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8:24 am, October 11, 2017

Merc’s nerfed to oblivion?

Anyone else think healing Mercs have been nerfed to hard?
I’ve not played mine all year because they were OP, but reading the patch notes it seems they got blasted out the airlock.
What do you guys think?



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Is anyone killing VM Master&Blaster

8:24 am, December 14, 2017 As the title says, I'm wondering if anyone has been killing Veteran Mode (former Hard Mode) Master and Blaster in Ravagers. And I mean legitimate kills, not a got lucky and got a super bugged shield s [..] View

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8:24 pm, December 13, 2017 I love that I can summon Hexxid on any character on my account. Are there others like this? Any of the GTN sold companions or Treek or HK? On some classes I'm not crazy about the companion and I'd [..] View

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8:24 pm, December 13, 2017 After 8 months of trying to get this achv done, finally got the opportunity to fight this Lance on Yavin 4. We had a group of 14 people and finally defeated him after 30 mins. He has one the highest [..] View

The False Emperor

8:24 pm, December 13, 2017 Ok I have soloed this flashpoint in story mode 3 times and still no ending cutscene and/or been given a new mission. There is nothing. I can't enter the room with the military head personnel for said [..] View

How Much Does Gear Matter in PvP?

8:24 am, December 13, 2017 I just want to know how much it matters. I thought bolstering helped, but it seems a 10 item rating difference makes a rather large difference in terms of damage output and healing. I am in no way a p [..] View

Ne'laa's PvP guide to SW:TOR - Including Yavin Ruins!

8:24 am, December 13, 2017 Hello all, After the many positive comments received in a previous thread, I've decided to publish the latest version of my PvP guide for everyone to enjoy. It is aimed at players of little to averag [..] View

Yavin PVP map - great map; ruined by cross faction

8:24 am, December 13, 2017 have to say, I really like the map. interesting little twist on the civil war map. But I really hate cross faction queuing. that alone make me dislike the map as I do the proving grounds the huttba [..] View

Anyone Struggling With MM Sniper?

8:24 am, December 13, 2017 I have played as a Marksman Spec Sniper for 4 years and this is the worst I can recall. It seems like other classes have reflects, bubbles, electro nets, stun immunity, interrupt immunity, knockback i [..] View

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8:24 pm, December 12, 2017 Can anyone point me to summaries for all of the endgame content? Similar to all the Class Story line summaries out there (prologue, Chapter 1, etc...). i.e. a summary for what happens on Ilum, a sum [..] View

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8:24 pm, December 12, 2017 Just looking to see if I messed up three times or if this is a bug. I use a commando healer and during huttball, I throw kolto bomb by clicking friendly player and double click the kolto bomb to thro [..] View

Yavin Civil War ms

8:24 pm, December 12, 2017 I have almost double the ms whenever i am in the new warzone. This really sucks since my ms already skyrocketed after the servers moved to the east coast. Anyone else having this issue as well? I [..] View


8:24 am, December 12, 2017 Quote: General •The Yavin 4 Warzone will temporarily pop more frequently than other Warzones. So you can change how often they pop? :D So wait, are all other WZs norma [..] View

Make sure you account for the inflated group rankings :)

8:24 am, December 12, 2017 Its fun farming, but lets not pretend that it does not reflect the skill of the group ranked community. There are teams literally agreeing not to queue against each other so they can just keep farmin [..] View

Small Bug in AHG

8:24 am, December 12, 2017 Hey guys, i noticed a little bug in AHG as i now play my sin tnak a bit again... To what I notice you receive defender points if you guard a pylon (in stealth) on an Assassin.. But you dont receive a [..] View

"Warzoning" Stigg exclusive!

8:24 am, December 12, 2017 ((Stiggle The Bootywarrior is back at it again. I'm going to drop my latest hit for all you lovely pvpers out there! Vuba, I'm coming for you. I'm going to steal yo girl, and punish all the pubs that [..] View

After a thousand years.... ¡¡DPS class for raiding!!

8:24 pm, December 11, 2017 Hello, First of all sorry for my bad english, let's start: After some years I'm going to return and raid again. I would like to know a good DPS class for high end raiding. A few things before you po [..] View

Any permanent losses from temporarily dropping down to Preferred from Sub'ed?

8:24 pm, December 11, 2017 I need to change my recurring billing date to a few days later in the month than it currently is, and the only way I can see to do that is to let my subscription expire and then resub on the desired d [..] View

Need informations for 4v4

8:24 am, December 11, 2017 Questions: 1-What should I go for a assassin in 4v4? I want to go dps but is a tank immortal better over hatred and the other one? People told me to do not go hatred. What stats should I get mastery& [..] View

The False Emperor - Jindo Krey's Ship [Bug Workaround]

8:24 am, December 11, 2017 Hi all! I'm sure this has been posted many times over the years as it's another one of those commonly bugged FPs, but after some wipes and spending (too much) time looking up exactly why it happens, [..] View


8:24 am, December 10, 2017 I'm returning back to SWTOR because I really enjoyed the game previously and am willing to give it a try again. My only question is, how is the game doing population wise? Are there still a decent n [..] View

Recalibrate bosses in the Trial and Error Uprising (Veteran-focused difficult)

8:24 am, December 10, 2017 Every bossy fight has a MASSIVE mob of strong enemies that attack you in dense groups of 6-12+ There's way too much stress on healers and tanks to survive these big fights. If even 1 or 2 of these op [..] View

Companions plus another question

8:24 am, December 10, 2017 was there always companions ? I started playing going on 8 weeks ago now, and been wondering about that since my first companion. seems odd to me, since the game is grouped focused , but just add [..] View

Imp pvp on SF is a joke

8:24 am, December 10, 2017 Imps on Star Forge are some of the worst pvpers in this game. Worse than the reps on Satele Shan. At least those reps on SS try to win. Imps on SF don’t even try, they the most selfish playe [..] View

Galactic Command Daily Bonus

8:24 pm, December 9, 2017 Hi, I would like to ask, if the highlighted Bonus in the galactic command window has a rotation order? Like, one day Hero Missions, next day PvP, next day OPs, next day GSF, and so on. And if there [..] View

Any useful PVP strategy guides that are class vs. class based?

8:24 pm, December 9, 2017 I've been wondering if there are any guides/ tips/ tricks that give cliff notes versions of how to approach pvp'ing against other players based on classes. For example, when fighting combat sentinels [..] View

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