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Truth about gear disparige between new 50 and veteran.
The qq about new 50 gear disparity is ridiculous. All these people claiming that they enjoy skill based pvp forget that they have been fighting and.....
Slap in FACE to veteran players
So the patch on the 16th is supposed to fix naked PVPing. Fine, good. Probably should have figured that out before it was played, just saying. .....
Veteran WoW player, new to SWTOR! Class suggestions please.
Hello, As stated in the title, I am a 6 year WoW veteran that has finally grown tired of the way Blizzard has taken the game. I bought SWTOR back when it first released, but never played it. I now ..
Free regular gear to "Veteran" players.
Hi, Im a player with all 8 classes on Republic side. I like to PVP with almost all my classes, and different builds. But its hard and boring the first gear grind. Dont know how you would do it tec..
Hey guys! Old veteran returning to active duty!
Hey guys, I haven't played in probably a year or more and I'm coming back to so many changes and updates and to be frank I am completely lost. I have scoured the forums for about an hour now but I..
A look at PvP from a returning veteran PvPer
I think the biggest issue is how much importance people place in the end game numbers of an 8v8. Who cares about damage, healing, or protection in an objective based match. This need to have "high" nu..
SWTOR Community Guides and Resources - SWTORCGR : Great for New players and Veterans.
SWTOR Community Guides and Resources - SWTORCGR (4.0 Ready)Open Source Community Spreadsheet Collection for and by the Players of SWTOR.Click Link ----------------------------------------------------..
Need help from veteran Scrapper Scoundrels
Hello everyone, I'm just returning to Swtor and was wondering if any veteran scrappers could help me with PVP. Just did a few matches and by me being here you guys could guess I got rofl facerolled...
Instant 60 Veteran gear
Returning player here. I have a level 50 toon, I plan to take to 65, is there any place to buy the Veteran gear you see on token instant 60s? It seems the gear itself is bound not bound to legacy so..
Old Veteran Returned
It's been quite a few years now, but I decided to give SWTOR another try. Since its been awhile, I've already started reading up with the assistance of the mounds of information available. However, I ..
Veteran Player needs help
I just installed the game again... however the launcher keeps telling me the server is unavailable?? I've checked on the status of servers and see that they are all up. Sooo I'm at a loss as to wha..
Uprising Veteran Mode - Locked from Requeue
We got bored and decided to get the Uprisings on Veteran mode out of the way - we keep getting locked for a few minutes after completing each of them because we completed them too quickly and you don'..
Inferno Uprising Veteran Mode Guide (Bosses)
Hello folks! I figured some players may look for this kind of thing in the new player forum or come asking questions. So, if you're having trouble with Inferno Veteran Mode, i've made guides for..
Not Getting Gear in Veteran FPs
Will keep it short: Yesterday I did Veteran Flashpoints with a friend via group finder: Athis, Hammer Station, Tython, and Athis again. Every time we killed a boss, I saw the purple light over the b..
Chapter 8: End Times (Veteran)
So I don't mind the veteran mode, I don't mind dieing a dozen of times before finally killing a boss but... this walker crap, no just NO. Has anyone been able to get past the first part of this chapte..
What's your fastest Veteran Uprising speedrun?
So with 5.0.1, Uprisings on Veteran Mode have the highest CXP rate. Specifically, Fractured appears to be the fastest right now. By default, it gives 3*32 + 360 + 680 = 1136 CXP. In a standard trinity..
Veteran Chapters
I have been completing veteran chapters to receive higher quality gear than story mode and so far it has only been green gear, the same as story mode. This needs to be fixed with better quality gear...
What is the recommended gear rating for Veteran Mode Chapters?
I just would also like to know the recommended minimum influence level for companions as well. I played through most of the veteran chapters of KOTFE. I wore around 228-230 gear, some chapters were de..
Kaon Under Siege and Lost Island Veteran Flashpoints not in Group Finder
Veteran versions of Kaon Under Siege and Lost Island flashpoints are not present in the group finder (which still uses the old "Tactical Flashpoint" definition). These 2 Flashpoints were not scaled li..
Directive 7 - Can't pick Veteran?
My wife and I tried to do Directive 7 FP tonight, and encountered what must be a bug. The story mission gives us the Story mode, of course, but when picking from the droid both "Story" and "Veteran" g..
KoTET Chapter 2 and Chapter 7 Veteran mode
Powertech, Mostly T1 set gear (230) Any hints? In Chapter 2, the tentacle boss just wipes the floor with Acina before I even really get to do anything, and in Chapter 7, the DoT from the Horizon boss..
Lord Hasper Veteran Mode (Taral V Bonus Boss)
Can't defeat this guy with a 4 in 228/230 gear. When he does his force storm, we're taking 65K (roughly) per tick. Even after getting out of the "red circle" - I died from a 66K tick outside the roo..
Veteran mode flashpoint loot question
I have been gone for sometime and just got back into the game and started doing flashpoints with my friend. Something we've noticed when running veteran mode is the first two bosses will drop two of t..
Veteran FP loot
So been away for a while, just returned and did a couple of random FPs. On both FPs each boss dropped 2 of the same item, all items was tank (I'm a dps, but my class can respec to tank). Then on the f..
Planetary Conquest Objectives for killing bosses in Veteran mode FPs not working
I've tried to complete the various kill X boss in X flashpoint on veteran mode for weeks now, and have never got the conquest objective to work. Am I missing something? I do the FP in veteran mode, ..
minimum gear for veteran and master mode operations
Having a little dispute in my guild about the minimum gear levels for vet and master mode ops. Some ppl are saying 236 for either but i have a feeling it is higher for both. So I'm turning to forums t..
KotFE Veteran Chapter 16, Arcann
I'm trying to complete all the veteran chapters on my main a lightning sith inq, but I am completely stuck here. I'm stuck after the first cut scene when you need to fight Arcann with only the shield..
Trial and Error achievement: Mind Your Step (Story, Veteran and Master)
In the last few days, I tried to complete the new achievements in the uprising trial and error, but I can not get the achievement at the 2nd boss "mind your step" even though I and my group / companio..
Veteran PvP Roll Call - Census
Hi Guys, I'm interested to know how many of us are still around. Over the last 18 months the veterans have flooded out of the game faster than usual and incredibly fast since 5.x So if you have play..
I am VETERAN PLAYER 2013... PVP.... Top 1 every seaon
Okey so Ranked season 8 rewards is pretty nice. And i cant wait to see it LIVE. Also i hope Season 9 will be much shorter and without cheats and hax. Because comon... Learn how to really play as Sorc ..
Remove Veteran Mode (lol hardmode lol) EV and KP from the game
I have a solution to bad players, get rid of Ev and Kp at the veteran level. I don't see this operation serving any purpose at Hardmode anymore, all it does is allow a scummy class of player to contin..
Blood Hunt needs serious change for Veteran
I just came out from there and this FP needs serious redone on the arena bosses... First the heal stations, are all at the edge of the arena, by the time you get to them, you are either kicked over t..
How to change Flashpoint from Veteran to story?
I don't get how we do this and what allows a flashpoint to be soloable with a support droid. So far the FP's that I have been able to make story-mode/soloable are the Revan flashpoints(Foundry, Boardi..
Crisis on Umbara Veteran Mode could use some balancing
This flashpoint does not seem very friendly to a role neutral group especially if there are low level players. While there are kolto barrels and healing stations, the damage output on some of the mobs..
Project Sav-Rak damage in Veteran Mode
We're trying to fight Sav-Rak, veteran mode. First couple of cycles fine, then he gets up onto the pipe and starts throwing out acid lumps for some 50K per hit. Enough to 2-shot anyone and it's AOE, w..
Recalibrate bosses in the Trial and Error Uprising (Veteran-focused difficult)
Every bossy fight has a MASSIVE mob of strong enemies that attack you in dense groups of 6-12+ There's way too much stress on healers and tanks to survive these big fights. If even 1 or 2 of these op..
Veteran Flashpoints Bolster Too Low, Bosses Hp Too High
Veteran Flashpoints are mainly used by lowbies to level up to 70; the xp it gives during and the time it takes is generally faster than everything else. The CXP you gain from doing these is so little ..
SoR keeps sending me to Veteran Fp
So, as always when I level a toon, I use SoR at 53 to level faster. It now seems to be putting me into the Veteran Flashpoint instead of the story. I abandon it twice, but still puts me back into the ..
Veteran mode for Forged Alliances
Hey there, I didn't really know where to put this, so I put it in the Flashpoint section, but I'm having a bit of a problem. I just finished Makeb on my latest smuggler and wanted to jump into the Fo..
Izax Veteran Progression Rankings
I am creating this thread to track clearance of the Izax encounter in veteran mode. Seeing at the 5.8 'master tuning' iteration of Izax is likely the most challenging content we have received and will..
<The Last Battalion> Selling Izax Veteran Mode in 5.8
The run will include the achievements: <Defeating Izax (16-Person Veteran)> <Strike Team: Defeating Izax (16-Person Veteran)> (limited time achievement) <Super Dodgeclaw> <Par ..
<Disciples of Babylon> Selling IZAX Veteran Mode 5.8
Limited time offer. Special rewards from boss that will only be obtainable during 5.8 patch. Unique tittle for your character, special legacy rewards, which will come with patch 5.9 What you get:..
<Seven Stuck> Selling IZAX Veteran Mode 5.8
Server: Tulak Hord Special rewards from boss that will only be available during 5.8 patch. Unique tittle for your character, special legacy rewards, which will come with patch 5.9. What you get:<..
<Failure> & <It's Lit> Selling IZAX 8m & 16m Veteran Mode in 5.8
<Failure> & <It's Lit> are now offering sale runs for IZAX Veteran mode on 8m and 16m difficulty for a limited time before patch 5.9 (expected to be May 1st). We have an extremely expe..
Veteran tatoine starfighter
Hello, quick question, im a relatively fresh 70 with just 2 piece of 230 gear other gear is 210/220, i tried to solo starfighter veteran taotine but at the last solar flare part of the boss, he just b..
Veteran pvper advice to newbies
These are things that really trigger me in matches this past week when solo queuing as a healer. Take them as you will. 1) Stop pushing healers into their own back-line. The amount of times a jug ha..
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