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Threat Issues
I'm a somewhat freshly geared lv50 tank. I have all my daily armor/enhance slots filled, one piece of columni gear, and one Eternity Vault piece. .....
Yet another connection issues threat
I thought I was the only one having these issues but it seems there are lots of people with the same problem as well. This began yesterday as soon.....
Jedi Guardian AOE threat
I heard that in 1.3 there is going to be an update to guardian AOE threat to bring it up to par with BH/Vanguard and Shadow/Assassin tanks.. Has.....
Armor Reduction = Threat?
Does applying a stack of armor reduction cause any threat in and of itself? Therefore, does spreading stacks of armor reduction via Crushing Blow.....
Is the Sorseu threat boost actually working?
I noticed here in a recent hardmode FP, that when I was paired up with a Guardian tank (also a lvl 50), I kept pulling aggie away from him (no, I.....
Shadow Threat Gen
Am I the only one who thinks that the Threat Gen for Shadows is way too high? I mean, I've aggro'd enemies 24 meters away, even when I'm stealthed.....
GCD Merc threat drop
So I just switched to arsenal DPS spec on my Merc after playing for almost a year as a healer. This is a pretty big deal for Arsenal Mercs that are.....
TFB threat oddity?
While fighting the last boss in TFB I noticed something strange with regard to threat in phase 2. Every single time, my healer steals threat in the.....
Immortal without threat / aggro generation?
Hi, Can you be immortal spec without any talents or abilities used to generate threat? I ask because I find Immortal good for survivability and.....
Guild Threatened
I have players who are in the process of being banned from our guild say that they were going to get the guild leader (me) banned for violating the.....
Threat help ability for Guardians / Juggs
I've also posted this in the Guardian section. Figured it would get more exposure here. So I may be WAY off here, but throw your thoughts at this.....
New idea for threat troubles.
So I may be WAY off here, but throw your thoughts at this idea I had whilst sitting here at work.. Guardians (and Juggs of course) should receive.....
Threat Gen Issues
Hello...I am currently having issues generating threat on my Guardian Tank. Directly below is what I am currently running:.....
Threat Bars?
Is there such a thing as a threat status bar in this game?, does one exist perhaps for just tank classes?. Maybe this should be in the suggestions.....
Jugg Threat busted?
Backgroud: Level 55 tank. Fighting Garjh (lava island boss in HM EV) I open with taunt then jump in and immediately backhand. Waiting for the very.....
real life threats against players and their family members..e-mail NOT good enough
I submited several reports on a player that was going off in general and ended up with several threats on killing players and tracking their IP's to "track down and kill their family's" I g..
A threat leveled...
I just finished Nar Shaddaa and went into my ship and talked to Lord Baras. He informed my about a spy and the Orbital monitoring station in Hutt Space. I cannot seem to find this mission anywhere....
HIgh Threat Moves
How much threat do these actually generate? Is it a base amount added on, is it another percentage? (For example, it deals an additional 50% damage as threat, in addition to tank stance threat gen.) ..
So the warning against Macro use was just empty threat?
I'm seeing tons of streamers that are blatantly using Macros. The most recent is right here Will this truly ever be enforced or just another em..
All this talk about Dark Protection, but no mention of the drop in threat generation?
I'm no mathematician, but even before running an op this evening I wondered how 171 "additional threat" on each hit of Dark Charge and a "slight" increase to the damage dealt by Thrash..
What is threat? Does it matter at all in PvP?..
Dropping threat - part of rotation?
Should DPS be dropping aggro periodically as a part of his rotation? Or only when actually being targeted by the boss and when knowing that big dps spike is coming (like adrenal + zen + inspiration)? ..
If 2.7 goes live (insert threat here)
A couple of thoughts and my opinion which is 100% correct. Every person on every server will unsub Bolster doesn't work, I want gear levels. Increasing gear with every patch doesn't work, please ..
Threat mechanics on Raptus
So I wanted to ask about the threat mechanics on Raptus. I have tanked it multiple times, often with the same cotank as tonight, and while sometimes a pit patchy, it was never a huge issue. But tonigh..
Should DPS wait a few seconds into the fight? + Tank Opening Threat Gen.
So I'm arguing with these two tanks in my guild about opening threat. They're of the mentality that the DPS waiting "4 seconds" for the tank to grab aggro is the right way to start a fight. I ..
Threat Drops and Healers.
Ignore. I asked a question, then logged in, did some testing and answered it for myself...
Threat Messed Up in Dread Fortress Hard Mode
Our guild experienced Draxxus not responding to taunts or leaving the tank within 1 or 2 seconds of taunting tonight. We tried three times. We have successfully completed the fight before. ..
PT Liquid Cooling Threat on Combat Dummy
Trying to figure out how Liquid Cooling works on my PT tank. This is being more difficult than it should because when I'm engaged with my ship combat dummy, threat gen from Thermal Sensor Override du..
Suicide threats
Customer services needs to hire people to monitor chat. we should not have to monitor it and report things. Today I reported a player who though it was funny to joke about killing themselves. I cleane..
The threat to stay silent
I can't believe I just read that Eric... I seriously don't know what to say. So a dev got harassed by players who are not happy with the state of the game 3 years later? So find out who they are, ban..
Some player claim to be a GM and threaten me
Hello. i hade a chat some ppl at a new guild i joind. and after some time. a player named: "Dancer" sort of claim to be GM and tthreaten and send copy of a report he made to biowere about me. in or..
Dak's basic guide to threat and taunting
Here is a basic video detailing how you can maximize your threat via taunting. Your distance dictates how much threat you can generate with a taunt and should be considered when taunting.Dak's video g..
deception and threats to operations
Today i go with ops leader Missbonaparte in EV HM. She cheated players with production distribution. in begin she talk about all materials can be rolled at the end. we went to Soa & wipe ops o..
The Ancient Threat still doable?
I've been looking up World Bosses recently, and it seemed that before 4.0 at least, The Ancient Threat on Yavin 4 was just crazy hard, with attempts being made almost exclusively with 24-48 person tea..
Companion Threat Generation?
I've been away from the game for a couple years, and just returned. I used to play tanks a lot, but as there have been changes, I decided to go the easier route of DPS with a healer companion. Howeve..
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