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Smugglers question

I guess I could post this in the smugglers section but I think it's a newbie question. As I leveling my smuggler I have reached lvl 11. I was wondering when you get to pick your specialty and get a ..

pvp op healer gearing?

Hello, Now that i've started regearing the op for 2.7 content, was wondering what would be the optimal distribution for enhancements in pve its 6 alacrity, 4 surge but you can't get high enough ..

Trying to locate my old guild?

Hey all So I stopped playing a few months ago due to school starting again, and due to inactivity I got kicked from my guild. I had put a lot into the guild and so I wanted to try to find them agai..

My only experience with pve in the last few..

I decided to queue up for group finder earlier today and the first level 55 flashpoint I played was a total disaster. Your new flashpoints are so ridiculously bugged out I have to believe you all stop..

Game startet nicht

Hallo Zusammen, gestern abend habe ich noch gezockt. Jetzt wird im Launcher der Starten-Button nicht aktiv. Dafr kommt ne Fehlermeldung mit dem Hinweis, dass ein nicht spezifizierter Fehler aufge..

Sound and Graphic Stutter, But Only When Pl..

I'll preface this by saying that I know a lot of people come on blaming the game for things that can, in some cases, be attributed to hardware or software. I don't believe I'm doing that here so my go..

Where are my monthly Cartel Coins FFS

Where are my monthly Cartel Coins. You have no problem taking my monthly sub out of my bank account on time.... So FFS why can you not give me my Cartel Coins on time?..

Ground Tremble

I need a way to stop the ground from trembling on certain abilities like smash and force scream as this makes me feel sick and gives me headaches..

Launcher stuck at 0%

hello, today i'm here to ask you guys if you know why my launcher is stuck at 0% download. I've tried deleting bitraider, uninstalling, changing compatibility, running as admin etc. Help me, you're ..

Why and why not make it fair and possiable ..

Why is it that in PvP they getting rewards like a Rancor Mount yet in PvE we have no way of earning the rancor prize also. I mean its a mount which both PvE and PvP can use not a PvP only item so why ..

Help with ops

I have recently started farming ops for afew ultimate comms, hoping to learn schematics for all the grade 34 mods. I have had problems getting onto the ops as everyone wants people who already know ta..

Locked Vsync, but now the game doesn't laun..

This is the first time I have tried this game my (new to me) machine. My first few attempts resulted in the usual "input not supported" nonsense. So I tried again with Vsync locked at 60hz..

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