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6:32 pm, October 26, 2013

DxDiag SWTOR help

Any tips on what to upgrade in my computer to bring it up to spec for SWTOR and other newage games? Also, anything else I need to post just give...



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anyone wanna win trade on the bastion for arena rewards

8:24 am, November 1, 2014 need ppl to win trade arenas on the bastion for top pvp rewards PM me here if your down i think we need 8 and que at an early morning hour and try to have skype or another voip View

Selling Credits in SWTOR?

8:24 pm, October 6, 2014 I know the market is not what it used to be, but I am curious if anyone still sells credits? This is not an advertisement, just wondering how you do it without getting banned or do you expect to be [..] View

Looking for a swtor trial invite! =D

4:49 pm, January 16, 2014 Hello guys I'm kinda new here and I'm looking for a Star Wars the Old Republic 7 day trial invite so I can test it out! Add me on skype if you have... View

Why such strong feelings about SWTOR?

4:16 am, December 19, 2013 Attachment 6844 (http://www.ownedcore.com/forums/attachments/star-wars-old-republic/swtor-general/6844-why-such-strong-feelings-about-swtor-2.png) This game has way many more threads than you would t [..] View


6:05 pm, December 18, 2013 Anyone have any problems with subscription on SWTOR? Won't let me use paypal or my debit/credit card... On phone on hold atm transferred to a level 3... View

Endgame PVP

2:32 pm, December 15, 2013 Is it just me or does being a fresh 50 in PVP utterly **** unless you go out and exploit to get geared or spend countless hours getting your ***... View

WTS Credits of SWTOR

7:00 pm, December 12, 2013 WOW GOLD|Cheap WOW Gold|Buy WOW Gold|RIFT Gold|RIFT Plat|RIFT Platinum|Cheap RIFT Plat| (http://www.gameboot.com) 100K=1.38$ View

Rakghoul event ends when?

6:31 am, December 6, 2013 Tonight when server shuts down or will we get to do it tomorrow too? I need to get the chest today 4/23 and then I will have only the belt to get. ... View

SWOTR Free for a bit

2:25 am, November 26, 2013 Just wanted to let everyone know who doesn't currently play; SWTOR will be allowing people to play for free on their "weekend pass" Starting... View

new detection methods ?

7:35 pm, November 25, 2013 Action being taken against exploits and cheats | Star Wars: The Old Republic... View

Gaming Careers

11:32 pm, November 19, 2013 MMOYEAH DOT COM is looking for expert Star Wars the Old Republic and World of Warcraft players to work from home playing MMORPGS! To qualify, you... View

Just a question

1:00 am, November 18, 2013 What are korrealis barons worth? $ or in game credits. I know they are no longer available to buy in game but people have them for sale? View

SWTOR forum rules

6:50 pm, November 17, 2013 DO NOT MAKE SWTOR vs WOW THREADS Welcome to the Star Wars: The Old Republic forum! On this board, we gather to discuss SWTOR and everything ... View

[How-To] can't log in

4:22 pm, November 17, 2013 hi i can't log in the ****ing game because i forgot one of security answer What is your favorite movie? i am 100% sure my answer was stalker but in... View

Most don't know this surprisingly

11:03 am, November 6, 2013 But you can buy fleet passes. Everyone gets an emergency fleet pass and that's all they think they have, but if you sign up to get a security key... View

SWTOR OwnedCore guild?

2:48 am, November 6, 2013 Hey guys! Just ordered the collectors edition, should be here on the 30th.. Just curious if we have a guild, and if so, what server/faction? ... View

Character Transfer coming this summer!

10:34 pm, November 4, 2013 Im so excited when i started playing i was on a dead server (Namadii Corridor) and i have 3 characters all lvl 20. SO i rerolled on jung ma server.... View

1 of 3 accounts banned for selling copyrighted material

8:13 pm, November 1, 2013 Sold probably about 20-30 mill in the last couple weeks. Sold 10 million probably 3-4 days ago. Email: ---Quote--- Star Wars: The Old... View

Will rakghoul be the darkmoon fair?

9:42 am, November 1, 2013 I'm thinking after reading the forums it says the vendor will come back in the future, no indication when, it does not coincide with a holiday...... View

Possible to get an Invite ? EU

6:43 am, November 1, 2013 Okay.. I want to test the game again. Since i tested it only in the beta.. Which found not to be very playable yet. So could anyone send me a... View

[Attention] MMOyeah.com are scammers - Don't use

12:57 am, November 1, 2013 I just wanted to bring it to your attention that one of the sites, claiming to be legit, MMOyeah dot com , are in fact scammers. 7 IRL friends have... View

[Tutorial] Star Wars: The Old Republic : Earn Free Stuff for Transfers

12:47 am, November 1, 2013 Bioware has announced that players taking advantage of the free character transfers currently being offered will score some really nice prizes at the... View

How to sell credits and earn money.

4:14 pm, October 29, 2013 Rule 1. NEVER ASK HOW MUCH THEY ARE BUYING FOR - First mistake. Every day it will be less and less and less. Rule 2. TELL THEM HOW MUCH YOU ARE... View

Mission Results

11:59 am, October 29, 2013 Does anybody know what affects the mission results, other than affection and the companion's crew skill bonuses? What I'm trying to gather is the... View

DxDiag SWTOR help

6:32 pm, October 26, 2013 Any tips on what to upgrade in my computer to bring it up to spec for SWTOR and other newage games? Also, anything else I need to post just give... View

login server cracked - first picture on swtorps.de

3:12 am, October 26, 2013 Hi. Today I discovered some thing fascinating upon Myspace. It's just a little german born as well as british textual content for those. I... View

SWTOR PvP Guide - one PvP hint for every solo SWTOR Class

1:21 pm, October 25, 2013 Using your companions right will allow you to perform set quests by yourself because they is generally exceptionally powerful. SWTOR Guide - PvP ... View

Been a while but i miss it.

5:01 pm, October 22, 2013 spent 2 months of my life playing this game. Really feeling it again after playing mop and just sitting on glad again this season. any tips , is... View


6:14 am, October 22, 2013 Are there any know ways to power-level a toon, View

Trade skills and leveling requirements?

3:33 am, October 22, 2013 If I start making a level 10... and put gold on that toon and start the bot for xx profession.. is there any type of leveling restrictions? can a... View

Problems with Patch 1.2

4:35 am, October 21, 2013 server is down I assume to fix all the bugs i have been experiencing with 1.2 . ..cant use master strike . ..cooldown on some moves say there done... View

Playing Different Region Servers

7:48 pm, October 20, 2013 Has anyone tried this? Like playing an EU server while in US. I'm wondering if the lag/ping is bad/worse/unbearable/ no difference. View

Wanted! Can anyone figure this out?

6:40 pm, October 20, 2013 It would be nice to disable the scrolling red combat text errors. Anyone who will find a way to disable this, I would be in your debt. View

Datacron Series

6:24 pm, October 20, 2013 Hey guys GamersGlory (http://www.youtube.com/user/gamersglory1?feature=mhee) Is starting a Datacron series Starting with Tatooine we will be getting... View

Why didn't I just check my email?

3:54 pm, October 20, 2013 Ok, before the game release I was so excited for the game that I signed up for the beta... I got into the beta, but I did not know it then... I was... View

1.2.1a: Corrected an item-related issue to prevent a serious economic exploit?

12:27 pm, October 20, 2013 Just noticed there was a quick patch today, I don't mind that it's fixed, but I'm still curious if anyone knows how this exploit worked? 1.2.1a... View

Account IP tracking question

9:22 am, October 20, 2013 I've heard that BW tracks the physical location you log in from quite closely and uses a system of flagging that can get an account locked if you... View

Any way to get to Coruscant/Nar Shaddaa without a ship?

2:32 am, October 20, 2013 So i'm kind of trying out this swtor trial thing, to see what you can and can't do. (You can play for free to level 15 now ect) One thing you... View

an up to date SWTOR forum?

12:25 am, October 19, 2013 anyone know a website like this but more geared towards SWTOR? I'd like one that is more up to date thanks View

can't chat in-game comes up with channel in red

7:01 pm, October 18, 2013 as the title says anyone know why? Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk 2 View

How to earn lightside points at empire side?

1:16 pm, October 18, 2013 Hi, i dont like to be bad anymore and i tried out some things here but it seems all fixed. Maybe i missed something and anyone can help me out... View

Asia/Pacific On March First

9:38 am, October 17, 2013 I think alot of you already know, but for those who don't. The Pacific servers open up the first of March and it will be possible to transfer all... View

Space Commendations

5:38 am, October 17, 2013 For all you botters out there. Store your Space Commendations prior to patch 1.2 (Up to 1000 max, 2000 after 1.2) You can purchase level 6,7... View

Buying Accounts.

8:00 am, October 16, 2013 I don't mean to sound mad or anything but I have been looking around on the forums on Buying/Selling and I have noticed that somedude168 has been... View

Temp ban for vulgar language

10:09 pm, October 15, 2013 How retarded is this.... I told my friend in general chat "invite me ****" on korriban with 8 other people on the planet..... and they temp banned... View

Theory on bags/chests.

4:43 pm, October 15, 2013 Figured I'd share really briefly that after maintenance (It's been a few days since I originally opened this bag in particular) the contents of a... View

Patch 1.2 postponed are u serious!

11:01 am, October 15, 2013 Hey guys i dont know if you heard but 1.2 was supposed to drop tonight..(april 11th) and IGN just announced that it will not be released..also heard... View

Looking for someone with a banned SWTOR account! (Need to be decently repped)

7:03 pm, October 14, 2013 Hey there to my fellow Ownedcore members! Simply put, I'm looking for a decently repped member here on Ownedcore who has a banned SWTOR account. I... View

Crafting for cash

12:42 am, October 14, 2013 Does anybody know of anyone who can craft end game gear that will do it for cash? View

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