, 2015 Commando/Mercenary fix to help with Viablitie in PVP as well as PVE content. In short and in the blunt of it I think the Commando/Mercenary classes should have the cooldown of Electronet Reduced to [..] View

How I'd change PvP....

4:24 am, August 25, 2015 Overall PvP Changes- Arenas have been removed from the game - Level 60 Warzones no longer have bolster - Reduce the amount of resolve received by all stuns by 70% - Roots now add to the resolve bar [..] View

FPS stays the same No matter what setting!

4:24 pm, August 20, 2015 my specs! and i still get a constant 10-15 unplayable FPS in PVP and raids. been playing this game off and on since day one and built this new pc to maybe have a better change at a better fps in SWTOR [..] View

Offhand shield gen

4:24 am, August 10, 2015 Hi, a casual pvper here. Some of my characters such as a vengeance knight and a tactics vanguard are doing pvp with a shield generator as their offhand and in their dps instances (cell and form, whate [..] View

Lets talk business BW. Srsbsns

4:24 pm, July 7, 2015 SWTOR as many of us see it. Jugg: Vengeance, Rage Mara: Anni, Carnage, Fury Sin: Hatred, Deception (meh) Merc: I.O, Arsenal PT: Pyro, AP Sniper: Marksman, Virulence Ops: Lethality, Concealment [..] View

The Oricon Encounter. Report filed by Major Quiks, Special Ops. !! TOP SECRET !!

4:24 pm, June 22, 2015 So I was on line as Quiks, my lvl 60 trooper, and doing the quests on Oricon, when I notice a lvl 58 Sith something or other running my way, and his name and title were the color yellow. So I tell my [..] View

How do people use the mouse for movement?

4:24 am, May 22, 2015 I've seen all these post all around the web and here for moving with the mouse and using the keyboard purely for abilities (aside from strafe on the keyboard). I see the advantage, being able to hit m [..] View

PvP Videos/Stream ZetsumaTM

4:24 am, April 22, 2015 Hey hey, I've been getting into streaming recently and have put up a couple raw footages on youtube of me PvPing. I decided that I'll actually try editing the videos a little bit to see how they turn [..] View

Expected DPS at level 56 (Jugg, Vengeance)?

4:24 pm, March 30, 2015 I must be doing something quite wrong here, because my DPS on a test dummy is quite appalling. 1) My gear gear is just random stuff in order to get 2018 expertise. 2) I use the bolster thing on the [..] View

Vengeance Juggernaut in Soresu form

4:24 am, March 19, 2015 Hello everyone, I would like the opinion of the community on the effectiveness of a Vengeance Juggernaut in Soresu form in PVP. Does anyone does that kind of thing? Does someone think it would be a go [..] View

Story help for new players

4:24 am, March 9, 2015 I decided to write a short summary for new players on Dark/Light versions of story. First things first: LIGHT/DARK doesn't matter gearwise! Just pick the choices that your character would say/do. Wh [..] View

Stacking Crit for PvP

3:24 am, March 1, 2015 Joking with some friends last weekend about how I used to have a LOT of critical chance on my Bounty Hunter back in the day on SWG, I decided to re-create my crit stacking suit on my Powertech. For th [..] View

Very confused - Jugg Vengeance

3:24 pm, February 27, 2015 I am mostly soloing at this point. What stats are important for me to use? I have built high STR but when I have gear that puts my armor up I switch to that instead. I checked out noxxic but I am stil [..] View

Focus/Rage became worse than pre 3.0?

3:24 pm, February 9, 2015 Or its just my opinion? New ability is good when u have proc on autocrit. 2 slashes is better without that proc. -7.5% crit on slash and on PTS -15% crit dmg, -6% force attacks reduction, -6% force at [..] View

You think Hatred Sin is OP? I have to disagree

3:24 pm, January 26, 2015 The main issue is that Bioware has done two major errors: 1) Dot spreading. 2) Uncleansable DOT. I am not in the mood to write a text-wall of explanations, but I am sure you c [..] View

PVP gear is SH**, and SWTOR should get PVP gear

3:24 pm, January 12, 2015 I work 100 and 100 hours to get my PvP gear, and it is SH** . Getting **** over and over by player in PvE gear in a War zone is BS. I'm max out PvP gear , and out side of the war zone 1 on 1 I would * [..] View

So Far, The Only Thing I Find Unfair:

3:24 pm, December 21, 2014 The utility for Shadows and Assassins that makes it so when they use Deflection, they are immune to stuns, lifts, incapacitates, and sleeps for the duration. That's 12s of stun immunity. It's just too [..] View

Slinger/Sniper - Survivability ISSUE!

3:24 pm, December 4, 2014 Dear BioWare, in case you haven't noticed. The survivability of the Slinger/Sniper class is still an issue in PvP. Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco [..] View

Is it a scrub, noob, or bad mannered tactic to put your back to a wall/corner?

4:24 am, October 29, 2014 With the 5FPS I get in Warzones and the fact that almost every Sin, Marauder, Vengeance Jugg and Op likes to zigzag around me like an idiot, the only real way I can fight them without it ******** up m [..] View

Error Code: C1, Client initialization failed.

4:24 pm, October 28, 2014 When I try to launch the game I get the following error pop-ups: Quote: swtor.exe - Application Error The instruction at 0x771ae5c9 referenced memory at 0x00000014. T [..] View

I respect juggs and guardians!

4:24 am, September 23, 2014 Yo boyz n gals! I respect all vengeance juggs/guardians! I mean how do you know when to leap and when to rofl lol 420 blaze it master strike/ravage someone? When i get pushed by jugg/guard then i j [..] View

Stats for Vengeance PvP

4:24 am, August 28, 2014 Hello, I'm a returning player looking to dust off my vengeance Jugg for some pvp. I was wondering what's the current trend as for stats? Last I played I think the general setup was 15% melee crit [..] View

Vegeance Parse Wanting to Improve

4:24 am, August 19, 2014 Hello All Disclaimers First and only MMO Have only just learnt what Parsing is all about in a vague sort of a way, figured it is for the Pros up until now Havent picked up half the datacrons [..] View

Is going down the Rage spec worth it?

4:24 pm, July 30, 2014 I'm making a new Juggernaut and I have made a Jedi guardian with the Vigilance tree before (thus i know Vengeance can be really good), but wanted to see if the Rage tree has its merits. I was wonderin [..] View

Need Advice - Vengeance Juggernaut

4:24 pm, July 29, 2014 Evening, folks. Having recently rolled a Vengeance Juggernaut, I would like to have your input on how to PvP with the class. Here are several questions I thought of, but feel free to add any other [..] View

88% Surge to much for Rage Jugg?

4:17 am, May 6, 2014 http://swtor.askmrrobot.com/characte...4-9c63ed169953 http://www.torparse.com/a/665322/13/0/Overview I understand that Vengeance is the heavy hitter but I think I should be able to do better tha [..] View

[Guardian Rep] RALLYING CRY! Sub-Par DPS in 2.8!

4:17 am, May 2, 2014 Fellow Juggernauts! We need to band together and make sure we don't fall behind again! With the current proposed changes, Annihilation Marauders and Pyro PTs will be out DPSing us by quite a large mar [..] View

A counter to exfiltrate?

4:17 am, April 23, 2014 Lately I've been pvping on a vengeance jugg. And of course, with the enraged defense buff it's pretty stupid.. I am however having one problem in general, and maybe other operatives can help me unders [..] View

Vigilance Guardian PvP guide for patch 2.7

4:17 pm, April 21, 2014 Hello all of you vigilance guardians and vengeance juggernauts out there! as you can probably tell from the title, this guide is for all you guys who play vigilance(or vengeance if you play a juggerna [..] View

I am stuck and can't get unstuck

4:17 pm, April 20, 2014 Hello, i was playing with my friend he is a bounty hunter and me a juggernaut in the spirit of vengeance location, but now i am stuck and can't do anything. tried /stuck and /unstuck, wasted my fle [..] View

vengeance question

10:17 pm, April 18, 2014 jus wondering for pvp is it anygood to run any crit, i went full power because no surge talents except on your autocrit has anyone played around with this? View


10:17 am, April 17, 2014 why are 80% of the pvp'ers this class/specc now? :((( View


10:17 pm, April 16, 2014 Love them... have played many different ones since launch and in beta, although much less so in beta. Lightning/Madness and Corruption/Lightning, Immortal/Vengeance, Darkness/Madness and Darkness/Dece [..] View

Vengeance / Vigilance In Arenas Is Getting Severely Over The Top

4:17 pm, April 16, 2014 What I find great about SWTOR PVP, is that there's a lot of counters to every situation and every class. The issue I have with Vigilance / Vengeance is that there are very limited counters to this cl [..] View

4 Hours of Group Rateds

4:17 am, April 14, 2014 Got people on my server to group up and do some 4's tonight for the first time since 2.7. Had a lot of fun, close games. We won most of our early games, and struggled a bit later on. I would say that [..] View

[Rep] Jedi Guardian Top 3 Questions

4:17 am, April 11, 2014 1. PVP DPS-Role Survivability 2.7 provided a much needed survivability boost to DPS Guardians / Juggernauts. Vigilance / Vengeance in particular benefitted greatly from the changes to Enure / Endure [..] View

2.7+ DPS Leaderboard

4:17 pm, April 10, 2014 DPS Leaderboard 2.7+By posting parses in the thread, you are stating that you have read the following rules: Updated: 4/8/2014 Rules 1. Must be combat logged on the level 55 Operations Training T [..] View

Quick question about Augments

10:17 am, April 9, 2014 Ok im getting close to 55 and am readying my augs, im playing vengeance spec am I best to go with full might augs over overkill due to most damage is white damage? If I went rage use overkill augs to [..] View

Translation Errors

4:17 am, April 9, 2014 Hello everybody, there are still some translation errors in the German version of the game, errors that are seriously misleading. For example the text in the Obroan Focused Retribution relict shows [..] View

Marauder or Juggernaut

4:17 pm, April 6, 2014 Hi, I have a Jedi Guardian Vigilence (vengeance) spec. I love the one handed feel and my ability to almost always win 1v1's and off tank (awesome DCD's) while still doing amazing damage. My questio [..] View

Rage PVP in 2.7: Is it any good?

10:17 pm, April 1, 2014 Been playing Rage in PVP before the nerf to see how it plays (got most of my valor from Rage) and I want to know from better players who tried the 2.7 PTS if Rage is going to remain Viable for PVP. [..] View

Juggernaut The Final Vengeance - PvP Video

10:17 am, March 26, 2014 Here you go guys, this could be my last SWTOR video so I hope you enjoy it. SWTOR - 55 Juggernaut The Final Vengeance - PvP View

Vengeance Animation for Impale.

4:17 pm, March 25, 2014 Hello everyone. I am a HUGE advocate to the jedi guardian spec of vigilance, so I started a sith juggernaut to see if I liked the gameplay just as much. So I finally get to level 30 and I couldn't wai [..] View

Going Defense and still hurt some? Can a Tank help me out?

10:17 am, March 20, 2014 I was thinking about getting my Juggernaught - I've been playing vengeance since the very start - more into Tank-Mode. Maybe even dip in a bit on PvE content at some stage, and frankly - to me PvE DD [..] View

How's 2.7 Vengeance PVP Looking?

4:17 am, March 18, 2014 Just curious if anybody's been PVPing it up on the test server with Vengeance, and what their impressions are. I've tried to roll a Jugg several times, but I made the mistake of going Carnage Maraude [..] View

Buffs coming for ranged are over the top

10:17 pm, March 17, 2014 Yes, I play the warrior classes. Mostly Vengeance of late (Jugg), but I've also played Carnage and the hated Rage spec. The across the board buffs to ranged damage classes coming, coupled with th [..] View

The smash/sweep nerf..

10:17 pm, March 16, 2014 My main is a jugg. I love my main. I roll Vengeance. One of the abilities in Veng/Vig is getting a nerf that is entirely unneeded and unfair. The target nerf is uncalled for. Please put a buff i [..] View

New juggernaut player needing tips.

10:17 pm, March 14, 2014 So I've been running the rage spec for some time now and I've been told that the rage spec was badly nerfed and that its almost pointless to go for rage now. I just wanted to get some feed backs on wh [..] View

Tk Sage stat caps and help with gearing

9:17 pm, March 7, 2014 I just recently started playing SWTOR again. I played before F2P and the lvl cap changed and had somewhat of a good idea of what all i need. I have a Jedi TK Sage. I am trying to find out where i need [..] View

Vengeance Juggernaut *King's Of PvP*

9:17 am, March 7, 2014 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyc0jCELk_A Really cool video of level 55 Veng game play with cool music....Enjoy! View

Is noxxic correct? Stat priority

3:17 pm, March 5, 2014 According to noxxic, for dps pvp juggs there are two priorities: Quote: vengeance: Expertise > Strength >= Accuracy (105%) > Surge (70%) &#62 [..] View

[Rep] Jedi Guardian Top 3 Questions [WIP]

3:17 am, March 4, 2014 Here's the start of the 3 questions for Guardians. Seeing as it affects Juggernauts as well, I am posting a copy here. However, the main discussion should happen in the Guard forums, seeing as these w [..] View

[Guide] Juggernaut PvP 2.6

3:17 pm, March 1, 2014 Hey Community, I created this guide on my blog and figured some people could use it. I'm curious on your thoughts if you have an suggestions or comments, please leave them. Here's link if interes [..] View

(Rep) Commanding Awe / Deafening Defense Inquiry to TaitWatson

3:17 am, February 28, 2014 DISCLAIMER: This is not one of the three questions. This was an inquiry made on the livestream. Last week, I asked a question during the livestream about the damage reduction portion of Commanding [..] View

Vengeance Survivability

3:17 pm, February 27, 2014 Trying to understand the issue some raise about Jugg middle tree being squishy...How is vengeance any less survivability than Rage? Should it not hold that if vengeance is not arena viable then also [..] View

Class Changes that should also be in 2.7

3:17 pm, February 27, 2014 Commando/Mercenary: Hold the Line/Hydraulic Overrides now grant Interrupt Immunity for the first 4 seconds. Sage/Sorcerers Seer/CorruptionNoble Sacrifice/Consumption now restores double the [..] View

Vengeance PvP Rotation

3:17 pm, February 26, 2014 Seeing as ravage has been reworked, what's the best vengeance pvp rotation now? This is both in terms of opening rotation and normal rotation afterwards. View

Carnage - help me with controlling burst damage

3:17 am, February 24, 2014 Hi everyone, I'm new to the game and currently have a 53 Juggernaut and a 47 Marauder. Everything below is regarding PVP. I found that Vengeance Juggernaut's damage is very controllable, in the sen [..] View

Crit or Primary stat Obroan relic

9:17 am, February 22, 2014 For vengeance jugg pvp. Does anyone know which is better to go along with the serendipitous? View

30% damage reduction talent for Veng juggs

3:17 pm, February 17, 2014 Vengeance juggernauts need some form of 30% damage reduction. This has been mentioned multiple times on various threads, so why hasn't it happened? Every single dps class in the game has 30% damage [..] View

[Video] Vengeance PvP

9:17 pm, February 14, 2014 Link to my post in the pvp forums http://www.swtor.com/community/showt...14#post7209514 Direct link to movie : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHH-eqRHezE I would appreciate some helpful feedback [..] View

Convince me that Smash spec will not be obsolete now...

3:17 pm, February 14, 2014 I'm worried that the changes to Smash for Jug/Guard coming in 2.7 will make the spec obsolete compared to Vigilance/Vengeance spec. Please someone tell me that I am wrong. It's just that, as a single [..] View

Rydarus' Vengeance Juggernaut Compedium

9:17 pm, February 8, 2014 Greetings! Tired of those idiots who think you can only tank? Hate lolsmash spec? Wanna make that Sentinel in your raid group actually work for his dps spot? Let me, Rydarus of the Ebon Hawk, intro [..] View

All this non-sense stupid QQ will make Bioware nerf Operative/Scoundrel.

9:17 am, February 8, 2014 Finally one more class/spec is viable for NiM PVE content, the OP from my raid group is very happy because she likes the middle tree, now she's playing concealment and have a lot fun and doing a bette [..] View

Let's change up the pace here. Most underpowered, less played spec in the game?

9:17 pm, February 7, 2014 Unless you're completely oblivious to the forums (not smart) you should know that the hot topic a few, seldom played specs have received buffs and they're vengeance, bodyguard and of course operatives [..] View


Vengeance Juggernaut in Soresu form

Mar 19, 2015, 5:47 am Hello everyone, I would like the opinion of the community on the effectiveness of a Vengeance Juggernaut in Soresu form in PVP. Does anyone does that kind of thing? Does someone think it would be a go[..] View

Very confused - Jugg Vengeance

Feb 27, 2015, 3:29 pm I am mostly soloing at this point. What stats are important for me to use? I have built high STR but when I have gear that puts my armor up I switch to that instead. I checked out noxxic but I am stil[..] View

Vengeance Jugg stat priorities for PvP

Dec 26, 2014, 4:29 pm What are they?[..] View

Vengeance PvP Spec

Dec 26, 2014, 11:25 am How would u build it? I'm not sure. Every opinion is welcomed. My guess is something like this <a href="http://www.torhead.com/skill-calc#101MMZcGMRrhddGuoZf00z.3" target="_blank">http://www.torhead.[..] View

2.0.1 PvP Vengeance Build? Is it viable?

Dec 18, 2014, 8:48 pm Hello All, I've got a pretty well geared 'No-Skill-Smash-Monkey' with full Partisan with a dash of Conqueror gear. I'm rather tired of the...[..] View

Juggernaut The Final Vengeance - PvP Video

Dec 18, 2014, 7:32 pm Here you go guys, this could be my last SWTOR video so I hope you enjoy it. <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUNjeaxXYY0" target="_blank">SWTOR - 55 Juggernaut The Final Vengeance - PvP </[..] View

Vengeance, tank or rage in pvp with a maraunder

Dec 18, 2014, 11:07 am So my friend made a maraunder while I am using a juggernaut. His build is rage and i cannot decide between vengeance,tank or rage build to make us effective in pvp. Which build do u suggest guys so we[..] View

Just came back - thinking about speccing vengeance dps in tank gear

Dec 18, 2014, 9:13 am Just came back, haven't played since pre-2.0. Decided I'm going to dust off my 48 Juggernaut. When I quit playing, he was a tank all the way. All gear is defense/shield/endurance heavy. I absolutely c[..] View

PvE Vengeance DPS Stat Priorities and Relics

Dec 18, 2014, 7:45 am I've been seeing a lot of threads which suggest different stat priorities. However, they only provide percentages, and conflicting ones at that. So, how much accuracy rating does it take to get to 1[..] View

[Video] Vengeance PvP

Dec 18, 2014, 1:19 am Link to my post in the pvp forums <a href="http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?p=7209514#post7209514" target="_blank">http://www.swtor.com/community/showt...14#post7209514</a> Direct link[..] View

Strength buff Vengeance Tree

Dec 14, 2014, 5:18 pm I was thinking about this - why is it that the highest current DPS (Sniper) gets 9% cunning, whereas Juggernauts get a 6% boost to strength... I was just thinking about it, while it doesn't seem like [..] View

vengeance question

Dec 14, 2014, 12:19 pm jus wondering for pvp is it anygood to run any crit, i went full power because no surge talents except on your autocrit has anyone played around with this?[..] View

Rydarus' Vengeance Juggernaut Compedium

Dec 14, 2014, 11:50 am Greetings! Tired of those idiots who think you can only tank? Hate lolsmash spec? Wanna make that Sentinel in your raid group actually work for his dps spot? Let me, Rydarus of the Ebon Hawk, intro[..] View

What is with you people when it comes to fighting vengeance juggernauts?

Dec 14, 2014, 10:11 am I've lost count of how many times I've seen people using up all of their stuns and knockbacks on Unstoppable. It's not like Unstoppable is this hidden secret that you can't possible see coming. Actual[..] View

Need Advice - Vengeance Juggernaut

Dec 14, 2014, 9:59 am Evening, folks. Having recently rolled a Vengeance Juggernaut, I would like to have your input on how to PvP with the class. Here are several questions I thought of, but feel free to add any other [..] View

Getting Vengeance

Dec 14, 2014, 7:46 am Long story short we've been having a little trouble with some Republic Players making life difficult for others when doing Poisonous Strategies in...[..] View

Help with Vengeance Rotation

Dec 14, 2014, 7:41 am Hello all my fellow sith warriors and jedi guardians. I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight into the Vengeance rotation. I'd like to think I know what I'm doing with this spec, at first[..] View

Vengeance/vigilance jugg/guard nerf! DEVELOPERS ARE *******!

Dec 14, 2014, 6:26 am WTh is that? Gather str/pool hatred nerf to 2% per point with max 2 point total 5 stacks! Whats kind a BS is that stupid biware in order fix pve they...[..] View

PVP Vengeance/Vigilance Questions

Dec 14, 2014, 5:06 am hey guys iv been trying out vigi for a week now and am liking it my questions are : 1- the priority list am i doing it right ill provide both faction names : -Master Strike / Ravage -Dispatch[..] View

Vengeance viable in HM/Ops?

Dec 14, 2014, 3:44 am I haven't played my level 50 Juggernaut in some time. He was my first character to 50, but after trying out other classes I felt that the...[..] View

Vengeance Juggernaut Group

Dec 14, 2014, 2:59 am I intend for this to be a place where Vengeance juggernauts can talk about their stats, gear, show off their look, discuss rotations, and get advice....[..] View

[Video] Fun with Vengeance

Dec 14, 2014, 1:54 am Finally got my jug sort of caught up on gear this weekend and had so much fun playing vengeance (apparently worthless according to bioware :rolleyes:) that i couldn't resist throwing a vid together, [..] View

Stats for Vengeance PvP

Dec 14, 2014, 12:24 am Hello, I'm a returning player looking to dust off my vengeance Jugg for some pvp. I was wondering what's the current trend as for stats? Last I played I think the general setup was 15% melee crit [..] View

Vengeance PVP Question

Dec 13, 2014, 10:19 pm Howdy, I recently switched to vengeance spec from rage and am having some pvp issues. I know alot of our damage comes from Ravage in theory but in...[..] View

For the last time, I swear to God, how to Fix Vigilance/Vengeance!

Dec 13, 2014, 9:01 pm Alright, So I posted something like this before and I had some ideas and it turns out no one liked them. Which is fine, that's what forums are for...[..] View

PVE Vengeance Rakata Adrenal - Which One?

Dec 13, 2014, 8:12 pm Hi all, I just switched from Tanking to DPS on my Jugg, just wondering which Rakata Adrenal I should be making? Ive looked through the forums but...[..] View

Imbik Vengeance Juggernaut PvP

Dec 13, 2014, 8:07 pm Hey. Heres my new vid. Wanted to wait till itll upload on that fking swtormovies but that server seems to be f*cked up now. Vid contains mainly 1vx...[..] View

Vengeance Spec

Dec 13, 2014, 7:56 pm I have a question, what's the most ideal spec for vengeance, how come people say taking seething hatred but others say don't?[..] View

How much crit for Vengeance PVE?

Dec 13, 2014, 7:17 pm Title says it all. Running about 740 power and 311 crit rating and not sure how my stats should be balanced atm :/ Surge is at 77ish%. Many...[..] View

Vigiliance Guradian / Vengeance Jugg PVP Spec, Rotation and Gear Guide

Dec 13, 2014, 7:04 pm This guide is intended to be directed at newer players to this spec for PVP, but I know experienced players will be able to take something away from this as well. Of course everyone is entitled to the[..] View

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