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Main Assets 49 (42%)
Guten Tag, folgendes Problem immer wenn ich Updaten mchte, freezt bzw. wird mein Rechner an der Stelle von Main Assets 49 bei 42% extrem langsam.....
Looking for Fix for repair assets 51 bug
Anyone know a fix for Patch 1.20a yet? when I try and download the patch it starts at assets 51 and stops and tells me to repair. I tried everything,.....
Patcher stuck at Installing Main Assets 60 (59%)
Starting my own thread for this. Yes, this is slightly provocative to the CS but we all have to do our jobs... *I have a problem with patch 1.2.4.....
Probleme mit "Main Assets 61"
Moin, Ich spiele seid Januar und habe bisher nie grere Probleme gehabt. Volle Grafik, nie groe Probleme beim Patchen. Meine Internet Verbindung.....
Failed Installation Main Assets 72
here is log: 2012-07-10 19:57:41 INFO File info: launcher.exe size=2527520, created=4/14/2012 8:46:34, accessed=3/6/2012 20:59:0,.....
"Main Assets 74" hang and crash
Hi. I resubscribed and am trying to download the game client. I've downloaded ~15gb so far. Everything downloads and installs smoothly until.....
Failed Installation Main Assets 75
Second day cannot play. Finally, month gone after terrible 1.3.2. I write on forum about that problem:.....
main assets 79 problem.
ok so i download main assets 79 for this recent patch and im able to go throught the log in screen but the little loading screen before it gets to my.....
Installing Main Assets 79...And Stuck...
Right, so with the recent update, which I've now tried about 15 times over the last week, it always gets stuck in the exact same spot while.....
Patcher stuck @ 45% on main assets 80
Have tried the fixinstaller.exe but it just gets stuck constantly @ 45% Have run the diagnostics, but where can I upload the file?..
Stuck on main assets 85 0%
Hello I am stuck on main assets 85 on 0% they whole launcher locks up,I have tried some of the "solutions" on the forum but none worked for me. I.....
Fail to load game assets?
So.. I was just in-game about 2 hours ago without a problem, when I had to log off and exit to do some things. I sit back down and log back in and.....
Red Eclipse and Main Assets 86 - 0%
Hi guys! I've got small problem. I play on Red Eclipse and when i logged into the game for all the time i had loading screen. I decided to reinstall.....
Main assets 86 (86%) HELP!
:mad: i cant take this anymore ever since 1.4 came out i havent been able to anything and ive tryed everything i can think up to fix what you guys.....
Main Assets 87
I saw that there was a post but it is unrelated to the one I am leaving now. I am having problems with the new patch that was released on 10/30/2012.....
Stuck installing main assets 87 0%
Hi, I have installed from disk and deleted and reinstalled from origin to no avail. I have Windows 8 X64 with a fairly beast computer. Anxious.....
Installing Main Assets 91
Im re installing the game after a period of absence and after waiting forever to download Main Assets 91 from the launcher, it has stopped. As for getting things running when you have Main Assets fre..
main assets
So I haven't played in quiet some time an im now dl all the patches i've missed im just curios how many more main assests i have if im on main asset.....
Freezing up while installing Assets 86?
It downloads fine, but when I get to about 44% of the installation of assets 86 it just freezes up and everything on my computer as well. Whats the.....
Stuck @ Installing Main Assets 97 (0%)
I just installed the game using the installation CDs. When I launched the game to play it was downloading and then the launcher is stuck @ this point.....
Issues installing Main Assets 98
The launcher stalls when installing Main Assets 98. I tried a few of the suggestions here: .....
Main assets 98 0% problem
Hi, i buyed and intalled SWTOR in my computer with WIN7 64 bit. When i launch the game the installation patch stops in MAIN ASSETS 98 0%. I have.....
Stuck installing main Assets 98 0%
Hi all, I just logged in for the first time in 3 days, expected the patch download/update, which it started. It got to "Installing Main Assets.....
Downloading Main Assets 1 bug
EVERY WEEK! I log on the patcher and have to redownload the 11.6gig file Main assets 1, then wait for it to install which is like a 5 hour process......
Patch download stuck at 35% -- Main Assets
I have tried multiple times to download the new patch this morning. Can't get past 35% -- Main Assets...
Stuck at Main Assets 100 (0%) :(!
Atm im stuck in main assets 100 0 percent ive deleted everything you've told me too :mad: Before that I got to about 1/4 after main assets then got.....
Installing main assets
Hi so i installed the lastes patch and it says installing main assets 100/% (0%) i have no idea what to do i luchned the fixluncher but it did not.....
Stuck on installing Main assets 100
Hey there lovely CS, a few days ago I decided to close my laptops lid while patching, once I woke it up from standby I wasn't able to patch past 61%.....
C5 Error Cannot load assets
The problem first appeared after trying different combinations of asset files on a ram disk. At first I figured it might be leftover junction links.....
installing english assets 104
i have had to reinstall swtor to my computer and it is stuck on 'installing english assets 104' part. it has downloaded it however it refuses to.....
PTS Installing Main Assets 61 failing
After the 2.6 gbs or w/e it is finishes and the % hits 0% nothing else happens and the pts doesnt finish installing. I have run the pts back before.....
Unable to install english assets 60
I have tried multiple times to install English assets 60. I have deleted assets_swtor_test_en_us_58to59 multiple times and the launcher re.....
English Assets 108
Heya, Installing the game, but I am stuck at 0% for English Assets 108. I dloaded fine, but it is not going anywhere with the installation. .....
Installing English Assets 109 (0%)
Hi, I just reinstalled SWTOR and I am trying to patch it, but the patcher stops at "Assets 109" and doesn't proceed further. Does anyone have any.....
Launcher Stall @ English Assets
Just got the game - retail client. Installing and patching - The launcher has stalled at 'Installing English Assets 110 (0%)' I'm running the.....
Can't patch, stuck installing main assets
Hello. I have not been able to update or play the game since the patch on 03/12/13. I have spent many hours trying to fix this, and I'm losing my.....
no installing english assets 111
hi,my problem is that i have re-installed swtor and the game doesnt install english assets .ive been alng two hours waiting and still in installing.....
Installing Main Assets 110 - Stuck at 2%
Hi there, I'm trying to download and instal the latest patch, but I am stuck at "Installing Main Assets 110" at 2%. I'd sure love to play the game.....
Swtor installing main assets keeps freezing on downloads
2013-03-29 13:26:40 INFO -----------------------------(420)----------------------------- 2013-03-29 13:26:42 INFO .....
Main Assets 110 stuck at 0%
My patcher refuses to proceed past this point. I have followed every single piece of advice on any searchable thread on this topic, including.....
Can't install main assets 114
I recently uninstalled my game because I kept getting error code 4001, that being the one where the server list shows up blank. Now that I've gotten.....
SWTOR Stops working at "Installing Main Assets 8%"
Title says it all. Downloads the patch, tries installing it, gets to Install 8% and a Windows pop-up appears saying "SWTOR has stopped working" and crashes the launcher. I've deleted the r..
English Assets 1
The game worked fine last night. This morning, it wants to download English Assets 1. Why do I need a 5gb file when there wasn't been a patch? How do I convince the launcher I don't need it?..
Stuck in Main Assets install
Since the lst patch I haven't been able to get on the game due to constantly getting stuck in the install (not DL) period of either english video or main assests. I've done every tip I have read inclu..
Installing Main Assets 121 (0%)
Hello, I'm trying to load the game, but the launcher is hanging at this stage is very long. In what could be the problem?..
Launcher Problems: Stuck at Installing Main Assets 122 (0%)
Hi, I can't patch my game with the Launcher. It's stuck at installing main assets 122 (0%) I've opened the launcher through safe mode with networking still no luck. I've also did all these but s..
Main Assets 1 started COMPLETELY OVER [fresh install]
I purchased a new subscription (first time subscribing to the game since launch) thinking that I would be able to download the game in an ordinary time frame. I played in beta so I knew it was a beas..
Main assets 123 stucked at 71%
I downloaded the patch via official installer and each time it is trying to install I get freezed at Main Assets ( 71% ) I tried the known workarounds from the last patch ( since I had the same issu..
Launcher Stuck on Installing Main Assets 128 (71%) for patch 2.3.1
Greetings, When I run the launcher for patch 2.3.1, I am able to download the the patch information without a problem. However, as it is installing said patch data, it just sits their saying, "..
patch 2.3.1 stuck on installing english assets 131 (94%)
I have tried several of the fixes on here and nothing works... It just freezes on installing english assets 131 (94%) and doesn't go any further...
Patch 2.3.1 won't complete, stuck at installing english assets 131 (94%)
I have tried several of the fixes I have found on here but the patch will not go past installing english assets 131 (94%)...
Main Assets 129 stuck at 49% install
I've been through numerous attempts to patch since launch. I've moved once (so it's not my internet provider), I've tried patching with wireless AND wired internet (so it's not my connection), this p..
Installing Main Assets won't progress past 53%
Ever since the first patch this week I have not been able to get past installing the main assets. I have looked on the forums and followed everything there, I have run checkdisk, memtest, and made su..
Installing Main Assets 134 0%
aaaaand its stuck, any known fix for this?..
Installing Main Assets 136 freezes at 29%
Patch 2.3.3 freezes at 29 % while installing main assets 136 every time. I've tried deleting the patch files, rebooting in safe mode with networking, clean booting, checked my anti-virus software (Mic..
Failed to load game assets.
Hey all, i am not sure if this is covered in any other forum( I didn't see that it was). When I login to SWTOR and get on my character loading screen(the one before you select a character) my game..
Launcher gets stuck trying to install Main Assets 141
The launcher gets stuck every time, trying to install main Assets 141. It just sits there at 0% forever and the only way to close the launcher is through task manager. Ive tried changing firewall e..
Failed to load game assets
I login and hit play. Screen goes black then shows the Hutt cartel Loading screen for a split second then shuts down and says Failed to load game assets...
Installing main assets takes way too long
Even after the minor patch, i'm forced to wait for 2+ hours for main assets to be installed. The patch download itself happens in minutes, if not seconds, but the main assets thing is just ridiculous...
Stuck at 61% installing Main Assets 116. Nothing I have tried has worked. Please help
I recently reactivated my account last Sunday. I haven't played since maybe March. When attempting to install the new patches it quickly climbs to 60%, then a few minutes later climbs to 61% where it ..
"Installing Main Assets" phase takes hours...
Each time i download a new patch for this game, this happens. The actual download takes no longer than 10-15 minutes on average, but the "Installing Main Assets" phase, which follows the downl..
Spiel-Assets konnte nicht geladen werde Fehler: C5 ?
Spiel-Assets konnten nicht geladen werden. Fehler: C5 . Kann mich einloggen aber nicht das Spiel starten dann erscheint diese Fehlermeldung. Ist erst seit der Serverwartung heute. Bitte um Hilfe!..
ERROR CODE C5 (NO "BITRAIDER" FOLDER) Failed to load assets..
I'm not sure why I started to get this error. The game was working fine. I looked up this error and it had something to do with a Bitraider folder which i dont even have in my swtor folder... Ho..
Downloading English assets 161.. at 0.02 mb... stuck.. error code (310)?
Whats the deal here..? tried logging into the game for the first time since x-mas break... Yes massive patch.. but when it goes thru the download and gets to downloading English assets... It ..
Patching to 2.6.1 Stuck at 'Installing Main Assets 158 64%'
Hi Guys, Please help me out here. Never really had a problem with patching before but this one is stuck at 64% and won't move from there. I've tried: - running fixlauncher.exe - Deleting th..
Error C5 Failed to load assets
This came after the patch cant even start the game, says to contact customer servise...
Installer Stuck - "Installing Main Assets 159 (84%)
AS the title says, logged in, launcher began patching, got to the above and just sits there doing nothing. This has happened before and I tried launcher repairs and a couple of other known fixes bu..
Installing assets 161 sticks
I'm having an issue patching to version 2.6.2, my launcher downloads assets 161 correctly but then attempts to install it and stalls every single time at 59%. I have to use the task manager to kill th..
Laucher stucks at installing main assets 161 (5%) and then blue screen
Hello I recently format my pc and i reinstalled swtor but while installing main assets 161 the laucher suddenly freezes at 5% (i reinstalled b4 but freezed at 6% :p ) and then it shows blue screen..
Game Continues to Download Assets
So after downloading over 20 gigabytes of data for the game, my launcher crashed. Now every time I start the launcher it says: Resuming Main Assets 162 Download -- 8.28 GB remaining The first t..
Problem update 2.7.1 installing Assets 167
Hi, i tried to update my game and after completed download assets 167, start install and launcher is freezing . i was waiting for 8 hours and nothing happened, still in the same state. It the first t..
PTS installation stuck at "Main Assets 115" 0%
Problem: When trying to install PTS the launcher immediately sticks at "Installing Main Assets 115" (0%), which is the first file it tries to download apparently. Is this not progressing becau..
installing english assets 175 stuck at 0%
after getting the near infinite download/repair loop (I started the download within 30 mins of patch being available), I, as of 1.5 hours ago, started with a new problem.... English assets 175 downloa..
Installing Main Assets 174 (0%)
After downloading the newest patch/update, it comes to the installing part. The progress bar starts to fill up but stops with only 25% completion. All it displays is "Installing Main Assets 174 ..
Stuck installing Main Assets 179 89% - Patch 2.10.2
Anyone else having this issue? I've tried deleting the patch folders, I've tried deleting the following files and folders - "Patch" folder - "Patcher_-1toXX" or similar folders - &#..
INFO Streaming Required [BR_STAGE_REMAININGASSETS] Progress: 0
Hi I'll try to keep this quick. Since yesterday, i have been unable to patch the game (and after an un-install, re-install the game). I won't bore you with the 100's of lines but you can see..
New install, game assets stuck at 99.99%?
As it says in the title, just got finished after installing the game to a computer. The launcher tells me the game is ready to go, but once I'm in, the little window is still sitting there telling me..
Downloading Main Assets
Hi, So, I've been downloading main assets and I don't know what's after Main Asset 182. Anyone got any ideas? Please click this link below to view my current launcher status:
Launcher Bug: Stuck downloading Main Assets
My launcher seems to be stuck at 6 percent download for the 3.0.1 patch. I've tried restarting my computer and modem, but the problem persists. The launcher is also choking my system to a crawl, with ..
Idea: Release Wz dev kit to community.Monetize through cartel assets market.
Community can then host their own servers through a server rental company.Admins would have access to turning bolster on/off , resolve variables and what wz to play. What do yall think? what other ..
Install Main Assets 203 STUCK at 43%
Something's wrong with this patch. I've made numerous attempts to get past this 43%, but it keeps sticking there. (I'm deleting and fixing the launcher each time, along with deleting the temporary p..
Downloading game assets stuck at 99,99%
Hi. I had to re-install the game because my old hard drive disk failed and now I can't play with my old characters because the downloading game assets is stuck at 99,99%. I created a new character an..
Installing main assets bug?
My launcher started downloading main assets from number 1 to the last of them after the patch, instead of just downloading the patch and patching the game. Downloading it wouldn't be so bad, since it'..
swtor error code c5 failed to load game assets
I was able to play fine last night, but after the update I'm getting an error! What should I do? I've googled the issue, but none of the proposed solutions have helped. My internet cut out a couple o..
Have to download SWTOR again??? On main assets 1 and very slow process this is.
Ok here is the deal i was playing 2 hours ago my pc crashed i restarted it and i then fired of SWTOR to only find out i have a long download on my hands. Right now i am downloading main assets 1 and i..
Game Assets
In game I have the game download for it to download in the background. When scrolled over it says i am running a reduced version of the game and the game assets well download in the background, but no..
Failed to load assets, help please.
Not a new player but nowhere else to post this since customer support is read only. I recently updated my game and since I've been launching it and receiving a message saying there is a C5 error beca..
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