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Well, here we are, and time has come

4:24 am, April 6, 2018 Dear SWTOR PvP community, The time has come to me to take a break. I do not expect anyone to care, however I have to say that after 3 years, time has come to reconsider and take a serious break from [..] View

Question regarding CXP bonus stacking and Daily Activity Bonus

4:24 pm, April 5, 2018 Hey guys, I just want to know if the Daily Activity Bonus which is changing every day is 20% or 25%? Multiple sources online like Dulfy are stating 20% but today (with Heroic Missions being the daily [..] View

Activities Window bonus question

3:24 pm, February 8, 2018 Quick questions on the activities window: Every day there is a bonus activity (examples: “Planetary Missions” or “Starfighter”) that gives more CXP. 1) Are th [..] View

Simple Solutions

3:24 pm, January 31, 2018 The most prevalent complaints/concerns regarding swtor pvp over the years seem to be among the following: premades vs pugs, ranked participation, win traders, trolls throwing matches, hackers, faction [..] View

Best server for PVP?

3:24 pm, January 27, 2018 I came back because of the server merges after leaving roughly 5 years ago. I've subbed for 2 months and I'm on star forge right now which isn't bad, but I based off being back 3 weeks I sense its sta [..] View

unable to access dailies from activities window > solo

3:24 am, January 25, 2018 Wasn't sure where to post this. Was wondering if anyone else experiencing this. I had missions for Yavin for the dailies; I completed that today and when I went into activity thing > solo to [..] View

Where is the sense of THIS?

3:24 pm, December 8, 2017 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ej...KqFGVwUZm5BnY3 I could write a full poem about why that situation is pointless but i think this screenshot gives it all. Ranked PVP means competition right? [..] View

miffed here about this whole pve group finder activity thing

3:24 pm, November 12, 2017 i'm a bit miffered here on this whole group finder activity thing. I've done way more then 3 group finder activies/missions yet this darth helix thing has only accounted for and taken into account 2 [..] View

stuck in uprising

4:24 pm, September 15, 2017 I was doing into the void. I got the key card from the book, but I couldn't get through the door. So I headed back to Odessa for the night. I tried to continue playing that chapter, but i keeps saying [..] View

SWTOR PvP 2012 vs 2017 just how awful could it be I said?

4:24 pm, August 19, 2017 Wow, just how bad can the archaic burst + stun lock concept of a MMORPG PvP be? A question I asked people whom kept playing the game long after we had stopped. The answer is... "very" As s [..] View

The hatred

4:24 pm, August 7, 2017 Wow, guys, as for my long time of experience with SWTOR, I haven’t seen anything like that yet. One may actually wonder why, for goodness sake, there is so much hate among people playing a [..] View

65 Boosted Character starts with 500 or 550 Crew Skills?

4:24 pm, August 5, 2017 I made a Boosted 60 before, so I know those characters start with level 500 crafting Crew Skills. I also know the skills are Synthweaving, Archaeology, Underworld Trading for Force Users and Armormech [..] View

Shadow of Revan Operation Questions

4:24 am, July 6, 2017 OK, so when facing Revan for the last time, I want to do this as an operation. I've already done it by myself a few times. But before I try doing that, I have several questions and my search fu is obv [..] View

Is low level content dead?

4:24 am, June 12, 2017 Hello, I have first joined the game sometime in Hutt Cartel, then after some absence played Starfighter, but still didn't reach top level on neither of my characters. Basically, I enjoy the leveling [..] View

Shadowlands PvP

4:24 am, May 14, 2017 I've just recently resubbed to the game and moved my characters over to Shadowlands. While I've been enjoying leveling with the 250% XP boost. One of my favourite past times has been seemingly impossi [..] View

Is there a way to stop the insta-quitters in FP queues?

4:24 pm, March 17, 2017 I'm sure I'm not the only one that seems to run into this frequently. You get a FP or Uprising queue pop, usually in Master Mode/Veteran Mode, and then as soon as the group accepts and sees it's one [..] View

Switched from credit card to direct debit, trouble inc?

4:24 pm, March 16, 2017 Until recently I used a credit card to pay my subscription and occasionally buy CC ingame. This changed. Now I pay via direct debit for the sub. But when I want to enable ingame purchase I can only se [..] View

Are you insane or do you just hate PvP, Bioware?

3:24 pm, February 24, 2017 I thought my guild was ******** around but no. You are frelling insane and any good will you have... is- go to hell. Do not pass go and do not collect $200 dollars. I'm supposed to be adding six month [..] View

Recently came back to the game. My idea as a pvper and how this game could get better

3:24 am, February 12, 2017 I am a huge star wars fan, and I played this game several years back. but back then I quit the game because the PvP balance was really poor. I came back to the game and not surprisingly, the balance [..] View

Penalty for leaving Warzones before the end....

3:24 pm, December 26, 2016 We all see people everyday leaving warzones at the start or part way though the match, because its 'too hard' or looks like they wont win. This makes it very difficult for those that do the right thi [..] View

Lost ELO cause of BS

3:24 am, December 15, 2016 I was just put into a ranked wz pop and ended up herehttp://i280.photobucket.com/albums/k...pspafmowoy.jpg As you can see at the top left I tried to /stuck and it did nothing Then I was ported out d [..] View

What's your fastest Veteran Uprising speedrun?

3:24 am, December 14, 2016 So with 5.0.1, Uprisings on Veteran Mode have the highest CXP rate. Specifically, Fractured appears to be the fastest right now. By default, it gives 3*32 + 360 + 680 = 1136 CXP. In a standard trinity [..] View

First contact with 5.0 in practice! How do i get command points? Read.

3:24 pm, December 12, 2016 Hello, I must say im really impressed with changes 5.0 patch brought to us. Using the fact that servers went down for maintentance i would like to share you the knowledge i gathered with few hours i [..] View

PvP / PvE Gearing

3:24 am, December 10, 2016 I'm sure that many of you are like me and do both warzones AND operations. With 5.0, BW apparently thought that they eliminated the need for two gear sets. Well, that's kind of true, but not really. I [..] View

The mechanics behind CXP

3:24 am, November 23, 2016 To prepare for KotET, I have put in a lot of work to figure out the fastest ways to farm Command Crates. In this post, I will explain the mechanics behind Command Experience points, or CXP. This guid [..] View

Will pay for HELP!! DvL Need group to finish HM Flashpoints Imp/Rep.

4:24 pm, October 26, 2016 Looking for a team or guild that could assist me in getting the final of the DvL event done. I'm on Harbinger (either Imp or Rep side) most weekdays between 6pm to 10pm and weekends 6am-10am, 3pm to [..] View

DvL Need group to finish HM Flashpoints Imp/Rep (Harbinger)

4:24 pm, October 19, 2016 Looking for a team or guild that could assist me in getting the final of the DvL event done. I'm on Harbinger (either Imp or Rep side) most weekdays between 6pm to 10pm and weekends 6am-10am, 3pm to [..] View

The trouble with W.Z. PVP.

4:24 am, September 16, 2016 Before I get started with several serious issues with W.Z. PVP. I'd like to share a point of reference with everyone. I come from a sand box game with no W.Z., combat areas or arenas and that the pvp [..] View

Operative Zardar Video (TRE)

4:24 pm, April 6, 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_EgzP1HGAs Sorry for the inactivity the past 2 months,i've been having some IRL staff that i had to take care of.I promise you new videos soon.Here's a small tease fr [..] View

Ranked, Premades, Nobones, and you.

3:24 am, March 6, 2016 I posted this in another premade complaint thread, but it got buried under a bunch of bickering and an amazing description on how to **** a 2 Immortal Jugg 2 Corruption Sorc team. So here it is at th [..] View

Modifying daily and weekly ranked missions

3:24 am, February 5, 2016 I was thinking about it and couldn't figure out a good reason why not to change the current ranked mission objectives from "win" to "play?" With the changes they made to PVP invo [..] View

Sooo... After 4 years, they still haven't improved the warzone performances huh?

3:24 am, December 22, 2015 I mean, I can be in full ultra settings (minus shadows as they eat A LOT of performances though) at 1920 x 1080 I get 60-70 fps easy everywhere, on the fleet when there are 20-30 people yeah I'll some [..] View

Official PvP Server Research // What server is the best for you?

3:24 am, December 11, 2015 Hello SWTOR PvPers! What you're about to see has taken lots of time and hard work so I hope you appreciate it! :sy_lightside: OFFICIAL SWTOR N/A PvP SERVER RESEARCH :sy_darkside: This is the Offic [..] View

Stop logging me out during character creation!

3:24 pm, November 26, 2015 If I choose to watch your lovingly-crafted movie, the one with the commando and Satele palming the bad guy's lightsaber beam, then go about my business creating a character, it logs me out for inacti [..] View

Lost Supplies Quest Bug?

3:24 pm, November 2, 2015 Hey, Is the 'Lost Supplies' quest for sith inquisitors/warriors on Korriban still active? The holopad which gives it is there but I get no mission marker or interactivity with it. I believe it invol [..] View

The false emperor flashpoint quest doesn't appear in group finder

4:24 am, October 10, 2015 I need to get the final part I need to complete the HK-51 companion, I picked up the quest " The false emperor " from the quest giver on ilum, but it doesn't appear in my group finder, nor i [..] View

Years of Inactivity How do i get my characters back??

4:24 am, September 14, 2015 I created this account back in Nov 2011. I just recently wanted to start the game back up. I noticed none of my characters are to be found. How do i go about requesting Customer Service to Help me. View

Never ending asset download???

4:24 am, September 7, 2015 First off lemme get this off my chest. Excuse me for the possible level of irritation, I am returning to the game after at least a month of inactivity and went to download the game yet again, idk if [..] View

Guild Stronghold Broke Character

4:24 am, September 4, 2015 Hi guys, It all started when I was in the middle of a guild meeting, and my guildmaster decided to give me a golden key. The second he granted it to my Powertech, it said something around the lines o [..] View

Play Button in Character Screen Not Working

4:24 pm, July 5, 2015 On the character selection screen, when I click the Play button on any character, the sound effect plays but it does not actually do anything. I just remain on the character selection screen. This j [..] View

If inactivity times out ot server selection, upon entering charicter screen no login

4:24 am, July 4, 2015 I have a steady 37ms to the server Shadowlands. If I get logged out to the server selection screen due to inactivity, and I click on that server it presents me with my characters. If I then click on [..] View

Unplayable stuttering and freezing.

4:24 pm, July 3, 2015 Every day at 7PM my computer kicks off a Windows Backup job that runs for about 5-10 minutes. During this time, the game is utterly unplayable due to constant stuttering and freezing, both graphical a [..] View

Unable to access OTP email

4:24 pm, June 25, 2015 My friend is having issues logging into his account and he found out he couldn't post in the forum due to him not being a subscriber. I'm hoping you could help him anyway because he says he's not will [..] View

Solutions for No X-Server and 'Redesigned' Rewards (?)

4:24 am, June 24, 2015 Let's start with the fact that Bioware has not released any new PvP content in over two years, apart from the most disliked warzone (Quesh Huttball). With no commitment to new PvP content apart some s [..] View

Harbinger Duel Tournament: 45 million creds up for grabs, all PvPers welcome!

4:24 am, May 22, 2015 Think you're one of the best PvPers on the server? Want to prove it and earn several million creds in the process? If yes, sign up for Blood Bath and Beyond's 1st Harbinger Duel Tournament! In my gui [..] View

Update on Win-Trading in Season 5

4:24 pm, May 21, 2015 Hey folks, I am here to give an update on win-trading and ranked “trolls” for Season 5. As of earlier this week we sent out another round of warnings and action against players wh [..] View

Holoterminal Freezing in Ship

4:24 pm, May 18, 2015 Character Name: Zen'treonell Server: Jedi Covenant I already submitted a ticket about this, but I figured I would post here as well. The problem is when I use the Holoterminal on my ship the cinema [..] View

Did not get 1050 cartel coins.

4:24 pm, March 27, 2015 I have bought 1050 cartel coins via paysafe card, cash was taken but I didn't get coins. In account activity list status is unconfirmed, also didn't receive e-mail about purchase but earlier I subbed [..] View

IPs BAN for Iran

4:24 pm, March 19, 2015 ok,i came back from period of inactivity,and paid for subsc.in early few dayz i could login without problem from my country but know launcher willnt allow me to conect with my countrys ip and its sa [..] View

Credit Farmers is a real big issue in this game.

3:24 pm, February 17, 2015 It would be better if the game was not free to play, you might not have all the credit farmers around because they would have to pay the 14.99 per month, secondly they do not fallow the rules of the [..] View

disconnects, latency

3:24 pm, February 14, 2015 Here are my tracert and pathping results (see spoiler tag below) for an ongoing issue. It was better for a while but seems to have returned since the last update or two. Generally, the latency will [..] View

Win-Trading In Season 4 and Beyond

3:24 pm, February 3, 2015 Hey folks, Season 4 for PvP is about to start and we wanted everyone to understand the Rules of Engagement and how we plan to keep it fair and fun for everyone who participates in Ranked Warzones:In [..] View

Grumble - game timeout when looking at windows

3:24 pm, January 30, 2015 First, my machines are old. They routinely take 5 minutes to zone and the record is 10 minutes with still a successful zone and game play following (I just left it to see how long it would take) First [..] View

Any tips?

3:24 am, January 27, 2015 Hello all. I'm a new player , however not new to MMO's. Was looking for a change and decided to try SWtOR. 37 levels later and I find myself subbed and on Hoth :). Had started 3-4 characters but [..] View

Subscription Renewed it's Self...Without Billing Info.

3:24 pm, January 8, 2015 Hi there, I'm surely not complaining, if this is a free offer, or something, but I truly need to straighten this out. Last month, on Dec. 4th, 2014, I decided that I couldn't afford to keep my subsc [..] View

Not very happy customer

3:24 pm, December 28, 2014 First of all I write this letter to you, dear Developers, since we as a community of Tomb of Freedon Nadd are not satisfied with your service to the people who play Star Wars The Old Republic. Since t [..] View

I've seen a number of posts that indicate that AMR is open source

3:24 pm, December 17, 2014 Does anyone know if this is true? And if so, how to contribute to it? Here is some of the data I've found:http://www.swtor.com/community/showt...=652165&page=5http://www.swtor.com/community/ [..] View

Pvp community MIA?

3:24 am, December 4, 2014 Forum activity in the PVP compared to a couple of years ago is just sad :( and with a new PVE patch and with a new DIscipline system what more do you want? View

Case of "Win Trading" - Ranked Team

3:24 pm, November 30, 2014 Hi, I create this post to explain a situation on the server "Mantle of the Force" . This situation is about ranked team and this a recent event. Two guild are doing "Win tr [..] View

Game wont load after the last patch, please help.

3:24 am, November 17, 2014 Ok so for some odd reason my game wont load to the character selection screen, it stays on that Nar Shadaa stronghold loading screen and even leaving it for an hour it still doesn't load, it loaded o [..] View

From clicking play to servers list 30 min passes

4:24 am, October 23, 2014 Every time I press play It takes 30 minutes for server list to appear. Of course by that time I am already been loged off due to inactivity. The thing is that the first time I tried to play game I was [..] View

which server has highest ranked and pvp activity?

4:24 am, October 16, 2014 thanks guys View

Cannot progress past initial splash screen

4:24 pm, October 15, 2014 So I patched the game today, and everything seemed to have gone fine. However, when launching, the game fires into the initial Strongholds splash screen, and signals loading activity for a brief wh [..] View

38 ping to 7000+ spikes. Only started to happen with Rakata prime patch.

4:24 am, September 21, 2014 My ports are open for swtor. I called my isp and said my up and downstream are normal (30 d 5 u)with no activity or disruptions on their end. This is very frustrating as i have died a few times alrea [..] View

#OWPvP: BW Get Off Your Lazy Donkeys!

4:24 pm, September 20, 2014 Since Conquest Patch, I got lucky to be part of a few open world pvp boss brawls. Problem is hardly anyone takes the effort to know or inform what boss is getting ganked. It would be nice if BW had [..] View

Choose character, click to play. Nothing happens

4:24 pm, August 16, 2014 After being logged out for inactivity i am experiencing choose character, click to play. Nothing happens So choose server to login to Character Select Screen Choose a character, click to play and N [..] View

New pvp gear?

4:24 am, August 11, 2014 So Galactic strongholds is releasing this month for subs (yay) and i was thinking, hey they might change out the pvp gear. The devs seem to do that a lot. Once i hit lvl 40 i was interested in pvp, th [..] View

Subscription without rise of the hutt cartel?

10:17 am, April 25, 2014 Hi, I bought 2 month of sub yesterday and still i don't have rise of the hutt cartel. So I can't reach 51 lvl etc.. Greetings EDIT: In account activity my invoice have open status View

Trying to locate my old guild?

10:17 am, April 20, 2014 Hey all So I stopped playing a few months ago due to school starting again, and due to inactivity I got kicked from my guild. I had put a lot into the guild and so I wanted to try to find them agai [..] View

Can't login since 2.7 patch

10:17 am, April 10, 2014 I'm stuck in the perpetual "Updating/Complete" mode where my client says it's at 100% - but wont show the Play button. And if I try and exit out, it claims it's still patching (it isn [..] View

Population of the game? And a few other questions?! :)

10:17 pm, April 8, 2014 Hello BIOWARE (and others). I have a few questions that I am hoping you wouldn't mind answering: 1) How many human players can be on one server? (MAX amount?) If you don't have an exact number. Can y [..] View

Problem connecting

10:17 am, April 7, 2014 Hello everyone. I played SWTOR on Ebon Hawk for about two months at the end of 2013 before my computer went down and I had to get a new one. I rejoined the server I was on because it already had a to [..] View

Game won't launch after I press play

4:17 am, April 3, 2014 Hello, After I made a copy of my character to PTS I have started downloading the test server client for the first time. Becasuse it was a slow donwload, I tweaked the launcher settings to boost the [..] View

Just Starting up after almost 2 years

4:17 am, March 23, 2014 I just started playing again after almost 2 years of inactivity. I see that the number of servers has been reduced and the server with my accounts has been removed. I live on the east coast and I'm su [..] View

Guild Leadership failed to transfer to new character

10:17 am, March 21, 2014 I have submitted three tickets in game regarding the failure of our guild's leadership to transfer and received the same form letter back each time. I explained in both the second and third ticket th [..] View

Your ranking system can kiss my...

9:17 pm, February 21, 2014 My experience with your stupid flawed pvp ranking system? Broken bolster, broken resolve, pointless pvp gear and matches being determined by who can mash print screen the most to lag out the server [..] View

Is "Win Trading" against the rules?

3:17 pm, February 13, 2014 Are we allowed to trade victories in PVP? If not, what is being done to eradicate the practice of "Win Trading" in PVP? If "Win Trading" is against the rules, pla [..] View

Kuat Drive Yards Rewards

3:17 am, February 6, 2014 The KDYards are great for leveling DPS - there's finally a non-pvp multi-player activity you can engage in quickly. There are a few (dev easy) fixes that can make this more fun. While the reputation [..] View

PvP queues down -- Could be the best thing Bioware has ever done!

3:17 am, January 19, 2014 This is short, sweet, and to the point. I've been playing mmorpg's for 17 years starting with MUD's (gemstone III, dragonrealms), onto more modern traditional ones such as asheron's call, anarchy [..] View

Confusing Subscription!

9:17 pm, January 16, 2014 Hi, When I go to My Account > Subscriptions it says just underneath: "You have 24 days of subscription play time remaining" I am a Subscriber but had removed my paymen [..] View

Can't switch to specific server

3:17 pm, January 11, 2014 So this is only affecting 1 server for me (Harbinger). If I log directly into Harbinger, I can play as normal. If I get logged out for inactivity, or switch servers and then switch back, I cannot pu [..] View

All my credits just vanished

3:17 am, December 21, 2013 Hello, I recently made a toon Jedi Knight who I leveled up to 11 and got him on the Republic Fleet. After about 2-3 days of inactivity, I log back onto him to find out I had no credits. I hadn't bough [..] View

Bioware read this and respond please

9:17 am, December 20, 2013 So its like what four day's now that the new patch have come out and people have alot of problems just like me in the four day's that the new patch have been launched i wasn't been able to play becaus [..] View

Is PVP going from bad to worse?

3:17 am, December 10, 2013 PVP is probably one of my favorite things about MMO's. I've always had a few issues with the PVP system in SWTOR in comparison to other PVP games I've played, but nothing so serious as to completely r [..] View

Instance Lag, Jedi Covenant

3:17 am, December 6, 2013 Hey folks, Not sure how many other folks attempted to raid this evening (12/5), but the lag has been encounter breaking. Has anyone heard anything about a fix in the works for this new issue [..] View

swtor.exe infected updating PTS client

9:17 pm, November 26, 2013 Filename: swtor.exe Threat name: WS.Malware.2 Full Path: c:\star wars-the old republic\publictest\retailclient\swtor.exe ____________________________ Details Unknown Community Usage,* Unknown [..] View

Patcher issues - Stuck at 99.83%

9:17 pm, November 23, 2013 Been having some issues getting the game patched. The game is updated to the point where I can play a character on starting planets only, but the launcher patcher won't progress me any further and t [..] View

Patch hangs at 87.5%, re-install stuck at 0% of minimal download...

9:17 pm, November 20, 2013 The game was installed on a regular external HD, last patch hung at 87.5% until it eventually turned my entire computer into a massive frozen paperweight, powered down, turned computer back on, uninst [..] View

Negative Performance Spikes

5:44 pm, November 6, 2013 Hi, For the past few days I've been getting bad spikes in my framerate. I will get 60 fps for a bit, then a drop into the single digits. I've been averaging around 30 though. Before this week I was [..] View

Proposed changes to PVP queue window

4:17 am, November 1, 2013 Let me be frank here, the PVP queue system in SWTOR is atrocious. Not only can we not choose what maps we queue for, but we can't see how many players are currently in queue. I present you with the [..] View

"Target Break" skill for Sith?

5:32 pm, October 25, 2013 I'm not 100% sure what to call it (and maybe it's a glitch) but my last two duels against Sith when I was wandering through Imp territory have been a little frustrating. First, it won't let me target [..] View

What kind of gamer are you?

11:22 pm, October 24, 2013 Heya everyone, I would like to start a new activity for us all to participate in. This activity was both fun and informative for me and I figured it would be for the rest of the guild as well. All yo [..] View

Save & Rescue : PvP mechanics

7:13 am, October 23, 2013 Preliminary comment : I wont delve on the place and importance of PvP in this game and more particularly on PvP servers, but to be blunt clear, I consider it to be a minigame in its current implementa [..] View

Server Issue: Error 9000

4:17 am, October 22, 2013 Error 9000 is an error code I receive consistently at erratic times. Ill get it non-stop for a few nights, not see it for two weeks, and then it will begin again. From other threads Ive read, this iss [..] View

Kicked for inactivity in wz

12:27 pm, October 20, 2013 *********** stupid rule; "you will be removed if you dont move from the safe zone". HOW THE **** SHOULD I BE ABLE TO AVOID THAT WHEN THE HIDDEN... View

Why no love for the majority of this game's population?

9:04 pm, October 17, 2013 Take a look at the main forum page and add up the numbers of threads and posts in each sub forum. Currently the PvP forum has over 45,000 threads, compared to 12.5k in the Crew Skills forum, 11k in Se [..] View

3 Weeks for a ticket response

11:32 pm, October 16, 2013 You know having two kids, two dogs, and a wife I try to be ultra patient. One of those has been diagnosis with hyperactivity -- which means i have... View

Help or suggestion?

5:53 am, October 16, 2013 Basicly the game perfomance is crappy. Usually around high population locations or in a high , fast activity place like a warzone. This wasnt the... View

Battle of Alderaan

4:17 pm, October 12, 2013 Game has tried to load me in 5 time to the above mentioned warzone, each time the load bar has got to about a 1/6 the way through and then stops, no harddrive activity. I have to **** the game to get [..] View

Petition for new pvp daily area

10:17 pm, October 10, 2013 k guys I found this in a other area but it needed to be in this pvp area so /sign if you like it , ty not my post guys, but I do like it :) 06.01.2013 , 02:28 AM | #1 Ever since the Reputat [..] View


Lost guild master rank after 4 or 5 days of inactivity rather than months.

Dec 13, 2014, 11:15 pm So, I requested assistance in game about this issue, but got a "Thank you for submitting a bug report" cut and paste reply. Thanks for that, it's...[..] View

Customer Status Bug after dc due to inactivity

Dec 12, 2014, 10:13 pm Hello, Passing on an issue I have experienced since F2P went live. If I am disconnected from the world due to inactivity, I am returned to...[..] View

Kicked for inactivity in wz

Dec 12, 2014, 4:07 pm *********** stupid rule; "you will be removed if you dont move from the safe zone". HOW THE **** SHOULD I BE ABLE TO AVOID THAT WHEN THE HIDDEN...[..] View

How will 2.4 (arenas specifically) affect your activity in this game?

Dec 11, 2014, 8:54 am Pretty simple question. I'm under the assumption that arenas, regardless of whether or not they had removed 8 vs 8 ranked, will have a negative effect on the population. I might be completely wrong so[..] View

What does the "status" mean in the Account Activity ?

Dec 7, 2014, 2:43 am Hello, What does the "status" mean in the Account Activity ? The two top rows looks like that in my account: Code: --------- 2012/11/16...[..] View

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