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Code: NU2099 Error


Code: NU2099 Error

***It now says 'Purchase Pending' so I'm going to just wait.***

I've been trying to purchase Rise of the Hutt Cartel for over a week now. Previously I have phoned support 7 times, including being transferred to Account and Billing which has weird hours. I'm usually in bed when they are working, phoning the USA 1-855 number... I was told to wait until Tuesday's patch, which would have been the 23rd of April. I've been to busy and haven't gotten around to it until tonight. I'm using a Vanilla Mastercard to try and make the purchase. I get right to the final step (Receipt), which is further then my previous attempts last week. I get this error message. 'An error occurred while processing your request. If you canceled your purchase at the third party payment website, this error is expected.

Code: NU2099' I haven't cancelled the purchase on the Vanilla end but it is charging the card $1.10. Just got off the phone with support and I'm to call back around midnight my time (central). Any thoughts?


I'm guessing a Vanilla visa card is prepaid?
If so you might want to check out the big prepaid card thread here: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=625637 I think some had some success there when combining the card with paypal..

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