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What will I keep when my one month subscription runs out?

4:24 pm, April 6, 2018 Originally I was a F2P player for a few years and never thought to spend any money on a subscription. As I was leveling my characters in F2P I found the game fun but very restrictive like when it came [..] View

Are there classes you simply can not play, or some you have grown to love?

4:24 pm, March 23, 2018 I started out as a commando back in the day and switched to jugg later on. These day I mostly play Mara, Dps Jugg (lol) a bit of operative and some sorc healing on the side. But for the life of me I [..] View

Why Is Higher Level Bracket Pvp Just A Tedious Chore?

3:24 pm, January 17, 2018 First off i just want to say the level 10? - 40 bracket pvp was awesome fun. You fought someone and they actually started taking damage and you actually started taking damage and before long you both [..] View

World PVP ?

3:24 am, January 8, 2018 Hello guys and sorry for my poor english. When i was playing that game 5 or 6 years ago, there is a special world for only world pvp and daily questing on this planet. And alliance wars (sith vs repub [..] View

It is highly recommended to integrate these suggestions!!!!

3:24 pm, December 21, 2017 Hi guys. I just spent some time on forums (PvP) today, and i totally agree with all your suggestions. I just wanted to post a summary of all great ideas i've read, heard & even felt !! Jugge [..] View

My Fansite : Help and ideas for New Players

3:24 pm, November 29, 2017 Hey there new people and welcome to the game :) My fansite has tips and tricks for new players, Humorous Videos, Awesome Fan Art from Evanyell and links to the side activities you can do when you fan [..] View

Can I change armor colors beside unifying?

3:24 pm, November 7, 2017 Let's say there's a purple chest piece that I don't like but would love it in black. Is it possible to change colors? I saw some other players's characters in Thexan's robe that was black and red, no [..] View

How does Galactic command work?

4:24 am, November 4, 2017 I just recently reached level 70 for the first time ever and I honestly have no clue how this new Galactic command system works. Some people told me you can get unique and awesome PvP gear and that ce [..] View


4:24 pm, October 27, 2017 Why do we not have pvp-flagging anymore?? And why do we have pvp-instances where no1 is playing other than the freaking ****** players with there bots??!!?? Shut down the pvp instances too and be done [..] View

I'm not having fun playing the Warzones that are currently available

4:24 pm, October 15, 2017 Besides some class imbalance the game would be an awesome dance of blades and blasters in pvp, however it is time that you close the cap between classes and warzones: Most of the warzones were not des [..] View

flashpoint attention

4:24 pm, October 8, 2017 Bioware, you really need to take a look at flashpoints. I always thought tactical mode was a mistake but there is nothing I can do about it . The problem is some tacticals are overtuned and harder tha [..] View

How to fix OPG?

4:24 pm, August 19, 2017 So here's the story. I think it's everyone's story... I'm in OPG, and there is this awesome melee going on at "north" (pick your favorite node). People are dying, running back. No one act [..] View

Bounty Hunter Week suggestions

4:24 am, August 11, 2017 Hello fellow players, I am back with a few suggestions on taking advantage of the bounty hunter event and they are as follows 1 Use multiple characters to build up your reputation and get more than [..] View

Redeem Codes for new players(and anyone else)

4:24 pm, July 28, 2017 Here is a list of redeem codes I have found that are still good. Cantina Mount NYCantina16 M8-3R Astromech Droid SWCELEBRATION17 Please fill free to add to the list but Please no repeats and n [..] View

Guard in pvp is overpowered

4:24 am, July 27, 2017 I actually really enjoy the concept of guard and I do think it is an awesome mechanic unique to swtor that really makes tank viable in pvp, but the damage that it absorbs is too much. If you were to w [..] View

Galactic Starfighter

4:24 am, June 27, 2017 So i'm relatively new to all of the changes that have been made since the games first release. The galactic starfighter mode looks awesome, but i am having a hard time understanding it. I haven't trie [..] View

Delete solo ranked pls

4:24 am, June 21, 2017 Here we have a system in place that in thought is awesome, but does it deliver? No...(depends on what your perception of deliver is) Keep group ranked as the only ranked mode, and put solos into a se [..] View

The reason why I unsubbed.

4:24 am, June 10, 2017 You'd think. "Oh it's because of mercs 3 h2fs" Nope. "Well obviously plasma probe spam" Nope. "Net spam?" Nope "Oh, well you always seem to hate sorc heals...is [..] View

Make PvP great again

4:24 pm, May 5, 2017 Hey Musco i know you dont read this **** because everything in this forum is **** like the pvp seasons in swtor, who cares about useless 8v8 regs, give if us 8v8 ranked or 3 month seasons you ******** [..] View

last set bonus for operative DPS

4:24 am, April 7, 2017 Ok, it's obvious to me that I **** at oper DPS. I mean, it feels like I'm helping **** things, but even when I'm in the fight the whole game, at the end I look at my DPS numbers and they are abysmal. [..] View

Warzone ending prematurely?

4:24 am, March 21, 2017 I never seen this happen before. Was curious if someone knew why this happened. I was in an Ancient Hypergate warzone. The teams were evenly matched. There was not that much killing going on as both t [..] View

Podcasts, YouTube channels, and all things swtor?

4:24 pm, March 13, 2017 What are some of your favorite places to sub for swtor news, strategy, and fun. I already know about Dulfy and I sub to Vulkk's YouTube. Any suggestions? I'm still leveling so I'd love to read/watc [..] View

MVP Votes

3:24 am, February 14, 2017 A few matches back I had a awesome run and scored several times. My kills were low so, medals were non existent. Also had no MVPs, so i got to thinking about why no one would vote for me after such a [..] View

awesome patch

3:24 am, February 8, 2017 Fix things that are not broke but now is broke mini map example. broke mechanics stay broke Fotm classes don't get addressed or worked on Ranged still over powered compared to melee. faster **** [..] View

PVP is broke and NOT FUN!

3:24 am, February 6, 2017 Other than PVP the game is amazing and the new Eternal Throne story was AWESOME! After a year away from this game I come back and play over 50 rounds of PVP. (lvl 70, good gear) Rep win rate is abo [..] View

Brand New Player! Server suggestions and best cartel market purchases.

3:24 pm, January 16, 2017 Hey Guys! Need help! downloading the game now! how much do i need to download to be able to do the first planet? Also whats the best server (populated) and what are the best cheap things to buy on t [..] View

Impressive people are still playing this game!

3:24 am, January 11, 2017 I am truly surprised people are still playing this game. I canceled my sub a while ago just waiting for my 3 months sub package to expire. This community is garbage in that so many people actually t [..] View

Dear Republic, Stop playing Sentinels.

3:24 pm, January 7, 2017 Here is a tip, don't play one. Reasons! 1. The Maras and Sentinels doing the best on harb, hitting 6k-7k on a consistent basis, are cheating. 2. because marcs and mandos are as far as the eye can s [..] View

Mouse Look links

3:24 am, December 29, 2016 Hello and Happy Holidays everyone! Just been away but back after the great movie. Anyone have the Mouse Look files from here http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?p=2297900 I used to have [..] View

Guide: How to F2P in 5.0

3:24 pm, December 23, 2016 There’s been lots of discussion on how crippled the SWTOR Free to Play (F2P) option is, and that it is even worse in 5.0. All that is true. BUT, I do want to assure new players (are there [..] View

First two weeks back after 2-3 years. Feedback.

3:24 pm, December 17, 2016 I want to start by saying I am a StarWars fan boy and have always loved the movies since a young child. When i was in High school all my friends play Galaxies, I wish i had but i was in the counter s [..] View

Noob guide?

3:24 pm, December 9, 2016 Is there a good currently recommended PvP noob guide? I popped in to my first match today and had a lot of fun, I didn't even come in last for damage or otherwise, but it made it clear I should learn [..] View

Suggestions to make PVP, and PVE more enjoyable for all.

3:24 am, December 8, 2016 So, with the release of 5.0 there was obviously some gearing acquisition changes made in the form of what we all know now as The Galactic Command. Like Many of you, I've been playing SWTOR since launc [..] View

Classes and speed boosts

3:24 am, December 4, 2016 With all the changes and utility speed boosts, has anyone done the math on each class as to how fast they can run when choosing all the speed boost utility options. Seems like speed wars this expansio [..] View

KotFE has "fallen" from my mission console

3:24 am, December 4, 2016 So i'm a level 65 Jedi Knight who has completed all questlines except Makeb, and still KotFE doesn't show up in my mission console on my ship. Multiple relogs and everything, still nothing. Anyone out [..] View

The Game was fine before 5.0 *** BW???

3:24 pm, November 30, 2016 I'm so frustrated right now I can't believe it! For 5 years I've been having a blast in this game and I loved it for the PvP and the challanges that comes with it. Even two days ago on monday the 28th [..] View

Jugg & Guardian wreaking balls

3:24 am, November 8, 2016 I love my Juggs and Guardians, they are already wreaking balls and lots of fun. Even Eric says they are wreaking balls. But did they really need tweaking to make them tactical nuclear weapons? They we [..] View

5.0 Ugh

4:24 am, October 25, 2016 Posted this in general discussion, hoping to get some sort of dev response, but I'm not hopeful lol.... I'll preface this by saying I love swtor. The pvp in this game is visually appealing and has aw [..] View

Dark VS Light Event - SO CONFUSED

4:24 am, October 24, 2016 I'm returning to the game thanks to the awesome trailer for the upcoming expansion, and now I see that there's a really fun Diablo Seasons-esque event going on for amazing looking rewards. I have abso [..] View

Ranked PVP on Harbinger

4:24 am, October 23, 2016 When is most active time? I'm trying to get guildies together to play but we're all different world time zones so it would be great having a rough time to work around. I've played PVP on Harbinger fo [..] View

PVP the way you want to.

4:24 pm, August 26, 2016 First off, creating a title for this. (I couldn't think of the right way to describe it!) There are so many things that frustrate me about pvp. Sorc premades, 4 healers on one team, multiple tank he [..] View

Peeeeeeveeeeeepeeeeeeee neewws for today!!!!!!!

4:24 am, August 2, 2016 1) Today on THE RED ECLIPSE WAS AWESOME SOLO RANKED DAY! I Hope you guys come tomorrow too.Haha ofc on empire side was hard. Sorc hard class. :C at the least. won 6 games in row at my guardian . IT be [..] View

Guardian Focus. Is awesome class for new players and clickers.

4:24 am, July 26, 2016 Hello everyone :) Just did new video about my favorite guardian guys. https://youtu.be/D_imtWH-yJoPlease DisLIke or just Ignore. Whatever is good for you my friends. I really don't create any patterns [..] View

Clickers/ Pve Gear/ Mercs / Premades /ToFN /FoTM

4:24 am, July 24, 2016 Hello to everyone. I'm tired of reading these threads. And want to share my vision ( no 1 cares, i know) But maybe it will help to someone. Created new characters specifically for the new Еv [..] View

An amazing post by Overwatch's director PvPers should read

4:24 am, June 23, 2016 http://us.battle.net/forums/en/overw...5504371#post-3 The full post is behind the spoiler. One of the most interesting and insightful things is the psychology that people bring to the game. Kaplan [..] View

Thanks for killing World PvP,devs.

4:24 pm, June 14, 2016 I know no devs gonna read nor care even if they do,but i'll post it anyways. Im probably late on this topic,but just recently i really had enough of it. So,being completely blunt - your "PvE - [..] View

Ops Announcement chat feature?

4:24 am, June 14, 2016 I know how to use Master Looter for the most part...I've just been doing it for a little while though, and I'm kind of slow at it (luckily my groups have been very patient with me). Last night I join [..] View

Which class would be best for a noob?

4:24 pm, June 11, 2016 Hi. I would like to start playing but I don't know were to start. I'm a complete noob so help would be awesome! Btw I'm a complete noob to mmorpgs as well. And for some reason I downloaded the game an [..] View

New Story Chapter has awesome pvp aspect.

4:24 pm, June 3, 2016 Devs should copy paste this chapter into a new Civil War Type Pvp Zone.Its got 3 nodes that need interacting.Fresh new graphics, was pleasantly suprised.Maybe a copy paste will help Pvp content not be [..] View

Looking for the right Guild

4:26 am, June 3, 2016 Hey Guys, so im looking to join a guild. I dont really have anyone to play the game with but i am interested and i know its more fun with friends. My history with the game is a bit complicated, I in [..] View

I made a balanced sage.

4:24 pm, May 27, 2016 I been playing this game sporadically since beta. Coming back to see new content and how the game has evolved. I always go with the non Jedi classes. So finally I broke down and made one. I love my VG [..] View

So i got thinking....

4:24 am, May 6, 2016 So with Season 7 in full swing, I just thought to myself, When playing yolos, I usually spec for a non heals/tank game when i dps with utilities, So you can imagine how much i sit there and curse to m [..] View

Proposal: Solo Ranked Rating Graded on a Curve By Class

4:24 pm, May 3, 2016 I put this idea in Eric's Win-traders, Exploits, and Actions Being Taken thread, but I figured I would start a new thread to get some more critique.Please Note a. I understand that rewards are based [..] View

What classes do you see in solo ranked most often?

4:24 am, April 29, 2016 1. sorcs 2. juggs 3. marauders 4. sins 5. ops 6. PTs 7. mercs 8. snipers I guess people are going with the most survivable classes? Sorcs have the best escape abilities giving them a [..] View

PVP balance team in vacation ?

4:24 am, April 23, 2016 Seriously BIOWARE HELLOOOO ?!!!?? OPG. OPG. OPG. Novara coast. YES ! FINALLY ! And what did i see there ? SIX. SIX fcking madness sorcs. Oh no i'm sorry. Five madness and one sorc healer. Tha [..] View

Need help with a bug

4:24 pm, April 20, 2016 Hi guys, I am a old player returning to the game after a long break, i rejoined because if i subbed i could get a free level 60!!! YES i thought this would be awesome, the problem is though i have be [..] View

Carrying Over Operation Lockouts

4:24 pm, April 14, 2016 As the title suggests, I am wondering if it is possible to carry over operation lockouts on a weekly basis. Hypothetically I know of a way, which involves grouping up with at least one other person, c [..] View

Next time Bioware announces an "awesome" expansion....

4:24 am, April 14, 2016 Think I'll just go find another game on launch day to give them a few months to get around to working the 49 bugs out that it's bound to have. And the cascade bugs the new release causes. It seems the [..] View

New Ranked PVPer HELP

4:24 pm, April 12, 2016 I'm Nox Kallig, Harbinger server Madness Sorcerer. I have been a sub for well over three years. I have been playing this class in all that time and this is my main. I know the class inside and out. [..] View

season 7 rewards and season 6 rewards

4:24 am, April 11, 2016 Hey all, I just started ranked, and i checked the rewards for season 6 and they are really cool, especially sniper and blaster rifles, as i am a sucker for laser sights...So slowly but surely I am ga [..] View

Ranked Season 7 Announcement/Teaser

4:24 am, April 7, 2016 Finally! Season 7 has begun. Personally I'm very glad to do some ranked again after all this waiting. But I still couldn't help feeling a bit disappointed at how it was presented. No notice in any of [..] View

Why healing sorcs cannot be nerfed!

4:24 pm, April 1, 2016 First of all, sorcerers represent Star Wars. It's natural that sorcs be the most powerful, awesome class to play on SWTOR. Without sorcs, there would be no Star Wars. Imagine if all the wannabe sor [..] View

RANT TIME: Things they need to do to make PVP competitive!!.

4:24 am, March 30, 2016 Rant time from Fat'edd, but I know privately those who know me properly, so the hard core PVPers not the rest of ya, they will agree with me with what I have written below. The difference is, I will [..] View

E** Role Play Jee'Zee leave game.

4:24 am, March 26, 2016 Hello guys don't worry i am ok just don't sleep around 2 -3 days. I am sorry i don't remember what i did 10 minuts ago. Don't get me wrong i clearly understand what happens last 2 days i don leave swt [..] View

What I love about SWTOR pvp

4:24 am, March 22, 2016 There are a lot of threads complaining about this or that (not questioning their validity, there a lot of issues currently), so I thought I'd take the time to state what I love about swtor pvp, in the [..] View

Operative 4.2 it is Awesome dps it is very SNEAKY AND LOL IT BEST!

4:24 am, March 21, 2016 1st of all i playing operative 2nd day. I have 204 gear and don't have both crystals with expertice ( 1970) But This people who tell Operative dps is worst in game on PvP and PVE lol i don't know rot [..] View

Commando Combat Medic / Mercenary Bodyguard PvP Leaderboard

4:24 am, March 15, 2016 So, I guess we've all seen those awesome 6k - 7k HPS screenshots. Though, not one of them was from either a Commando nor Mercenary healer. This is not really surprising as this healing class is - nice [..] View

STI's Charity Dueling Tourney - 44+ MIL

3:24 am, February 28, 2016 STI’s Charity Dueling Tournament 2016Do you want to **** people for charity? You came to the right place! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [..] View

Operative dulfy guide?

3:24 pm, February 23, 2016 I remember last week a guy on the forums said he had worked on a really great operative conc guide for dulfy. ( guide sounded awesome btw ) I have checked dulfy every day and still hasnt seen it, did [..] View

Petition to improve the Mercenary/Commando Healer in PVP

3:24 pm, February 18, 2016 Since we are in the petitioning mood now, I thought I would create a petition that centers around something close to my heart as well as many others. That being the underperforming, underwhelming Mer [..] View

I Want To Play My Jedi

3:24 am, February 12, 2016 Of all the characters in Star Wars, when I first watched it in 80s as a kid, the Jedi were the characters that fascinated me the most. Warrior-Monks with superhuman powers, that wore tattered rags for [..] View

For the love of god BW please....

3:24 am, January 26, 2016 Make jawagrams usable in warzones. Just think of ALL the awesomeness that it could create. Like stealthing up to a node and unleashing a jawgram with flowers on the poor unsuspecting node guard, and [..] View

You are a newbie? Read this!!

3:24 am, January 18, 2016 Have you ever heard about friends of swtor program? Subscribers can invite others to join the Star Wars Universe by simply give them a link and they use it to login. No matters you are free-to-pla [..] View

Why Xenoanalyst is the best raid boss ever made

3:24 am, January 17, 2016 I just wanted to express myself, why I love this encounter so much. Maybe noone cares, or maybe someone do. Maybe BioWare wants feedback, I don't know. But here it goes anyway. I'm a fairly seasoned [..] View

Discussion Thread: How should the devs balance healers?

3:24 am, January 15, 2016 -Yes I know the devs will never listen to any ideas that we come up with. This is a sort of for-fun thread to see if us forum-goers can "create" a balance in all the healer specs- Sorc hea [..] View

Redesign for merc disciplines, make the class a viable choice for once

3:24 am, January 12, 2016 Season 7 is about to start and for once I'd like mercs to be a viable choice for a team in 4v4 Team Ranked. Especially dps mercs. The first thing that has always bothered me is how mercs have to take [..] View

Alderaan Civil War and the number hunting phenomenon

3:24 pm, January 7, 2016 This warzone is a fun map. I enjoy it for the objective play, as well as the chance to actually have some great battles. What I don't like is when all the people on my team refuse to leave mid (sav [..] View

Describe the Sentinel disciplines and how they relate to PVP please.

3:24 pm, January 3, 2016 I've recently hit pre end-game with my Jedi Sentinel and was wondering what the best DPS discipline for Sentinel is and what each one generally does. I know watchman is a DOT fighter. I think Concentr [..] View

Bring back story flashpoints!

3:24 pm, January 3, 2016 These tactical flashpoints are ridiculous. Bring back the story mode please with class roles. I used to love tanking and healing those flashpoints, I learned how to use my skills, how to cooperate wit [..] View

4v4 ranked pass to play as a healer (take the healer challenge!)

3:24 pm, December 31, 2015 With all the complaints about healers, I wish BW/Devs would create a queue where you could be placed in a ranked 4v4 match as a healer to truly experience what decent DPS are capable of. I guarantee [..] View

Need buff sage/sorc.

3:24 am, December 30, 2015 Hello guys i have awesome idea about sorcerers/sages. 1. Make lower cd for force barrier. 2. Remove 'mana' cost of all abilities. 3. Make biggest range of phase walk. 4. Let them wear heavy armor [..] View

Xpadder window10 help

3:24 pm, December 29, 2015 Is anyone using Xpadder on windows 10? if so, how do you get it to work? im running as admin for both but still not working. It works outside of the star wars tab just not with it. Any help would be [..] View

Great and awesome people you meet in Group Finder

3:24 pm, December 26, 2015 I thought it would be nice to have a counterpart of the (rather long and entertaining) The weird people you meet in GF thread, where we can talk about cases of people who impressed you in some spectac [..] View

Trying to do a ctrl+click macro for SWTOR - how??

3:24 am, December 26, 2015 Calling all Razer users! I'm a disabled gamer. Yesterday I've gotten a Razer Blackwidow Ultimate keyboard. It's awesome but now I'm trying to create a macro for modifying gear. Does anyone know how t [..] View

100% FIX to PvP and many others!

3:24 pm, December 23, 2015 Hello everyone, so, there is this steam winter sale going on right now, with crazy discounts on many awesome games until january 4th. This is what i suggest: you can buy any better game and play it, [..] View

Marauder 4.1k dps 14.5% alacrity

3:24 pm, December 22, 2015 Ofc it was Healer - Dps game... Well but still Alacrity awesome i think i miss around 20% attacks on sages they are Dodge all time but burst is TERRIBLE i never seen better burst pts burst nothing aga [..] View

Swtor low level Reallity you mads

3:24 am, December 20, 2015 :D... IMPORTANT ALST HTREAD IN MY LIFE ABOUT PVP PLS FRO MSTART TO END BEFORE VALLHALAL COME FOR ME 1 partSorcerer is good dps but sorc have light armore. Sorc have active defensive skills yeah bubb [..] View

4.0 Telekinetic Sage Nerfed??

3:24 am, December 17, 2015 I tried posting this in the Classes forum but no one has answered my question. Has the Telekinetic Sage been nerfed for 4.0? I have a level 35 TS and before 4.0 she was awesome and had great survivabi [..] View

WHY is so hard to get new PVP maps?? Ideas to new contents

3:24 pm, December 14, 2015 I'm pvping since 2013 and so far we got 1 new huttball stage and 4 mini ranked arenas. I'm not sure about you guys, but it feels sick to play the same 8v8 maps over and over again for 2 years. We have [..] View

Marauder is FoTM!!! ARE U KIDDING ME....?

3:24 am, December 14, 2015 was out of game 2 month sorry :) But Hey Hello to everyone ! If you dont tired to play 5 warzone maps 5 years then u reading forums :) I played 2 weeks on ToFN then i Reloged to the TRE to make 6 solo [..] View

Returning player - crates with armor ???

3:24 pm, December 8, 2015 I just picked up on SWTOR again (thank you Force Awakens for Awakening my Star Wars addiction yet again). To get the hang of the game again I started a new character from scratch, and I noticed my ch [..] View

Commandos and Mercs are useless now

3:24 pm, November 30, 2015 I've been playing since vanilla and I can tell you that this game is all about force users now in PVP, Troopers have no "oh ****" button like everyone else with stealth, immune shields, or a [..] View

Class Adjustments For PVP (Compendium Vol. 1)

3:24 pm, November 29, 2015 OVER-PERFORMING CLASSES THAT NEED ADJUSTED:1. AP/PT: Burst is too high, sustained damage way too strong for such high burst. Needs nerfed. If people want the ridiculous burst and sustained damag [..] View

Where is all the cool, useful and nice low-lvl PVP gear armor/weapons? (And FP's)

3:24 am, November 28, 2015 Hi. I just started leveling a new character, a bounty hunter. I'm almost lvl 36 and so I decided to stop by on Dromuund Kaas to check out the PVP vendor that sells lvl 40 gear. To my surprise however, [..] View

Wachmann-Guide 4.0. (PVE)

3:24 pm, November 26, 2015 Stand: Patch 4.0.2a, letztes Update 26.11.2015Inhaltsverzeichnis:Einführung Utilities Lichtschwertform RotationOpener Grundrota Filler Komplettrota Tipps zu Wachmann-Fähigkeiten AoE [..] View

What most Imp players don't realise is, they're destroying pvp

3:24 am, November 25, 2015 On most servers Imps dominate pvp, and that might be awesome for them, but it leads to attrition of players in the end. Less people will be inclined to pvp Rep side. They'll either stop pvping or rer [..] View

pvp players vs vegas odds

3:24 am, November 20, 2015 ok im done after this post, ill try to get my point across 1 last time ok whatever server faction holds the most pvp player in que holds the house, now you may win and get all 8 pvp players against [..] View

A question regarding PVP "bonus" Sets.

3:24 am, November 19, 2015 I was seriously bored the other day and secided to just change the looks of my pvp set without using the "cosmetic" outfit designer. I had the little needed credits, time and really nothing [..] View

How to Select Your Target for Target of target/Focus Target's Target?

3:24 pm, November 16, 2015 Folks, I was wondering how you actually make it work. It is an absolutely awesome concept. But here are the difficulties I ran into in practice. If you have any answers it will be appreciated. I run a [..] View

PVP Tanking in 4.0 - Mitigation vs HP

3:24 pm, November 13, 2015 I'm seeing a lot of people saying that shield rating no longer matters in 4.0 because of how high critical chance has gotten in PVP. By stacking crit, you can get over ~40% chance to crit now. Howev [..] View


Vigilance is Awesome

Dec 14, 2014, 7:28 am I love my vig guardian. I used to be a focus stat sheet whore who only cared about damage and crit size. Then I realized that doesn't help your team...[..] View

Awesome team balance!

Dec 14, 2014, 3:10 am Warning: Not QQ thread. Not ranked thread. Not arena sux thread. Not troll thread. Just PvP lulz thread. >Arena pops on lowbies. >Imp v Imp >Bunch of 50s on one side. 30s on other. (s[..] View

Baron Deathmark is awesome

Dec 13, 2014, 11:14 pm Regardless of how you feel about huttball, baron deathmark is awesome. I hope we get his commentary in more WZs in the future. Even if I keep...[..] View

The intro is awesome, the gameplay feeling is, meh?!

Dec 13, 2014, 7:20 pm Greetings! Iwe tried this game, and I want to like it! oh GOD i want to like it! I can see the potential of the quests, the story, the leveling experince, but the fighting mechanic parallelled [..] View


Dec 13, 2014, 5:27 pm This may be old news but, I thought this was pretty epic. ...[..] View

Game Grinds to a Halt - Awesome...

Dec 13, 2014, 5:05 pm Well, last night while questing away, i came accross the quest called "Paladins" on Alderaan. I finished it... i went to hand it in, and while turning in the quest, the dialogue just stops and[..] View

Awesome pvping

Dec 13, 2014, 10:53 am http://www.twitch.tv/deagen come watch twitch tv's most frequent swtor player beast up on some pvp.[..] View

Bastion is Awesome!

Dec 12, 2014, 12:38 pm I finally transferred to this server and I love it and glad I switched to it. I have been in some really good Pug battles and que times are great and quick. I really thrive off the odds against me [..] View

You know what would be awesome?

Dec 12, 2014, 10:10 am If PvP developers at BioWare implemented server vs server PvP as seen in DAoC. It would be tricky with two factions but it would add that much more to the PvP community, and it would allow servers to [..] View

Deception is awesome for both PvP and lvling!

Dec 12, 2014, 3:34 am Im a lvl 22 assasin and I love the deception tree so far, Surging charge is awesome , very good for lvling and in warzones I find myself occupying...[..] View

That. Was. AWESOME! (Share your awesome PvP moments and Comebacks)

Dec 12, 2014, 2:47 am Duran'del here: As my Commando healer, I was doing a QZ to pass the time and get comms for relics. I got a pop for AC, and joined a team of 3 others. The enemy out numbers us 2 to 1, and cap both [..] View

The awesome people you meet in Group Finder.

Dec 11, 2014, 7:26 pm I'm way behind in my Forged Alliances story arc so for the last two weeks I've been doing all three missions on all my 55s (I have 3 more to go). They've all been done with Group Finder so that mak[..] View

How to be awesome in GF PuGs

Dec 11, 2014, 1:53 pm Most of us, if not all of us, who run group finder content, have met them. Thoroughly mindblowingly awesome uber leet guys (or gals) that leave you completely speechless, staring in disbelief at their[..] View

Red force lightning is awesome

Dec 11, 2014, 10:54 am The red force lightning effect via smash... I was just curious if anybody else besides myself actually prefers this over the inquisitors lightning?[..] View

Awesome Musical Hit 2014 from Roudy & Ivan ft. DailyPvP

Dec 5, 2014, 12:20 pm <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSoc5roHEko" target="_blank">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSoc5roHEko</a> Watch every1, comment, subscribe, enjoy xD[..] View

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