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Heroic 2+ quests, (finding them once cancelled)?
Hey, I cancelled a couple of Heroic 2+ quests from my quest log to focus on solo quests, and changed my mind. I can't find on the map where to.....
What are all of the heroic abilities per class?
So far I have seen/heard from Bioware: Sith Warrior: Force Choke Bounty Hunter: Flamethrower Smuggler: Groin attack Agent: Orbital Strike..
How to do Heroics by my self?
What are some tips you guys can give me to do the heroics with a jedi guardian? Nobody plays the republic, so I need to do all of it by my self, so.....
Too many Heroic's on Balmora
Just hit 40 and finished Balmora with exception of 8, yeah that's right EIGHT Heroic's that I can't complete without other people, and my server is a.....
Can all planetary heroics please be sharable?
I really enjoy heroics. But there is no consistency whatsoever on when a heroic is sharable or not. Many are sharable immediately with one click......
Heroic +2
Given the issues finding more than a handful of people on the midrange planets, I think Heroic+2 missions beyond the origin planet should be doable.....
Heroic 2 - Hoth Pirated Lockbox
I am on Hoth running a Heroic 2 called Pirated Lockbox. I had to collect 3 keys, now I have to make a Code cylinder. Where do i go to do that? Please.....
Are there alderaan heroic 2's?
Hi on the empire side are there any H2 quests, I've yet to come across any?..
Your most heroic moment in PVP?
What was the moment in PVP when you felt the most like the great conquering hero, standing on a ridge as the sun rises behind? Tell us all about it!..
Group Finder and Heroics
I played a bit last night and using GF for FPs and Ops seems straightforward. How does the heroic part work. I was able to pick a planet, now what?.....
Suggestion: Hardmode Heroics & Legacy Commendations
Many people requested hard mode for all FPs. I have been thinking why not HM for all planet Herocis. The contents are already developed, voices.....
Help with Heroic Mission: Recruitment
Currently, my group and I are on mission for the Heroic 2+ Recruitment on Nar Shaddaa. We completed everything required by the mission. However, when.....
Most epic heroic Huttball moment ever?
Watch until about one minute in.
Republic VS Imperial Heroic Dailies
Has anyhone ever asked why EA doesn't make the republic heroic 2+ dailies available to Imperials and vis versa? I have 6 50's on imperial and 2.....
FP/Heroics at Higher Levels
I have skipped all of the Flashpoints and Heroics up to this point (lvl 25 Sniper just got to Tattoine). Is there any benefit to going back and doing.....
heroic missions cooldown suggestion
hello it would be nice to sse cooldown for heroic missions been reduced to 18 or 12 hours so that player can more easely find party members cause.....
Flashpoints vs. Heroics vs. Waypoints vs. Warzones
So I have had the opportunity to do a few missions or fights within most of these types. But I'm confused as to is there any real difference.....
[HEROIC 4] Enclave Raid
This mission is a kick in the :t_confused:. With a good group, it took us about 40+ minutes to complete. Had we been perfect, 30 minutes tops. The.....
I see this popping up in the chat box a lot. What does this mean? Thank you!..
What Level to Start Solo'ing Heroics/FP's???
Hey guys. I am not a new player, been around since launch. However, I've been looking to change up my leveling process. I've seen that a lot of.....
Best Approach to Completing Heroic Quests and Social Points
I'm having trouble on my first try at leveling a character. When I go to a new world, I am finishing the missions sans the Heroic 4 missions. This is.....
Balmorra bonus series (Republic) heroic bonus quest
Quick question about the Balmorra bonus series for the Republic -- the stage 3 bonus for the first series of bonus quests is a Heroic-4 quest, which.....
Heroic Space mission, other bugs, and their response to them.
Patch 1.6 came out on the 11th if I'm not mistaken. By the 14th they were not only aware of certain bugs that completely broke the new space.....
Heroic Space Missions Always The Same?
Okay, Has anybody else noticed the New Heroic Space missions Keep Repeating the same 3 over and over again? :mad: I believe the names are Baron.....
The Esseles: FP Heroic 2 - Constant Crashing -
Hey, So I am level 18 and decided I would complete the Heroic 2 The Esseles FP as I skipped it last time. I am what I believe at the very end.....
Credit Nerf on Heroic Space Mission
Why was there a 90% reduction in the rewards for Heroic Space Missions. I paid real money to get the ship upgrades to be able to do these missions.....
About [Heroic 2+Lights Out] quest reward for inqu
Anyone notice that the mainhand quest rewards for andronikas is only equipable as a mainhand even though he uses 2 dual pistols. I'll try to see if I.....
Heroic Loot BoP with Additional Timer?
A friend ended up with the Lookout's Jacket from Hammer Station. It came as bound, but has a bind timer of a little over an hour. I know this piece.....
Ilum Heroic Zones
I might be spitting into the wind here, but as someone who plays on a pvp realm and plays both factions, why is there nothing being done about the.....
Heroic Space Missions still bugged after 1/23 patch
I am an avid fan of the space missions. Since Tuesday's patch the heroic space missions seemed to be functioning correctly. However, today I have.....
Easiest heroic space missions, and lowest grade equipment to complete them
This is a pretty much a bragging thread. If you want to complain how hard the heroic space missions are, do it elsewhere. What's the lowest grade.....
Corellia Heroics
I'm a very casual gamer but love a challenge. It's usually just my wife and I playing and 4 person Heroics are something that may take a few tries,.....
Heroic Space Missions in 2.0
What will they drop? Still just BH comms? It would seem that doing those missions would be a lot less valuable unless they upgrade the rewards to.....
Why I Hate Heroics
I'll list mine, feel free to list your reasons too. 1. The tank/DPS is under level/under geared, and blames the heals every time he dies. 2. The.....
Heroic missions question.
Ok. I'm a lvl 18 Jedi sentinel & i keep getting killed trying to do the heroic missions solo even when I'm a couple of levels higher. Are all these.....
how to find help for heroic missions
hi, how does it work? i am level 7 trying to do a heroic+2 mission alone and keep dying. what is the best way to find someone help me? i tired to.....
Heroic 4- The observer
Hi guys just want to vent a little! The first H4 in the new expansion bugged on me and my party. We completed it yet half the group couldn't.....
people not playing heroic on Ilum?
From my experience, it's never an issue to find a group in BH or section x. But on Ilum, it always takes time to find somebody willing to do the.....
Makeb [HEROIC 2+] The Specialists (solo)
Hello, here the video of soloing this heroic with my marauder: First 4 bosses & bonus mission very.....
{[HEROIC 2+] For the Record} broken
Have made 4 attempts at this, have used a healer, Heroic Moment, Unity to reduce damage, even the ability I have that reduces all damage by 40%, plus.....
Pressing buttons is not heroic
Ok, i understand that Bioware might want people to actually team up for heroic missions, make it easier to find groups and stuff. But is it really.....
Companion Legacy Bonus - Can The Heroic Moment Max Out?
I've completed two more companion storylines, but the Heroic Moment cooldown won't go down lower than 15 minutes. I'm guessing that's as low as it.....
Macrobinoculars - Heroic 4 Dark Design
I have reached subject quest in the Macrobinoculars line. I am at the step that says "Follow Lord [whatever's] Skiff." I know that I am supposed to.....
Heroic 4 Uprooting the Last Seed
Last night I helped some guildies finish the H4 at the end of the seeker droid quest. At the turret part we balanced between maintaining the shields.....
Heroic missions: Really stupid question
I have a really stupid question about heroic missions: How do I get people to do them with me? So far I've just been trying ask people on the chat.....
[Heroic 4]Hunt for Lord Tharsis (Bonus). Too easy?
This mission can be done solo without trouble, i was using a JK Guardian with the best mods from FP drops, or planetary comms for at least 1-2.....
Broken Heroic quest
The heroic quest on belsavis given by General Skylast names [HEROIC 2] The Stasis Generator does not exist or is badly bugged. I have taken all my.....
Alchemy of Evil Heroic BUGGED
I finished the Alchemy of evil heroic today and once it was beaten I selected the dark side option so I could have my Dread Seed suit I wanted so much, so other player in the group selected light side..
Heroic missions are obsolete
Because of 2.0's unified planetary commendations, I don't see heroic missions being worth the time or effort anymore. With a single type of planetary commendation, I can use commendations from solo mi..
Heroic Space combat missions
Where and what level do you have to be able to pickup heroic Space Combat missions?..
Heroic moments and Flashpoint Companions
Hi bioware, any ETA on a fix for using the heroic abilities when you summon FP creatures/droids? Still doesn't register them as present..
Heroic 4: Observer, insane / Xalek useless
So I wanted to do the quest before the daily reset, and noone was available, so I started it alone, as sorcerer in heal spec, almost full 72 gear, I was able to heal through DG a few weeks ago (we wip..
No getting rewards from Heroic Gree Event Mission
I finished my weekly rep with the Gree faction. I've been doing the daily missions and have yet to receive an additional set of rewards (specifically the gree faction items, ie, Ancient Gree Artifact)..
Heroic 4 The Alchemy of Evil
Hello i had luck today to find and group of people to start this heroic but came at one bug that is killing us.. The turrets won't charge past 87,5%.. We trie reseting missions, phases and reloading b..
Heroic legacy
Is there any limits on these?. So like if i use the heroic moment then use the hunter flame thrower legacy ability is that it?, or once I used that can I then use dirty kick during the same activated..
Desperately looking for people to do macrobinoculars heroic - 'Dark Design'
This is a heroic 4 that you get when doing the story mission for macrobinoculars, chasing 'The Spectre'. You get this after scanning for signals at several different planets. It's set on Nar Shaddaa. ..
Heroic4-The Alchemy of Evil
Dear Members please check for the presence of bugs (Heroic 4) The Alchemy of Evil. On the first boss (turret) charge turrets stops at 87.5% and beyond this neprohodit.Probovala pass this task several ..
Is there somewhere I can find a list of the locations for Heroic missions? I'm on Ord Mantel, and i want to do the three there, but i can only find one of them, Kill the 5 Chieftains. Where can i fi..
[heroic 2+] assertion: Repairs required
spent 3 hours on hoth last saturday 1 on sunday and 2 on tuesday gave up on hoth. spent 1 hour on coruscant on sat, 2 on sat, and 1 on monday 2 today. why is it taking so long to find HK parts? ca..
Change Section X Heroic
So I don't know about most servers, but even on peak times my server has maybe 10 people on section X. Most of the time it's less than 5. This makes it very difficult to do the heroic 4 man. Not becau..
Conversation bug/crash when turning in Search and Rescue(Heroic 4)
Hi i have an issue with (Heroic 4) Search and Rescue mission on Tatooine. I have completed it and when i return to the quest giver the cut scene for the dialogue starts but then the loading screen co..
Heroic 2+ Botched Interrogations
:( Anyone having trouble with Heroic 2+ Botched Interrogations ? Can't seem to find the person to start the quest...
Heroic Space Missions
PLEASE ... PLEASE ... make them either easier and doable ... or make normal mode versions of them. They are friggin impossible...
How do you know that it will be a Heroic ?
Is there a way, when you talk to a quest-giver NPC, to know that the mission he will give you will be a Heroic one ? It's not that important maybe, but if you know in advance you won't want to do a..
Heroic Space Mission Weekly Missions?
I completed Cha Raaba a few days ago, and according to a few sites, Sunday is supposed to have Cha Raaba as a weekly mission. I can't seem to locate where to pickup the weeklies for space missions an..
As title says on jedi cov, there is atleast 7 + farming bots in the drift hills heroic zone. on the bastion there is about the same i have reported these players multiple times, due to seeing the..
Coruscant Heroic Mission Advice Request
Hi, Having finished the main story missions I am left with only the Heroic missions left to play on Coruscant. What I would like advice on is what the suggested level for each of the missions is..
The Macrobinocular and Seeker Droid Heroics should be on Group Finder
Doing either of these heroics is a major pain, not because of the quests themselves but because you cannot queue in a GF for them. Spamming for hours on end on fleet? Hoping your guildies will take ..
Makeb Heroics
I found 2, a H2, the specialist and an H4 the Observer. (Completed the H2, still have the H4.) But I thought there were some with the dailies, on those terminals, when I initially started picking t..
Can't join groups for Heroic Missions
I finally decided to try and join a group to do some of the Heroic missions that have been piling up in my journal, yet when I tried to accept an invite I got this ** is trying to invite you to the..
Guide to gearing up your ship for Heroic Space (and how to get Fleet Comms!)
After a Google search not yielding a current guide for Space Missions rewards and basics, I figured I couldn't be the only one looking for information so here is my mini-guide. I hope it helps somebod..
Finding Heroic Groups?
Are there any specific chat channels or anything for finding groups for Heroic/Area missions on the various planets, especially while leveling up? I know there is that tab in the group finder for run..
{[HEROIC 2+] Darkness on Ilum} Bonus Bugged
I have been attempting to do the bonus of {[HEROIC 2+] Darkness on Ilum} for days now, only to have it never trigger. The only champion in the mission results from doing the bonus and it severely lowe..
Heroic 4's...
Hey all, so I been around the forums lately, and notice people saying it's possible to SOLO Heroic 4 missions. Now I've never tried this, fact do to me playing with my buddy (Doing a whole co-op sort ..
heroic question(location)
where do aquir the heroic lab animals on nar shaddaa?..
Starting a Heroic??
So as it says, I'm a new player and I don't know how to start a Heroic. I joined a heroic and even got a shuttle to the start location but am lost when starting a heroic myself? Step by step please th..
Heroic Moment Cool Down
I have unlocked 4 companion bonuses in my legacy 3 are Melee while the 4th isn't. Prior to this last patch my Cool Down was 18 minutes after the patch its back to 20 minutes am I the only one with thi..
Sorcerer stats for DPS in Ops an Heroics missions HELP!
What is the best stats for my Sorcerer my tree is lightning, I really need help I've been told that my equipment stats are all over the place.. I have 1.1million in the bank, my armor stats are aroun..
my heroic moments' times are incorrect.
i have bowdaar, elara, mako, blizz, ashara, vette, and jaesa all maxed with companion conversations, quests, etc all completed, my chars are 55 and have finished their class stories, and their icons a..
Heroic Moment cooldown STILL BUGGED even after 3.5 GB patch
The Heroic Moment cooldown bug has been with us for quite some time now. :) Don't you think this is a QoL issue which merits some sort of update in light of the recent ginormous patch? At least a poo..
[Heroic 4] Dark Design - Can it get any worse?
So, I tried to solo this before at 55 because well, nobody ever wants to do it when I want to. I usually can get him low enough, but end up dying anyways since my DPS wasn't high enough to take out al..
Completed affection/quests/dialogues with followers doesnt improve heroic buff.
I have like 6 going to 7 completed followers and they show unlocked in the legacy thingie, but my heroics buff still is at 20 minute cooldown and 1 minute duration. My powertech had it at 19 minutes ..
[HEROIC 2+] Saving Face
This heroic quest absolutely needs reworked. As is, every person on the quest, and in the area, can summon a boss during each others encounter. So you wind up with 6-7 bosses and 37 adds all RED to ..
Heroic Moment bugged, no companion bonuses
For the last 3 months now, my Heroic Moment CD has been 20 minutes instead of 15. It also seems that I'm not getting the bonuses for having maxed companions. This has been going on for quite a while, ..
Maxing character affection is supposed to grant 1 minute off heroic moment cooldown
Not sure if this is a real bug so thought I would bring it up here first. I've been playing with character affection points. I had previously only had one character at max of 10,000, Mako, and frankly..
Which would be the better class for solo'ong heroic's and FP's
I am just wondering which of the 3 would be the best for solo'ing FP's and Heroic +2's or +4's. Assassin/Shadow, Jug/Guardian or Mara/Sent. I will be using Treek with any of them because I was told sh..
Are we EVER going to get ability to ID Heroic AHEAD OF TIME
My friends and I HATE having to go through a conversation only to discover AT THE END that it's a "Heroic" mission (which we don't like.) I'm sure the three of us aren't the only ones who want to avoi..
Should I be able to solo Heroics 2+?
Hey folks. I'm for all intents and purposes a new player. I played way back at launch but have forgotten everything I once knew. Anyway with all the Star Wars talk in the media lately I decided to ge..
Abandoned Seeker and Macrobinocular 4 Man Heroics, can I get them back somehow?
Didn't see like a general quest forum so thought I would post here. So I got up to the heroic and couldn't find people to do them with and ended up abandoning them to free up space in my quest log, i..
HEROIC 4 [The Alchemy of Evil] is SOLOABLE
It's a heroic mission from GSI quest (it's a seeker droid mission), the mission title says HEROIC 4, but I just found out that it's actually soloable with using Operative/Scoundrel classes using TANK ..
Heroic 4 the shroud revealed
Hello everyone! I'm looking for a group so that I may finally finish the quest the shroud revealed. I have been able to solo the quest up to this point. Now its forced upon me to get help. So please ..
New Heroic Missions in new content
I have just heard through the grape vine so correct me if I am wrong, all planetary heroics you will be lowered to the level of the planet. ok this is fine if you are just helping a friend or guild m..
Heroic Missions Changes
Well, after reading the new developer blog about Core World Changes (here), I'm concerned about the dialogs of the Heroic Missions in KoTFE. In this blog, Brian Audette explains that we can pick the q..
Makeb Heroic: Counterstrike Bugged
I tried to complete this mission but once i got to the end there wasnt anything to click on like how it was threw-out the mission so i cant "Wait For and Defeat Mandolorians". I've reset the mission a..
Heroic Mission Gear Source
Is there any way I can complete the heroic gear sets from Heroic (2+) missions? I think the sets look awesome and want them for the full sets, but I leveled too quickly and can't complete them. Why no..
Question about Heroic 2+ Missions
I've been trying to google for an answer but haven't found one so might as well ask here. When you get those reward crates from doing heroic 2+ missions that contain loot, are the loot tables random ..
Can you go back to Star Fortress solo mode once you've started Heroic mode?
I started one in heroic mode, realized I didn't have good enough equipment or well-influenced enough companions, and tried to go back to doing them solo mode, but when I talk to the stupid Republic li..
Supply Crates from Heroic Missions: Intended or Possible Bug?
I had a question about receiving the alliance supply crates from heroic missions. I understand that you can start heroics from the NPC for a particular star fortress to get supply crates. You can also..
The Shroud, Heroic 4 The Shroud Revealed (LFG)
Hello all, don't know if this is the place to post this, but here goes: Looking for a group to finish this last part of the questline. It has been solo-able up to the point with four switches. I'm ..
Heroic Mission Spawn Rate
Since the 4.0 change, trying to do certain heroics that aren't instanced can be a huge time waster (Infected Rakghoul, probe on Alderaan) Folks standing around for a good 45 mins waiting for something..
Heroic Star Fortress
Buddy and I were doing Heroic Hoth Star Fortress when it bugged out on us. We quit after it bugged. Now when I go to Sergeant Akhar and click on him, he will not give me any options at all. He just ke..
Soloing the Exarch in unbuffed, heroic mode. One for all Achievement.
I’ve read a lot of posts about people that have done this and say that it was “easy”. This is my experience. Star Fortress (H2): Voss Player class/role: BH, Healer Gear: All 216 m..
Pre level 60 Heroic MK-2 Lockboxs
So for the last week I've been trying to find some information on the lockboxs you get from doing the heroic missions, pre level 60. You are awarded some marks and a lockbox particular to your spec, ..
[HEROIC 2+] The Viper's Nest overtuned for 4.02 companion healing
On my Sentinel in mostly 216 commendation gear, companion at 23 influence I'm getting steamrolled. Companion dies in 30 seconds and I follow suit. Not even close. I believe this used to be a Heroic 4 ..
Hutta Weekly Heroics - Where to pick them up?
Ok, I think I'm going barmy, because I can't find the weekly Hutta Heroic missions on the missions board, either on the Fleet or on Odessan. Have they been removed or do I have to go to Hutta to get ..
How do i solo a Heroic??
Okay so after the Nerfed companions i was wondering how could i solo a Heroic 2+ mission? I tried Asking for help from other fellow players but they said i can solo the heroic mission? I tried that bu..
Heroics List: Instanced Vs. Not Instanced
I couldn't find such a list so I just made it myself. Let me know if I made any mistakes. This intentionally only includes the Heroics you can pick up on the fleet terminal.Imperial-------------------..
Are Heroics and FP's hard for you?
Well I figured out why, Its because you are terrible at this game and you are not going to get any better running to the forums crying until Bioware tosses out another nerf to make life easier for you..
Anyone have a good Quick & Easy Heroic To-Do List?
Heyo, Another discussion brought up the point that many people have an Quick & Easy Heroic To-Do list. You know, the Heroics that are just one small instanced room or a super easy "kill one dude..
"Public Heroic Story Line?"
My question is why are the Heroic Mission Areas designed to let other players/groups in? They should be made to be like a "Story Area" where once you enter, you "own" the story. Other players/groups..
Heroic 2+ The specialists is STILL broken (known issue since jan 2015)
Tried doing this today, the short range fighter never respawns from whomever completed the mission last. You cannot complete the mission. (been standing here for over a half hour) This isn't the only..
The Shroud Revealed (Heroic 4) - Final Mission For Macrobinoculars (JC)
Looking for 2 people to assist with the final mission for the Macrobinoculars - The Shroud Revealed - on Jedi Covenant (Pub side). We would like to try to get it finished this weekend (Dec 5/Dec 6). ..
New 65 and KotFE Heroics...
So i just hit 65 and ive been doing all the chapters of KotFE,so far im at chapter 8 or 9 i think,not sure. Im in the cantina area and i saw a terminal which gives acess to a lot of different heroics..
Checklist for the QA team for heroics, flashpoints
The next time you take a look at Heroics, etc. the following points really need to be addressed. I've found the following problems evident in the recent switch from making these 4+ to 2+ in the 4.0 u..
Heroic 2 missions not on Terminal..
Anyone know how many and what Heroic 2 missions that are not on the mission terminal. I know the Section X and the Seeker/Macro ones arnt. Those are still marked as Heroic 4. Are there any other ones..
Destroying the SkyFortress Heroic 2
Hi all I was just looking for hints, I got to the Skytrooper Praetorian and I find myself getting crushed I am an Imperial Agent (stealth) My helmet, Jacket, pants, earpiece are 216 Boots gloves ..
Non-butchered HEROIC missions?
Is there a list somewhere of HEROIC missions that offer a complete story that resolves itself (i.e. the ending dialog is still intact). The patch notes imply some still retain their story elements and..
Heroic mission ending conversations missing.
I have noticed upon my return that after doing 2 heroic missions the return to mission provider is no longer available. I seem to just get the reward. While I know that this speeds up the process a ..
Heroic 2+ (the chamber of secrets)
Hey guys i've got a question. After the update 4.0. the end dialogues of heroic missions have been removed. Now i don't know how to get the title from the mission above and the codex entry: zab'rak..
Is it possible to get this set doing the Heroics?
Or maybe one of the similar looking ones: Specifically the Headgear and Pants. Also does someone have a detailed list of gear that is available i..
Heroic Mission Gear By Level, Rating, and Type (for 4.0)
I couldn't find this information anywhere that was easily and quickly accessible, so I am compiling it here in case it helps other people. Below is a list of the gear you get from lockboxes after com..
Level 60 Boost and Legacy Heroic Moment Powers - Only 3?
I Boosted 3 characters, and they all got the Legacy Powers available during Heroic Moment activation. This did not occur at the same point for all of them. The first happened directly upon creation...
Star Fortress Heroic Mission
This is my first time playing SWTOR I started in November and decided to become a subscriber mid December. I made it to the end of Chapter 9 gathered up all of the companions that are willing to hel..
Can't finished Heroic Star Fortress.
Once the reactor stabilizer arrays are destroyed, the exarch is supposed to flee to the next one. Instead, the exarch didn't move, and was stuck invincible. I've tried resetting and abandoning the mis..
Heroic 2 Voss Star Fortress
I've done this flashpoint a few times.. never had a problem with it until tonight. An assassin friend of mine, and me on my sorcerer (heals) could not kill the final boss. He knocked us off the plat..
Please make Dromund Kaas heroic Possessed Hunter and instance
Or shorten the respawn timer. All too often I get to the last boss after the player before me kills it and have to wait the 5 minutes for the respawn. Not a big deal. Other people show up, I send o..
Heroic Star Fortress FPS Drop to unplayable
those istance are a real pain for me, when i come inside my fps drop to very very low and game is unplayable.y one in Any other FP/Istance zone my FPS are good around 60, i'm the only one this situa..
Issue with the Star Fortresses.Heroic 2+
After doing four of these, I've had insane amounts of trouble with rappelling attempts to cross the gaps failing, by either overshooting, or massively undershooting. Is there some way that a fixed se..
KotFE Heroic Missions - Time and Bonus Guide for Imperial Side
KotFE Heroic Missions - Time and Bonus Guide for Imperial Side Hi, as above, I made a list of all Heroic Missions and record my game time. To understand how much You will actually spend time on each ..
Missing the theatrical from heroic missions
I wanted to ask, will we be able to turn in our heroic missions to the npcs that give for the sake of story and .theatrical Some of them provide good backstory that explains what is happening on the p..
Heroic +4 Dark Design
[HEROIC 4] All The Pieces/Dark Design task i cant invite others to help me on heroic +4 unless they have the mission already. Can you please change it so i can invite anyone to help out. I can not sol..
LOW SPAWN RATES in Heroic+2 Mission Areas
Here's another aspect that could possibly have me cancelling my subscription. There are a few Heroic +2 missions with such low re spawn rates such as MUTATIONS on Taris & HIt 'Em Where They L..
Heroic Mission incomplete Bonus Quest Stage
I've noticed several times that when doing Bonus Quests for Heroic Missions that it will inform you of the different stage completion requirements except for the final stage. For example, on Alderaan ..
Heroic Destroying the Starbase ?Exarch been beefed up?
Evening, Have the Exarch in these missions been strengthened?, a couple of weeks ago (working, due to the time it takes, been just getting the rest of the starbases ready to destroy) I did the Tatooin..
Odessan Weekly Heroic Terminal?
How do I unlock this terminal on an alt? My main has access to it, but my alt cannoy use it and it says I am ineligible for this conversation. Edit: Nevermind... Was trying to use the Imp terminal on..
Heroic Mission: Possessed Hunter
Can we please have this mission either instanced or made like Personal Challenge where you summon the boss Kregg. The spawn times for Possessed Hunter Valen Korik is way too long at around 5 minutes...
LFG(2) [HEROIC 4] "The Shroud’s Last Stand" (Ebon Hawk)
Well, this Heroic still needs 4 players to be completed as they need to click things at the same time. We are 2, we did aaaaaaall the* very long* quest of Macrobinoculars only to find out at the end..
Decoration Drops for Heroic Missions
The Voss and Makeb heroics are ridiculously long for the rewards given. If they occasionally dropped a makeb themed or Voss themed decoration, or if there were more decos available from the rep vendor..
For: Players searching for level 65 heroic 2+ for bonus credits and alliance crates.
My friends and I have started a new channel on Jedi Covenant for the sole purpose of connecting players for earning the x4 credits for Heroic 2+ for bonus missions and alliance crates. It's ONLY for l..
Heroic Mission Gear drop question
Hey I am just wondering if the end of quest reward gear is based on your current level or is already predetermined. For example if my 65 sith marauder did a heroic on tatooine would they get a 208( or..
Accidentally clicked "Heroic" for Star Fortress..
.. and I want to switch it to Solo. I don't know how. Tried resetting instances, tried resetting one of the quests, but that just made it disappear, possibly forever. So now I'm about to leave for ..
Heroic armor looks
Hey guys, I recently started the game after a long pose and noticed all those "new" heroic mission and the armor pack the offer. Since i found it easy to solo them, i did every single one of them and,..
Star Fortress's Heroic or not?
Hey everybody, I was doing well at the original S.F. flashpoints, it even became *Routine and I was upgrading my gear for the progressively harder required missions but I started 2 in the Heroic mode...
heroic 2 for the records
does anyone now how to disarm the security for the records room I went from top to bottom tables first and then went to other side and done them the same way but it doesn't show up anything afterwards..
Heroic Star Fortresses Alliance Equipment Caches Are all 4 always available?
This weekend I've tried Tatooine, nar shaddaa, and belsavis. For the first two, I found only one Cache. For Belsavis I found all four. I don't think I'm a crappy looker. I think I fully explored t..
Heroic missions: companion kills
I tend to run heroic missions with my sniper and a dps comp mainly because I don't have the patience to spend 30 seconds killing some boss, much better to just watch him melt in 8. But I have a compl..
[Heroic 4] The Shroud's Last Stand - The Shadowlands
Can anyone find me on Shadowlands and help me complete this quest? I soloed all up until this point, not knowing the end was going to be a 4 man requirement... I have a 4 day due to the holidays so I'..
Get PAID! To Do HEROIC 4-The Shroud Revelead With ME , Need 3 More Players
HEROIC 4- THE SHROUD REVEALED must need 4 players to play , and I need 3 more player , each three players will get pay well for doing the mission with me I AM NOT SPAMMING YOU GUYS , THIS IS FOR REA..
Bring back the old Heroic and FP gear
Why was it ever remove all we get now is that boring Yarvin, Crystalline and outlander crap. Bring back the FP specific gear atleast as a roll on the last boss. And were did the decor for the bonus bo..
Heroic Mode Odessen
Hi guys, Im facing a problem concerning stellar fortresses : I dont have access to heroic mode I have open a ticket about this problem but the support from France cant help me I follow this docume..
Need help/advice about heroic money runs
Yesterday I did money run with my lvl 65, both times in group of 4 lvl 65 players. 1st time Taattooine, earned hundreds of thousand credits. 2nd time Balmorra. Earned barely more than 18.000 credit..
Heroic Mission on Nar Shadda
Hi, My friend and I went on a Heroic mission in Nar Shadda and when we were done he was trying to leave but he can't because he has not recieved his ship yet. Is he stuck? He has not completed all th..
The Heroic Space Missions from 1.6
Anyone remember the old Heroic Space Missions from 1.6? The brutally hard ones? I play them once in a while before becoming frustrated and give up on them for a year or two. As of this writing, I h..
Shroud and Seeker Droid heroics
I know people want solo modes because they are non repeatable and thus hard to find a group for. But these are a whole different level of heroics that are better than some flashpoints. Please leave th..
Help with HK-51 heroic quest [THE PROGENITOR SERVER]
I really need help on finding the HK-51 parts on taris and hoth I have spent over 3hours looking on each with no results its really annoying me how hard this quest is without a large number of people,..
Heroic moment temporary ability bar has vanished
This seems a really simple problem. I've been playing since launch, and recently started making alts to do DVL. So I just reused my normal UI for each new alt. Except when I go to hit Heroic momen..
Heroic Missions and missing chests on low levels?
Hello My friend and I started playing several days ago, he started out with subscription and I subbed few days later. First we started with chars in Korriban and did few of the heroic missions there...
Heroic 2 SF alone
Is it possible to do the heroic 2 star fortress' by yourself in kotfe? I was told to get my companion with the highest influence (Koth) as a jk sentinel and I could do it but I can't get past the part..
How hard is it to find groups for group or heroic missions?
Hello everyone, after watching a playthrough of Star Wars The Old Republic I've decided to try playing the game myself because it's the only never-ending wide open sandbox Star Wars game out there (ot..
Returning Player Question-Heroic 2+ Missions
I've been away for several years...... I am looking to complete some Heroic 2+ Missions, but I do not see them listed on the group finder. Is standard protocol now to find such groups in group chat?..
Purple Lock Boxes from Heroic +2
Hay !! I have a question ? i received 2 purple locked boxes from doing Heroics on Tatooine. The lock box description tells me to go see Bey'wan Aygo of the alliance military and for the second one ..
Armor set parts drop at the end of Heroics
Hi folks, I am subscribed since 2 weeks and have a question about heroics. In my first week of subscription, two different armor set parts (though one could be selected only) drop in addition of oth..
Heroics and GCX
Searched the web and found no confirmation of this: Is it is true, does anyone know, if heroics in 5.0 will only give galactic command experience if every Heroic on a planet is done? Saw this in cha..
Bring the old Flashpoint heroics gear back!!!
Does anyone agree that when playing any Flashpoints in 3.0, the gear you get are the same and sucks. I miss those days when you can go in a flashpoint and get the unique gear exclusively form that fla..
FP/Uprising/Ops/Heroics CXP Now Worthless, HM Ops not worth the time
For losing a warzone, I receive 500 CXP. Takes anywhere from 5-15 minutes. From completing a SM operation, I receive maybe 700-800 CXP, 1k tops and it takes 45 minutes minimum. We used to be able to..
Heroic's Command XP
Definitely too little in comparison to other things. The claim was that players could play the way they wanted and still reap the benefits through galactic command. Some Heroics litterally take abou..
Decorations and bracer's drops from Heroic Star Fortress, No longer appearing...
So basically I have been running a lot of Star Fortress lately since I just returned to the game recently and i am just starting Kotfe. So to my surprise Star Fortress gives a lot of decorations... at..
Bring Back Story Flashpoints and 4 Player heroics, please.
Hi Bioware/ SWToR Team, I've recently resubscribed with a few friends to make a 4 player group. We decided to start from the beginning and level up together and I have to say I'm pretty disappointed ..
Question about the alliances(heroic reward packs) and CM packs
Hey there! I just came back to this game (again). I stopped playing after the Shadow of Revan. I leveled up from 60 to 70 via Flashpoints, heroics etc. and didn't play the Story (Chapters). Now I sta..
Heroic + 2 bonus missions
Hi there :) If I'm perfectly honest, I still don't *quite* have a handle on what heroics are weekly or daily - the ones I get from the Odessan terminal seem to be daily, I think? However, the bonus ..
Heroic lockboxes
Hey! So, once you reach a certain level, you stop getting those lockboxes from heroics, but get command crates instead. Therefore, it is now almost impossible for you to get the datacron decorations...
Farm Heroics? Fleet location?
I see people farm heroics for xp and gear. The only way I know to get heroics is to go the planet, find the mailbox, and get the heroics for that planet. Is there another way? Are there some kind o..
Preview the cosmetic look of Quest and Heroic rewards?
Is there a way to see what the armor rewards look like? I'd love to know for purely cosmetic reasons. Is there a way for me to look through the armor rewards for a planet (e.g. Couresant) and then I..
Bonus missing from Heroic "Ancient Guardians" on Voss
I noticed this yesterday when I completed this heroic, and then today as well; the bonus for this mission, where the three monuments within the instance can be clicked, is not available. The monument..
Heroics for Gold?
I have seen a few posts on here from people saying that you can make tons of money doing heroics, and a few that say they make 2mil for clearing the heroics on two planets. I don't see how this is po..
Returning player: FP and Heroics to level?
Are there any guides to using Flashpoints and Heroics while solo leveling? When I left SWTOR there was no 'story mode', no group finder, and no terminals on fleet for the different missions. Heroics..
I like so much Heroic Mission!
Hello, I write to you because thinking of the last expansion, Iokath (If so, i can call it), i consider all the daily inserts, programmed by you with an infinite time, completely useless. Once playe..
Star Fortress Heroic 2+ version
I'm not sure if this was asked elsewhere, but here goes. About these Star Fortress missions and the companion reward: How do I get a group for this? I tried to invite my wife's lvl 50 sage, and a lvl ..
Heroic Moment Cooldown
I have a few questions about the heroic moment cooldown. I have mine at 5 minuets, while my husband's is at 10. I heard completing your companions talking reduces it, but all the information was sayi..
Why is [Heroic +2] Sabotage so bad?
This mission Sabotage and its bonus Pressure Points is way over tuned and need to be adjusted. The spawn rate in the mission area is absurd, even with the suggested 2 players its hard to finish the bo..
List of the quickest daily heroic quests for bounty hunter
Hello Everyone, I am relatively new to this game and I noticed the Heroic Quests generate a lot of money in a short time. I have an hour or two on the weekdays to play and I have been doing the Dromu..
Can't move Heroic Moment Ability Bar
So this seems like a relatively silly post but I seriously can't find an option to move the Heroic Moment Ability Bar. When I use HM, the bar plants itself right into the middle of my UI so I can't se..
List of daily solo heroics That can usually be completed in under an hour
Here is a list of Heroics that I do daily. They go by pretty fast I finish them in about an hour(it takes longer if you shoot t0 get all bonuses) I have listed them in order of difficultyDromund KAAS..
Ilum Heroic 2+ Mission
Have been try to get the Datacron for over a year as I play numerous characters. Doesn't matter what server ( have some on all servers) as well as have not seen this decoration for over a year as well..
Group for Heroics
Looking for 3 other people to do daily Heroics with. I currently run them solo, but I heard that you get a credit boost if you are in a group of four, at least for the bonuses. I run 8 missions on 3 l..
Heroic Mission Rewards
Rewards should offer a little more variety after doing heroic missions. I keep getting the same rewards over & over on each world. For example on Nar Shaddaa I did all eight heroic missions &..
Looking for some buddies to do flashpoints and heroics
I'm just looking for people to group up with and have a good time grinding out some heroics and flashpoints my IG name for my main lvl 54 Darackl and my alt lvl 70 Ningenintheglobal[LIST] Referral li..
Is it worth getting a companion to lv 50 to farm heroics?
Does a level 50 companion make heroic farming go faster? I remember while leveling I could set my lv 50 companion to damage and watch them waste a heroic. It was much faster. Now I have a boosted S..
Which heroics to farm for cash?
It seems like there is a huge jump in difficulty in Heroics at some point. On starter planets I am god like and by Hoth they start to get harder. If you are casually farming for cash do you just gra..
Missing flashpoints, section x, black hole and heroic mission couriers
I noticed that many of the flashpoint courier have gone missing. The Hammer station flashpoint courier is still located on Dromund Kass but most of the other have completely vanished. The flashpoint ..
Can not find the Voss: Destroying The Star Fortress Heroic 2+
It says Start [HEROIC 2+] Flashpoint: The Star Fortress (Speak to Sergeant Ahkar) When I talk to Sergeant Ahkar, my options are [Start Story Mode] or [Start Veteran Mode] Where is the Heroic 2+ opti..
No Bonuses for Heroic Missions at the moment a bug?
as many on the harbinger who are grinding out heroic missions these days might know the heroic's bonus missions aren't popping up, is this a bug with the new update? if not what is going on and will i..
Heroic Missions state in new servers
Heroic Missions are currently one the easiest ways to level up and get decent gear for lower levels but since the server merge into the 5 mega servers, it is now infuriating and difficult due to a lar..
[HEROIC 4] The Shroud Revealed objective didn't update after final boss battle.
I just finished the final boss battle and saw the following cutscene for [HEROIC 4] The Shroud Revealed with a group but the objective didn't update for where I was supposed to go to Coruscant to fini..
([Heroic 4]Uprooting The Last Seed)([Heroic 4]Shroud Revealed)
Need help. I'm not a rich guy so I cannot promise you compensations. I'm merely asking for your generosity to spend your time helping me with this. I never done these quests before but I've been readi..
Best way to farm credit? (heroics? weekly? daily? operations?)
hi guys,i just wantend to know wich are the best way to make credits in the shortest time possible. my objective is to do 1.000.000 in like and hour or less,what should i do? any help is apprecieted..
How to get MK2 heroic gear?!
Hello! new player here! So im lvl 70 and i am about to finish the shadows of reaven so i have progressed pretty far in the game. But now i would really like to get the old Heroic gear set from Hoth ..
Heroic Reset Question?
Hi there, I'm not exactly new but it's been awhile since I last played. I was going to farm some heroics for cash using my characters, but it seems once you do a daily heroic its locked out for all ..
[Heroic 4] All the Pieces glitched out please help :(
**EDIT: NVM I FIXED THIS PLZ DELETE THIS THREAD** Hi, I was playing "[Heroic 4] All the Pieces" when it glitched out when I was up against the blue laser shooting thing because my internet stopped ..
{Heroic 4} The Shroud's Last Stand | Macrobinocular Missions
Any chance this mission can be reconfigured for solo play? The missions leading up to this mission take hours without maxed out quality of life improvements on quick travels and speeder speed. No one ..
Flashpoints, Heroics, Warzones are no more fun
Flashpoints, Warzones, Heroics are no more fun, they have become useless cause of constant nerfing of characters and you do not dare enter Master mode cause you character is slaughtered as soon as yo..
Dark Designs +4 Heroic Seems Impossible. *Devs Please Help!*
After over two hours of asking on the fleet for help with Dark Designs and not finding any I decided to try and solo it. I got all the way to Maki’voro have gotten him down to half health three..
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