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Shadow BM gear, what is the set bonus tied to?
Long story short, I'm more interested in the 2 piece survivor set bonus, rather than the 4 piece stalker bonus, but I'd like to keep as many of the.....
Cargo Holds have been emptied.
Hello, I have already submitted a ticket on this but it has been 5 days and no word so I thought I would try here. When I first started the.....
cartel purchase blocked / tied to subscription
I tried to make a cartel coin purchase and it was blocked error code nu2001. the problem is its also the same card my subscription is tied too.*_ if.....
BW, can we get more emotes tied to valor rank? Don't give them all to cartel market
Ok, so what we really want is a new warzone, cross server queues, etc.. That being said, why not give us a few more emotes for PvP? Tie them to.....
Constatly getting tied up in server lag
Ever since the server crash on 03/20. My connectivity to the Harbinger keeps looping until I eventually get tied and DC from the server. It.....
Bio Fail just tied anotehr knot around their noose
once again bio ****s have proven to not care for the people that pays for their game. yes i understand that sub ratio isn't what you want so throwing out new deals where you can is to be expected but..
Should Valor Be Tied to Legacy?
Anyone else think your valor rank should be tied to your legacy this way if you are say, valor 70 on one toon you will also be at valor 70 on your other toons? I know valor rank is pretty much pointle..
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