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Lunar Leisure Living

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Mar 22, 2015, 9:18 am 5 years
The Future Is Now!!!
New Bioware position opened for SWTOR: Super Game Designer + Bonus

Need a job? Looking to be part of the team, then this is the Job for you!
9-4:59 5 days a week (Surprise you wont get 40 hours so no benefits!)
You want to design new worlds and pvp maps and make a happy community! You can, after you answer tickets, and take a mop and clean the break room (Oh yeah you are our in house Janitor/Maid since we are to poor to pay for housing...we live here)
Our new game breaking design will leave you wanting for more, in this career..literally wanting...anything desperation just apply!
Come work at $1.98 an hour (Don't worry you are our cook and waitress/waiter so we may or may not tip you)
Salary pay so don't expect overtime!
Now to that bonus you have been desperately waiting for. After working for us for 90 days you will receiver 500 free cartel coins...in installments of 5 coins a month (To ensure absolute loyalty).
Now about that new pvp map? ...we as a team are focused on class balancing right now, our main focus is to see complaints against Merc survavbility and Marauder...we'll nerf those later. (Above your pay grade don't worry about it!)
So the requirements of the Super Game Designer position are the ability to type 4 words per minute (If you can even recognize 4 letters on a keyboard that's good enough for us...seriously...we know the other 22...so please ..PLEASE tell us you know the rest)

Your education requires having attended school. (Don't read into the details...) -reading is a skill not required-
Why you may ask? If we were able to read we'd realize we had pissed off 90% of the community with changes or lack thereof.

So apply now and become part of the team!

P.S. There is no I in team but there is an U, and we expect you to do all the work cause we are incapable of such feats.

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