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Lowbie lvl 40 stealth premade trolling for at least 6 weeks

4:24 am, March 12, 2018 This is a vent of frustration because I know there isn’t anything I can do or probably Bioware would do. They aren’t technically breaking any rules. I just want to share how horrib [..] View

Forget 4 healer premades, look out stealth premades

3:24 am, March 9, 2018 Latest tactics I’m seeing is if you can’t win with 3-4 healers, then why not run double stealth premades in the queue. LoL. Try playing objective pvp when you can’t see [..] View

Are there any PVP centric guilds on Star Forge?

3:24 pm, March 8, 2018 I came back after a long break, found they merged my old server the Ebon Hawk into Star Forge. I decided to create new lowbie characters just to start from the ground up again to get used to class [..] View

PVP balance out of control

3:24 pm, March 1, 2018 First of all please sorry for my bad english. We all love SWTOR and the game have many good aspects specially in PVE. But when it come to PVP the things are dramatically. A game have the potenti [..] View

Any PvP guilds on Darth Malgus Republic?

3:24 am, February 23, 2018 Hi all, I am looking for a PvP guild to join and play some mainly premades,, as I am fed up with the random pvp queue. My main is jedi shadow with 240-242 equip and growing. PM if your guild is [..] View

Fix matchmaking

3:24 am, February 12, 2018 Let me start by saying that I'm a founder. I've been with the game on and off since it launched. I mainly pvp and have countless hours played in regs. Bioware - you REALLY need to address the absol [..] View

Simple Solutions

3:24 pm, January 31, 2018 The most prevalent complaints/concerns regarding swtor pvp over the years seem to be among the following: premades vs pugs, ranked participation, win traders, trolls throwing matches, hackers, faction [..] View

Congratulation on creating most frustrating PvP experience I have ever seen

3:24 pm, January 26, 2018 Just so on what I am basing this statement: Brawlhalla - World top 200 , BLC - ex G29, World of Warcraft - Gladiator and Hero of The Horde (top 0.5%), Battlerite - Champion league (top EU 200), Battle [..] View

Suggestion: Publish W:L stats for premades in unranked

3:24 pm, January 26, 2018 Request based on this thread:http://www.swtor.com/community/showt...66#post9526666 There is no reason not to want to see that statistic, this is just required information to make more educated conclu [..] View

You should be allowed to change spec in unranked

3:24 am, January 19, 2018 Its soo frustrating when I join an unranked pvp match, there are no healers and I cannot just respec to healer to help our full pug against a premade. I understand why this is so for ranked pvp but wh [..] View

Premades and Yavin.

3:24 am, December 29, 2017 I’m usually a premade fan even though I don’t participate in them much anymore. But with Yavin, I think they need to be removed or at least have two types of queue to help allevia [..] View

Need match making for Yavin too many healers

3:24 pm, December 20, 2017 So when we have cross faction pvp, why are we seeing teams with 3-4 healers on one side and none on the other team at all. These aren’t 3-4 man premades, these are single healers from diff [..] View

Random thought of the day: Ultimate G-Ranked Comp has no DPS?

3:24 am, December 15, 2017 So it occurred to me this evening that the best comp for group ranked may not have a single tank or dps in it. I'm talking about 4x scoundrel/operative heals. All you have to do is stealth around, wai [..] View

We need a hero!

3:24 pm, November 29, 2017 I think, with all the toxicity in ranked, the bad "balance" tweaks, the **** CPX we still have to grind, and on an on... we need a HERO! (To the tune of "Holding out for a hero", [..] View

Has PvP really come to this? How is SS compared to SF

3:24 pm, November 25, 2017 I don't know about the fellow players on star forge but the amount of RPers I am seeing ACTUALLY RPing inside warzones on star forge is making me want to quit the server. I can't be that unlucky, I've [..] View

Another "reps **** at PVP" and "Premades ruin PVP" thread

3:24 pm, November 22, 2017 So it didnt take long and Darth Malgus feels like old Progenitor times. Again ist people leaving the wz in masses, farming respawned ppl at entry area, facerolling reps with perfect class/spec balanc [..] View

Possibility of Matchmaking for regular warzones after the server merges?

4:24 am, October 21, 2017 I think a lot of people would really, really like if there was a system put in place to regulate how many of certain roles could be on a team for solo queueing in regs. If people want to run a retarde [..] View

Fixing SWTOR PvP (Queues and things)

4:24 pm, October 18, 2017 Currently there is a bit of a problem with the system as is. You have 4 man premades queing in full tier 4 gear being put in the same matchs as fresh 70s that either have very little practice, are out [..] View

SWTOR PvP 2012 vs 2017 just how awful could it be I said?

4:24 pm, August 19, 2017 Wow, just how bad can the archaic burst + stun lock concept of a MMORPG PvP be? A question I asked people whom kept playing the game long after we had stopped. The answer is... "very" As s [..] View

Make TOFN great again!

4:24 pm, August 17, 2017 Does any one intersted to play kick-ball on TOFN from old players? US also welcomed. Its pretty dead enough to sync que by premades on regs. Rules, some classes/specs limitation including ofc after di [..] View

Come on guys, it is Monday, not Premade Tuesday yet

4:24 am, August 8, 2017 I just love matches like these: http://i.imgur.com/39zvdov.jpg I swear that the lack of match making, unbalanced matches, premades, inexperienced players or what ever the hell you want to call it wil [..] View

Voidstar - Five (5) Healers in a Team

4:24 pm, August 4, 2017 If a healer is focused, he wil fall. Its true. But in what conditions? Your party must have experienced DPS focusing the healer. So, he will be forced to divide attention between the proper role and [..] View

Dots vs Burst and the Misconception of PVP by Mr. Smells Great

4:24 am, August 2, 2017 Epeen is something alot of players deal with in this generation of MMOs or all games that matter. Too many miss guided information what is best for PvP or what works best has only confused players ab [..] View

When you see RBL premades...

4:24 pm, July 28, 2017 When you see RBL premades que syncing, how does that make you feel? Why do you stop queuing or leave the war zone? Or go hide out of sight hoping they don't find you? Do they raise your anxiety so hig [..] View

So... Matchmaking (a topic of considerable gravity)

4:24 am, July 20, 2017 Considering the recent influx of PvErs into wz with little or no experience; why not at the very least prioritize manhunters (or 35k+ kills at the very least) to match up against other players of simi [..] View

Still too many healers per match.

4:24 am, July 20, 2017 Bioware I have an easy fix. Limit 2 healers per match. If there are more than two ready to pop, then the others will need to wait for the next one. Eventually they'll get the msg that 3-4 man healer p [..] View

<Injustice> a new Harbinger PvP guild is now open for registration

4:24 am, July 9, 2017 We are <Injustice> (check out our guild trailer!! https://youtu.be/bq1zN7i8N5Y). Most of our guild activities will be PvP involved...we will do raids every now and then go get gear for o [..] View

Give us an alternative to getting the Black-Silver color crystals,bc ranked is horrid

4:24 pm, July 8, 2017 Spend all that time getting the best gear and waiting que'ing for ranked only to get a group that's undergeared and not very experienced AND oh yeah, let's not forget - gets butt pummeled by the oppos [..] View

Time for a break

4:24 am, June 12, 2017 It has simply been one of those weekends, and I need a break from this game. Between gear disparity and the constant premades, my cup is more than full. I truly, desperately wish they would make prope [..] View

Idea to improve the state of PvP

4:24 pm, June 1, 2017 Hey guys... I am quite sure BioWare Devs will not read this but tonight some ideas came to my mind in order to improve PvP and make it more fun again, as I have been thinking about it for quite a bit [..] View

Pub pvp on Harb - demoralizing, frustrating & pointless

4:24 am, May 24, 2017 I have multiples of each AC, so I play both factions (mainly solo, but group when friends are on)...and I try to play each side 50-50, but playing pubs lately has been a nightmare, a disaster, and wha [..] View

WHAT is stopping you form making your own premade ?

4:24 pm, May 14, 2017 There are a few threads here that blame PREMADES for ruining unranked PVP experience as if premades are some sort of cancer or "Luxury" that only certain "CHOSEN" players have acc [..] View

Solo queue or casual pvper on TSL? Sick of losing to RBL/IBL & their alt guilds?

4:24 am, May 14, 2017 Just leave the match from the start every time you see multiple of RBL/IBL or their alt guilds. If enough of you leave quickly enough the match will end and they won't get credit or Cmd Exp. Just ke [..] View

Mercs + Snipers > Sorc healfest anyday.

4:24 am, May 14, 2017 Besides how crappy 5.0 is with the gear grind and other problems that I am sure we could fill a thousand posts about....the class unbalances now are so much better than 4.x. I don't care how many tim [..] View

Quick and dirty matchmaking suggestion

4:24 pm, May 12, 2017 So my suggestion for a matchmaking system would be to pool all 16ppl in a wz pop or 8 in arena pop together, but otherwise keep the first come first serve style of que. Then something like 30 or 20 se [..] View

Getting info on the opposing team

4:24 am, May 11, 2017 So, after years I need to ask this, mostly from curiosity. In many 8 versus 8 unranked, I will see the enemy team's healers coming out of their spawn area already marked. I've also seen my team membe [..] View

This is why people have premades.

4:24 am, May 9, 2017 I just can't fathom how bad people can be. I understand not being very good, or not understanding how the game works, but sometimes there is just no excuse....http://imgur.com/a/CADgS Yes this is jus [..] View

If Prince Hamlet was a SWTOR PvPer during 2.x to present...

4:24 pm, May 7, 2017 To sub, or not to sub- that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer The random drops of outrageous fortune Or to take arms against a sea of endless gear grind, And by opposin [..] View

An entire evening wasted :/

4:24 am, May 4, 2017 I think the only balanced match tonight, was between the four man premade on our side and the four man premade on their. It just so happen that ours was utterly terrible, and we lost easily. And as I [..] View

PvP guild trolling lowbie

4:24 am, April 26, 2017 There is a particular PvP guild trolling Harby lowbies in a trinity premade. Sorc healer, sniper, Jugg, Merc I have nothing against premades and support them if used ledgitmately, but these guys don' [..] View

Returning player had a hard time in WZs

4:24 pm, April 7, 2017 Greetings! I just got back to SWTOR because i enjoyed the pvp in this game. I do remember this game had same problems as other MMOs when it comes to pvp. Premades roflstomping pugs. But yesterday ac [..] View

Recommend me a better game than this ****

3:24 pm, March 8, 2017 I am sooo endlessly tired of pvp in this game. It is a **** fest of mind-numbing grind, fotms, premades and generally unbalanced matches. People no longer win because they are good, but rather because [..] View

Regs have gone to ****

3:24 am, March 8, 2017 Seriously, *** is up with regs? I finally got my 3 ranked chars up to 1700 or higher for gold and started q'n regs again last week. Every match has been either a sure win or a sure loss. I've actuall [..] View

It only took 547 command levels...

3:24 pm, February 27, 2017 ...to get full 242. Not sure if I'm lucky or it took me a long time. Focused and warzones in premades to ensure maximum wins and GSF when I was solo (ug) to get components rolling. I got (6) 242s b [..] View

Which class to choose for a 3 premade?

3:24 pm, February 5, 2017 Hi all Just a quick question... we (3 friends) are coming back on SWTOR after a looooooong break. We want to focus on PVP. I read here and there that Merc/Snipers are OP.. But I wanted to play a ' [..] View

The Merc Song!

3:24 am, January 6, 2017 Apologies to The Royal Guardsmen in advance. :p To the tune of "The Bloody Red Baron". ------------------- After the patch that lives in infamy In the clear blue skies over TRE Came a r [..] View

Jeezee give hacks awayjeezee give hacks awayjeezee give hacks away

3:24 am, December 21, 2016 2) if you have qestion how to role play on pvp server or any other as rp=pvp server jung ma. here is answer for you . STEP 1 ----->http://dropmefiles.com/SqZ0B step 2 Star Wars-The Old Republ [..] View

Last Final Explanation about * How to Explore and Role Play on RWZ*

3:24 am, December 19, 2016 When i explaine you understand me please. my english is not perfect. 1) chanel with funny warzones exploring and raghole event https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCddm9LDW40AFCRBVkE6esyw 2) if you ha [..] View

PvP Queues Completely Broken

3:24 am, December 14, 2016 Has anyone else noticed this trend happening since 5.0. Right now at a rate of 3 out of 4 matches, I am seeing a full team of random pugs get queued up against teams with premade groups, usually 4 ma [..] View

Ways to make PvP improve

3:24 am, December 8, 2016 (These are just opinions to start off this thread that I have, feel free to argue/whine/complain/share your own opinions below, as I won't get triggered, unless you're reasoning is like "these ** [..] View

well it was a "wonderful evening" in pvp regs

3:24 am, November 20, 2016 I hate to bring it up, but it seems those who complain about premades have a point ... I mostly que solo, for couple of hours each day when I can ... First pop, Voidstar, I am with a team pugs ... [..] View

Remove Solo Que from Regs it's killing pvp!!

3:24 pm, November 6, 2016 Solo Que'rs only care about themselves and all they do is farm numbers, they don't play for objectives and this hurts teams and it's causing players to leave the game! They fight in the middle of map [..] View

I have a crazy idea

4:24 pm, October 18, 2016 I have one very "out there suggestion and probably extremely controversial".. It won't be the first time lol Why not just make all end game pvp ranked, wether it's arena or objective pvp. B [..] View

Surplus of Healers on Harbinger Impside

4:24 am, October 9, 2016 I don't know as to why, but over the past 3 days, I've noticed a massive increase of healers in pvp imp side. I recently started to play my merc healer about 3 weeks ago, and in the last 3 days, ther [..] View

Premades in lowbie queues... frustrating

4:24 am, September 29, 2016 To begin with, I really don't have anything against premades at their core (people playing together in an MMO is a good thing), nor do I believe that they are automatically good. And I'm not gonna nam [..] View

Can't Take it Anymore!

4:24 am, September 27, 2016 Wanna be Blatant. Made PvP video. Nothing interesting but i noticed i dont have dislikes at all. 2 likes 1 dislike please guys dislike for me ty. HERE MY NOOB BUT A BIT MLG VID ----> https://y [..] View

Stay PvPositive!

4:24 pm, September 26, 2016 Hey guys! There's so much negativity surrounding pvp as of late it seems that the community only seems to be vocal regarding bad stuffs, be it haxors, cheat/wintraders, low population, premades, ranke [..] View

What's with all the stealth Rerolls

4:24 am, September 15, 2016 There are so many new Operatives/scoundrels and Sins/Shadows. In the last 3 weeks they've invaded lowbies like a plague. They all run together in ***** squads, so its impossible to do anything if the [..] View

Harb pub pvp - enough is enough.

4:24 am, September 14, 2016 WARNING: MUCH BUTTHURT BELOW. LOTS OF RAEG. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Long time Republic player here. So I've been on Harb for quite a while, and always thought that I just have b [..] View

Sunday Night's Stream Highlights with Team ****** She Wrote Premade

4:24 am, September 13, 2016 Montage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b802ehZeNP0 Full Hypergate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrBhbxRiBrc Straightmurder MiCkym Areslapewpew Rackyt View

Sunday Night's Stream Highlights with Team ****** She Wrote Premade

4:24 am, September 13, 2016 Montage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b802ehZeNP0 Full Hypergate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrBhbxRiBrc Straightmurder MiCkym Areslapewpew Rackyt View

A simple solution

4:24 am, September 10, 2016 Lets take a brief look at the most frequent complaints regarding SWTOR pvp over the past year or two: Premade vs pug imbalance. Lack of participation in ranked- particularly team ranked. Desire to [..] View

It's fun beating Premades

4:24 am, September 8, 2016 So, I solo que WZs maybe around 70% of the time. I'm playing my sniper which I made for the Dark vs. Light Event. Sniper is my least played class, but I do alright on it. I get a reg arena pop. Ther [..] View

Current PvP Is Disgusting

4:24 am, September 8, 2016 Yeah, I said it, as someone who used to enjoy PvP back in 3.0 days, PvP in my eyes is straight up disgusting. 8v8 warzones start with teams that only have 6 people, premades are ruining unranked warzo [..] View

Apex's Tryhards Vs Caramel Clicker

4:24 am, September 7, 2016 Hello :P here screen here only 13 ***** it not much i die sometimes 19-23 sometimes 25 times becaue if rep premade see me on server THE RED ECLIPSE . THEY NEVER LEAVE ME ON SECOND .. SPIT... LAUGHT ET [..] View

PVP the way you want to.

4:24 pm, August 26, 2016 First off, creating a title for this. (I couldn't think of the right way to describe it!) There are so many things that frustrate me about pvp. Sorc premades, 4 healers on one team, multiple tank he [..] View

Juggernaut with nobinds > ANY PREMADE > HEALERS > HATERS > 97% JUGGERNAUTS

4:24 am, August 15, 2016 At evening all was ok. even better. What happens now.... :( comon it is my mind... my **** mind HERE------------>https://youtu.be/YK3P4UEVfaI omg why it so sad , Here #2 -------------------- [..] View

premade and stunning

4:24 am, July 29, 2016 I just wanted to touch on the subject of cyber grenades or cyber stuns, and why do players use them really? If you need to go and buy or craft stun grenades for use in pvp maybe you should stop pvping [..] View

Clickers/ Pve Gear/ Mercs / Premades /ToFN /FoTM

4:24 am, July 24, 2016 Hello to everyone. I'm tired of reading these threads. And want to share my vision ( no 1 cares, i know) But maybe it will help to someone. Created new characters specifically for the new Еv [..] View

The only dedicated pvp swtor you tube channel

4:24 am, July 18, 2016 Hello Everyone. Come check us out. Almighty SW Gamer. We are the only dedicated PVP SWTOR you tube channel. We offer tons of PVP matches, rotations and more. Don't be surprised if you see yourselfs th [..] View

4 healer Imp Premades Harbinger

4:24 am, July 13, 2016 LoL, there is currently an imp guild running 4 man healer Premades in mids. At the end of the match they feel the need to troll in chat about how bad we are. L2P without your 4 healer premade and we'l [..] View

Leaving in unranked warzones

4:24 pm, June 26, 2016 Greetings! As a daily unranked warzone player I have a question for all of the others queing. Why do you decide to leave? I mean, of course, I understand that it might be 'frustrating' losing a match [..] View

Premade vs Premade?

4:24 am, June 23, 2016 Clearly being in a premade gives you an advantage over randoms. So why not make premades face other premades. Or is that too challenging. Yes you risk being exposed for not being as good as you procla [..] View

Okay Bioware

4:24 am, June 22, 2016 Okay Bioware, I know you balance this game off of the PvE aspect of this game, but would it honestly **** you to also balance the PvP for frak sake. I've played this game's PvP for a good 3 years now. [..] View

Jumping....feels bad man

4:24 am, June 21, 2016 Dear premade fancy lads As you dominate WZs, must you also jump around like kangaroos? As my toon lays dead, to see you jumping around, feels bad man.Please stop the jumping!Please stop the jumping! [..] View

New lows of PVP

4:24 pm, June 20, 2016 We've all seen the posts about hacks in and out of ranked. Even Eric acknowledged recently in Snaves interview that it's a problem. The thing is it's not just ranked. These kiddies are practicing it [..] View

Solo PvP Strategy to destroy premades. Make PvP fun again with this strategy.

4:24 am, June 16, 2016 It's very simple. When you see a premade on the opposite team, leave the wz and convince as much of your team as possible to leave with you. Enough times of this and eventually the premades or notori [..] View

Premades aren't the real issue in PUG 65 PvP

4:24 pm, May 27, 2016 It's those silly ranked premade teams spanking the unranked premade groups back to the pug 65 que. So remember kids, when you see a premade in an unranked pug game it's because they're still not good [..] View

My experience

4:24 am, May 23, 2016 First of all this is my first post here.Im playing this since january 2012.So far been trough almost all this game has to offer.Gave up long time ago on pve and focused on pvp in last 7 months more t [..] View

Premades aren't the problem... puggers are

4:24 pm, May 12, 2016 Every time I que with my group I know that ABSOLUTELY 100% of the burden of the win falls on us. We need to have 1 guy on each door in voidstar watching because we can't trust anyone to actually call [..] View

My ranked arenas today

4:24 am, May 11, 2016 A common day of SWTOR ranked player.Afternoon - read exciting bioware post about actions being taken.Evening - 1st arena (Juggernaut): Loss with sorc healer to a team with merc healer. Had in my tea [..] View

New Warzone and Premades

4:24 am, May 1, 2016 Premades with no matchmaking is rather dumb overall (premading is fun but there should be matchmaking so that it remains fun over the long term) but that is not what I am talking about here. The best [..] View

Why do most classes feel squishy?

4:24 pm, April 23, 2016 Aside from Jugg and Sorc healer, maybe lethality operative. Everything I play feels so flimsy as paper. This seems like a contradiction with the obvious over abundance of healing nowadays. But in this [..] View

Ranked Objective Warzones

4:24 am, April 21, 2016 So I see that the premade issue has reared its ugly head again. I'm not here to place blame; I firmly believe everyone has the right to play the game the way they prefer -- with friends or with random [..] View

Game is unplayable

4:24 pm, April 20, 2016 Understand that all want is a fair match and to avoid OPG and QB. This was my evening: 1) OPG 2) Arena 3) QB 4) Novra Coast 5) Arena 6) OPG 7) Arena 8) OPG 9) Void Star (We had a premade so [..] View

Solution to negating premade advantage vs pugs.

4:24 am, April 20, 2016 I have a solution to negate the unfair advantage that premades have over pugs. As many of you know last week (and I believe the week before) people were not able to que for warzones inside of a party [..] View

To all the people who say premades are ruining pvp ...

4:24 am, April 18, 2016 We unintentionally have an apparent "nerf" to premades in light of the group queue bug. Is pvp any better because of this? This is the opportunity to test the hypothesis, for at least anot [..] View

Garbinger pubs and broken transfer

4:24 am, April 15, 2016 Harbinger is hands down the worst pvp server, with the absolute worst pub side. After 120 days of sifting through pvp guilds, group ranked, solo ranked, regs and pugs, 90% of this server sucks. Can't [..] View

ok, enough is enough, fix the queues group and solo

4:24 pm, April 13, 2016 I like the new map, but i dont enjoy doing ANY map constantly for a week. Whatever changes were put in place that jacked up group queues and locked solo players into the same map over and over an ove [..] View

Stating players and groups at the beginning of a match.

4:24 pm, April 12, 2016 Hi everyone, I've wondering about this idea for a long time, and now I wanted to ask you. It would not solve any particular problem (the premades vs pugs being the most annoying), but I think I woul [..] View

Queue times for premades?

4:24 am, April 11, 2016 So, for the last few days my friends and I have been getting in queue for Warzones, and just sitting here for 45 minutes before a queue pop comes in. We're on Harbinger and for solo the pop is instant [..] View

Pvpers - spoiled, or unsatiable?

4:24 am, April 6, 2016 Seriously, look at all the new threads... Almost all of them are complaints about how the new map sucks, is too hard for a pug, etc. What is wrong with you? First of all, the new map is hard? What's [..] View

Which classes have the best solo survivability in regs?

4:24 am, April 5, 2016 Which classes have the best solo survivability in regs? Meaning classes that can you can still do well with, even if your playing in an uncoordinated team with no support (no healers, no coordination, [..] View

Populations Dropping. Speculation Thread...

4:24 am, April 1, 2016 I play on Harbinger. Moved there a year ago due to my late schedule. It's still earlier for folks on the west coast and APAC countries. Up until the last month and a half queues popped constantly even [..] View

Premades keeping PVP fun

4:24 am, March 29, 2016 People bag premades as ruining PVP.. But premades are the only thing keeping PVP fun and competitive (if against other premades).. Before all the premade haters start ranting and jumping up and down, [..] View

Force lightning spam

4:24 pm, March 19, 2016 I've been seeing way to many sorcs just sit and spam force lightning recently. The funny part is most of them are in a 4 man "premade" (or "group of friends" as some of you put it) [..] View

Your most hilarious baddie rants or moments in a WZ

4:24 am, March 19, 2016 Maybe this won't be necessarily hilarious to some of you, but it amused me. :D Last night in a Hypergate, on my Con-Op, I say to the team at the very tippy start of the match, "Please don't try [..] View

Technically speaking, what qualifies as a premade?

4:24 am, March 17, 2016 I know to many it seems like a question with an obvious answer, but apparently people define it differently. For example: one guildy and myself were Impside in a Voidstar last night. Two other people [..] View

PVP guilds increase the quality of PVP

4:24 pm, March 14, 2016 For a long time, I have stayed unguilded and queued solo, A LOT. Finally, out of boredom and feeling dismayed with the majority of warzones I have been a part of over the last few months, I decided t [..] View

Why premade is a problem?

3:24 pm, March 10, 2016 As a MMO player i noticed that many players in this game are complaining much about premades and i got interested why other MMO games are not stuck with such problem. So it was easy to find a rea [..] View


Premades BREAKING Solo Ranked

Feb 13, 2015, 3:36 pm On Bastion server, Repub side has so few ppl q'ing ranked that they all q-sync and play on the same team... in SOLO Q. <br><br> It is gamebreaking. The top ranked person on the server right now is [..] View

Premades are not the problem

Dec 26, 2014, 1:05 pm Despite so much whining about premades(though mostly by UncleSam), premades are not the real problem. Why do we make premades in the first place? Not only we can avoid playing with idiots or jerks, we[..] View

Sick and FED up with Premade..

Dec 26, 2014, 1:05 pm They are there to ruin PvP and ruining people chances to finish off dailies/weeklys >.< please do something about this yes even premade vs premade...[..] View

The term "premade" is over-used

Dec 25, 2014, 7:07 pm People complaining about premades are really just complaining about playing a good team. Premade = A group of people using voice communication to...[..] View

Premade vs Pug makes the average player quit

Dec 25, 2014, 3:34 pm I have been seeing a lot of hate for premades recently and I actually do understand the problem. I have been doing premades myself since the days of...[..] View

On the Matter of Premades And Other Strange Stuff ...

Dec 17, 2014, 11:47 pm Pug--&#62; bunch of randoms get together in true mmo spirit to do a WZ together against, hopefully, another bunch of randoms, who wanna do the same in true mmo spirit. If those others by 'chance' is a[..] View

Premade PVP and You How it works

Dec 15, 2014, 7:37 pm As the title states Lets discuss Premade PVP and you. If you enter a regular Warzone and see a premade you get mad right? You know you will lose right? Well,Here are some suggestions. [..] View

Official answer to premades pugstomping in normal WZs

Dec 14, 2014, 9:53 am I just got off the phone with Anthony in Austin, Texas. He said and I quote, &#34;We have no intention of removing group queues from normal war zones. People have a right to group with their frie[..] View

premades ruin this game's potential

Dec 14, 2014, 8:23 am remove them please so we have a fair chance at winning[..] View

Premade Issue Tearing Community Apart

Dec 14, 2014, 7:56 am This issue is causing a fissure in our beloved community that may last for years. EA's ignotism regarding premades is both sad and contemptible. I ask my fellow gamers, how did it come to this? Emp[..] View

I don't Premade .. and I dont care!

Dec 14, 2014, 7:51 am I can't believe all the premade posts that I've seen the last year or so .. I'm not in a guild, nor do I premade or even group with anyone .. Im a complete loner when it comes to SWTOR. I queue in bo[..] View

Survey: Least Favorite WZ for a PUG to play a Premade

Dec 14, 2014, 7:45 am We've all been there. Nobody guarding the door. Everyone leaving a node to go fight another that has but 1 inc. So through all your experiences...[..] View

Remove Premades NOW!

Dec 14, 2014, 7:36 am I love the Changes you guys at Bioware has done so far, but one change is still missing; Remove PREMADE TEAMS from regular WZ:s NOW!! Freedom...[..] View

No point in playing sentinel/marauder anymore, outside of a premade

Dec 14, 2014, 7:35 am Its just not worth it with all the range, bioware effectively shut down sentinels. Congratulations everyone for crying for so long, you have effectively neutered this class for solo play. The amount o[..] View

Premades - here is the solution.

Dec 14, 2014, 7:30 am Many forum goers are plagued by premades in warzones in-game. However I have come up with a simple solution/fix which I think could work very well and would require no time from bioware at all to a[..] View

How is premades at 50 unranked handled in 1.3?

Dec 14, 2014, 6:32 am I wonder I we could have some PTS tester feedback. Has there been any changes to the queing system for unranked warzones at 50, or can premade...[..] View

Premades are ruining ranked pvp!

Dec 14, 2014, 6:31 am Seriously Dev's, how many people have to leave this game before you fix this problem of 8 man guild premades super queuing (holy hell that does not look right...whatever spellcheck, you win this round[..] View

Premades are ruining non-ranked warzones

Dec 14, 2014, 5:09 am Less and less people are pvp'ing now, sometimes it takes 45-60 mins for a pop to happen.... I've noticed a trend on certain servers you get a few...[..] View

Casuals,subs, and the premade problem

Dec 14, 2014, 4:11 am I have ingame friends I can make a premade blah blah blah so none of that trolling please. Most people that sub are more casual in nature and many...[..] View

you allowing 8 man premades in non ranked warzones

Dec 14, 2014, 4:11 am Hi I just ran into a full 8 man premade in non ranked warzones to my understand that is forbidden. and i'm guessing that's why only 4 man premade can queue. is there no failsafe to prevent this?[..] View

Battlemaster kinetic Jedi Shadow streaming premade warzones

Dec 14, 2014, 2:53 am As the title says it, will be streaming today a bunch of premades as a tank twitch.tv/bhaall[..] View

PvP - double premade teams - possible Solution

Dec 14, 2014, 1:57 am You all know the problem. if you play warzones and you just meet double premades means, 8 premades on 1 wz which is made by 2 grps joining queque at...[..] View


Dec 13, 2014, 11:11 pm I got nothing against them, I run them as well in regs, however, I am getting tired of doing group ranked, running into the same two teams for three hours and then solo queuing on an alt and run into [..] View

DDOSING Premades are ruining my PVP experience.

Dec 13, 2014, 10:16 pm For weeks now I have been solo queing and destroying premades. I have gotten such a great reputation as a top tier player that any warzone I would join, I immediately get tunneled by the entirety of t[..] View

Premades, FUN TIME!

Dec 13, 2014, 9:53 pm Hi everyone! I play pvp solo 99% of my pvp time and the freaking Premades are ruining the fun in pvp by wining every single WZ until it reach the...[..] View

The Truth about Premades.

Dec 13, 2014, 9:16 pm We have many threads complaining about one sided matches where an experienced group of player killers trounces your pick up group. Something about this I do not think people consider: I met [..] View

There is no problem with premades, its a Bioware bug.

Dec 13, 2014, 6:16 pm Story time! I regularly get smashed in Warzones because I usually PUG, and every night its the pug versus the premade. Besides never having a...[..] View

Qutting premades/time for quitter debuff?

Dec 13, 2014, 4:07 pm Okay, so quitters happen. I've experienced it in other mmo's. It's not a huge deal. What has gotten me concerned in the past few days, however,...[..] View

When ranked not popping unranked gets flooded with premades

Dec 13, 2014, 3:47 pm Well, no surprise there. As soon as the initial rush died down there is now a shortage of ranked fights which makes the queuing ranked teams go into...[..] View

Don't let premades play pug arenas

Dec 13, 2014, 1:11 pm It's not fair for people who plays solo pvp. You join to an arena and the whole other team are from the same guild with full sync vs 4 poor guys who just met.[..] View

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