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Uprising -SM Trial and Error - the healing stations are too far away from each other.

3:24 am, January 16, 2018 Hello. So Story mode Trial and Error Uprising its pretty hard, [like its on veteran mode] without healer and tank in group,very bad idea to try it,i quickly discovered im unable reach quickly healing [..] View

Troubleshooting Lagging

4:24 am, October 12, 2017 We run two accounts in our house: Account 1 is hardwired with a LAN and has no trouble playing SWTOR. Account 2 uses a wireless USB stick. Connectivity comes and goes--sometimes there is no lag, so [..] View

The hatred

4:24 pm, August 7, 2017 Wow, guys, as for my long time of experience with SWTOR, I haven’t seen anything like that yet. One may actually wonder why, for goodness sake, there is so much hate among people playing a [..] View

Chat Bug?: can't type in chat?

4:24 am, July 20, 2017 I couldn't find a "troubleshoot" area of the forums so I hope this is an okay place to post this.... I'm having a problem with my Sith Marauder character where I am suddenly no longer able [..] View

Persistent Freezing/Crashing issues with KOTFE

4:24 am, July 8, 2017 Hi guys n girls, I'm not sure if anyone else is having problems with certain parts of certain chapters of the Fallen Empire expansion freezing up, then crashing back to desktop, but ever since patch [..] View

Is the non-streaming client still available? Yes, and it fixes issues like crazy.

4:24 am, May 21, 2017 I've been playing this game since launch and never had an issue. Since the latest patch came out I have not been able to play. The launcher keeps giving me "An unknown error has occurred. Please [..] View

KOTET chapter 2

3:24 pm, January 25, 2017 Hi there, I have a problem : Spoiler empress acina should appear as my companion for the mission, except she doesn't. Can't summon her through the companions and contacts menu (bescaus [..] View

Hotkey help

3:24 pm, January 6, 2017 So I just recently came back after around 2 years or so I was able to splurge and buy my own half decent desktop. I've been trying to get everything re-set up including some of my hotkeys. One of the [..] View

Is it just me or is combat really strong right now.

3:24 am, December 1, 2016 I've played a few dozen matches the past couple says and I feel like I'm doing so much damage. I've been routinely getting above 4k dps and have gotten above 5k once (without aoe fluffing, just singl [..] View

Cannot download the damn game!

4:24 am, October 18, 2016 I uninstalled the program a while ago to make room on my laptop but now I want to install it again and it doesn't work. Every time I try the set up pops up and says something like please wait while th [..] View

SWTOR Unleashed Problems

4:24 pm, August 4, 2016 Hi, all! I recently began really, really playing this game and learning its ins and outs. One of my problems and turn-aways has always been my horrendous FPS when doing PVP or my internet drops a litt [..] View

Stuck in Hard Mode on Battle of Rishi FP

4:24 pm, June 12, 2016 Ok. Simply enough, I chose Hard Mode for the Battle of Rishi FP for the Frontal Assault Quest. I have reset and then Abandoned the FP, and, then, I returned to the NPC with no avail in playing in eith [..] View

LF Tanks For Nim progression (Harbinger Imp side)

3:24 pm, March 12, 2016 We are currently looking for Nim capable Tanks for DF/DP Nim on the Harbinger server. All dps are set with players that pull high numbers in order to complete nim, however we are having troubles findi [..] View

Tried everything, game crashes before char select

3:24 am, March 3, 2016 Title says everything, I reinstalled, repatched, did the windowed mode, switched between streaming and regular client, Updated video, etc etc etc. All this happened just after i subscribed and got my [..] View

Troubleshooting - Serious problem with High & above graphics

3:24 am, February 24, 2016 So for some reason whenever I use graphics that are High or above, I will occasionally get texture tares, or characters' designs in black. No biggy, all you'd have to do is swap to any other graphics [..] View

FPS Drop (10-15) in Midbie PvP but not any other level PvP

4:24 pm, October 18, 2015 Like this title says, my FPS is crashing to 10-15 in midbie pvp only. I do not have this issue in lowbie or 60s pvp. Does anyone know why this may be happening and if so, how I can fix it? I've follo [..] View

System Troubles.

4:24 pm, October 6, 2015 I just recently had to install a new hard drive to my computer and didn't have any trouble with the game before but now i'm having all kinds of loading problems, the game just moving entirely too slow [..] View

People Who are getting disconnected constantly READ THIS

4:24 am, October 5, 2015 So the issue with lag and disconnects are almost all due in part to a company called Level3. Level3 is a large telecommunications company that carries a very large ammount of traffic on its backbones. [..] View

Launcher does not start

4:24 pm, September 10, 2015 I've been playing the game regularly, pretty much every day, the last time was only about 5 hours ago. Absolutely no changes made to system in those five hours (Win7, 64bit) but suddenly, starting lau [..] View

PvP Decorations and Customer Service

4:24 am, August 29, 2015 Hey Bioware, First I'd like to vent my frustration for having to come to the forums in order to try and get this issue resolved. I've tried opening multiple in-game tickets on this matter, but they h [..] View

Launcher update issues.

4:24 am, August 18, 2015 Went through the troubleshooting on the forums, couldn't win. Started a fresh install - now I'm stuck with "The Launcher is being updated. Please wait..." sitting at the top of the screen. [..] View

troubles with a launcher, Plz help

4:24 pm, August 17, 2015 Hello all. Last week i didn't play the game and today decide to play. When i launch the launcher, it was updating, i thought that this process temporary. But after 3 hours it was updating. I thought [..] View

Win10 SWTOR Launcher Not Responding, Just the Border shows up

4:24 am, August 9, 2015 Hey, just got a brand spanking new computer with more specs than what is really necessary to run SWTOR. I have ran several other games on it thus far with no issues. When I try to open the swtor lau [..] View

refer a friend troubles?

4:24 pm, July 31, 2015 My aunt used a refer a friend link today, and it says "and unexpected error has occurred" we thought it was just the link. so we tried another referral link, But that said that her account i [..] View

Mouse Troubles!

4:24 pm, July 8, 2015 So I purchased a gaming mouse called the Redragon Perdition. After installing it and the driver software, I set up the 12 keys on the side to utilize various key combinations on my keyboard. I teste [..] View

Mercs \ Operatives - what should I do?

4:24 am, July 2, 2015 just started get back on the pvp map. Almost full exhumed set. I'm playing Sorcerer madness right now. Against most classes I can handle myself alright but vs mercs and operatives I'm having some t [..] View

Help: Game repatedly freezes during dialogue in sith inquisitor mission "The duel"

4:24 am, June 30, 2015 On June 26, I went to my friends house to play SW:TOR and brought my own laptop. A few minutes before I decided to go to my own home my friends WiFi crashed on me as I was entering dialogue in the sit [..] View

The Launcher won't launch the game

4:24 pm, June 6, 2015 Hello. I recently installed the game again after having it uninstalled while I wasn't playing. The installation seems to have been working just fine and the Launcher is working - except that it will [..] View

Crashing followed by BSOD

4:24 am, May 31, 2015 I recently just came back to the game a few days ago and I'm having all kinds of issues. When the game first launched I remember having issues but my video card was failing so that's separate. Now I [..] View

Stuck on initializing screen The Progenitor server

4:24 pm, May 18, 2015 Hi all Had some troubles over weekend logging onto game said my patch was complete but play was button greyed out. logged on forums had a look at most of posts with similar problems delete this and [..] View

Ranked pvp cross server/cross galaxy

4:24 pm, April 26, 2015 Swtor needs cross server/cross galaxy for ranked pvp. Having cross server would enable players to always be able to enter a ranked match and eliminate troubles for players who struggle in q for hours. [..] View

Cannot retrieve patch data - error 208

4:24 am, April 4, 2015 I played the game earlier today - tried to login again this afternoon and I get this error. I went through the troubleshooting list of things to check, spoke with a swtor rep on the phone stating tha [..] View

Connection issues!!!

4:24 am, March 20, 2015 This is the ticket I put into CS: RE: Your Ticket# 16375893 I have been a player since beta.I'm getting sick of the disconnection / lag issues.I'm a PC technician by trade (30+years!!!) I've diagno [..] View

E-Mail Validation required

4:24 pm, March 14, 2015 Bioware, seriously? I recently came back to the game and decided to start playing with both of my boys and my wife. My wife and one of my sons have been a subscriber before so their E-Mail is already [..] View

Launcher Not Downloading Content

3:24 pm, February 23, 2015 Over the weekend, the launcher attempted to download the new patch. The launcher read "complete," but the "play" button was not active. After one hour of this I decided to restart [..] View

Admitted Bug with Strongholds!!

3:24 am, February 21, 2015 So I could not log in stayed at the splash screen and would not change even with the cog wheels turning. Come to find out via a supervisor since I would not listen to first level that because I have [..] View

Unable to Retrieve patch data. Please Check network connection. (206)

3:24 am, February 1, 2015 I have tried re-installing the game with no luck as I cant patch it. Refreshed launcher more times than I care to count (As that has fixed issues in the past...). Eventually I tethered it to my phone [..] View

launcher having issues... again and again and again

3:24 pm, December 3, 2014 I started replaying SWTOR about a month ago and have been a subscriber before and now. I preordered Revan well in advance to take advantage of the x12. However, I spend atleast 5 or 6 hours a week try [..] View

Persistant crashing to desktop

3:24 am, November 30, 2014 I was originally running with crappy hardware on my Tower with windows 8.1. I then spent a good chunk of money in getting new hardware and I ended up replacing everything but the hard drive. Now I hav [..] View

15 minute Launch time

3:24 am, November 13, 2014 I followed all the steps in the Launcher Troubleshooting Guide and still nothing. I could really use some advice. It takes the 15 minutes to load/patch I have never had this problem View

Connectivity Issues?

3:24 pm, November 5, 2014 Hello, Today, I've been experiencing a pretty drastic drop in connectivity and performance. At first, I blamed my ISP, because it's usually their fault. But after extensive troubleshooting and expe [..] View

UI loads for character, but other graphics are black screen (also can't move)

3:24 am, November 3, 2014 Problem - When I log in and click "Play" as one character on Jung Ma (and ONLY this particular character, I do NOT see this issue on any other characters) the UI loads just fine, and I [..] View

Unable to update in game ticket-annoying!

4:24 pm, November 1, 2014 This isn't the first time I have had this issue. I went to update a complaint in-game and and the got this message for my troubles. "there was a problem updating this ticket please try agai [..] View

Healing 8 toons with a Razer Naga, help!

4:24 am, October 14, 2014 Please, can someone tell me if there is a way to program a Razer Naga to auto target more than four group members? I find it extremely troublesome having to click every time I want to heal. It disru [..] View

Having a HARD TIME logging in sometimes.

4:24 pm, October 12, 2014 I resetted the bitraid folder, made all not read only, searched for viruses, closed other applications, closed antivirus and firewall, flushed pc with ccleaner, and even complained on my internet prov [..] View

Game Bug for the mission [Darth Zhorrid arrives]

4:24 pm, October 9, 2014 Everything in between for the mission worked just fine although each time I reset the mission the end result was always the same. when getting back onto the imperial x class ship for the operative the [..] View

Sub cancel issue

4:24 pm, October 4, 2014 i got issue with sub, i canceled sub nearly two months ago (coz my friend left and playing alone is not a point, i filled out the form canceling subscription), but week ago i got email i recived Carte [..] View

Cannot run the repair tool in the launcher

4:24 pm, September 25, 2014 Hello, I am trying to run the repair tool ( I cannot hear conversational audio on Hoth on all characters). When I try to run the repair tool but i can't click on it. I followed the troubleshooting st [..] View

Is juggtank used in wz novadays?

4:24 am, September 24, 2014 Hi! I havent played in 1.5 years and i have a juggtank lvl 50 did a couple of wz yesterday and its quite fun, as before its troublesome to tank without heals. But is tanks useful in wz and arenas a [..] View

Running 4 FPS at times on very low, with more than recommended specs

4:24 am, September 20, 2014 Hello, so I seem to be having an issue with running this game at anywhere on low or higher. I'm getting really bad frame drops, stops, and horrible frame rate during combat or mount riding. If I stand [..] View

Error code 1003, and i cant seem to fix it

4:24 pm, September 10, 2014 So i'v download SWTOR today, and i cant seem to get it working. Whenever i try to connect to a server, i get error code 1003. I have troubleshooted, flushed my dns cache, restarted my dns cache, resta [..] View

Launcher: Login Service Unavailable Yet servers Appear Up

4:24 am, September 9, 2014 Seems like it may be a pre-mature patch glitch but I'm tryying to login hours before the scheduled patch and the launcher will not let me login. It points to the forums for more information but no f [..] View

Sporadic disconnections with endless loading screens

4:24 pm, August 27, 2014 Hi there, I, like many who I have talked to in-game, occasionally get completely disconnected from the game. My internet is stable and I am just playing normally, when suddenly my latency turns red [..] View

Latest patch error 311.

4:24 pm, August 21, 2014 Just in case it's important to let you know. I think there is a serious problem with your patching server. I am getting this little message, and my internet is working fine, as you can see. &#3 [..] View

Launcher Problems; Launcher Guide in Customer Service doesn't help.

4:24 pm, August 1, 2014 Don't you dare tell me to go to Launcher Troubleshooting Guide Updated: 19/11/2013 because none of that **** advice is helping. So I've been trying to re-download this game for a day and a half n [..] View

Open world pvp troubles

4:24 am, July 30, 2014 So I am having trouble fighting in 1v1 battles against players that have much worse gear than me. To give a bit of history on me, I've got a 55 guardian tank with mostly 180 and a few 186 pieces for g [..] View

Patch 2.7.1 launcher initializing problem

10:17 am, May 3, 2014 Since the new patch I am having launcher issues. The launcher gets stuck on initializing. I have tried deleting my BitRaider folder, flushing my DNS and running the repair tool. The 'ST' letters show [..] View

Error 1003 and Error 4001

10:17 pm, April 26, 2014 OK, this is getting very old... I was working fine all day today and now I'm getting either a spinning cog on the slash screen (where I end up having to alt-4 to get out of SWTOR), a blank server s [..] View

keybinding disability?

10:17 am, April 24, 2014 Hey, my problem is that I am somewhat "half-way" into the keybinding. I do use mouse turns - this is rather obvious - but when it comes to selecting the target and executing abilitie [..] View

I do not see any server in the list

4:17 pm, April 23, 2014 Hello, I'm having troubles since last month. First of all, I couldn't open my client because it crashed as soon as I pressed "Play" buttom. I fixed it after 3 re-installs and t [..] View

Please help, game unplayable

10:17 pm, April 19, 2014 I'm playing on an early 2011 Macbook Pro. While playing, the battery died and the computer shut down. The computer was plugged in, but using bootcamp has slowly drained the battery over the past 2+y [..] View

Error 208 (traceroute and pathping)

10:17 pm, April 7, 2014 new problem as of today. Looks like it's reaching swtor, so don't know that we can blame this one on the ISP. Also followed all troubleshooting steps in the known issue guide for this error before ge [..] View

[Please Help CS!] SWTOR keeps reseting my WiFi connection

4:17 am, April 5, 2014 Help! For the last week, every time I log onto SWTOR and get onto any of my character between the hours of 11am through 8pm Pacific time, the connection will time out within 3-5mins of logging on. [..] View

Cursor is skipping and responding slowly in SWTOR

4:17 pm, April 3, 2014 Hello, Lately I have been experiencing lag with my SWTOR cursor in game. It does not happen all the time, but when I go into high action battle zones were I am fighting more than one enemy (especially [..] View

Trying to create second account

4:17 pm, April 3, 2014 I'm trying to create a second subscription account, but A having troubles with refer a friend and B having issues with using the same email address. I have no intentions of phoning the USA from Aus [..] View

Mass botting in makeb and Hoth elites

4:17 am, March 24, 2014 Here is a post i found while searching google, trying to find were these people who are ruining the game are botting. "I tried this on 2 computers and it didn't make a difference on Makeb W [..] View

network error while downloading patch error (310)

4:17 am, March 23, 2014 iv tried to patch the newest update but keep getting the error 310 message iv tried all the intermediate launcher trouble shooting and the check disk option from advanced troubleshooting iv tried for [..] View

Excessive 9000 errors

10:17 pm, March 19, 2014 Time of Incident - Evening hours, past 6:00 pm CST Area this occurred - Multiple areas - Ebon Hawk Server A detailed description of your issue. - Ping suddenly increased dramatically result [..] View

launcher will not work!!!!

4:17 pm, March 16, 2014 Hello i have problems with the launcher i have tryed everything all troubleshootings read and followed but still no result. When i want to install the game the launcher will open it will extract bu [..] View

Launcher stuck at "initializing", followed by being stuck at "97.99%"

10:17 am, March 15, 2014 Hi, My launcher was stuck at "initializing". After attempting the relevant troubleshooting methods outlined in this page http://www.swtor.com/community/showt...hp?t=419492#98 and g [..] View

here is the launcher log i was told to post

9:17 am, March 2, 2014 2014-03-02 11:03:55 INFO SWTOR Launcher [Core:P1.76.2 Lib:P1.5] initialized. 2014-03-02 11:03:55 INFO File info: C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\BioWare\Star Wars - The Old Republic\launcher.exe siz [..] View

All this non-sense stupid QQ will make Bioware nerf Operative/Scoundrel.

9:17 am, February 8, 2014 Finally one more class/spec is viable for NiM PVE content, the OP from my raid group is very happy because she likes the middle tree, now she's playing concealment and have a lot fun and doing a bette [..] View

How to ruin a scrappers day

3:17 am, February 8, 2014 Hello friends and enemies! Since 2.6 has dropped, I have seen a bunch of nerf scrapper threads and comments.Having played all 3 scoundrel specs since launch(Dirty fighting being my favorite) I just [..] View

Launcher stuck at 100%?

3:17 pm, February 5, 2014 My launcher started updating and it took a while for it to get where it is now, but as soon as it hits 100% it just stops. I mean it still says that it is updating and everything so I can't use the r [..] View

Install Issue

9:17 pm, February 1, 2014 Hey, This may be a little convoluted but here it goes: I was unable to log in to any of my characters and would always get kicked immediately to server select. I am trying to re-install the clie [..] View

Extreme FPS issues

3:17 pm, January 26, 2014 Included Dxdiag Spoiler ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report: 1/26/2014, 19:50:11 Machine name: BAS-PC Operating System: Win [..] View

UI Not Showing Enemy Channeled Attacks

9:17 pm, January 24, 2014 I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, so I apologize if this is incorrect. Also, I'm not really certain if I'm describing the issue in the title appropriately...but it's the best I co [..] View

having issues with crashes right shortly after launching - A possible Fix

9:17 am, January 20, 2014 I had an issue with the game client crashing short after launch for the past three days, but was just able to fix it. Not sure if it will help anyone but I figured I would share it. I am running w [..] View

Lag And abilities not going off

9:17 pm, January 9, 2014 For 2 years you have done nothing. For two years I have tried in vain to reasearch and fine an answer to your busted game. PVP is stupid. You cannot play without lag. I have tried everything u [..] View

Fix your patcher

3:17 am, December 25, 2013 I'm seriously getting tired of spending a few hours troubleshooting a patch refusing to install every time you release one. I'll often times not play for weeks just because I just don't want to bother [..] View

Customer non-Service on lag issues.

9:17 pm, December 21, 2013 i submitted a ticket over 15 hours ago (current writing time). Waited for a response on that, after 10 hours of waiting i submitted an E-mail. in this E-mail i wrote as followed: Hey. Im playing [..] View

Is BioWare incompetent or they just do not care? Game issues

3:17 pm, December 18, 2013 so...I format my pc...install everything neede, no change of hardware. I install the game, BAM launcher issues...the failed to upload to host type. I look on the ofrums...try every little thing relate [..] View

Slow download after patch

9:17 am, December 14, 2013 Starting December 3rd my launcher is taking a really long time to download. I have a 1 Megabit connection, Windows 7 and no problems with download speeds with any other app or website. I've gone throu [..] View

Sound problem in Galactic Starfighter

9:17 am, December 12, 2013 Hello. Not sure if I must post it here on in "Galactic Starfighter" forum. Still it's technical problem, not a game-balance-one, typo or something other. I'm having some really weir [..] View

Please provide non BitRaider download option on site

3:17 am, December 12, 2013 Please BW provide a non BitRaider download option from the site. BitRaider was the reason I couldn't get the launcher to work and i suspect its proving to be troublesome for others. Best practice w [..] View

Day 3 of install issues

9:17 pm, December 11, 2013 Hello, Name is Opexaeo and I am currently on day 3 of trying to re-install the game. Every year or so I usually reformat my entire pc which I did Monday morning (12/9/13) at around 8 A.M. eastern time [..] View

Game Loading Issue

3:17 pm, December 11, 2013 Every time I start the game I have to go through the following troubleshooting steps to make the game playable: You can do so as follows: Press the [Windows] Key + [R] at the same time. (The [Wind [..] View

Game randomly crashing

3:17 pm, December 10, 2013 Hey, basically my game is constantly crashing for no discernible reason. It loads up fine, runs from anywhere to 5 minutes to an hour or so and then crashes. No error message or anything, just a freez [..] View

Yet another, who is unable to unable to get into a server at all.

9:17 am, December 9, 2013 Are there any game supporters, in this game at all? or are all on christmas vacation, right after launching a new patch? Posting my two tickets, which explains my current state of mind, and to hopefu [..] View

Launcher will not open!

3:17 am, December 8, 2013 I was playing SWTOR earlier this afternoon, turned off my computer and when to play later and now my launcher will not open up. I click on the launcher run as admin and the launchers outline pops up, [..] View

The login service is currently unavailable...

9:17 pm, December 5, 2013 Tried to log in on 12/4/13 and got the "Login service is currently unavailable. Tried again today and got the same message. Found the thread with troubleshooting suggestions by Nehsa and tried [..] View

any time frame on patch fix?

9:17 pm, December 3, 2013 been trying to apply this patch since 9am its now 8:40pm.... ive restarted. safe mode networking... downloading assets 148, think ive downloaded that about 20 times now..error during patch [repair] [..] View

Unable to press "Start" button after the update

9:17 am, December 1, 2013 I`ve got some troubles after getting the latest update. The laucnher says, that update is downloaded and installed, and shows status bar message " Installing 100% Updating Complete" [..] View

Weird Latency Problems on Ebon Hawk

9:17 pm, November 28, 2013 So, when I'm trying to play on the Ebon Hawk, in some areas my 'latency' goes to infinity, ie all but disconnects, giving me the 'red cross' of doom. Specifically, I cannot get any play at all in WZs, [..] View

Doc companion compared to other healing comps

3:17 am, November 26, 2013 I am currently leveling my Sentinel and using Doc as my healing comp. But I realized that every group of mobs I fight in, I end up using med packs or defensive CDs. I am currently level 54 and me and [..] View

One time password problem

5:24 pm, November 25, 2013 Hi there everyone.. I've just finished reinstalling my system since I had some troubles with that , Installed the game, wanan log in and ofc it asks me for one time password.. i've been waiting [..] View

Can not launch the game

2:16 am, November 23, 2013 Hi there! After I'm being looged in when I press "play" button Launcher closes and nothing else happens... The game does not start with no system explanation. No black screen, no blue [..] View

Launcher is broken

3:17 am, November 19, 2013 I've tried everything on the help part of this everything is fine and should be running the download and installing but it's not it still shows 0% install 0% download, it was working fine last night b [..] View

Launcher Troubles

9:17 pm, November 18, 2013 For the past few days I have been trying to log into the launcher to update my game because I haven't played in a while. But when I hit log in a little loading circle appears next to the login button [..] View

Continuing decreased FPS and overall Game perfomance

5:07 am, November 16, 2013 I recently resubscribed to the game after leaving back in April. Since my return I have been having very troublesome FPS and the game has almost... View


Pyro PT troubles

Dec 16, 2014, 12:29 am I don't know if its just me but does anyone else have trouble with PT pyro killing you in like 15 seconds or less. The class seems crazy with burst damage and I play agent so I'm taking the dot off me[..] View

Crashing After Loading Ventrilo - Have Done Troubleshoot Lists

Dec 14, 2014, 2:18 pm Yesterday, I loaded Ventrilo because I joined a guild for the first time. After I loaded it, SWTOR would not launch. It lets me log in and push...[..] View

If we have tried all troubleshooting tips and still not working...what now?

Dec 14, 2014, 6:32 am If we have tried everything avialable and posted our specs and still not working, what now? Do you actually think they will send out a patch for...[..] View

We're all having troubles

Dec 14, 2014, 1:44 am Just what the title says. No it is not any specific ISP nor are we having internet issues the game is is repeatedly either lagging out or DCing[..] View

Open world pvp troubles

Dec 13, 2014, 6:18 pm So I am having trouble fighting in 1v1 battles against players that have much worse gear than me. To give a bit of history on me, I've got a 55 guardian tank with mostly 180 and a few 186 pieces for g[..] View

Im still having troubles with purchasing cartel Coin?

Dec 13, 2014, 10:56 am Well its simple i have tried to purchase Cartel Coins, and it just isn't working try tomorrow (which has been since the 04/21/2013) mind you. All I...[..] View

Talent troubles

Dec 13, 2014, 10:24 am Hey all! I'm levelling a tankassin with pvp in mind, but there are few things I'd like to know about talent synergy. :confused: Firstly, with 3...[..] View

New idea for threat troubles.

Dec 13, 2014, 7:50 am So I may be WAY off here, but throw your thoughts at this idea I had whilst sitting here at work.. Guardians (and Juggs of course) should receive...[..] View

Launcher Troubles

Dec 13, 2014, 7:37 am For the past few days I have been trying to log into the launcher to update my game because I haven't played in a while. But when I hit log in a little loading circle appears next to the login button [..] View

Troubles with verification code

Dec 12, 2014, 7:46 pm Good time. Have troubles with "one-time verification code". First of all - why it keep asking me enter this code every time i log in in game ?...[..] View

Long shadow troubles

Dec 12, 2014, 11:55 am Has anyone had trouble opening the hangar door on the long shadow (smuggler). My character gets stuck just after i try to open the door and...[..] View

Launcher issues. Not adressed by troubleshooting steps.

Dec 11, 2014, 2:29 pm Hello! I have been unable to launch the game for the past 10 days or so (since patch 2.0a or something similar). Sadly, these are 10 days that I...[..] View

How I fixed my constant login troubles (error 4001, 1003)

Dec 6, 2014, 6:19 am <p>Hello All, When I first purchased this game a few days ago, I absolutely COULD NOT play it. It would show blank server screens constantly.?</p> Thank you for your reply.?I appreciate that Admin ha[..] View

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