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PvP moments
Rather then all the flames and nerf crys thought id ask what everyone thinks there greatest pvp moment is. The one that sticks in my mind is when we.....
Any reps enjoying PvP at the moment?
Sure are a lot of complaints about imp classes on these boards. Any reps had a good couple of days in the WZ recently?..
Diese Umgebung ist momentan nicht spielbar!
HallO! Wenn ich den Swtor Client starte kann ich nicht spielen klicken - es kommt unten die Nachricht: Diese umgebung ist zurzeit nicht Spielbar......
Your most heroic moment in PVP?
What was the moment in PVP when you felt the most like the great conquering hero, standing on a ridge as the sun rises behind? Tell us all about it!..
Huttball, another what the? moment.....
I'm running the ball in for a score this afternoon and just as I cross the goal line, I die, do not get the score and the text reads: Defeated by (my.....
Most epic heroic Huttball moment ever?
Watch until about one minute in.
Login Server im Moment nicht erreich bar !!
HAllo ich habe folgendes problem , und zwar wenn ich mich einloggen mchte denn sagt er Login Server im Moment nicht erreich bar . So denn war ich.....
"Der Patchserver ist im Moment nicht erreichbar"...HILFEEEE^^
Hi Leute, habe seit paar wochen nicht mehr gezockt und wollte eben einloggen. Bekomme nun aber stndig die meldung, dass die patchserver nicht.....
Funny PvP Moments
So in an effort to change the mood of this forum from depressing to lighthearted I figured I'd start a thread about some of the more humorous moments.....
Dear Bioware Someone needs to help me asap!! Over the last 2 days I have spent almost well over a millon credits " Dare to say almost 2 mil ".....
Kampfanimation und Schadensmoment
*Guten Tag * *Ich wollte lediglich darber Informieren das die Kamf-/Angriffsanimation und das Timing zum Schadens Moment nicht stimmt.* .....
Companion Legacy Bonus - Can The Heroic Moment Max Out?
I've completed two more companion storylines, but the Heroic Moment cooldown won't go down lower than 15 minutes. I'm guessing that's as low as it.....
PvP brackets at the moment
I decided to level my lvl 45 merc this weekend , while i am writing this , im a queued for a warzone , and one thing comes to mind : Why oh why did Byoware , decided to make a bracket for ppl from lvl..
Heroic moments and Flashpoint Companions
Hi bioware, any ETA on a fix for using the heroic abilities when you summon FP creatures/droids? Still doesn't register them as present..
[Video] Moments with a Lethality Op
Since I was told to get better at my other class I decided to abandon it since I'm so bad at it! Anyway here are some fun moments from a couple of games I recorded earlier today on the Harbinger. N..
Funny PVP moments.
Probably already a thread like this out there, but I thought I'd share one of my favorite moments from maybe my 3rd lvl 55 PVP match. Was playing Novarre coast, and my team captured our turret and ..
That. Was. AWESOME! (Share your awesome PvP moments and Comebacks)
Duran'del here: As my Commando healer, I was doing a QZ to pass the time and get comms for relics. I got a pop for AC, and joined a team of 3 others. The enemy out numbers us 2 to 1, and cap both ..
Epic offensive/defensive moments. What are yours?
I'll start. The other day on (2nd tier lowbie) Novare coast, our team of ops, snipers, and mercs, was pitted against a group of sorcs and maras. We proceed to absolutely annihilate the forces they sen..
Nur bei mir Login-Server im Moment nicht erreichbar? O.o
Hallo, da ich hier noch nichts passendes gefunden habe, gehe ich mal davon aus, dass dieses Problem nur bei mir besteht... Es kommt die Fehlermeldung, dass die Login Server nicht erreichbar sind..
Der Login Server ist im Moment nicht erreichbar. ..
"Bitte besuche unser Forum um unsere neusten Mitteilungen zu lesen." Wird bei mir als Fehlermeldung angezeigt, ber dem Anmeldungsfenster des Launchers. Hab bis auf veraltete Beitrge die ..
My take on everything at the moment.....
Actually a praise thread with a few things I'd like to see. I've been with Swtor about 2 years now and tbh, just finished the class stories completely last month. I was thinking of unsubscribing as..
Top PvP classes at the moment
I'm coming back to swtor after about a year of not playing, and was wondering what classes are currently the standouts in PvP. I know they are technically all "viable" but I wanted to know wh..
Heroic Moment Cool Down
I have unlocked 4 companion bonuses in my legacy 3 are Melee while the 4th isn't. Prior to this last patch my Cool Down was 18 minutes after the patch its back to 20 minutes am I the only one with thi..
my heroic moments' times are incorrect.
i have bowdaar, elara, mako, blizz, ashara, vette, and jaesa all maxed with companion conversations, quests, etc all completed, my chars are 55 and have finished their class stories, and their icons a..
PvP Lag Spikes at Crucial Intervals and High-Focused Objective Oriented Moment.
I know I've read something similar a while ago, a forum post back in 2012, but I didn't get a clear answer. I've PvP'ed for a while now, all my toons that are level 55 all have at least valor 50. ..
Worst pvp moment?
Mine was today, did ranked and was qued with not one, not two, but three gunnery commandos.......
Heroic Moment cooldown STILL BUGGED even after 3.5 GB patch
The Heroic Moment cooldown bug has been with us for quite some time now. :) Don't you think this is a QoL issue which merits some sort of update in light of the recent ginormous patch? At least a poo..
Heroic Moment bugged, no companion bonuses
For the last 3 months now, my Heroic Moment CD has been 20 minutes instead of 15. It also seems that I'm not getting the bonuses for having maxed companions. This has been going on for quite a while, ..
Maxing character affection is supposed to grant 1 minute off heroic moment cooldown
Not sure if this is a real bug so thought I would bring it up here first. I've been playing with character affection points. I had previously only had one character at max of 10,000, Mako, and frankly..
Bin momentan in Österreich,beim Starten des Spiels kommt immer nur die Serverauswahl
Hallo! Bin gerade in Österreich und wenn ich das Spiel starte, dann kommt immer nur die Serverauswahl Seite! Also die Liste mit allen Servern wo man dann einen Auswählen kann. Allerdings so..
A moment of silence for all of our Hardcore PvPers please....
Quote: All previously reusable Cybertech grenades are no longer reusable. They are now more powerful than their Prototype equivalent. This is to balance the crafting skill with o..
Level 60 Boost and Legacy Heroic Moment Powers - Only 3?
I Boosted 3 characters, and they all got the Legacy Powers available during Heroic Moment activation. This did not occur at the same point for all of them. The first happened directly upon creation...
Your most hilarious baddie rants or moments in a WZ
Maybe this won't be necessarily hilarious to some of you, but it amused me. :D Last night in a Hypergate, on my Con-Op, I say to the team at the very tippy start of the match, "Please don't try and ..
HELDENMOMENT Fertigkeiten funktionieren nicht
Hab heute mit meine Kopfgeldjäger Kapitel III abgeschlossen und habe einfach nix bekommen. Kein Erfolg und keine Benachrichtigung. Wenn ich mich neu einlogge steht da Intermezzo wo ich auf Ilu..
Season 7 2016 best moments special edition
Want ask SORRY about innocent players lose their rating because of me. It was very hard to manage burn in acid only reps. Poor 1000-1200 died on wz because of me. You dont believe me but i want cry. W..
Funniest pvp moments
Tell your Funny stories:) Map: huttball I have got the ball,and i runs with my assasin to The another side,Then I wanted to be clever and make me invisible and Then i Runs over the line and wrote :..
Heroic moment temporary ability bar has vanished
This seems a really simple problem. I've been playing since launch, and recently started making alts to do DVL. So I just reused my normal UI for each new alt. Except when I go to hit Heroic momen..
I want us all to have a good long 5.0 laugh moment.
That moment when you get crap talked in pvp by full geared mercs on your brand new 70, with no gear. Lets all have a moment of laughter as we watch them hard cast tracer missile and call all the 115 ..
Heroic Moment Cooldown
I have a few questions about the heroic moment cooldown. I have mine at 5 minuets, while my husband's is at 10. I heard completing your companions talking reduces it, but all the information was sayi..
Can't move Heroic Moment Ability Bar
So this seems like a relatively silly post but I seriously can't find an option to move the Heroic Moment Ability Bar. When I use HM, the bar plants itself right into the middle of my UI so I can't se..
No Bonuses for Heroic Missions at the moment a bug?
as many on the harbinger who are grinding out heroic missions these days might know the heroic's bonus missions aren't popping up, is this a bug with the new update? if not what is going on and will i..
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