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Lag spikes every few minutes. (5000+ ping, ..

Since 2.9 I've been getting regular lag spikes when playing the game. At first I thought it was just confined to strongholds since I pretty much spent all my time there decorating, but I've noticed i..

Companion conversations skipping

On my sith sorcerer some conversations for my companions haven't appeared. For Ashara and Andronikos a few conversations never took place but when I got a notification it was for a conversation that i..

A Tank speaks up for Healers

The good healers I know won't go into group finder because they're all tired of being scapegoats for suck. The healers I know aren't the whiny type. but I thought things couldn't be all that bad. ..

GSF and Conquest points (for the DEVS if th..

On Harbinger server, we have run into an issue. Evidently, a guild there thinks tanking GSF matches earns them more points for conquest. They will intentionally self destruct, continuously throu..

Conquests....serious business.

I'm just going to leave this right here: http://files.enjin.com.s3.amazonaws....al/1973704.jpg So glad planet conquests are all about those guild member numbers and PvE though..... By the way i..

Conquest points bug

I sent an ingame ticket about this a few days ago that has received no reply so I am now posting it here too. I reached my personal target on this character by crafting whilst it was offline, the ..

My monthly cartel coins!

Hi, someone need to help me am getting sick... i should have got my monthly reward for 9 days ago its not okay! Pleas watch this it would be a good help... ;(..

Initial screen is loading and loading and l..

Hi, after hitting the start button in the launcher, the inital loading screen appears but the wheel is rotating but nothing happens ( i've waited for 30 minutes). The repair button does't fix any..

How to maximise bolster in lowbie/mid PVP?

I'm a tank and trying to stack endurance as much as possible in lowbie PVP, since there are barely any mods at this level for shield rating and absorption. I'm currently level 28 and get 32.5k HP with..

Hybrids need to be removed in season 3 solo..

Breaks what little matchmaking solo queue has. If you don't have 36 points into a single tree you should be blocked from queuing solo ranked...

Can Not Log Into One of My Characters

My character Fendra will not load. I have waited up to 30 minutes to see if she would but it does not process and I can not play her. I am on Bergen Colony...

Fury in Dromund Kaas Festung plazieren?

Da der Hexer mein Mainchar ist habe ich mir beim Hndler auf der Flotte eine Fury gekauft die ich nun in meiner Festung auf Dromund Kaas platzieren mchte, aber weder im Auenbereich auf dem Landeplatz n..

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