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Is it possible do run and update SWTOR without BitRaider?..
Bitraider Blows Goats
Had to do a rebuild on my computer last week and am now stuck with the Launcher that has Bitraider built into it. Have tried to patch this evening and it has taken approx 2 hours to get to 94.43%. ..
"Reorganizing Data" + Norton Alert : "BitRaider High Disk Usage"
What the hell is this? What is this BitRaider Client that Norton is alerting me to that is using so much disk? Why is it on my computer and why is it associated with SWTOR? When I first saw Nort..
BitRaider - Patching every few days is painful
Can we have like a patch Tuesday since all weekly's reset that day instead of updates every 2 to 6 days like it has been. I / We understand the need for maintenance and code updates, but I don't belie..
Day 3: Worst LAUCHER in history!!! Initializing & Bitraider Exception window
Day 1 - 13 hours and a half update b4 able to login Day 2 - Launcher at Initializing stage and after about 30 sec, the error window 'Bitraider Exception' pops up. Check forum, followed instruction t..
How to remove bitraider streaming client!
WARNING: THIS WILL CAUSE A COMPLETE DOWNLOAD OF ALL 25 GB That said it will make all future downloads without Bitraider which has to many problems. 1. Close SWTOR 2. Search for Launcher.setti..
BitRaider Exception
Hello there! I'm having an issue while I'm triying to update de game patch. After uploading the launcher, I log in and just after that an error message appear, just saying "BitRaider Exception&..
How to purge BitRaider off my game & a question about cartel coins
Hi ! I've recently been reading up on people experiencing bad ingame performance due to BitRaider. I currently have the game installed from web sources, all patched up to current patch. I also..
bitraider : er ldt... und ldt... und ldt... und ldt... und ldt... und ldt...
eigentlich wollte ich mich ja nicht aufregen und aller dinge harren, die da kommen mgen... aber das herunterladen von "swtor" ist ein echter krampf... mir scheint, das "bitraider" k..
Please provide non BitRaider download option on site
Please BW provide a non BitRaider download option from the site. BitRaider was the reason I couldn't get the launcher to work and i suspect its proving to be troublesome for others. Best practice w..
neuinstallation ber streaming launcher und bitraider
hallo, ich installiere gerade SWTOR seit VIELEN Stunden auf meinem neuen Rechner. Mit einer angezeigten Geschwindigkeit von 512 KB/sec bei einer Verbindung von ca. 20 MB/SEC. Dabei zieht bitraide..
Unspecified error in launcher (during initializing, bitraider error in log file)
Fixed. Reboot to fix I'm a moron for forgetting a reboot. Have tried multiple times. Also tried fixlauncher. Uninstalled and installed the game. Same error during Initializing Downloading. I di..
ERROR CODE C5 (NO "BITRAIDER" FOLDER) Failed to load assets..
I'm not sure why I started to get this error. The game was working fine. I looked up this error and it had something to do with a Bitraider folder which i dont even have in my swtor folder... Ho..
Bitraider warning
Unfortunately, I have a pay per GB web service which costs me 25GBP per 7 GB.... I was prepared to pay the 50 pounds or so to download this game. Or so I thought.... Bitraider seems to upload data a..
Bitraider is terrible.
Bioware, you've made some questionable decisions along the way, most of which have been redeemed in some fashion. But what I can absolutely NOT understand, even a little, was the decision to use bitr..
BitRaider continually fails to validate and redownloads file sections
So my streaming client is stuck on 99.93% downloaded, and I can't leave the starter planet. I'm checking the BitDebug log, and I'm seeing the same thing over and over:
Error: install helper was not signed, aborting. Please reinstall bitraider client
So I left to eat dinner, when I came back to start the game back, I got the error again. I've googled various patches and fixes around the forums, but they don't seem to be working. I even tried..
Uninstalled Bitraider by mistake
Hi, I wasn't aware of what bitware was, and I uninstaled it thinking it was hogging my resources. The problem is that now SWTOR has no texts :-/ How can I installed it again?..
Lagging from the "New and Improved" Bitraider
Still waiting to see the optimization improvements relating to Bit Raider from the last patch. Traced a number of lagging problems to the new and improved Bit Raider -- back I go to deleting the prog..
Re-downloading problems with launcher/Bitraider, shortly after playing
So I'm playing, decide I need to go for a bit, and quit using the options menu. 30 minutes later I reload the launcher, and from out of nowhere, have to download the game (again) from 55% onwards! ..
BitRaider unspecified error (unable to communicate with external UI)
Hello, folks. Lately the BitRaider app has become very fickle and it's getting worse by the week. I was having the same issue as some others here, "this application has encountered an unspec..
Shadow of Revan, Bitraider and High Ping/Disconnect.
Ok, so after days of dire ping, horrendous lag and constant disconnect I came to the conclusion that SoR is responsible for this and would like confirmation from a CSR that this is indeed the reason f..
Having to constantly re-install game and remove BitRaider folder
This is getting BEYOND ridiculous. It seems that I am having to delete the BitRaider folder every day and the uninstall/reinstall the game every WEEK just to get some playability out of it. WHY?! Ther..
BitRaider not running.
Hi, I have re-installed my Windows 7 x64 this week and after doing this I have two issues with SWTOR that might be related. When launching SWTOR from the Origin client the launcher crashes with two..
Bitraider Fatal Error {Please help!!}
Hi guys after closing the game and going to eat after I came to my pc and wanna play Star wars the old republic agian so I login normally as always but I got a popup that state [ Installation of the d..
Is Bitraider needed?
Hi like the title says I have been having problems like a lot of other people have been having with lag etc and during a game session once bitraider crashed but my game kept running, the funny thing..
Issues with Launcher related to BitRaider
Getting Launcher error where it is stuck on initializing. Here are the logs from the Launcher: This is the BitRaider log: Any help would be ap..
bitraider block
So I know most of y'all will just tell me to disable bitraider, but I plan to make new characters soon so I don't wanna do that til I have created all character types, but my problem is that my AVG se..
Need official response on how to remove Bitraider from computer/game
Hello, many posts tell us how to remove the Bitraider from our computers but I saw nothing from Bioware. I want this thing removed from my game, and I want to know from an official person how to remo..
Bitraider problem still exists.
Dear Bioware team! Its a disaster. After month of playing without a problem game starts to brake every launch. Bitraider sending a message that its cant connect to UI, freezing launcher and not allo..
How much internet data does BitRaider & SWTOR use? Ways to reduce data consumption?
Hello, I am on a Data Cap with my ISP (300 GB). It sounds like a lot, but we have 5 people in our household who all use the network. So I was wondering if there are any ways to reduce the amount of da..
'Unspecified Error' when attempting to patch with BitRaider
Hi everyone, Over the weekend, there has been an uptick in the amount of people receiving 'Unspecified Errors' when attempting to patch the client using BitRaider. While, at the moment, I don't have ..
Win10 vs Bitraider
So as I see on both my pc and notebook BW did nothing about "new streaming client" working smoothly on "new" windows os. Is there any other solution to most stupid bitraider client except switchin' to..
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