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Treat SWTOR like a Single player before treating it like an MMO?

3:24 am, December 16, 2015 So I've come in to check on Swtor yet again, I've popped in like every 4 or so months since launch and never really stayed for very long on any of those visits. I have only seen the Jedi Consular sto [..] View

Is PVP viable without subscription?

3:24 pm, December 9, 2015 Hi to everyone! I'm writing this post because I am too tired of how Bioware is treating the PVP aspect of swtor. I recently cancelled my subscription because I am not willing to pay Bioware any more [..] View

PvP Servers will thrive once again. East coast pick one, West coast pick one, GO!!!

4:24 pm, October 3, 2015 Question for pvper's...Do you *honestly* enjoy your mincey balled pve server you're currently on? I didn't think so. Listen Up. Planet Sync is going to be HUGE! Players will be active on planets wa [..] View

Medpac Rebate for Snipers/Gunslingers!

4:24 pm, August 3, 2015 Come on, it's bad enough we have no self-healing capability whatsoever. Why do we have to pay the squishy but dangerous if left unkilled tax every time we solo queue into a pug with no healers? And w [..] View

are you guys even reading what we write when we write a ticket????????

3:24 am, January 12, 2015 i have tried in 3 days to retrive my other paid account. i dont have a landline phone and im not calling from a mobile to any of the numbers outside denmark where i live. then i might aswell just bu [..] View

so you think you can bully me ha?

3:24 am, November 3, 2014 yes, I am a very medium player even though I have my own very good moments, today I just learn the keyword turner after playing a whole year on this game and I have 3 years of WOW, sorry! I didn't kne [..] View

The Future of Progression Tracking

10:17 pm, May 6, 2014 Hello SW:TOR community, I was planning to make a very long post about my opinions the current state of progression and changes that could be implemented to improve it (both by Bioware and by us). I [..] View

Timing out as reinforcement in WZs

10:17 pm, April 26, 2014 Not sure if his is the right place to raise it, but as an APAC customer, and currently running an average computer, I've been encountering a problem with timing out while loading after accepting a que [..] View

KBN'S Sentinel Guide translated to Marauder Guide (formatted for better reading)

10:17 pm, March 26, 2014 KBN'S Sentinel Guide translated to Marauder Guide Updated for 2.5! Are you tired of treating your marauder as a mindless machine for converting Rage into Merciless stacks? Does your Force Screa [..] View

KBNs sentnel guide translated to Mara

9:17 pm, February 22, 2014 Are you tired of treating your Marauder as a mindless machine for converting Rage into Merciless stacks? Does your Force scream button stare up at you from your quickbar with sad, unused eyes? Are you [..] View

How do I contact a supervisor?

3:17 am, February 4, 2014 I have sent about 6 emails to support@swtor.com regarding the schematic for blue war hero crystal and schematic for cyan war hero crystal. I complained about not receiving them after opening 112 grade [..] View

Lag-issues in Germany/Europe, no Support-reaction

3:17 am, November 13, 2013 Hi there, hoping to receive an answer here, I create this thread in order to point out that the german support is not working or refuses to help. The issue: German and other european players are [..] View

Spread the word about this dodgy company

1:49 am, October 21, 2013 Given SWTOR and the administrators deem it fit to ignore us with this patching issue and count their cash instead, in between copying and pasting generic parts of the FAQ, I am encouraging people to m [..] View

People over 80 valor should get increased credit reward

3:28 pm, October 19, 2013 PvPers have to make money too you know... Think of all the time spent in matches that could have been spent in PvE content..think of how much money that person would own right now. I say for eac [..] View

Serious Problem Installing Game & Game Crashes

9:24 pm, October 17, 2013 Last night upon reaching the Trooper mission "Inconspicuous Justice" and attempting to go to the ship in which Tavus' forces are retreating my game... View

Some Numbers Behind a Tank with DPS gear

4:17 am, October 12, 2013 The following numbers represent the end overall statistics of 10 group ranked arenas I ran today. I compared my defense and protection with the DPS of the highest hitting DPS on my team. Somewhere tow [..] View

Ticket #9998971 - Not Receiving Refer a Friend Coin Grant

7:25 am, October 7, 2013 Today, after a month of waiting for an answer as to why I have not received my friend referral coins the last two months, I received the following e-mail from Customer Support: Quote: [..] View

The 40 year old Sith with issues

5:40 pm, October 6, 2013 Good afternoon, Well here I go with stuff you may already know. I have played for around a year now and here is my take on the pvp side of this game. I am on the Harbinger server I am a 55 Conq g [..] View

PVP patch

5:24 pm, October 1, 2013 We hear your next patch is going to be pvp. Great much needed new maps, are you going to fix anything? Or you going to make anything better? I am holding on for this patch paying my money in hopes you [..] View

Bioware, do you even give a ****?

7:43 pm, September 30, 2013 Do you even read what people are saying? My launcher works fine. I have been playing all day. But there are a lot of people ready to quit. Do you really think that you have such a dedicated fan base t [..] View

West coast server issue

3:25 am, September 30, 2013 Whenever I try to log into a west coast server(I Play in Harbinger), my Windows 7 starts treating SWTOR as if the game is freezing, however I can connect to the East coast servers and the European ser [..] View


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