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Can I redeem Cartel Coins for better fps and less stuttering?
I'm actually serious. I'll give you all my cartel coins if you give me back my fps and stop the stuttering...
Redeeming multiple 30-day registration codes?
I am hoping to get a better response than the standard line I got in-game. Since the f2p model was introduced, the price of a physical copy of the.....
Redeeming walmart CC card
I'm trying to redeem a walmart card, but I'm getting this weird error message: - Message not found Which is weird. What does that mean ? Normally if the code is faulty, you would get error: ..
Trying to redeem a code, but i cant.
Im trying to redeem a code, but every time i click on the redeem code button the page just reloads. ive tried it in two types of browsers now, and its still not working...
Help!: Cannot Redeem EA Game Cards
I purchased two $20 EA Game Cards from Best Buy, but when I tried to redeem them I received an error message saying the code is in an incorrect format. I have redeemed game cards in the past without a..
Error when trying to redeem BRAND NEW Wal Mart CC card
I keep getting this error when trying to redeem my CC card from Wal Mart: "Were sorry, the card is invalid or has been suspended. Please contact customer support for further information." ..
Why aren't Dye Modules redeemable via Collections tab?
Go on, give me ONE good reason EA, just one?..
Cartel redeem code
Hi. So in the past, I took advantage of the Amazon offer for the 25% off and applied the key. I purchased another one today, and it appears to have given me the same key. With this, the site is not..
Kuat Drive Yards Irredeemable
Hi, Since it's release, i've been unable to get the Daily for the Random Kuat drive. Kuat irredeemable..
Card redeems cartel coins but doesnt show on account?
So now I have another problem, Before my card wasn't working when I went to redeem the code it said it was invalid, so today out of the blue I decided to try the code again to see it works, it did sor..
Walmart cartel coin cards redeeming but nont giving cartel coins
I purchased two cartel coin cards from walmart today. I redeemed them successfully but have not recieved the coins nor does it appear in my ledger. I attempted to redeem them again and it says they ha..
Redeem Conq Gear for WZ Comms
There should be a system that allows us to sell our Conq WZ gear for Comms or something since it basically useless now in the game. For example if the piece cost 1000 WZ Comm's then we should at least..
Cartel coins code redeemed 15 hours ago, but no coins arrived
I bought a card with a code for 2400 cartel coins and succesfully redeemed it. The system even clarified that I did redeem 2400 cartel coins, 15 hours later, still nothing arrived to my cartel coin p..
Redeem a Code isnt working.
I´ve tried to put a code here on the site but gives me a error: Error 502 proxy error. The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server. The proxy server could not handl..
Can't redeem a code, page won't load
The page after when I press the button won't load. Just times out after trying to establish secure connection to what seems to be https://************************...
Bought the offer, don't want to redeem game time yet
Hi, I just bought the Story Pack under the impression that I could redeem the game time at a later date. However, after purchasing, it shows 59 days remaining. I won't be able to touch the game for ..
Can't Redeem Codes
Hey, I bought a 60 Day Time Card for obvious reasons but when I tried to redeem the code all I got was "The code you have entered is invalid. Please try another." and I tried all kinds of ways so I ..
Redeem Codes for new players(and anyone else)
Here is a list of redeem codes I have found that are still good. Cantina Mount NYCantina16 M8-3R Astromech Droid SWCELEBRATION17 Please fill free to add to the list but Please no repeats and n..
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