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A Public Service Announcement regarding referral links...

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Mar 21, 2015, 8:27 pm 5 years
Okay new people, here's the deal with referral links: You may use exactly one, once you use it you can never use one again.

Yes, they give you a free 7-day sub, and some other negligible stuff I can't remember, and people will use these goodies to try and get you to use theirs. HOWEVER, the person whose referral link you use gets a lot more freebies than you do, most notably free Cartel Coins (in perpetuity, if you sub and stay subbed). This is because the whole point of the referral system is to incentivize people to bring in more players!

My point is that you really shouldn't EVER use a referral link from the forums. I'm sure my fellow forumites are gonna hate me for this, but that's why this is a public service announcement as opposed to a make me popular announcement, heh.

If an actual friend of yours introduced you to the game, you really should use THEIR referral link. They deserve the freebies for bringing in the new blood, and you should WANT to give your own friend freebies over some random stranger!

And, if you found this game yourself, do yourself a favor, go to your faction's Fleet and pay attention to General Chat. You can ALWAYS find people who are paying 200,000 credits or more for people to use their referral link, because they want those freebies.

If you're a true newbie with no high-level characters to farm money for you, wouldn't 200k+ credits be a remarkable boon for you? Why would you just *give* your one and only referral click away to someone you don't know on a forum, when people will pay you a lot for it?

So, accept your referral wisely, newbies, because you don't get a second chance. And I'm sorry if this post steps on anybody's toes; I just feel like the people trying to get people to use their referral link for free are straight ripping people off and taking advantage of their ignorance, and it's very selfish and rude.

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