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Game Stuck At 99.99%?
Ok so after the new patch I had to re-download and reinstall the entire game because something is wrong with the patching system and the download kept freezing at the exact same point every time. Now..
Download blocked at 99.97%, game half playable
Hi everybody, I've downloaded SW:toR today and launcher is set to play. No more downloading, though character selection screen shows the game is only 99.97%. I can only play starting areas. I wonde..
ST launcher stops downloading @99.98% cannot leave starter planet
It also will not show a download outside of it he game. The launcher lags up my computer pretty bad when it moves to initializing the game and loading the game is far more burdensome than it should be..
Stuck at 99.91% IN GAME only
So I run the patch and it completes, including the install. I log in after several failed attempts to reach the login server only to find that it says that I can only play starter characters. If that'..
update stuck at 99.92 percent
when I launched the game, at the character menu i cant get on my main character because its stuck at 99.92 percent and hasnt budged at all. any fixes to this?..
Streaming client stuck at 99.94% ingame, shows as finished in launcher
Hey there, the title says most, I've just "finished" downloading according to the patcher, but can't travel to other planets as the ingame bar shows 99.94%. I've restarted the client and..
Game Update Stuck At 99.99%
I am returning to the game after an long absence. Installing the game was fine, got up to the point where I could play any toons in the starter area but it seems to have stalled at 99.99% so I can't p..
Cannot enter world - stuck on 99.98% at the ingame download
hi, i would appriciate any help regarding this essue, it seams that i can log on to the game fine however i cannot seem to log to my character. it says: not ready and there is a download bar that..
Launcher says new install done but character selection screen at 99.99%.
I am having weird problems. The launcher says that the new install is complete but when I get to the character selection screen or in game that I am at 99.99% and the performance is really bad. The sy..
Stuck On 99.98% on download...
Have Tried Every Step in thread here: still won't let me finish the last.2% so i can actually play my mains off starter planets, and as fun as..
Game re-installed but download updates is stuck to 99.98 percent!!!
hi, i re-installed the game yesterday afternoon, and until now, downloading is stuck to 99.98 percent, i cannot play the game to any of my characters. i am so frustrated now. :(:(:( please hear m..
Quick Play mode stuck at 99.99% - cannot resolve
Hey, I've found this issue reported a few times here but none of the solutions seem to work. As title says, log in, and at character select I am told that I am in quick play mode and at 99.99%, so..
Stuck on 99.92% (Playing a reduced version of the game - Can play on starting planets
Hi guys, The problem I have is that I downloaded the game completely a while ago and created 7 characters that a have left the starting worlds. After a couple of months I come back to play and..
Launcher patch stuck at 99.97% (NOT THE 1ST TIME)
Me and my friend launcher both have the same problem, after login in our account the launcher will stuck at intializing for about 5 - 10 mins and will patch til 99.97% and stuck forever. It happe..
In-game patching stuck at 99.98 percent. Please Help!!! (2.6.2)
I've finished patching from the launcher but when I get into the game there is a little download box that says it is at 99.98 percent and it won't progress. Because of that, I am playing a reduced ver..
Went to purchase 4.99 Cartel Coin Package, got charged for 99.99 instead
I'll start be prefacing that I've been a subscriber since early access of SW:TOR and have played off and on, fairly regularly since then, while also participating in the Beta for this game. I really d..
Stuck %99.9
My game stuck in game %99.9 but i cant enter korriban planet or somewhere i cant click play button game is saying 'downloading %99.9' and its not.. This problem is came with new patch. I tried bypass..
downloader stuck loading 99.9% - cant access characters
so i read the streaming launcher is super sucky. and so it is. when i open the launcher it doesnt say its downloading, that its ready to play. but if i launch the game, i have a window top righ..
Download stuck at 99.97%
So I had it just on the launcher screen and the game downloaded fully, then when I pressed play and got into the game it said 99.97% and is stuck at that, and in the time it's taken to download the ga..
New install, game assets stuck at 99.99%?
As it says in the title, just got finished after installing the game to a computer. The launcher tells me the game is ready to go, but once I'm in, the little window is still sitting there telling me..
Cant go off starter planet due to game stops downloading at 99.99%
Any ideas on how to make the game finish downloading the full download so I can go off the starter planet. I now have 3 level10 characters waiting to move on. I ran the download again and it did the s..
Stuck @ 99.98% loaded (reduced version)
hi, so i know there are threads in regard to this issue but there are over 500 pages of threads now so i made a new one, sorry the launcher works, starts the game at reduced version (starter worlds o..
Stuck at 99.99%
I recently bought a subscription yesterday, i was not paying attention to the download meter while playing the game i was just like, "It will probably get done eventually" but then i get to level 10 a..
Reinstalled, stuck on 99.98% download
Hello everyone! Forgive me if I posted this in the wrong place or if this issue has already been addressed, but there are a lot of forums and I couldn't find anything. I reinstalled the game today. ..
Patching stuck at 99.98%
Decided to come back to game, made new subscription, re-linked electronic authenticator. Ran launcher, let the patch/es download and install. When I logged in the quick-play mode says 98.98% but doe..
99.98% for an entire night, seriously?
I left the game on over night to download the last .02% in the background. I came back this morning and its still sitting at the same amount. This is the 3rd time i have downloaded this over tee last ..
Download Stuck at 99.98???
I'm not certain that this is strictly a new player problem per say, but does anyone know what to do with my situation? The game launcher says that the game is fully downloaded, but when I launch the g..
Unable to download game past 99.99%
Hello all, I am a returning player that's decide to re-download the game. I installed it through the SW:TOR website downloads last time and used the same process to re-download in the second instance..
Character screen 99.90%
i have recently decided to get back into swotr. I have re downloaded the game and i have a problem. When i log onto the game it says no updates. However when i log in i get to the character selection ..
99.98% at Launcher, I've had it.
I've honestly had it with this game, the insane patches, the retarded bugs, and most importantly the launcher. I have downloaded this game for 3, I REPEAT, THREE DAYS EA. 3 days so I could use my 20..
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