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Need to vent PVP thread 2018

4:24 pm, April 18, 2018 I have a 57 sniper I last played a couple years ago, so decided to recreate a new sniper just to reacquaint myself with the abilities and to mess through the early class quests for fun. After doing H [..] View

Veteran pvper advice to newbies

4:24 pm, April 16, 2018 These are things that really trigger me in matches this past week when solo queuing as a healer. Take them as you will. 1) Stop pushing healers into their own back-line. The amount of times a jug ha [..] View

I need info about PT Tank

4:24 am, April 16, 2018 I'm new with Tank so.. 5.0 dulfy guide seems far and half information is a bit useless there. I wanted to know some real exact numbers about howmuch shield/defense/crit/acc to get because I really do [..] View

One-Time Error Don't Care, and Don't Fix?

4:24 pm, April 15, 2018 Tell me if I'm prejudiced because it's 10+ attempts already since 10:20 AM in my time zone and now it's 19:44 PM all I got are expired One-Time Password which I received in about 1 or 2 hour after the [..] View

Mapping functions to the mouse

4:24 am, April 15, 2018 I am not exactly a new player. I have actually been around since the last few open beta But seem to have a continuous problem that I haven't found a solution for yet: I am using a five button mouse. [..] View

Flashpoints, Heroics, Warzones are no more fun

4:24 pm, April 14, 2018 Flashpoints, Warzones, Heroics are no more fun, they have become useless cause of constant nerfing of characters and you do not dare enter Master mode cause you character is slaughtered as soon as yo [..] View

If I transfer a character to a different sever will I lose anything?

4:24 pm, April 13, 2018 So recently I got a token to a free character transfer and I was wonder should I transfer one of my characters to another sever? Will I lose anything doing so. I played on the Starforge sever where m [..] View

Help me with decision

4:24 pm, April 12, 2018 Hello again, I still dont know which one I should focus more, Jugg or Assassin(I have both), but still I want to focus on one. I want do both PvP and PvE, I know both are viable for this, one is more [..] View

<Seven Stuck> Selling IZAX Veteran Mode 5.8

4:24 am, April 9, 2018 Server: Tulak Hord Special rewards from boss that will only be available during 5.8 patch. Unique tittle for your character, special legacy rewards, which will come with patch 5.9. What you get:&am [..] View

Flashpoint, when every one leaves, and you want to get new people...

4:24 pm, April 8, 2018 Well 2 times today people leave because they cant handle the s..it, so standing at the last boss, and your the only one, you no longer caan queue, i get the message hovering over the CANNOT QUEUE gree [..] View

<Disciples of Babylon> Selling IZAX Veteran Mode 5.8

4:24 am, April 8, 2018 Limited time offer. Special rewards from boss that will only be obtainable during 5.8 patch. Unique tittle for your character, special legacy rewards, which will come with patch 5.9 What you get: [..] View

4:24 pm, April 7, 2018 Hello, So I started to pick up my SWTOR-account and was happily surprised about the game itself and some changes it went through. Although I can’t say the same about the community. And when [..] View

Dear BioWare: Breaking Tanks =/= Fixing ******

4:24 pm, April 7, 2018 From a summary of the upcoming class changes: Quote: First, “***** tanks” are greatly overperforming in PvP. This is a player who is using a Tank Discipline but [..] View

What will I keep when my one month subscription runs out?

4:24 pm, April 6, 2018 Originally I was a F2P player for a few years and never thought to spend any money on a subscription. As I was leveling my characters in F2P I found the game fun but very restrictive like when it came [..] View

Suggestion: Bring back removed content aka NiM EV & KP

4:24 am, April 6, 2018 Maybe this idea is kind of memey, but I've talked it over with quite a few of my fellow NiM raiders and each of them has agreed that given the content release cycle for this game, the last thing we ne [..] View

Question regarding CXP bonus stacking and Daily Activity Bonus

4:24 pm, April 5, 2018 Hey guys, I just want to know if the Daily Activity Bonus which is changing every day is 20% or 25%? Multiple sources online like Dulfy are stating 20% but today (with Heroic Missions being the daily [..] View

Which expansions do I buy first, and where can I purchase them?

4:24 pm, April 4, 2018 Hey there! Returning player here! I only have up to Rise of the Hutt Cartel, but I would like to buy the expansions and level past 55. The problem is it's not exactly clear which I need to purchase, [..] View

Returning player since release.

4:24 pm, April 3, 2018 I've come back after a long long break and I'm torn between two classes. The powertech or the sniper. I know in silled hands both of these classes can faceroll pretty much anything. But my question [..] View

Best server for pvp : SS or SF

4:24 am, April 3, 2018 Hi, I usually play on Darth Malgus server but since 3 weeks there's no BG during the night like there was after the merge. I'd like to play between 21h and 24h (hours of Miami). I'm going to transfer [..] View

Collecting Armor pieces of a lower level

4:24 am, April 1, 2018 For cosmetic reasons, I was looking to get a chest piece (https://torf.mmo-fashion.com/decorat...ters-mk-2-pub/) that is a lower level then my current character (currently Lvl 60, but this piece appea [..] View

Gods from the Machines confusion

4:24 pm, March 31, 2018 So I have yet to do any of these fights for the Gods from the Machines operation but the way they made it left me some questions. 1. The fact that they did it one at a time made me wonder if this is [..] View

GG Star Forge mids - great attitudes and fun games tonight!

4:24 am, March 29, 2018 After so much sadness over the conquest changes, I needed some spirit lifting today and found it in PVP! I was surprised, no double XP, no problem for Star Forgers during prime time hours - mids wa [..] View

Do any other tanks prefer to run cheap Fortitude augs for PvP?

4:24 pm, March 26, 2018 Yeah, they're dirt cheap which is the main reason I'm running them right now, because I don't want to sink a fortune into gear that may be obsolete soon, but also because Advanced Fortitude 45 Augs ha [..] View

Nightmare fury crystal

4:24 pm, March 25, 2018 Is it worth it, I regularly clear hm with a dedicated group as dps, but I don’t have too many hours a week to game. So they don’t bring me on nim often cos if my time constraints [..] View

Izax VM's POV vid and written guide

4:24 am, March 25, 2018 Hello guys, this is Axomm Gm of <Aeon> on Satele Shan and today I'm linking you guys the guide to VM Izax and a video of our **** to help other groups be able to complete the encounter a [..] View

Question about endgame credits.

4:24 am, March 16, 2018 Brand new to the game, but I just noticed the adaptive armor system. There's a certain look I want to level my first toon with, but there's an item on the GLN I'd need to finish the look. (Reaver Head [..] View

Lowbie lvl 40 stealth premade trolling for at least 6 weeks

4:24 am, March 12, 2018 This is a vent of frustration because I know there isn’t anything I can do or probably Bioware would do. They aren’t technically breaking any rules. I just want to share how horrib [..] View

Swtor needs life support and the devs are worried about skanking

4:24 pm, March 11, 2018 EA you only have 1 forum left wanna take a guess which one it is? Is the goal to have zero forums left? IDK this game is dying cant even merge servers anymore /sigh maybe hire WOW s team idk its s [..] View

Reasons why Swtor is going to end

3:24 pm, March 10, 2018 This is a well-known topic but most of us don’t talk about it or just decided to ignore it. Some of us are playing since the beginning, and we know well the difference between the start and [..] View

Are there any PVP centric guilds on Star Forge?

3:24 pm, March 8, 2018 I came back after a long break, found they merged my old server the Ebon Hawk into Star Forge. I decided to create new lowbie characters just to start from the ground up again to get used to class [..] View

Lost Security key and password on another account...is there anything i can do?

3:24 pm, March 8, 2018 I made a 2nd account last time I was preferred to act as bank alts, which are now of course redundant thanks to the legacy bank. Trouble is I cant remember the password and dont have the security key, [..] View

Izax Veteran Progression Rankings

3:24 am, March 7, 2018 I am creating this thread to track clearance of the Izax encounter in veteran mode. Seeing at the 5.8 'master tuning' iteration of Izax is likely the most challenging content we have received and will [..] View

SHARE YOUR LOVE rewards are still not recieved

3:24 am, March 3, 2018 It said rewards would be given on march 1-2 and now its the 3rd and still nothing, getting worried, I hadn't played for 3 years and that promotion made me want to give it another shot, which I am glad [..] View

Finding mentors for PvP/Multiplayer Flashpoints

3:24 pm, March 1, 2018 I'm a mostly PvE solo player, and relatively new to the game (I mean, I completed a few class stories, got a few levels 70, but haven't done much else). I'd like to get practice in PvP and the more mu [..] View

Will help any new player just starting out

3:24 am, March 1, 2018 If anyone needs help or is just starting out, I am on all the time currently I am on the Star Forge server characters name is Devious Wreck. I just formed a guild as well to which I would like to make [..] View

What are must utilities for sorc healers? [ranked]

3:24 pm, February 28, 2018 For reference: http://dulfy.net/2014/10/13/swtor-di...r-swtor_miner/ Right now I am using: Empty Body, Sith Defiance Suppression, Dark Resilience Emersion, Shapeless Spirit and Surging Speed Forc [..] View

Phalanx Squad v2.0 Operations guides

3:24 pm, February 25, 2018 Hello all, Back in 4.0, Bahadori (Hayete) began a project to write comprehensive guides for HM/NiM operations geared towards helping people attempting to clear content for the first time. You can see [..] View

WPVP upcoming events on StarForge server!

3:24 am, February 25, 2018 World PVP SF discord server setting up for events starting in April. There will be a vote for which planets and date/time. Feel free to join the slaughter! Let us know which faction you'll fight for i [..] View

Anyone down for Star Forge HM/NiM Progression?

3:24 am, February 21, 2018 Hey all, So my guild's progression group just disbanded due to inconsistent attendance. I was wondering if there were other peeps on Star Forge who are interested in forming a HM/NiM progression grou [..] View

New to healing. Need help with understanding the flashpoints system.

3:24 am, February 20, 2018 So I have never healed in any game ever. I wanted to it in this game with an operative. Is there a good place to practice healing? Solo flashpoints felt too easy. But I just tried the veteran flashpoi [..] View

Sarcastic droid

3:24 pm, February 17, 2018 Hello, During a flashpoint we had to destroy a droid, it kept calling us something like "meat sack" . What's it's story, anyway? And what is a "psycholocutor specialty" ? During [..] View

Some quick tips on assassin tanking?

3:24 am, February 16, 2018 Could anyone point me to an reasonably updated guide, or perhaps scribble down a few tidbits on basic sin tanking? Some questions:1) Do sins go for shield and absorb stats, or health like juggernauts? [..] View

By request from players.. plz dev's Nerf Mara's dps by 40%

3:24 am, February 14, 2018 Been talking to a lot of player and we can all agree that Mara's dps is broken.. leave the survivability but plz nerf the dps or fix it plz.. tone it down. This will leave the Mara with 60% which is m [..] View

Which character should romance Lana beniko?

3:24 pm, February 8, 2018 Hi, i am currently creating characters of each class for my legacy family, i want to romance Lana in one of them (i don't wanna overlap), so i am wondering which one is best for it... I am not asking [..] View

Which healer? :D

3:24 am, February 6, 2018 Hellloooo! I am returning to the game after about 657 years and i was going to get a few suggestions as who is in the best spot as far as healing right now. I really like to play a sorc but the operat [..] View

New Players: Get Rocket Boost!!

3:24 am, February 4, 2018 Okay, I've written this umpteen times in response to other posts, so why not make it a thread that at least I can point to in the future. Here goes: IMO, and many others, Rocket Boost is the single [..] View

Things you can do with a 3-player group plus companion

3:24 pm, February 1, 2018 Say you have a group of 3 decently geared (240ish) players plus a 50 inf. companion - which content can you do that isn’t normally advertised as being for only 3 players? I assume all flash [..] View

Simple Solutions

3:24 pm, January 31, 2018 The most prevalent complaints/concerns regarding swtor pvp over the years seem to be among the following: premades vs pugs, ranked participation, win traders, trolls throwing matches, hackers, faction [..] View

Cantina Concerns

3:24 am, January 31, 2018 So iv'e made my way around the various cantina's in the game... you could say i'm a cantina connoisseur of sorts. Iv'e noticed a few things. A lot of the items in the various cantinas, don't seem to b [..] View

Class story or planetory arc first on each planet?

3:24 pm, January 30, 2018 Hi, i have a habit of completing both story arc and class quest on each planet before moving to new one, my question is when i arrive in a planet which should i finish first? class quest or arc? which [..] View

Add Toborro, rebalanced-Monolith (and Xeno/Eyeless when available) to Finder

3:24 am, January 30, 2018 Few ever do these anymore without finder option and associated finder rewards. These bosses are wasting yet combined, they basically make up for another operation... Wasting content at your own reques [..] View

Depths of Manaan - Certified Organic achievement solo.

3:24 pm, January 29, 2018 I just completed the Certified Organic achievement, which awards the All Natural legacy title and as I did the last few barrels, I made a recording of how I did this. I hope this helps anyone looking [..] View

3:24 am, January 29, 2018 I’m not happy about this as I opened the grand lightsabre crystal chest(from the cartel market, which is 150cc) and I got the advanced violet war hero’s lightsabre crystal and as s [..] View

Best server for PVP?

3:24 pm, January 27, 2018 I came back because of the server merges after leaving roughly 5 years ago. I've subbed for 2 months and I'm on star forge right now which isn't bad, but I based off being back 3 weeks I sense its sta [..] View

About time we get a skipping group finder?

3:24 am, January 27, 2018 I hate asking to skip and find people who don’t skip lurking and it’s not because I don’t want to see the scene the 8th million it’s because of you want to see [..] View

Congratulation on creating most frustrating PvP experience I have ever seen

3:24 pm, January 26, 2018 Just so on what I am basing this statement: Brawlhalla - World top 200 , BLC - ex G29, World of Warcraft - Gladiator and Hero of The Horde (top 0.5%), Battlerite - Champion league (top EU 200), Battle [..] View

248 gear help!

3:24 am, January 26, 2018 Hello,this maybe extremely stupid question, but i am trying to get endgame gear (i heard 248 gear is highest, right?). problem is i have no idea which one has 248 gear. Every armor i look in GTN has [..] View

Scyva SM Guide

3:24 pm, January 25, 2018 This is a guide for Scyva, the fourth boss of the Valley of the Machine Gods/{[WEEKLY] Gods from the Machine} Operation. Listed below is the Mechanics for Scyva. Group Configuration: 1 Tank, 5 DPS (O [..] View

Issue with Patching

3:24 am, January 24, 2018 Last night after the servers came online (Update 5.7), everything downloaded fine and I played no problem, even after my PC crashed. Everything downloaded and installed with no errors, game worked smo [..] View

Shadow tank build question

3:24 pm, January 23, 2018 So, I have a shadow tank with full 248 gear and new augs built to "optimal stats" per Bant's guide found on the forums. That puts me at around 130K HP and all the stats set to what the gui [..] View

PvP Changes in Patch

3:24 pm, January 23, 2018 http://www.swtor.com/patchnotes Warzones •The Yavin Ruins Warzone will no longer pop at a higher frequency than other Warzones. •The following changes are being made to the Solo P [..] View

How to make Jugg DPS viable in PVP ?

3:24 pm, January 21, 2018 I main a fury marauder on darth malgus and after reading the 2 nerf mara troll threads, I decided to give Jugg dps a try, mainly the rage spec which is almost like fury. Not having predation and forc [..] View

Disengaging from combat training dummy

3:24 am, January 20, 2018 I just happened to notice the combat training dummies on my way to the Mandalorian Enclave in Kaas City, and since I hadn't played with them before, I stopped to goof around for a couple of minutes. [..] View

Eternal Championship at 70

3:24 am, January 18, 2018 There has to be something I'm doing wrong. Granted I'm a relatively inexperienced player but still. After some effort I managed to not get insta ****** by the 5th boss, which allowed me to take him do [..] View

Original companion quest approval, after KotFE/KotET (Trooper spoilers)

3:24 am, January 18, 2018 Hey guys, I'm getting to the point I can start KotFE/KotET on my Trooper, which I'm looking forward too since I get 5 of my 6 companions back. What I'm wondering though, is will I still get conversat [..] View

Why Is Higher Level Bracket Pvp Just A Tedious Chore?

3:24 pm, January 17, 2018 First off i just want to say the level 10? - 40 bracket pvp was awesome fun. You fought someone and they actually started taking damage and you actually started taking damage and before long you both [..] View

Trying to cap all three right away in Alderaan/Yavin warzones?

3:24 pm, January 17, 2018 I've noticed this a lot more since Yavin came on the scene - seems like every game, one or two (or even more) players will head to the snow/relic (I think) nodes right away at the start of the warzone [..] View

Stealth in Arena

3:24 pm, January 16, 2018 Is it a "working as intended" situation for stealthers to be able to sit in stealth all match in any type of arena? WoW has a great mechanic where; if there is no combat for "x" [..] View

Uncertain bug or infinite Looped flashpoint Kuat Drive Yards.

3:24 am, January 16, 2018 Hello. EDIT: It seems there is something worth noticing after all http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=941474 Im not sure if its real bugg,but "i ve heard" the Kuat Drive Yards [..] View

Shadow or Sentinel DPS?

3:24 am, January 16, 2018 I haven't played since 2015, and I'm looking to create a new Jedi character. The changes since 2.?/3.? are astounding, and there's so much information I have found through google that's simply outdat [..] View

Creating a Legacy Name

3:24 pm, January 14, 2018 I have an old SWToR account which I recently reactivated. I already had Legacy names for the account so didn't have to worry about that process. However, I invited a friend who has never played befor [..] View

Choosing which pvp map to get.

3:24 am, January 14, 2018 I'm not a harcore pvper but I hope they let you decide what matches you want kinda like FPs. For rxample the odessan map to me is the worst. So does any one else wannachoose what you can/can't get int [..] View

Question about expired sub.

3:24 pm, January 11, 2018 Hello! I had a sub in 2015 and and a free lvl 60 char which I deleted when I started playing again. I thought that I would keep the max lvl I could achieve for new chars when preffered player. (?) [..] View

Which crew skills should i choose as a Jedi Sentinel?

3:24 pm, January 10, 2018 Hey! I have just started playing the game and was wondering if anyone had any tips on which Crew Skills to choose? I am a Jedi Sentinel. And please use mye referal link! i could use some cartel coin [..] View

Must Rename?!

3:24 pm, January 8, 2018 So decided to come back and try the game again, haven't played since the first year. Apparently I have to change my character names (which match my characters in every game I've played in the last 17 [..] View

The Story of PvP - What, why, and in the future?

3:24 am, January 7, 2018 The Story of PvP. Primary goal: discuss debate and make suggestions how to fix PvP in the long run. PvP in swtor is very different from other games we might think as similar. So in a Galaxy far away [..] View

Which one for a lone wolf?

3:24 am, January 7, 2018 Hello! I’ve just returned to the Game. My main goal is to level up a character for PvP. I would play a Guardian / Juggernaut or Sentinel / Marauder. I’m not asking which one is [..] View

Kick the Huttball in Cartel Market

3:24 am, January 7, 2018 classified as Kick Ball, not Kick the Huttball, in search terms, and says it can be used to violate rule in warzone, and must be used in a warzone, which isn't true. I am sorry I used it, not in a war [..] View

The story of PvP - What it is and why, what happened along the way, what to do?

3:24 pm, January 6, 2018 The Story of PvP. Primary goal: discuss debate and make suggestions how to fix PvP in the long run. PvP in swtor is very different from other games we might think as similar. So in a Galaxy far away [..] View


3:24 am, January 3, 2018 Basically, every warzone I enter Jugs/Guardian's are tops in damage dealt while having the least amount of deaths. I have also noted whether they are being pocket healed or not and sometimes they are, [..] View

Which DPS class for PvP?

3:24 pm, January 2, 2018 Hello! What do you think which DPS class / spec should I choose for PvP. I know muck depends on the skill... but I'm still curious. I like to play Marauder / Sentinel, Assassin / Shadow, Guardian / [..] View

Item mods in Eternal Throne?

3:24 pm, January 1, 2018 Apologies in advance if this is already covered somewhere, have been looking and can't find an answer. Recently returned to game after having been preferred status a while back and decided to go with [..] View

Please remove bolster from ranked warzones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3:24 pm, December 31, 2017 The whole purpose of RANKED WARZONES is for people with higher gear to go and do ranked warzones vs people of like gear. there is no reason to have bolster in the highest tier of pvp, that defeats the [..] View

The Gear Grind

3:24 am, December 31, 2017 I'm a returning player. I mainly only pvp and do the occassional flashpoint. To the Devs - your end game gear progression system is the biggest convoluted mess I've ever seen. What in heck are ya'l [..] View

Possible (probable?) dumb Q re: fleet vendors

3:24 pm, December 30, 2017 I'm finding it kinda frustrating that there doesn't seem to be all that many companion customization vendors, and they're kinda dispersed all willy-nilly-like, such that it's difficult to remember whe [..] View

Premades and Yavin.

3:24 am, December 29, 2017 I’m usually a premade fan even though I don’t participate in them much anymore. But with Yavin, I think they need to be removed or at least have two types of queue to help allevia [..] View

Hit 70 before class story. Need to know which order to do expansion missions!

3:24 pm, December 28, 2017 I'm sure this has been asked a hundred times but, I want to know which order I should complete the missions from my Holocom in my ship. So I managed to reach level 70 before even reaching chapter 2 i [..] View

Grand Color Crystal Trouble.

3:24 pm, December 27, 2017 Okay, so I bought a Grand Color Crystal Pack on the Cartel Market, but then it never gave the crystal to me. I opened it and it was a purple color (I forgot which one), but when I checked every single [..] View

Guardian preparation for Warzones

3:24 pm, December 25, 2017 Hi, Just acquired lvl 70 and I would like to start warzone adventures, but unfortunately I Don't have any experience with it... I play as a Guardian Jedi and would like to ask You how to start regard [..] View

Acquire Focus Target's Target in pvp for DPS is a problem.

3:24 pm, December 24, 2017 For those who don't know, there is a "secondary target" frame called "Focus Target". You can't effectively target them without using a modifier or swapping it to target frame with [..] View

Guild Invites During Matches

3:24 am, December 24, 2017 Has anyone else had this happen? A couple of my PVP toons are in guilds but some are not, and when I'm playing the ones who aren't I'll sometimes get a guild invite popup in the middle of a match, al [..] View

Buff Enraged Defense

3:24 am, December 22, 2017 It comes to my attention that Enraged Defense does not provide enough healing suitable for survival to a Sith Juggernaut. I've used it countless times in Warzones around 40% hp and it has healed so li [..] View

Bolstering Need Re-worked

3:24 pm, December 16, 2017 Bolstering needs some love/tweaking. Why are players with lower gear rating able to perform better/have higher stats (larger health pools etc) than players in higher gear rating? I am talking about pl [..] View

Why can't we have PvP set bonuses which would sort out dcd issues?

3:24 am, December 16, 2017 Set bonuses for pvp that alter classes abilities and provide different bonuses from the pve ones which are flat about increasing sustained dps. This would be an interesting options to get some abili [..] View

Which EU PvP Cluster is the healthiest for pvp?

3:24 am, December 16, 2017 Hello coming back after a long time i wanted to ask which of the EU Clusters are the healthiest to play at? Back then it was T3-M4 but i'am unsure about the Pop situation now. Could someone help me o [..] View

Acid games in solo ranked

3:24 pm, December 15, 2017 Who's bad idea was about posion killing in arena? I lost 4 games when all my team mates were alive but enemie's stealther waited in stealth up to the end and WON the fight thanks to dirty tricks. Stea [..] View

Companions plus another question

3:24 am, December 10, 2017 was there always companions ? I started playing going on 8 weeks ago now, and been wondering about that since my first companion. seems odd to me, since the game is grouped focused , but just add [..] View

A MSG from Yolo. Launch SWTOR is better than SWTOR 6 years later.

3:24 pm, December 9, 2017 Solo ranked is fun but I'm tired of how little the developers do for this game. Going on nearly since the inception of ranked arenas and you have wintraders and backfillers queueing on throwaway accou [..] View

Vote kick must not refer to combat

3:24 pm, December 9, 2017 So, there was actually a post about it some years ago, but the issue has gone bigger, so maybe it is time to restart this topic and hopefully get results this time. First let me ask: Why would we wan [..] View

Powertech AP Is it still viable?

3:24 am, December 7, 2017 I love my Powertech (AP), atm I am slowly slowly slowly grinding tier 2 set. Which I plan to upgrade very quickly with all the coms I have from command crates. I have already augmented everything exce [..] View


Started to lvl a Scoundrel... but which spec to use?

Mar 17, 2015, 5:31 pm So I've leveled up 3 characters on the Imp side but never played the operative. Instead of playing Imp again I have gone to the Republic and started a scoundrel. Which spec would you recommend me to l[..] View

Which would be the better class for solo'ong heroic's and FP's

Feb 25, 2015, 4:46 am I am just wondering which of the 3 would be the best for solo'ing FP's and Heroic +2's or +4's. Assassin/Shadow, Jug/Guardian or Mara/Sent. I will be using Treek with any of them because I was told sh[..] View

Unable to change which Credit Card will be billed

Feb 14, 2015, 6:35 pm I just tried changing my primary credit card to a new one I got. Logged into the profile page on the site and did this: <ol><li>Added my new credit card.</li> <li>Deleted the old credit card.</li> </o[..] View

WHich Euro Server has DECENT Republic PVP matches in random que (since TOFN is bad)

Jan 27, 2015, 8:33 am So i am trying again people in my previous thread claiomed TOFN is the best English Euro PVP server for REPUBLIC side, i have no wplayed jhundreds of games Rep and Imp side on TOFN and sorry but REP i[..] View

WHICH Euro Server has DECENT Rep PVP matches in random que ????

Jan 24, 2015, 4:06 pm So the only PVP EUro server ENglish is TOFN anfd the Rep PVP random que is mostly a total misssery mega fail especially at level 60.... People say its because Reps are PVE roleplayers ...but alas i t[..] View

Which tank is best for ranked?

Jan 19, 2015, 3:33 am We hear a lot of complaining about FOTM classes and what's broken in these forums right now, but I wish to discuss something else. I want to hear people's opinions on which class they think is best f[..] View

Returning player which class

Jan 6, 2015, 11:02 am I've been trying out most of the classes recently to see which one I want to stick to. I have school and work to consider so leveling every class to max is less than ideal. I'm kinda stuck between m[..] View

Which server for best queue times?

Dec 28, 2014, 8:06 pm Hey guys, haven't played since 2-3 months after release, looking to pvp again. Which server has best queue times for warzones? Another question, is pvp a good way to level? I absolutley hate PvE and[..] View

Why can't I choose which PVP match I que for?

Dec 26, 2014, 1:04 pm I am just completely confused as to why I cannot choose to que for specific matches. I hate Hutt Ball. I would never que for it. Sometimes I 'randomly' play the same game over and over again and that [..] View

I'm lvl 27 - /LFG into athiss which is all gray lvl 20 content?

Dec 26, 2014, 11:25 am can you guys tinker with the levels for groupfinder please. waiting in dps que takes long enough without zoning in to not get any xp or have to drop...[..] View

Which body type for a female Marauder?

Dec 25, 2014, 3:02 am Hello my fellow forum goers, I have recently decided to level an alt sith warrior which I shall be making a marauder. However I find my self stuck...[..] View

Which HMs drop which pieces of gear?

Dec 23, 2014, 3:48 pm Hello, the four 60 HM flashpoints each drop certain pieces of 192 gear. Does anyone have a complete list of which FP drops which piece? For example, I know Manaan drops gloves, and Korriban drops off[..] View

"Spoilt princess" - which class story?

Dec 23, 2014, 8:45 am As the title suggests, I'd like to know your opinions on which class archetype plays "spoilt princess" best in terms of available dialogue options...[..] View

Which tank is the less hectic to tank with

Dec 23, 2014, 3:29 am I've got an a'sin tank and I find him a bit hectic to tank with - just for instance, I have to keep a short buff up all the time while I'm doing...[..] View

Vote: Which Class Do the Senior Devs PVP With?

Dec 22, 2014, 5:44 pm This is a light hearted discussion vote for those of us who have witnessed the various buff, tweaks. nerfs since around 1.6 (don't want to go too far back in time) . :D Who is the Boss Dev? H[..] View

Another which relic thread.

Dec 22, 2014, 4:08 am So finally got my arkanian reactive warding relic but im not sure if its better then my conqueror one, i heard the arkanian one is bugged and only has a 20 second ICD but if they fixed it then i'll ju[..] View

Which way to gear a PvP Tank

Dec 18, 2014, 11:31 pm As a Guardian Tank in PvP, is it better to use full PvP tank gear, or do you wanna mix and match in some PvP dps pieces also?[..] View

Which stat?

Dec 18, 2014, 2:08 pm Which is a better stat for a Infiltration build, accuracy or alacrity? I'am planning ahead and want to buy a Columi implant from the gtn so its...[..] View

Which class roll ?

Dec 18, 2014, 12:07 pm Hi everyone, firstable my english won't be that good seems I never learn that much english so I'm sorry about it. So, I want to play SWTOR again, I left the game 4 months after the release and now[..] View

Which option is better to gear up a lvl 20 powertech?

Dec 18, 2014, 9:23 am Should I save up planetary comms to buy the highest level mods I can use at lvl 20 for my orange gear,or should I save up warzone comms and buy the bounty hunter pvp set from the vendor in Dromund Kaa[..] View

How do I start the Republic Starfighter missions (not GSF) which give reputation ?

Dec 15, 2014, 7:07 pm Hello, I'm not sure how to ask this so that everyone can understand what I mean ... Among the Reputation groups (listed in the Legacy window), there is one grou, called I think the Republic Hype[..] View

Which deft mod is correct for pve carnage marauder?

Dec 15, 2014, 5:18 pm Advanced deft mod 30 or Advanced deft mod 30A?[..] View

Which has been the most fun in PvE

Dec 14, 2014, 3:14 pm Which class have you guys enjoyed the most in pve and why[..] View

Which class for PvP ?

Dec 14, 2014, 8:25 am Hey, I am new to the game and before I lvl up a character and dont like him in the end I would like to know some stuff before hand. I currently have a lvl 15 merc and enjoy pvp with him apart from [..] View

My suggestions on Repairing World PVP which was broken at Birth

Dec 14, 2014, 8:15 am *Imperial and Republic Fleets* The Fleets are neat, and I'm sure they mean well in terms of quality of life, but I feel they hurt this game more...[..] View

Which bracers should I be using?

Dec 14, 2014, 7:49 am Currently using: Black Hole Duelist's MK-1 Bracers +81 Endurance +93 Willpower +41 Absorption I was thinking of possibly changing to:[..] View

Ver 1.7 or 2.0 - which do you prefer

Dec 14, 2014, 7:46 am I like the changes to my commando in 2.0, but I liked 1.7 better. Better fights in WZ, longer fights meant more tactics. just better overall in wz...[..] View

Which US-PvE server is the best for finding PuG PvE groups?

Dec 14, 2014, 7:45 am Just resubbed and looking to do some PvE stuff on my healer after being mostly a PvP player in this game when I played. Funny, since in WoW I'm mostly a PvE healer. Which PVE server is the most skilll[..] View

3 Stories to go, which should I do LAST?

Dec 14, 2014, 7:43 am I have five stories complete. Warrior, Inquisitor, Agent, Bounty Hunter, and Smuggler. I broke my Imperials and Republics up so I would have 1...[..] View

Which is shorter?

Dec 14, 2014, 7:39 am I am looking to do a quick Flashpoint and am indecisive on Red Reaper or Colicoid War Games. Can either of these be done in 30 minutes or so? Which...[..] View

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