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Short Title: Purchase Error Code: NU2099
Full Title: Purchase Error Code: NU2099
Raw Date: 2013-09-30 19:15:19
Nice Date: 7:15 pm, September 30, 2013
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The following problems occurred with my main character after the latest update whereas before, these weren't an issue: My character runs slower than others but they run at normal speed * ..

Where do i respec

People say the skill trainer, but i am at the trainer at the fleet and i don't see it. Do you have to be a certain level? Can anyone direct this noob please? Thanks...

FPS issues since 2.7

Anyone else been having major FPS issues since the patch? If so, how did you manage to fix it? Launcher repair tool or anything else? I've tried turning down the graphics but still the same thing. ..

Sith Marauders...apparently ranged dps.

Just witnessed an interesting discussion (okay actually argument) where two people were insisting that Sith marauders could be classified as ranged dps. Apparently the mount of leaps and saber thro..

NiM Corrupter laser bug

http://www.twitch.tv/krakataugodly/c/4062988 would suggest you skip to 2:20 as my clipping skills are sub par. If you watch my mini map around 220 you will see the corrupter zero jumps into the ai..

Pre-mades Are Ruining The Random Cue on LVL..

Clarification : How long will it take BW to realize that premades are ruining game play in the random cue on LVL 55. Yes its an MMO so if you wanna run pre-made it should be restricted to ranked play ..

Help please:One time passwords

My log in screen/launch screen says that I need to put in a one time password after I log in.When I put it in it tells me that the password that I put in are wrong. It tells me that I put it in wrong ..

PUG melee is just straight up a nightmare....

I main a Sentinel, and I also have a Commando, ... I swear melee is just so horrible to play right now, every class has a billion knockbacks, roots, snares, etc, that no matter what you do, its always..

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I know you get less comms for ranked, but they are ranked and your not trading regular comms in at a loss. Is it more efficient to play ranked for the comms than it would be to play regular warzones?..

Time-card bought but still free-to-play sta..

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Fullscreen Windowed mode and Starfighter Pv..

Just a easy question. Is there no way to "lock" the mouse inside the game on Fullscreen Windowed mode? I use 2 monitors and love not having to ALT + Tab out (as anyone knows NVidia drivers ha..

EV SM - 2 Mara ****

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eciL3h36QzI Decided to have a bit of fun and see if it was possible to two man this with maras. The platforms were only possible because of leap and caused us to be ..

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