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The Thrasher Hybrid Assassin
*The Thrasher Hybrid Assassin* The Thrasher build is designed to be an alternative to the standard 31/0/10 (or 31/1/9 which I prefer) darkness.....
Bonethrasher NMM Bugged Smash?
So we're in NMM KP on BT and we've been having problems with people getting one shotted off of his aoe smash. Our players will be at full hp and.....
Thrasher fail
In Scum and villiany my raid team completed Thrasher in HM just today, but we ignored the last group of snipers and just burnt the boss. When we.....
Thrasher HM line of sight issues on snipers
Anyone else having issues targeting the snipers and demo guys on hm thrasher in S&V..
Shadow/ssin Tanking Thrasher in 16 man HM
This fight just straight pisses me off as a shadow tank. It is damn near impossible to tank Thrasher on 16 man hard mode as a shadow/ssin tank. .....
HM S&V Thrasher - Sniper Shield
Hello, OK I am tired of just leaving DPS up top to run around and kill snipers. I would like to do this the way it was intended and have the roar kill the shields. However I am not sure as to w..
S&V - 8M - HM - Thrasher - buggy
This encounter really needs to be looked at. He does not always channel roar after his knock up ability. His roar, even when close to the snipers, does not always clear their shields. Snipers a..
Just a Sweet Thrasher Parse from my 1st attack which drops stealth (damn tank didnt say going lol) to thrahsers death since adds were up still (had a 27k sniper in HM was ..
HM Thrasher bugs?
Last night we experienced some very strange issues with the Thrasher fight on HM. Firstly Parsec was registering very bizarre threat measurements for all our raiders. For dps TPS was nearly 4-5 time..
Tanking Thrasher ?
So... I'm fairly new to ops, especially in a tanking role. Yesterday I got a spot as off-tank for a S&V 16-man run. Story mode. My gear isn't great but if we go by Bioware's recommendations it's ..
Sith Sorc solo versus Bonethrasher (1st boss KP)
Just have to share this with u guys :rolleyes: Sith Sorcerer lvl 55 hybrid (mainly Madness) spec killed Bonethrasher (1st boss in Karagga's Palace) on 8m storymode
S&V HM Thrasher bug??
Doing Scum and Villany tonight and we get to thrasher and the demolitionists guys seem to not be attackable from the ground. They are able to be targeted but no dps in our op was able to attack it fro..
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