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Underlurker bugged
Bioware can you please for the love of god fix the underlurker fight it is at this point unbeatable unless your heals can heal through red cross failings. Even when in the correct positions we are sti..
Underlurker still bugged after latest fix (but slot machines working as intended!!!)
So we took an experience group into the Underlurker lair last night (01/21/15) and were presented with a variety of bugs. The patch notes claimed a fix for this boss (there was something minor about ..
Hardmode Underlurker Sniper Bug
Hello all, As you may or may not know the mechanics in Hardmode Underlurker, the adds move you to a much slower pace than RP walk. I play a sniper for this fight and it is extremely frustrating to pl..
Underlurker still bugged
Last night while running Temple of Sacrifice the "devastation" phase of under lurker showed both green and red making the cross look orange even though everyone was in the proper places. I am unsure w..
Underlurker weirdness
Hi there, I just want to check in if anybody else is having a weird time with the Underlurker. My OP group tries to down him, but we are facing issues that make it very hard to properly do this fight..
The Underlurker SM
Ok, guys, is it just me or has it been secretly and seriously nerfed? 'Cause my group got 3-4 red crosses and 1 orange cross a few nights ago thanks to some people who couldn't tell left from right ev..
Clarification on Underlurker Leap Attack (HM)
After, hiding behind a rock and about to go into cross phase, I had the Lurker not only jump at me (DPS and had been bunched up behind a rock with others didn't pull threat) but hit me for 30k dmg fro..
Underlurker HM green cross damage
We seem to be having a weird issue. We are managing to get green crosses but on some of these one of us (usually our shadow tank) is taking a massive hit and dying. The hit seems to be 61k while on t..
I've never done the Underlurker boss, but I have been reading, on chat, how it's the hardest boss in the game. It's not really been an issue for me as I do not raid, but would like the Prestige from t..
Underlurker HM Bugging Out Again?
Has anyone else been having issues with the Underlurker in ToS bugging out since 3.3.1? We usually one shot him in our 16m hm group, and lately rocks have been bugging out and the cross has been showi..
The Underlurker is a buggy female dog.
Okay so we basically spent 3 hours this week trying to get this thing down on HM (after first-timing the walkers). The result: out of maybe 35 tries, 30 wipes were entirely on the bugged mechanics of..
Solo Healing Underlurker Storymode (7man group) feel free to ask any question :)..
Underlurker Bugged Again?
With the latest patch my team was having trouble with UL (HM). We completely followed mechanics, adds were dying quickly, all crosses were green, and we were getting to rocks before rage storm even st..
Underlurker...need rework/nerf ?
Doing this boss for 5 hours, 3 grous and all failed and disbanded..... Even I form my own group in fleet... It really out of the difficulty of GF in my opinion.... if all 50lv ppl....must even not ..
Did they remove the Lurkerling Punch on Underlurker?
Maybe I'm delusional (Imperial Intelligence brainwashing will do that to you) but I seem to recall that, during the Underbugger fight, the Lurkerlings had an extra Punch attack that only hit melee. I..
Underlurker enrage timer too quick for story mode?
So I have been in a group with 3 well geared dps and one undergeared dps although bolster can solve that issue. We try to kill adds for 3 rounds then burn the boss. But unfortunately we keep on hittin..
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