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March 3rd Open World PvP on Iokath (star forge)

8:24 am, February 24, 2018 Once again MeatShield and Hellbent are co hosting open world PvP. The event will take place on Saturday March 3rd. We will start forming groups around 530 pm est. And the fighting will commence at 6pm [..] View

State of merc/commando's

8:24 pm, January 21, 2018 So! I've come back to the game after a while away, wanted to ask what state mercs are in in terms of pvp. When I left they were pretty damned powerful but I cans ee there's been some nerfs since the [..] View

Reasonable changes to arenas/warzones in 2018 we pray for.

8:24 pm, January 19, 2018 One more Warzone: (Surprise us), Also sad that we will likely never see a new Huttball due to the negative reaction to Queshball. :mad:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wmUx10I18I The hype was real &q [..] View

Gemini Captain

8:24 am, December 31, 2017 I don't mind a challenge in battles, but trying to beat that damn captain is STUPID! Over powered, throws us across the room, disappears, its insane. I give up with it. I looked up how to beat it but [..] View

When to start Tanking?

8:24 pm, December 21, 2017 Hi all, Returning player. Played in Beta to around 3 months after launch and have come back a few times since then to check out the story, nothing really serious though. Every MMO I have played I [..] View

going on 6 years BW!!!!! still hot garbage for random que???

8:24 pm, November 26, 2017 you'd think in six years they could fix the fu**ing matchmaking system to where you don't get 4vs2 (them with 2 healers to boot). it's a fu**ing holiday weekend in the states. hundreds of millions of [..] View

HELP with BUG! Stuck at KotFE chapter 1 "Follow Arcann"

8:24 pm, November 24, 2017 God damn, just restarted Swtor a week ago after quitting 4 years ago. Immediately fell in love again and bought subscription. Now after reaching lvl 60, I started the story Knights of the Fallen Emp [..] View

can we get an opt-out of 4vs4???

8:24 am, November 17, 2017 I like pvp but i play healers. i just want to do the damn 8v8 maps and have an actual game. but all i get stuck in is 4 vs 4. i get locked out of my toon perma-CC and focus fired down by the entire [..] View

I was here for launch got bored am back and lost

8:24 am, November 12, 2017 I am currently running with a trooper gunnery. I was just laughed at because I have no mods in my gear. I am currently at level 68 and I am so damn lost it's really not funny. I have searched, looke [..] View

Discourage PvE'ers from entering ranked for CXP rewards

8:24 pm, October 16, 2017 It is really annoying losing rating because you get paired with PvE'ers that simply dont give a damn about it and just sit there and wait until somebody kills them. I think there should be an added m [..] View

Eternal championship (sprint champion)

8:24 am, October 10, 2017 Has anyone taken a look at this recently, seem like the health of things are pretty damn high and with the rp inbetween phases it seems an awfully tight check with certain classes. I ran it on my sn [..] View

Anyone else angry about PVP ******** up PVE mechanics?? GRRR

8:24 pm, September 16, 2017 I am so very tired of PvP whining ******** up player classes all under the guise of 'Balance". There will NEVER be balance as proven historically by the developers attempts and failures. STOP *** [..] View

***! Since when?

8:24 am, September 3, 2017 Since when can you be kicked out of PVP especially last round and your already dead. We almost won the first around. 2nd round the other team said they was going to come after me first that time and [..] View

Breaking News: Esne and Aivela merged into one Boss

8:24 pm, July 2, 2017 The boss being whoever is running Bioware these days. When you dps the boss' *** down to 0HP it turns into a giant ball of useless defiant level gear, recycled mounts with new paint jobs, and hot damn [..] View

Gungus Boga

8:24 am, June 29, 2017 Is it just me, or is this fight a load of bull? Anyways, I can get him down to 1/3-4 health. However, by then, there are too many adds and traveling around the arena is literally impossible. I'm alwa [..] View

Decent PVP European Server

8:24 am, June 18, 2017 Hi guys, I am playing on Tomb server and in two days I didn't manage to enter in a Warzone. I am thinking it may be because it s the server's fault (i am back to play after 3 years, so i don't really [..] View

So..... what dev had the idea to...

8:24 pm, June 5, 2017 give high dps classes tank level Def CDs ? and broken ammount of heals ? you literaly need to **** a player 3 times before they realy die now without healers..................... also why sorcs are [..] View

any tips for getting high dps score on warzones?

8:24 am, June 1, 2017 hi i would like to score high dps score on warzones like ive seen some players do very good compared to others. what is their secret? should i just damn the objectives and find the squishiest unguarde [..] View

Community rage and help with dealing with it

8:24 am, May 20, 2017 I got a lot of issues with doing *********** operations especially on hard mode. Looking for random group s to play with means having to take **** for not being able to heal or avoid aggro/attacks. My [..] View

[STORY] Uprising: Trial and Error needs a nerf

8:24 am, May 8, 2017 Hi! Today I went through many pugs in Story mode trying to do this Uprising and it was hell. After reading about it on dulfy, it appears the damage and health is the same as veteran mode. would you b [..] View

Command boost for pvp not worth the cost

8:24 pm, April 30, 2017 I feel like it's clear as day, the command boost for PvP should have been charge based. Buy 10 charges that are used once every game. What happens right now, with the enormously stupid "fix&quo [..] View

Gear Disparity

8:24 am, March 19, 2017 Returning player from ESO, WoW and DAOC (Rest in piece) and have noticed that the gap in PVP from fresh 70 to those in end game gear is so great there is zero fun or skill based into it. Im struggli [..] View

Can't do Czerka Corporate in story mode?

8:24 pm, March 6, 2017 So due to the exp boost I am 70, well I was 70 before completing my class story lol. But I am trying to follow the story line the right way. Well I am up to Czerka corporate flashpoint, and I have a q [..] View

Shouldnt have resubbed

8:24 pm, February 27, 2017 I came back for a break from Overwatch today, I shouldn't have bothered. Played 20 matches in total and come across 3 seperate people cheating. Stupid Bioware, when the F will they learn that is one [..] View


8:24 am, February 19, 2017 Hi, I was just wondering how the matchmaking works in this games' PvP? I seem to always have a bunch of random players in my team, with the other team having perfect communication and are always where [..] View

Please fix pvp eric musco

8:24 pm, February 17, 2017 I don't care about content or mercs or snipers or any of your story garbage but this ridiculous idea that healers can solo heal in pvp over anywhere from 5million to 10 million each and you match make [..] View

Major! Billing Problems

8:24 am, January 28, 2017 Hi, the past few days ive been experiencing "Error code 9" AND "this service is currently unavailable for this account. if you wish to purchase more cartel coins please call our custome [..] View

Bring Back Story Flashpoints and 4 Player heroics, please.

8:24 pm, January 16, 2017 Hi Bioware/ SWToR Team, I've recently resubscribed with a few friends to make a 4 player group. We decided to start from the beginning and level up together and I have to say I'm pretty disappointed [..] View

Thanks Bioware for destroying class balance

8:24 pm, December 26, 2016 Who's damn brilliant idea was to power up mercs/commandos so much? Every warzone fight is like 4-6 mercs/commandos now :mad: http://s019.radikal.ru/i623/1612/7c/70714f961452.jpghttp://s013.radikal.ru [..] View

LF like-minded new and returning players!

8:24 am, December 18, 2016 Hello all, I recently started back up in SWTOR. I played back in launch but due to friends quitting back then, I did as well. Though I came back recently. I've looked for other players to group tog [..] View

Chapter 8: End Times (Veteran)

8:24 am, December 12, 2016 So I don't mind the veteran mode, I don't mind dieing a dozen of times before finally killing a boss but... this walker ****, no just NO. Has anyone been able to get past the first part of this chapte [..] View

Ways to make PvP improve

8:24 am, December 8, 2016 (These are just opinions to start off this thread that I have, feel free to argue/whine/complain/share your own opinions below, as I won't get triggered, unless you're reasoning is like "these ** [..] View

Game client suddenly forcing underlying monitor to 1280x1024

8:24 am, November 28, 2016 So i resubbed last tuesday. been playing find windowed fullscreen 1080p resolution. even played this morning. I went and did other things not on the computer. came back and the game keeps trying to l [..] View

Is Seeker Droid trying to offend me?!

8:24 am, October 27, 2016 Well, well, I don`t believe I understand it correctly! It seems that Seeker Droid uses to triangulate location of the Dread Seed that CAN NOT even possibly be reached! That little slimy son-of-a-Hutt [..] View

Cannot download the damn game!

8:24 am, October 18, 2016 I uninstalled the program a while ago to make room on my laptop but now I want to install it again and it doesn't work. Every time I try the set up pops up and says something like please wait while th [..] View

Damn plaguebearers.

8:24 am, October 1, 2016 I am currently on Alderaan on my Sith Inquisitor playthrough, and have been encountering plaguebearers. I chose not to partake in the Rakghoul mission for Alderaan, but am still encountering them. H [..] View

I hate pub pvp.

8:24 am, September 2, 2016 So i spend the last few weeks exclusively playing pub pvp for my DvL rewards and my god you guys sucks.I HATE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU NERFHERDERS. HOW HARD IS IT TO RESPOND TO INCOMING CALLS?HOW HARD [..] View

Official Season 7 Ranked Rewards

8:24 am, September 2, 2016 https://www.reddit.com/r/swtor/comme...5D&sh=c46b4ff3 for those interested. I cannot express the disappointment with this season's rewards but this isn't going to be a bashing post since I [..] View

Let's talk about how to improve Harb Pub pvp

8:24 am, August 19, 2016 So instead of me complaining about how atrocious the pubs has become over the year in pvp, let talk about how to try to improve them. i think we need to start at listening to directions and not run a [..] View

Disappointing PvP Rewards!

8:24 am, August 12, 2016 So the title is pretty explanatory. SWTOR Devs please pretend that you actually care for once and that you do in fact listen to your players. Change/Add new rewards in S7 ranked. The PvP portion o [..] View

Pretty sure devs are ******** with the players at this point

8:24 am, August 3, 2016 I encountered a couple of bosses in two HM Flashpoints that are doing insane amounts of damage and are far more difficult that previously, or just unbeatable all the same. And honestly, I'm unsure if [..] View

WZ queue times and F2P/Preferred restriction

8:24 am, July 21, 2016 I think I can safely say I speak for myself and no one else when I say that the warzone queues would be a lot more poppin' hoppin', roy boy, if the big ole' mamma jamma wasn't crossing his arms at the [..] View

People who Quit...

8:24 pm, July 7, 2016 I've never felt the need to express rage online before. But I still do not understand why people "Don't have the time" to die once in a flashpoint? This comes from a group i just ran Blood H [..] View

"nice" balance

8:24 pm, June 30, 2016 Lol,i just can't ignore it + people from my group asked me to write it. The story was on TRE,we were playing on Novare coast and our group were totally dominating until...THIS monster joined another g [..] View

Heroic missions: companion kills

8:24 pm, June 20, 2016 I tend to run heroic missions with my sniper and a dps comp mainly because I don't have the patience to spend 30 seconds killing some boss, much better to just watch him melt in 8. But I have a compl [..] View

soloable flashpoints

8:24 pm, June 11, 2016 BIOWARE! Few of the flashpoints are already soloable so make them all like that. I wish you brought back story mode with group roles just like in ancient, good times but I guess that`s not gonna happ [..] View

Really sad participation in OPS

8:24 am, May 29, 2016 I have been playing SWTOR for 2 years now and never ever have I ever had to wait so long for an ops que. It seems I am waiting for 2 hours until the que pops up and then someone declines the que and I [..] View

does sin defense need a buff?

8:24 am, May 26, 2016 I feel extra squishy in Ranked. I mean i have 12 seconds of Deflection on a 2 min CD and Shroud of max 5 seconds with a 1 min CD. While oper who delivers massive damage, has 35 secs on shield probe, s [..] View

Why are players leaving games - pugs

8:24 am, May 19, 2016 Not even ranked but pugs! Damn pvp is bad enough in this game but now this? I was just in a game where 4 players left in the middle. There's needs to be some sort of penalty for leaving any wz game. [..] View

Carrying Over Operation Lockouts

8:24 pm, April 14, 2016 As the title suggests, I am wondering if it is possible to carry over operation lockouts on a weekly basis. Hypothetically I know of a way, which involves grouping up with at least one other person, c [..] View

Group Qs still broken?

8:24 pm, April 13, 2016 Are you ****s gonna censor me because I got a legit gripe? Y'all mother****ers need to fix your game and stop *********** with subscribers who pay 15 dollars a month that could've otherwise gone towar [..] View

ToFN Empire Side. Nightmare For non Factors pvp players as me.

8:24 am, April 11, 2016 Please guys after every WIN against MVPS post here videos. Now every pvp player on rep side become better and better because nightmare with 4 vanguards or 4 drels. Famous MVPs Ad Victorians. BRAVO! g [..] View

BW has got to do something about sorc/sages

8:24 am, April 8, 2016 It is ruining the game. I was just in an arena (level 65 - pug) with 2 sages (healing), 1 gunslinger and me, a vanguard (tatics). Against 2 sorc (healing I assume), a jugg and mara. Both rounds the [..] View

E** Role Play Jee'Zee leave game.

8:24 am, March 26, 2016 Hello guys don't worry i am ok just don't sleep around 2 -3 days. I am sorry i don't remember what i did 10 minuts ago. Don't get me wrong i clearly understand what happens last 2 days i don leave swt [..] View

Can't take it any longer!!

8:24 am, March 18, 2016 After 2 years or a little more of sub fees i finally quit (was always a monthly fee player cuz I wanted to support the game and i got this game day one so was kinda use to it). I love this game and I [..] View

PvP Maps and objectives

8:24 pm, January 27, 2016 Every single PvPer on star wars right now is waiting for the next new PvP arena I am personally tried of seeing the same damn thing over and over and over again I've played for 3 years I haven't seen [..] View

so this is very fun ... but those of you "we love to play with friends" ...

8:24 pm, January 19, 2016 Well i have been monitoring and reading threads on the forum about balance, premades, etc etc etc.... I have to say, that the amount of people going: "We wan't to play with friends, bla bla bla& [..] View

I need help with this

8:24 am, January 19, 2016 I have heard many reports of this.....after a patch or just out of no where. My launcher won't download the patch. So on many forums (reddit and the SWTOR website) have said to disable bitraider and d [..] View


8:24 pm, January 1, 2016 I started playing SWTOR approximately 2 months or so after launch. I loved it. It was my first true MMO where I actually started to learn how to play MMOs. I remember when I first hit level 50...I [..] View

No lightsaber blade or any holo projections

8:24 am, January 1, 2016 I just recently resubbed and now reinstalled the game. My jedi and sith toons have NO LIGHTSABER BLADE showing when they draw them out. Also when using the comms that have holo projections, NO IMAGE. [..] View

Swtor low level Reallity you mads

8:24 am, December 20, 2015 :D... IMPORTANT ALST HTREAD IN MY LIFE ABOUT PVP PLS FRO MSTART TO END BEFORE VALLHALAL COME FOR ME 1 partSorcerer is good dps but sorc have light armore. Sorc have active defensive skills yeah bubb [..] View

Nabb needs aid :/

8:24 pm, December 16, 2015 Heya peeps. I'm an old Swtor player and focused mainly on PvP since the launch of the game. Mind you, I pretty much **** at it, my "skills" where just dulfy recommended builds and rotation [..] View

Warning ! letthemburn is on the fleet!

8:24 am, December 5, 2015 Hi there folks! There is this special guys I would like to give a star ! If u ever have meet this guy on the fleet or have ever raided with him, make sure to bring some medpacks! Not ever in my ent [..] View

Swtor players in FP HM's

8:24 pm, November 29, 2015 Hi, Think something needs to be done here with Hard Mode Flashpoints. Bioware your giving away to high a number of Data Crystals to new players to swtor that havnt even entered a tactical before eve [..] View

Why ?? Why in the hell ?

8:24 am, November 5, 2015 Why do I constantly get " reorganizing data " when i try and launch the game ??? I never ever seen this in any other game . I get if there is a patch or something else but almost every time [..] View

I need help.

8:24 pm, November 1, 2015 I am back after a year into playing SWTOR. I was a preferred status player so I used someone's referral to get 7-day subscribtion. As I've heard, KotFE and SoR will be free for subscribers. I also thi [..] View

How to make PvP successful for all players!

8:24 am, October 25, 2015 Dear Bioware and SWTOR community, I am writing this post because I am very concerned about the state of PvP in SWTOR, especially during end game. What is supposed to be a monumental battle of skill, [..] View

The Underlurker is a buggy female dog.

8:24 pm, October 9, 2015 Okay so we basically spent 3 hours this week trying to get this thing down on HM (after first-timing the walkers). The result: out of maybe 35 tries, 30 wipes were entirely on the bugged mechanics of [..] View

Arena pvp...

8:24 pm, October 5, 2015 Why can't arenas be optional for unranked matches? I genuinely dislike arenas... -Teams almost never seem to be equal -If you managed to get 4v4 they are almost always unbalanced For these two reas [..] View

I'm being disconnected from the server "the harbinger" constantly

8:24 pm, September 28, 2015 I'm being disconnected from the server "the harbinger" constantly. The problem occurs only on this server. That's ridiculous, I just can not play. I've subscribed. my membership is renewed e [..] View

Conclusion, they do not want us to PvP in TOR due to Battelfront

8:24 pm, September 27, 2015 If i had to guess right now id say they are taking a backseat to BF right now. They either dont want to fight the hype with 2 games ro something but the string of asinine moves made over 4.0 that cle [..] View

Crinn's meta parser

8:24 am, September 10, 2015 Over the course of the past six months I've been working on a tool to decipher combat logs from warzones and decipher any and all statistics that can be gleaned. It started out as a simple tool to det [..] View

this is a rant, but something to think about

8:24 am, September 9, 2015 I am usually pretty calm, now i am learning my pvp on operative, on Sin i am pretty good. But lately ... its a nightmare ... Is it just on imperial side? I get newbies valor 7 to 30 40, who reall [..] View

Round Robin bull

8:24 am, August 23, 2015 Just what is the use of this "Round Robin"? I just ran a flashpoint with 1 other person. She a Sorcerer and I a Sniper. Everything that dropped WAS FOR HER DAMN TOON!!!!! Plus She WON E [..] View

FotM and the Leaderboards, whats the point of ranked play if your not playing these?

8:24 am, August 19, 2015 Now I know that the leaderboards are not necessarily a good judge of players as they are accounting for all servers, and there is at this time no cross server pvp so of course, its hard to judge at ti [..] View

How the hell we can win lololololol

8:24 am, August 7, 2015 Any Advice for noob today was 10 warzone on PVE server we even has healer but it was very weird... When i played boarding party and much other flashpoints other peoples starting attack Healer then d [..] View

Please do something about stealthers in Hypergate.

8:24 pm, August 3, 2015 I mean, seriously. What's happening now is just plain ridiculous. Sins and operatives (and their Republic mirrors) can basically win WZ in the first 2 minites by delaying the pylon capture. Or by doin [..] View

The devs do not pay attention on a WHOLE different level

8:24 am, August 2, 2015 So I have understood that PvP has been neglected for a long time. I only started playing this game last year so I haven't been here since the beginning of the ridiculous lack of customer service for [..] View

Imp/Repub players speed hacking in PvP on the Ebon Hawk Server!!

8:24 pm, July 29, 2015 I just finished a civil war War Zone and Literally the Republic players were teleporting from grass to snow. to make sure i wasnt seeing things i stay up top on the speeder spawn point and watched the [..] View

No Warzone Comms for a Ranked loss?

8:24 am, July 26, 2015 Devs, I really appreciate the fact that you have reduced the cost of gearing for PVP. I have been playing since launch and I have NEVER gotten a full set of high end PVP gear because I am a casual gam [..] View

I like the game sounds except the F'ING SOUND OF RUNNING ON HARD SURFACES THAT 'FING

8:24 pm, July 19, 2015 INCESSANT TAPPING ALL OVER THIS F'ING GAME ITS THE MOST ANNOYING SOUND EVER! there has to be sound files that can be modified to change it. goddamn it there is no shoe any normal person wears that sou [..] View

How do i defeat the damn operatives in PVP

8:24 am, July 11, 2015 I play a 60 deception assassin 2018 in war-zones, i can deal with most but the Operatives be it imperial or republican, they drive me nuts. They move quickly, they detect my stealth, the vanshis in a [..] View

The amount of bad on TRE Rep side lately is just mind boggeling....

8:24 pm, July 4, 2015 So I decided to make an observation about the difference in caliber of player on TRE in pvp IMP and PUB. -Note I have almost exclusively played republic for the last 2 years. Now I finally get my m [..] View

Harbinger Lag Unplayable

8:24 am, July 1, 2015 Lag on Harbinger since those abandoning other servers for Harbinger has made it unplayable. Constant 10K+ spikes, and now I'm sitting on Rishi unable to move because I'm at 56K. The lag is 100% empha [..] View

Now you guys make the 90% discount for free transfer !? I WANT A REFUND !

8:24 am, June 23, 2015 This is disrespect from old players. 2 days ago i transfer a toon to my friends server to play with then because the new expansion announced months ago. And TODAY you guys said gonna put 90% discoun [..] View

Gunnery versus Marksman

8:24 am, June 8, 2015 This is a bit of a rage post but bear with me. I would like to know why gunnery commandos exist anymore. They fulfill the exact same role that a Marksman sniper does for both PvP and PvE - ranged bur [..] View

Bioware is cheating in wz allowed?

8:24 pm, June 7, 2015 After 1 week jee'zee free on the red eclipse today he showed up again. So bioware is cheating allowed in this game? why dont you just ban this guy for life if he is making new accounts why not just ad [..] View

@Bioware - I'm trying not to hate but please stop being willfully stupid.

8:24 am, June 7, 2015 I'm a developer. A UI developer originally, now something of a generalist. And here's what I see because I went through it myself but I'm also used to actually thinking about the consequences that com [..] View

New 3.3 Changes

8:24 am, June 4, 2015 Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ PTS Game Update 3.3 All content and features on the Public Test Server are not final and are subject to change. Classes + Combat Jedi Consular Sa [..] View

The Voice of the Lone Sith

8:24 pm, May 29, 2015 Okay, I have a high opinion I would like to voice right here and now: I DO NOT like Ops, Raids, or Conquest. It seems in every goddamn guild I've been in, I come across a lot of players who take this [..] View

Stop allowing people into ranked without full expertise

8:24 am, May 1, 2015 I don't give a damn if I have to wait an extra 20 minutes. At least I'll know that everyone is geared when I load into a ranked match. If you don't have a full set of pvp gear YOU DON'T BELONG IN RANK [..] View

BW not EA help a brotha out!!!

8:24 pm, April 26, 2015 Look bro my wallet is starving. These mk-10s or boring as hell to make. I don't even know how to make augs. Dudes bros my main mans do me a favor. All I do is pvp. Crafting is like super not me. Here [..] View

Wrongful deletion of post

8:24 pm, April 26, 2015 Quote: Originally Posted by CommunitySupport Dear WorldSmasher, You have received a warning at STAR WARS: The Old Republic. Reason: ------- Rules NotificationYou [..] View

Ok this class really needs a nerf!!!

8:24 pm, April 24, 2015 Anyways I feel like we need some new warzones. Reskin the gosh darn thing s i don't care just give us something here look I have an idea here for real no joke glub. Reskin VOIDSTAR to be a jedi templ [..] View

email validation?

8:24 pm, April 24, 2015 Hey guys, so my first char reached close to 20, and it enabled the email validation security, how long does it normally take? I have attempted to validate it twice and still so far I havnt received an [..] View

Biggest EU PvP server TOFn.... died

8:24 am, April 22, 2015 7 peoples in morning on fleet emp side.. Rep side 2 peoples me and gold spamer LOOL realy what a hell? even damn Jung ma RP-PVP usa seems better atm . i thought all in strong hold but no! 5 hours in q [..] View

POT5 dead

8:24 am, April 17, 2015 Damn what the hell happened to this server? I know I haven't played in a few months but man this server completely died. Prime time the fleet on imp side barely had 70 people and pub side was like 30. [..] View

Please make HK parts easier to obtain

8:24 pm, April 14, 2015 I had unlocked this on another account the week he was added, at that time there were hundreds working together to find these parts, even then it took a while. This account on the other hand hasn't un [..] View

Hacker on tofn again jee'zee aka twente

8:24 am, April 11, 2015 Damn.... here 2 videos added him to team he must be MAD :eek: Video (2) - https://youtu.be/XDd45KB7d6shttps://youtu.be/7jOKHOMiRek Bioware this guy 2 years troll all EU servers pls stop him h [..] View

A New Spin on Rebalancing PVP

8:24 am, April 5, 2015 I have two solutions that I, personally, believe would be a great step toward this balancing. While I do agree that there are a couple classes and specs that are a little OP in the game right now (Ha [..] View


Stuck in spawn: when are BW going to get off their a**es and fix the damn thing ?

Dec 18, 2014, 5:09 pm It's been there since launch and they can't even fix it ?? And they try to tell us that they will deliver content every six weeks with their stupid...[..] View

Can anyone answer me a damn simple question?!

Dec 16, 2014, 5:26 am Hi there AGAIN! Sorry if I have to write trought here because its like the 3rd time I want to make a simple question about Account/Billing that...[..] View

Remove the damn valor system!!!!!

Dec 14, 2014, 7:09 pm Okaty i have had enough!!!! Im going to get a heart attack because of this valor thing!!!!!!! For the sake of my sanity, my heart condition and my freaking life, please remove the stupid thing, i just[..] View

Keep crashing every damn day

Dec 14, 2014, 4:48 am Please fix your stupid game, I am sick of having to reload the game 6 times a day. you disgust me.[..] View

"Crafting is BROKEN as of the patch." This should be in the damn known issues by now.

Dec 14, 2014, 12:27 am As is stated, crafting is BROKEN, completely for all new players. Upon logging out almost ALL recipes learned via "reverse engineering" are...[..] View

Deserter Debuff....No Gawd Damn Way!

Dec 13, 2014, 10:44 pm So bads want those with skill to be punished for not wanting to be steam rolled with them? Gimme a break. 9/10 times those who quit WZs such as myself quit for good reason. Some will quit soon as[..] View

I am tired of having to re-zoom out all the damn time.

Dec 13, 2014, 8:40 am Every time i go through a loading screen i have to re zoom out to max camer range and it is pissing me off. I am in hopes that I am just being...[..] View

Have to repair this damn game at LEAST once per week...

Dec 13, 2014, 7:51 am I'm getting very very tired of having to repair, restart, re-this, re-that...And right now I have an ungodly slow download speed, so it makes for a very frustrating time. I am constantly getting crash[..] View

so...when get nerfed the damn healers?

Dec 12, 2014, 2:23 am getting tired of being owned by the team with most healers...this is getting practicallty stupid...ive been a sub since 1.0....and this is the worst time of this game...do something[..] View

Fix the god damn warezone timeout bs

Dec 11, 2014, 10:27 am Like the title says fix it i just went away for a couple seconds to come back to find out i *********** wasted 10mins of my time playing your failure...[..] View

Fix the damn Esseles bug!!!

Dec 11, 2014, 10:20 am So in the room with the tractor beam controls if you force leap over the pit there's a chance you can fall down into the pit. VERY ANNOYING![..] View

It's so damn simple...........

Dec 11, 2014, 10:17 am I've decided, that I'm going F2P (with some tool bar and character slot unlocks) until PVP is fixed. After witnessing the plethora of "bugs" with bolster, and the absolutely game-breaking [..] View

Fix this damn bolster or remove...

Dec 10, 2014, 10:31 am Full min/max oboran - <a href="http://imgur.com/Wli5V6g" target="_blank">http://imgur.com/Wli5V6g</a> Ear blue 53, matrix cube, 46/46/46 blue main hand/off hand - <a href="http://imgur.com/qpWTZLD" t[..] View

Fix the damn Leaderboard pls!!!!

Dec 8, 2014, 9:55 am Fix the damn Leaderboard pls!!!! Im sorry but I just have to a bit wild here but it pisses me so much that the leaderboard is still bugged as it is if the season 1 score is supposed to be hall of f[..] View

Damn that colicoid war game

Dec 7, 2014, 11:50 pm So I tried (multiple times) to get through colicoid war game on my 55 'sin tank. Can't solo the cannon phases, can't skip them. Is there some trick to this (perhaps one must be in all 180s or someth[..] View

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