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Belohnungen Raummissionen Storymode OP's Ticketbearbeitungszeiten usw.
Hallo, momentan ist die grte Herausforderung ob man berhaupt seine Belohnung bekommt oder die Quests bekommt. Bei Ticketantwortzeiten von 17.....
4 crashes to desktop since 2.6.1, all in Foundry storymode...
Server: The Red Eclipse Playing as: 55 Sorcerer Flashpoint: The Foundry storymode (lvl 40!) The first crash was when talking to the first NPC when you enter the flashpoint (Helm Officer Martos?),..
Dread Fortress storymode 208 gear...really??
I find it hard to believe DF can be completed in 208 (or even 216) gear at this point. Maybe with a finely tuned group that has been playing together and knows exactly what to do and when, but not wha..
Solo Healing Underlurker Storymode (7man group) feel free to ask any question :)..
Storymode operations??????????
I'm stuck on this ****** planet called Oricon and I cannot progress forward on my quest because, "The next unlocking operation will be the Dread Fortress" (18 hours) I'm sorry but what the **** does t..
Storymode ops
So I have a quick question about ops but first ill explain my guilds situation. So I recently learned that storymode ops are not just bolstered in group finder, but when you walk in as well. This is ..
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