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Two common PVP forum myths

There are a few PVP myths that circulate the forums these days that we; as a PVP community, need to vigorously fight against if we ever hope for EA to invest in improving PVP in SWTOR. Myth #1: Peo..

Czerka CZX-4 Assault Cannon barrels not vis..

Hi, posting here as nobody answered my ticket which is now 3 days old and same goes for the thread in Bug reports General section (I'm sorry for the duplicity but this really annoys me), as the t..

Fresh New Flashpoint and Operations

All the flashpoints and operations are the same even the tactical flashpoints you group up u run thru some mobs then a boss repeat. Here is a fresh idea why not create it where your team of 8 are p..

Guild Conquest Rewards/Title not granted on..

My guild, Sith United, conquered the planet of Quesh on 11/17/14. I have racked up more than 35k conquest points on my level 55 Assassin toon during the 5 day conquest. however I did not receive the ..

PvP Championship

Hello there, Many of you might think this is a stupid idea since looking at the title of the thread but I can assure you that it isn't,. This is mainly because there are is an increasing amount of ..

Sent back to medcenter

This is something that only happens in ops missions. When I get killed in a fight, a lot of times I get sent back to the med center whether I clicked it or not. Sometimes it's right away. Sometimes ..

Game crashes on hitting 'Play'

Like it says on the tin, my game crashes to desktop on hitting the 'Play' button. I initially get a blank screen like the game is about to kick in and then back to my desktop. It was working fine tw..

Cast bar disapears while casting, cast stil..

I really enjoy playing this game so far and want to continue to play it. However when ever I cast a heal on my sorcerer the cast bar fades away while its casting and I cant watch it complete. It's n..

Anyone not fed up with EAware?

My days off are sunday and monday so I have 1 decent day to work on conquest which also happens to be the last day of the week to get it in. Go figure that it's the day that harbinger seems to crash o..

Harbinger server has gone insane

I purchased some items from GTN. In my chat (which I screenshotted) the purchase was confirmed but the items never appeared in my mail. So I was 76536 credits out of pocket with nothing to show fo..

error Unable to retrieve patch data. 208

I received this message earlier and the launcher did not work. Now I cant even open the launcher to log in :mad: my log Spoiler 2014-11-24 03:21:22 INFO SWTOR Launcher [Core:P1...

why pay

why do i bother to pay you guys. i had to wait for an hour to be able to play online i give you guys money every month to get screwed over like this its b.s and you need to find a way to solve the pr..

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