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4:24 pm, April 7, 2018

The “Swtor-sum” for succes in game (or failure) Do the math and decide:


So I started to pick up my SWTOR-account and was happily surprised about the game itself and some changes it went through. Although I can’t say the same about the community. And when I say community, I mean, ‘those who fit the shoe’.

Somehow in some way, I am still surprised about the fact, that quite a lot of players, have no knowledge at all about the ‘RPG’ in the genre MMORPG or even heard about the so called ‘Holy Trinity’ in MMO-games in general. And this shows (for example) in Flashpoints with PUG (pick up group).
Note: I know you can end up without this holy trinity in a FP but 2 out of 3 can save/do a lot as well.

Some classic (bad) examples are:
ppl (read: not the tank himself) ‘Ninja-Pulling’ where there is a tank. So aggro spreads among the that player who is not the tank and the tank is having a more difficult time, to take back this aggro. Or the tactical decision to start at a certain mob is gone.

Than we have the so called ‘Red-Bull-Tank’: the Tank who knows it all, Flashing his/her ‘Founder-title’** around, keeping his/her own pase and not looking back on the group what so ever and eventually flames at the healer because he/she died.

This Tank does not understand or just don’t care (where there is a healer involved), that after a fight a healer or dps (with self-healing skills fort hat matter) are topping of the HP’s (health pools) and after that he/she will needs a few more secsonds to loot as well. Instead, the Tank has forced-leaped his way ahead and already taking 30-50% damage while dps and or healer comes just around the corner. …and than the drama starts and the tank is flaming heavy terms like ‘OMG, *** MAN, FFS, NOOB’ and so on… (the daily bread and butter-drama you will find online in a mmo )

As lucky we are in SWTOR, we have self-heal abilities . Nice right? Ironically we have some players, who live just by the tunnel-vison of this Holy Trinity and think the healing has to be done by only the healer persé at all time and they refused to use the selfhealing ability. The healer spents up using his/her force or energy, wasting it on these ppl and starts a new fight with a ‘half empty bottle’. In most cases, the healer ends up short to do his/her job and will probably get flamed at by tank and dps. ‘OMG, *** MAN, FFS, NOOB

Or some ‘smaller’ annoying stuff, when ppl are unaware of some of the MMO-terminology like: Buff, Debuff, Dot, DPS, HoT, CC or “OMG, *** MAN, FFS, NOOB” and so on. Not understanding CC is another common annoying thing. CC stands for ‘Crowd Control’. A target is marked for it or tank calls it out, or you see a stealthy making a mob ‘sleep’. Basicly it means, when someone uses a CC, is for the reason to give the group time and focus on something else (a different mob) OR it means (without saying) don’t attack CC-ed target and don’t break CC, with damage-skills and most likely AoE-skills (Area of Effect). But again, al would be simple if ppl said so in group. Communications FTW, instead, ppl assume from eachother that they know it all. ....and OMG if you don't know it all :eek:

In some way I also believe that the game itself and it’s given mechanics, is creating (for a part at least) his ‘own typical stereo-type of player’. Where we used to grind for weeks till max level, ppl just jump into SWTOR doing FP’s and hit L50 in barely 2 days if it isn’t in ONE day. That typical stereo-type of player, levels up like crazy, gets purple gear without much effort and is beeing pelted by skills of he/she only reads the name of it. Button-bashing and flaming trhouout the FP's.

Worse, this stereo-type of player thinks he/she knows the game by heart (afterall, they have done/been in FP’s for like a ‘gazillion-time’ right? Wrong! In most cases this player suits the role of the above stated ‘some classic (bad) examples’! Those who DO understand there role, often do not get the change play it or even worse, to learn it.

And than we had the Social-Factor:
Online games are also a playground for Douchebags and Trolls. 2 tips: get a thick skin online and the ‘ignore-option’ is your friend. And if this is not helping, your last resorts will be ‘initiate a vote kick’ or ‘leave group’ and get a 12 minute penalty. I could write a 1000 examples but like to pick out 2.

01.: A group-member yelled in chat. “*** i am stuck!! :eek:” (in caps)So I tried to be helpful and wrote in chat: “type: /stuck”. After 2-3 minutes of no-reply and seeing this person on the same spot on the map, I wrote: “it worked?”. As helpful and social I could be online and in group at that moment, I got rewarded with the repy: “you need to chill the fck down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” in CAPS of course.

02: I ended up in a group, where ‘our L70-leader’ spammed upfront: “we go straight for last boss, and don’t you d*ckheads aggro anything”. So I putted on my thick skin, answered polite with “FU”, which retaliated in the spam of me beeing “noob” because I was like in the far L40’s, I ignored player and left group.

So I got this FP-entry-penalty and logged on another char to keep my SWTOR-groove going as it was, before mister douchebag arrived on the scene. Just to see, that mister douchebag, apparently logged on his alt and spammed my name of beeing a noob, and “..have you heard of … he is a noob” looking for trolls for support to join his ‘opinion’. Instead the chat went ????? and he stopped. TBH (to be honest) it made me giggle, especially because the 3 letters of his L70 started with ‘Dum…......’

If you came this far, much respect and appriciation. Maybe you agree or disagree and maybe it was informative enough for newer (and older players). But IMO (in my opinion) the SWTOR-sum for succes and don’t forget a lot of SWTOR-online fun should be:

A basic knowledge of a mmoRPG +PLUS

A basic knowledge of your char (role & skill) +PLUS

At least knowing what the Holy Trinity stands for (TANK, DPS HEALER) and play as such or as far as possible depending on role other groupmembers +PLUS

Some basic ‘social skill online’, wasting time to give eachother a hard time or use this time to progress in game. YES, char- progression is what drives you in mmo’s, right?

Note: DON’T be discouraged, luckily there are still player left to be found and like you they enjoy to game online like you do! Sometime for beeing the 'better player' (the person who you are behind a screen), the rewards don’t come any bigger as in the form of a well ment TY from other players!

**having the Founder-title on, does not always mean ‘I know it all’, but could simple means: ‘I was there when the games launched in 2011 and or I am a Star Wars fan in general and I was there…etc.

SWTOR is a very very gd mmorpg, where Devs are using the force to keep it alive (despite some desturbance here and there), the community has the powers to the (dark) force to make it or break the game eventually! Let's create an even better SWTOR-community!

Disclaimer: I do not pretend to know it all, I just wrote something of my chest (after personal en general exp in game) and seeing a part of the community has been changed a lot, after beeing away for a while.



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