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Launcher freezes whole system mid repair. Please Advise.
Hi, I've been searching these forums for a few days now and I can't find any answer to my problem except this......
Informationsanfrage: "Mini Freezes" (kurze Standbilder)
Hallo zusammen! Wir haben bemerkt, dass einige Spieler sog. "Mini-Freezes" (kurze Standbilder) seit dem neuesten Patch erfahren. Wenn euer.....
Game still freezes
Hello, My game continues to freeze after release patch of 02/02/12.:(. This is getting annoying, cause I need to reboot my computer several times,.....
Load screen briefly freezes for 15-20 seconds
I run win7 and SWTOR on an SSD and EVERY load screen I encounter, the loading bar freezes 2/4ths of the way in for a good 15-20 seconds (the little.....
Game Freezes Intermittently
Not really sure when this started, but game has been freezing randomly for about the past 2 weeks or so. Game will completely freeze and a loud,.....
Pc freezes during swtor
Hello, when I play swtor sometimes my pc gets frozen and no response for alt+ctrl+delete... I end up restarting my pc... This happens only with.....
Screen freezes then goes to loading screen?
So this is my one and only issue with this game so far. My screen will glitch up, usually resulting in coloured squares everywhere or just freeze.....
Suddenly loading screen that freezes
I have had a problem today with loading screen that pops up for no reason, which freezes after loading about 20%. This has happened 4 times today. 3.....
Game randomly reloads/freezes
For the past few days I've been having a consistent problem where randomly the game will switch to the loading screen and the bar will be about a.....
Computer Freezes/Locks Up During Gameplay
Hi there. My computer is freezing completely while playing SWTOR and requires a hard boot when this happens. I usually experience this after running.....
Game Freezes Loading Hoth after Patch
So I try to leave the ship and load Hoth and my game freezes. I have to manually close the program and there is an error window that says Failed.....
Creating a sale on GTN freezes buy/sell window
HI, I have had this happen to me on a number of occasion on different characters and both factions so wondering if this is just me or others are.....
Game Freezes and Locks
Now I have another crash to report for this game. This time I was on Korriban in the sith academy and all of a sudden the game froze up and I.....
Launcher freezes!!
I've read everything that's been told to the other people with patch to do about the problem with the launcher not patching and freezing up.....
Patch freezes...still
Okay, I called your customer service two days ago, and spoke with Thomas. (Ticket # 6143141) I've waited and waited, and still I have heard back from.....
Launcher freezes during Main Asset 78
Launcher freezes at 95% when installing Main Asset 78, at which point windows completely freezes up and I have to hard reboot my system. I did run.....
Trying to access the Tytun Rings. Freezes and crashes. (IA story line)
Has anyone else seen this problem? I'm leaving from Belsavis and trying to access the Tytun Rings, the game freezes and crashes. I've tried to leave.....
After loading screen, internet connection freezes.
It just started happening recently that after I log in, choose a character, and pass the loading screen (I actually get into the Imperial Fleet), my.....
Launcher freezes after selecting repair
I haven't played for a while and after downloading the latest patch, the installer installs less than 10% and then crashes. When I chose repair, it.....
My launcher freezes
It freezes at Main assets installing 90 at 0% it doesnt do anything for several minutes, and even let it go for awhile, I tried a few steps in.....
Game freezes exiting game
Whenever I go to completely quit out of the game, the screen freezes. My mouse cursor can still move, but I have to CTRL+ALT+DEL to quit the.....
During Quest Conversations it Freezes
Never had this problem before the patch, but during some Quest Conversations it Freezes after the first bit of dialog, and then I have to hit escape.....
Game randomly freezes and need to restart pc!?
So basically this is what my title states, im playing the game at a solid 60fps and good connection and all of a sudden BAM game freeze and i cant.....
Launcher stops in the middle of update and freezes
The launcher starts updating and downloading patches, but when it shows 41 % done, then it freezes ... I have tried to fix the launcher but nothing.....
Game Freezes/locksup at First title screen
I'm Experiencing a problem Soon as i hit play from the launcher it goes in game but Stalls before any intro cinematic.. waited 10 minutes still.....
Swtor Freezes with pixilated screen
Hi, I recently subscribed and I'm a bit frustrated that I can't play. During game-play the game will freeze and my system will lockup on the.....
Launcher freezes during patch download
I have spent several hours on the phone with customer service to no avail. when i try to download the latest patch it freezes at 54% on Main Asset.....
Freezes up for no reason.
I just got an Asus that runs windows 8 and also had installed a Radeon R7770 graphics card and a new power supply. As Im playing the game will freeze.....
Game freezes (win 8 issue?)
Game freezes all the time i play WZs. Music still going on i the background. Cant move mouse or anyting, so logging out by ctrl alt del is the only.....
Odd Freezes Occuring Lately
Ever since the 1.7 Patch, my computer has been freezing every few hours when playing ToR. This only ever happens when viewing the character selection.....
game freezes
since the latest patch i can only play for about 30 mins then the game locks up. anyone else having this issue?? System Specs. AMD FX 8150 cpu.....
Game freezes every time I change instances
Every time I try to change instances to lighten the load on my computer and my annoyance, the game freezes and forces me to close it cause it doesn't.....
Instalation for patch 2.2a.... freezes(?)
Ok, I hocked on my computer yesterday trying to get to the game, it's starts wih donloading the latest patch and once it's done and the prossessbar seams to be at 50%, the whole instalation seams to f..
Game continuously freezes
Just got a new PC and spec are well above required and meet recommended; I can play with most settings on high and have little to no FPS issues. Though for some reason, the game freezes very very freq..
Voidstar freezes at load screen
I been playing warzones for a while today but everytime i get voidstar it freezes at the loadscreen the bar does not even move all the other Warzones are fine i get in and get to play and finish is t..
Upgrade to GTX 650, now game freezes/crashes
Hey folks. I upgraded my Graphics card from an Nvidea gt 520 to a GTX 650, and while Mechwarrior Online now sings and dances, I can't get any more than 2 minutes into SWO without the screen freezin..
Game Freezes up on log out
When ever I try to quit and log out of game it freezes up. Nothing is to hot (cpu/gpu). I have to tab out of game and close it from the tool bar...
Conversation freezes
I have encountered a really disturbing issue: I can not finish the Final Trial quest (sith warrior) becouse the conversation with Vemrin in Naga Sadow tomb freezes after my character's line. So I can..
Loading planets crashes and freezes my PC
This happened just yesterday when loading Corellia. I load up and my whole computer freezes. I'm running Windows 7 ult 64bit. My character got stuck on Corellia and I had him transferred off via suppo..
Installing Main Assets 136 freezes at 29%
Patch 2.3.3 freezes at 29 % while installing main assets 136 every time. I've tried deleting the patch files, rebooting in safe mode with networking, clean booting, checked my anti-virus software (Mic..
When I go to play the game the screen breaks into checkerd blocks creen freezes?
This randomly occurs, otherwise game runs fine. Any help on how I can prevent this from happening--I already tried downloading latest drive for video card-nvdia gtx 670 2gb --any help much appreciate..
New Patch 2.4.1 BSOD's & game freezes abound
Like title says. Game constantly freezes, locks up & crashes my system. Usually never have issues with this game. But lately the last few patches have caused major issues with the client. Not sure..
Game freezes 20mins after login
Recently my game has started to freeze and it's really becoming a problem. The screen will just freeze but strangly the sound is still playing just fine. I tried putting the game in window mode but th..
Game Freezes at First Loading Screen
I've been playing SWTOR since launch with virtually no problems. However, whenever I log on now and press play, it will go to the first loading screen (before character selection) and freeze. The musi..
Game freezes my pc minutes after loading
1-5 minutes after i load the game pc freezes with blue screen. DX diag is this : ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report: 11/22/2013, 12:45:08 Mach..
Loading screen freezes while logging in
Log in game, click on character, goes to loading screen and freezes. Says character is online to friends..
After clicking play, computer revs up on loading screen then freezes and shuts down
This all happens only with SWTOR and after 2.5, am I the only one with this issue?..
Game freezes or locks up.
Now let me begin by saying my computer isn't a High end build, I play GW2, WoW, Tera, with medium settings, a little high here and there up to where my comp can actually handle, I have updated my driv..
after logon, the game freezes at the loading screen before the roster comes up
This seems to be happening all the time now, Have Win 8, and had no problems until last patch messed up the game. I ran the fix file scan, and it does the same...
Patching Freezes on 100%
Hi There, I have patched my game twice over now and when it reaches 100% it just hangs, see image: Please can someone help. I am a subscriber and h..
loading screen freezes
it started last night and continues to freeze after i log in and select a character the screen that gives a summary of your current mission freezes and stops loading/responding just reinstalled the..
Game gets slow then freezes up.
Game was playing fine, then slowly over the course of a week got worse and worse. Until it would drop to 0.6 fps (in red) and eventually stop. I cleaned out all the dust, still bad. Brought it to a co..
Game Freezes After Launcher Starts (New Issue)
So yeah I've tried everything that I can fine on the forum here as well on the net. Yet there not a bloody thing that working and it all started after this last patch. There no patch folder in my main..
Splash screen freezes after 3/11/14 update
I was able to play last night. Shut the computer down and restarted this morning. I let patch like always on tuesday but it said "Verifying Files" and went to 100% and then "moving fil..
Game freezes up after few mins of game play {Help}
Since getting the new patch, I have had the most irritating time trying to get through more than 5 mins of game play without freezing and locking up my whole computer. The game becomes completely unre..
Game occasionally freezes forcing me to restart my computer
Every 5-10 minutes or so of gameplay, the screen on SW:TOR occasionally freezes and it ends up with me for some reason not able to tab out, forcing me to restart my computer. This happens multiple tim..
Screen Randomly Freezes
Hello, I have been getting random freezes while either doing something like flashpoints, ops or pvp and my screen just freezes at random points. Last night, I was doing TFB and it froze 4 times. This ..
Game Freezes/Locks Up
I have been unable to play since I applied the 2.9c patch. I was able to play fine with no issues prior to the patch, but now I can play for about 15-20 minutes before the screen freezes. I am runni..
Lag spikes every few minutes. (5000+ ping, game pretty much freezes)
Since 2.9 I've been getting regular lag spikes when playing the game. At first I thought it was just confined to strongholds since I pretty much spent all my time there decorating, but I've noticed i..
Quitting game freezes
Description: A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows. Problem signature: Problem Event Name: AppHangB1 Application Name: swtor.exe Application Version: ..
SWTOR freezes, PC freezes, ...
So, I got these annoying game-breakers: I run a char on Nar Shaddaa, sometimes the game freezes. And not only that, the only way to terminate the game is by doing a hard reset. Same thing on the f..
Jedi Sage Balmorra freezes
My friends and I have been playing through SWToR for a few months now, hoping between characters as we see fit, but only a few months in and I have run into a problem. On the last two missions whil..
Game freezes like mad.
From like 2(3?) patches my game freezes randomly. But its DAMN HARD freeze. I need to do hard reset because even Ctrl+Alt+Del doesnt work. Usually in phased places but happens "normally" too..
Patching freezes on 93.14%
So lately I've been having the same problem when new patches arrive. The patch freezes (this time on 93.14%). This is what I've tried: Restarted the launcher several times. Deleted bitraider ..
Launcher freezes downloading Patch
My launcher keeps on freezing at 3% while trying to download Patch 2.10.3A..
Everytime i try to do my class mission, swtor freezes and then crashes.
i am trying to do te class mission "the dark council" when my character sits down on Thanatons desk, 2 seconds later the game freezes and then crashes. Any help would be nice...
Sith Inquisitor: game freezes everytime in mission The Duel on Corellia
hello so i was playing before and i believe im on the last part of my class mission on corellia the mission is called The Duel and when i enter the area im suppossed to talk to Darth Thanaton and when..
PC freezes when playing.
I'm going to try to explain the problem I have the best I can A few days ago I started having this issue while playing, my laptop would freeze every time I try to load the game, with different result..
Game freezes upon entering Rishi.
The new patch just came earlier today and was having a great time till i entered Rishi. My game freezes and i have to manually shutdown my pc. When i log back in to SWTOR i cant access any of my alts ..
Since 3.0.2, SWTOR Freezes and Crashes after running for about 90s
I can log in, select a character, and do all normal in game activities for a brief period of time. Invariably, the game stops responding, and never unfreezes. This freezing also occurs if I simply s..
Sith Inquisitor: The Duel mission Freezes
Every time i try to play the mission, it freezes a couple of seconds into the first cutscene. When this happens i can't exit the window and i'm stuck in the game until i logoff from my computer. Every..
Sith Inquisitor quest cutscene freezes my game every time
CHAPTER 3 SPOILERS I'm on Correlia and am right in front of Thanaton in the business sector (end of the Correlia class quests). Firstly, when I click to talk to Thanaton and start the cutscene, it ..
Loading screen freezes after launching
Haven't had any issues downloading, but once I click Play and the initial loading screen comes up it completely freezes. I am not able to move the mouse curser, alt tab out, or even press the windows..
Game Client Freezes After Starting Shadow of Revan Expansion
Hi, has any one else had this issue or something similar? SWTOR was working fine until I finished the Shadow of Revan Prelude (with no issues) and then started Chapter 5. After the cutscene intro and..
Class mission conversation freezes
My Trooper is stuck on Voss now. Mission: Into the Shadows The game freezes everytime I try to talk to the sith (after beating him). I set in a ticket but thought I might have better luck here. ..
Launcher freezes
Morning - I seem to be borked by something I cannot get around I run the launcher, password and security key go in, and then it sticks on 'updating' , showing with a nice sense of irony that installa..
Game freezes after 6/25 patch
Hi, I've been playing this game for years with no serious issues. After this morning's patch, it freezes my computer after 3-5 minutes of play. I can't kill the application: I'm forced to power cy..
Help: Game repatedly freezes during dialogue in sith inquisitor mission "The duel"
On June 26, I went to my friends house to play SW:TOR and brought my own laptop. A few minutes before I decided to go to my own home my friends WiFi crashed on me as I was entering dialogue in the sit..
Cut scene freezes and makes storyline progression nonexistent.
Hello, for the past three days my character has not been able to progress through the Sith Inquisitor storyline due to the problem that the cut scene continues to freeze and forcing me to restart the ..
Game freezes after a few minutes of game play with Windows 10 installation
I play about 5-10 minutes and then the game freezes with no response from any computer command (Alt+F4, Control+Alt+Delete). I have done the whole delete the bitraider and cache deal with no luck. T..
Conversation freezes, PLEASE HELP!
My character begins the last cut scene for the chapter 3 ending for inquisitor, and right when he sits down he keeps moving his head slowly up and down until the game freezes. Sometimes I have the cha..
Launcher freezes my PC
today i formatted my hard drive and now im trying to reinstall the game, multiple times now id be int he middle of the install and everything will completely freeze up. no mouse movement or anything..
FPS Drops and Freezes: VERY Frustrated
Hey guys. I hope I'm posting this in the correct spot. I got an MSI gaming laptop for Christmas last year. The graphics are great, it runs great. My only problem is with SWTOR. I'm constantly gettin..
Swtor Jedi Consular Chapter 3 Cutscene With Supreme Chancellor Freezes
I've been experiencing a very aggravating issue with the final cutscene in chapter 3 of the jedi consular storyline where i go and talk to the new supreme chancellor, but after my character acknowledg..
Game Randomly Freezes while out Questing.
So it seems like its as I am going into a new area, the game will freeze, if I am in full screen the only way to recover is a manual reboot. I am not sure why this is happening and am hoping I can get..
Game Freezes towards the end of KOTET Chapter 2
Towards the end of Chapter 2: Run for the Shadows in KOTET the game freezes when I need to go into the instanced version of the Odessen headquarters. Because of this, I haven't been able to progress p..
KOTET freezes my computer
I just finished KOTFE with one of my characters, but whenever I try to start the KOTET expansion, it freezes my entire computer. It starts with the "A long time ago in a galaxy far far away" slide, an..
Game Freezes After Log In
Hello all, I'm very new to all this but I purchased 2 months of premium for TOR and was playing with no issues. That is until someone in the chat said to press alt f4 to fast travel and then everythin..
swtor freezes after 5-10 mins
Hello, I recently just got back into swtor. I've been looking at other threads and trying to fix my problem. I'll log into the game and start playing. It'll last about 10 mins and then it freezes. It'..
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