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What will I keep when my one month subscription runs out?

4:24 pm, April 6, 2018 Originally I was a F2P player for a few years and never thought to spend any money on a subscription. As I was leveling my characters in F2P I found the game fun but very restrictive like when it came [..] View

{Heroic 4} The Shroud's Last Stand | Macrobinocular Missions

4:24 am, March 30, 2018 Any chance this mission can be reconfigured for solo play? The missions leading up to this mission take hours without maxed out quality of life improvements on quick travels and speeder speed. No one [..] View

4:24 am, March 15, 2018 I played the ftp version until the lvl 50 cap and never did any speeder training. Now I’m a subscriber and can’t get it anywhere. It’s not showing up in my abilities as a [..] View

A question of speed...

3:24 am, March 5, 2018 I have unlocked speeder pilot V, and yet, whether I'm on my tauntaun, harvester, or snowcat, others around me seem to zoom by, as if I were in slow motion. I'm not on walk, and I have sprinting enable [..] View

Map help - nothing appears on speeder map?

3:24 pm, December 19, 2017 When I go to a speeder/transport bot, and it opens the map, I can't see any quest/mission destinations or anything -- only destinations. Is there a way to enable mission locations on the map? It's [..] View

Speeder reward for finishing Esseles FP is gone?

3:24 am, December 5, 2017 Just finished the Esseles FP on a new character, and the Lhosan Duster speeder reward is suspiciously absent. That reward was given to me for playing the Esseles/Black Talon previous to patch 5.6 on [..] View

Want a new, free speeder? (And you're paying for the game):

4:24 pm, October 24, 2017 Log into your account, click the "redeem code" button link. Next, click in appropriate area and type in the following, without spaces or " ". "kotorspeeder" You [..] View

Improved speeder piloting V

4:24 am, October 7, 2017 I bought improved speeder piloting V thinking I would be able to use it at 35 like it says, but when I try to use it it says I already unlocked it. I checked my abilities and my speeder ability is onl [..] View

Regarding a Cartel Coin purchase in game

4:24 pm, September 23, 2017 I decided to finally bite the bullet and use some cartel coins on a "Speeder IV" upgrade. I purchased it, the coins were deducted and I claimed it via the market stash tab. The purchase sa [..] View

Best Cartel Market Items?

4:24 am, August 22, 2017 I've got over 7,000 cartel market coins or whatever they are called, but not sure what to get with them. I saw one thing to increase your speeder movement speed, and like a jet boost, but I'm not sure [..] View

Help, lost my speeder

4:24 am, August 20, 2017 OK, total newbie here. I started playing to have something to do with my husband but he's at work... lol I accidentally dragged my speeder out of my quick bar and now I can't find it. When I go to m [..] View

Reduce drop rate of curent schematics in operation,addVarietyOf Different schematics.

4:24 am, August 13, 2017 Hello. Not sure if is proper way to do things,but lets get to the explaining ... So every boss on operation droping schematics,thats nice,but after few runs i ve got multiple same schematics,maybe i [..] View

Returning Player Help?

4:24 am, July 9, 2017 Need a forum category for 'returning player help', because a lot of things have been changed (so far for the worse) since opening day. One thing that hasn't changed, is all the obvious bugs we all re [..] View

How the Refer a Friend program works

4:24 pm, May 29, 2017 This only applies to subscribers and preferred players, F2P players cannot be a part of the program. Simply, every subscriber gets the ability to use ONE referral code. Every subscriber has a referral [..] View

Strange thing happened today...

4:24 am, May 24, 2017 So I was playing the Directive 7 Flashpoint today in story mode solo, to try it out (had never played it before). I had just defeated the Interrogator boss and suddenly there is another player zippin [..] View

Vehicle is "walking" with character speed

4:24 pm, May 4, 2017 So the title says it all. I'm not a new player. On new character i bought 1lvl speeder piloting on 1lvl character via legacy. And yep my vehicles "works" but the speed is JUST THE SAME as wa [..] View

I'm a 3 day noob..Please help without judging?

4:24 pm, April 21, 2017 So I've only been playing for a few days and I'm level 38 and I have many questions about what I'm doing...so far it's been basic hack n slash, although I'm enjoying the story aspect. Since I haven't [..] View

Various Graphic/Animation Glitches -- Help!

4:24 am, April 14, 2017 Hello, In game, I have been noticing strange things with my graphics and animations and would appreciate any help. Animations: They don't seem to be working! Moves like, force lightning, f [..] View

Extend Uprisings Temporary Skills into Operations/Flashpoints Plus Add New Skills.

4:24 pm, March 23, 2017 Hello. The temporary skills from crates that are aviable in uprisings ,some are usefull. Some i be glad to see in flashpoint/ operations. Suggested new temporary skills - Defibrilator or Adrenaline [..] View

Speeder isn't working

4:24 am, March 20, 2017 I recently started playing, I'm a level 22, I also bought a speeder and it's not coming out on the abilities tab after I right clicked it and I already had the pilot training since level 10, can someo [..] View

Speeder issues

4:24 am, March 20, 2017 I'm a new player and also a subscriber, I'm a jedi guardian lvl 22, I got my speeder ranking 1 at lvl 10 with my trainer, I just recently bought a speeder. I right clicked it from my inventory and it' [..] View

Rebalance, make classes and warzones great again.

3:24 am, January 31, 2017 Hello guys, this is a question for devs. Can we expect classes and warzones rebalance in the future? Here's what I'm talking about in examples.Class balance 1. While we know class balancing has pro [..] View

A little confused, general advice.

3:24 am, December 14, 2016 Hi everyone. I'm a new player, and subscriber. Just a few questions. I started off with a Jedi Sage. Got to level 15 and decided I wanted to try a Sith Sorcerer. When I started the new character [..] View

Friends of Swtor (Need help)

3:24 am, December 9, 2016 I know this section is for new players , and I'm not a new player . Been here for like 3 years . But this is the first time I put that referral link of mine in my signature . Now here is the thing , [..] View

Selling cartel items

3:24 pm, November 22, 2016 Well maybe I'm an idiot (probably) but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I'm trying to sell some items I got from Cartel packs in the GTN, but no matter what item I try to sell I get this &quo [..] View

TRE PvP Event Hoth - Jedi Hunt 27/10/2016 20:00 BST

4:24 pm, October 27, 2016 Galactic Hackers, presentSong of the Cosmos PvP Event Hoth Thursday, October 27 For those who love the little intros RP unpretentious, click the spoiler. For those who want to know the principle o [..] View

Vehicles tab missing on new character

4:24 pm, October 25, 2016 I recently started a Jedi Knight alt and bought the perk that allows the use of speeders at level 1. I'm now level 10 and still the vehicles tab isn't showing in the abilities window so I can actually [..] View

New chara, emergency fleet pass?

4:24 pm, October 20, 2016 So as a sub, I should have the Emergency Fleet Pass, so far as I know. I had it with my first character, but recently I realised I'd put her in the wrong class, so I deleted that character and started [..] View

PvP new mode ideas

4:24 am, July 17, 2016 Some ideas I came up with. Thoughts on these and/or add some of your own? * A version of all WZs where stuns are banned * Some form of speeder/mount racing * Some form of CTF that isn't Huttball.. [..] View

Heroic missions: companion kills

4:24 pm, June 20, 2016 I tend to run heroic missions with my sniper and a dps comp mainly because I don't have the patience to spend 30 seconds killing some boss, much better to just watch him melt in 8. But I have a compl [..] View

New Player Guide

4:24 pm, June 13, 2016 I'm posting this because a lot of new players don't know about the fan sites (which some info is outdated) and there have been many posts about the difficulty of some planets and fights. Which usually [..] View

Loot Drop Question EV HM

4:24 pm, May 19, 2016 So on Tuesday my eight man group completed EV HM and on the last boss, exited and completed it in 16 person mode with eight members. SOA died, it was set to Master Looter, we all received weekly missi [..] View

Lagging for 17 minutes.

4:24 pm, May 10, 2016 Okay, hi. I joined April 27 and subscribed yesterday. Since i joined, I have been literally lagging from about 5 minutes up until 20 minutes.My sound bugs out. Ex. When my Bounty Hunter casts moves [..] View

comps losing buffs/skills

3:24 am, March 1, 2016 don't know if this is the right place to post this for the dev's.. is there any chance of the the comps losing their buffs and skills being fixed anytime soon..i've noticed that it happens mostly w [..] View

Help or insight in Boarding Maki'vors's data skiff

3:24 am, February 5, 2016 I need a little help. The first answer is, Yes I most likely **** at jumping. With that being said, I just 8 speeders to boarding the skiff. IS there a trick getting past the second speeder? onto t [..] View

Stormroopers of ToFN

3:24 am, December 20, 2015 HEllo :D i did guild with this name to make troper army we all have same rank = means all can grab some speeders and stuff from guild bank. this guidl was belong to china farmers to safe money after h [..] View

WHY is so hard to get new PVP maps?? Ideas to new contents

3:24 pm, December 14, 2015 I'm pvping since 2013 and so far we got 1 new huttball stage and 4 mini ranked arenas. I'm not sure about you guys, but it feels sick to play the same 8v8 maps over and over again for 2 years. We have [..] View

The Sith Sorcerer/ Jedi Sage PVP Pre-Christmas Extravaganza

3:24 am, December 13, 2015 Good morning!Good evening!Good-afternoon!Goodnight!How are you? Sending seasons greetings from here in New York City. With each new update we become even more ecstatic as the game becomes even more [..] View

PVP Content ideas.

3:24 am, November 12, 2015 Ok guys, I wish to share some ideas for the PVP and Warzones. heres 10 fast ones. What do you think. 1. I think its time to remove the speeder taxis from the Warzones, I think Its a waste of time to [..] View

HELP! Stuck on Fleet

3:24 am, November 7, 2015 I recently used my guild stronghold to "Return to Imperial Fleet". Upon arriving at said fleet I noticed immediately nothing was being said in chat but didn't think too much of it. I then no [..] View

Claiming a mount purchased through cartel with an alt, how do I get the mount?

3:24 am, November 6, 2015 So I bought the Trickster with one character, then logged into another and opened my collections page, then paid 400 odd cartel coins to unlock it. The issue is, I can't seem to claim it. Hovering ov [..] View

Recommendation - PVP Event

4:24 pm, October 23, 2015 As a precaution, this was not my idea. I just think that it should be heard as it could be a lot of fun with the new Level Sync feature.This post was by the Reddit User BCMakoto Quote: [..] View

Are there no drawbacks?!

4:24 pm, October 13, 2015 So I played this game when it had first launched, but had to leave due to RL. I never found a chance to come back. The Battlefront beta made me realize just how much I needed a strong shot of Star War [..] View

Not Receiving Recruit a Friend Monthly Credits

4:24 pm, September 15, 2015 I have recruited 3 players to SWTOR and I received three of the Droids, the speeder and the first 100 credit reward for all three when they subscribed. Since then I am only receiving 600 credits per m [..] View

New WarZone Idea - Player Concept/Design

4:24 pm, September 3, 2015 Hey all, Thought it would be neat to start a post on a player concept/design WarZone. We don't know what BioWare has in store for future releases in regards to new/improved PvP areas, and I know tha [..] View

Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge lag

4:24 pm, August 17, 2015 This is the second when i make this poost abaut ,you know: huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge lag spikes and disconections ........ also i took more then 20 dc's in less then one hour , i wass [..] View


4:24 am, August 16, 2015 Hey Bioware, I am just wondering... any chance of you guys improving the way we invite friends through the Referral program? One BIG problem I am having in inviting people is that nobody seems to tru [..] View

The Darth Andeddu's Breastplate has a weird annoying bug

4:24 am, August 8, 2015 Link to the picture of the bug. It's two weird spike looking things, like they are connected to the front of the armour and would like to have it fixed, 'cause it's annoying to look at everytime i ju [..] View

Cantina code issue?

4:24 pm, August 6, 2015 I redeemed a code for San Diego a few weeks ago, and today I redeemed a code from a friend for Gamescon. Two totally different cons with different speeders. . . but my codes on my event page for shari [..] View

Imp/Repub players speed hacking in PvP on the Ebon Hawk Server!!

4:24 pm, July 29, 2015 I just finished a civil war War Zone and Literally the Republic players were teleporting from grass to snow. to make sure i wasnt seeing things i stay up top on the speeder spawn point and watched the [..] View

Game barely able to run on desktop

4:24 am, July 29, 2015 After this recent update, I can barely run swtor on my desktop. It's a $500 desktop, 8gb ram etc, I don't expect much. But it has been running perfectly. Now I can't walk without the graphics glitchin [..] View

Unable to advance Class Story: The Apocalypse Party Bug for Imperial Agent

4:24 am, July 13, 2015 Hi there, I've been enjoying the heck out of this game since launch, but I've just found a bug that's got me totally beat. On Corellia, during the Imperial Agent quest "The Apocalypse Party,&qu [..] View

Suggestions for Casino Event

4:24 pm, July 9, 2015 As a former gambler I can tell you it would be nice if even the smuggler machines had the ability to occasioanally win credits as well rather than always being a credit sink. Say winning 200,000 - 2,0 [..] View

How do I get to the tomb on belsavis?

4:24 am, July 8, 2015 I can't figure out how to get to the selected/green speeder in this screenshot (which is the one that takes to to the tomb right)?:http://i85.photobucket.com/albums/k6..._39_157012.jpg thanks for an [..] View

Few questions.

4:24 pm, June 19, 2015 hey all, so I was wondering a few things if any could help me answer, Firstly I received 600 cartel coins for my month, I saw a pack in the cartel market with an animal speeder and assumed I would g [..] View

Old Player Returning.

4:24 am, June 10, 2015 Old player returning, it's been about a year for me. I looked at the strongholds, not sure what to think of the Rev expansion..........( see :mad:) I rolled a jugg tank, halfway through DK quest line [..] View

Eric....Podrace PvP possible....?

4:24 pm, June 8, 2015 I know this has been mentioned before and I believe there was a poll about it in the past but this struck me once I did my Pulse Daily on the Planet Ziost. You pretty much go on a speeder and have to [..] View

NiP Mental Exhaustion does not work on level 60s?

4:24 am, May 16, 2015 I just did it again with the debuff and inhibitor, the mental assault didn't **** me, actually it barely dealt any damage. So we level 60s can do it 3 times on the row and finish the speeder quest e [..] View

Ok guys new warzone ideas

4:24 pm, May 8, 2015 All this **** about John Doe got me sad in stuff but let's drop it fast. Time for constructive ideas. I will continue to edit my post with more ideas. Keep in mind these are fresh ideas and I don't ha [..] View

animation glitch possibly due to /angrydance

4:24 am, April 30, 2015 one character on my account has begun sliding on the ground stiff as a stick once entering combat or speeder. i believe this may be a result of unlocking /angrydance. considering that character who j [..] View

Speeder not working on Coruscant from Jedi Temple.

4:24 am, April 24, 2015 So I have tried it with a couple of different toons. When trying to take a speeder back from the Jedi Temple landing pad I get a red message saying it is too far. Not sure what the issue is. Can th [..] View

Anaheim Cantina Code Issue

4:24 pm, April 21, 2015 Good morning, Just got back from Celebration Anaheim, where I attended the Cantina event and picked up a code. Unfortunately, there seems to have been a mixup, and I got a code for a tauntaun faun, [..] View

piloting animation issue

4:24 pm, April 9, 2015 Hey... I've had this issue now for several days... When i mount a Speeder you "stand on" ( like longspur stap, gurian hammer etc.) while changing directions, my char on the mount does the an [..] View

World pvp Idea

4:24 am, April 9, 2015 Illum or Hoth will work both sides fight for resources till a full scale at-at like machine can be made , resources can also be used to make the snow speeders with grappling hooks and devices for gr [..] View

Improving world boss encounters

4:24 pm, April 6, 2015 I think you should take a look at all of the world bosses in the game. They should automatically scale in level to the player with the highest level in the group. And their mechanics should evolve as [..] View

Our position is correct, except...no, Rishi!

4:24 am, March 15, 2015 Hello there, I recently have a lot of graphics glitches with the rendering of the environment in Rishi. My computer is certainly fast enough, my nVidia GeForce GTX 660 renders as much frames as my sc [..] View

Flashpoints 101, or How to stay off the "Weird people" thread

3:24 am, February 19, 2015 Purpose This last double XP weekend, while doing some lowbie FPs, I ran in to some players of the sort who sometimes end up on the Weird People you meet in Groupfinder thread (which I'm a big fan of, [..] View

Cannot display pets or speeders in my stronghold

3:24 pm, December 8, 2014 I have (as well as other guild mates) tried everything. I started out with my jedi in his tatooine stronghold. I did have my speeders displayed on the porch. So this did work at one time. Then pi [..] View

Missing decorations on the decorations menu

3:24 pm, December 4, 2014 I picked up some decorations to reorganize my room and when I tried to place them back, they weren't there on the menu. All of my Senator's Loungers, Sienar PR-7 speeders, Fountains and Holocom Device [..] View

remove seeker droid/binocular from fleet

3:24 am, November 16, 2014 Hi All! I'm pissed now. I'll try to explain in points In short: Remove those quests from fleet. Leave intro only. 1. These missions are incredibly long and dull. 90% of time you waste in speeder [..] View

Can I refer myself for a friend referral reward?

4:24 pm, October 17, 2014 Being surrounded by hard studying students, I have no friends around me who play games. Naturally, they don't know I play games either; :p I do not want to post SWTOR thread on other unrelated foru [..] View

Strongholds are nice, but a few annoyances

4:24 pm, October 13, 2014 I love the idea but please a few things i would like you to look into. 1. I do appreciate that you can place companions in your strongholds, but i do not like it that they turn into holographic pr [..] View

A few ancient bugs that really need fixing

4:24 pm, October 8, 2014 There are some bugs and things that seem like bugs that have been around for a very long time.. 1) Companions ignore DYE, Color Match and Hide Helmet choices during conversations when onboard a pla [..] View

CPU usage spikes randomly

4:24 pm, October 7, 2014 My laptop's specs: i5-2450M @ 2.50GHz GT525M 1GB 1TB HD I have been playing for 2 years now, and this problem has only started since last week. I have run a virus scan on my computer and it's c [..] View

Shadowlands Republic - Enclave Naked PVP Dueling Tourneyt Friday Oct. 17th 9pm est

4:24 am, September 30, 2014 The Enclave Legacy (Republic) is hosting our first Naked PVP Dueling Tournament on Friday night Oct. 17th at 9pm eastern. Come join us for a fun filled night with a few million credits up for grabs fo [..] View

General Feedback -

4:24 am, September 17, 2014 Recently in a guild meeting there has been a few issues regarding to how the game is thus far, even though we had encouraged them to talk on here and share their thoughts, I thought it would be a good [..] View

Why this clipping?

4:24 pm, September 13, 2014 http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a2...ps7e4f25ab.jpg <- for those that want visual aid. We've had this issue since the very first sit down speeder was in the game. It looks so tacky and re [..] View

GF S&V not working

4:24 am, September 13, 2014 So the speeder in the first instance isn't working. Also some of the bosses are bugged??? Some mechanics are missing?? Olek the Shadow didn't drop any droids? View

Item mailed to wrong character.

4:24 pm, September 9, 2014 I got my first referral reward but it was mailed to my Europe server character Red'spy I was expecting it to go to my Harbringer character Green'spy. Is there anything I can do because the speeder is [..] View

Why do other players have so much fancy junk?

4:24 am, September 1, 2014 Really wasn't sure how to make the topic title make any sense but that's my best shot. Anyway, I just started playing this today, and one thing I've noticed is that whenever I click on other players i [..] View

Sith Warrior Charge Bug

4:24 pm, August 22, 2014 I don't know if this is an issue unique to me, but when i'm on a speeder and charge into combat, I will sometimes end up 10-20 meters away from the targeted mob standing there like an idiot. This i [..] View

Legacy Unlock Issues

10:17 pm, May 5, 2014 I just today transferred a character from Shadowlands to Harbinger. However once that character was on the new server none of the legacy unlocks were applied to him. Unlocks such as level 3 speeder pi [..] View

Can't pull enemies into speeder landing zone in Civil War anymore

4:17 am, April 27, 2014 Just curious if I'm somehow doing it differently than I used to, but in my last Civil War, I noticed I got an error saying I couldn't use pull while in the safety zone (or something to that effect). [..] View

Korriban/Tython Speeders

4:17 pm, April 22, 2014 Anybody know any tricks to getting these speeders? I've been grinding these FPS pretty hard and have yet to see one drop. From what I understand it drops only in Korriban for pub toons and Tython for [..] View

I had a cartel item in my inventory please help

10:17 pm, April 18, 2014 i had a Armored woodland varactyl plus speeder licence. i still have the speeder licence but woodland and my credits in game just dispeared please help View

Collection Guide/FAQ?

10:17 am, April 17, 2014 I don't think they had collections when I first played (which was when they just went F2). I get the general gist of it (unlocked a speeder I bought off GTN for all my characters), but is there a f [..] View

Game locks up when I exit speeder

10:17 am, April 15, 2014 Been happening since last patch. When I leave my speeder, game just stops....and I have to control alt delete and end process in task manager. Repair option isn't available since it isn't a patch is [..] View

Im a sith sorc lvl 55, and i have no concept of what gear i need or how to get it

10:17 pm, April 13, 2014 so, i know that i want willpower more than anything, but other than that, i really have no clue what kind of gear i should be getting, like i have around 1200 PVP commendations, but i have no clue wha [..] View

SWTOR: A Guide for Beginners

10:17 pm, April 6, 2014 Welcome! Hello, and welcome to Star Wars: The Old Republic. Were glad you decided to join us in the Star Wars Universe. My name is Mirdthestrill, and Im a long time player of this game. Though I wo [..] View

Please help been placing tickets in game

4:17 am, April 5, 2014 hi I am unable to run a repair on the client, when i see a person with the lucky 77 speeder they are underground but the head is above the ground, I didn't get a lucky 77 speeder, and I can't see the [..] View

clipping issue with irakie renagade vec

4:17 am, April 3, 2014 just wondering as the irakie renegade is my fav speeder I even used my coins to open it up on all chars but when i drive it on my Jedi it just looks retarded his agile judgment vest sticks thru the bo [..] View

*********** screen freezing

4:17 am, March 30, 2014 when i play the screen is sometimes freezing and i cant do anything, the only solution is to restart my computer. Most times this is happening when im traveling to a place with speeder in Coruscant bu [..] View

Accidental Binding

10:17 pm, March 27, 2014 The other day after purchasing a cartel pack I recieved a Corellian Stardrive Flash (Speeder) of which i had no intention of using as I wanted to either sell it or mail it to an Alt. While sorting out [..] View

Didn't receive lucky 77 speeder

10:17 pm, March 19, 2014 Hi, I logged in yesterday, March 18, on my republic side character and got the speeder but when I switched to My Imp side toon and clicked on the icon I got an error message and the icon disappeared, [..] View

Can I do this ???

10:17 pm, March 17, 2014 I have been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic for about a week. Is there something I can buy to give all my characters a Speeder? I have been playing Lord of the Rings Online for a few years, in the [..] View

Resubed and no Speeder

9:17 am, March 6, 2014 It is normal that iam a subscriber and I didnt receive any speeder? View

What are the rules regarding Speeders?

3:17 pm, March 3, 2014 As one who has never used a speeder, and in anticipation of receiving the Lucky Swoop 77, how exactly do speeders work? I have the training ability, but Im curious about a number of things: 1. How [..] View

Extreme graphics lag in outdoor areas only - since 2.6a update

9:17 am, February 27, 2014 I have been playing SWTOR since last year with all graphics settings maxed out at 1080p resolution and no problems whatsoever. System config - i7 running Windows 8.1 64-bit, 8 GB RAM and a Geforce GT [..] View

Can't get my Longspur Sportster

3:17 am, February 21, 2014 I have unlocked this for all characters on the account but wont let me get it for my newest character. This is the character I bought the unlock with I believe as well but I bought it at level 6 I thi [..] View

Minutes from the Dev Meeting, Re: Obroan vs Bolster Blues

9:17 pm, February 18, 2014 Analyst: the players appear to be correct, you can in fact do more damage with bolster blues. Honcho: So I see. How much would it cost to re-design the system to properly reward perseverance in war [..] View


Quick speeder question

Dec 26, 2014, 1:06 pm AT WHAT LEVEL CAN I TRAIN TO DRIVE SPEEDERS?:rak_02:[..] View

Level 50 (110% speed) Speeders Compendium

Dec 20, 2014, 10:48 pm I know some of you saw some crazy looking speeders @Fleet or in your travels across the Galaxy. Most of you were wondering, how do I get that speeder? So, due to popular demand, I decided to create a[..] View

Speeder Piloting I II and III - Plz say something

Dec 16, 2014, 12:30 am Hey, i'm trying to get a Customer service response about those Unlocks and i can't getting a straight answer At the CC Market is says "unlock to...[..] View

Speeders/Ships disappearing

Dec 15, 2014, 6:45 pm Anyone else have this problem? All speeders (mine and other players) and also ships in the hangars have disappeared only to be replaced with a glowing "blob" :) Checked all graphics setting[..] View

JA-3 Speeder Glitch

Dec 15, 2014, 5:31 pm I'm sure plenty of people have complained about this, but I cant use my JA-3 Speeder. Whenever I click it it says I don't have the skill, and I know for sure i have speeder piloting. I've tried shutti[..] View

Longspur Recon speeder gone?

Dec 15, 2014, 5:22 pm Finally racked up enough WZ comms and valor to buy this speeder, and I can't seem to find it for sale from the PVP items vendor anymore. Was it...[..] View

KP HM speeder

Dec 15, 2014, 3:02 am I just completed Kraganna's Palace HM and I rolled the highest for the speeder and guess what I didn't get it so is it a bug to lose a speeder on this HM because I worked hard to get it after a year a[..] View

Do I need to buy my level 40 speeder license?

Dec 14, 2014, 5:18 pm How much of a speed boost do I get? 200,000 I kinda steep.[..] View

speeder licenses

Dec 14, 2014, 5:10 pm where can you get the level 2 and level 3 licenses at. i've looked everywhere to find a list of where you can get them. thanks[..] View

Companion Character does not spawn when I get off my speeder

Dec 14, 2014, 10:08 am I believe this problem was supposedly addressed in a recent patch, and things were great for a while, but now, on Tatooine, every time I go in and...[..] View

Speeder Sound Issue

Dec 14, 2014, 9:53 am My Sith's Aratech Nethian speeder sounds no longer work. Well, they work on mounting but stop as soon as I start moving around; even the dismounting...[..] View

Kurtob Alliance Speeder for Past Friend Invites?

Dec 14, 2014, 8:20 am Dear BioWare: I've invited dozens of people in the past to the game and I never received this exclusive mount. Seeing as nobody wants to play the...[..] View

Speeder Piloting Question

Dec 14, 2014, 7:44 am Hi, I'm a returning player and I'm enjoying all the new features that has been added to the game. I started two new characters on a different server...[..] View

CartelCoins/Ref speeder

Dec 14, 2014, 7:32 am I recruited my friend a short while before the launch of swtor f2p since he was gonna start playing again. He decided to subscribe to the game...[..] View

alderaan speeders, japan TM?

Dec 14, 2014, 6:18 am I heard they are parked on top of the lateral pylons, and despite their size, very many players can fit inside, they keep coming out, one by one.: ...[..] View

take away left and right speeder civilwar

Dec 14, 2014, 5:34 am If 2 guys are guarding one of them they can just keep doin suicide runs, if im in a premade we can take both players out at the same time so they...[..] View

No more Pets and Speeders

Dec 14, 2014, 5:20 am Well a few have maybe seen my post on the vanished throne but the problem now not only is with regard to vehicles but as well with pets. I just...[..] View

Speeder Availability Questions

Dec 14, 2014, 1:51 am The Solus Secant speeder has, in the Collections window, a notice saying it is available in the Cartel Market for a limited time. Yet it does not appear to be for sale in the Market. Where may I fin[..] View

Please, solve Speeder/Mount robes CLIPPING.

Dec 14, 2014, 1:38 am Srsly, it's not only the "clipping" what is grinding my gears. Is the fact than in the "preview window" THAT CLIPPING DOES NOT EXIST!!!! Let me explain this with 2 pics: Preview Ima[..] View

Speeder Training Refund Granted

Dec 14, 2014, 12:28 am I just wanted everyone who bought the speeder unlocks from the CS that I did receive a refund and in the message it stated that they saw where I had...[..] View

Gathering skills and Speeder bug

Dec 14, 2014, 12:20 am If you use a Speeder / Rocket boost, your companion returns immediately. <a href="http://youtu.be/pEUHcqnIBco" target="_blank">http://youtu.be/pEUHcqnIBco</a>[..] View

Cannot display pets or speeders in my stronghold

Dec 13, 2014, 10:39 pm I have (as well as other guild mates) tried everything. I started out with my jedi in his tatooine stronghold. I did have my speeders displayed on the porch. So this did work at one time. Then pi[..] View

Jumping off the rental speeder - possible?

Dec 13, 2014, 10:10 pm In other games I have played, players can take the rental horse/speeder/whatever toward another location, and jump off partway through travel. For...[..] View

Didn't receive lucky 77 speeder

Dec 13, 2014, 10:10 pm Hi, I logged in yesterday, March 18, on my republic side character and got the speeder but when I switched to My Imp side toon and clicked on the icon I got an error message and the icon disappeared, [..] View

preorder speeder gone in server transfer

Dec 13, 2014, 9:04 pm i guess i had it in the mail and transfered my char. is there any way to get another 1?[..] View

Silly Light Saber Trick with your speeder

Dec 13, 2014, 8:13 pm As you know, you can sit with your light sabers if you take them out and sit with them, sometimes have to click a couple times. Same with dancing...[..] View

Did not Recieve Kurtob Alliance Speeder

Dec 13, 2014, 5:28 pm I referred a friend and they accepted on 11/13/2012. They also bought a month of subscription. I have received my 100 Cartel Coins for each month,...[..] View

Upcoming Droid & Speeder Rewards

Dec 13, 2014, 5:21 pm I am a little confused on the terms of this <a href="http://www.swtor.com/join-the-battle-rewards?intcmp=sor_bwa-mkt-t-us-hp-083" target="_blank">reward incentive</a>, &#38; would like some clarificat[..] View

speeder and companion bug

Dec 13, 2014, 4:01 pm when i riding my speeder, the sound of it always goes away, and when i use my speeder of quick travel my companion almost never spawns back, this...[..] View

Alderaan war zone speeders don't appear

Dec 13, 2014, 2:41 pm Quite often in Alderaan after dying and respawning the speeders do not appear. I see other people respawn and take the speeders, but there is...[..] View

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