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Enhancements and mods for your Jugg DPS


Enhancements and mods for your Jugg DPS

This is a question for Jugg DPS in Rakate/Columni gear. This is a PvE question about gearing and damage output. Please include spec info. I happen...

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The Page Enhancements and mods for your Jugg DPS was first posted on 7:17 pm, October 13, 2013 in the category STAR WARS: The Old Republic Community it has been viewed 413 times.


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Views: 413
Short Title: Enhancements and mods for your Jugg DPS
Full Title: Enhancements and mods for your Jugg DPS
Raw Date: 2013-10-13 19:17:28
Nice Date: 7:17 pm, October 13, 2013
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Content Length: 152

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