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8:24 pm, December 4, 2014

Slinger/Sniper - Survivability ISSUE!

Dear BioWare,

in case you haven't noticed. The survivability of the Slinger/Sniper class is still an issue in PvP.


Originally Posted by EricMusco
(Post 7513345)

We do not currently have any detailed plans to share regarding Gunslinger/Sniper survivability in PvP, but we know that Warzone Arenas present Gunslingers/Snipers with some situations that are difficult to survive.

We agree that Gunslingers/Snipers need a bit more, as far as PvP survivability is concerned.

That statement was months ago... to be precise it's from 2nd July 2014, you also said to us that Slinger/Sniper probably needs a new ability for survivability, well you are right.

You also said at one point you would probably give us something with the expansion. You didn't.

With the launch of 3.0 the DoT War began.

Let me tell you how it is as a Slinger/Sniper in PvP in case you don't know.

You get dotted like crazy, you can't purge it anymore. You gonna eat all that damage. You could pop Ballistic Shield, Shield Probe and Evasion or a Warzone Adrenal and/or Medpac but it won't save you. Your HP is dropping and there is no way for you to regain all that lost health unlike other classes.

Maybe you could roll away but no, can't roll away while you're being rooted by multiple people and even if you can roll, it might bug and you roll in place. Also you can't use Evasion anymore to get rid of roots or slow effects.

So as a last resort you have to use your CC breaker and use your roll very fast before you get rooted again or stunned if you're not sitting in your Entrench.

Btw Entrench, now that every Slinger/Sniper has Diversion, your Entrench kinda becomes useless. All it needs is a Slinger/Sniper in the enemy team to use it on you repeatedly and you will get charged at, you will get stunned and you won't be able to get into Cover, increase your Defense Chance by doing so and ofc you can't use Cover Pulse but then again wha goodt use is Cover Pulse if you get charged by Vengeance Juggernauts that you can't knock away or stun, same goes for Assassins with their Force Shroud or a Powertech who SPEED RUNS with Hydraulic Override to you.

BioWare, the best part is, a lot of people that play PvP on a regular basis know all of this and ofc they gonna sit on Slingers/Snipers because they know that the Slinger/Sniper still has nothing for survivability and only has his roll that you need to prevent or maybe not since there are classes who can just run after you and be in melee range in like 1.5sec again.

Before 3.0 I was theorizing and thinking of situations in PvP that will probably occur and how a Slinger/Sniper will be able to deal with it and how to survive these situations. (btw funny thing, instead of thinking of new possibilities to deal damage and how much damage I will be able to deal, I was thinking of how to survive - again!)

I now had more than enough time to test my Slinger/Sniper in PvP after the changes and it looks very grim.

Playing a Slinger/Sniper in PvP after 3.0 is NOT fun at all!

The only thing you do in PvP as a Slinger/Sniper is running and staying away from combat or else you will be dead very fast and even if you engage, you might be able to do a bit of damage but the focus of the enemys shift very quick to you and they will deal a lot of damage and fast damage, you can't use your Defensive Cooldowns (DCDs) that fast and even if you use like everything, it will not save you, it doesn't even give you a fighting chance to survive or **** your opponent (more like opponents since everybody is attacking you).

Yes I know, the Slinger/Sniper Utilities.

Well, it's good that other Slingers/Snipers have access to some abilities too now but the problem is, there are couple of Utilities across the tiers that you might want to take but you can't get them all and it leaves you with a choice or even NO choice at all, since you NEED couple of the utilities for PvP or else you die even faster.

Alright, I think that is enough for now, maybe I will add couple of things to the OP later or maybe not and I guess I forgot something.

It would be nice of everyone if we could keep this thread clean because I'd really like to get BioWare in here or at least make the thread pleasant to read for them.



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