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Annihilation Marauder Tips and Rotation.

4:24 am, August 2, 2017 Ok so, after getting bored of Fury, I decided to play Annihilation again and I am enjoying it a lot. I have no clue how to use the rotation to be most effective in DPS and kills or DoT spreads. Al [..] View

Stats for DPS Juggernaut

4:24 pm, July 20, 2017 Dear friends, I have attained the following stats for a Veng Jugg with 246 gear,implants,ear pieces,relics and mods for weapons: 7044 Mastery 8085 Endurance 3609 Power 1965 Critical 1065 Alacrit [..] View

Corruption and Alacrity.

4:24 pm, July 5, 2017 Now before I post this thread, I've done some re-search and haven't found alot of recent posts, so rather than resurrecting one, I'm gonna ask on my own thread. Now this question has crossed my mind [..] View

Damage & Tank Roles

4:24 pm, April 28, 2017 At first I was playing damage roles exclusively because it was the easiest for me. Now I'm playing some tanks and really enjoying it. My goal is to not die and have to regenerate during the story. So [..] View

PVP Rotation for Sorcerer - Lightning

3:24 am, January 20, 2017 I really enjoy PVP despite being Sorcerer -Lightning. However, the rotation I use now isn't cutting it. All of my current gear is 230 or better and I have worked hard to focus on my Critical, Alacri [..] View

New to pvp, need advice on hilts/mods/enhancements to purchase

3:24 am, January 15, 2017 I've been keeping tabs on the large bolster thread, and I just want to make sure I don't waste any creds on the wrong item modifications. I have zero old pvp gear as all I usually do is play through t [..] View

How do you build a Dot Sentinel or Marauder?

3:24 pm, January 9, 2017 I really can't tell what sats are the most beneficial, I tried high alacrity, high crit power, high power alacrity, stupid high alacrity like 1500, I just don't get it, what is the mix, where are the [..] View

Watchmen Sentinel, how are you building it?

3:24 am, December 14, 2016 I tried high alacrity, tried high crit and tried high accuracy(yes really) How do you 70's build it? How many crit enhancements ect? My top damage so far was only 4.1k but most of the time it is 3.2 [..] View

5.0 Bolster INFO so far for t1 (DPS/HEALS)

3:24 am, December 4, 2016 All right boys and girls I been doing some PvP bolster testing I thought I post the information I got so far if anyone is interested. This is particularly important for healers and DPS since the gear [..] View

Bolster - Do you even need to grind the new gear?

3:24 am, December 1, 2016 After seeing how much of a boost bolster is giving, it seems regardless of gear everyone is pretty much sitting around the same HP and stats. So is it even going to make much of a difference whether [..] View

Static Barrier

3:24 pm, March 11, 2016 This is mostly TL;DR, but I've already done the analysis and theorycrafting research. This is one of seven areas that I am looking to dissect and learn the extreme finer points. I made a separate th [..] View

Madness Sorc augments

3:24 pm, March 11, 2016 What augs do you guys use for Madness Sorc? Currently, im running half n half power/crit. Im about to roll a 60 on another server and want to get it right. To be thorough, I have 685 alacrity, 1050 [..] View

Operative Optimal PVP stats?

3:24 am, February 18, 2016 Been Playing around as concealment operative, its a hell of a lot of fun. the damage is huge and i love being able to stay alive. but what stats should i go for? I was dueling a sorc and he had arou [..] View

Mara alacrity build videos

3:24 pm, January 8, 2016 For poops and gins i made an alacrity set on my mara, in carnage spec durring berzerk, you have 50.6% enabling a 4th gcd inside your gore window. 2118 alacrity, 2 acc enhancements to make sure stuff h [..] View

Repost: information for new players

3:24 pm, January 1, 2016 Seeing so many posts ranting about the issues caused due to new players in group content I thought its time to re post these useful links: This post is aimed specifically at new players who are playi [..] View

Change how accuracy/defense works in PvP.

3:24 am, December 21, 2015 At the momment only a few classes "benefit' (i.e. -have- to get at least 5% accuracy) from effects of accuracy stats in their gear: Shadow (mostly burst spec)*, sentinel*, guardian*, mercenary* ( [..] View

Solo healing spec pvp

3:24 pm, December 10, 2015 So....I don't expect to just win, but when I can fight off 4 at a time in wz's and in solo world pvp all I can hope to do is heal, kite, and die to one operative....I can't help thinking I'm doing som [..] View

4.0 commando healer and augs for PVP

3:24 pm, November 9, 2015 Simple question here about commando healers... What is best atm for PVP concerning augs and mods? Should we be putting everything into crits and alacrity, or is there a point to which crit becomes r [..] View

Gear Recommendation for PvP Madness (Gear Guide).

3:24 pm, November 2, 2015 Hey peeps, For a while i had been looking for some sort of guidance on how to gear my madness sorc for pvp but was unable to find anything. With AMR (Ask Mr Robot) no longer supporting SWTOR and many [..] View

Is 4.0 bringing the end of min/maxing?

4:24 am, October 20, 2015 Reading the notes, it seems that by moving Power and Defense to the Mod, and making Crit+Surge, Acc, Alacrity, etc. solely in the enhancement, they remove the ability for people to stack power, dump a [..] View

SWTOR: Knights of the Fallen Empire

4:24 pm, October 4, 2015 Dear BioWare development team, First of all I want to say that I love this game, and I hope to keep on doing that! The last couple of weeks, we have been given a lot of news about Knights of the Fal [..] View

gear goal target help needed

4:24 am, May 27, 2015 So, returning player. I've been trying to figure out what gear goals to aim for with various characters (taking advantage of 12xexp to make one of each class). I don't PvP, and probably will never do [..] View

Mara/Sent Alacrity (from Class)

3:24 pm, February 28, 2015 So I've been looking at the numbers and I realize that in Ataru form, with Fury/Zen active you get a 30% alacrity boost - on top of the 3% from your discipline path - giving us a total of 33% alacrity [..] View

Mental Alacrity and Interrupts

3:24 pm, February 26, 2015 So I have an ability clarification question. Mental Alacrity, on my sage, says that it grants alacrity and immunity to pushback and interrupts for 10 seconds. However, in warzones, I pop mental alac [..] View

Mixing PvP Gear?

3:24 am, January 12, 2015 Has anyone experimented combing PvP gear sets? For example: I have noticed that some pieces of armor in the "Force-Master" set increase alacrity, and some items in the "Force-Stalker&qu [..] View

Hatred Alacrity Rating

3:24 pm, January 6, 2015 I'm going from Deception and giving Hatred a try and was thinking about mixing up enhancements a little... Is it worth sacrificing Surge for Alacrity, and how much is the right amount of either for Ha [..] View

Bolster Bug

3:24 pm, December 27, 2014 I saw several threads here about the problem and everyone i know complains about this bug. Just want to add my five cents aswell: Me and 3 others tested our HP outcome in warzones and arenas using [..] View

Alacrity bonus from gear dont stack with bonus from skills (

3:24 am, December 21, 2014 Character screen says i have 45 percent alacrity, but in fact: Master strike without gear bonus with "berserk": 33% alacrity has 2.2 seconds Master stike with 45% alacrity bonus: 2.1 seco [..] View

3.0 Combat changes comments - Overall & specifics

3:24 pm, November 7, 2014 Disclaimer: My point of view is PVP based. Those are all my opinion. Im not use of claims on forum, but I hope that Bioware would read this and at least explain their decision if they decide to [..] View

pvp op healer gearing?

10:17 am, April 20, 2014 Hello, Now that i've started regearing the op for 2.7 content, was wondering what would be the optimal distribution for enhancements in pve its 6 alacrity, 4 surge but you can't get high enough [..] View

Im a sith sorc lvl 55, and i have no concept of what gear i need or how to get it

10:17 pm, April 13, 2014 so, i know that i want willpower more than anything, but other than that, i really have no clue what kind of gear i should be getting, like i have around 1200 PVP commendations, but i have no clue wha [..] View

Gear and Leveling

4:17 pm, March 12, 2014 I'm currently leveling a level 47 Guardian tank. This is my first character, and I've been trying to optimize my gear with modifications available with planetary commendations. The problem is that man [..] View

Assassin Tank Crystal Question - Power or Endurance?

9:17 am, March 7, 2014 Greetings. As above. Been spending some time experimenting with BiS mods etc and have dropped from 4+k to 3.8k approx with swapping out redundant alacrity, poor 72 endurance heavy verpines and armo [..] View

Guardian Tank: From Beginner to Master

9:17 pm, February 22, 2014 Intro This guide is meant to explain how to play a Guardian tank, with the main emphasis being on operation boss fights. While the information here will likely benefit you for leveling, doing flash [..] View

Help with Modifications

8:38 pm, January 5, 2014 This is an outgrowth of my thread on Green vs Orange Gear. Once I converted to 100% Orange Gear it seemed to me I was getting more useful mod drops. I used to get an occasional mod drop that was three [..] View

Secondary stats in combat.

9:17 am, December 31, 2013 What effect do the secondary stats such as power, critical rating, surge rating, alacrity, tech power, force power and others have? Without knowing this, it is very difficult to decide which bit of [..] View

carnage and alacrity

10:17 pm, October 31, 2013 with dread forged gear DR hits surge quite hard, so my idea was to get 1-2 enhancements with alacrity, to possibly get another attack into the gore-window and i need some input on that, especially ab [..] View

Adding PvE Essentials to Stickies

10:01 pm, October 16, 2013 PvE Essentials It was always in my intention to add a PvE section to the stickies. Now, after seeing that other PvE guides have fallen behind, I think it's time we added a section in the stickies str [..] View

PVP: DPS Sage Stat Priority

12:19 pm, October 12, 2013 Hey there! I've been looking all over these forums and google to find a good resource for PvP gearing for a DPS speced sage. The only up to date resource I've found on stat priority is the noxxic P [..] View

commando stats for 55 hardmodes?

4:19 am, October 7, 2013 Hey guys, My slots are all 156 rating, I'm sitting at 2483 aim, +750 healing, 4% alacrity, 30.66% crit chance with a 69.4% multiplier while buffed. Is this good enough to heal hardmodes with? I've [..] View

Carnage Stat Advice

11:06 pm, October 2, 2013 So I'm running a carnage Marauder and am loving it! My question is though, what stats should I be focused on building up? (i.e. Crit, Power, accuracy, alacrity, surge, etc.) Which of these is more imp [..] View

How do mod specs work?

11:30 pm, October 1, 2013 The different mods add primary stats End/Cun, End/Aim, etc. They also add Power, Crit rating, Accuracy, Alacrity, etc. My question is which mod... View

What are the real effects of alacrity, aim, force power, tech power, shield rating...

4:29 am, October 1, 2013 There are a number of qualities that are not defined or even mentioned in the help manual, and they don't even show up on the character sheet. What... View

Arsenal/Gunnery Tweaks to Improve DPS

6:35 am, September 30, 2013 I have been thinking about a couple of ideas I had the other day for Arsenal/Gunnery specs that I think would help the class out a bit without making it over powered: Torque Boosters/Advance the Li [..] View


What are the real effects of alacrity, aim, force power, tech power, shield rating...

Dec 13, 2014, 9:17 pm There are a number of qualities that are not defined or even mentioned in the help manual, and they don't even show up on the character sheet. What...[..] View

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