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What does changing the color of your focus slot do?

3:24 pm, February 3, 2018 Hello Ladies and Gents, I was just wondering if I put a Black-Purple crystal on my "Eternal Commander MK-4 Quick Savant Focus", would I see a change in anything while in combat. Thanks in a [..] View

Speeder reward for finishing Esseles FP is gone?

3:24 am, December 5, 2017 Just finished the Esseles FP on a new character, and the Lhosan Duster speeder reward is suspiciously absent. That reward was given to me for playing the Esseles/Black Talon previous to patch 5.6 on [..] View

(new) Old Player w/ some ?s

3:24 pm, November 27, 2017 I haven't played this game in a few years, but I'm getting back into it, and I'm enjoying it. There's been a lot of changes that I'm still getting used to. One thing that I noticed (and I liked it) [..] View

Screen keeps flashing black

3:24 am, November 19, 2017 First off, if there was a forum for bugs, my browser just decided to not show it. Second, read the title. Is there anyway I can fix this? It just started today, so I read other posts, and Moderators s [..] View

Can I change armor colors beside unifying?

3:24 pm, November 7, 2017 Let's say there's a purple chest piece that I don't like but would love it in black. Is it possible to change colors? I saw some other players's characters in Thexan's robe that was black and red, no [..] View

Question regarding low level FP gear

4:24 am, October 20, 2017 I'm on the hunt for the requisitioned Pummeler/Bulwark set, specifically the chest piece. https://torf.mmo-fashion.com/requisi...bulwarks-mk-3/ It says source: Veteran FPs level 7. Does this mean r [..] View

Buying a new computer

4:24 am, October 9, 2017 I'm going to buy a new computer and I'm thinking of the following: * Fractal Design Define R5 - Black Pearl. * ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-E GAMING - ATX / Z370. * EVGA Power Supply (PSU) SuperNOVA G3 750W [..] View

Missing flashpoints, section x, black hole and heroic mission couriers

4:24 am, September 23, 2017 I noticed that many of the flashpoint courier have gone missing. The Hammer station flashpoint courier is still located on Dromund Kass but most of the other have completely vanished. The flashpoint [..] View

Cutscenes choppy

4:24 pm, September 7, 2017 The video in my cutscenes is really choppy - never was before. Do you think there is a video setting somewhere that I need to uncheck? Its killing immersion :) My PC: - Case: Antec NEW SOLUTION SE [..] View

The Concordian Security Corp PVP Tournament on Begeren Colony

4:24 am, August 18, 2017 On the 25-27 of August The CSC will be hosting its first dueling tournament on our Tattooine SH with the Preliminaries being on the 25th the intermediaries being on the 26th and the Finals of the tour [..] View

Order of Difficulty in Master Mode Flashpoints

4:24 am, August 11, 2017 While I have not done all of them recently, i want to make an assessment of the difficulty in each flashpoint. I'll start from the hardest to the easiest. (I haven't done Maelstrom Prison yet, althoug [..] View

galaxy map problems

4:24 am, August 10, 2017 So i was on my warrior, i just finished dromund kaas, got my ship, and now my next stop is balmorra, problem is my galaxy map doesn't load up, my screen just turns black the only things I can see are [..] View

<Seven Stuck> Sale Runs

4:24 am, August 8, 2017 <Seven Stuck> and <Black>, are now successfully selling Hateful Entity. The sale runs will take place on the Server (EU)T3-M4. We are also offering other Achievements ( 8+ [..] View

The hatred

4:24 pm, August 7, 2017 Wow, guys, as for my long time of experience with SWTOR, I haven’t seen anything like that yet. One may actually wonder why, for goodness sake, there is so much hate among people playing a [..] View

Grey Flashpoint

4:24 am, August 4, 2017 So i have just noticed that on several toons i have The Black Talon veteran fp grey and unselectable like in the picture below. Any idea if it is due to a mission i have in my log atm or is it somethi [..] View

Well, I kind of agree with you

4:24 am, July 29, 2017 I never believed in it. And i still do not believe and i am trying to find explanations for all this.I'll start from the beginning. But I will try to state briefly.I was feeling bad. And I decided to [..] View

problems with togruta and a few other races mising horns, blue with text appearing

4:24 pm, July 14, 2017 I'm kind of wondering if this is a known issue but since this latest update my togrute are missing horns or have blue with black text appearing where the horns should be this is happening on sith and [..] View

Give us an alternative to getting the Black-Silver color crystals,bc ranked is horrid

4:24 pm, July 8, 2017 Spend all that time getting the best gear and waiting que'ing for ranked only to get a group that's undergeared and not very experienced AND oh yeah, let's not forget - gets butt pummeled by the oppos [..] View

Unable to access the game

4:24 am, July 5, 2017 New player, with new account (paid). I downloaded the installer, and let it finish a complete install (no starting the game early). When I hit the 'Play' button, my screen flashed a few times, and [..] View

Group frames

4:24 am, June 27, 2017 I like how the group member frames light up when someone is close to you, but it is really frustrating when they are out of range/unable to be seen and yet the frame is lit up. As a healer, this gets [..] View

Esseles vs Black Talon Drops

4:24 am, June 27, 2017 Hey guys, I've done the both the Esseles and Black Talon Flashpoints many times in Veteran mode, and although they are meant to be equivalent... who else finds that the Esseles flashpoint feels longe [..] View

Why are there no repercussions for kicking?

4:24 am, June 25, 2017 Why are there no repercussions for kicking someone from a FP? Twice now in the last 2 weeks I've been kicked from Black Talon MM on my 54 assassin. I was the one that purposefully only chose BT in th [..] View

Not a New Player, but I need help

4:24 am, June 23, 2017 My main character (Caylm Skyrimm, located on the Harbinger) was halfway through the 2nd chapter of KOTET, and he and Acina had just escaped the temple and were going back to Theron and Lana. As normal [..] View

Extra Missions Post Revan

4:24 am, May 9, 2017 Popped onto my 70 healer sage other day. Did Makeb and a good chunk of SOR. On Ziost right now. But there are other missions that I've never done Section X/Black Hole, GSI...and I guess there's more t [..] View

Game just wont't run.

4:24 pm, April 11, 2017 I have recently installed the game, and for starts I will put out there that I am running a Windows 10 OS. My computer specs are follow 1.38TB Storage Quadcore 4.0GHz CPU (AMD Vishera Black Edition) [..] View

IMO why they didn't touch class balance 5.2

4:24 am, April 4, 2017 Ok, I was posting in another thread in response to something else and it occurred to me why Bio probably didn't touch class balance in 5.2, it's because of Lokoth OWPVP. I think they are waiting to se [..] View

Keybinding glitching issues in pvp

4:24 pm, April 3, 2017 Hi all-I've recently returned to the game and have come across a certain issue with my keyboard I have never had before...namely my keybinds. Basically I have ctrl,alt and shift set up with Q,E,R,F,z [..] View

Any word on season 8 rewards?

4:24 am, March 24, 2017 I just want to know if we will still get to purchase the black-silver crystal pack or a similar color crystal. That is the sole reason Im doing pvp right now. If it or a similar crystal wont be availa [..] View

How/when to do Rankin Initiative, Hammer Station, etc?

3:24 pm, March 5, 2017 I think you can now solo these Flashpoints so you can just see the story, yes? I know hopw to grab Black Talon from the NPC on fleet just before I go to Drommound Kass. But after Droumand Kass the f [..] View

Faster Respawns plz

3:24 pm, February 12, 2017 on some heroic missions the reset timer is way to long, like black out on Teris, the one to **** the sith in the dark temple on DK, at times you van sit there for 30 minutes + waiting for the respawns [..] View

Mercenary ascension & Terrible Matchmaking

3:24 pm, January 26, 2017 So,i wanted to talk about two things that recently made PvP,basicaly the only thing you can busy yourself with in game,basicaly unplayable. First off : PvP is only thing i can do anymore because ther [..] View

A few important questions about the expansions!

3:24 pm, January 9, 2017 Hey guys. I am pretty new to this game. I already got the hang out of the base game at least, but I couldn't help but to have a few questions regarding what comes next. So I used an Outlander Token t [..] View

The Merc Song!

3:24 am, January 6, 2017 Apologies to The Royal Guardsmen in advance. :p To the tune of "The Bloody Red Baron". ------------------- After the patch that lives in infamy In the clear blue skies over TRE Came a r [..] View

A lot has changed. Need some help.

3:24 pm, January 5, 2017 I'm not exactly "New". Had the game since it came out. However, I've not played in about a year. I think the Revan Chapters were about to come out when I last played. Just need some answer [..] View

Character Stuck Above the Map in Coruscant.

3:24 pm, January 4, 2017 So, my character I just created is stuck either above or below the map of Coruscant. I tried to take the shuttle there for the first time, and the game bugged out on me. The whole screen is black, but [..] View

KOTET Seems to Freeze Up?

3:24 am, January 3, 2017 Hi, um, I think I need a bit of help? So I joined and bought a subscription the other day, downloaded the game. Everything worked fine as in the Hutt Cartel storyline ect until I decided to use my li [..] View

Display Problems

3:24 am, January 2, 2017 I play on windows 10 and the resolution 1920x1080 but my monitor is on 1280x800 1920x1080 does not fit my screen but when i try to change the resolution on swtor it goes black and when the picture ret [..] View

Help,my human,miralian,miraluka and cyborg species appears in black shadow!!!

3:24 pm, December 21, 2016 I just can't see their faces when i créate a char,also NPC that are from those species just appears in a black shadow. Should i need to reinstall the game???? Because the repair button is [..] View

Sudden lack of voiced character lines in dialogue?

3:24 pm, December 21, 2016 While I'm not new to SWTOR itself, I am relatively new to the two latest expansions, Knights of the Fallen Empire, and now Knights of the Eternal Throne, and I have some concerns after reaching a cert [..] View

Ways to make PvP improve

3:24 am, December 8, 2016 (These are just opinions to start off this thread that I have, feel free to argue/whine/complain/share your own opinions below, as I won't get triggered, unless you're reasoning is like "these ** [..] View

Game screen goes black as soon as the 'Star Wars' theme plays for kotet chapter 1

3:24 pm, December 5, 2016 Like the title I have no idea what's going on it goes black as soon as "in a galaxy far far away" disappears. And after the music ends there's the arrow from when I use my mouse disappears! [..] View

Bring the old Flashpoint heroics gear back!!!

3:24 am, November 28, 2016 Does anyone agree that when playing any Flashpoints in 3.0, the gear you get are the same and sucks. I miss those days when you can go in a flashpoint and get the unique gear exclusively form that fla [..] View

TRE - PVP Announcement - 3rd December - Black Hole PvP Mass @19:00 GMT

3:24 pm, November 27, 2016 Sith Preservation's The Red Eclipse, Black Hole PvP Mass! On the 3rd December on The Red Eclipse server, the Sith Preservation guild is looking to set up a world pvp event in the black hole at 19:00 [..] View

Map Missing or Black

3:24 am, November 26, 2016 My mini-map and big map are all black. Also the ground has tiles that say "missing material." I have made sure my drives are up to date and have changed the graphics many time but this still [..] View

Big Cartel Sales starting

3:24 pm, November 25, 2016 So if you dont watch the stream that the dev post then you might not know about the sales that are coming to the cartel market starting on black Friday. Also there is a 50% off in your collection. Fr [..] View

Returning player experiencing strange lag/fps stuttering

3:24 pm, November 11, 2016 Hello all, I have been a swtor player for since beta, and I took a long break after knights of the fallen empire was released, but have returned today after the full 16 chapters have been released and [..] View

"Go to your front door, a package is waiting for you"

3:24 pm, November 9, 2016 I was told to go to my front door during a live stream for 500 people in Black Desert. At first I blew it off for a long time, but the stream grew more an more curious. Sure enough a box was delivered [..] View

Problem w/ game when it gets minimized

4:24 am, October 11, 2016 Here's my problem. I am currently do not have SW:TOR loaded onto my computer. I'd like to play again, but I have a huge technical issue w/ the game. TOR runs fine on my system, Win 7, except that if I [..] View

RTN Player: Windows 10 Anniversary ED, & SWTOR

4:24 pm, October 5, 2016 Having an issue with Win10 Ann ed, & SWTOR. Went through all the forums, here & on EA support looking for an answer. NOT RUNNING NVIDIA. Issue: Can play perfectly fine. Login, etc. Ta [..] View

4.x Operative PvP Highlights: Driving Miss Snavey

4:24 pm, September 22, 2016 I'm back with another video showing how much I enjoy clicking nodes and grabbing balls. If you've ever wanted to hear a Welsh Inigo Montoya I recommend watching the last 30 seconds.Driving Miss Snavey [..] View

ranked pvp reward , expectation and reality

4:24 pm, September 20, 2016 i had seen the rank reward on this season is pretty horrid however i want ask what pvpers in rank expect from dev exactly ? ok lets break down the usually reward 1. titles - it is unique and cant [..] View

Been back a week and I keep getting a Black Screen several times a day.

4:24 am, September 17, 2016 Been back only a week and dropped about $70 already in the game and Video as I am playing will go totally black screen. I can hear game still running and I can use my hotkeys and hear them react, but [..] View

Permanent invisibility is a bad idea...hopefully the devs would never consider this

4:24 pm, September 11, 2016 The idea that you would remove sneak/blackout and give stealth permanent invisibility is a terrible idea. Besides the implications that you would have in war zones; RIP stealth duels Please remember, [..] View

HM Flashpoints... the complete lack of balance

4:24 am, September 7, 2016 HM flashpoints have a huge variation in difficulty with the SoR having a strong tendency to be the hardest. Some can be done with a couple of people that are naked and a companion ( did that for more [..] View

Please help.

4:24 am, September 6, 2016 Hello everyone! I am a kinda newish player on swtor. I reinstalled the game yesterday when i got my new computer. I played for about an hour before logging off to do something. But, when i logged back [..] View

4:24 am, September 3, 2016 Hi zusammen, hätte da mal so ein Paar fragen an euch, wie spielt Ihr euren Hüter als DD im PvP??? Was für Werte sollte ich erreichen?? Habe aktuell 1340 Krit und knapp 2900 [..] View

The Black Talon and the Fate of its Crew w/o the Captain

4:24 am, September 3, 2016 I was doing the Black Talon recently and ****** the Captain. However, I was nice to the crew and picked choices that made it clear I had no intent to harm them (to try something different). As the FP [..] View

PVP Flash Points

4:24 am, August 21, 2016 For Instance Black Talon not only could you have the bosses but the pub group in the first part be PVPers instead of NPCs. You would only be allowed to respawn a certain amount of times say 4 then the [..] View

Disappointing PvP Rewards!

4:24 am, August 12, 2016 So the title is pretty explanatory. SWTOR Devs please pretend that you actually care for once and that you do in fact listen to your players. Change/Add new rewards in S7 ranked. The PvP portion o [..] View

How to be an operations raider (dps edition)

4:24 am, July 23, 2016 Recently in the game (yes I know people may think this has been forever, but I'd like to think there was some time this was not the case), I have noticed a terrible overload of free-agent dps who spam [..] View

Suggestions for Eternal Throne endgame

4:24 pm, July 18, 2016 I think we all know Eternal Throne will probably be 5.0, and thus an increase in the level cap to 70. This presents a new endgame scene and an opportunity to iron out some of the issues that the many [..] View

Screen trouble

4:24 am, July 12, 2016 Hi i am returning to play the old republic after a long break. heres my question. When I clicked on windowed mode in the game it went up to my left hand side of the screen when you scan the mouse over [..] View

An amazing post by Overwatch's director PvPers should read

4:24 am, June 23, 2016 http://us.battle.net/forums/en/overw...5504371#post-3 The full post is behind the spoiler. One of the most interesting and insightful things is the psychology that people bring to the game. Kaplan [..] View

Blackscreen on startup

4:24 pm, June 16, 2016 So yet another launcher issue hoooray.... Another BIG task for devs, here is something for you to rub your big head now; Getting black screen after click play. Drivers are update, have reinstalled [..] View

New Player Guide

4:24 pm, June 13, 2016 I'm posting this because a lot of new players don't know about the fan sites (which some info is outdated) and there have been many posts about the difficulty of some planets and fights. Which usually [..] View

Biofail Making TOR Easy?

4:24 pm, June 7, 2016 The current state of PvP in SWTOR is ****. Don't get me wrong I love this game but Bioware is making this MMO as if we are 5-year-olds. MMOs had one thing that everyone loved! MMOs had to be challengi [..] View

Problem: A change of preference that prevent me from playing

4:24 pm, May 30, 2016 Hello, I'm facing a problem. My computer being old, I use near minimal graphics and resolution, and tolerate frequent frame drops, especially in the space missions. When I want to change anything gra [..] View

Are there HM flashpoints that can be solo'd now?

4:24 pm, May 30, 2016 I tried Black Talon on my sniper with a 42 affection companion and mostly 216 gear. Keeping the captain alive, skipping the 2nd boss and bonus boss, I was able to get to the end, but couldn't keep up [..] View

Blacklisting one warzone, would love that feature

4:24 am, May 17, 2016 I really don't like the new Odessen warzone, and I'm sure others have another warzone they don't like. I know why Bioware hasn't done this up to this date, it makes queues longer. But having the optio [..] View

Can't load full screen or full screen windowed

4:24 pm, May 6, 2016 Everytime I start the game in full screen, I get a black screen. However, if I load the game in windowed mode (not full screen windowed) I can load the game, change settings to full screen, adjust the [..] View

PLease read this bioware Part 3**-Powa to de players! and stabalize pvp and economy

4:24 pm, April 9, 2016 Hey so several things ive noticed Rishi Arena NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP BIOWARE That rishi exploit has caused many people to suffer severe rating losses because of either match throwers or people explo [..] View

Problem with latest patch?

4:24 am, April 9, 2016 Rather than ask the answerdroid 5000 at EA, I thought someone on the forums may be experiencing the same issues or knows what the heck is going on... I've never really had any issues with playing the [..] View

Can't do Esseles

4:24 am, April 4, 2016 I've tried 6 times to do the Esseles fp on my lvl 13 gunslinger. When I enter the fp, I run in to the first room and turn right, there is black space between the room I'm in and a door across the way [..] View

Solo flashpoint influence

4:24 pm, March 13, 2016 Okay, so I read up on the whole solo Esseles/black talon for influence with your first companion. Took my trooper in who just got Jorgan back but found I wasn't getting any influence so I brought in [..] View

Confused about solo flaspoints.

3:24 am, March 11, 2016 So after doing a bit of research I found that These flash points are supposed to be solo'd Black Talon (Level 10) Esseles (Level 10) Boarding Party (Level 29) Taral V (Level 29) The Foundry (Le [..] View

Troubleshooting - Serious problem with High & above graphics

3:24 am, February 24, 2016 So for some reason whenever I use graphics that are High or above, I will occasionally get texture tares, or characters' designs in black. No biggy, all you'd have to do is swap to any other graphics [..] View

Missing the theatrical from heroic missions

3:24 am, February 20, 2016 I wanted to ask, will we be able to turn in our heroic missions to the npcs that give for the sake of story and .theatrical Some of them provide good backstory that explains what is happening on the p [..] View

Equipped colour crystals not showing up in collection??

3:24 pm, February 15, 2016 Afternoon good people, Can someone suggest what's gone wrong here? I bought a couple of crystals for a Sith alt (Black/Blue and Black/Red), with another alt. Mailed them to the Sith and equipped the [..] View

KotFE Heroic Missions - Time and Bonus Guide for Imperial Side

3:24 am, February 10, 2016 KotFE Heroic Missions - Time and Bonus Guide for Imperial Side Hi, as above, I made a list of all Heroic Missions and record my game time. To understand how much You will actually spend time on each [..] View

Flashpoints and Companion Affection

3:24 am, February 6, 2016 So I've been Soloing Black Talon trying to get Vette's affection at a decent level. With only one "Disapproves" option (killing the Captain), I can get just over 6000 affection per run if I [..] View

XoXaan Chest Piece

3:24 am, January 22, 2016 Okay so this is probably the most idiotic question EVER posted on these forums. But seriously need some help here. I joined TOR after the Xoxaan robes were available for purchase on the cartel market. [..] View

What happened to Black Talon DS points?

3:24 pm, January 14, 2016 I played through Black Talon recently on two different toons, and I got next to no DS points. What gives? I still get the merciless title, but I only recieved DS points at two junctures in the FP. Not [..] View

Black-Silver Lightsaber Crystals

3:24 pm, January 7, 2016 Hello fellow SWTOR players! So as the title says I`m interested in this specific Lightsaber Crystal. Since its only obtainable trough PvP I figured I should post this here. Sold by Giradda the Hutt f [..] View

New Player - Help with Launcher

3:24 am, January 6, 2016 I guess this is more for technical support but I thought I would try here first as the community may know. I have just installed the game for the first time. When I load the launcher after installat [..] View

Dye questions

3:24 pm, December 29, 2015 1) If I purchase a dye pack from the Cartel Market, specifically the black/black or the white/white, can I add them to my Collections? 2) Is it possible to combine a Primary and Secondary dye to crea [..] View

New PC and looking for advice.

3:24 am, December 29, 2015 Been playing swtor for 3.5 years now and my pc is atleast 8 years old and kinda dying on me. I am looking to make a new pc. not an over-clocker. here's what I got so far. ASUS Z170M-PLUS mATX LGA115 [..] View

Trying to do a ctrl+click macro for SWTOR - how??

3:24 am, December 26, 2015 Calling all Razer users! I'm a disabled gamer. Yesterday I've gotten a Razer Blackwidow Ultimate keyboard. It's awesome but now I'm trying to create a macro for modifying gear. Does anyone know how t [..] View

Blood Hunt tactical: knockoff mechanic

3:24 am, December 21, 2015 If you draw this flashpoint from the random group finder without a healer, there is no option but to use the kolto tanks frequently. A lot of lethal damage can be avoided, but you will take almost [..] View

Display ratio

3:24 pm, December 20, 2015 I wanted to ask if any of you are playing at 3440x1440 resolution with a screen ratio of 21:9. I am picking up a new ultrawide monitor and have seen that Elder Scrolls Online supports it very nicely [..] View

Let's face it: The problem is not only sorc healers.

3:24 am, December 20, 2015 Irreversible fact: The community (including sorc healers!) has finally accepted that the current sorc healer design doesn't make any sense at PvP. This is great news, because it will finally allow us [..] View

Shouldn't HM Flashpoints be easier than SM Operations?

3:24 pm, December 9, 2015 When level 50 was max most people did flashpoints to gear up for operations. It was a great way to learn the basics of the working in a group. They would take that Columi or Black Hole gear and then [..] View

Returning player - crates with armor ???

3:24 pm, December 8, 2015 I just picked up on SWTOR again (thank you Force Awakens for Awakening my Star Wars addiction yet again). To get the hang of the game again I started a new character from scratch, and I noticed my ch [..] View

[Flashpoint: Depths of Manaan] Cannot finish Selkath Champion fight

3:24 pm, December 6, 2015 Hello all, I am currently stuck in th Maanan FP (Solo Mode, Republic). I am fighting the last boss. The fight goes well until the Selkath Cyborg is at very low health. Then the screen goes black, th [..] View

Constant Launcher issues

3:24 pm, November 26, 2015 Since coming back to the game after 2 years, i have been back for almost 2 weeks, i have had nothing but issues with the launcher. i start it as normal with admin rights etc and i get the black launch [..] View

Searching for specific armor

3:24 pm, November 25, 2015 Hello, I am looking for this chestplate: http://tor-fashion.com/black-hole-strikers-mk-1/ I think it isnt anymore in the game, but is there a similar looking one? I know about a chestplate without t [..] View

Best upgrade for WZ FPS

3:24 pm, November 24, 2015 Hello everyone, I'm mainly a PVPer and looking to do an upgrade on my rig from 2011. I know my system is CPU bound so I want to switch over to an Intel system during Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. [..] View

[Solo] The False Emperor

3:24 pm, November 23, 2015 Hi, The False Emperor flashpoint is causing me particularly high amount of headache. I am not sure if this is an oversight or a bug or intentional thing that the final boss periodically 1) jumps away [..] View

Heroics List: Instanced Vs. Not Instanced

3:24 am, November 23, 2015 I couldn't find such a list so I just made it myself. Let me know if I made any mistakes. This intentionally only includes the Heroics you can pick up on the fleet terminal.Imperial------------------- [..] View

Story Mission Glitch

3:24 am, November 17, 2015 So, as an Imperial Agent, the mission "Darth Zhorrid Arrives" (or however you spell her name), is glitched for me. After I talk to Darth Zhorrid, you are supposed to go to your holoterminal [..] View

Ranked Comms acquisition rate

3:24 pm, November 12, 2015 So given the new meta for getting ranked comms and turning those into season rewards, I'm just curious how many ranked comms you get, even if you lose. I've pvp'd for a long time, and am now thinking [..] View


no sound on elevator black screens and ship launch cutscene

Dec 26, 2014, 1:02 pm Hi, Was curious if anyone else had the issue of no sound when using the elevators on the fleets or anywhere and having no sound during the ship takeoff cut scenes. Any help would be appreciated a[..] View

Blackout Region Issue

Dec 26, 2014, 11:23 am "You are in from a region we do not allow people to play from" or something. * This Issue has effected me every time i have Installed Swtor, my...[..] View

Missing Black Market MK-2 Gear

Dec 26, 2014, 8:18 am Has anyone noticed that there is now only Black Hole MK-1 gear on the Elite gear vendors on the Fleet, when there used to be Black Hole MK-1 *and*...[..] View

Black screen + error code c1

Dec 26, 2014, 7:34 am Hello! Some days ago i reinstalled my windows and swtor. When i tried to launch it, i've got black screen. I had it about 20-30 min. During it i could not do any things with my computer, no alt+f4, al[..] View

Screen blacks out a few minutes after logging in

Dec 23, 2014, 8:11 pm Hello, I just built my new rig a couple days ago and have updated all drivers and whatnot, installed windows updates, but i still have issues when...[..] View

Suggestion : An account wide Black list

Dec 19, 2014, 10:07 am Not sure if that's the right place to post it, so thanks to move it to the right place in case. So, here is the problem. We have currently a Black list that is linked to each of our characte[..] View

Black Screen Within 1 to 15 minutes of Playing

Dec 19, 2014, 12:15 am So as my title says, I am getting consistent black screens. I followed the steps <a href="http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=3396" target="_blank">here</a> for resolving the issue, but my[..] View

Cyan-Black Crystal in TFB?

Dec 18, 2014, 11:15 pm Look! http://www.swtor.com/blog/server-consolidation Everybody else see the Cyan-Black crystal in the screenshot? :D This in TFB or just a slip...[..] View

Crashing to Desktop Esseles/Black Talon

Dec 18, 2014, 8:00 am This seems to be a very persistant bug and is frankly very annoying. And considering these are the first flashpoints that new players are going to experience, this does not set a good first impress[..] View

Black Talon - Again.

Dec 16, 2014, 11:39 pm Yup, Black Talon CTD again, only this time after re-loading I didn't get rewards for completing FP, not even social points (I always did get &#34;Quest Complete&#34; pop-up, even after crash), and gam[..] View

Looking for a black robe for my Marauder

Dec 16, 2014, 6:05 am Hey all, I recently started leveling a Marauder alt (so much more fun to play than my GS) and I was wondering if someone on here could help me...[..] View

Alderaan and Balmora Load Crash/Black screen

Dec 16, 2014, 4:44 am The game works perfectly fine everywhere else except when I try to load into Alderaan or Balmora. Alderaan loads sometimes but Balmora crashes instantly. I'm on The Harbinger server and my character i[..] View

SWTOR Crashing computer to black screen

Dec 16, 2014, 12:53 am I have seen many things about this on youube,yahoo,google and so on i get maybe 5 to 15 minutes in game before the game for no reason apparently...[..] View

FP-Black Talon

Dec 15, 2014, 6:51 pm Servus, eine Frage, kann es sein, dass es die "Sith-Juggernaut" Brust nicht mehr gibt? Ich habe heute von Level 11-15 nur die BT gemacht, in...[..] View

Black eyes...it's back

Dec 15, 2014, 5:30 pm Yep, the black eyes bug (where in cutscenes all eyeballs are all black) has made its reappearance with this new 1.4 patch. Another proof positive to...[..] View

Exiting starship:Planet load screen:Black hole in center of planet!

Dec 15, 2014, 12:02 am Ok, so I figured I'd report this. It's weird and only on one char, my sentinel (my first toon here) I have had the entire game loaded onto...[..] View

Black screen every time I log in

Dec 14, 2014, 4:15 pm A black screen is appearing every time after I log in what do I do[..] View

Black hole bases

Dec 14, 2014, 10:05 am Sorry if this has been posted before. Yes it's another OMG bioware likes imps better post. The imp base in the Black hole area is protected by...[..] View

Game starts to launch, then goes black and closes.

Dec 14, 2014, 9:35 am I can launch the game to where my screen goes black and normally brings up the loading screen, but it only goes black then closes down. I have uninstalled the game completely and reinstalled and did a[..] View

Black Science--Second Remote Terminal

Dec 14, 2014, 8:24 am Whenever I take the &#34;Black Science&#34; quest on Dromund Kaas, no matter which character I use, no matter how many times I cancel and retake the quest, no matter how many times I change instances,[..] View

You need to make a Nightmare Black Talon

Dec 14, 2014, 8:07 am On Nightmare Black Talon, Lt Styles comes back from the dead for revenge, the ships all haunted, all the dead mariens are zombies[..] View

Abstrze Black Talon und Esseles

Dec 14, 2014, 8:05 am Hallo zusammen, ich habe das Problem, dass das Spiel jedesmal abstrzt, wenn ich die Flashpoints Black Talon oder Esseles spiele. Der Absturz...[..] View

Black screen after hitting play then crashes

Dec 14, 2014, 7:59 am So i got the patch and everything was fine logging in was fine but when i hit play i got a black screen then about 10-30 seconds later in crashes and closes out swtor i have nothing else open and have[..] View

Bioware. srsly.. When do you plan to fix the Esseles/Black Talon crash?

Dec 14, 2014, 7:31 am You have introduced this bug and now it is almost a HALF A YEAR you are not fixing it. Is it intended to have a CTD each time the group doing the...[..] View

Black Market Foestopper MK-2 Earpiece

Dec 14, 2014, 7:25 am Does that Piece only drop with a Marauder in the group, or can it also drop for Jugg DD? Im worried Jugg DD is Pummler only. anyone?[..] View

Blackhole H+4 - Chasing the Shadow - Please reduce it.

Dec 14, 2014, 6:38 am Please Bioware reduce the difficulty of this to H+2 just like the Belsavis daily heroics that have gone down to H+2 or to just being a normal...[..] View

EC blackhole commendation chest bug or working?

Dec 14, 2014, 6:30 am On Tuesday, my guild went into EC (storymode, but that shouldnt have a bearing on this), we had a lot of people going to the D3 launch, short on...[..] View

I completed the Operation SM with finder but I got no black hole Comms

Dec 14, 2014, 6:26 am So I just finished KP SM using the Group finder and we completed it but when I left I never got my commendations! The group finder was on random...[..] View

Black screen + rendering problems after log-in since 2.5

Dec 14, 2014, 5:07 am Just as the title says. When 2.5 came out (this Tuesday),my game turned into a n unplayable junk. Never ever has this happened to me and i've been playing for a year and half now. To go into deta[..] View

black screen with dv6t-quad edition

Dec 14, 2014, 4:12 am I followed the directions in this thread to no avail. http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=3396 I haven't played swtor in a few months...[..] View

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