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Keith : Reps switching to Imps because of slow pops.

8:24 pm, February 19, 2018 This is from a Star Forge perspective: When we had the server mergers the pvp pops were faster again on rep side, so people went back to playing what ever side they wanted to play. But once again r [..] View

I won my first ever 1v2!

8:24 pm, August 4, 2017 With me as the "1". :p I know all the rest of you are pros, and do this all the time, but it's a first for me. It was very exciting. Deception assassin vs. sniper and merc. They came to [..] View

****** it for me

8:24 pm, April 6, 2017 After a long while of not playing i ran across something that reminded me that this game existed. So i thought, hey i should download that again! I did, and having preferred status because i actuall [..] View

Galactic Command Gearing Roadmap - Coming This Week (from General)

8:24 pm, January 31, 2017 I am just compiling this for those who didn't see it in the GENERAL FORUMS section. Galactic Command Gearing Roadmap - Coming This Weekhttp://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=913151 Quote: [..] View

The only fun PVP without gear issues

8:24 am, January 30, 2017 The way things stand at the moment, the only pvp in the game that doesn't have gear issues or big gear gap is pre 70 pvp. It doesn't seem to matter what lvl your gear is, as long as you have every sl [..] View

RPvP Guide for PT?

8:24 pm, August 14, 2015 EDITED: Okay looking for tips, advice, techniques on PT tanking. The jugg will just stay on the shelf for now. lol Thanks!! Spoiler Is there a PvP guide for skills & techniques [..] View

Taken lvl 57 Sniper off the Shelf

8:24 am, June 5, 2015 So I decided to dust off and take my LvL 57 sniper off the shelf for some pvp... Keep in mind this is the only one of my classes I haven't played in PVP since 3.0 I have a question I am hoping someon [..] View

New Updated Season 2 Rewards

8:24 pm, August 10, 2014 Tier 3 -New Decoration: Stronghold Mirror. You get to look at your character and ask yourself why you got a stronghold -New Title: The DIY'er Tier 2 -New Decoration: A display cabinet, where you [..] View

Ilum World Map bugged?

3:54 am, December 5, 2013 Hi, Maybe it's not gamebreaking but still something goes wrong ;) I have fully discovered Eastern Ice Shelf -... View

Nerf operatives.

2:17 pm, November 24, 2013 http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=699029 Quote: Operative Operatives are now able to be charged and pulled by other players while in Cover. [..] View

Nightmare TFB Completed

4:12 pm, October 4, 2013 Well other than the Dread Guard fight, it appears that the content was completed. Now that it's done for, no one will want to do it anymore. Should've invested those man hours of creating content into [..] View

Fresh level 50, couple of questions

7:17 am, October 1, 2013 I just recently dinged 50 on my JK guardian and at first i expected to just pretty much put her on the shelf and move on to an alt. Turns out i have... View

Gebiet kann nicht verlassen werden

1:22 am, September 30, 2013 Hnge nach dem Aushelfen bei der Jediritterklassenquest auf Dromud Kaas fest. Ablauf des Geschehens: Nach dem Abschluss der Quest -> Gebiet... View


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