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Single standard saber?
I know it's non-optimal, but just how badly would it hurt an Assassin to use a single standard saber? Do any abilities key off of the double-saber? .....
Why do I have to log in every single time I post on Forums?
Every time I try to post on forums it makes me log in again to Forums?..
Anyone broke 1 million dmg in a single warzone yet?
Highest I've seen was 917k dmg. Highest protection ( without hutball acid pit ) 340k Highest heal a bit over 1 million..
Kira Carson Single Saber
Does anyone know if using a Single Saber for Kira has any impact versus her Double Saber?..
What's your biggest single hit with you Guardian?
I mostly wanna see how hard people are hitting with their Focus spec, since its generally the biggest hit. Mine is around 5.7k on a very.....
Single instance error
Every time I play I have to restart my pc. Otherwise no matter what I get Only a single instance of this application can run. I have checked in my.....
"Only a single instance of this application can run" Help.
I try to get on TOR and it's not coming up. I tried the Task Manager but that's about it. Tried restarting... didn't work either. Help...
Sick of playing same guys every single day
Does anyone else get tired of never playing new players but EXACTLY the same guys every day on different class? And the smaller the server the.....
Ranked WZ - can they survive single server only?
No complaint, or whines. Share your opinions pvpers (I know some of you still here waiting). Is single server system for ranked WZ sufficient to.....
Only a single instance of this application can run
SWTOR seems to be locking up more and more lately. I therefore need to kill the application via task manager. HOWEVER, when i try and re-start the.....
A vision of balanced, fun, less annoying PvP for single queues
If I was in charge of making non-premades pvp interesting, balanced and LESS ANNOYING for everyone this is what i would do: 1. Cross-server - no.....
Only a single instance of this application can run a Joke
Im sorry about this post.. well not really this is now the 2nd time that this "Only a single instance of this application can run" error has.....
Only a single instance of this application can run.
Frankly I am completely gob smacked that you have let this happen. AGAIN, I can tell you someone who will seriously reconsider paying quite a sum of.....
Single Instance of Application Error Message
Im new to the game...just installed last night, played just fine. Tried logging in today, got the error that seems to be quite rampant. Tried.....
Are species unlocks for single server only?
So, A friend of mine started playing on the Jedi Covenant Server, and I decided a make a character there to join him. However, I noticed that none.....
PVP single Jump kill
I am new to this class, but in PVP I have seen one Jump, stomp and I don't know what else and they were killing who ever they jumped in one attack.....
1 Single Operative: 1000 stuns
So I'm trying to capture a turret on alderaan...."bing" and Stunned. A partner tries to capture the turret...."bing" and stunned, now I'm.....
Raid single target rotation
I was just wondering what rotation you guys use in operation single boss fights on the immortal tree to maximize threat generation...
Only a single instance of this application can be run
Whenever I try to launch the game that message pops up and I am unable to play..
Only a single instance error firewall
Guys i was getting the " Only a single instance of this application can run" error , tried all the work rounds nothing worked. I turned my firewall.....
Can you make an effective single saber Jedi Sentinel?
Can you make an effective single-blade Jedi Sentinel, for PvE, and what is the best way? I believe i heard a way to do this is to stick to the.....
Single instance error again
I don't understand it. How every single time SWTOR is updated, I can't play it. I seriously am baffled at the fact that I pay for a game that gives.....
Single saber Marauders
It would be great! I'm thinking of the final fights in ep 3 and 6 where no-one used double light sabers. Let's see it..
Nadia can use a single bladed sabre. Who knew?
As a shadow, I got sick of seeing Nadia (My most used companion - 2 jedi DPS FTW!) using the same sabre as me. So, for variety, I stuck a.....
How to get the best single player experience?
Not really a noob, but I was just wondering if anyone knew if it was possible in any way to get through the whole story and level up all the way without playing in groups? I'm just asking because I'm ..
Single player pvp? Yes please!
So, in addendum to my post on team oriented pvp content proposals, I submit to the members of the midnight society this other idea I had for making pvp better for all. (If you haven't read my other po..
Female Single Blaster Pistol users
Since patch 2.2, have you noticed a gait change when running with your blaster out? Yea, my Scoundrel and PT look like they need to pee really, really badly with the way they run, it's like the non-s..
"Only single instance..." issue AGAIN
Please help. I am having this issue yet again. I have completed all the usual fixes: rebooting, FixLauncher, downloaded latest swtor.exe...NOTHING worked! Ran the diagnostic and it is included b..
'Only a single instance of this application can run'
Iv never played the game before but I bought the disk version and installed it today. However whenever i click on the shortcut to launch the game it comes up with a box saying 'only a single instance..
Can't launch game "Only a single instance of this application can run"
Hi I've just reinstalled Windows 7 and I am trying to reinstall SWTOR, I downloaded the installer from the website and ran it but when I launch the game the launcher appears briefly before dissappe..
Single player mode for all content.
Like a lot of players, I have very little time to play and when I get any real time, it is often at odd hours when it is impossible to find others to group with. Like so many games before it, SWTOR is..
Only A Single Instance Error (Star Wars Directory Missing)
I have been experiencing the "Only a Single Instance" bug but when I went to follow the repair instructions the EA\Bioware folder was empty. I checked for the program location in the control..
Launcher Updating Error: "Only a Single Instance of this Application can run"
So I have swtor installed on 2 computers. On my main computer, I played the game fine last night but today every time I try to open the launcher, it tries to update and then seemingly crashes followed..
What's the best single target rotation for PVP?
Hi, I'm curious to know what you guardians' rotations are. I want to max out my single target rotation for PVP and I want to see what other guardians' rotations are. Regardless of your spec, wheth..
Single Tanking (7 man) HM Dread Fortress
One of our tanks is tragically Canadian and unable to patch properly, so while we were waiting for him to get online we decided to try pulling Nefra having the dps stand in. The resulting fight is muc..
Single queue ranked should be removed from the game
It does more harm for pvp than good. Too many people not preparing themselves 1.) No stim 2.) No augments or partially filled augments 3.) No Obroan gear 4.) Sub 1700 Expertise In addition, i..
Single lvl53 long horned redhead Mara seeking Sorce healer for long term relationship
:cool:;) Title says it all. Extra squishy in PUGs from not getting the Healing love I want and need. But when afforded the skills of a seasoned healer I am a PVP stud. I am willing to provide stims in..
no longer able to use single screen
ok so up until re installing swtor was perfectly fine using my tv through hdmi on my pc. now since i have opened the game, it instantly disabled being able to use my tv as main screen and shows no vi..
please gearcheck for single rated
can we please have some kind of gearcheck for single rated...i think people should have at least full conqueror (best + full agumented) to enter rated ....
Assassin exploiting possibly hacking every single ranked arena
ldss, this player is phase walking back up to spawn after doing a bit of damage in order to become immune to all damage/acid damage. I have video evidence of this I just need to know what to do with i..
"only a single instance of this application can run"
I just downloaded Old Republic and I am getting this message when I click on icon to start the game... "only a single instance of this application can run". I closed all other applications. I ..
What's your top deathblows in a single match?
I just had my personal best killing blows in a match at 22. I know thats probably not too mucb compared to most people but im proud of it (deception maul ftw :D) so what is your top number on killing..
"Only a single instance of this application can run."
I get this error when I run the launcher. I know that it's running in the background and I've killed it with task manager time and time again. I've tried disconnecting the internet as it loaded, I've ..
Single toon that cannt log in on Jedi Covent
I DCed while loading onto the fleet form the Courascant stronghold and now when I try and log on on that toon it says I am on the fleet but it stays loading at around 25% with out the loading bar mov..
It's really great that every single melee is able to guard according to need.
No, really. It's great. WZs ending with 4-5 people on the protection column doing a great job. And it's not even a utility. No, Sir! Everybody can have it! "But hey!" - our skank guardians will say - ..
A single character in my lineup wont load
I was just queueing for GSF, went for a glass of water, came back, and my character was disconnected. When I tried to reload her, the loading screen gets stuck at 20% every time. It is JUST THIS ONE C..
Single best tip for New Player is ...
Given the rash of (not really) best New Player tip threads, I thought maybe it's time for a collective one. So, what is your single best tip you'd give a brand new player? Here's mine:Roll a Human c..
Treat SWTOR like a Single player before treating it like an MMO?
So I've come in to check on Swtor yet again, I've popped in like every 4 or so months since launch and never really stayed for very long on any of those visits. I have only seen the Jedi Consular sto..
LvD flashpoints- Champion Level - Can you co-op flashpoints with a single friend?
Sorry for the noobish question, but I don't quite know how DvL works.For the portion of "Flashpoint Expert" of the Champion Level of the Dark Vs Light Event it states: "Complete the following Flashpo..
Is Story mode singleplayer only?
I've been having trouble with the Torch FP, (don't know the name) so I asked for help from some of my guildmates. Apparently you used to be able to run through story mode FPs with a partner. However, ..
Single Tank-able SM OPs?
Hey all. My guild has just gotten back into running SM OPs and as we have new players etc, we seem to be running a tad low on DPS (EG enrage on Gharj). As such, I was hoping to just run through them a..
ToR has gotten away from its single biggest strength.
For years now, we've all come to terms with the fact that SwTor is not a "serious" PvP game. The engine from launch could not handle large scale open world(Hello Ilum Red Rover lag fest), and 8v8 rank..
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