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Dear BioWare: Breaking Tanks =/= Fixing ******

8:24 pm, April 7, 2018 From a summary of the upcoming class changes: Quote: First, “***** tanks” are greatly overperforming in PvP. This is a player who is using a Tank Discipline but [..] View

Companion Threat Generation?

8:24 pm, February 1, 2018 I've been away from the game for a couple years, and just returned. I used to play tanks a lot, but as there have been changes, I decided to go the easier route of DPS with a healer companion. Howeve [..] View

Scyva SM Guide

8:24 pm, January 25, 2018 This is a guide for Scyva, the fourth boss of the Valley of the Machine Gods/{[WEEKLY] Gods from the Machine} Operation. Listed below is the Mechanics for Scyva. Group Configuration: 1 Tank, 5 DPS (O [..] View

Cannot Update Email

8:24 pm, January 13, 2018 I no longer have access to the email address I used back in 2012 to first make this account. Yesterday, the game insisted that I enter my "One Time Password" over again, rendering me incapa [..] View

They actually managed to make jugg (Vengeance) defenses worse...

8:24 am, October 28, 2017 http://www.swtor.com/community/showt...01#edit9453701 Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco (Post 9453701) JuggernautPooled Hatred now applies its full damage bonus to [..] View

Yavin IV world bosses are bugged.

8:24 pm, October 10, 2017 First of all the walker never spawns, which has been a problem for quite a while. And secondly the Ancient Threat randomly despawns! I've tried killing it 4 times on the Harbringer this week we got it [..] View

How to: Stealth-rez in operations

8:24 am, September 7, 2017 Hello all! many times in the last months I heard of experienced Scoundrel/Op-Healers and Assassines/Shadows, that were trying to do a stealth rez and got mysteriously pulled back into combat, so that [..] View

Problem with Taris Bonus Questline

8:24 am, April 22, 2017 I'm a new player to the game, only started about 2 weeks ago and still working on my first character. Really enjoying this game so far and glad I subscribed. And I already know this problem has been b [..] View

The Ancient Threat still doable?

8:24 pm, April 2, 2017 I've been looking up World Bosses recently, and it seemed that before 4.0 at least, The Ancient Threat on Yavin 4 was just crazy hard, with attempts being made almost exclusively with 24-48 person tea [..] View

Cheating in Regs. Again. REALLY?

8:24 pm, March 22, 2017 And so, yet another post about cheating in Reg pvp on Jedi Covenant. I cannot understand why, I cannot comprehend that although it is reported, OVER AND OVER AND OVER, BW and/or EA does jack s#$t abou [..] View

Ranged classes aren't OP. Melee classes are under-powered. Here's why

8:24 pm, February 19, 2017 I'm not here to cry nerf on the classes that have been shown love. I'm here to give objective data and subjective reasoning as to why melee, and in specific, Guardian/Juggernaut classes are absolutely [..] View

Are Warzone Queues not working?

8:24 pm, November 28, 2016 Hello. I'm an old player, just re-subscribed for the first time in about a year and a half to check out the new content. However, I've been trying to queue for Warzones on the POTF server for a few da [..] View

Blood hunt is total garbage! Take it out of the game!

8:24 am, November 19, 2016 This threat is mainly as an opportunity for players to protest this garbage flashpoint and get Bioware to remove it, since it is obviously beyond their capabilities to fix. Here is what just happened [..] View

New Tank in PvE

8:24 pm, November 18, 2016 I'm looking for some advice from seasoned PvE players. Almost all of my SWToR experiences has been PvP, but a healer friend of mine wants me to start tanking in Flashpoints and I want to give it a try [..] View

Easy guide to BoR Bonus Boss Mokan

8:24 pm, October 31, 2016 The thread about nerfing HMFPs inspired me to give people a simple guide to **** the probably least done bonus boss in the game. If done right this boss is actually trivial and much easier than the wa [..] View


8:24 am, September 26, 2016 Are you bored of the games PvP? Do you feel like it's too easy? Are you one of those l33t players who que with a full trinity group just for the point of getting that one match against rp pubs? We [..] View

Nightmare Power Guild is Recruiting!

8:24 am, August 13, 2016 Hello All VAULT HUNTERSNightmare Power on Jedi Covenant is recruiting for...you guessed it. Nightmare! We are currently in need of: Besides a $H^T ton of Vault Hunters (you can never have too many o [..] View

Make EV Hard Again!

8:24 pm, May 22, 2016 So, EV is in vogue again because it's priority, and everyone and their mother is running it on every toon they have because it's good gear easy. But what if it wasn't? What if HM EV was actually har [..] View

Attack order

8:24 am, May 17, 2016 I had gotten in to a 4v4 with my team being all dps, a sorc, myself as a jugg, an op, and a merc. The enemy was a team of 2 snipers, a tank sin(full tank gear, no shank tank) and a mara. The first sig [..] View

JeeZee's promises

8:24 am, April 30, 2016 I want ask sorry My dear friend AZHEO who after long fight against MVP on TOFN enter Their synch q guild maybe now it not synch que. But players on TOFN empire side will never forget it 3 season in ro [..] View

[Relic of Devastating Vengeance]Conditions where it may be best in slot

8:24 am, April 25, 2016 So, this thread had me think about something, and I wanted some feedback from the experts in the field. Thanks to Bant's work we theorize that for dps and heal classes, Serendipitous Assault and Focu [..] View

Solo Ranked and the PUG Lottery

8:24 pm, April 11, 2016 You get that beautiful golden queue pop. You eagerly accept and of course you get sent to the Rishi killing grounds. Then you look at your team mates. They are the same ones from last WZ. Or [..] View

The making of the pre, BW, its time to unmake the pre

8:24 am, March 19, 2016 So there I was contemplating the depth at which a made can be classified as pre and it got me thinking about some greater subjects that I wanted to bring to everyones attention and quite frankly every [..] View

Jugg Jumping to Team Mate

8:24 pm, March 7, 2016 I would have said we could do away with this now can't we, especially its effects in the 2 Huttball...jumping to opposition and behind pulled should be enough....jumping to team mate to reduce his thr [..] View

deception and threats to operations

8:24 pm, February 18, 2016 Today i go with ops leader Missbonaparte in EV HM. She cheated players with production distribution. in begin she talk about all materials can be rolled at the end. we went to Soa & wipe o [..] View

Bronties fingers glitched

8:24 am, February 11, 2016 Not sure if anyone has reported this yet. The hands are glitched in Dread fortress and no longer turn no matter who has threat on them anymore. I am hoping this fixed in tomorrows patch cuz the bronti [..] View

Endgame gear a big mess

8:24 pm, January 25, 2016 224s are useless for Assassin/Shadow tanks and possibly others. 220 Mods from sets for healers have too much power which builds a lot of threat on healers. Therefore tanks have to use junk 220 gear [..] View

Horrid WB experience

8:24 am, January 12, 2016 I won't get into the specifics of why a few people in this WB group I joined were horrible people IRL and how 24 people wasted two hours of their lives, I just want to know if I did something wrong. [..] View

PvP Interrupts

8:24 am, January 4, 2016 I feel like Interrupts should lock out all abilities depending on the type used, IE: force, tech, etc. If you lock out a Merc or a Sorc they shouldn't be able to use a force/ tech ability during the d [..] View

East Vs. West

8:24 am, January 3, 2016 I'm just returning to the game after a long break. Recently in Voidstar, people began shouting "left" or "right" based on which door they determined needed the most defenders (I ho [..] View

Immense Input Lag in PvP etc

8:24 pm, December 28, 2015 Anyone else having Problems with the following aspects: - an invisible Root after a Stun, so I'm unable to roll/Mad Dash -People Standing next to me but don't get hit by my Smash -Getting hit by a [..] View

(THE OFFICIAL) i hate sorcs/sages 4.0.3 thread

8:24 am, December 19, 2015 All my brothers and sisters out there that love their gunslingers, pyrotechs, watchmen, infiltration and IO mercs this one is for you guys lets discuss and let out our frustration in this threat of ha [..] View

Protecting your class much....

8:24 am, December 18, 2015 So ive been reading around the forum here and i ve noticed all the post about healers in pvp. The funny thing is is that when somebody makes a comment about it it looks like all the people that play h [..] View

Dak's guide to tanking (basic guide)

8:24 am, December 11, 2015 Hey there people! Tanking is something we need in this game. To effectively tank is a great asset to any guild. Please experience some of the greatness of tanking and try it today. I have put this to [..] View

Two class balance fixes that need to coincide: AP/PT and sorc heals.

8:24 pm, November 24, 2015 Both of these classes need toned down. PT with their burst or their extreme mobility in PVP, and sorc healers with their impossible, over-the-top heals per second performances. What can't happen is [..] View

Apparently I'm a bad DPS for not having certain achieves (TRE rant)...

8:24 am, November 9, 2015 I'll probably get flamed but here goes: So I joined an S&V pug for styrak HM, of course I do have that HM achieve done it within a few weeks of 2.0 launching but things like most NiM raids I [..] View

Tactical Flashpoint Tuning

8:24 am, October 25, 2015 I know there are multiple posts on this issue but it needs to be reiterated. The tuning in Tactical flashpoints need serious readjustment. If you're plan is for the content to be intended for any grou [..] View

Dak's Field Manual to Operations

8:24 am, October 15, 2015 Hello there guildy's your friendly neighborhood OP leader is here to help guide you down the path to serious raiding. Many gamers see HM content as a mark of a good gamer and want that badge of honor. [..] View

This thread will save pvp.

8:24 pm, October 14, 2015 UPDATED!Here is a list of realistic and obtainable changes that will evolve our current pvp maps, and save us from the current detrimental trends we now see in warzones. First of all, the Credit rewa [..] View

Pvp Ranked lets make it fun again

8:24 am, October 13, 2015 Hello I am making this threat to find out how many others founded this idea for season 7 called The Knights Tera Bronze Rewards- Title: Squire , example: Squire Dom, Black Silver Crystals and regula [..] View

Dak's basic guide to threat and taunting

8:24 am, October 10, 2015 Here is a basic video detailing how you can maximize your threat via taunting. Your distance dictates how much threat you can generate with a taunt and should be considered when taunting.Dak's video g [..] View

Possible idea: Wait two weeks before suggesting changes.

8:24 am, October 9, 2015 I have an idea, an idea that might (As in "probably won't") help lower the amount of "NERF X BUFF Y" threats that will for certain start popping up after 4.0. Why would anyone wa [..] View

The Nightmare that will never be!

8:24 am, September 17, 2015 TOS Rav NiM ideas, GO! (Assume all bosses are their pre nerf variations). This is purely for fun and complete boredom.Sparky: Sparky does a Spnning Thorns style attack (called "Dust Storm) ALA t [..] View

Pvp Season 7 or 8

8:24 am, August 23, 2015 Hello I am making this threat to find out how many others founded this idea for season 7 called The Knights Tera Bronze Rewards- Title: Squire , example: Squire Dom, Black Silver Crystals and regula [..] View

Cannot start game since patch 3.3

8:24 am, July 24, 2015 Hey guys, I posted a thread earlier this week regarding FPS issues in-game but it seems I have encountered a whole new problem. When I first downloaded and patched 3.3 I was unable to patch but I wou [..] View

Paid for 60 day game time but not became a subscriber

8:24 pm, July 22, 2015 My friend bought 60 days game time but not became a subscriber. He already have invoice number of this transaction. He s traying to buy another subscription type but it s not possible because he alre [..] View

We the 3 Elites class demand nerfs to Operatives!

8:24 pm, July 21, 2015 Fellow Sorcerers, Powertechs, Assassins! I Bring grim news... There are roughly 35 of these, scoundrels... operatives... who dare bask in the shadow of our Tier 1 Glory! (Many of which are the sam [..] View

Bullies can squelch players now?

8:24 am, June 30, 2015 Leave falling apart guild , make new guild get threats. End up being squelched, apparently a spam device cool although not spamming. Does this mean the idiots and wanna be players in game can explo [..] View

Some player claim to be a GM and threaten me

8:24 am, June 23, 2015 Hello. i hade a chat some ppl at a new guild i joind. and after some time. a player named: "Dancer" sort of claim to be GM and tthreaten and send copy of a report he made to biowere about [..] View

Insane aggro on Colossal Monolith HM

8:24 pm, June 17, 2015 Ok, I think I've seen this happen a few times on Colossal HM, and wanted to see if people have encountered it and if they have any idea WHY it happens, or whether it's just a bug. So, I was on my mer [..] View

65 Ability idea and wish fulfillment.

8:24 pm, June 17, 2015 Post your ideas, hopes and dreams for each spec/class for the increase to L65 abilities. These are just random ideas off hte top of my head. Mara: Spoiler Marauder Carnage - Ataru Flip. [..] View

Guarding, common knowledge

8:24 am, June 6, 2015 I am posting this thread because today I ran several HM flashpoints. In almost every fp I ran I saw the same thing. In many runs I used my mara who had higher gear then my group members, I would ask t [..] View

(probably dumb) Tank aggro questions

8:24 am, May 25, 2015 Hey, just got my wannabe tank (immortal jugg) to 60 in the past week. Got her [mostly] geared up in 186's, but stillworking on augments and bits I can't buy easily. I was reading Artorias' tutorial o [..] View

<Lukewarm Tauntauns> Exposed

8:24 pm, May 17, 2015 <Lukewarm Tauntauns Exposed> This lovely stream past broadcast contains, *Admitting to DDoSing players for rating and because of comps they ran in group ranked. (Anybody that doesn't [..] View

The threat to stay silent

8:24 am, May 8, 2015 I can't believe I just read that Eric... I seriously don't know what to say. So a dev got harassed by players who are not happy with the state of the game 3 years later? So find out who they are, ban [..] View

Dat Saber Reflect Tho

8:24 am, May 8, 2015 20:46:34.921 You activate Saber Reflect 20:46:34.921 You gain Saber Reflect 20:46:34.922 Saber Reflect causes your threat on Colossal Monolith to change by 10,192 20:46:35.168 You hit Colossal Mono [..] View

Clarification on Underlurker Leap Attack (HM)

8:24 am, April 18, 2015 After, hiding behind a rock and about to go into cross phase, I had the Lurker not only jump at me (DPS and had been bunched up behind a rock with others didn't pull threat) but hit me for 30k dmg fro [..] View

A Balancing Success Story: Learn from Operatives/Scoundrels

8:24 am, April 14, 2015 I've been complaining on the forums about class balance a lot recently, and I wanted to take a more positive direction and share my thoughts about why Operatives/Scoundrels are the most balanced class [..] View

******* threats

8:24 pm, April 8, 2015 Customer services needs to hire people to monitor chat. we should not have to monitor it and report things. Today I reported a player who though it was funny to joke about killing themselves. I cleane [..] View

PvP Questions

8:24 pm, April 6, 2015 So I have never posted on here, and I am just coming back to the game since about a year ago. I really enjoy PvPing in the game, granted I have not made it to lvl 60. I understand that statement wil [..] View

PT Liquid Cooling Threat on Combat Dummy

8:24 am, March 26, 2015 Trying to figure out how Liquid Cooling works on my PT tank. This is being more difficult than it should because when I'm engaged with my ship combat dummy, threat gen from Thermal Sensor Override du [..] View

How to pvp? (sorcerer)

8:24 am, March 16, 2015 Hey guys, I've never been really great at pvp, and never really interested in it because it seemed so daunting to get in so late in the game. However, as a relatively new player who just hit 50 with a [..] View

Island_Jedi's field manual to operations

8:24 am, March 11, 2015 Hello there guildy's, your friendly, neighborhood OP leader is here to help guide you down the path to serious raiding. Many gamers see HM content as a mark of a good gamer and want that badge of hono [..] View

Mal/EncPk-OJ on updating game today 06-03-15

8:24 pm, March 6, 2015 my anti-virus detected the Mal/EncPk-OJ threat and removed it, it came from swotor update according to the virus log. can CS elaborate on this? has there been a compromise? ****************** Sophos [..] View

Flashpoints 101, or How to stay off the "Weird people" thread

8:24 am, February 19, 2015 Purpose This last double XP weekend, while doing some lowbie FPs, I ran in to some players of the sort who sometimes end up on the Weird People you meet in Groupfinder thread (which I'm a big fan of, [..] View

When in doubt nerf operatives

8:24 am, February 11, 2015 Not a troll. Flame Shield up inb4 massive forum hammers smash on me. I know the life-threatening risk of "stating my opinion" in PvP forumConcealment 1v3 RIP Roll OP Scrapper Scoundrel god m [..] View

i dont know what im doing and i need your help

8:24 am, February 2, 2015 so for 46 levels i have been lost.. first problem is the treek companion..i am a dps sith sorc..do i have her as a healer or tank because i gear her as a tank with endurance shield and defense gear a [..] View

Tank DPS

8:24 am, January 25, 2015 I am quitting the game because = pick a reason there are loads, but before I leave I would just like to know why in the f did tank dps get buffed so drastically to the point where PT tank can easily d [..] View

Simplified guide to solo **** a Sorcerer

8:24 pm, January 5, 2015 Corruption- While their healing is superior to the other two disciplines, apply pressure and make them move. Movement causes them to have extremely limited healing and attack options. Force them to bu [..] View

A Smart way of helping the "Sorc/Sin" problem in PvP?

8:24 pm, January 4, 2015 Wouldn't it be smarter, from a business model perspective, to fix the over abundance of Sorcs/Sins-Sage/Shadows in PvP by buffing some of the underrepresented classes rather than nerfing the popular o [..] View

A request to review how SWTOR implements endgame raids, starring Group Finder

8:24 am, December 28, 2014 Introduction: Groupfinder: the savior of Eldergame Endgame content right now is absolutely ridiculously exclusive to the guilds with prog teams who are gearing their prog raiders as fast as possibl [..] View

Bulo hard mode, barrels and scatter blast questions

8:24 am, December 20, 2014 So Dulfy suggests the tanks use barrels to take care of the adds between mass barrages. We spent a couple hours tonight trying this and failing, mostly because it always ended up where a 2nd DPS was [..] View

Mandalorian Raiders FP

8:24 am, December 11, 2014 Ive just started playing again and made a new Gaurdian tank to relearn all th FP's. Just did my first run threw of Madalorian raiders and had a bit of a problem with Braxx. I remember before that ev [..] View

Remove/ Restrict Guard in PVE?

8:24 pm, December 10, 2014 So again a thread pop's up about Guard. Another poster was asking and thats noble, they want to learn. It's nobodies fault as it can be difficult to figure out. Over the years it's been explained in g [..] View

Sorcerer Extrication question

8:24 pm, December 1, 2014 I've got a Meltdown run with my sorc healer and got marauder in the group who constantly steals aggro. I pull him twice during the boss fights and after we finished, he ask me to never use extrication [..] View

It is time to be heard!!!!

8:24 am, November 26, 2014 Fellow PVPers the time has come!!! We have been asking for dramatic changes for a long time, and we get in return? Nothing! We asked for cross servers PVP, they refuse We ask for more content, [..] View

Threat Messed Up in Dread Fortress Hard Mode

8:24 am, November 17, 2014 Our guild experienced Draxxus not responding to taunts or leaving the tank within 1 or 2 seconds of taunting tonight. We tried three times. We have successfully completed the fight before. [..] View

Retuning Player, Fresh account, need all the info I can get!

8:24 pm, November 3, 2014 Hello Swtor Friends! I am a Beta/Release player returning for the first time in a few years it seems. Originally I played a Bounty Hunter, got bored due to friends on different servers etc and q [..] View

Some weird things happening on TOFN. Hacks?

8:24 am, October 31, 2014 [02:56:43.944] [@MORON] [@Zpe] [Slash {947001634062336}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Damage {836045448945501}] (0 -parry {836045448945503}) <1> [02:56:44.025] [@MORON] [@Zpe] [For [..] View

3.0 Balance Change Wish List

8:24 pm, October 4, 2014 Pretty bored today so I figured I'd throw together a short wish list of balance changes I would like to see in 3.0 (Note: I don't think each spec will need all of the changes I'm wishing for but likel [..] View

Iolia on Red eclipse

8:24 am, September 20, 2014 Seriosuly guys.. I sent in a report on her asking people to **** themselves so she'd not have to look t hem up to do it and harassing people and making threats... she's still suggesting people **** th [..] View

Hammer Station clarification

8:24 am, September 15, 2014 Right so on the Vorgan the Volcano fight, I have been under the impression that you burn one of his friends first (usually people prefer the droid), then the other friend, then Vorgan, switching off w [..] View

Early flashpoint tanking tips for a guardian (I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING)

8:24 pm, September 6, 2014 After solely leveling healers on my on again/off again subscription, I figured I would finally give tanking a try and made a guardian (I also wanted to experience the jedi knight storyline). When [..] View

Ideas from a Fan

8:24 pm, September 5, 2014 hello Bioware. i have been a fan of your games for 11 years now. my first bioware style RPG was Jade Empire. From there is was Kotor, then the mass effect trilogy and dragon age. i am a huge fan [..] View

PvP Gear....what?

8:24 pm, September 2, 2014 So, the more I add, the worse I get. Fresh 55 Annihilation Marauder, in all 148/150, just enough comms upon hitting 55 to purchase two obroan relics. I was pleasantly surprised at my pvp performanc [..] View

Went to purchase 4.99 Cartel Coin Package, got charged for 99.99 instead

8:24 pm, August 28, 2014 I'll start be prefacing that I've been a subscriber since early access of SW:TOR and have played off and on, fairly regularly since then, while also participating in the Beta for this game. I really d [..] View

Soa mechanic in DP NiM Council Fight

8:24 am, August 17, 2014 Can someone explain how this mechanic works in terms of who it chooses? Because there are some key observations that we've made after many many hours (and a ****) of this boss, which make no sense: [..] View

Jugg Tanking, need more rage gen?

8:24 am, August 13, 2014 So I am a 55 Jugg Tank, I am in almost full 180's, exceptions are off hand (168), 2ximplants (186), 2xrelics (168). Link below is my skill tree, very very rarely in high movement fights i will remo [..] View

Upcoming Tank - What should I prepare for 50/55?

8:24 am, August 9, 2014 Welcome to my "I have no idea how to PvE so please teach me all about it" thread. Intro: Spoiler Okay, that's a lie, I did a bit of PvE before, but that's not t [..] View

attacked while in combat in open world pvp

8:24 am, August 8, 2014 While searching for rare spawns in the rakghoul event, I came across a pub. He wasn't flagged for pvp, I always am. Hung out for a moment to see if he was going to engage the champ. He didn't so I [..] View

Tips on dealing with Enraged Defense/Enduring Bastion?

2:17 pm, May 5, 2014 Patch 2.7 has added an extra level of awesome/annoying to the Jugg/Knight and Sage/Sorc, depending on whether you play as one or are fighting one. The Jugg now has a self-heal so powerful that they ar [..] View

Fatedd Please Grow Up and Move Out Of Your Mom's Basement

8:17 am, April 26, 2014 I could have reported him for threatening me but it was 420 and trolling him is so much more fun. Be warned America you are no longer safe. Fatedd has a bat phone to Vladimir Putin and now we ar [..] View

PVE AOE Taunt system 2.7

2:17 am, April 26, 2014 hi is it me or does anyone else think this new aoe taunt system is **** for dps ? i do ALOT of daily's as dps and you now cannot taunt them all for aoe dmg and my comps (healer) keeps pulling t [..] View

Advice needed Vanguard Tank (PvE)

8:17 pm, April 24, 2014 Hi all, I'm in the process of changing some things around on my Vanguard tank who is heavily mitigation focused. He's mostly 72's with the Underworld/Arkanian 4 piece set bonus (2 of each) and a fe [..] View

Merc / Commando knockback delay imbalance?

8:17 pm, April 24, 2014 Well basically as the thread titles, commando knockback is instant upon activation where as a merc one isnt, there is an animation that plays before the knockback happens. This can be extremely inf [..] View

[BUG REPORT] (Repost from Bug Reports Forums)

8:17 am, April 24, 2014 Enure is not removing all given health and is giving a net healing effect as evidenced in these combat logs: http://www.torparse.com/a/655139/2/0/Overview Notice the beginning and end values of [..] View

Vigilance Guardian PvP guide for patch 2.7

8:17 pm, April 21, 2014 Hello all of you vigilance guardians and vengeance juggernauts out there! as you can probably tell from the title, this guide is for all you guys who play vigilance(or vengeance if you play a juggerna [..] View

Is this hybrid worth a shot?

2:17 am, April 16, 2014 So out of pure boredom I started my first Guardian. Now I've checked everywhere for decent hybrids. Now I do mostly solo and FPs. Not into PVP so I don't need nor want to spec for that. When I started [..] View

DPS AoE "taunt" not dropping aggro?

8:17 pm, April 9, 2014 Was playing around with the threat drop on my guardian tank and jugg dps this morning and noticed that on my tank (was playing around with the idea of off-tank switch form pump out guardianship withou [..] View

Which of these names should I rename my Sith Juggernaut?

8:17 am, April 6, 2014 Here are the names. My character is a Chaotic Good Sith Juggernaut. Dark Side Related Things: Pro Empire, vengeful and terrifying to his enemies, murders anybody who is extremely pro-Republic, ha [..] View


Jedi Guardian AOE threat

Dec 24, 2014, 3:50 pm I heard that in 1.3 there is going to be an update to guardian AOE threat to bring it up to par with BH/Vanguard and Shadow/Assassin tanks.. Has...[..] View

Threat help ability for Guardians / Juggs

Dec 20, 2014, 3:15 am I've also posted this in the Guardian section. Figured it would get more exposure here. So I may be WAY off here, but throw your thoughts at this...[..] View

Armor Reduction = Threat?

Dec 18, 2014, 2:32 pm Does applying a stack of armor reduction cause any threat in and of itself? Therefore, does spreading stacks of armor reduction via Crushing Blow...[..] View

So the warning against Macro use was just empty threat?

Dec 14, 2014, 7:45 am I'm seeing tons of streamers that are blatantly using Macros. The most recent is right here <a href="http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=676671http://" target="_blank">http://www.swtor.com[..] View

Threat Gen Issues

Dec 14, 2014, 3:17 am Hello...I am currently having issues generating threat on my Guardian Tank. Directly below is what I am currently running:...[..] View

Threat Bars?

Dec 14, 2014, 3:06 am Is there such a thing as a threat status bar in this game?, does one exist perhaps for just tank classes?. Maybe this should be in the suggestions...[..] View

GCD Merc threat drop

Dec 14, 2014, 2:55 am So I just switched to arsenal DPS spec on my Merc after playing for almost a year as a healer. This is a pretty big deal for Arsenal Mercs that are...[..] View

Threat Messed Up in Dread Fortress Hard Mode

Dec 14, 2014, 2:41 am Our guild experienced Draxxus not responding to taunts or leaving the tank within 1 or 2 seconds of taunting tonight. We tried three times. We have successfully completed the fight before. [..] View

Threat Issues

Dec 14, 2014, 2:38 am I'm a somewhat freshly geared lv50 tank. I have all my daily armor/enhance slots filled, one piece of columni gear, and one Eternity Vault piece. ...[..] View

All this talk about Dark Protection, but no mention of the drop in threat generation?

Dec 13, 2014, 8:08 pm I'm no mathematician, but even before running an op this evening I wondered how 171 &#34;additional threat&#34; on each hit of Dark Charge and a &#34;slight&#34; increase to the damage dealt by Thrash[..] View

New idea for threat troubles.

Dec 13, 2014, 12:50 pm So I may be WAY off here, but throw your thoughts at this idea I had whilst sitting here at work.. Guardians (and Juggs of course) should receive...[..] View

Jugg Threat busted?

Dec 13, 2014, 9:30 am Backgroud: Level 55 tank. Fighting Garjh (lava island boss in HM EV) I open with taunt then jump in and immediately backhand. Waiting for the very...[..] View

If 2.7 goes live (insert threat here)

Dec 13, 2014, 4:56 am A couple of thoughts and my opinion which is 100% correct. Every person on every server will unsub Bolster doesn't work, I want gear levels. Increasing gear with every patch doesn't work, please [..] View

Is the Sorseu threat boost actually working?

Dec 13, 2014, 4:56 am I noticed here in a recent hardmode FP, that when I was paired up with a Guardian tank (also a lvl 50), I kept pulling aggie away from him (no, I...[..] View

Dropping threat - part of rotation?

Dec 12, 2014, 8:18 pm Should DPS be dropping aggro periodically as a part of his rotation? Or only when actually being targeted by the boss and when knowing that big dps spike is coming (like adrenal + zen + inspiration)? [..] View

A threat leveled...

Dec 12, 2014, 7:03 pm I just finished Nar Shaddaa and went into my ship and talked to Lord Baras. He informed my about a spy and the Orbital monitoring station in Hutt Space. I cannot seem to find this mission anywhere..[..] View

Yet another connection issues threat

Dec 12, 2014, 6:59 pm I thought I was the only one having these issues but it seems there are lots of people with the same problem as well. This began yesterday as soon...[..] View

Should DPS wait a few seconds into the fight? + Tank Opening Threat Gen.

Dec 12, 2014, 10:02 am So I'm arguing with these two tanks in my guild about opening threat. They're of the mentality that the DPS waiting &#34;4 seconds&#34; for the tank to grab aggro is the right way to start a fight. I [..] View

Shadow Threat Gen

Dec 12, 2014, 2:18 am Am I the only one who thinks that the Threat Gen for Shadows is way too high? I mean, I've aggro'd enemies 24 meters away, even when I'm stealthed...[..] View

HIgh Threat Moves

Dec 12, 2014, 1:05 am How much threat do these actually generate? Is it a base amount added on, is it another percentage? (For example, it deals an additional 50% damage as threat, in addition to tank stance threat gen.) [..] View


Dec 11, 2014, 7:27 pm What is threat? Does it matter at all in PvP?[..] View

Guild Threatened

Dec 11, 2014, 2:03 pm I have players who are in the process of being banned from our guild say that they were going to get the guild leader (me) banned for violating the...[..] View

TFB threat oddity?

Dec 11, 2014, 1:07 pm While fighting the last boss in TFB I noticed something strange with regard to threat in phase 2. Every single time, my healer steals threat in the...[..] View

real life threats against players and their family members..e-mail NOT good enough

Dec 11, 2014, 10:26 am I submited several reports on a player that was going off in general and ended up with several threats on killing players and tracking their IP's to &#34;track down and kill their family's&#34; I g[..] View

Threat mechanics on Raptus

Dec 8, 2014, 9:38 pm So I wanted to ask about the threat mechanics on Raptus. I have tanked it multiple times, often with the same cotank as tonight, and while sometimes a pit patchy, it was never a huge issue. But tonigh[..] View

Immortal without threat / aggro generation?

Dec 8, 2014, 3:38 pm Hi, Can you be immortal spec without any talents or abilities used to generate threat? I ask because I find Immortal good for survivability and...[..] View

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