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Missing Advanced purple 36 augs from gear.
OK, this is ceasing to be funny. I logged in this morning to find 5 of the 14 advanced skill augment 36s vanished from one of my char's gear and several Reflex 36 purples missing from my other char. S..
What's the best sage/sorc killer on 1vs1?
I've been witnessing, ever since the release of SWTOR, so many sages/sorcs on warzones. Now it's even more so in 3.0. I often see a sage topping both DPS and Heals by ridiculous amount, and more and..
Solo Flashpoint Question
I solo'd the new flash points using the solo option when the quest was given to me. Now that I'm done with the expansion story line, is there a way to still solo the new flashpoints or is it back to ..
The solo mode for Forged Alliance seems.....too easy. BW could you up the difficulty?
I love the Forged Alliances, but at the same time I want to feel more challenged when doing these. I was playing it for the first time yesterday with my Jedi Sage Healer and i hardly had to do any hea..
Broken game.
The leveling experience is not easier like patch 3.0 notes said. It's actually a lot harder. It's obvious the devs are ignoring this and don't think it's hard or they just haven't tried it out themsel..
Question: Sent/Mara set bonus
Considering that the new Sent/Mara set bonuses are awful and don't come close to having Guarded by the Force CD 15s shorter and a 1s increase to duration or getting a 10% boost to dmg after Force Leap..
Last boss Ravagers fight reset issue?
2 pulls in a row on last boss of Ravagers 8man SM, when we've transitioned between Coratanni and pearl, Coratanni runs off and we kill Pearl, when we take the escape pods, we get a brief load screen i..
Early access leaves a bad taste in my mouth
I know the "Early Access" period is supposed to reward those that ordered the expansion early actually feels more like punishment for the rest of us. I am a subscriber. I pre-ordered the e..
Keep Getting [TACTICAL FLASHPOINT] Instead Of [SOLO FLASHPOINT] For Forged Alliances
I pre-ordered the expansion. It was working fine when I played Tuesday but now I can't play the FP's solo. My in-game ticket has yet to get a response as of about an hour ago. I paid for this Bioware ..
Any other Shadows getting crushed in PVP since update
I held my own in PVP prior to update. Level 49 shadow Infiltration spec I am now having my arse handed to me almost every round. I seem to be taking huge damage and going down very fast. Perhaps ju..
forged alliances korriban commander keeps resetting
My 3rd character was able to get the solo mission for forged alliance part 1 but now on korriban the last commander keeps resetting and is preventing me from finishing , so now I have 3 characters can..
ERROR 208 please help
I was playing a toon and had been playing for a couple of hours and then all of a sudden BOOM. In the middle of travel between two taxis, no swtor responding, no server list refreshing, nothing. Exit..
Bugs with anodyne resolve system mk-1 implant
1) you have two items with the same name. (It sure seems to me like an automated SQA script to insure unique names would be worth the trouble) 2) One of the items seems like it has too low of a stat ..
Cant Get Early Access
Im a subscriber that purchased the expansion early...Im stuck at the states its installing but 100% complete and when i press exit it states that its still updating...has been stuck on th..
Bug (?) report on level500 gathering/mission
Artifact level 500 gathering/mission travels should return 4/5 pieces of artifact grade 10 crafting materials, yet regardless of type those only return 3 pieces with max affection characters +2 critic..
Two bugs.
Ok my first bug and biggest complaint is at certain times after interacting with the stronghold door or other similar types of things. I lose my UI after the load screen and cannot get it back unless ..
How long does a ticket take...
I submitted a ticket in game.. 18 hours ago and still hasnt been updated at all.. and i'm completely stuck on the 2nd last quest of yavin 4 unable to do anything... They havent responded they they ha..
Old gear and set bonus
So my main has champ mara armor and top mods at the time 132. Now that I'm attempting to gear him back up I see that I lose that set bonus when the armoring mod is removed. Guessing that is how it goe..
GSI Tatooine - Scanning the Depths Unclickable bug!!
I have found all 4 locations in Tatooine, however, ONLY one of the blue meteorite fragments is unclickable, no sign of yellow lit sign on the macrobinoculars even though IT IS THE METEORITE FRAGMENT!!..
I could cry (FPS related)...
I love SWTOR for its combat-system, for the animations, for the sound-effects and...well...its STAR WARS!!! :) But coming back from WoW: Warlords of Draenor i cant stop crying. I was used to having ..
Launcher Won't get past the initializing phase.
The issue I'm having is that my launcher stays stuck on the initializing part and then I get an error that says "This application has encountered an unspecified error. Please try this patch again." I ..
Devoted Allies Assault Blaster Pistol - Cannot be equipped by C2-N2
I ran into a problem regarding the legacy bound weapon you get for your companion upon arriving at Rishi. I picked the pistol for Elara Dorne. I noticed it says it can also be given to both ship droid..
BUG: Logging out on ship while standing on object logs you back in stuck in object.
As the title says. For example, log out stood on your holoterminal. Log back in and you're embedded inside the holoterminal. All you can do is fast travel to somewhere or /stuck, which gives you 10..
Shadow Packs on Cartel Market
So I see there's a Pilgrim's Shadow Pack but there's also a x24 Pilgrim's shadow pack. It sounds like I get the same things 24 times over. I don't get why I would do that. The armor and stuff can't p..
Launcher startet nicht.
Nabend miteinander, ich habe heute versucht SWTOR auf meinem Laptop zu installieren. Dafür habe ich mir hier auf der Seite den Client geladen und normal auf C installiert. Jetzt passiert leid..
Tried downloading the game and it takes 3 seconds then wont work at all.
Hello All! I uninstalled SWTOR a while back to take a break from it. Now with the new expansion coming out I wanted to get back into it. So I downloaded the installer and as soon as I opened it it to..
Lvl 60 heals are still way overpowered
To: PVP designers at Bioware. Question: Is it your design decision to make healers so overpowered that they are virtually unkillable? I thought this update was supposed to rebalance operative/scoundr..
What happened to Flashpoints?
SO at level 60, you can only group for the Revan flashpoints? Even on Cz-198 or whatever that place is called, people have to manually group up and go to the FP entrance. Seriously? I mean, the Solo..
battle forms(guardian)
Why when i change shii-cho form to shien or reverse dont change stats in character sheet & dont feel 15% bonus speed in shien form. ps: можно отв&..
Any tips for Mara?
Hey guys I just hit 60 on my mara and was looking for spec/utility advice. I played a lot of carnage (post 2.7 when they made it fun again) at 55, and, while squishy, was pretty fun using hit and run..
Game failing to launch
I open my swtor shortcut on my desktop, fill in my log in details, click log in. This takes me to the patch screen, all patches are done, I click play then the launcher disappears and nothing happens..
No Loot After Killing Final Boss in Ravagers SM?
Last night my raid group did the new Ravagers raid in Story Mode to gear and prepare for Hard Mode in a few weeks down the road. The raid has several bug throughout, which is to be expected due to the..
I'd like to add my part to this Revan bug conversation. I have tried the fight countless times now, searching these forums, Reddit, and a number of blogs for possible solutions or workarounds to this ..
Nar Shaadar Quest "Access is Bugged and not dropping Subsystem Access Key
As title the Quest on NarShaadar "Access" is not dropping the Subsystem Access Key I currently have looted 7 x Security Access Codes 8 x Primary Access Codes but not one Subsystem Access Key has ..
Lightning/ Telekinetics
It never was a viable option and it still not. Lets be honest players play the tree/talent just when they feel ill an bored by madness/balance. Maybe on papper it's ok, and has propper numbers in dps..
Transfer Toon From One Paid Account to Another; Same Credit Card
Greetings Support.Context: My son and I both have accounts with the game. I pay for the accounts with the same credit card. We are on the same server (Ebon Hawk).Question: Is it possible via some proc..
Fliege ständig aus dem Spiel
Hi habe folgendes Problem wenn ich spiele fliege ich nach ein paar Minuten ständig vom Server. Kurz bevor das passiert steigt die Server-verzögerung massiv an. An der Internetverbindung k..
True fullscreen?
I recently returned to SWTOR for the Revan expansion. I prefer playing in fullscreen mode, but I am having an issue with the fullscreen mode in SWTOR. I have dual monitors, one 34" monitor for gaming ..
Harbinger Que AGAIN....
C'mon guys, What the Hell. I'm a subscriber. I have a higher than normal priority in the 'QUE' for a server that is only on a STANDARD population but I have a40+ min wait time, my position is DROPPING..
Why am I waiting???
Im a subscriber and I am having to queue to connect to Harbinger but the server info page says the population is standard! WTH? Been queued over 10 mins already and says there is still approx 25 mins ..
Paid Character Transfer Broken
Today I paid for a character transfer and after 14 hours I still cannot log in to that character. It loads less than 10% and hangs. I have repaired and reinstalled. Tried it from another computer too...
Sorcerer Overpowered
Sorcerer is overpowered in the Lightning tree atm. Even the sorcs/sages say they're op. Sorc isn't that hard to play decently so the fact that anyone really can abuse this is really annoying. That's ..
Taktische FP im Gruppenfinder nur noch auf schwer ab 56ig / Absicht oder Bug?
Bitte nicht lachen!:) Steht da eine Absicht dahinter, dass man ab 56ig die taktischen FP nur noch auf schwer machen kann? Müsste sich ja auch negativ auf die Weekly von CZ198 auswirken.:confuse..
More options for security key
There are currently only two phone models that you are able to get a security key from. Perhaps you could set up a text system so that all models of phones are able to receive security keys? It is ver..
Laptop Question
Hey all! I've been looking for a cheap laptop and was wondering if anyone could tell me if this one would be able to run the game on medium settings? Thanks in advance! Acer Aspire E5-571G-38VF 15.6..
Scoundrel top season 3
I write here to ask how is it even possible that the first Scoundrel in the world, as much North america as Europe, got the title and have stayed in the top ranked in group with 1882 with only 10 win..
Fix the lag on Harbinger or unsubscribe
I am a returning player that just started playing again about two weeks ago. I subscribed immediately. It was great up until the 3.0 patch last Tuesday, and then the lag hit. EVERY single day, all ..
Fehler : C5 beim Starten
Hoffe kann mir jemand helfen ,habe jedesmal wenn ich das Spiel starten will eine Fehlermeldung mit Code : C5. Steht drauf dass ich den Kundendienst kontaktieren soll das ich hiermit tue. Danke f&uum..
Please extend this pre-season
Not going to be popular, but I don't think it's a secret that the artists haven't been able to make the end-of-season rewards as quickly as the seasons are coming and going. For season 3, we didn't se..
White/ black screen issues requiring hard reboot of pc
I recently renewed my subscription but when I've tried to play the screen goes black within the first five minutes of the game. I've followed all the recommended fixes and nothings worked. This game w..
Shadowlands Server Lag( Info to message the developers directly)
Due to the unresponsiveness of EA/BW I am posting the links that will allow you to contact the developers and hopefully with enough inbox's respond to this issue. The contact info is in there tabshtt..
Questions on v3.0 (leveling, Revan etc.)
Ok, please, help me figure out several things after 3.0 got released..- I am a subscriber for more than an year - I dont have Revan expansion preordered1. Can I level above level 55 before 9th dec? I..
Tower of Sacrifice second boss damage unreal?
me and some guildies tried to do the second boss of TOS. it seemed like the damage was unreal and everyone moved out of stuff and the gernade hit me for 43k. Also the tanks were going down fast too. W..
3.0 Basic Com Gear
Since 3.0, all of the non-tank 186 basic com gear has "A" mods (the ones with the least crit or power). Prior to 3.0, it was my understanding that these were the worst mods and that dps and healers wa..
3.0 ability training
So, just to be clear, for the people that preordered and had to pay about a million credits to train their abilities over the 5 levels between 55 and 60, you're not offering any kind of refund? Someb..
Gold spammers are spamming my in game mail box.
gamereasy Is now spamming in game mail box.Can we please have a fix for this stuff.I have played other mmo's that have fixed this problem.Like STO they fixed Gold spammers from chat and in game mail ..
As a beta tester...I mean early access that I paid you for
This release is a piece of ****. -Yavin 4 Lags -Activation Lag -Walker WB shut the *********** game down for half my raid group it lagged so bad. -Melee virtually useless in the new raids -Re..
I've been stuck on the 'Choke Point' mission on Alderaan with my Sith Marauder for a week now and I'm starting to wonder if its me or the game. Here's my stats Sith Marauder (lvl. 31) Health: 6235 ..
[Heroic 4] Dark Design - Can it get any worse?
So, I tried to solo this before at 55 because well, nobody ever wants to do it when I want to. I usually can get him low enough, but end up dying anyways since my DPS wasn't high enough to take out al..
The Harbinger lag is BADDD on Yavin 4...
When will this get fixed? Trying to do the walker boss is a complete nightmare... you can only move and you feel like you are looking at your character play in pictures... Even the two new FP's have l..
Cannot display pets or speeders in my stronghold
I have (as well as other guild mates) tried everything. I started out with my jedi in his tatooine stronghold. I did have my speeders displayed on the porch. So this did work at one time. Then pi..
How do you spend 4500 ranked comms and 2750 wz comms in level 60?
Hello guys, This is probably a question that has been answered a few thousand times already, but I'm just wondering what would be the best way to spend these comms I saved up so far. I am currently ..
How do I unsubscribe?
So, I logged into to do my Yavin 4 dailies, and there's about 15 imps camping the spawn point, so I'm pretty much stuck now. Thanks... I think I might finally be done with this game. Not sure if it'..
2 ''game breaking'' things w/ 3.0 that will ruin Season 4 PvP
1. You can currently (purposely) skip setting your Utility points and can then accept the warzone queue and enter it. After which, you can then select your Utilities once in there, after you see who y..
Fabricator droid items go into the void
Any item I have made recently with fabricator droids goes into the void when I click on them. They are simply gone and I can't place them because they are not in my available list. Not only that, i..
taking advantage
got my toon to lvl 60..most part doing wz's to get min/max solo rank wz's dont have any ranking..meaning people can do them and dont worry about any ranking if you lose..people like to do ..
Update 3.0 Shadow of Revan stalled/frozen
Heya, so I've been updating for Shadow of Revan, and everything was fine and dandy until it stopped at 62.35%. I tried logging on and off, but it still didn't move at said percentage. I tried everythi..
Computer reboots when SWTOR running
MB: ASRock Z77 Extreme 6 PSU: Corsair HX750 CPU: Intel Core i5 3570K GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 OS: Windows 7 Pro 64bit This system runs other games fine. I came back to SWTOR this past weekend...
group finder for level 60 with 55-59 grp?
i have not pug this so if a pug is starting in fleet and people start to group and hit group finder 55-59 , can i as level 60 join after grouped and hit group finder? or i only can join ops that is m..
Bad/slow internet or bad laptop performance?
So im having an issue and im not sure its my works internet or poor performance by my laptop. Your thoughts and advice much appreciated. Symptoms, very long load screens, in game there are times ill..
my connection to the server the bastian falls to all time, I'm late game subscriber and this problem is displeasing me, I would have had a quick fix, I'm in the game is ddie "empire", I look back. if ..
A request for new space missions
I know that SWTOR space missions have received a lot of complaints since the launch of SWTOR. However, I really enjoy them. They are something I can jump into the game and complete quickly, and I fi..
revan content
"Please go to Click here to purchase Shadow Of Revan to purchase the Shadow Of Revan Expansion. So....what the heck is that about considering I'm a me that means pay to play the conte..
Game freezes upon entering Rishi.
The new patch just came earlier today and was having a great time till i entered Rishi. My game freezes and i have to manually shutdown my pc. When i log back in to SWTOR i cant access any of my alts ..
Can't Access Server List, Can't Make In-Game Ticket
After today's patch I've been unable to retrieve the server list once I log in (it's just plain blank, though it I leave it long enough it comes up with the "unable to retrieve" error 4001 on it's own..
Rishi Idol
Rishi Idol would be perfect in front on Revan Statue except you wont let it go there. Idol needs to be have centerpiece hook added to, floor large or floor medium hook, Or let players have more than..
Powertech Tank..for first elite piece..chest or off hand?
I am augmented in shield, absorb and some defense. I am working on trying to get at least one or two pieces of elite before i step into our new Hard Modes. What are you suggesting as your first two ..
Item restoration and achivement items should not be marked as jun
quest and achievement items should not be marked as junk in game. I've spent 9 hours farming grophets for the data packets. the first time i sent my companion to sell the junk in my inventory....set 1..
Double billed
I was double billed for Shadows of Revan. When I tried to buy it I used my credit card, the reply I got back was unable to process and that I should try again I did 5 minutes later and again i got th..
Strange error trying to purchase expansion
I've now tried on separate occasions over the past week to purchase the expansion. However, each time I get an error message stating the following: Purchase Error This service is currently unavaila..
Impossible to complete weekly - galactic conflicts (level 60 hardmode).
i've completed many rakata and one manaan (never got around korriban or assault on tython, but thats a problem for another topic) and i still wasn't able to complete this weekly, it just doesn't updat..
i was doing the bastion part of the corellia quest on my lvl 52 trooper named calwred and after we split up doing the 3 paths, I went the way of the droids, well, I died a few times, I think because m..
Ultimate comms
So, is there something being done about the ultimate comm issue? Where those of us who pre-ordered had our ultimate comms turned to basic comms at early access, while those who didn't pre-order were ..
Semi-New Player Lot of Questions
I am fairly new to the game, less than a month i believe,and have made several new characters and have never been able to stick with them.I was wondering is there any class that levels or plays smooth..
Remove/ Restrict Guard in PVE?
So again a thread pop's up about Guard. Another poster was asking and thats noble, they want to learn. It's nobodies fault as it can be difficult to figure out. Over the years it's been explained in g..
Update 3.0 -> Unvollständig, fehlerhaft und eine Unverschämtheit!
Es ist schon eine Frechheit, daß die nicht vorhandenen Übersetzungen das Spiel aus Sicht eines Crafters quasi unbrauchbar machen. Auch an anderen Stellen merkt man wie unfertig die Erweiter..
Cannot choose advanced class for imperial agent
I have a level 11 imperial agent. I want to make him a sniper. I go to the republic fleet next and i talk to inteligent quarter master but he keeps telling me that i have already choose my specialisat..
Where on the forums to post a question? (not sarcastic)
I would like to ask a question to the Developers, PR people and Moderators. (and who ever else it may concern) It is a question as to if the company can implement a feature about the conversation syst..
Planet: RISHI - Character bug?
I'm not sure if this is a known issue or something which has just affected me, but I'd like my problem answered as I've been waiting for quite awhile for the ingame ticket to be answer and hasn't been..
pvp comms transfer betwen alts and open world pvp
its rly not possible anymore ? i mean is there a reason to make it not possible ? i only pvp in this game and i get bored on pvp with my main and switch to alt who is only lvl 20 and i dont need comms..
Cannot move characters with the keyboard / Camera spins wildly
Ever since the update if I so much as flinch with the mouse, the camera spins wildly without stopping until I release the right or left mouse button. Also, I cannot move the character with the WASD k..
Group mission issue for Shadow of Revan.
I've posted about this and searched the patch notes and find nothing, so it has to be a bug. When 2 different classes do any of the main story missions, in the expansion Shadow of Revan, we cannot bot..
BiS gear for a Madness and/or Lightning Sorc?
I'm a veteran player but a complete newb when it comes to PvP gearing. I have enough comms to buy a full set of ranked gear using legacy transfers, but would like to know which relics/implants/earpie..
Am I a burden in groups just because of my genetics?
I was born with a handicap that inhibits my ability to be aware of my surroundings as one of its symptoms, including in games. When I'm playing solo, it doesn't affect me much. But when I'm in group..
Mandalorian Raiders FP
Ive just started playing again and made a new Gaurdian tank to relearn all th FP's. Just did my first run threw of Madalorian raiders and had a bit of a problem with Braxx. I remember before that ev..
Problems W/ Mission Advancement Forged Alliances
I've completed both 1 and 2 and yet my mission log still says I have to complete 1? Both me and my guildie that completed. (We just finished part 2 tonight..) Now, besides my general "bugged" about ..
a new map for pvp
how do all of you feel about a 8vs8 team deathmatch map? first team to archieve 50/100 kills wins the match with tanks and healers and fellow derpies like me :P your opinion on this is most welcome t..
SWTOR Rishi Datacron and Secret Achievements BUGGED still!
So as you may know I'm a farmer of achievements and of many other odd items in game. I spent the whole night getting all 3 achievements. I logged out and they were GONE, but I kept the titles. So I de..
HELP My Character is stuck!!
Hi my character is stuck and nothing is working, I tried /stuck and using emergency fleet and quick travel just keeps saying "cannot do this while moving" i have tried all options is there anything so..
SWTOR website information out of date
since i couldnt find this on the forums so i figure id better post this somewhere... on the main website the elder game guide hasnt been updated since 168s were the top tier in gear, as this is no lon..
Ticket response time?
I deleted a char by misstake (Have alot of chars), startied playing again after 2 years away, Anyhow, I created a ticket of a restoration. Made it the 8th of december, I just want to know the average ..
Star wars Launcher problems cant update game or play
Every time I've tried logging in for the last two days i've gotten an error on the launcher saying "this application has encountered an unexpected error. please try this patch again" and is stuck "ini..
Another brilliant Bolster feature?
P1 sage, fully augmented exhumed gear. P2 sentinel, exhumed gear without any augments. P2 has 5% more hp... 1. So, unless there is different HP base value for different classes, what is the point i..
Easy Way To Defeat Revan For Sage Healers. May Work For Others...
Even though I had geared up decently I was still unable to defeat Revan as a Sage healer. I would die as soon as my NPC helpers died when they were bound to the poles. I failed to figure out how to ..
Gearing for Guardian/Juggernaut Tanks...
Hey, folks! I apologize if this has been discussed elsewhere, but I couldn't find the info I was looking for, so I thought I'd ask again. I want to experiment with the Defense discipline on my Guard..
Free Character Transfer
Was going to use my free character xfer from refer a friend and had the page all set up but decided to go clear out my mail real fast. Log out and sudden a new google chrome launches and both instance..
Operation Wide Abilites supposed to be for all but some missing?
Sniper.....PT Tank............Jugg Tank to name a few. These guys don't seem to have their "Operation wide abilties yet" is there a fault or is that intended cos it definately said ALL advanced class..
Cant download game , launcher not working at all
i posted earlier but no one here care much i logged in 9. dec and started SOR , than i logged out and since my launcher is not working 1st it could not patch , it was stuck at 100 % i tried ever..
Can't do solo mode prelude to revan
I started the quest chain and did assault on tython solo, got the 2nd one, korriban incursion, entered but was in tactical mode. Left the instance, went to the droid and took solo mode. Tried to enter..
launcher not updating due to Unspecified error. can't get the game to play
I've tried multiple times to log in and play but once i log in the launcher fails to download updates and patches and fails to launch. I have tried all the tips and hints and repair downloads that i h..
Treasure Hunting Bugged, Midlithe Crystals not dropping in Rich Missions
Treasure Hunting, Rare Midlithe Crystals are not dropping in Rich Missions. the only time they drop is in the one-time Crafting Missions dropped by Slicing. I haven't seen any drop since launch. ..
Mit Char, keine Reise nach Yavin 4 möglich
HuHu. Ich habe vor 3 Tagen schon ein Ticket geschrieben, aber da passiert leider nix. Ticket wird nicht bearbeitet.... ich schildere Euch hier mal mein Problem... vielleicht hat einer eine Idee und..
PVP Quests not Updateing
SO I grab my weekly and daily's ... both ranked and un-ranked ( it does not matter ) ... I go WZ , win or lose .. I get no credit ... I re-log , I run a file repair ... no change ... I abandon the que..
3 Load Lifters - Bug for 16man Operations
Okay in 8 man you can take the hit of 2 lifters and LIVE with proper defensives. In 16 man - no way can one person (Mostly Healers agro) can survive the added damage and extra lifter. Quartermast Bu..
What's this confetti effect called?
I was out running dailies and I saw this persons toon and as they ran they left a confetti trail behind them that was red and green pieces of confetti. I didn’t have a chance to ask them what th..
Completed affection/quests/dialogues with followers doesnt improve heroic buff.
I have like 6 going to 7 completed followers and they show unlocked in the legacy thingie, but my heroics buff still is at 20 minute cooldown and 1 minute duration. My powertech had it at 19 minutes ..
Flashpoint Storyline (Spoilers for Maelstrom Prison ending)
Hi - I've been soloing the normal flashpoints to enjoy the story of them. At level 60 this has been largely problem free so far. But having just completed Maelstrom Prison - I've noticed I didn't get ..
Cant Purchase Cartel Coins
I have bought coins before i bought some over the past 2 months wont let me buy anymore iv been trying for 2 weeks gives me a error message saying cant purchase for this account. anyone know how to f..
Fastest way to get Basic Commendations solo?
I was away from the game for over a year, and came back for Shadows. I had hardly any Basic Commendations stored. I got the free 300 from whatever quest chain that was, plus some I picked up along t..
Keyword: Saturn - Getting A Character Restored.
Now before you post something like: "Why should bioware restore your character when YOU typed delete and deleted it." First of all, when a player askes Bioware to restore a character (from what i've s..
[bug?] Bolster Not Applying Correctly?
So this seems a bit suspect to get numbers for but as far as folks can tell, bolster is not correctly scaling for all. If you're below lvl 55 and you're bolstered, it seems to give you stats around l..
I'm lagging, but I'm not lagging?
At random times throughout a play session the game will seem like it's lagging. I check my ping and it hovers around 32ms. I'll attempt to activate an ability and it either won't go off for a few sec..
Can this game be played on a MAC?
Hey Guys, So my friend JW is desperate to play this game (since his brother and I talk about it infront of him constantly) he is a poor boy and nobody loves him, he's just a poor boy from a poor fami..
I can not enter the game.
I launtch. In the first page , (login page) , everithing is fine. I enter the second page (update & entering page) and then...... Installing....... Update.......(the red bar fills a 100%).......
About my Subscription plan. (I can't click on the subscribe option)
Hello, i may have a problem in the website, subscription part. I did as follows: subscribed with my card for 1 month payment recurring subscription, but then i thought i wouldn't play as much (more th..
RISHI Datacron Bug(?)
Is anyone else having this problem? I recently attempted to get the Rishi datacrons. After obtaining the data packets from the grophets, clicking the crystal skull and the deep sea pheromones, I made ..
Launcher issues and 410 errors
Game was patching a big file (3gb or so) constantly received dropouts with error 310 but would eventually get going by itself again. Got down to 511.17mb remaining and it sat there for hours doing not..
Game crashes on opening.
Hi, Just installed the game and was having a flickering black screen issue. Looked up some fixes to it and it was suggested to play the game in Windowed Full screen instead of Full screen. Did this a..
Launcher Stalls at "Installing 100% / Updating Complete"... at home only.
So, as the title says, I have no problems with TOR on my campus wifi. I patched this week, opened it to make sure, and it runs fine; but now I'm home and the launcher, which just a few days ago patche..
What's the best hatred assassin/shadow killer on 1vs1?
I like playing my character with a theme, and this time I want to be an assassin/shadow killer in PvP. Which class is best at dealing with hatred assassins/shadow on 1 vs 1 fight at max level? Assas..
Launcher Crashing After Graphics Driver Update
So I updated the drivers on my laptop, and my launcher opens, fails to render graphically (Black or white box with an outline) then crashes. So I tried updating Java, and deleting the patch folder, a..
3.0 roots. Good or bad?
It is my perception that roots is the new CC and that there are a hell of a lot more of them. Any inq/con worth their salt specs into the root on force wave/overload and I guess other classes do too w..
Can't level up beyond 55, and can't pick up ranked WZs
I just resubbed for 3.0 and one of my characters is stuck at level 55, an can't level up. The XP is stuck at 906039/906040 no matter what I do. Also, none of my characters can pick up ranked warzone..
Forged Alliance part II bug
My Bounty Hunter healer level 55 can't enter solo mode for depth of Manaan when FA is active. If I don't speak to Lana Beniko I am allowed to Solo, but FA is not competed. I can enter as tactical FP b..
idea to vastly improve huttball
make it so you cant use any movement increasing skill while holding the huttball, especially in the old huttball arena: it was simply not designed with everyone and their mothers having speed buffs an..
Why play a Jugg Tank at this point?
Does anyone else feel like Jugg tanks have been nerfed? For the ranked tanks out there you know as well as I do that intercede is an extraordinarily useful cool down and can save lives if used correct..
Khoriban incursion last boss keeps resetting
I am on the last boss in the solo version of Khoriban incursion. When my companion or my assault bot kills one of the droids that come out during the fight, the boss resets. This has happened 12 times..
Midbie PvP
I don't know if anyone else has been thinking this, but I don't like the new default levels for the midbie PvP. Anyone level 30-59 can be q'd together. I don't know about you, but doesn't that seem a ..
My first operation ever... entered blind, came out so confused.
Just hit level 55, doing mostly KDY and PvPs. For the first time in 150 hours, my long que in ops finally answered and I was put in a ops group. However it was the most confusing moments of SWTOR. No..
Is green gear better than Purple gear?
I'm a returning player who stopped playing 2 months into release, and back for SoR. I know purple is supposed to be better, but often green items that has like only 6 higher rating is so much better ..
LF marauder
Hired-gunmen is a raid progression group (WE ARE NOT A GUILD) that is continuously beating new content. we are 10/10 HM DF/DP, we started in may of 2014 and had just began to start the NiM content whe..
Is Star wars the old republic blocked in UAE(United Arab Emirates) ?
Hello, 1. Problem Encounter: 1. I'm currently unable to connect to Star Wars, believing that it might be regioned locked in UAE, Dubai. 1a. Is there a historical issue, that allowed this to happ..
Mainhand PVP vs PVE
I have heard conflicting results as to which is better for pvp, wether it would be a 176 pvp mainhand or a 196 pve mainhand. Some say the expertise is best, others say the sheer damage outwieghs the e..
synthweaving vs cybertech
I'm playing an SI assassin(level 55 now, horribly undergeared) and want to choose between the two. I will buy an upgrade for my droid to craft those. Synthweaving seems more natural choice since my c..
Is it me or BW/EA? - FPS issue
Should I be having less than 20fps constantly or should I be fine? On the fleets, I'm at 5 constantly. In Ops, I'm at 5 when ingaged in a fight. Roaming around is fine: 20-40fps. My Specs: Nvidia G..
Something I just noticed.
Now I used to pvp all the time back when the game first came out and I am not sure if this is a change or anything. I recently returned and am not too happy with the sniper changes, but I am dealing w..
Off Hand weapons gone?
Was recently buying my new PvP gear after hitting 60 and noticed on my Slinger no Off hand Blaster choice. And if I try to put an older mod into an offhand blaster , if it has any Exp it will not let ..
So....the HERO engine sucks....
Okay, A bit of a rant here in that I love SWTOR and for the most part the hero engine is actually great. Or rather it would be great if it wasn't awful at dealing with a lot of things going on at on..
Sorcs are BROKEN!!!
Bioware you need to address some class balance issues badly. Sorcs are just flat out absurd right now. Surely you can see the game metrics and know how stupidly overpowered sorcs are right now. I've..
How to report a bot?
Just wondering how I report a bot, I just saw one pop up and got the name. Under report there is no place for suspected botting. Do I open a ticket? I say suspected but it's a naked lvl 52 warping ..
Assault on Thyton: Solo Mode and where is the droid
Hello all, I bought the new Shadow Of Revan Extension. But before this Storyline starts, I have to finish "Assault on Thython" first. Well, it said in the announcement I could do this Solo with the ..
Back after a year, some quick (possibly dumb) questions
Hey everyone, It's been a little over a year (or possibly longer, I can't really remember) since I have had an active subscription in TOR, and I re-subbed with a friend last night. Hoooooly crap has..
Ranked needs a different format!
I have about 300 ranked matches under my belt in this 3.0 and a win percentage of 68% both solo and team and ranked arenas need a new format. You can keep the 4v4 but this death match to the last man ..
Presence and Crafting/Gathering Success
Would it be worthwhile to build an outfit that I kit out with as many Presence improvement modifications/augments as possible? Would such an outfit improve the outcomes of non-combat activities like c..
Help? Connection issues.
Before I state my issue, I would just like to inform you that my problem is not my computer. I can run this game on ultra, along with plenty of other games. The issue is not frame rate. The issue is s..
Invalid Log-in Level one defense engaged?
While playing through the game, I am on Yavin 4 and suddenly my screen flashes in big bold red letters. Invalid login- Level one defenses engaged. I've played on Yavin before and that never showed up,..
I give up == FPS Drops to 0.4
Soon as my Subscription ends. I'm out until they fix HERO Engine and Combat FPS DROPS.This will include some rant but overall a notice of leave(I doubt they read everything anyways)Honestly this Game ..
Why are people so stupid in alderaan WZ?
in the middle bracket, I often encounter a situation when we are losing 2 people defend 1 node we possess. I keep telling them to move out and just leave 1 person behind, and every *********** time I..
Game wont run after latest patch
I have windows 8.1 which is a sucky op program to begin with. I had deleted the game and re-installed it but I still get nothing. Basically when I hit run or play I goto a black screen then to desk t..
Unfair PVP: Create Middle Tier
Once you hit level 30, you might as well not PvP until 50, as you get slaughtered by level 50-59 players. We need a mid-tier from level 30-45 so players that aren't geared out level 55's don't domina..
WZ scoreboard question
Hello, I have noticed that at the end of each warzone, there are more total kills than total deaths. Does the game count an assist as a total kill? How is this determined? Is it because of Ancient As..
An Update on The Furious Title
Hey folks! I wanted to tell you about a change coming to one of your titles, the Furious. As many of you pointed out, this title already existed in game prior to the end of Season 3 rewards. We reall..
Click play and all I get is an empty server selection screen
Just tried to log in 3 times and every time all I get is an empty server selection screen I run the game on windows xp and had no problems running the game until I got the latest update this morning t..
mara, jug forum users are OP!
I reading the swtor forums since the game launch, I can tell for sure, that the most forum users specially in pvp section play and prefer mara and jug ACs. I'm quite sure, that the devs who reading ..
Help with a PvP duo in 3.0
My friend and I have played together for 15 years in MMO's. We have decided to try PvP on a PvP server as a duo. We both rolled Sins (Hatred) and enjoy them, but I am not enjoying mine quite as much,..
Best pub PVP server
Hi All, Been researching online for the best server for Pub PVP. All the forum tags are fairly old so does anyone have any updated information? I'm on JC at the moment, but considering making a mov..
Unbalanced Classes In PvP
Most see any saying there is unbalance is just QQing, I understand I laugh at most ppl crying about dumb things that are clearly just game mechanics they don't understand. But with that said, its not ..
Mounts not in decorations list
Hi! Found yesterday that 2 of my mounts are not accessable as decorations for stronghold: Desert Sleen - a reward from BBA event, pers name's Pansobak Cavern Varactyl - a cartel market purchase, pe..
Questions about playing the GTN
Hey everyone! As I stated in the title I'm looking for tips about "playing" the GTN. I've heard all the things about buy low sell high etc but I'm still confused about a lot. 1. How do I know what I ..
Bolster possibly endurance bugged, 60 warzone (screenshots)
I've been playing some warzones the last 2 weeks, and noticed bolster numbers sometimes seemed strange. Since many of the posts on this issue seem a bit unclear, I decided to make a post with screens..
Fresh level 60 gearing question
Hi, a new assassin 60 with hatred spec has some questions about gearing. 1. For PvE, accuracy needs to be 100% for DPS, correct? 2. For PvP, can I completely disregard accuracy? 3. I can't find Pv..
Alderaan and Balmora Load Crash/Black screen
The game works perfectly fine everywhere else except when I try to load into Alderaan or Balmora. Alderaan loads sometimes but Balmora crashes instantly. I'm on The Harbinger server and my character i..
qustion on char looks
once I had a char made, can I go back and change my looks like hiar and color or am I stuck with it for ever once I started. and if I can change afer I started ( im lv 10 and just left my starter wor..
Huttball needs to be removed from PvP
Its *********** soccor. and I wont play it cause soccor is for *******. but I wanna pvp and not play soccor, does your thick brain comprehend? PvP= player vs player, not *********** soccer, ur in TX..
So what is the FOTM class
Every other thread is "x" class is FOTM... Then another thread "y" class is flavour of the month... Then another "z" class is FOTM... I think the only class I haven't seen started as FOTM is Mara/Sent..
Solo run: what should I wear?
Hey! I usually only play Imperial classes, my main is a lvl 60 arsenal merc (the new expansion is AWESOME!!) who is in all 178 gear, I tried running Directive 7 with HK-51 as soon as I got him (before..
Can I transfer comms?
Pre 3.0 there used to be aways to transfer basic/classic/fleet comms using legacy bound/bound of pick up items. I've looked up everywhere but couldn't find one in 3.0. I tried buying crafting materia..
Support eine frechheit
Unglaublich, ich reiche zwei Tickets zu zwei unterschiedlichen Bugs ein, durch die ich Schaden nahm und außer wurde weitergeleitet und Ticket geschlossen nix! Im zweiten Bug habe ich schon mein ..
Recruit-a-Friend still possible?
So I've just recruited several friends into the game a week or two ago. Three of them subscribed but one can only afford to get preferred status at the moment. We only just noticed that using the re..
In Game Service Ticket no response?
Greetings, I created and submitted an in game service request. I have noticed that previous issues were typically handled within 12-48 hours. Currently I have two submissions that have exceeded this ..
Stronghold Bug: Unable to edit
As of this morning's update, I'm no longer able to edit/decorate any strongholds. I can still enter editing mode, but the hooks no longer react to being clicked. Update: is apparently an account-wide..
Launcher Bug: Stuck downloading Main Assets
My launcher seems to be stuck at 6 percent download for the 3.0.1 patch. I've tried restarting my computer and modem, but the problem persists. The launcher is also choking my system to a crawl, with ..
Seeker Droid potentially buged???
Hey there, since saturday, i've been digging on Tatooine for the Dreadseed armor pieces and i think that i potentialy discovered it somehow bugged? I've dug about 70-90 things, reps, crafts, creatures..
Patcher ladet SWTOR komplett neu runter nach patch?
Hi, ich hab das Problem das mein Patcher nach dem letzten Patch (3.0.1) das Spiel komplett neu herunter lädt. Zumindest hat es für mich den Anschein. Er startet bei 0% und bei 1% hatte ich..
Terrible Matchmaking system is killing pvp
Please fix pvp matchmaking, for the last 2 hours on shadowlands reg solo queue has been almost unplayable. I have respect for the guilds that play well together and queue as groups, but running into ..
Please restore my deleted character(s)
On the Jung Ma server I had two level 55s. They were deleted by accident. The Sith Sorcerer is my primary concern, but I would appreciate a restoration of my Sith juggernaut as well. I thank you for y..
Manaan HM—First Boss, bugged or just a boring fight?
As the title says, I suspect the first boss of Manaan HM is bugged. It's not difficult at all—I've yet to see anyone die there—but it's an extremely long fight with very unfun mechanics. ..
HM FP´s unbalanced
Sry. I dont want to start a new "critics-thread", but...! The new HM FP´s are not balanced. Some are quite manageable in "pugmatches" and some are faaaaaaaaar away from that ! For example Mana..
Lag latency issues.....WTB A FIX!!!!!
So here is my problem randomly some days its better than others. I will get latency spikes in game. from 42 to 4k-6k for sometimes a second and on worse days 10 seconds about every 10 to 30 seconds. i..
Unable to login to Harbinger server only error 1003
So I have no problems with this game ever. This morning I had it update to 3.0.1 and now I cannot log into harbinger server. All other servers work just not harbinger which is where all my toons are. ..
30-59?!!? Seriously?!
I'm probably not the first to complain, but this is a major problem. When I started playing, it was balanced like this: 10-29, 30-54, 55. (55 was max level at the time) But with 3.0 PvP is now: 10-2..
I've seen a number of posts that indicate that AMR is open source
Does anyone know if this is true? And if so, how to contribute to it? Here is some of the data I've found:
Camera Rotation Speed
It only gives me four options in the preferences to change the camera rotation speed. 0%-26%-52%-77%. 0% is too slow, but 26% is REALLY fast (slight movement gives me three or four full revolutions)...
Bioware Please Just Remove Guarded By The Force/Undying Rage
Please just remove these skills. They are just completely useless and actually hurts us more than they help us. We can't use stims while it's active because they'll just go to waste. We can't activate..
Lag... LAG
Just in case anyone experienced a lag spike since the title: Lag... LAG. I searched the forums for any posting about this and found none, hence my post. Since the new Revan content, the lag has ..
this is not right... i was having problem opening game and i called support and while
this is not right... I was having problem opening game and I called support and while the number you give and while trying to figure it out she hangs up on me while I was figuring it out.... first of ..
Quest Objectives on Minimap
Hey guys, just a quick question from a returning player who hasn't been on since before the last update. Basically, the minimap used to work in such a way that if I had an objective outside of the ra..
All most 3 days downloading
I started downloading Swtor on the 15/12/2014 at 3:00 PM [GMT] . As this post shows its *********** 17/12/2014 at 4:11 PM [GMT] . That is how long my game has being downloading and its still not done...
Accidently messed my game settings up, using windows 8.1 and can no longer play.
Hey there, as the topic name suggests, I accidently messed up the games setting using the ingame options while trying to fix something and every time i try to reopen the game now i just get a black re..
PvPers need some help from BW
I know this is not the first thread, nor will it be the last, about the problem that is PvP in SWTOR. I am mainly just going to focus on endgame PvP (60) because lowbie pvp is a whole other discussion..
Nightmare SnV is broken. Please fix.
Please fix boss fights with adds hitting for 23k on auto attacks. I'm guessing the scaling for difficulty went wrong for update 3.0. Some of us were really looking forward to getting Kell Dragon Gear,..
WHY do 55HM bosses drop elites, but 60HM drop basics?
WHY??? What in the world is the reasoning behind this? Why would you give lower tier comms for HARDER flashpoints? Majority of people in my guild don't even bother doing 4 man 60hm's because they can ..
PVP Republic Trooper Steath Detection
I just don't understand why the trooper has the stealth detection option. This is a worthless skill for PVP. The area of effect is very small and the stealth units can hear and see the trooper dropp..
Cannot load into game any longer
I played this morning (17 December 2014) without issue. I quit the game and went to work thinking nothing was wrong. I get back to the house this evening and go to kick off some crafting missions on..
Dark Reaver Power Crystals - Where the heck are they?
Just did my 2nd purchase of Dark Reaver gear for my scoundrel healer, and discovered after entering my next warzone that the shotgun does not have a power crystal. I mean really Bioware? In fact, ne..
Arena Heals are the new Tanks
As a healer in Arena Solo Ranked, you are in a "bad karma" situtation. Whatever you do, you are the idiot! - We cant counter heal those damage spikes we can see with 3.0. It is just impossible. 2 S..
Bug/Nuisance: Popup nameplates for Stronghold/Guild
Ok, did a search in the forum and in known issues, didn't find this one. I have spoken a few times about this one, and I wanted to put it here if this was the right place to put it.The popup nameplate..
so how exactly do I add my signature that I use in any and ALL games that I test and play... <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="
Cartel pack only had 1 item and nothing more.
I purchased and was opening Gatekeeper stronghold packs on Dec. 17th. 2 of them ONLY contained 1 item and that was a companion gift. each pack is supposed to contain more that 1 item. As These normall..
Bioware please respond: 60 HM FPs dropping basic comms.
I really need a confirmation here, either way. Are the HM FPs at 60 supposed to drop basic comms? And are the bonus bosses not supposed to drop gear? Is it a bug or is it working as intended? I really..
Cannot Use Decorations Purchased from Cartel Market
I bought a few bundles on the cartel market recently (cantina, spacer's, luxury, imperial essentials, utility etc...). However, I cannot place any of the items in my stronghold. They show up in my d..
Sorc/Sage mirror class unbalanced? It looks likes sages are unbalanced with their mirror class. There is a major concern with a class balancing issue. As you can see for sages you can only cast mind crush as 3..
Ranked reward Weapon lockbox
So my sniper earned a the weapon reward box. I read on the dev notes that this would contain every weapon, however there was no offhand vibroknife. I find this to be equally as important to the offhan..
The New HM Ops are not hard but the drops suck
30 HM instance runs 90% success rate. Most are dependent on the DPS being geared to run the race especially Manaan. I will say that some portion is on the tanks to do the right things..taunt etc. ..
Knockbacks still interrupt channels.
Thought that in the 3.0 patch notes it mentioned that knockbacks will no longer break channels, yet they still do everytime for me. Is this intended? Or is this a bug that the dev team is aware of? Ma..
The new Ops are just too hard!
^ This is all I hear when I find myself in chatty pugs, which I've been doing of late to have some fun on my newly 60 alts and in search of ultimate coms. Yet - I've run HM TFB now with four differe..
Story Mission bugged
So my problem is my story mission, Darth Zhorrid Arrives, gets stuck trying to use my holoterminal when i try to use it to talk to Watcher Two. I have tried everything to fix it. I left the ship and c..
Underlurker bugged
Bioware can you please for the love of god fix the underlurker fight it is at this point unbeatable unless your heals can heal through red cross failings. Even when in the correct positions we are sti..
After I downloaded 3.0 I started to get "Hard disk is failing" message
I ran a scan and here's what it said. Glary Utilities 5 is verifying files (stage 1 of 3)... 413952 file records processed. File verification completed. ..
Character stuck, unable to play for two days, still waiting for customer service.
ill be quick to get the point and then leave details underneath. i can login to my account and play swtor with all my characters but one, everytime i try to load this specific character my game locks ..
Stronghold Decorations are full?
I went to put some decorations into my Guild Stonghold and it said that the decorations are full? I knew there was a cap on individual decorations, but apparently there is a cap on the total number of..
Ein bisschen Kritik am Kundendienst in Sachen Forum
Im Grunde habe ich 3 Sachen vorzubringen. 1. Es ist nicht schlimm wenn der Support offenbar nicht perfekt deutsch kann bzw. Fehler einbaut in Verwarnungen. Dennoch war es für mich etwas befremdl..
Eternal Lag
When I log in the environment loads however everything is frozen in an eternal lag,I can see all other players around me, and this is the same with all my characters. Issue effecting many or just me?..
Experience granted for warzones lev55-59 is ridiculously low
Levelling from 55 to 56 with PVE content (1st flashpoint from Prelude) takes less than an hour and how much is it exactly playing warzones (max warzone perk + boost)? 5 hours? Or even 10? Well done, m..
There Should Really Be A Warning
So, yesterday I was checking out some strongholds and I came across Xandette's Jedi Academy. entering in the stronghold I used the character customization and then logged out. after watching a movie w..
Healer in light of 3.0...
Hey you guys, I am looking for some advice on which healer to role for PvP in light of the class changes that happened in 3.0. I like parts of all of them and dislike others.. so any advice is appre..
Keeping track of my Collection
Has anyone made a spreadsheet, or even just a checklist, or something similar, of Collection items? I'm coming back to the game from a long (as in right after release) hiatus and I've been trying to ..
Please make juggs easier to play
The class is so hard to play right now. We need a new defensive cooldown and maybe another cc immunity. Sometimes enemies stun me and I even die. We should have more utility tools (like the ones marau..
Submitted Ticket for Character Restore 8 Days Ago, No Response Whatsoever
I've been a subscriber since Launch Day without a single interruption, spent insane amounts of money (probably thousands) on the Cartel Market, and own all the expansions. The least BioWare could do ..
Couple Questions Regarding Crafting
Hey, First time player running a Jedi Guardian with a couple of questions regarding using my crew skills most effectively. I went with Slicing, Archaeology, and Synthweaving (mostly because those ski..
Grade 11 exotic materials can not be traded via GTN
Hello, grade 11 exotic materials (Matter Transubstantiator and Exonium) currently can not be traded via GTN. Is it a bug or intended? Inability to trade them hurts end-game crafting market. Regard..
Bulo hard mode, barrels and scatter blast questions
So Dulfy suggests the tanks use barrels to take care of the adds between mass barrages. We spent a couple hours tonight trying this and failing, mostly because it always ended up where a 2nd DPS was ..
Final Boss of HM Manaan.
Everytime we get this HM we tend to struggle getting the fight finished because of the 5 minute fight timer which if you don't complete auto resets the fight. We've defeated the fight before on HM bu..
This is absolutely unacceptable.
Since 3.0 hit there has been a constant, never ending lag in the entire game. Hundreds, if not thousands of people are experiencing this, and bioware is apparently doing nothing about it. So is this ..
Hacker admits hacking on harbinger
Was in a match tonite, and this fellow was lack hacking so bad everyone in my premade felt the wrath over it. So I asked in /say and he says its him. After going after him he lag spikeD me so hard I D..
Interrupts don't match ops
They are buffing the cool downs on cleanses but not interrupts in the existing ops. In DF HM how to interrupt corruptors in back in 8 man and have dps to handle dismantlers??? Only powertechs have a..
Character Frozen in first cinematic in Rishi
I am a subscriber and completed the Forged Alliance Solo Flashpoint without issue. However, when I started the shadow of Revan story mission (from my starship) it play through the first cinematic, on..
Marauders are almost an automatic loss in solo ranked
Right now, marauders are almost an automatic loss in solo ranked. Their get out of jail free card isn't a get out of jail free card, it's a "the marauder dies in 4 seconds" card. Marauder also has the..
Coming back...
Hello all, I stopped playing this game shortly after Rise of the Hutt Cartel dropped. I never did any of the Makeb content and now I've re-subbed. I'm wondering what I should be doing/going to for q..
Are the Imps just flat out better than the pubs?
While playing my level 60 Sage (I survey the battle with her more than my DPS and notice more) I've noticed there are some days that we can't win a single PVP Unranked WZ match. My heals just simply c..
Sound in game cuts in and out.
Just downloaded the new expansion and for 2 days it worked fine. when i play now the sound cuts in and out in the game, even in the loading screens, its really annoying. ive updated all my drivers ..
Habe mich "verkauft"
Moin! Ich weiß nicht, ob ich hier richtig bin, trotzdem versuche ich es einfach mal. Als neuer Spieler war ich vielleicht etwas unwissend. Mein Problem ist nämlich, dass ich mich "verkauf..
In-game Customer Service Portal and Sprint not working
A recent returned old subscriber, having renewed subscription. All fine till this morning. Website and game log in show me as a subscriber. Sprint now does not seem to work on all accounts. The in-ga..
PvP Bugs
It looks like the Join Late Medal for the warzones is no longer working in Queshball, Huttball, Civil War and Hypergate (at least in pre-60 wzs). Got to love entering one of those wzs when the 6th po..
Back from year long break. Disciplines question
I just read over the dev preview of the new system and this is what I heard; (Using a college metaphor) You have 3 distinct majors per specialized class. You can pick 1 major. Within those majors ar..
Renegade Interceptor is gone?
I know that you get it from imperial agent class quest. But on torhead its Said that you can get it on republic side on balmorra (quest: mandalorian terror) well Ove Done it on 3 Characters and i only..
Alacrity bonus from gear dont stack with bonus from skills (
Character screen says i have 45 percent alacrity, but in fact: Master strike without gear bonus with "berserk": 33% alacrity has 2.2 seconds Master stike with 45% alacrity bonus: 2.1 seconds. Fix ..
Ravagers Op bugged, Coratanni just shoots excape pod while immune
Ok, so we followed Dulfy and whatnot. Was our first time in the Op. When we very first got to the Coratanni/Pearl encounter there was no door for 7 of us. We simply went into the room and walked down ..
Why 3.0 was a complete disaster and why this game is going under
This is part two of my series why 3.0 will be a disaster. I previously said I thought class imbalance would be a massive problem. We all agreed that Sorcs, Sins, Pt's, and Juggs would be buffed. It..
Where do I get assigned the Life Day missions?
I admit that I'm pretty dense, but I have run around the galaxy looking for a NPC to get the Life Day missions from and I can't find them (playing as a Sith). I would like to throw snowballs. Please h..
Disconnect Continuously after character login. Error Code 9000
I haven't played in a while. Just started again few nights ago, but I am unable to get more than a few steps after selecting my character. I have comcast internet and I believe this is the first tim..
Current Patcher Fix For Frozen/Stalled Patching/Install
Open your game install folder Open "launcher.settings" in notepad Change the line , "PatchingMode": "{ \"swtor\": \"BR\" }" to , "PatchingMode": "{ \"swtor\": \"SSN\" }" ***you're just changin..
Can't Acces PTS
Hey, how's it going? So i noticed on the website that' pts server is offline, and i do not know if I have to do something to access it, or if it's just simply offline, and if so, when does it come on ..
Cancelled Subscription and still has to pay 12,99 euro,
I quitted SWTOR about a month ago and still have to pay for subscription when i cancelled it. Now i removed every billing information from my accounts to cancel subscription i hope. Is it still poss..
constant lag on different planets not new but getting worse
I am on makeb at min but been on coruscent and other planets with same issue done speed test im at 56.22 mb/s down and 1.37 mb/s up im running a i5 35570k, ssd, gigabyte 660 oc, 8gb ripjaws 2100 ram. ..
FlashPoints und Gruppenfinder
Schönen guten Tag, ich wollte hier einfach mal nach fragen , warum man ab Stufe 60 nicht mehr die alten Fp´s hat die man über Gruppenfinder suchen kann. Wie zB. CZ-198 Kernschmelze o..
charecters unaccessible due to false zero download progress
upon game load i get all my chars greyed out and a message that my game isnt downloaded. previously today i played okay. tried fixlauncher and reload game (multiple)- no change. didnt try to reboot sy..
PvP and gearing, worth to get PvP gear prior to level 50-60
Hi! I'm a new player and don't know if I should get pvp gear, I'm level 29 and only played unranked so far. I mainly trying to level through missions but when I've done the daily PvP I haven't felt l..
So Far, The Only Thing I Find Unfair:
The utility for Shadows and Assassins that makes it so when they use Deflection, they are immune to stuns, lifts, incapacitates, and sleeps for the duration. That's 12s of stun immunity. It's just too..
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Blood Hunt Achievment Bug?
I wanted to add Torch's picture to my trophy area at my stronghold, but when I search for it - it's gone. I checked at my achievment tab and even though i defeated Torch on both solo and normal mode..
First flashpoint on Republic and imperial side still bugged
Has anybody else encountered this when you're up on the Republic or Imperial fleet is like some weird glitch going on or is like some weird glitch going on or something I don't know I just wanted to s..
Flashpoint HK Parts; Send-able Through Mail?
So i am working on the HK mission on one of my alts. Recently ive noticed the HK flashpoints take forever to get a que into so i am wondering, if i were to solo these flashpoints on my main, would it ..
Question about artifact ability
I bought this in the cartel market whe when I clicked on one of the items that came with the artifact of the wedding date countdown started and it there were five in a pack this item about the artifac..
Assult on Tython Broken 1st Boss Mechanic Bug That causes random group wipes
Now first and foremost I like how hard all the new operations and flashpoints are, great job with that! The challenge is great/ and refreshing. Now the first boss on tython has some hard mechanics b..
Finding a group for operations
What is the quickest, most efficient way to group for ops? Whether it's a quick run of Karagga's Palace or one of the newer expansion installments, grouping is incredibly difficult. Sure, on the fleet..
GTN stole 995500 credits from me
I listed Model Dominion Starfighter for 1 million credits, because only one other was listed and at that price. Then I went back to Voss.(from Stronghold) In the time it took for Voss to load I got ..
Game minimizing on its own
Just ran in to a weird issues of the game minimizing on its own and becoming unresponsive. Pretty much the game minimizes down to the task bar and locks up the computer until its process is closed in ..
Bloodhunt Boss Invisible
Jos Beroya disappeared for me towards the end of the fight. This has happened previously and the fight reset. I couldn't see him anywhere however he was still talking trash which gave his existence aw..
Server lag on The Shadowlands
Today the Shadowlands server seems to be having a very rough time. I'm on Belsavis at the moment, and it's lagging just as hard as Yavin and Rishi were at the peak of their issues right after 3.0. E..
Something wrong with Bolster?
My Sorc and Sage use the EXACT same gear... 9 pieces are legacy, and I mail them or use legacy bank. Left side is identical, and all augmented the same. So uhmmm.... My sage has 43k, and my sorc has..
Where the Problems Lie for PVP (Long Post)
As a disclaimer, let me just say I am a returnee. I was one of those testers who lasted about 4 months after release and left never thinking I would be back to these shores again. Well, after over a..
Sin/Shadow tank min-maxing
Hi all, looking for some advice, I am half ranked gear, half wz gear, full endurance augments, full shield absorb on all gear (only defense i have is from relics and stim), now i am unsure what the ne..
Does this infiltration pvp setup seem right?
As of now I have the following Exhumed set: Exhumed stalker robe = crit & alacrity Exhumed force-masters device = power & surge Exhumed force-mystics focus = power & surge Exhumed stal..
swtor launcher (after patchs)
i bring the swtor launcher up. log in and the game then says initializing. after about 30 seconds a little yellow triangle appears and it says. "this application has encountered an unspecified error. ..
character rename cooldown?
so i want to change the name on one of my characters but the thing is i already have a character with the name and i dont want to delete him.. so i will have to rename 2 characters. and i'm wondering ..
SLI Problems After Patch 3.0
Hello, After patch 3.0, I can no longer play with SLI enabled. Constantly, the game does screen reloading and sometimes the game crashes and I have to restart the PC. I'm using the SLI two GTX 980...
PvP almost unplayable because of horrible frame rates
Every time I enter a warzone and our group meets the enemy team my frame rate drops to 20. Some times dips into the teens when a lot of AOE is happening. Don't post here if all you have to tell me is ..
Dark Project Recipe is broken
The dark project recipe randomly changed from using self-perpetuating power cells to synthetic power matrix with 3.0 I had just spend a few million stocking up on mats and preparing to make a bunch o..
Subscriber to Preferred Status Hutt Cartel
I just became a subscriber a few days ago for the first time. I have a lv 50 character. If I reach lv 55 will I stay at that level when I become preferred? And what happens to the rise of the Hutt car..
Swtor 3.0 Bolster Total Fail - Bioware TROLLING his PvP community with... BOLSTER!
All right guys, I know the title of this post might seem a bit aggressive but believe me IT IS NOT because in the next few minutes you will be able to see clear crystal how bolster is 100% messed up i..
Sad News
After three years in this game, it has come to my attention that Matchless glory of <Matchless> has left PvP due to its sorry state to fulfill his dream of PvE. As follows is his life history of..
Hacked and NO help from customer service!!!
My account was hacked and my items/characters deleted by my ex girlfriend. I put in a ticket 4 days ago and still have not received a response. I have been playing since the beta and am a paying subsc..
Randomly low FPS regardless of settings
Hello, When i started the game around 2.0, my framerate was a solid 60 at all times on mid to high settings. When 2.7 hit, my framerate was about halved, with random dips and stuttering, even cursor ..
Unable to obtain the weekly pvp quest
For two weeks now I can not get the weekly pvp quest. I have submitted a ticket and the response was we only help for quest story lines. As a subscriber this is unacceptable to me. I do a lot of ..
[Important] What we now about the Bolster bug...
As you probably have already noticed, there is some randomness when it comes to lvl60 bolster. Some! players get randomly bolstered and get an additional +3.5k-4k hp and 30-100 more bonus dmg out of n..
Lana Beniko bugged?
I just hit 60 on my healz Sorcerer and I cannot get passed Lana Beniko. First was the mission where you must "find your benefactor". It's Lana with her face covered and she's standing in the middl..
Game forzen upon login!!
So I just recently resubbed due to financial issues. I couldn't wait to get back into the game and try the expansion out! I managed to originally login fine on my trooper. After playing through the Fo..
Right Click Camera Rotation Issues
Title of the thread pretty much sums it up. I notice it mainly in WZ's (or maybe just in WZ's) when trying to rotate camera quickly. The mouse acts as if I have taken my finger off of the right button..
manaan HM is ridicules
The first boss is a joke. It's not that its hard, it just takes ridiculesly long to do. The droids swap shield like 10 times, before the main bosses losses it. Then his shield is down for 2-5 seconds...
ToS: 16 man Sword Squadron Damage?
This isn't a "This fight is too hard" complaint, it's more of a "Is this how much damage they are supposed to be doing?" question. The guide on Dulfy states Mega Blast does 9-13k damage in SM and 17k..
Which HMs drop which pieces of gear?
Hello, the four 60 HM flashpoints each drop certain pieces of 192 gear. Does anyone have a complete list of which FP drops which piece? For example, I know Manaan drops gloves, and Korriban drops off..
Please close the Customer Service section!!!!
It's been a very long time since we have seen any CS forum help it's becoming flooded with people asking for help on certain problems and no response either Bioware gave up on this thread or just don'..
basic sith warrior lvl 60 chest clipping
as stated in the title the new basic armor chest plate for the sith warrior is clipping very badly in the back. every time you run it looks like there is a hole cut out of your robe right around the b..
NULL: serverMapNoteID=0 quick travel point bug
I noticed this was displaying whenever I went to unlock/discover a quick travel point at Rishi when the Revan expansion early access hit. It seemed to be patched the week after when the expansion went..
Questions about pre-60 twinking
Hey guys, this is my first post on the forums and I was curious about something... I was playing PvP with my brother and we both were using 45s so we had our expertise at 2018. We were doing a lot be..
Bioware not enforcing the terms of service.
several times I have reported various TOS violations like players name "jewishfaggot" and other terrible names and comments. I reported, wrote tickets, and nothing happens to such players. I friends l..
3.0 Endgame Raiding - Pre 3.0 Setbonus vs New
I've always kept my setbonuses in place until i got a better setbonus armoring to install. However bridging the gap into 3.0.... we now have old 2piece, and 4 piece bonuses -- and new 2,4, & 6 p..
Petition: The Harbinger Lag is worse then ever 6+ seconds delays.
The last three months or so The Harbinger server is just about unplayable, as of right now 7:29pm the mail is giving mail errors, the vendors load after 5+ seconds and when you cast a spell nothing ha..
New RP and PvP Server
I am currently upset with how many servers there are. I love to role play and I love to do player vs. player. However I live in the west coast time zone and it really gets annoying when my guild is sh..
Writing error on Eliminator's Critical bonus buff icon. Not a terribly big deal but I noticed that the description for the 6-set bonus buff mentions Thermal Detonator instead of what I assume should say Demolition Round for ..
Snipers not viable in 4v4 without guard and healer
With the amount of damage the shadows/sins are putting out and the amount of CC I am find myself dead before I can put out any damage. Being a sniper I always expect to be opened on and now it seems l..
My cheap complaints.
1. Stuns. Healers please learn how to cleanse them. 2. Roots. By the beard of Odin and the mischief of Loki, the roots are *********** retarded. If you get stunned and get cleansed you will be rooted..
Rishi quest chain stopped populating
Hi For some reason my quests/missions stopped populating on Rishi. The Dailies still appear but nothing else. No Mission giver to Sky Ridge Island area or anything past the initial short quest chain...
Make Easy or hard stuff BW. Make your mind.
BW in 2014 did start making very easy content only Nim operation have been challenging. Everything else have been pug without need of TS. All this create players which are not prepared to wipe even o..
F.. this game F.. pvp i am out of here
Pre 3.0 pvp was about talent not talent is only %10 of pvp. rooting,dot spreading range becoming run around and shoot freely, melee became get rooted and stay they till you die, extremely over powered..
Can we have more roots?
As a melle dps i feel myself incredibly mobile, i can move a few seconds berofe i die. so if you give ranged more rooting ability and more root breaker it will be more fair. Range dps has lots of imm..
Higher Drop Rate on the Corrupter Blade in DF HM?
As the title suggests, im curious if anyone else has seen a higher drop rate on the corrupter blade in DF HM. In the past 3 times ive ran a blade has dropped (8M), but i had very rarely seen it drop p..
skill lag
i wonder why i get skill lag with this game i have a pretty high end comp so i dont get why when companions are out or too many party members are doing skills i get skill lag on high settings wonderin..
Revamp PvP Gear
Bioware has said many times how they are against removing pvp gear requirements because they basically just want another gear grind in the game. Yet they still want people who don't have pvp gear to c..
Voss- Forbidden Knowledge
I was on Voss yesterday, trying to do the planetary quest so I can buy their reputation gear. I happened upon a stone tablet in a Heroic area that I could interact with. It says "Forbidden Knowledge"...
Gunslinger: Saboteur, Dirty fighting or Sharpshooter??
Hello all! Recently i've been leveling my new DPS Smuggler (Gunslinger) I haven't done many things at my skills/discipline etc. I'm now at a point that i have to start making choises. I have been ..
Excessive Disconnects after 12am EST 12/25/14 - Jedi Covenant
My connection the Jedi Covenant server has been fine up until after 12am on 12/25/14. I have a 50 - 60 Mbps speed from my ISP (Comcast), but now I keep getting disconnected after a few minutes. It ma..
Return character, I played on the "starstorm one" server.
Hi ! I played on the "starstorm one" server. character name - Tormenatarsha. "Starstorm one" server removed, new server "to tomb of freedon nadd". My characters were gone. Return character Tormen..
Keep getting kicked?? >.<
So ive been getting booted offline for the past hour now with massive lag spikes right before im routed to the server list and informed that the server list itself cant be retrieved error 4001. i rest..
PvP etiquette in PvE areas?
I'm still new to the game so, some background on what brought this question up: Playing Republic-side as a Smuggler, my first encounter with an Imperial on neutral questing grounds was on the Dune Se..
Help pretty please! :(
Dear Community and Dear Staff I went in and purchased 60 days of playtime and since nothing seemed to pop up after paying like it didnt need my cvc or w/e its called the 3 digits on the back of my ca..
Anyone on duty today?
Been on hold for 4 hours now, hoping to get someone to help, cannot log into my second account as all I get is login failed, both on the launcher and webpage. Is there anyone working the desk today? ..
HelP ! Please !!!
hello, I have a problem in the game it's been three days now! it is with the new extension "shadow of revan" I finished everything and when I came back on rishi it made me reset the quest "Shadow reva..
Cant go off starter planet due to game stops downloading at 99.99%
Any ideas on how to make the game finish downloading the full download so I can go off the starter planet. I now have 3 level10 characters waiting to move on. I ran the download again and it did the s..
Belsavis Lag
Most areas of the game have been OK for me but I just reached Belsavis and its really really bad. It got to the point where I couldn't even initiate combat. BUT, I've only had this happen on Belsavis...
Failed to load file............ not found
Hi, i came back to play recently after 3-4 month off from it and obviously i downloaded the patches that i was behind since leaving. Everything worked smoothly but the thing is when i try to visit str..
I wanna ask bioware are they gonna do any change about this stupid roots. PVP became unplayable for true melee classes (sith warrior and jedi knight). From all classes only this 2 class have no proper..
Credit/Gold Sellers now taking to sending in game mails to players
I don't know if anyone else has received them but I know I have and that is in game mails from credit/gold selling websites. We can report players for spam even add them to ignore but what about bein..
So have people given up on the original Flashpoints?
I've subbed for the game and bought the expansions after being away for about a year. So, currently I am levelling myself to at least 55 and trying to get my bearings back. I've tried queuing for the ..
Possible to unsuspend an account?
Hey, So, I've been playing since 2011 when the game came out on beta, and even purchased the collector's edition out of excitement of this game, being a KoTOR fanatic. So, I have a level 50 legacy, ..
It will come on very sudden go to the server area and will be blank and will have to log out of the game. Then log in again to game it come like nothing have happen it has come more seen mobile secur..
Blue Flag on PvP Servers
Too many people are walking blkue flagged. At least on Jung Ma, wich was a PvP server (RP too) until now. I really dont get the reason why a PvP server allow players to avoid PvP, but it would not be..
Parroting old mantras in 3.0 about PVP gear and ranked ?
WHy does "pro" PVP players parrot the old mantra about you MUST have FULL pvp gear for ranked ? since bolster is MEGA bugged after 3.0 as most should have realized by now.... Not only does full 186 P..
The Marauder Fix
1. Change Blood Ward heal for 50% of damage taken and keep Saber Ward the same. 2. Make Gore have a 50% slow for 3 seconds 3. Change predation to make the character move twice as fast as it norma..
Can you please reconsider about not granting the bugged achievements for the datacron
Hello, So I have Killed all 3 of the Grophets before the patch fixed the bugged achievements and I submitted a ticket so I can regain the achievement, unfortunately I learned they are not re-granting ..
Graphic bug screenshot included ok i found a bug with exterminator cuirasses sleeves u see the natural graphics of the sleeves are the sith to the right but the sith on the left im seeing the slee..
Klassenmission : Auge um Auge - Lösung/Hilfe
Hey ich komm bei der Mission nicht weiter. Ich kann meinen Gefährten nicht wegschicken - egal wann ich die vorher wegschicke ist die sofort nach der Dialogsequenz wieder da. Und dann gehen nat..
Having trouble with a mission Flashpoint the Esseles
I can not beat this with just me and my companion. I need to start over and try to find another player to help. It will not let me abandon the mission and I am new to the game and confused on a lot ..
About skills help?
Hi, I have returned after half year and lot is changed. I am trying to drag abilites from this combat proficiencies window to quickbars and I just cant do it. It wont drag at all. How to do it? What a..
New Subscriber, add Security Key 100 coins?
So I added a boxed version of the game to my account. I got the 30days of subscription and 500 Cartel coins. The main thing I want ti buy is the Cathar Species. So I was wondering should I get an extr..
Ban mail spammer
I have 4 open ticket about gold seller spam mails 3 of them the same nonesense char name , im getting mail and reporting as a spam and system creating automaticly a ticket. My guild mate said "i have ..
texture issues
I just loaded tatooine for the first time and I noticed that my map was completely blacked out. I went outside the space port into the desert area and noticed the sky was pitch black and the textures ..
Cannot Access Free Server Transfer
I played SWTOR when it first came out and then stopped playing after a month. When I returned, I was preferred status. My friend sent me a subscription link which I used for 7 days of free subscriptio..
lets talk Socerer's! Seriously, no hat just realy come on now?
Ok, I don't mind Sorcerers having massive Damage and CC............ However I do mind when Sorcerers have massive Damage, CC, AND an Immunity bubble? there is no reason any class should have all the ..
Jung Ma 1v1 PvP Tournament (December 2014)
NOTE: ***IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS PLEASE IN-GAME MESSAGE OR WHISPER ME SO I CAN MESSAGE YOU BACK*** Please contact Boil (Republic) or Trivoda (Empire) via in-game mail or whisper to join..
Raider of the Cove title not available
I hit a reputation level with the People of Rishi that says I get the title "Raider of the Cove". It is not available in my title list. Is there something special I need to do to access it? Sorry i..
Bolster Bug
I saw several threads here about the problem and everyone i know complains about this bug. Just want to add my five cents aswell: Me and 3 others tested our HP outcome in warzones and arenas using..
Weird people you meet outside Group Finder
There have been long-running forums about the weird people you meet in group finder and even in warzones but there hasn't been much chat about the weird people/jerks u meet outside of group finder in ..
Changing email issues
Hey, I have issues changing the email my account is assosciated with. I wish to change it to the one I use now, rather then the old email, but when I go to switch it in the basic information section o..
+10 Rishi Datacron still broken acrossed 5 instances
This is unacceptable...I was sent IN GAME TICKET REPLIES from CS stating that this had been fixed with the patch. This is simply untrue. I have both buffs....the rock formation is still NOT click-able..
Dark Stability
Any assassin tried to run without this utility? I mean, this is probably the best one and as far I know (maybe there's an icon), your adversary can't tell if you are immune or not until they try to ..
Can not redeem a Time card i verified a code like 10 times first i get "invalid code" than "error has occurred while trying to process your request. Please, try again later." can somebody help me? ..
Money taken from credit card and no cartel coins received
Yesterday I ordered cartel coins. Money were taken from my credit card, but no cartel coins were added. There was only an error no. 10. I've created the ticked, but you ask me to call you by phone. I ..
Video of how OP PT is plz nerf...discuss...
A request to review how SWTOR implements endgame raids, starring Group Finder
Introduction: Groupfinder: the savior of Eldergame Endgame content right now is absolutely ridiculously exclusive to the guilds with prog teams who are gearing their prog raiders as fast as possibl..
No Reply To Ticket for 2 weeks
I submitted a ticket in-game 2 weeks ago and still no response. This is an unacceptable amount of time to wait, especially seeing the nature of the ticket, a bug with the story line that I have found ..
Is it possible or hard to the solo game?
I dont care much for pvp or competitive side of the game. I just want to main class quests and shadow of raven assuming thats a solo thing and not groups of friends or something you need be good at to..
What Gear Do People Expect for L55-59 SM Ops?
I keep seeing those groups advertisements on the Fleet, and I now have L57 characters eligible to enter into these via GF. But I am worried that my gear will not be enough. I have the 172 sets, with 1..
Is it possible to queue for Huttball specifically?
I'd really love to be able to queue up for Huttball. I've only been able to play it once since my return to SWTOR, and I don't see an immediate option for selecting specific maps. Side note: I barley..
Sorc/Sages Will Be Nerfed.
Whos got money on it? Now that the fotm sage/sorcs are in full force in WZs. Its common to see 1.5 to 2 mil dps from them. They get crazy damage and cant kill them? Bubble-heal-immune-speed2safety..
Flashpoint Butt Kickin'
I made a Jedi Sentinel (Combat path discipline-wise) that I have leveled up to 46 and recently signed up for a flashpoint. I was getting my butt wiped all over the map by 42 lvl toons (sith mobs) and ..
Which server for best queue times?
Hey guys, haven't played since 2-3 months after release, looking to pvp again. Which server has best queue times for warzones? Another question, is pvp a good way to level? I absolutley hate PvE and..
Thread to developers
Good day developers! I wondering, that if you take a look at the forum's pvp section, how you feel? What conclusions you have? Are you satisfied? How you see the picture overal, are your costumers ar..
Not very happy customer
First of all I write this letter to you, dear Developers, since we as a community of Tomb of Freedon Nadd are not satisfied with your service to the people who play Star Wars The Old Republic. Since t..
New to MMOs; 1.5 months of SWTOR so far
I've been doing a lot of forum reading and video watching, so I know how to play the holy trinity. I'm anal about keeping gear and stats character appropriate. I have a problem re-rolling characters c..
(Topic that will be ignored, as usual) The amazing Hero engine strikes again
So you guys wanna get the best edge in pvp? No problem! With the astonishing Hero engine, you just need to make a sage/sorc premade and sync your quakes/storms and there you have it: permanent stun fo..
SWTOR Open Source Community Spreadsheet Collection. Need help? A good place to look.
SWTOR Open Source Community Spreadsheet Collection.If you're new and need help this is a good source of information. Started a SWTOR Open Source Community Spreadsheet Collection. A one stop collect..
Character loadin EPIC FAIL with stronghold
I'm sure I'm not the first or last but guys Don't, I mean it Don't log out into another person's Strognhold Waited at least 15 minutes and the bar is stuck at 15% or so So until a BW rep answer my..
15days Plus Ticket on a class quest #verybadcustomerservice
I have had my ticket canceled. I have been hung up on five times. I understand stuff happens new expansion its the holidays. I have been told I would get a email for 15days. I paid for my subscription..
More content in 3.0 through GF.
Before anyone starts saying that I'm raging about new content for 3.0 may I suggest you look at the first word in the title of this thread. That's 'more' not 'new'. I really enjoy the new expansion ..
Group Finder seems useless (new player)
So far it seems no one uses or there are not alot new players coming to the game even with f2p model. 1-20 and i cant find anyone groups i was in que for 2 plus hours. I could not even do the first f..
New to PVE
So I've been playing this game since launch, but only ever PVP. I've been interested in getting into end game PVE. Any tips and suggestions on how to get started? I only ever hear gen chat calls calli..
status of each class in Ranked WZ
I'm hatred assassin and have played more than 200 RWZ since 3.0. Bare in mind that this is a personal opinion. From the most op to least op, using empire class names Tier 1 - Broken as hell 1. Sin..
Pre order code
Hi I recently purchased a pre order code off eBay that hasn't been used. However every time I put it in it says the code has been redeemed. My seller has provided proof that the code has not been used..
more bots
Excuse me , chest bots has been working 7X24 hour, we report a lot of times .why don't have GM to investigate those bots ? those flybots are still working 30days+, it is not responsible for ..
I'm lvl 55 and can't use Korriban Incursion to start Forged Alliances in Group Finder
So I have my lvl 55 Smuggler ready to start Forged Alliances and to do that I need to perform the Korriban Incursion 1st. But when I bring up my Group Finder, it says I cannot access that FP. Please ..
If you have LAG its your router.. per customer serivce.. LOL
I love how they blamed their ****** customer service on a new expansion... and the lag is my router... lol I have a ASUS AC1200 or whatever model.. 300 at best buy 2 months ago..... Yeah... I guess w..
Has customer service been outsourced
Has customer service been outsourced... Maybe to Asia?? They seem less helpful now, more rude, have no understanding of the game... The rudeness seems to get worse when you correct them on how the ga..
toon stuck in loading screen
Hey all, reaching out to ggt some hel with one of my lvl 60 toons. Its been stuck on a loading screen after selecting play for 5 days now and i realy would like to do some ops with my guild. Any on..
Error 208 network issues
Hey there i been tryin to log in and it wunt let me, issue being my ISP has upgraded my connection and issued a static IP to me. However it is most unfortunate no matter how i tried to set or configur..
Christmas is over, BioWare. This is inexcusable.
I've been playing on the Harbinger server for years with nary a problem, but 3.0 changed all of that. The delay between activating abilities and those abilities actually proccing in the game is averag..
Cartel coins still missing
Due to the time it took customer services to deal with problems I encountered in 3.0 (8 days) I was awarded 120 cartel coins as compensation. I was told via email and in game ticket from customer ser..
How do I force a repair from the launcher?
My game seems to have some corrupted planet files ... for instance I cannot seem to load Tattooine, either from someone's stronghold or by flying down tot he planet. The game crashes and I get an erro..
How to restore corrupt UI file
All of a sudden I'm unable to load an extremely precious UI file that I really wouldn't want to recreate.. I don't know what's wrong with it and I have no idea how to fix it. I tried looking at the ...
How to fix reg WZ
Limit the number of Healers in WZ to one or none or nerf healers to the same output levels as DPS. It's ridiculous that healers can basically heal until infinity while a sniper runs out of resources a..
So the new Raid sets and why mk-1 loot in ops?
So how are they actually pure optimized for us anyway I look at this and that set for eg. sentinel Where is all the actual accuracy there? I mean since we need a bunch of enhancements now and with..
Old Commendations
Dear Sir/Madame I had a problem few moments ago. I received an email from an NPC with a Planetary Commendation as a reward. I was wandering when you are going to fix this since low-level quests, some..
Swtor game launcher
I need help to understand why my launcher to SWTOR does not work all the time. Whenever I put in my details and log in the launcher either resets everything blank, or sits there loading for hours non ..
Major CS Complaint Over Ingame Bug - Ticket #14992862&#8207;
Ok so I rarely get angry with anything pertaining to video games in general, but I'm getting extremely fed up with the Customer Service Support for this game. Literally EVERY time I've had a problem h..
Graphics issue on fleet and on certain areas on planets
Around 2 weeks before 3.0 I started seeing one graphical issue on the fleet. The billboards on the walls wouldn't light up when I'm near them, but they do at a distance. As I approach them they flic..
WHERE is the patch???
Where is the patch?? i cannot find any info on when the next patch is, omg PLEASE tell me this agony in game with lag/ability delay ect is not going to be dragged out another week >.< can..
PvP Error Code 9000! Maybe a Lag Switch error?
I'm in War Zones all day long no issues with latency or or lag spikes and my fps are always about 60-125 and only rocking bout 20-65ms server latency which is normal for anyone running wireless intern..
getting basic commendations
So I have just reached level 50 and I really want to get all that level 50 gear that you get on the fleet, but the only method that I found effective to get commendations are by doing the KDY and by g..
So, what are the typical mistakes a DPS makes in a WZ?
So, I keep seeing people posting some amazing DPS numbers, and I am in awe. Thing is, I have never had any success whatsoever with DPS characters, maybe at times hitting 300 thou DPS. From my DPS I mo..
Spiel mit Rucklern?
Hallo, ich habe seit einiger Zeit Probleme mit meinem Spiel. Ich habe meinen PC neu aufgesetzt und musste deswegen alles neu herunterladen. Jetzt besteht das Problem, dass es schon in der Chara-Ü..
Fehlermeldung: C7 Inkompatibles System
Grüßt euch, folgendes Problem habe ich seit heute nachdem ich meine Grafikkarte gewechselt habe: Fehler:C7 Inkompatibles System: Bitte überprüfen sie ob ihr System mit dem Spi..
2million Damage | 1 WarZone
So today i hit a personal milestone, i did 1.9 million damage in one warzone, its the first time i do these amounts of damages. I'm not madness. So its not just putting dots..
Bolster in 3.0
Has anyone figured out how it works for 59s and below? I have a level 57 that only has 17k expertise yet my 55-59 had 2018 the whole time with 55 pvp gear. How are we supposed to cap expertise now..
A Good Commando Utility Combination.
I know a lot of people are a fan of the new Forced March utility that allows Mando / Merc to use Full auto / unload while moving, but it seems BW likes to screw us mando / merc users, so I had to drop..
Stunwars !
Hello, I would like to talk about how assasins/shadows, are over buffed in the history of all games currently.. 1- They are almost immune to all cc s. 2- They do extremely high amount of damage. 3-..
What is the "End Game" content and how much would I be missing if I didn't play it?
Hey, I'm a relatively new player still working with my first character (Jedi Guardian Lvl 27). I'm pretty much solely interested in playing through the class stories (at least some of them), but I'm ..
Omg so op!!!
Hey I'm having a fun time playing this game how about you? Ok so maybe some classes are still a little strong hey thats what makes it fun right??? Feel free to post positive blank faced stated under t..
Vermächtnistitel und andere Erfolge.
Hi ho, ich bringe es möglichst direkt zum Punkt . folgendes Problem : Mein Vermächtnis ist seit langem lvl 50, ich habe eine weile pausiert, und stelle fest, das mir eine menge einträ..
Is Customer Service on The Bastion Broken?
I went to report *another* gold spammer and got a vague "could not complete request" error. I went to the CS window in game, but the window just says "Updating 0%" and does nothing else. I can close..
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