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Characters Stuck at Loading Screen/Cannot play with old character
Dont worry for people experiencing this issue the official word is that the team are aware of the fact that some of you are having issues logging in with your old characters and we are ..
Stuck for 17 hours?
So I went to spirit of vengeance with my level 50 BH Ralmen, and am now stuck in a static place suspended in mid air unable to use my Emergency fleet.....
Stuck point
Hi, just thought i might post this in here maybe someone can pass it along, in Nar Shaddaa Duros Sector there's an area of light guards these are.....
Social Points 'stuck'
My main character's social point score is stuck (at 1177) - he's level 50 and I usually run a couple of flashpoints every day. I first noticed this.....
Is there a way to suicide your character as i'm stuck and all the usaul ways of getting out of it are not working (fleet pass, /stuck, etc)..
Stuck floating after jumping/falling....
One thing that i've been noticing recently is that sometime when i force leap or jump down from a platform or be thrown by the air jets in huttball.....
Stuck on loading screen
Hello guys, I just bought this game and im stuck on the loading screen that comes after i type id and pw. Can someone help me with this problem?.....
Help Stuck under A mountain on Alderaan
I just got stuck under a mountain on Alderaan not i just get the loading screen for my character but i forgot what server im on =( My characters.....
Stuck in Friends Class Zone for 3 Days, and Counting! CS Failure of In-Game Support
I've played a ton of games, and I understand on the majority of questions a canned response may be the best way to respond to "basic" questions as.....
My toon is stuck
Okay, my kid was playing earlier today and went to his ship. As he was heading towards the cockpit, his agent acted like he hit a wall and will not.....
Was helping a friend with their class quest (a Jedi Knight) which had them go to an instance of Drommund Kaas. Could not exit with them and have.....
Stuck in Warzones, unable to move
So, in the last two days I have experienced this phenomenon where my character is killed and then I find myself stuck in a CCed position. The first.....
All 8 Characters stuck after logging in
Submitted a ticket that is currently open for two days now. Right now I can't play the game at all. This happened upon my return from a 3 week.....
Stuck in Kaas City
Well the title says it. I am stuck in Kaas city. I was helping a friend on some missions. Ended up doing Doomsday. After the mission we clicked.....
Im totaly stuck and cant get back to the 2nd planet.
well "what had happen was" I was on the 2nd planet (KAAS) I think thats the name. I get this other player some where on the server whispering to me,.....
Stuck in loading screen..
Hello, After a warzone match the game crashed and now when I try to log on I just get stuck at the loading screen and I cannot log on to any other.....
Stuck on 'The Path to Power', Balmorra.
TL; DR at the bottom. Today, I got stuck on The Path to Power on Balmorra (level 20 Sith Sorcerer). At some point, you can opt to kill Iannos.....
Stuck on chapter 1
at some point back when i was leveling i had the option to go to either alderaan or tatooine for some class quests, i did a little of both but.....
Stuck In The Respawn Area
I play as a sniper in pre 50 warzones ATM. And about once every 5 matches or so, when I die and click to respawn, I reappear in the respawn area but.....
Stuck durch Wartung
Es gibt ein Stuck im Ladebildschirm.In meinen Fall,von der Flotte (Rep.) auf meinen XS Frachter. Ld etwa 1/6 und geht danach nicht mehr.....
companion counter stuck
I thought yesterday when a played for a little while the counter was stuck, and though 'oh im just tired', however today im not tired and its stuck.....
Character stuck logged in...
I am on Droggas, I could load all my characters on the Imperial Fleet but when I tried to get on my ship it hung up on the loading screen and the.....
Continually Stuck in Warzones
This is the 7th time my character has become "stuck" in a Warzone upon resurrecting. When this happens, I cannot move, attack, activate abilities,.....
Stuck in loadscreen after patch 1.2
Dear Support, After the latest patch, after I succesfully login into the launcher en press Play. I get stuck in the loadscreen(Endless wait).....
Stuck and out of ideas
I was helping my husband (Jedi Knight) with killing the emperor in the Drummond Kass instance. When we went to leave it transported me to "his".....
Cant patch, stuck in launcher
This is the second time this happens. Last time i had to copy the hole starwars folder from a friend to get it to work. I have re-installed the.....
What was the point of disabling Exit Area? Stuck in Mind Trap for 20mins!!
Tonight me and another guy got trapped in a Mind Trap during SOA for 20mins. So SOA kills everyone and resets BUT we are still stuck in combat.....
Stuck bug in PVP annoying as hell!
Twice today during WZ's, on two different characters of differing clases mind you, I've died while being knocked down. Once this happens, I rez.....
Got stuck in a Quick Travel console...
So, after dancing around waiting for people to join my group, never happened. I got mad and logged out while I was dancing on top of the console. .....
Stuck at Loading Splash Screen
The patch downloaded, I logged in, chose my character to play and pressed Play. The character loaded, and I had a message that one of my layouts.....
Stuck in Korriban's Flame
A friend was helping me with a class quest. Used his Fleet Pass to meet me and traveled with me to Korriban's Flame. After it finished, I left to my.....
Stuck in warzone spawn "dead" with full HP
This has happened to me multiple times. If you click the resurrect button too quickly, your character will respawn and "die" with full hp in the.....
Game Download via Launcher stuck at ~133kB/s
Hi, I recently moved to a new PC and have been trying to re-download SWTOR. My Launcher won't go any faster than about 133kB/s on the patch.....
Patcher stuck at Installing Main Assets 60 (59%)
Starting my own thread for this. Yes, this is slightly provocative to the CS but we all have to do our jobs... *I have a problem with patch 1.2.4.....
Stuck on which class to play
So basically i want a class the has a good and fun storyline to play on the empires side and is also useful in PvP (note. this can be in any role as.....
Getting stuck at spawn!!!
Ok 4 times today towards then end of a PvP match I get stuck in the spawn knocked on the ground.:mad: This is really pissing me off because I have.....
stuck inside holoterminal in my ship
So I logged out last night while standing on the holoterminal in my ship. Logged in this morning and I'm stuck inside of it. No quicktravel options.....
Stuck on the splash screen !
Since early morning I've been trying to get in game with no luck, everytime ending being stuck on the splash screen with the cog spinning. This thing.....
Issue with being stuck to floor
When respawning players still sometimes get stuck on the floor and then get booted because they cant leave spawn. Everytime /stuck does not work......
Can't log into my character/stuck on guild member's ship
My character (Blamo) on server Wound in the Force is stuck on my guild member's ship. I get a warning that the program stopped working whenever I.....
Have you stuck by your Shadow?
In this game, where the Devs/game design openly encourage multiple alts in a variety of classes, have you stuck to your Shadow since day 1? Before.....
Character Stuck in Transfer Limbo
Last night I went to transfer my last two characters off Empress Teta. I started at 11:30 pm pst right before some website maintenance at midnight. I.....
Stuck "Dead" In Spawn
Enough of this bug all ready. Its absolutely ridiculous...
"Corrected issues that could cause players to appear to be stuck dead." Oh Really?
I've never had a problem with my character being stuck dead, until tonight. I've been in a prone position, and cannot get up from it. I can still use.....
Patch 1.3b Stuck?
Hello, This morning I attempted to patch SWTOR, but when ever it reaches 22% on Main Assets 68, it freezes. Are there any fixes to this? .....
Stuck in Group
Doing BH daily this morning, i received a random invite from a player, Which i thought it might have bin for Shadow, as soon as i accepted the.....
Please help, stuck at loading screen after pressing play
Help! Saturday, I started getting error 9000's about every hour or so. Then after the last one, nothing has worked. I have tried running fixlauncher,.....
Stuck in Transfer Limbo
Afternoon everyone, thought I'd post a query here since I'm out of options so it would seem. As one of the many people who moved off Lord Calypho.....
My character is constantly stuck, game thinks he is in a vehicle!
Hi, I am currently on Balmorra and one of my characters took a transport from one hub to another, and now the game thinks he is stuck on it,.....
Stuck between levels (possible spoilers)
Hello everyone! i was wondering if anyone else had this problem and if someone found a solution. Im a level 41 guardian and i just finished.....
How do you get unstuck ingame
Cant unstick with command and cant teleport out how do i solve this?..
Please fix the stuck bug in warzones
Dear Bioware, Please fix the stuck bug in warzones, especially rated. It's ridiculous that this bug even exits Thank you,..
Launcher Stuck while installing, help!
This started yesterday, after the patch downloaded I could no longer run SWTOR, said I needed to repair my install, I tried that several times. .....
Voidstar Smuggler - Stuck in Crouch
The last 3 times I've played VS, my smuggler has become stuck in the crouching position after the second round starts. I can still move and use some.....
STUCK in game; CSR didn't move me like he said he did
I've been stuck in game for over half an hour now. I am doing the mission where I go to kill Admiral Monk on the space station. The part where a.....
Getting stuck in warzones is becoming a real problem
Yesterday me and one of our healers got stuck in the spawn during a RWZ game of Huttball, ended up getting kicked and losing rating for it. This.....
stuck and cant get out using regular methods
i am stuck and using quick travel and or /stuck do not work. stuck now for 3 days and have sent in a ticket to support with no help. when using.....
Stuck in spawn: when are BW going to get off their a**es and fix the damn thing ?
It's been there since launch and they can't even fix it ?? And they try to tell us that they will deliver content every six weeks with their stupid.....
/Stuck command resulting in defeat
Tonight I was roaming around in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant harvesting crafting material. At one point I end up being stuck, I type in the command.....
Main Assests 75 stuck @ 86% 1.3.5 - UPDATE
Have repaired launcher, still doing it. Launcher log below. 2012-08-08 05:35:54 INFO File info: launcher.exe size=2512760, created=7/18/2012.....
Stucking laying down after death
Is this bug ever going to be fixed, where when you get killed in PvP, you are forced to leave, or get kicked out? This happens to me multiple times a.....
Stuck on Chevin event - no more quests
I completed the following for the Chevin event: -Vandrayk's Tuning Apparatus -Fossilized Krayt Dragon Pearl -Akar Kesh Meditation Mask -Black.....
Stuck on Coruscant
So I got back to my vanguard character... Only to find out that he is stuck and nothing I do helps. 4 times I've logged in and out. The area won't.....
client 61 stuck at 53%
i returned after some prolonged vaccations, patched the launcher but trying to patch the game fails. the patching stops while installing game client.....
Launcher stuck at 99% patch again...
I made a mistake resubbing. Nice job EA...
Stuck on agent mission
My Agent cant get into the drill room on the Economics Scales mission. I aquire the uniform but it wount let me into the drill room. am I missing.....
stuck in pvp spawn
It PISSES me off that you useless f****** cant seem to fix this bug, thats been around for ages.. Both in ranked, and reguler ones, happens at least.....
Stuck in Huttball
Okay well basically i was playing a normal game of huttball and everything was going fine until the end of the match where everybody's characters.....
Patch Stuck?
Well, I reinstalled SWTOR, and after it was done patching, or so I thought it was, I restarted my computer, and then tried logging in, and noticed.....
Character stuck in constant motion.
My character's name is EnragedLemon, my character is stuck at the lifts at the sundari imperial station between the lift and the cliff wall. The.....
Stuck in spawn
Please fix this retarded issue that has been around ever since you added the deserter debuff.. I've also noticed a pattern.. Every time it's.....
getting /stuck as ball carrier is going to be an issue if gone unfixed...
I've found a 100% surefire way to get stuck on part of the map in huttball. The first time I do it, I can agro dump temporarily while it moves me.....
Stuck As Jedi Knight
hey guys, so my friend is an idiot, and when he had the option to choose sentinal or guardian, he didnt do either he is now on the class quest stolen.....
Class quests stuck Ord Mantell
Please help! Character stuck, can't proceed! Tried logging, restarting...
Installing Main Assets 79...And Stuck...
Right, so with the recent update, which I've now tried about 15 times over the last week, it always gets stuck in the exact same spot while.....
Character stuck in terrain, over 24 hours
Ticket numbers 6407011 and 6413320 opened in game, please assist. :)..
WS.Malware.2 when Downloading PTS Patch and now stuck at 59% with no progress
Just as the title says, everytime i download your PTS patch i get a WS.Malware.2 warning from my antivirus, now im stuck downloading the patch at 59%.....
Patcher stuck @ 45% on main assets 80
Have tried the fixinstaller.exe but it just gets stuck constantly @ 45% Have run the diagnostics, but where can I upload the file?..
Stuck (No CSR Help)
My character is stuck in the holoterminal on my ship and /stuck does not work and fleet pass inactive for almost 6 hours. It's been almost 4 hours.....
Trooper stuck on class quest
So my level 7 trooper is/was stuck on "The ambush" a class quest... and swtor "fixed" the issue in the last patch but because I was already on the.....
my companion's affection stuck
I am playing a trooper and the companion's affection is stuck. Is there a fix to this? will this continue throughout the whole game? Will this affect.....
Stuck dead in a warzone in the spawn area BUG
I have it just as i write this. When it will be fixed? The real question is Can.....
Left alderaan and stuck in a black hole
Wow game is up and a new problem ... left alderaan and now the game becomes completely unresponsive and just stays on a black screen ... i was.....
TWO Characters Stuck
This is more than just a simple bug. I currently have two characters stuck in limbo and unable to be logged into due to the group finder bug. One is.....
Still stuck after 15 hours
My character is still stuck in limbo after 15 hours. I put in 2 tickets and posted on this forums twice. I did Teral V with my shadow. When it.....
Stuck in Ship.....
once again i have a problem le sign......i tried to get on my ship to talk to my companion, it did the cut scene but then it when to a black screen.....
Stuck at loading screen after doing a warzone
I've tried killing the client and logging back in still still at the loading screen. In this case it now is a the Interlude loading screen the bar is.....
Character stuck at loading screen
character stuck at loading screen, kill swtor with task manager and restart swtor doesnt allow to login with other characters since previous stuck.....
Stuck in Game Loading Screen
I've had an issue with my client where I log in successfully and click play, but only see the loading screen of the game, the in-game cursor, and the.....
Cannot load into a character stuck in OPS
One of my characters is stuck in Story Mode Denova. I was in a ops group getting ready to go and when i phased into the Denova instance the client.....
Stuck Boarding Ship
As the title says, tried to board my ship and it's now been over 15 minutes the loading screen is stuck a quarter of the way loading. Help pls !!!..
Stuck at the Trooper Mission Tavus ship can't unstuck!!
Hello, I'm at the trooper storyline in tavus' ship and I'm stuck at space. I cannot unstuck my character tried everything!! I issued a ticket.....
Stuck on the Fury on Ebon Hawk
Not myself, but watching my husband (Tenebris) and some others (Vahila & some others) stuck on a Fury on Ebon Hawk. They didn't log out on the ship......
stuck at installing
1.4 wont install, patcher just freezes at installing main assets 83 at 33% Have had this issue for about 10 days, have tried all the fixes i have.....
Stuck, please help
Hello all, I am very new to this kind of game. I have three characters is Jedi Covenant and can't seem to get past level 15. All I have left are.....
Loadscreen stuck at 33%
After finishing Directive 7 HM, I exited area, and pressed travel to previous location. My loading bar was stuck at around 33% for about 5 mins, so I.....
Still stuck in Infinite Loading
Hello! I have all my 4 chars stuck in Infinite Loading, and I have read all treads here about it and taken all steps you have shown. Still My 4.....
Stil stuck on loading
Dear Bioware I am still having an issue with constant dc's(wait that was three weeks ago)..I mean endless stuttering(sorry, that was the last two.....
Stuck on main assets 85 0%
Hello I am stuck on main assets 85 on 0% they whole launcher locks up,I have tried some of the "solutions" on the forum but none worked for me. I.....
Character load screen stuck at 20%
I'm trying to log in to one of my toons., I manage to log into the character select screen with no problems, but then after I select a character and.....
Stuck in a group with no one.
Hi, I'm having serious issues with being stuck in a group by my self, I cant leave or invite anyone or be invited by anyone. if i type /leave it says.....
Stuck in loading screen
My character is stuck at the loading screen to corellia. I've tried rebooting my computer. If i try to log in another character it says that i.....
Installer stuck
I opened up the game today and it started to install the new update. However It is stuck. It says installing game client 70 then (o%) and is stuck in.....
Stuck at Login Screen
Good morning tech support, title says it all, I'm stuck at the "login" screen after I play the button in the launcher. No character or server.....
My trooper stuck since 20:th of August!!
I have not been able to progress with my troppers story line and cash in the two missions: "Inconspicious valor" and " Return to duty" since August.....
25% Loading stuck when doing FPs/ops
This happens to me nearly every time I complete a flashpoint with group finder or during an operation if we wipe - when I go to load back in, the.....
loading stuck at 25%
I have seen in another thread about repairing the launcher. Though when I try to run DiskCasheArena it asks me what program I'd like to use to open.....
Stuck on Planet
I keep getting stuck on planets with my toons. I have tried my ship, fleet pass, the shuttle to the fleet etc but the game crashes no mater what.....
Stuck on loading in to fleet
My char (bob-ie) on the red eclipse server is stuck loading on the fleet. I have been atl ctrl del shuting the game down several times, but.....
Stuck in Loadingscreen
Happens for a week now, randomly, on each character. If i just log in, teleport somewhere else etc. very annoying, especially when you finally got an.....
Tomb of Freedon Nadd EU - Stuck on loading screen
This issue has now resolved itself. Please lock and remove...
text cursor stuck in first character position
Since yesterday, Oct 28, when I try to type into any chat or text box, including the command line (chat), ingame e-mail, or Create Ticket windows,.....
Stuck at installing patch 1.4.3
Hi, Ive tried running the launcher in admin mode, used fixlauncher.exe and redownloaded the patch, but everytime it gets stuck at 86% during the.....
stuck at loading screen!
ive been having this problem for about 2 weeks now both of my main charaters are unplayable because after i select them it gets stuck at the loading.....
Character stuck on ship
Hi, my toon is stuck on the ship, in the middle of the holoemitter(!) and nothing helps. I tried stuck, suicide and even had a guildie to force pull,.....
So I finally got stuck at 20% myself...
This morning, actually as I am typing this - I was just put into a group using the Group Finder tool, and clicked the 'Travel Now' button from Fleet......
Seriously, again stuck in everlasting loadingscreen!
I experienced increasingly worse problems with locked loading screens all of a sudden recently, finally I could not even log in to the game at all,.....
Stuck Installing
So the launcher keeps getting stuck installing Game Client 71. It always stops at 99% and does nothing else. I have no idea what to do to fix this,.....
Again stuck on loading screen after wz
God dammit solve this. Today 3 times. 3 times waiting 20 min to my character to be auto-logged off cause some stupid problem of 1.4...
Stuck! Learn to read the tickets!
I have been stuck for hours! I put in a ticket explaining that /stuck DOESN'T work. Quick travel DOESN'T work because it says I am moving. Yet I get.....
stuck on patch someone plz help
ive been tryin to download the patch and after i finish with the first part of it where u download the 2.0 or whatever gigs im stuck on main assets.....
Stuck on Character Select screen
*Server:* Tomb of Freedon Nadd *Summary:* Basically I'm stuck at the Character Selection screen, attempting to play a character will give me a.....
Stuck on Load in screen
I have tried to reload my game 3 times. It gets 1/4 way progress and remains stuck. When I try to load a different character it says the original.....
OK, the 'stuck at 20% bug seriously needs to get fixed...
I for the life of me, cannot get my character logged back into game, even after using the stuck feature after attempting to leave Lost Island. .....
It is taking longer than usual to log on, and when I do, It takes forever for the screen to create the image on the screen. Often my character and.....
Class mission stuck after completion
It has been like that since thursday from when the server 'The Red Eclipse' was messed up. The fix you implemented that same day did not fix my.....
game stuck at loading screen
science 10.30 patch, game often stuck at loading screen...
Stuck while trying to load onto Agent Ship
Howdy, my character cannot seem to load past 25% on the loading bar for my Agent's Ship. I've tried about 4 times with the same result but I was able.....
Stuck since tuesday, wont let me pick a server or play
I have not been able to play since tuesday, every time i log in it shows the pick server screen, but yet no list is shown...I cannot pick anything or.....
Stuck installing main assets 87 0%
Hi, I have installed from disk and deleted and reinstalled from origin to no avail. I have Windows 8 X64 with a fairly beast computer. Anxious.....
Can't claim rewards and has me stuck .....
Last night I completed the daily FP but when I went to the termnial at the fleet I was not able to accept the reward due to it being dark. Today,.....
Stuck in Loading Screen!
Halp, I was in an Ops when I was killed and revived it brought me to a loading screen, it will not load and is stuck almost around 25%. I cannot log.....
One Character Constantly Getting Stuck at 20%
I have one character "Kor'eetra" on The Shadowlands server that regularly gets stuck at 20% on the loading screen. It doesn't happen every time but.....
Stuck on French Server?!
Hey all. I'm pretty new to MMORPG's and this is my first proper MMORPG. I accidentally made a character on a French Server - The Mantle of the.....
Bw - fix the stuck in crouch glitch in voidstar
Seriously, this has been a glitch for months....fix it!..
Bitte implementiert ein sinnvolles unstuck
Es ist einfach rgerlich man bleibt immer noch an jeder Ecke/Kiste/etc. in dem Spiel hngen oder manchmal auch einfach so in offener Umgebung und.....
Loading Screen Stuck - ARE YOU GOING TO FIX THIS?
*I'm a returning player.* I gave it 9 months. I'd been waiting for the dev team to put in some crucial missing features. For example group.....
Asset 89 stuck at 0%
I had corrupted files earlier so I uninstalled and re-installed the game. Now I at assets 89 and it stuck at 89% and won't load further. What the.....
Stuck at 0%
im currently trying to download patch 1.5.1, and for the last hour it has been stuck on "Game Client 74 (0%)" i have tried restarting my game, and.....
Jedi Knight Stuck @ Oppressor quest
My client crashes hard to the desktop if i try to travel to the Oppressor via galaxy map on my Jedi Guardian ill. known issue?..
My patcher stuck
Hi! I've been trying to update my client for over 2 hours now without succes Installing game client 76 stucks at 46% and I'm getting frustrated.....
patch stuck
i am having a problem with install of the new patch. it is stuck saying installing game client 76 (0%). I have been waiting for an hour now for it to.....
Mission stuck on Alderaan - Customer Support Deleted my Ticket Text
Hi, I have the mission "Alderaan Bonus Series". The mission text says "Return to Jeren Organa". The contact appears on my map. When I go to Jeren.....
I am stuck at Black Talon 30 minutes now
I had this problem very long. Every time I made Black talon when I was finish the last conversation where I chose to go either to Dromund Kaas or.....
My update download has been stuck at 6%...
...for about half an hour now. It says: "Installing Main Assets 96 (6%)" And nothing happens...
So I'm stuck on Nar Shaddaa
Hi everyone, I am fairly new to the game, only started playing less than a month ago. My newest main is a Sith Assassin, currently on level 25. I.....
Stuck @ Installing Game Client 79 (0%)
Every time I log in to play the game. It is just stuck at this point. I tried deleting the patch folder and the patch version but it did not work......
Bounty Hunter Stuck on "The Spy Game"
So I was doing my main class, killed Commander Gargun and recover his insignia. How ever on my quest tracker it still say "Recover Commander Gargun's.....
Stuck on the Splash screen
Why did you delete my thread ? Try to give a solution instead deleting it. All I want is a solution to play. :mad:..
Stuck with game crash ended with Error 3001
Hi, Every time I played SWTOR in Black Talon , defeat the enemy and chose to move to Dromund Kaas the game will crash. I can't go further with.....
Stuck @ Installing Main Assets 97 (0%)
I just installed the game using the installation CDs. When I launched the game to play it was downloading and then the launcher is stuck @ this point.....
Stuck installing main Assets 98 0%
Hi all, I just logged in for the first time in 3 days, expected the patch download/update, which it started. It got to "Installing Main Assets.....
Im stuck inside my holoterminal in my ship and when i use my fleet pass the game crashies and it says that ive used my fleet pass. I really like this.....
Stuck at the door to agony
Me and my group are stuck in the fp where you have to defeat agony. We are at the door that you have to open and it wont open. THat was some.....
Stuck inside space ship
Stuck in the personal spaceship and nothing is working to free it. Used the "/stuck" option, no help. Fleet Pass just crashes game no help. Ticket.....
Patch download stuck at 35% -- Main Assets
I have tried multiple times to download the new patch this morning. Can't get past 35% -- Main Assets...
Game randomly logs off and get stuck on loading screen
Hi! For the last hour and a half I get randomly semi log off (never on character screen, the game gets stuck with loading bar in 1/4). It happened.....
Stuck at Main Assets 100 (0%) :(!
Atm im stuck in main assets 100 0 percent ive deleted everything you've told me too :mad: Before that I got to about 1/4 after main assets then got.....
Update Stuck
Launcher won't patch past Main Assets 101 (0%)..
stuck in holoterminal
Hi, My character is stuck in the holoterminal on his ship. Could someone please come and move my character. I have tried to relog, i have tried.....
Stuck at loading screen
When I log in and that it's usually good. When I get to the character screen it's good. When I get into the game, it's good for a couple minutes or.....
My char is 'stuck'
The customer service page reads "Our Customer Service droids are committed to assisting with any concerns or questions you may have" My character.....
Patcher stuck at 56%
Getting really sick of this issue. I left the game because of my school load last year, and wanted to come back now, but now I can't even get the.....
Disconnect/load screen stuck issue continues
Hello, Is there a solution to these disconnects yet? I can't stay online for more than 5-10 minutes. I can't play like this...
Stuck on installing Main assets 100
Hey there lovely CS, a few days ago I decided to close my laptops lid while patching, once I woke it up from standby I wasn't able to patch past 61%.....
The /stuck Issue
Very simple, you /stuck in combat, you die. Should be taken out ASAP. Won't name ways to exploit this, most people in ranked could name a few ways.....
Game Client stuck on patching
I logged into SW:TOR and began the maintenance patch. The download has stopped at Installing Game Client 85 (0%) for ten minutes. I restarted it.....
Another mission gets stuck
Mission is The Null Cannon you get to the end and damn convo crap again. This time none of the responses work. It freezes game. You can hit escape to.....
Ok so im stuck help me my lords!
So, I reached level 40 yesterday. Yes, I know i was pretty excited too as a i felt soo much more powerful. Now, I had my eye on that beautiful level.....
Pvp match stuck on Jedi Covenant
I don't know if the match never started or completed, but the server Jedi Covenant has a match of Novare Coast bugged and is not finishing. I know.....
Imperial Agent stuck after Korriban
So I was playing on my imperial Agent everything was well and good got my ship was told to go to korriban did that then got back on my ship was told.....
Stuck in game, can't read the ticket screen.
I hope I've successfully posted a ticket/help request for my character Kettle on the EU server Progenitor. I'm stuck having fallen down a hole,.....
loading bar stuck at 40% help please
Hey y'all. I've been having this problem since last night. I cannot for the life of me figure this ouyt nor can I log-in the actual game. Was playing.....
Stuck on Corucant
Okai, im having some trouble. I am a level 16 sentinel, and im supposed to be defeating Marcovic, but i was gonna wait till a friend of mine got on.....
Class mission freeze still stuck
HI im bigboi82 i posted earlier and i am currently using my sith marauder litheas and everytime i go to my ships holoterminal to activate it for the.....
Patcher stuck yet again
The last three patches i get stuck at 0% assets loaded every time. Every single time i have had to uninstall and reinstall the game in its entirety.....
Stuck on the boarding ramp
Well, I seem to have gotten myself into a real jam. My character, a level 23 Jedi Guardian, was on Coruscant helping out guild member in group mode......
Stuck on server select
Hello, after today I am stuck on the server select screen, but no servers are appearing??? I've tried flushing DNS cache, running as admin,.....
Can't patch, stuck installing main assets
Hello. I have not been able to update or play the game since the patch on 03/12/13. I have spent many hours trying to fix this, and I'm losing my.....
HELP! Stuck behind a locked door
Guys, Im not sure if this is the right place to post but im having an issue! Im stuck behind locked door on Darth Vengean's Flagship. How do.....
Stuck at a quest
The level 48 quest for my sith Warrior; The Transponder Station, gives me a big red door and I can't enter my class quest. I also put in a trouble..... the over 20 minutes i waited for someone to get me unstuck...
a sorc finally pulled me out of the crappy world...
Installing Main Assets 110 - Stuck at 2%
Hi there, I'm trying to download and instal the latest patch, but I am stuck at "Installing Main Assets 110" at 2%. I'd sure love to play the game.....
Main Assets 110 stuck at 0%
My patcher refuses to proceed past this point. I have followed every single piece of advice on any searchable thread on this topic, including.....
Stuck in alderan civil war warzone
The civil war warzone i'm in just ended but everyone is still play ing as it hasn't brought up the box with the rewards/stats in it. There were 16.....
Mission Stuck 2 weeks now
My agent mission has been stuck now for 2 weeks. I've put in tickets. I have to click on the holoterm on the ship and it loads the convo but it never.....
play button stuck.
I formatted my pc, and now the launcher will not let me hit the play button, I tried the FixLauncher not know what to do, please help me...
stuck at the firs loading screen
hi, i just bought the game, downloaded it, installed and when i try to play it stuck at the first loading screen. I tried to reinstall it, or use.....
Scamper = stuck forever in one place
Twice in a row, i'm entering wz, and after scamper, under certain circumstances i lose my ability to MOVE. /Stuck is not working, The only thing.....
Totally Stuck on "Descent into the Core"
This is a Makeb imp mission. I am currently on the Maintanance shaft level and the mission log says to "Defend the Seismic Pulse Inductor". I do not.....
Stuck in terrain
Ticket 8651243 stuck in terrain, can't fast travel or use the /stuck command, please help...
Stuck Dead in a Story Instance and cannot Rez
Cause of the lag on The Harbinger server I am stuck dead and cannot release. Please GM's add another West Coast PvE Server...
Stuck on General Durant quest
To refresh some of your memories, a class quest on Taris has the Warrior rescuing Pierce by disabling a series of laser fences and then confronting.....
Getting stuck in WZ afterwards with no stats
Its probably been posted but just started happening to me...
Day three stuck falling INDOORS
So for the third day in a row my character is stuck in one spot 'falling'. / use at all. Quick travel...can't use because I'm 'moving'......
/stuck in Voidstar
Blatant bug abuse going on here... If my team is smart enough to slow but not kill their team in transition phases then their team shouldn't be able.....
PLEASE Move my 2 characters who're stuck behind a loading screen OFF of Makeb
Its been over a week now since the Expansion launched, and I've yet to be able to enjoy it due to some bug/glitch/server error or w/e it is. I've.....
Slash Stuck
Don't know if anyone else has noticed this or if it was just me. While running around on Makeb, I got stuck twice and when I typed /stuck the second.....
Do you /stuck in warzones?
I do sometimes, when I get stun locked 3/4 of my health. I feel it is an unfair fight, and so I will make it an unfair ending. They don't deserve to.....
[BUG] Getting stucked in warzones
It's been there since day 1 ...(actually -5..) I'm getting stuck usually after being knocked down/back / immobilized... when i use /stuck , it'll.....
Stuck after using scamper in WZ
ETA on fix ? and yes, I've sent a bug report...
PvP maps are cycling correctly again - what about the stuck bug??
Im stuck!..
Stuck in a group?
So, I was in a group in Section X. Everybody left except two us. Neither one of us can leave the group. My portrait USUALLY has a "Leave Group".....
Exflitrate on the Fleet - STUCK BUG LOL?
I thought this was just isolated to when operatives try to roll and die or get rooted at the same time?? I'm on the fleet testing how much alcrarity.....
Can't get out of a stuck position.
Since your crappy programming allows everyone to get stuck, well, doing\anything, I used /stuck on my character Tiarna. Well, /stuck puts me back to.....
Warriors getting perma stuck on Dash'roode encounter
Hello, while fighting Dash'roode it seem there is a small chance of while leaping back to Dash'roode after a knock back you can get stuck in place.....
Installing game client 100 stuck on 62%
---Quote (Originally by Beruthien)--- If you use SWTOR Unleashed, please set this to run as retail, as this could be causing issues. If you don't.....
APAC Free Transfer - Stuck in transfer limbo
So after having submitted two ingame tickets on this issue which resulted in tips on how to go about the transfer process, I figure I'd give the forum a go. Here's the deal: I attempted to transfer..
Update patch stuck on 2%
Hey like ive read on alot of peoples threads im having trouble with exactly the same thing, ive never had trouble with updates before its stuck on 2% and i cant even close the window or anything so pl..
Op roll - stuck in place (post fix)
I know there are many posts as well as in-game tickets, but it's hard to link videos. In the first 10 seconds of this video, you see me roll at the exact same time I get hit by a sorcerer's overload (..
Game won't load. stuck on black screen
So I installed the patch, login, press play and it goes to a black screen like its about to load swtor and my mouse is just normal windows cursor... frozen on black screen ever since last patch. if I..
Stuck In The First Loading Screen
Everytimes I'm trying to launch the game, I am getting stuck on the loading screen after clicking the ''Play'' Buttton. I just bought a new pc, here are the specs: windows 7 64 bit Intel Core i7-..
Launcher stuck halfway
So, tried to download the new patch, it gets to the point where it says, "Installing Game Client 103 (0%). It's at about the halfway point. I've tried doing all the things the client sticky thread..
Stuck issue .Pending for Gms / Admins / Ops
Seems that my char is stuck and command /stuck didn't work . Can any of the administrators or gms spawn /recall my char to the fleet ,or any cantina ? lvl 46 Jedi Knight ,Kaielr , Server : Red Eclipse..
Adding to the Multiple Threads on this - Stuck on Rise of Hutt Cartel Loading Screen
The screen before the character selection screen. Yes the "cog" is turning. Yes I have tried all the suggested "fixes" in other threads...
Stuck and stuck command wont work GM's please sort
Stuck and stuck command wont work GM's please sort..
Installing PTS stuck at 0%
Trying to download and install PTS. It dowloaded just under 1Gb, installed most of it, but stopped at Installing Main Asserts 81 (0%) I tried restarting the client, it checks everything then get..
So stuck between Mara and Jugg. *Endgame* advice needed.
Yeah so this is one more of those threads, except I already know what the difference is and have tried the two. I am completely and utterly stuck. I have a mara and a sent and a guard and a jug, and ..
Stuck in Main Assets install
Since the lst patch I haven't been able to get on the game due to constantly getting stuck in the install (not DL) period of either english video or main assests. I've done every tip I have read inclu..
I SEEM to be stuck on the Aurora?
So it's a Bounty Hunter just finished Alderaan and made that slight detour to Nar Shadda before boarding the Republic Cruiser Aurora. Finished the usual, including engineering, but now it LOOKS like I..
Stuck in SpaceCombat need help seriously!
My main character level 28 Sith Assassin got stuck when I entered a Space Combat and lost internet connection and got disconnected. according to the chat I keep falling to my death and I can't see my..
launcher stuck
at installing main asset 91 0% uninstalled the game tried a fresh install from site tried everything I read on forums and still no luck..
Stuck in loading screen out of the blue
Well, ladies and gents, everything was working fine , when i logged out about 2 hours ago.Came back to log in, loading screen...and yes, i already tried ALL the tricks i found in the forums...I run a ..
character stuck after cutscene
every time i speak to an npc my character becomes stuck and the screen vibrates forcing me to lo out...also when i fight enemies instead of them leaving loot they completely disappear and leave nothin..
Launcher Problems: Stuck at Installing Main Assets 122 (0%)
Hi, I can't patch my game with the Launcher. It's stuck at installing main assets 122 (0%) I've opened the launcher through safe mode with networking still no luck. I've also did all these but s..
PVP Queue stuck
Hello guyz, I have a major problem,I'm stuck in warzones queue,no popup for hours. If I try to relog,I just login back with pvp beign already queued and can't leave again... Can somebody please ..
How to get Stuck forever in an inescapable room
Now in easy steps 1, que into Maelstrom prison 2, complete Maelstrom prison 3, upon completing, run into the Exit phase and jump off the cliff behind you CONGRATS you are now in the very first ro..
Stuck in a couch on Voss
I'm stuck in a couch in the cantina on Voss. I've tried /stuck multiple times and am still in the couch. Character unplayable. If someone could get me out of the couch, that would be great...
Stuck on the loading screen
I've already had this problem - loading goes on and on and on - a few months before; the solution then was "wait for 30 minutes or so and it will eventually work". Is it still valid or it's so..
Stuck in loadingscreen when loading 1 specific characer.
And the funny thing is, i can see "through" the edges of the loadingscreen and actually move my character around... But the loading screen is still there and loading at around 1/3rd of the lo..
Main assets 123 stucked at 71%
I downloaded the patch via official installer and each time it is trying to install I get freezed at Main Assets ( 71% ) I tried the known workarounds from the last patch ( since I had the same issu..
Stuck after launcher before server select or character select
After I click play on the launcher, I get to the rise of the hutt cartel sceen and sit there with the spinning icon for ages. I downloaded and installed the game yesterday and was unable to fix the pr..
Patch stuck in loop installing
Spoke with someone on phone from customer service yesterday.I conpletely uninstalled entire EA/Bioware folder and tried to redownload game. It seems I have no problems downloading main assetts, but it..
Stuck on Login Screen
Hi I have just re-installed the game yesterday and patched the game to the latest patch. However when I have gone to login in today the wheel continuously spins by the login button and doesn't let m..
Stuck after talking to NPC
Hi there! Just started playing the game again on a new computer and I've run into a problem. Every time I speak to an NPC ( after the cutscene ends), my computer screen starts spazzing out on whoeve..
My character is stuck
Someone unstuck my character... The unstuck command is not working, it does nothing at all... Server Tomb freedon Naad Character : xxxxx after edit : WOW... the response was amazing... f..
SOLUTION: Stuck On Loading Screen With Loading Up The Game
You want to play your favorite game, load it up and might need patched it because you was away for awhile and after the patching you click at the play button and then............................... ..
Character Stuck - Please Help
My character is stuck behind an elevator lift on the Planet Balmorra (Imperial). He is in a constant state of movement due to sliding down a hill, and when i try jumping, he gets stuck on the elevato..
Stuck on respawn zones in rateds
I'm sorry if I'll sound a little bit rude, but how long will it take to the devs at least give a position about players been stucked in respawn zones in rated warzones due to the root/roll bug beside..
Patcher Stuck on Repair
Sighs as the weekly stuck in repair cycle starts yet again. Tried to launch the game it starts to update then I get Repair (5) so I start that it begins to install then says 36 files need to be repair..
Stuck on Loading Screen?
Hey guys, when I log on the game, after I put my username and stuff, the game launches and gets stuck on the loading screen.My Mouse Arrow appears as the ingame mouse, but the screen keeps looping tha..
Game Stuck At 99.99%?
Ok so after the new patch I had to re-download and reinstall the entire game because something is wrong with the patching system and the download kept freezing at the exact same point every time. Now..
Game stuck at loading screen?
I was playing this earlier and got to level 10. And figured i'd subscribe. And now that i've payed for 60 days time, it's stuck at the loading screen? Nothing freezes, the little icon is showing its l..
Crashed And Stuck on Loading Screen
Like the title says. Server - The Red Eclipse Time - Circa 20.45 pm (gmt+1)..
Character stuck between ship and makeb
Yesterday i wanted to go to makeb with my main character Kaynan, but when i tried to exit my ship and downloading starts, downloading just stop at 10% and the game hangs. Since yesterday i was tried t..
Launcher Is Stuck On Updating A Non-Existent Patch
Hello, everyone. I recently re-installed SWTOR on my new operating system (Windows 7, 64 Bit), and I had no issues at first, but then after playing the game a few times, I launcher stopped giving me t..
Stuck at loading screen.
Hello. After entering password and security key in the launcher, the game ends up on a never ending loading screen with the smuggler and sith images. :rak_02:..
stuck on shuttle and can't get out.
I just finished my jedi consular stuff on the starting area. I got my light saber and became a jedi. boarded the shuttle and I can't get off. Every time I click on the shuttle exit it just pops me rig..
Patch stuck at 60.14%
Tried doing safe boot and fixlauncher.exe to no avail. Full disclosure, my pc seems to have trouble downloading other things like windows updates before getting stuck in a similar way, though my lapto..
PTS stuck
My game loads and plays fine but pts gets stuck on loading screen. Anyone know how to delete and reinstall just he pts portion of the game? Tried a ticket but just received same old form letter...
Launcher Stuck on Installing Main Assets 128 (71%) for patch 2.3.1
Greetings, When I run the launcher for patch 2.3.1, I am able to download the the patch information without a problem. However, as it is installing said patch data, it just sits their saying, "..
patch 2.3.1 stuck on installing english assets 131 (94%)
I have tried several of the fixes on here and nothing works... It just freezes on installing english assets 131 (94%) and doesn't go any further...
Patch 2.3.1 won't complete, stuck at installing english assets 131 (94%)
I have tried several of the fixes I have found on here but the patch will not go past installing english assets 131 (94%)...
Patch Stuck @ 90%
Patch download is stuck at 90%. Everything has been working fine up until tonight. Patch could be downloading very, very slowly - can't tell as I only can see whole numbers in the download percentag..
Launcher Stuck On This After Maintenance... What should I do? Uninstall and then install the game?..
Patch stuck at 45%
Hi, I've been trying to get the latest patch that has been released to day, however the launcher has been stuck at 45.73% for the past 3 hours, and it's not moving any further. Here's the lates..
Main Assets 129 stuck at 49% install
I've been through numerous attempts to patch since launch. I've moved once (so it's not my internet provider), I've tried patching with wireless AND wired internet (so it's not my connection), this p..
Launcher stuck at Game Client 114 installation
Hello, I reinstalled the game with the cd because the streaming laucher sucks (it bugs everytime) and there it stucks at Game Client 114 installation. It says 0% and don't move. :confused: Thanks ..
Character stuck backpedaling or running in circles
I have been encountering an issue where my character will randomly start either backpedaling or run in circles uncontrollably with no way to stop. The only solution that has been able to fix the prob..
Loading bar stuck at 40% only with 1 character
Hi people, I'm having this issue since....I dunno cause I don't usually play with this char. The problem is what I said on the tittle: Only with one of my 8 characters I can't log in. I log in per..
Launcher Stuck on Updating
This is ridiculous. Bought a new computer, so have to re-download game from Client. Got to 68 percent. and stuck on updating. Deleted everything, downloaded again.. 71 percent, stuck on u..
Launcher Stuck When Patching/Downloading
Hi, so I recently moved into my college dorm, and when I started up SWToR, it began to patch, but never got past "Downloading 0%." I tried the FixLauncher.exe, making sure it was cleared throu..
Character stuck on planet loading screen. Customer Service will not respond.
Hello. I am currently having a problem with one of my characters "SliggXx" on the Pot5 server being inaccessible. When I try to log in, the screen is stuck on the planet lading screen indefin..
Bug: WZ queue stuck after logging toons
If you are queued up for a wz and logout....switch toons...the toon you logged on to will show as queued. You can NOT un-queue and you aren't even actually in queue, as a WZ will never pop. Login..
"My account" page stuck on " is down for maintenance"
So I have logged into the My account page several times this evening (trying to look at the the CC purchase issue) and every time I get the picture of the CS droid and the notification saying "swt..
Stuck on splash screen - please help
Hi, After the patch, i've tried logging in. At first the game started, but it was incredibly laggy, so I decided to restart the client. After that, it's been stuck at the loading screen forever. I've..
Nach Schurkenrollen steckt der Char im Stehen fest und /stuck hilft nicht
Hallo, der Schurke aht den Bug, dass er nach dem rollen imemr mal wieder quasi feststeckt aber nix wirklich gar nichts hilft. Jetzt ist es mir einfach genug und ich melde den Bug einfach ...
Stuck in Warzones and Cant move - Months old bug still in game
Just returned to the game after 6 weeks to find that this bug is still here. I have bugged it twice in-game as well. I get stuck (in I cant move) when stunned in Huttball, I end up being ejected fro..
Stuck turning in circles bug, anyone else seeing it?
Recurring issue for me Character stays turning in a circle either left or right and unable to stop it (though on my scoundrel if I move into cover it mostly stops it only for it to happen again sho..
Launcher stuck at updating
When I tried logging onto swtor not long ago it first would allow me to enter my login information and then press continue or login, but at the screen where it would patch there are no pictures or tex..
Stuck at LoadScreen after Today's Update
After I click PLAY after patched It show me regular RotH Loading Screen with spinning mini blue gear. and I stuck in this page for 15mins now I tried Fixluancher.exe but It stay the same any..
Stuck falling in space.
Went to get off the starting planet (Korriban) took the shuttle to the fleet. After loading my toon is walking around in space, eventually it dies and gets respawned back in space. Kinda cool runn..
"fixed" my launcher being stuck in a loop, now game wont update.
I had a launcher loop at initializing, I ran all the fixes for it recommended in prior customer service posts. I now have a launcher that claims to download at 510kb/second, but it takes 4-5 minutes t..
Stuck on update and cannot even contact customer support
I know there are many threads on the 'patcher suddenly downloading the whole/half the game again'. My gripe is actually more that I cannot contact customer support via anything other than these forums..
Camera stuck in random space
Okay, so I'm on Makeb, doing my GSI quests and then I randomly get kicked and I'm back at the server list (ok, nothing out of the ordinary for this game so far...). However, I logged back in and my ca..
Launcher Stuck at 92.83%...
As the title says my game is stuck updating at 92.83%. I have tried deleting the bitraider folder (as I read in another post), the launcher repair utility, uninstalling and reinstalling the game an..
Character Conversation Stuck in a Loop - Belsavis Jedi Knight Class Mission
In Death Spiral, Talk To Commander Rayfel, enter the story mission and defeat the Imperial Fanatics, go to talk to Commander Rayfel. Once done, the mission advances to defeat Rayfel and cultists at w..
Launcher Stuck at "Installing"
Hello, Currently my launcher is not progressing past "Updating"/"installing" and is stuck on a certain percentage (17.6%, not that the number makes a difference). I am using the str..
Stuck at 42%
Ugh... Currently stuck at 42% while attempting to install main assets 138. Already tried deleting the swtorretail client file and still am stuck Here are the logs, I had to use Task Manager to c..
Patching stucked at main asset 139
Hi there It's my 4th try today patching. The issue seems to appear after downloading main asset 139. Laucnher ramain stucked at 0% on installation progress. Every icon on it ( exept "Play"..
Launcher stuck again - Filed to update host
For the third time this month launcher difficult for me to play, do something at the end of it...
Stuck on my class quests...
I cant continue my class quest.In Darth Zhorrid Arrives for my Imperial Agent.Also in the quest Declaration of War for my Sith Warrior.The holoterminal animation freezes.I have reset at the fleet,spam..
Stuck on load screen
Doing hm dread fortress and stuck on load screen after a wipe. What's going on? Happening to entire raid...
Updater Stuck at 96.99%
Hello, My Launcher updater is stuck at 96.99%. No matter what I do it doesn't update all the way. What should I do?..
Cant play new characters, stuck on loading screen
I have one active character that I can play just fine. I tried to make a new character, got through the creation process, watched the opening cinematic, then got stuck at full bar on the loading scree..
Crashed to Desktop stuck at loading screen
Hi Was doing a B.Talon run got to the last boss and game crashed When I relauched the game it got as far as the main title and the loading icon bottom right just kept going round and round. I h..
Stuck on Alderan quest
I can't remember the name of this specific quest on Alderan, but I'm playing a trooper and I need to sedate & neutralize a "joiner". I've found this joiner NPC, but I can't figure out how ..
Possible fix for the stuck loading screen!
Check out this thread, worked for quite a few People!!
Launcher gets stuck trying to install Main Assets 141
The launcher gets stuck every time, trying to install main Assets 141. It just sits there at 0% forever and the only way to close the launcher is through task manager. Ive tried changing firewall e..
Patching Error.. Stuck at Installing 100% (512kb/s) for more than 12 hours
Hi there, Having some problems with my patch 2.4.1. Its stuck between 99.72% and 100%. Keep informing me its at 100% but it doesnt stop installing. I cant reinstall the game is it will take more t..
Stuck in preffered mode even tho paid.
Can not issue a ticked as only subscribers can. CATCH 22 --- PLEASE FIX MY ACCOUNT !!!:mad:..
Stuck Initializing with no progress?
I try to login and it goes to login screen. Says initializing but does not download anything, show progress, or any other information. Please help. 45 minute wait on customer service currently on hold..
Stuck at initial launch screen before character screen
I've been playing just fine and then the other day I loaded up and I can't get past the initial launch screen. I press play on the launcher, the first loading screen comes up and it sits there indefin..
"Character Stuck" button does nothing!
I've had a character stuck on Hutta for about 20 minutes now. Clicking the "stuck" option on Character Stuck does absolutely nothing at all. I've tried logging out and back in a few times, sti..
Game is stuck at loading screen
Since yesterday's patch I have been unable to get past the loading screen. The launcher works fine, though I did get one blue screen after the first time I tried to launch the game after the patch. ..
Patch stuck at 37% on start up.
I have tried patching 3 times now. Each time it gets stuck at 37% while patching Main Assets 144. I can't make it do a repair because that option isn't available during or before patching. At this ..
Permastuck in place
I am currently stuck on the fleet and can see through the walls and my toon is invisible and I cannot teleport or /stuck...
Stuck between level 9 and 10 on Korriban
So, I am total newb to this MMO. I got to level 9 pretty quick, but believe I am missing a bunch of missions that I can't see. There are literally no missions left other than the final level 11 missio..
Imp Agent Class Story, Stuck on "Use Your Ship's Holoterminal"
Character: Qordelia Server: Jedi Covenant For the last week my Imp Agent has been stuck on the class story mission "The Fall of House Cortess: Use Your Ship's Holoterminal". I click on t..
[FIXED] Patch stuck at 96.3%
[FIXED] Well actually glitched it more like it. I just kept going to the server selection after enabling test server then selecting SWTOR then let it error, then exit and restart after a couple of tim..
Launcher stuck at 99.59%
Hi, I've tried updating to 2.4.2. The launcher gets stuck at 99.59%. I've tried everything in the Forums I've been at it trying permutat..
update stuck at 100%
trying to update to the last one and the launcher getting stuck at 100%..
Stucked during rolling
When I use Scamper on my Scoundrell char and a got immobilazed at the same time by... for example sniper - i got stuck. That often happends during warzones. I subbmited ticked with that bug 4 times, b..
Launcher won't finish downloading the game, stuck Installing at 94.79%
OK I realize this has been posted several times over the year, but none of the suggested solutions have fixed this problem for me, so I decided to post a fresh thread about it to get attention. I ..
Ingame Cartel Coins Purchase, Stuck at Retrieving Data message.
Greetings, For some reason, whenever I try to make ingame purchase of cartel coins, I keep being stuck on the Data message window. I verified my payment method and all, but no matter how long I wait ..
Stuck at 99.91% IN GAME only
So I run the patch and it completes, including the install. I log in after several failed attempts to reach the login server only to find that it says that I can only play starter characters. If that'..
Launcher patching is stuck
when I start the launcher for the game after re-installing the game the patching for the launcher stays at saying "The launcher s being updated. Please wait....." and it just doesn't change to..
update stuck at 99.92 percent
when I launched the game, at the character menu i cant get on my main character because its stuck at 99.92 percent and hasnt budged at all. any fixes to this?..
Stuck in Flash Point.
After today's patch I played the Black Talon Flash Point. I finished the mission and at the navicomputer where you choose to go to Drommund Kaas or back to the station, I am stuck. No matter which d..
Patch 2.4.3a stuck at 97.99%
I am currently unable to successfully complete the current patch, 2.4.3a. I've never had difficulty with the launcher or patching in the past, and am not running Unleashed. Any help would be appreciat..
Game stuck on loading screen... still
For the past week I have been unable to get my game to go past the Rise Of the Hutt Cartel loading screen. The problem started after the previous patch and did not disappear after the current one. ..
Patch hangs at 87.5%, re-install stuck at 0% of minimal download...
The game was installed on a regular external HD, last patch hung at 87.5% until it eventually turned my entire computer into a massive frozen paperweight, powered down, turned computer back on, uninst..
Remove /stuck from Arenas
I am sick of %$#@! ^%$ scrubs that don't want to play and want easy comms who use /stuck to auto kill themselves. It might not be a rated match, but it's still a fight and good practice. Seriously. It..
Patcher issues - Stuck at 99.83%
Been having some issues getting the game patched. The game is updated to the point where I can play a character on starting planets only, but the launcher patcher won't progress me any further and t..
Stuck at Imp Operative chapter 1 final mission.
I made it to the Light/Dark choice about whether or not to activate the eradicators, then used my emergency fleet pass to leave the zone. When I returned to the Artus system the door from the hanger t..
Crafting Skill Stuck at 410
My artifice is stuck at 410 Doesn't matter what I craft it just stays there. (yes, I am crafting items in the per say 40 to 50 range) have been trying for a couple of weeks. Any ideas or help woul..
Launcher stuck on Initializing, can't play
Then is shows This application has encountered an unspecified error. Please try this patch again. :jawa_eek: Initializing..
Stuck on Loading Screen all of a sudden
I was playing fine the whole time..and all of a sudden I lagged out, and now when I try to login, I get hit with the infinite loading screen(the hutt cartel one). Anyone that can help?..
Streaming client stuck at 99.94% ingame, shows as finished in launcher
Hey there, the title says most, I've just "finished" downloading according to the patcher, but can't travel to other planets as the ingame bar shows 99.94%. I've restarted the client and..
starfighter Picture stuck on screen
when I log tutorial or SF match, a 6x4 inch picture of a galaxy and fighter on it is stuck in the middle of screen is this a bug?..
Installing Game Client 130 stuck at 0%
It's taken me two days to download this new patch and now it's stuck at 0% installing Game Client 130. Please help...
Anyone elses launcher stuck at 95%?
So I just resubbed, I looked around and I see everyone is having issues AFTER the launcher, but I am stuck at 95%; however the download speed is still changing. Anyone else encounter this, should I..
Stuck in Nem'ro's Palace
One of my characters got stuck in Nem'ro's Palace on Empire Side. Neither "/stuck" nor logging off/on helped unstick me. I clicked "character stuck" and waited several minutes with n..
Im stuck on fence and i cant get unstuck
im stuck and i've tried /stuck a few times now, but it wont unstuck me or kill me :(..
Stuck in Various Conversations
On multiple toons/classes I've been experiencing an issue where I can't progress my character's story because the conversations themselves will not progress past a certain point. At about the second o..
Stuck in Game
Ok so I'm playing for the Empire and I'm a Twilek, well I got to this point I'm speaking to Lord Zash and I have my companion and she is just about to recognize me as her disciple and when I talk to h..
Character stuck command does't work! (DEVS READ)
I tried pressing the character stuck button, doesn't work. I tried /stuck in chat, doesn't work. It hardly ever *********** works. Please look into this. :mad:..
Stuck!!!! Help plz
I jumped off a ridge an now im stuck in a gap :mad:...... is there a way to get out of it....... ive logged out an back in an still stuck :(..........
Stuck at 61% installing Main Assets 116. Nothing I have tried has worked. Please help
I recently reactivated my account last Sunday. I haven't played since maybe March. When attempting to install the new patches it quickly climbs to 60%, then a few minutes later climbs to 61% where it ..
character stuck
Hi there i'm stuck in the game and nothing works i have tried everything. I'm stuck between a hole in the ground and a wall my character keeps involuntary moving so i cant fast travel or any of that s..
Im stuck
Im supposed to go to either taris or nar shaddaa in my story but i used my fleet pass And get there now from here, I think i was still on ord mantell, everytime i want to travel there thru departu..
Game has my pc stuck in an unsupported graphics mode
this is really starting to annoy me as i can't get out or change my graphics resolution to something that is supported by my computer. At any rate what is going on is my computer after logging into a..
Been Stuck for 2 days now
Hi, I got stuck between some rocks the other day and can't get out. I tried the Stuck option in the help center about 300 times, but to no luck. My character is stuck "moving" so I cant use fl..
Did Fresh Re-Install--now stuck on first planets with no way to finish install
I couldn't patch, so I tried uninstalling, then re-installing the game. Bad move on my part, but I was following a thread on the forum. A week later, the game had finished installing, or so I though..
Launcher patch 2.51 update stuck
Alright, so I installed the 2.51 patch today, and it was running fine for a while, then at 'installing 99.78%' it froze. I've browsed over multiple solutions including restarting my computer, running ..
Game Update Stuck At 99.99%
I am returning to the game after an long absence. Installing the game was fine, got up to the point where I could play any toons in the starter area but it seems to have stalled at 99.99% so I can't p..
Toon is permanently 'stuck in combat'
So, I had been away the last few days - but when I logged in last night on my marauder - my main, I was permanently stuck in combat. On the fleet, it doesn't matter where I am. I can get on my mount, ..
Slot Decoder stuck in mailbox
Nar Shaddaa - Have tried a few times now for slot decoder. From the Machine in incinerator room it goes straight to my mail. I am unable to remove it from mail box. Any thoughts? Thanks...
Stuck on random Loading screens lately.
Three times in a couple of days I've been stuck on the Loading screen. I can hear myself moving and jumping but I can't get through the loading screen. It just stops around 50% and never let me inside..
Character Animation gets stuck after i leave the 1st planet.
After finishing the 1st planet then leaving for the 1st time. My characters animation gets stuck when I enter a fight. I still have full use of my character, but he floats around like a wizard. I hav..
Cannot enter world - stuck on 99.98% at the ingame download
hi, i would appriciate any help regarding this essue, it seams that i can log on to the game fine however i cannot seem to log to my character. it says: not ready and there is a download bar that..
Stuck on Galactic Starfighter Loading Screen.
Hi, Every time I try to launch my game, it seems to get stuck displaying the GS advertisement sort of screen. I open up the launcher. Enter my password. Press Login. Press Play. Screen goes ..
Stuck at Initializing ... what do i do
My launcher gets stuck at Initializing and then says This Application has Experienced and unexpected error, please try patch again. what is the sam hell do i do now..
Can't create new character, stuck on loading screen
:mad::mad::mad: Every time I click "create new character" and try to make one, it just gets stuck on the loading screen forever. Also made my computer crash 2 times. Very frustrating, don't..
preferred, activating characters gets stuck
After moving from subscriber to preferred I got to the select active characters screen. When I activate any character, the waiting-animation (rotating circle-thingy on the right side) starts, and does..
My character is stuck between a rock.
As I said my character is stuck and can't quick travel . Every time I log in still stuck if I try to jump my character is stuck in jumping posture between the rock. Server Begeren Colony name Hazette..
Stuck on what i should make my Sin into.
Hello Sin community, My Sin is nearing level 45, im currently at 44 and would like to get some feedback. Currently im playing Deception and only partially enjoying it. I have a Concealment Opera..
launcher stuck on 62.5% - please help ?
2014-01-21 19:00:41 INFO SWTOR Launcher [Core:P1.76.2 Lib:P1.5] initialized. 2014-01-21 19:00:41 INFO File info: F:\games\Star Wars-The Old Republic\launcher.exe size=3981744, created=7/26/2012 17:36..
/stucking it
Question (bear in mind, i'm on a pve server): When one of the following conditions is met: 1) An enemy suddenly and instantly flags near me, while having waited to be in a favorable posture to ini..
Game download stuck at 99.1% in game but client says it was completed.
My friend and I recently decided to start playing SWTOR again and we are encountering any issue with the client downloading and patching everything again. We both started our launchers and decided ..
Launcher stuck on initializing downloading
I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game as the client was initially stuck on "Initializing". Now, I am stuck on Initializing Downloading. I am typing this after doing a "clean boot..
Stuck On 99.98% on download...
Have Tried Every Step in thread here: still won't let me finish the last.2% so i can actually play my mains off starter planets, and as fun as..
Launcher Stuck at Initializing
I am trying to open up SWTOR, but after I enter my credentials (email and pword) the launcher sits there at initializing. It doesn't display any downloading or anything else, and the settings button i..
Stuck on the planet (Alderaan in this case)
Hello everyone, I am having alot of issues as of saturday evening. The issues are when I use fast travel, that I have a loading screen on all the time (doesn't go away). Another issue is when I ..
Game re-installed but download updates is stuck to 99.98 percent!!!
hi, i re-installed the game yesterday afternoon, and until now, downloading is stuck to 99.98 percent, i cannot play the game to any of my characters. i am so frustrated now. :(:(:( please hear m..
Launcher stuck at 100%?
My launcher started updating and it took a while for it to get where it is now, but as soon as it hits 100% it just stops. I mean it still says that it is updating and everything so I can't use the r..
Stuck at Initializing -____- FIX IT PLEASE , SHOW ME HOW TO FIX IT PLEASE
I jusy buy sub for 60 days , and i play the game for 1 hour then i shut down my computer , now i turn my computer on and it keep "initializing" SO MAD RIGHT NOW , PLEASE HAVE AN ANWSER SOON..
Stuck at Initializing
When i attempt to log into game.. the launcher opens and sits STUCK at initializing. I was able to download the new patch the other day and that was a pain in the!@# as well... getting stuck at diff..
Stuck on loading screen after login
Befeore i play as preffered was ok,when i pay game stuck after login on loading screen ,please do somthing or give back my money:rak_03:..
Stuck on position of power
Hi, I am stuck on position of power, once I go down the lift and to the left there is no floor, it is actually impossible to complete, I have tried every variation of jumping between scenery. Look..
Any chance you fix the stuck movement bug (Agent/Smuggler roll) in Warzones?
Or does BioWare still don't give a f... on something like that. That bug gets really old. Nothing happens... Worst developer crew ever!..
Launcher stuck !!!!
Hello all I have started playing this game a month ago in my brother computer , this week i decided to buy the subscription for 6 months and open an account for my self . Tried to install the g..
Jedi stuck in "The Works" sector of Coruscant
I seem to be stuck in "The Works" sector, with no apparent way to get through the map walls into the undiscovered territory, where I see the "Race to the Ruins" icon. Any suggestions ..
Downloading English assets 161.. at 0.02 mb... stuck.. error code (310)?
Whats the deal here..? tried logging into the game for the first time since x-mas break... Yes massive patch.. but when it goes thru the download and gets to downloading English assets... It ..
Visa credit card stuck in account and cant delete.
So i was trying to figure out what is wrong with my account that i cant delete my Visa international card. I recently tried to buy some cartel coins when i recived error menssages regarding my cre..
Launcher Stuck at Initializing.
Launcher Stuck at Initializing. can't click PLAY I did FixLauncher, Restart PC and Router. Firewall and Antivirus are fine I can play with this setting for months any suggestion ?..
[SPOILER] Stuck at the Scene with Ekkege.
Hey Guys, i am stuck the "Thwart the Rescue"(Sith-Warrior Class-Quest on Belsavis). Here's what happens: I activate the waiting point, the cinematic-scene(or whatever it is called) starts...
Patching to 2.6.1 Stuck at 'Installing Main Assets 158 64%'
Hi Guys, Please help me out here. Never really had a problem with patching before but this one is stuck at 64% and won't move from there. I've tried: - running fixlauncher.exe - Deleting th..
okay, stuck
How do I get out of Hammer station? Some how I was taking quest , got this one and ended up on a ship here. I only found out later that it's a group of 4. Not sure why it gave me this damn quest if..
Latest patch 2.6.1 stuck on 100% update complete.Play Button Greyed out
Patch Fully downloaded,I cannot play as the play button has been greyed out.Any help would be appreciated..
Quick Play mode stuck at 99.99% - cannot resolve
Hey, I've found this issue reported a few times here but none of the solutions seem to work. As title says, log in, and at character select I am told that I am in quick play mode and at 99.99%, so..
Stuck at pre-character selection screen
Waiting for a long...long time. I can't get past the "galactic starfighter" loading screen jut prior to the character selection screen. Any suggestions? I've already tried exiting and re-loggi..
Stuck on 99.92% (Playing a reduced version of the game - Can play on starting planets
Hi guys, The problem I have is that I downloaded the game completely a while ago and created 7 characters that a have left the starting worlds. After a couple of months I come back to play and..
Launcher stuck at 'Initialising'
Been like that for five minutes or so. Anyone else having this issue?..
how can I tell if the instalation/download is stuck?
After the patch being stuck at 97.99% last night, I redownloaded the client and now its is downloading everything all over again. I went to sleep and now in the morning it seems to be at 90% with t..
Patch 2.6.1 Stuck at 99.45%
Hi My patch download is stuck at 99.45% and it will not let me play as well. Funny enough the game completed its download fully and i was able to play it and then it started to download again while..
Installer Stuck - "Installing Main Assets 159 (84%)
AS the title says, logged in, launcher began patching, got to the above and just sits there doing nothing. This has happened before and I tried launcher repairs and a couple of other known fixes bu..
Fix this crap FFS stuck in wz!
I just wasted about 30 minutes in a warzone because of this bug that has been around for some time now. Was a good warzone and we were about to win and then I get stuck and can't move... the /stuck c..
cant login stuck?
just a got a brand new laptop running window 8 i havent ran any updates yet but ive tryed running swtor i installed it no problem but i cant seem to login what so ever i have tryed mostly everything t..
Launcher gets stuck at initialising stage
My launcher can't get past the initialising stage for some reason. This happens every now and then... but it used to be resolved simply by re-installing the launcher. This time it didn't work. Tried r..
Launcher stuck at "initializing", followed by being stuck at "97.99%"
Hi, My launcher was stuck at "initializing". After attempting the relevant troubleshooting methods outlined in this page and got no re..
Launcher patch stuck at 99.97% (NOT THE 1ST TIME)
Me and my friend launcher both have the same problem, after login in our account the launcher will stuck at intializing for about 5 - 10 mins and will patch til 99.97% and stuck forever. It happe..
Downloading the game, stuck at 90%.
While I was playing warzone and world quests, my computer crashed three to four times. So I decided to refresh, my windows 8 computer. This meant I had to re-download all my files and stuff. Well, I r..
Stuck on intializing
Basically i click launcher and it is forever stuck on initializing, i uninstalled and now its stuck on initializing download, deleting bitraider does not do anything so i have no clue what to do..
Patch won't Download - Stuck on 0%
So yeah the title explains it. I am becoming extremely frustrated that I paid for a membership and yet I haven't been to play once since the new update came out. I have tried deleting the Bitraider fo..
Launcher Stuck on Minimum Download in Progress
Hello, I'm a new player and I've wanted to play this game for ages. I've downloaded from the website and after logging in it's started to download something. Originally it was stuck on initializing..
Launcher not finishing patch download. Stuck at 97.99%
The launcher keeps getting stuck at 97.99%- one thread suggested deleting the BitRaider file, another recommended changing Internet Explorer (ugh) settings then resetting. Ive tried both of these to n..
Conversations getting stuck. :(.
Hi there. c: I've been searching for a solution for a while, but, can't find anything. At first, I didn't really care- Until it happened to a Class Quest. I can't continue! Okie. So, the class ques..
In-game patching stuck at 99.98 percent. Please Help!!! (2.6.2)
I've finished patching from the launcher but when I get into the game there is a little download box that says it is at 99.98 percent and it won't progress. Because of that, I am playing a reduced ver..
We're stuck on a deserted island that is being carpet bombed
This is in reference to in-game ticket number 12203491. I submitted the ticket in-game because there is no other way to contact customer support other than making a phone call or posting on Reddit or ..
Stuck on Patching screen.
It's been updating all night and its done installing is stuck at verifying.:confused:..
Laucher stucks at installing main assets 161 (5%) and then blue screen
Hello I recently format my pc and i reinstalled swtor but while installing main assets 161 the laucher suddenly freezes at 5% (i reinstalled b4 but freezed at 6% :p ) and then it shows blue screen..
In-game "q" key stuck
I'm having an issue where the q key is stuck only when I log into SWTOR. It prevents me from filling out an in-game support ticket since the only thing that comes up is qqqqqq... I've played other gam..
Character stuck for 5 days, subscription goes away, no respond in ticket
Character stuck, command "/stuck" not working, fast travel and teleport to fleet not working. Opened in-game ticket on March 31, but it is not processed and problem not resolved. :mad: All t..
Resubscribed and Already stuck on Bugs and ineffective Forums - "The Search Begins"
Came back to give it a try after repeated marketing emails. Going from level 50 on Makeb, got quests for Coruscant for level 53 and was already facing Level 55 mobs when I was only level 52, so figur..
Update stuck at 87.5%
Is anyone else experiencing this? Max..
Stuck area in the new Huttball arena.
:ph_danger: :mon_trap: Just posting this so people can be weary of dropping down to low. You can get stuck and /unstuck doesn't help. You'll need to be pulled out. <..
Installation stuck.
So ive read just about everything that could possibly help me fix the installer and nothing seems to work. Every time i start up my launcher i just get Installing 0% and ready to play in the bottom ri..
Stuck in Hard Mode Ops. Halp plz.
Hey guys, Im the leader of a small guild doing mostly 8men ops on Darth Nihilus (EUFR). Having cleaned the content in 8men story mode without much trouble, weve recently decided that we wanted t..
Launcher stuck at 0%
hello, today i'm here to ask you guys if you know why my launcher is stuck at 0% download. I've tried deleting bitraider, uninstalling, changing compatibility, running as admin etc. Help me, you're ..
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