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8:24 am, April 22, 2017

Your thoughts on Master Mode Uprisings.

I am a bit of an achievement hunter, so as soon as I was done with story and dailies on Iokath, I went for all MM uprisings. My impressions so far:

Fractured - remains the fastest and easiest uprising (though traps on last boss kinda annoying) No doubt it now will be farmed. Doesnt help that unlike Story and Veteran, rewards are exactly the same as other Uprisings.

Done and Dusted - 2 boss is annoying for melee, because he covers all the ground in mines. There are also adds, who can be ignored (and because of mines you wont be getting to them anyway)

Firefrost - last boss is a what happens when you mix Bulo AoE phase with Battle of Rishi final boss - blue and red stuff everywhere, so have fun trying to walk between them. After that - Forgemaster summons lots of ******* droids.

Inferno - Droid boss went from being mostly harmless to verya annoying, due to summoning several Probes that need to be ******. If you dont, he spams very big and very bad Aoe. Probes are yellow until attacked.

Crimson Fang - Huntress now puts bombs on people HK from ToS style. Not sure how much they hurt, our healer cleansed them before they went off.

Trench Runner - after you down the tank, be ready for tough DPS check - Commander will wipe you in 30 sec if you dont **** him. Not even Undying rage seems to stop that.

Divided we fall - VERY bad for melee dps. Chton (Final boss 1 stage) has a permanent debuff on him (bad smell) that hurts a lot if you stay near the boss From what I could see while laying dead (courtesy of that debuff) the only safe place for melee to stand - with the tank in front of the boss.

Landing party - nothing new. Lots of movent on 1 boss, need to hide under shield on second.

Trial and error - I am stuck on 2 boss, 2 phase. Its extremely hard, because a red AoE is being dropped without warning. Hurts very fast and very-very much. Have not been able to beat the fight. 1 stage is pretty much same.

Destroyer of Worlds - have not done yet.



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Guest 3:23 am, April 28, 2017
Me and my team attempted Trial and error aswell. Also encountered the same issue. We think you need Tank and off-tank class to keep the bosses separated. Terentia
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